Friday, December 26, 2008

PsyOps Experts are Revealing the Mind Control Matrix: Citizens Drop the Parent Bomb

2Thes.2 "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."

The Supreme Court is aware that Mind Control is an ubiquitous threat to the rule of law in America. But they also know that full knowledge of the psychological warfare waged against the American people can bring down the existing power structure of wrongful government firmly established during the Cold War. Mind Control is the fourth branch of government you are not meant to know about. It has been made totally taboo and the ultimate black PsyOps just like the "sacred myth" of 9/11. In fact, most myths and taboos have been programmed by authorities for such purposes as hiding their own power sources. You must become smarter than the emotional programming designed to fully control and manipulate you. If you deny such control, you may be a fish who denies the existence of water.

The ability for deep programming the collective unconscious is not only possible, but is highly historic. Your government does not leave such programming to chance, but has chosen to dominate it illegally, employing many of America's top media companies. As is well known in theatre, such deep programming is deliberately set-up to be activated by traumatic theatrical events like 9/11. The machinations of Mind Control are advanced by engineering emotional programming into bureaucrats, citizens and children alike. In fact, much of the delusional qualities to government programming are highly apparent in children who routinely play the roles of the government protagonists. But it is precisely here, at childhood, that such wrongful government manipulation becomes most obvious.

The creation of delusional government is a central mission at early childhood as the real government is then empowered as the Machiavellian manipulator. Such programming of intellectual blindness into children is utterly unconstitutional and serves the full definition of tyranny so you are fully programmed at childhood to laugh at, ridicule or scorn anyone who tells you the obvious truth that Nazi Mind Control was brought to America to be used against us beginning in early childhood! American parents have morphed into sexual repression enforcers, fully ignorant of the parental duty of grounding their children's minds into sexual truth. Bureaucrats are now fully infected with the Monarch Worm to inflict sex taboos and myths into these children.

Kill the messenger is the first mission of Mind Control and kill they have! PsyOps created this realm where up is down and black is white. By fully dominating your media, secret government programming becomes a powerful church, you are to conform to this powerful groupthink conformity and live your entire life suspended in a trance of totalitarian deception where there is absolutely no clarity at the top of government. The realm of the Machiavellian manipulator is pure theatre. Your leader may present himself as Pope while he is secretly a mobster. The only problem with this scheme is that your subconscious mind is smarter than that. Your subconscious mind knows that you are being slowly enslaved from within. You will feel deep alienation and fear and will not know that the true source is military PsyOps. But now you can know for sure, by studying the real history of Mind Control.

Audio: Media & Mind Control in America

by Steven Jacobson

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Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

Where governments brainwash their children, the most enlightened of families will be targeted first, just as in Nazi Germany. Subconscious slavery requires the destruction of the historically all-important parental duty. This is where "mental hygiene" is used to fully invert the idea of reality deep inside of children. These cases become critical for exposing a massive brainwashing fraud. This is because the enlightened will represent the highest threat and will in fact be a substantial threat to wrongful government. Therefore, they are subject to the most draconian repression. Where such brainwashing of children is viewed as illegal under the Constitution, such wrongful government will employ deep programming which will be smothered in layers of deception to hide its true source. Foreign subsidiaries of intelligence operations like Tavistock will be paid billions of dollars to brainwash your children into a totalitarian mythic system which desexes them later and later into their development. This Nazification process is heralded as normal and necessary just about everywhere except where elite parents demand the truth. Nazified bureaucrats and local "authorities" in the vast non-elite world will enslave those children whose parents do not conform with this brainwashing. Mass media will both advance brainwashing and omit critical information which will expose it as a massive fraud. This is in fact how our current mass media system, controlled by the Bohemian Grove, actually operates.

Deep programming is the hypnotist's realm and not the realm of honest government. The Atomic Age has advanced the war-logic that honest government is too naive and dangerous, as lesser evils are perceived as necessary to prevent greater evils. Therefore your government warped into an age of Mind Control under a war-logic of totalitarian deception, where all power is covert. The problem is, Mind Control is no lesser evil. It fully inverts our core value system and brings back absolute slavery. It builds a totalitarian mythic system based upon irrational fear and disinformation which becomes the beast. What you hear, see, smell and taste is theatre and theatre is a hammer for the elite mind programmer. Over generations, Nazi Mind Control was secretly pounding away and transforming a good American culture into a Nazi war machine and the evidence is all around you.

All that is required of wrongful government is that it dominates and themes this theatre for its own purposes. Such theatre becomes so seductive over generations, that you will not see the forest for the trees. It becomes an all-consuming mythic system which serves the elite mind programmer. If you grow up in the propaganda factory, you will not see it as propaganda, it simply becomes part of your religion which must inevitably destroy that religion. It is a cancer on your Constitution as well. Those held in ignorance of this wrongful power system become the very marionettes who actively advance it. Your government employs the "Illuminati" to do brainwashing missions for which they themselves are ignorant and this mass mesmerism requires the "programmable child" who is denied the reality principle from real parents.

We found in the mid-1980s that many or most Americans were intellectually blind to many areas of their lives regarding sexuality. This intellectual blindness is deliberately programmed into those children who are brainwashed. But in modern society, who does intellectual blindness regarding sex really serve? The death cult at the top of government which may have invented AIDS?

