Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sex Education is Key to America's Loss of Reality, Loss of Common Sense

It's called upcoding. Take a normal health care issue like sex education for at-risk children and upcode it to a "crime" against a parent for pure political theater and you have the perfect political dirty trick paid for by federal dollars. But more and more of these "crimes" are just rouses, ploys to traumatize parents and children, not actual crimes. Multiply this sophisticated fraud scheme by millions of American families in rural, out-of-the-way places and you have the makings of a major underground cultural revolution. It brings in billions of federal dollars into local budgets each year supporting Republican "get tough" politicians whose real agenda is sustained Republican power, certainly not "family values." These illegal methods often lead corrupt officials to traffic in children by upcoding basic health care issues to police who employ Gang Stalking Methods in order to traffic in children.

Sex education was considered essential for children for thousands of years. It is now replaced with a media that is secretly controlled to "soften" their sense of reality so that the reality principle is never achieved by them.

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Harvard Children Targeted by Republican "Plumbers."

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