Friday, August 22, 2008

Secret U.S. Eugenics operations now expose Massive Ritualistic Child Abuse, CPS Fraud

"How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think." - Hitler

Sexual repression sets children up for full authoritarian manipulation by wrongful government, and this is the real threat to our children. Today, we require the exceptional patriot just to understand this. This is no accident!

Sexual repression is the deliberate retardation of sexual communications which sets children up for wrongful authority, learned ignorance and neurosis. Today it sets children up for massive Alpha-level mind programming which makes events like 9/11 "peculiarly beneficial" to our vast military industrial complex. Massive criminal negligence imposing sexual repression now provides the Pentagon with millions of "programmable children." These millions of "CIA assets" are profoundly violated and we require the exceptional patriot to expose this scam. Sexual repression literally makes idiots out of our children for the sole purpose of building government mythic systems. Americans are now fully programmed to view personal neurosis everywhere. They are never trained to see the near-universal neurosis caused by sexual repression, the true threat of the military industrial complex.

At Harvard, I was educated in the elite method of child rearing. Since HIV/AIDS was such a major influence on my 1986 graduating class, it became astounding to me that naturalistic parenting and comprehensive sex education is now widely criminalized in the non-elite world. This indicates the fascist shift in America. Do these idiots not know that such imposed ignorance is a basic weapon of war used by the elite against the non-elite for centuries? At Harvard, the CIA was everywhere secretly developing the Mind Control that would utterly invert the American people into top-down controlled Nazis. Today, this war is fully "normalized" as politics via a controlled media, as it destroys countless children. This controlled media is profoundly powerful in shaping the child's entire belief system for full Nazification, a process of Mind Control Hitler believed would empower him to take over the world. The CIA also believed this and has fully advanced it in U.S. mass media.

Those who know the real truth about psychology and Mind Control know that sexual repression at childhood produces the very same moral degeneracy, complacency and blind conformity we now see everywhere in American society. It's only purpose is to empower the mesmerist "elite" at the Bohemian Grove, thus reversing our Constitution's power system.

Under Operation Mockingbird, your "news" personalities are nothing more than top-down programmed cyborgs. All major news organizations are given the same "talking points," but who programs the programmer? They are not true journalists. They are spin doctors. Since they are controlled and themed by the CIA, they can then advance a totalitarian mythic system which has tremendous power to fully Nazify the population, even as political conflict is built as an illusion. Under groupthink conformity, the bigger the lie, the more people believe. No one in media even questions the big lie. This fatal flaw of the human mind is never exposed to the American people because it is used as a major "asset" of the CIA. Groupthink conformity is so powerful that few will even study its power over the American people. Cyborgs are chosen for their "parental" qualities so that lies are more easily programmed. This is due to the fact that real parents in America are destroyed by the millions. This destruction of real parents transfers power from the parent to the top-down cyborgs. The many Illuminati top-down power cults all serve the Bohemian Grove death cult. Secret top-down power that forms the same kind of power pyramid found in North Korea.

Since the phallic phase in girls can be very powerful, this is nature's way of telling parents it's time to teach children the facts of life. The subconscious mind of a child is sexual and represents 99% of that child's mind. So retarding education about sex or repressing understanding about sex is extremely dangerous and negligent. Anthropology finds the parental duty of sex education to be innate and normal in all aboriginal cultures. Modern psychology has proven that sexual repression is enormously damaging to the individual and only serves those governments or religions which brainwash their children. By stigmatizing what is innate and necessary, like brown eyes, governments are merely bigoted and are programming their populations for bigotry.

Sophisticated sexual ethics development is an innate duty of parents known throughout history as profoundly important for protecting children from the slave-maker. But this basic fact of life can be fully repressed and removed from entire cultures. This is the power of Freudian psychology placed in the wrong hands! Wrongful government can effectively use normal childhood development and demonize it, building a powerful subconscious slavery power structure. Children are now denied normal development of falling in love with their parents so they can learn critical lessons of life, and television was specifically set-up as the perfect hypno-device to usurp this parental function. Now the parental duty is universally bypassed so that children are suspended in perpetual delusion where their media is "parental." This suspension of children into delusion is highly damaging to their intellectual and emotional development and the elite know it.