In such a perverse and inverted society, those Freudian experts in child development in Europe would be placed firmly in the crosshairs as "sex predators" in a place like Bedford County. This is due to the fact that redneck governments are fully inverted to serve the elite power system, not the Constitution. The parental duty will be fully repressed and full slavery of children becomes the norm, because the Constitution has been fully violated. Yet most Americans are aware on the subconscious level that their media "Illuminati" are con-artists, not deserving the role of false parents. These Americans can be de-programmed in a real court of law.

These "Illuminati" are really mesmerists employed by the master slave-maker to spread emotional contagion and they meet annually at the Bohemian Grove death cult. Mind Control moderates you away from the truth. It's an hypnotic state as employed by most religions and governments and originates with the comforting parent, the child's first hypnotist. But government specifically developed television for this very same purpose. Once this medium is fully normalized, the entire culture can be transformed from the top down. Unlike most religions and parents, secret government's mission is not wisdom, truth or peace, quite the opposite. Real parents know intuitively that the role of the parent is now routinely usurped by the crafty and demonic hypnotist found at the Bohemian Grove whose mission is death and power through eugenics, the "science" of a death-cult elite. Those who advance this death-cult's agenda will not even consciously know that they are programmed by powerful emotional programming. They are functional marionettes of the elite programmer. We can now expose this programming in a real court of law!

Government propaganda becomes more obvious as time passes, however, the statute of limitations for these crimes against the Constitution does not expire.

The real mission of parenthood can be fully perverted by the state dedicated to "endless war" by all means covert. Because the bureaucrats who destroy the parental duty can be made too stupid to know that they are suspending children into a perpetual state of neurosis in regard to sexuality and truth which comes from the slave-making arts. They morph into Nazis because they have been programmed by Nazi Mind Control. Their real mission is to destroy reality and truth in the next generation. In a post-Orwellian age, nothing is a greater threat to the government than the truth. A Nazified population is much easier to hypnotize by a wrongful voice of authority. Therefore, the most dangerous Nazis will appear "parental," and the most enlightened parents will appear the most perverse. 50 years of Nazi Mind Control has a profound effect on the mind-slave.

This mass deception requires a near absolute system of psychological warfare against the American people beginning with the destruction of the parental duty. This is precisely what we find since WWII. Then the military creates a bubble of mass media deception which envelopes the entire nation, making false wars a breeze to initiate. This entire process requires the wholesale destruction of the parental duty which grounds children's minds into reality. Otherwise these children become delusional that the mesmerist media is the real parent, the real power system. Now idiot Americans choose the media over real parents and treat real parents precisely in the same manner as they were treated in Nazi Germany. If we do not stand up for privacy and parental rights in this critical and complex area of child development, we are all lost.

Only the parental duty can protect children from this hideous betrayal of our Constitution. Today the parental duty is more important than ever, as it will be the last experience with wisdom the child may ever have. The parental duty is supreme because the slave-makers are more sophisticated than ever and are arriving to steal your children at younger and younger ages via your own television. They are making millions of child sex slaves for the elite and only the dedicated parent can expose this massive scam. This is a parent that is now in grave conflict with the most powerful military in world history. Only an enlightened parent can protect his child from such a brainwashing beast and such parents are a rare and vanishing breed. Mind Control destroys real parents everywhere except at the very top of the power pyramid. Only the elite are allowed to raise their own children in truth.

The mass hypnotic effect found in the vast "non-elite" population requires the transfer of authority from real parents to the slave-making state, as the slave-makers then fully program these abused and enslaved children with a government mythic system. Slave-makers employ sex and fear to drive you into a more primitive mind, so they are in direct conflict with enlightened parents who prepare their children for sex and death programming. All of this terrible business is covert and you are made deliberately ignorant of this programming. Thousands of top-down Illuminati cults of popularity serve the invisible elite power pyramid. This fully represses any non-elite group or individual dedicated to ideas, truth and justice because the intense glare of popularity will utterly obscure them. Such a wrongful government can even program evil into children as a powerful weapon of intellectual blindness. It can program myths and taboos which makes their populations more sadistic, gullible and conforming. Nazification is the radical dumbing-down away from the Age of Reason.

The recipes for programming these demons are well known to the media slave-makers who dominate your media, but you are meant to believe that these powers do not exist, even as you send your children to churches to be so programmed. Just like churches, the subconscious propagandist can program the "sacred" and the "demonic" to suit his agenda and shape entire mythic systems. He can then employ such programmed evil to drive us all as cattle. Most of which is done covertly, but as with Building 7 on 9/11, we can find gateways of truth which will help to de-program some Americans. For the mind controlled, this obvious truth based on solid science will sound like a hoax, but I assure you, this blog is no hoax!

The most fundamental trick of the modern slave-maker is to brainwash you that you are free as they simultaneously advance an enormous web of mind control devices to control you as a mind-slave. This trick requires the core deception that your media is free and untainted by secret government programming. Nothing is further from the truth. Many of these devices come from a controlled media fully themed by Mockingbird media and are utterly seductive because you were not permitted to have the enlightened parents who could prepare you for this seduction, much of which is sex based. This is because the fundamental power system within the human mind is a sexual power system and powerful taboos can be built to fully serve wrongful government agendas. Wisdom requires your acceptance of this earthbound power system so as to allow you to advance to higher understanding, but wrongful government can deter this wisdom and repress you and your children to be perpetually mired in this domain of sexual manipulation. Only the enlightened parent can protect children from the sexual manipulation which is literally all around them. That is why the parental duty is so demonized by governments which brainwash their children.

You are not prepared for the emotional contagion which is a powerful weapon of warfare carefully controlled and themed by the elite who fully understand real psychology. This is because you were not allowed to have an enlightened parent. Like a used condom, the media today is fully inverted, spent and pointless. It now serves a secret, sleazy government bent on sustaining this sleazy and unconstitutional state indefinitely, and today's media does not serve the public interest. In fact it has been set up to only serve the grand delusion of the master slave-maker. The mind-controlled will then broadly accept the same slavery devices employed by the Nazis simply by being programmed to do so by a "parental" media. This deception holds even as the Constitution which assures their freedom vanishes before their eyes. In a word, they are deluded.

This constitutional vanishing act is really the transfer of power from the enlightened parent to the slave-making state and is a powerful form of ancient slavery. The slave is sustained on the conscious level while the slave-maker undertakes dirty deeds on the subconscious level, the true domain of power. My own wife and children were fully manipulated by these government slave-makers and I know precisely how and why such Mind Control is now "normalized" throughout America. Such deception builds broad hypnotic effect and groupthink conformity into the vast non-elite population, but our Constitution does not allow for this fraud of the elite. Such a fraud must be sustained in absolute silence because it is profoundly illegal, unethical and does not provide equal protection. Sophisticated Americans will begin to study all acts from wrongful government as subconscious acts of treasonous deception. Such a disenfranchisement of government from the most enlightened of citizens is now occurring nearly everywhere.

In such a slave-making culture, the most enlightened of parents will be fully demonized in the non-elite population while simultaneously praised in the elite group. This is precisely what we find at the Illuminati centers in America. Naturalistic parenting and normal sexual development is rarely repressed in the children of the elite. In fact, it is mandated by the federal government for those who work in PsyOps. Mind Control is the deliberate assault on our Constitution so that the average American now does not know what that Constitution means. This is the effect of intellectual blindness induced onto the non-elite by the elite suspending this vast non-elite population into the hypnotic sphere of media mass deception. Such power comes from the slave-making arts where victims are not permitted to have real parents, the parents which our Founding Fathers took for granted. The elite's understanding of subconscious programming is often referred to as "occult," but this knowledge is the power to make slaves on a massive scale.

Such brainwashing is profoundly powerful, as the over-whelming majority of Americans have been violated at childhood. They have been violated away from the enlightened parent and into the false seduction that Popularity = Truth, Americanized brainwashing via the mesmerist arts. What they do not know is that the bigger the lie, the more people believe. This is due to groupthink conformity and is the true mission of Mockingbird media mass deception. 9/11 was a test of that mass deception.

Today, mass media provides wrongful government with "the big lie" as this seduction away from the truth of our Founding Fathers is now the domain of the master slave-makers at the CIA. You may even discover that your entire monetary system is based upon the suspension of "the big lie." As your money was the first primary Mind Control device advanced by the Illuminati, its value is now entirely psychological, prone to total top-down manipulation. There is no greater indicator to mass slavery than the fact their own dollar's value is grounded only in the mind of the slave. Such is the power of the mesmerist arts.

This fraud is so massive that you simply can't bring yourself to believe it. PsyOps has built your belief system your entire life and the bigger the lie, the more people believe. Because PsyOps uses your own belief system against you, those who study and discuss this science are going to appear bizarre, insane or worse. You may even believe they are "perverse" because of a perverse science used against you your entire life.

Mass psychology can build a tyranny of the majority known as groupthink conformity which can be fully infiltrated, themed and controlled from the top down. Such groupthink then migrates into the totalitarian mythic system for which we now find ourselves. When this top-down government is fully embedded as "parental," it can then employ the magician's craft which then exploits intellectual blindness which is built into the culture. Subconscious terror operations like 9/11 become the norm for effective "crowd control." What's worse, the science which explains and perfects these subconscious devices is deliberately repressed from the public consciousness, fully dumbing-down the public to how they are really manipulated. The more seductive the secretly tainted "entertainment," materialism or technology, the more powerful the brainwashing. This makes the "programmable child" of high value to our brainwashing government. This is because highly seductive entertainment opens the subconscious mind to full suggestibility and programming, especially at childhood. But the destruction of the parental duty will sustain that child in a powerful neurosis for the rest of his or her life.

Modern psychology regards the subconscious mind as the dominant mind, even as the average individual lives in the delusion that the conscious mind is dominant. The subconscious mind is not rational and still maintains very primitive mechanisms which can be exploited and programmed. Much of this programming in America comes from Nazi Mind Control as actual Nazis were brought to America to develop "populist media." The subconscious mind can be fully programmed by the master hypnotist by simply dominating these mesmerist arts, building a nearly totalitarian belief system into the mind-controlled victim. Such a flaw in the human mind is sustained by destroying sophisticated sexual development as intended by nature by real parents. Freud knew this empowerment of children as building the "reality principle." Such sophisticated sexual development is deliberately trivialized, demonized and destroyed by slave-making cultures. Such destruction is assured by programming sex taboos and sex predator myths which fully repress this area of human development. Such destruction of truth at childhood is not found in aboriginal cultures. It is only found in those cultures which make slaves.