The power of government to program myths and taboos into their populations is nearly infinite. Such taboo-building can be easily exposed by studying how the elite raise their own children. Do they raise their own children to be brainwashed, or are they raised by the "king's method" of real sex education?

Imagine that the 9/11 events occurred in North Korea and not the United States. North Korea would then use these events to justify war and mobilize its population for war with South Korea. A substantially high percentage of Americans would then become 9/11 truthers! Why? Their own belief system would tell them that such "official" explanations of Building 7 and the Twin Towers collapse were ludicrous. Buildings simply do not fall in this spectacular manner and such would be obvious. Our own media would pick up on this fact immediately. Such would be an obvious ploy by North Koreans to bamboozle their "mind controlled" population. In North Korea, only the dictator can raise his children in sexual truth to understand the real power system and "reality" itself. According to Freud, it is the potential for resistance to the reality principle by the sexual drives which creates the primary ground of neurosis and such a neurosis can be programmed on a mass scale. The intellectual blindness of the North Korean population would be fully dismissed in the United States as an obvious false-flag attack advanced against a thoroughly mind-controlled population, programmed at childhood to serve a dictator and not protected by parental authority.

But why do we not understand our own intellectual blindness in the United States? It is a powerful taboo in America to question your media "parents" in any meaningful way because this taboo has been programmed into Americans at childhood. Television was set up to be so seductive that this "parental" indoctrination into children is now fully normalized as a good thing. This is especially true for the "sacred myths" built by government through media like 9/11 and the really "big lies" which are important to your government. Remember, under groupthink conformity, the bigger the lie the more people believe. This is one major flaw in the human mind which you must begin to understand.

As incredible as it may appear, the real facts which happened on the ground on 9/11 fully expose a massive government black ops false-flag terror attack. A jury of intelligent Americans using their rational minds will easily come to this conclusion. There is over-whelming evidence! So why don't Americans know this? Your current government is operating in the Age of Mind Control. It operates a fully controlled media and it is not operating under the Constitution of the United States. This horrific fraud can be easily proven to a rational and intelligent American jury.

Is the illusion of political conflict so strong that we do not see the real power system? Freud proved that the effects of war and "terror" produce a regression which then brings deeper, irrational programming to the surface in individuals. When such programming is overwhelmingly biased toward government as "parental," this causes a profound intellectual blindness in regard to government atrocities. This deep programming occurs in early childhood and terror then releases it. This fact makes the wrongful political programming of children in early childhood highly important for wrongful government. It requires us to carefully study the very unnatural media programming now given to our youngest of children which effectively de-sexes them or "depatterns" their minds away from normal development. This wrongful programming away from normal sexual development is, indeed, everywhere in our own children's media.

In the mid-1980s those at Harvard and Dr. Koop discovered that imposed sexual taboos at childhood directly result in a massive number of HIV/AIDS deaths. As children are dumbed-down about sexuality throughout their childhoods, they often become traumatized causing intellectual blindness and other neurosis in regard to sexuality. This imposed ignorance also restrains them from healthy dialog with their own parents. But this horrific fact is belittled by another fact that our own government is deeply involved in retarding the ego development in non-elite children, instilling these sexual taboos for the purpose of Mind Control and massive family dysfunction and manipulation. This was all explained by Freud through understanding the early authoritarian indoctrination of children. Such indoctrination of children into learned ignorance about sex comes from the slave-making arts and is highly harmful to children. But it can be secretly advanced in an highly duplicitous manner through powerful emotional programming. But this retardation of ego development in children is profoundly evil.

George W. Bush has no ego problems whatsoever. Sex education between parent and child is critical for strong ego development and for protection from brainwashing. He claims to have regularly talked about sex with his father. His father and grandfather over-saw massive Mind Control operations at the CIA. Coincidence?