Marketers know this flaw in the human mind, do you really believe that your own government does not? Americans spend good money to be brainwashed by government subconscious programming because such programming is massively normalized as "news" or "entertainment." The spooks in this government have always known that real power is covert not overt. For them, violating children en mass is a small price to pay for absolute power. The ultimate coup is for wrongful government to be fully programmed as "parental." Such requires the destruction of millions of real parents and children. Such sacrifices are celebrated every year at the Bohemian Grove power cult. The elite believe that the occult is the basis of real power and Nazi Mind Control is a national treasure. This is such a massive fraud against the Constitution that most Americans simply cannot allow themselves to even study it.

Understand that parental authority is embedded into the child's mind through terror programming. As the parent protects and comforts the child from such terror, the parental protector becomes all-powerful as the child's mentor. However, such mentoring instincts are also inherently sexual for which wrongful government can demonize and replace with its own programming simply by demonizing childhood sexuality and the parental duty. The child is then set-up for full media programming by the mesmerist arts. This is the key area of government control for which you are meant to know nothing about. It is all-powerful.

Such control over the personal lives of Americans profoundly violates our Constitution but is precisely what the 1947 National Security Act provides the President. The fact that such wrongful power resembles that of the Nazis is no coincidence. False-flag "terror" operations, book burning, CD busting, massive family dysfunction and deep polarization along political lines indicates Nazi Mind Control has come of age in America. Its only purpose is the absolute tyranny of the Imperial President who largely functions covertly as the Machiavellian manipulator.

But Americans are intellectually blind to the fact that they have been denied real parents and are suspended in delusion. They also cannot understand that such a falsely empowered President is not constitutional. After all, he is so "parental." They are intellectually blind to the real power structure which now rules their country and this blindness was the true function of Nazi Mind Control. When your government is programmed as "parental," it then does very horrible things. Why? Like a battered wife, these horrors are programming you on the subconscious level, a horror that is designed to repress you, make you a mind-slave to accept your fate. I will assure you that this is not a realm of science for which the novice will understand quickly. Disbelief and even disgust have been built in, but the key to all Nazi power systems is to steal children from their parents. Such sacrifices build Nazi political power throughout the population. You must become the exceptional patriot to understand it.

The Parent Bomb

To kill a Mockingbird, educate American parents to the whole horrible truth! Why would God program parents as "sexual" with their own children? Why is such activity programmed into their genes as fully exposed by Freud? They know the true answer in post-Hitler Europe. The parental duty is understood and encouraged in Europe because brainwashing is understood. The parental duty protects children from government brainwashing which is a basic Nazi sex scam, what history has always known as coming from the slave-making arts. This parental duty is profoundly important for orienting the child's mind to the reality principle, the real power system within their own minds. But governments and religions have always built taboos into their people to hide the true source of their wrongful power over children. Taboos are in place to protect wrongful authority. You must study the taboo to understand the political power source of the entire culture. Destruction of the parental duty en mass only serves wrongful, top-down government.

We are advancing the proposition that all children are elite children needing protection from ignorant redneck marionettes of elite programmers, the slave-makers. Such a movement to de-Nazify American children is critically necessary, as Nazi Mind Control is all around them.

Most Americans are unaware that the extreme power your secret government now has to build the "parental President" mythic system. It has the power to build incredibly powerful taboos and myths into nearly the entire culture by embedding the "Illuminati" media personalities as "parental." Mind Control is absolute deception, so they will employ Jewish people to advance Nazi schemes. They will torture to detract you away from the fact that they carried out 9/11. This populist mythic system now requires a massive Mockingbird media machine which cannot tell you the truth. After all, they have been specifically set up for mass hypnosis and mass deception. This totalitarian mythic system has the power to destroy real parents and real children on a massive scale as enjoyed by Hitler, but this is a subconscious tyranny because you are never told the truth about subconscious programming. Armies of maggots at work beneath the skin of our culture now violate the most fundamental of rights including the right not to be programmed by the demons spawned by military PsyOps. This power to inflict a false religion onto the American people by secret government is specifically barred in our Constitution, yet it is obvious by carefully viewing any library, any book store, video or entertainment distributor.

Hitler's eugenics has never gone away, simply gone "underground." Subconscious programming builds political power which comes from an ancient slave-making art, but such secrets to power are never revealed to the American people. This PsyOps programs wrongful authority onto slave-making archetypes which still reside deep inside the human mind. Hollywood builds on these archetypes and has always served secret government. Once you are programmed for this wrongful authority, demoralization is required to de-program you. Becoming aware of these facts is not a pleasant process! Theodore Kaczynski (dubbed the Unabomber by the FBI) went to extremes to try and expose the Harvard HYPe "science" of Mind Control. Was he really crazy?

Sound psychology fully explains how and why massive alienation has been programmed into the American people by populist media and CIA cults like Scientology. Those who have worked on Mind Control know how ubiquitous it really is. The fact that local police and sex cults want to give you lie detector tests and place wires around your penis to make you eligible for parenthood is no coincidence. These idiots have been made deliberately ignorant of the fact that sexuality is a fundamental duty of all parents. This Orwellian state has been deeply programmed by Hollywood, not your overt government. Overt government cannot enjoy the idiocy, deception and crimes allowed by Mind Control. These Americans have been deeply programmed by the CIA "science" of eugenics and they are intellectually blind to this programming. But millions of them are now aware subconsciously that they have been deeply violated. Can these Americans be de-programmed? In Mind Control parlance, endless war in media leads to endless war in real life. Such is the obvious mission of your dominant media and it is all sourced at an elitist death cult. These facts constitute a "Parent Bomb" once the American public is awakened to the true context of 9/11 and the endless "war on terror."

Event of Atomic Light

When the Manhattan Project got started at the Bohemian Grove to build the Atomic Bomb, the equivalent power of Einstein's genius was found in Freud. 600 Nazi mind controllers were brought to America to program Americans. Wrongful government had the power of fully exploiting the human mind en mass via hypno-devices like film, radio and television. FDR was programmed as "parental" with fireside chats via radio. Alpha-level Mind Control was so powerful, as exposed by the Nazis, Chinese and mesmerist religions, that there was no way the government would leave this power to a free market. This was especially true for the Atomic Age, as governments now routinely used lesser evils against greater evils. The Machiavellian manipulator was now viewed as a matter of national necessity.

As the Nazis employed Beta-level Mind Control for nearly instantaneous results, our secret government chose the lesser evil of Alpha-level Mind Control for most of its covert media operations. Such programming works over a very long term, but can achieve full transformation of societies. The age of the Imperial President was born from a totalitarian deception built on Freud's genius and the mesmerists arts secretly themed by top-down government. This unconstitutional coup over the human mind fully explains our government today.

The novice does not understand the subconscious mind and how it is programmed. He is deliberately made ignorant of this programming. The novice is deeply programmed to believe that the executive branch of the U.S. is "parental." This illusion was designed to falsely empower the executive branch with powers not granted in the Constitution. He is constantly assured that "political conflict" exists between the right and the left which sustains this illusion. This horizontal power deception has thoroughly warped the American mind away from the true vertical power system known to our Founding Fathers as a tremendous threat to liberty. The fight over which "parent" will hold high office blinds you to the real power system that has utterly corrupted your Constitution and the genius of the Founding Fathers. This ancient power system is now imposed onto the American people through powerful Mind Control technology. Most Americans are unaware that this warping of the mind has all been planned and secretly implemented by an extra-constitutional elite at the Bohemian Grove. This illusion of political conflict is designed to pull you into a Mind Control Matrix where your intellectual energies can be thoroughly manipulated, controlled and ultimately defeated.

Mind Control is the realm for which the CIA has entered into many personal matters unconstitutionally. This corruption of our Constitution at the top of government produces a cascading effect of wrongful authority throughout society, warping that society into a totalitarian delusion. The elitist government can then manipulate you through intellectual blindness and remain in perpetual wrongful power. It will seduce your children into the "singularity" of absolute Mind Control. This intellectual blindness is a powerful form of neurosis and is profoundly unconstitutional. It is now a major source of broad social strife as well as broad personal alienation and neurosis. Transferring authority from the enlightened parents of our Founding Fathers to the fascist state of Hitler requires massive alienation and such is fully programmed in all of our "futuristic" programming. We are being led into a scientific dictatorship as we are continually told that we are fighting for freedom. In reality, the true power system is an ancient system of elite/non-elite and the elite remain above the fray and above the illusion. They are the programmers of highly seductive sex, drugs and usury control devices. Do they then function completely invisible to your rational mind?

Revolution is in the Loom

9/11 has awakened a mass underground truth movement which is rarely addressed by Mockingbird media. Such a movement will become a profound power source for the enlightened, as groupthink deception is revealed as the act of warfare that it really is. Groupthink only serves the slave-maker and has only one endgame of absolute slavery.

The fatal flaw of Mind Control is that it is profoundly unconstitutional and Americans can be de-programmed to know the truth. Ignorance is not bliss, truth is power. As Nazi Mind Control has been perfected by federal authorities, local governments now use terror and PsyOps to steal children from their parents. Through Mind Control their entire value system has been inverted to serve eugenics and brainwashing. They are functional cyborgs for the slave-making state. This spreads powerful emotional contagion which empowers the political slave-makers who position themselves at the top of this ancient mythic system. Local and national news organizations in coordination with wrongful government function to terrorize parents about sex predators and "terrorists" in order to drive them into the hands of Nazified bureaucrats, the real terrorists.

As secret federal missions are launched to drive your children as cattle, the states are there to brand them as cattle. All of which is designed to make your children more "programmable." But as this is a totalitarian deception, it must be kept out of real courts. It is certainly never exposed by a Mockingbird media. Most or all of this child trafficking goes on in silence in false money courts and this Nazi scam is never reported in the media. Yet today, we have over 25 million non-custodial parents who are becoming aware that this is Nazi eugenics designed to make slaves and we will not be silenced! They have even cleverly employed Jewish people to advance such historic tyranny through intellectual blindness. Like bureaucrats, most Jews want to raise their own children in truth and not for absolute slavery which is fully historic. If Freud told our own government how to make mind-slaves out of millions of children, why would we ignore this subject? Is it that we are afraid of the truth? PsyOps deliberately programs these fears to build intellectual blindness. We are prepared to drop the Parent Bomb of truth onto the American people. It's time to wake up!

The power of PsyOps is the power to fully normalize ancient power systems in the guise of modern "politics" or "science." One of the principal functions of Behaviorism is to build alienation and eugenics population control results into society by destroying the traditional parental duty. As the science of Freud proved the importance of the parental duty, "Behaviorism" was advanced to hide this fact and serve secret government. As in Nazi Germany, this fraud requires a multi-generational programming of learned ignorance about sex which the elite do not apply to their own children.

Today, the American bureaucrat enjoys the ancient slave-making arts which still function on the subconscious minds of all humans, but this basic Nazi sex scam goes unseen by the brainwashed. The brainwashed foolishly believe that their conscious mind controls their destiny, as secret government is secretly programming their subconscious minds.