Freud advanced two fundamental principles of early child development: the pleasure principle and the reality principle. By demonizing the sexual parts of the pleasure principle in children in regards to sexual development, authoritarian governments can effectively indoctrinate deep control mechanisms linked to imposed sexual taboos in that child, authoritarian programming and other weapons of control. This demonization of childhood sexuality served the slave-making arts for centuries. My own wife suffered from these imposed taboos and was consequently easily manipulated by state child traffickers. Responsible parents can protect their children through proper education on the reality principles normal in truly free societies. Our own government demanded early and effective sex education in children in post-war Germany in order to build a less militant and less sadistic society. Such imposed ignorance and broad abuses of child development by Nazi governments is harmful to the child. But this is precisely what we are finding today in America.

The misrepresentation of early childhood sex education as hedonistic is a basic scam of fascist governments everywhere, as this destroys the child's development of the reality principles necessary for normal development that protect children from imposed delusions, even totalitarian delusions of broad mythic systems. Where the government's mythic system is more important than healthy child development, we find massive neurotic dysfunctions. Understanding that such sexuality is highly necessary and normal for survival, it is innate in most parents. Such mentoring instincts are most likely to be activated in fascist dictatorships as nature's ways of protecting children from slave-makers. But a deliberately dumbed-down population no longer knows what slave-making actually means. Even common sense will tell you that all children need such basic instruction in a safe and non-threatening environment coming from real parents. But massive emotional contagion and disinformation is now everywhere in America serving to dumb-down children in this critical area. Children so abused by government bear near universal neurosis symptoms as adults and much of this neurosis is "necessary" for a government-imposed mythic system.

Where governments routinely depict this normal and necessary child empowerment by parents as "subjective" child abuse, such governments are fully exposed as destroying the reality principles for which all children need for normal development. This is achieved by destroying the parental duty in the very bureaucrats who target your children with draconian sexual repression programs. Over generations, this empowerment of children completely disappears allowing for full government programming. This indicates a government which brainwashes its people into media-based mythic systems. This process grossly distorts the ego development of children and is often rejected by the "elite" of that society. Parents advancing objective understanding of sexuality in their children are certainly not "abusive," they are profoundly necessary for normal development. But authoritarian governments do not want normal development in targeted populations.

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (Public Law 93-247) provides federal funding to States in support of prevention, assessment, investigation, prosecution, and treatment activities and also provides grants to public agencies and nonprofit organizations for demonstration programs and projects. CAPTA's main mission is to demonize and destroy the reality principles encoded in the parental duty in targeted populations and indoctrinate learned ignorance and sexual taboos into these children. Additionally, CAPTA identifies the Federal role in supporting research, evaluation, technical assistance, and data collection activities; establishes the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect; and mandates the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information. CAPTA also sets forth a minimum definition of child abuse and neglect. This sets up a basic Nazi sex scam for which, only the intelligent patriot can now understand.

But CAPTA is a classic duplicitous program advanced under cover of "altruism" by Nixon and Mondale, active Bohemian Grove sex and power cult members. CAPTA now enforces and advances the tone of top-down authority which normalizes very ancient child-sacrifice ceremonies that have empowered the KKK, Skull and Bones, masons and other ancient power systems. They knew very well that the destruction of the parental duty is a powerful weapon of war used for centuries. Through top-down attitude propaganda based on the delusional myth that your government is "parental," it deliberately empowers local sexual repression cults with near absolute powers to cheat, steal, lie and defraud on a massive scale. As more and more of the population become delusional about their "parental" government and controlled media, they become a mob of deluded idiots who destroy the traditional and all-important parental duty in real parents. This is fascism! This process serves to transform the entire society into political cyborgs who view our Constitution as a top-down power system.

This top-down power system is indoctrinated into children en masse through popular culture. The repetition of Tavistock's parental destruction devices, over and over and over again, build deep programming into children. This programming fully serves wrongful government and destroys strong families.

The myth of "altruism" in these programs provides such inversion results. As the American family dissolves everywhere, no one blames wrongful government. This is the "beauty" of Mind Control programming advanced by the elite eugenicist through mass media and duplicitous politics. These agencies now routinely violate basic Constitutional right to life protections, parental rights and basic judicial fairness and inflict Monarch Mind Control abuses against children and families, spreading powerful emotional contagion against targeted populations for the main purpose of full repression of the parental duty and producing "programmable" children for Pentagon programming. Police and social workers morph into actual Nazi sex cult enforcers, as this is the true mission of CAPTA in regard to elitist eugenics and overwhelming Pentagon Mind Control influence. The Pentagon then achieves broad statistical results in its recruiting efforts as "minimum standards of abuse" actually destroy the parental duty of sex education which builds sophisticated children. A substantial number of these abused children become "grunts" to be fully manipulated by government.

Even basic father rights are fully destroyed by mobs of femi-Nazi conspirators and not real juries. Statistically, the more femi-Nazis applied to children, the more family destruction results. The most enlightened families are destroyed first, just as in Nazi Germany. The elite are laughing all the way to the bank, as they advance many false wars fully fought and financed by a totally dumbed-down and demoralized non-elite population that is too stupid to understand obvious child trafficking eugenics. The methods now routinely employed in American child trafficking are so obviously Nazi that no one will believe it possible. These primitive mobs become fully drunk on their powers to rape-kit, brainwash and destroy mothers and children in the precise same fashion as found in Nazi Germany. They advance very primitive sex taboos and sexual amplification devices against families and the adults are now fully programmed to fall for these powerful "sex magic" devices. But these child traffickers are protected by utter disbelief. No one will believe that these devices come directly from Nazi Germany as weapons of war, but they are obviously so!

Today this population of political conformists are literally too mind controlled to understand that sexual repression away from real parents causes such mob behavior, inverts our Constitution's power system and history fully repeats itself. When Mind Controlled bureaucrats rule over parents, the entire power system of the Constitution is then inverted as a top-down power system. This stupidity is the direct result of Nazi Mind Control which has normalized the tyranny of today's "family courts" or what the Supreme Court has regarded as "kangaroo courts." Why are they kangaroo courts? They are the direct product of eugenics movements which produce sex tricks and subconscious programming that builds emotional tricks over the rational framework of traditional courts. Even though this fraud was fully exposed decades ago as a basic weapon of psychological warfare, powerful emotional programming from wrongful government is so intense so as to deny them the courage to even understand this fraud. This is Nazi Mind Control fully put in place by eugenicists.

Of course, the CAPTA depravity of "protecting" children from real parents is carefully programmed never to apply to "elite" children, thus keeping its atrocities fully outside of broad public awareness. The elite are instructed to get naked with their children and teach them the facts of life in order to protect them. This CAPTA program fully serves wrongful politics, eugenics population control and underground recruiting through classic military Psy-Ops operations known as old shelf "Black Widow" programming of sexual taboos and other profoundly damaging programming of non-elite children.

Since the over-whelming majority of Mind Control programming is at the Alpha-level, sexual repression at childhood is the most important variable of military Psy-Ops. All authoritarian indoctrination uses learned ignorance about sexuality against children, blending powerful sexual emotions with their indoctrination methods to build powerful mythic systems, i.e. "parental government." Such "parental government" is then fully empowered to do inexplicable evils and get away with it. Your media which targets your children is absolutely loaded with this wrongful programming of "parental authority" wrongly applied to government, but you are programmed not to see it in this way. After all, how can Disney be working for the CIA? This just can't be possible, you say. This is the power of Tavistock! Just as James Bond is sexed-up for adults, Disney is de-sexing your children. In fact, all the soft and fuzzy characters of Tavistock are deliberately de-sexing your children later and later into their development. This is profoundly important to understand!

Sexually repressed children will literally confuse sexual emotion and feelings with the wrongful power system being indoctrinated into their minds and this is basic emotional programming which serves wrongful government and not children. Good parents who understand this, either intellectually or emotionally, are now routinely alienated from their own children by government force. But such wrongful programming is now fully "normalized" as a good thing, everywhere but with the elite and their children that is. The elite are fully aware that this Tavistock programming of sexual learned ignorance into non-elite children is profoundly harmful to them. It only serves wrongful government!

By building a powerful "parental government" mythic system, real parents are destroyed by the millions.