"The most effective weapons of the Oppressor are the minds of the Oppressed."
-- Steve Biko --

Eugenics is the new "science" of the elite mind programmer, but there is little new in these methods other than terminology. Eugenics is not only a method of culling the human race, it brings back an ancient slavery system in the guise of modern politics. Through semantic tricks, this is slavery which cannot be called slavery. As governments secretly spread emotional contagion through media, this is little different from occult methods of spreading fear and myths of "authority" through primitive rituals. Study all of your media, including text books, and study your emotions. Fear will be central, just as in the ancient slave-making arts. In fact, primitive rituals of absolute deception are still used for which children need protected, because much of this fear requires sexual ignorance at early childhood.

Behaviorism is designed to place children into boxes of deception which places them away from parental wisdom. Behaviorism is all sourced at elitist mind programmers with political agendas. Freud and Jung studied the true roots of parental wisdom, as Behaviorists are piling on elitist deception. When you add a lot of stupidity to a lot of stupidity you do not become wise. You become really stupid. As the Behaviorism of Dr. Phil is designed to bamboozle you away from real psychology, the elite programmers are using primitive rituals to fully manipulate you. You may know these rituals as "entertainment" or "news," but you may have no idea how powerful these hypnotic rituals actually are. Your subconscious mind is your dominant mind and it can be fully programmed by fiction.

For millions of years parents existed as mentors to educate their children about these differences between truth and illusion. Central to this empowerment of children is sex education. Freud proved that children must first "fall in love" with their own parents to achieve normal development. Critical for children is education about sexuality at the proper times so as to protect them from the slave-maker. The Nazis learned to demonize this mentor instinct to Nazify entire cultures by demonizing sex education in parents. This is a powerful form of psychological warfare used by the slave-maker to build powerful taboos into slave populations. They advanced many tricks to build double standards, one for the elite and one for the non-elite, into the population, serving broad population control results through programmed bigotry.

Freud exposed the PsyOps for which governments can take the mentor archetype and demonize it, and over generations turn entire populations of non-elite conformists into mind-slaves. Tavistock calls this process "depatterning" and it is highly evident in children's programming. Children are routinely "protected" from sexual truth, the polar opposite of nature's intent, as such a taboo produces a controlled neurosis. Primitive fears are then advanced by bureaucrats and Mockingbird media in order to build demons and "the sacred" into the child. Such wrongful programming demonizes the traditional parent and enslaves and brainwashes your children into a "parental government" mythic system aired continually by the subconscious theming of mass media. But such a process commonly causes hysteria in children. My own children were placed into the hands of these bureaucratic slave-makers because of government-induced hysteria, but an ignorant public must be re-educated to the true methods and source of broad political power coming from an ancient slave-making art. Only a profoundly ignorant and brainwashed parent would ignore these facts!

Complex childhood hysteria cases are routinely upcoded to mind-controlled bureaucrats who routinely terrorize parents and destroy families using the full force of the state. They are in fact programmed to terrorize. There is a very good reason for these abuses because these cases will expose a massive mind-control fraud in America. If you are aware of these facts, the more force the state will use against you. Many of these children become hysterical because they are deliberately denied the parental duty as intended by nature and used by the "elite" with their own children. But Americans are deliberately kept ignorant of these facts. "Non-elite" children are now routinely destroyed simply because they are being raised as "elite" children. Such a parental duty protects children from hysteria and brainwashing known throughout history as slave-making and builds intelligent "elite" children. Societies which brainwash their children do not want a population of elite children.

But mind-controlled citizens are now fully programmed to utterly destroy this empowerment of children because the traditionally all-important parental duty has been taken away from them. Nazi Mind Control was used to build bigotry programming into parents which destroys the parental duty. Children are then easily programmed by government mythic systems. American brainwashing is viewed universally as "popular entertainment" in children, therefore it is never exposed as the emotional contagion of warfare that it really is. This warfare on the parental duty requires the modernday bogey-man known as the "sex predator" which effectively destroys the parental duty en mass through bigotry programming. Alpha-level media programming is so powerful that there is absolutely no way that your federal government has left this power to a "free" media which might actually advance the real facts about psychology and history. It has chosen to dominate and control this media by circumventing our Constitution and dumbing-down children.

"The war on terror" has been programmed by the Skull and Bones sex and death programming which can be studied and reverse engineered. Silence of the lambs Optical illusion of the "transformation moth" is based on the origin of the skull on the moth of the cover. It symbolically covers Jodie Foster's mouth as the power of subconscious programming is a very important secret of wrongful government. The Death’s Head Moth features a skull over its head, but the skull is not an actual Skull. The Skull was originally the Dali Portrait which features nude women arranged in such a way to make the outline of a skull. Click on the photo to enlarge.

This is significant because Salvador Dali worked on Surrealism employing powerful imagery to get into the subconscious mind and program it. This process works best with those who were raised sexually repressed. This is what Freud would call dreamwork only in reverse. Dreams are the subconscious speaking to the conscious, film can speak to both. The Pentagon's own studies of "shell shock" hepled to nearly eliminate this condition by film programming of violence. These studies revealed that terror can be associated with pro-government themes which are then "programmed" into areas of the subconscious for which battle horrors or even future events could be made to serve government agendas. Such is the case that "action heroes" program children to make better soldiers and more Rambo films are produced than Citizen Kane films.

Sex and death function intimately within the mind so that infantile terror is not only fear but is intimately resolved by the "parental protector" which is a sexual parent in the child's mind. Why sexual? Freud proved that the parent was the child's first sexual interest and such programming of nature can be manipulated by wrongful government or religion for their own programming purposes. Parents of the past prepared their own children with the reality principle of total truth, as nature and good conscious demands. Corruption of this parental duty causes hysteria in children and is the telltale sign of brainwashing. The destruction of the parental duty will lead to neurosis where primitive terror is never resolved in that child, thus serving the state's own mythic system. The state does not have an interest in revealing the true cause of such hysteria.

For children, sexuality and parents are intimately linked which is a critical point in their development which wrongful government can fully manipulate for its own purposes. This programming of the "parental protector" can be programmed to apply to government by corrupting normal child sexual development and program these abused children with mass media programming. Today, this is profoundly obvious to those few Freudians who understand this wrongful programming. The fact that Jodie Foster's character had her father killed in early childhood is no small detail. Corruption of the parental duty through sexual repression is viewed as a death to the child. Such mass programming of "parental government" is used by wrongful governments for social evolution and brainwashing and is extremely powerful over the long term. It can literally transform a society from a family-based society to a fascist state of absolute tyranny.

You do not even need to be directly programmed, as this programming builds groupthink conformity via attitudes throughout society. This movie spreads such pro-government emotional contagion and carefully juxtaposed the protagonist Jodi Foster, FBI agent, with absolute terror, programming the FBI as the "parental protector." There is little wonder that a crazed would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan obsessed over Jodie Foster. There is a direct link between CIA and Bush media programmers and actual terrorist assassins. This movie is loaded with symbolism of the coming transformation and Nazification of the American way of life. Few will understand that the "parental" FBI is then programmed to become the perfect Machiavellian manipulator invisible to your rational mind. Knowing this, are you going to be a lamb to be silenced?

It requires the exceptional patriot a prolonged period of study to discover the truth to what your government is now doing. Once you attain this truth, no one will believe you! This is the "Einstein effect," as no one believed Einstein's theories for over six years. Perhaps only 10 people truly understand Einstein's theories today, yet his theories are the basis of modern physics. Mind Control takes Freud's genius and uses it against you, but only a very small minority of Americans understand this fraud of the elite. Most experts in this field reside in Europe and have used this science to "de-Nazify" Europeans. It is no accident then that top Freudian child development experts in Europe would become classic bogey-man "sex predators" in a place like Bedford, Pennsylvania, home of Hitler's eugenics. Your government is deliberately destroying the traditional parental duty through powerful emotional taboo programming. In such a Nazified culture, the most enlightened of parents who protect their children from these taboos will be the first to be destroyed. Other parents will soon follow.

Common tricks to hide this truth is to ridicule anyone who even mentions Mind Control, though history proves the power of this science is enormous and the "elite" gather at Harvard to learn how to protect their children from this powerful brainwashing. Those "elite" at Harvard bathe naked with their children and teach them the facts of life for a very good reason! Media mesmerists and mind-controlled bureaucrats exist everywhere to program them as sex and power idiots. Are these facts of elite child rearing now "too sophisticated" for a real court of law in America? Or will such a case prove that American children now need to be "de-Nazified" just as in post-war Europe?

States are now indoctrinating your children into the poisonous garbage of mass media which is fully themed by secret federal PsyOps. But the public is fully programmed to scoff at the obvious facts about the true power and intent of broad political programming. Much of your political "reality" is contrived to hide the true power system of the elite and this causes massive intellectual blindness, a condition of neurosis. This programming is delusional and requires a powerful form of neurosis beginning in childhood! When your children are denied the parental duty and are indoctrinated into mass media, they are entering into the church of the Bohemian Grove death cult. But you will only laugh at or ridicule those who explain the dangers inherent in such mass programming of delusion.

Why is exposing the power of subconscious programming so important in a real court of law? As Mind Control is employed to eclipse our Constitution, radical transformation of our society occurs away from reason and toward total emotional manipulation. Accusations about sex become more powerful than fact because the sacred duty of parents has been given to the state. State-created myth then migrates into reality and becomes mass delusion. And this transformation of America into delusion can be fully explained. Modern psychology has proven that your conscious rational mind is not your dominant mind. Your subconscious mind is dominant and can be programmed to view even fiction as literal fact.

This effect is common in children and causes hysteria because they are being set up to be programmed by mass media. Freud has proven that such hysteria comes from a basic elitist scam of repressing sex education and normal development in non-elite children in order to program them. Bureaucrats are now programmed to drug these children with CIA mind-control drugs, destroy countless families and program this hysteria as "sex abuse" to an ignorant public, but the real abuse is government programming! This abuse of children is literally a multi-billion dollar fraud!

This effect of transferring parental authority to the state is the core power of political programming. It builds subconscious terror in parents and children which programs the state for "authority." Your secret federal government has known this for decades and has chosen to build an unconstitutional Mind Control machine over the Constitution itself. This truth is so powerful, that ordinary citizens now have the power to terrorize their own government with truth. The government then launches false wars on "terror" to hide the fact that the government has programmed the very essence of terror by destroying the parental duty. They do this by luring your children into a very seductive mass media which is fully themed by secret government. The secret federal government has initiated a very unconstitutional monster plot against the American people through totalitarian deception.

The power to program the subconscious mind is so great that the secret government chose to dominate your media with pro-government themes and other secret agendas through Operation Mockingbird and enormous spending for HYPe (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) "truth" spending which fully manipulates powerful Mind Control industries. The secret government then sets up agencies to test and study these mass mind control operations. Those parents who know this are protecting their own children accordingly, but are being destroyed by ignorant bureaucrats. Many parents know this subconsciously and are also being destroyed by those ignorant bureaucrats who advance sex abuse hype. Sexual learned ignorance at childhood is a key requirement of Nazi Mind Control and it's high time all Americans learn the truth.

Real parents are the true threat to this hideous betrayal of our Constitution because they alone can advance truth into the next generation. In a post-Orwellian age of absolute deception, the parental duty is all-powerful because the slave-makers are now fully programmed as "parental" and are ubiquitous in U.S. media. As you empower your children with truth, you will be able to protect them from a government mythic system that will utterly destroy them.

Parents now have the power to drop the Bomb of Truth on their own government. The truth is, American children need to be de-programmed just like we de-programmed Nazi Europe! The need for this de-programming is literally all around you because Nazi Mind Control is all around you. View some of the "games" which will help program your children as good Nazis coming from Pentagon programmers.

We must sue the state and local officials who enslave children by advancing the lie of the "predatory parent." These bogey-man myths function to destroy the very foundation of family itself. This is a lie that will utterly destroy our Constitution and our children. This myth has only served Nazi eugenics, wrongful political power which makes idiots out millions of children. Eugenics is an elitist religion based upon the blending of myth and logic. There exists today more living human beings on earth than have ever died. Such is the basis of the secret government's obsession with population control and the Utopian myth that world population reduction will bring paradise and peace. Countless wars are advanced behind the scenes by this myth. Thus the Eugenics movement of the elite is the true power source to the "war-logic" behind countless false wars which fully circumvent our Constitution. This fact is the "third rail" of politics and is never exposed to the American people. In fact, the American public is deliberately brainwashed to believe that population control is not even a government concern, when it is, in fact, a central pillar of secret government operations. We have the power to bring population control to the forefront in order to end these secret wars.

The elite have developed powerful subconscious psychology to program bureaucrats as marionettes who then advance a very ancient power system in the guise of justice. They then advance numerous wars by fully manipulating the elements of theatre and by hiding behind the illusion that they are "parental." But criminalizing the most enlightened of parents simply for being real parents will ultimately backfire on these Nazis. Freudian sex taboos are but one device of the modern eugenicist to achieve broad population control results. If you do not protect your children from these Freudian sex taboos, these Nazis will destroy their families using these same sex magic tricks.

Millions of Americans are becoming deprogrammed by the real facts about 9/11, as the atrocities of this government are exposed as establishing a new religion of "endless war" and eugenics through devices which build mass delusion. But neither the media on the right or the left will expose this scam, because they are both controlled by the elite programmers at the Bohemian Grove. These elite programmers know that intellectual blindness can be mass programmed into society by destroying the parental duty of sex education. You will notice that these were the same goals of Hitler, and Nazi Mind Control was used extensively to build this highly unconstitutional mythic system of "parental government" and "parental media." This deception is not coincidence, but is broadly programmed by destroying real parents and destroying the parental duty on a massive scale. The exceptional patriot will begin to study the scope and direction of this wrongful programming, as its ultimate goal is the utter destruction of the Constitution of the United States. Your children are being led into a totalitarian delusion!

Good science has proven the necessity of the parental duty for over 100 years. Now wrongful government destroys the all-important parental duty in actual sex inquisitions run by bureaucratic idiots. The only reason for the destruction of the parental duty is government brainwashing. What happens when a jury is educated to the fact that they were not allowed to have real parents because they were to be mere mind-slaves to be fully manipulated by government completely outside of a constitutional framework of justice? They will demand real justice!

PsyOps has built the fourth branch of government known as Mind Control. This builds groupthink conformity into a brainwashed society through mass media dominance and this is profoundly unconstitutional. By upcoding complex medical cases involving childhood hysteria to police, such government fraud is fully controlled outside of broad public awareness. Police then become the perfect agents for broad eugenics operations based solely on the scientific fraud of "sex abuse." The destruction of the parental duty actually causes sex abuse, but authorities never tell you this. Even doctors must conform to this Mind Control fraud. By setting up the Mind Control Matrix, the government can then function as the Machiavellian manipulator. But the fatal flaw in this wrongful authority is that others can employ the same Matrix against us. Now Nazified bureaucrats are destroying millions of families by the sex taboos put in place by this brainwashing of sexual learned ignorance. If the government were found to be so flat-footed on the morning of 9/11, how could they then advance the myth of 9/11 that very same day, knowing full well that any nefarious manipulator, including hostile domestic or foreign governments, could easily mimic a terrorist attack and has done so for decades? Lack of confusion and a rush to judgment is a dead giveaway of treason on 9/11. In a mind-controlled society, truth becomes all powerful, as truth is the real enemy of a government that brainwashes its children.

Those mind-controlled bureaucrats who want you to believe that Building 7, a super-fortified steel structure, collapsed on 9/11 due to small garbage fires are suffering from neurosis and are guilty of obstruction of justice. We are demanding both a state and federal investigation into the 9/11 murders based upon the real context of federal PsyOps operations!

Top FBI Agent tells all about the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

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