It is so fundamentally wrong, that the elite fully protect their own children from it. They indoctrinate their children into the real power system and not the mythical ones. Their children become "officer material." This is because sexual repression in non-elite children effectively destroys the critical parental duty, relegating these targeted populations to a near totalitarian demoralization. These children will never achieve functional families now or in the future because of actual demons programmed into the sex-fear-centers of their brains and this is the very goal of eugenics population control. This was fully proven by Freud nearly 100 years ago. Such deliberate retardation of childhood sex education serves to set them up for total sex-anxiety programming known to Victorian societies. This is why this wrongful programming requires absolute secrecy and enormously negative emotion-based propaganda. This is why the CIA actively worked in spreading these myths, completely outside of the Constitution.

MGM, Disney and everything touched by Tavistock "soft media" is fully "themed" by the CIA to build early childhood sexual repression and impose this wrongful, top-down "parental government" power system. But most Americans do not know this. The idea that this profoundly unnatural ignorance in children is "innocence" is a basic Nazi scam of replacing good parents with a highly duplicitous government through powerful mesmerist media. This basic fact is never represented as such. Such "innocence" in small children provide the same programming results as an LSD trip in teenagers, as it opens the child's mind to full suggestibility, emotional manipulation and programming, precisely why the CIA spent years studying LSD. But parents are never informed of this fact. This sexual learned ignorance is fully programmed by massive warm and fuzzy Tavistock programming by largely soft, sexless characters. This sexlessness is not benign even as it is profoundly unnatural! Adults raised in this manner fully fall for this scheme of the elite. They literally have no idea how damaging sexual repression really is, as they become fully conforming cyborgs for wrongful government, marching to many false wars. Theatre is indeed a hammer!

Parents may opt to keep their children sexually repressed for religious indoctrination, but our government no longer gives you the option of timely and effective sex education. This is due to profoundly idiotic emotional programming and not sound science. The responsible parent teaches sexuality first according to the actions of the child, thus producing a sophisticated understanding of power, religion and emotional and rational truth in that child. This parent is required to do so in a manner for which the child understands. Such a manner is now effectively demonized by the witchcraft of the elite "sex magic" methods and is basic "Black Widow" programming. These children held in prolonged sexual ignorance will become very bad parents, many as teenagers. Yet, from the perspective of the elitist eugenicist, such a sacrifice of children is a good thing as fewer children are produced in the long run. In the long run, the family entity in these targeted populations simply dissolves and government then takes over.

Children so traumatized by government are now routinely done so at the Beta-level of Mind Control programming. Children held in ignorance of basic sexuality are now fully programmed for fear-based government manipulation, by feeding them a massive diet of CIA-controlled media. The many stages of this programming are fully "normalized" in mass media and is now invisible to the rational mind. You will simply refuse to believe that your children are being programmed, even as it is obvious. Basic sex education in a timely fashion from a responsible parent can reverse this trend. Children indoctrinated into real power systems naturally question false ones. This sounds very simple, but is it? Massive Alpha-level programming can build a powerful wall of emotional fog around this entire issue providing the illusion that it is deeply complex, mysterious and "dark." The federal government has actively associated it with "satanic cults." This is only one of the deceptions designed to cover this Nazi scam with powerful emotions and not facts. We ran head-on into this wall of ignorance in the 1980s for the AIDS initiative and this wall is today higher than ever. This wrongful programming of sexual ignorance into children is the very source of power for the elite. You literally cannot over-emphasize its importance to them. Accordingly, they have built a monumental wall deception all around it.

Today, gross violations of the Constitution include a total disregard for parental rights and basic privacy by mind-controlled cyborgs of the state. This fact will be most obvious with parents who have been trained in Mind Control and are not protected as the elites are protected. These government cyborgs spread the emotional contagion which destroys trust and makes a sophisticated education of children impossible. Entire populations learn to trust marionette bureaucrats over real parents on a massive scale. This is the sophisticated education given to Ben Franklin and to "elite" children because they were truly free. Where the elite understand Mind Control, they protect their children accordingly. These children are not so likely to fall for the schemes and devices of "mesmerists," as Franklin knew them to be. This child empowerment today is more critical than ever because "mesmerism" is everywhere in popular culture. Powerful unconscious programming is designed to destroy strong families and serve only the elite in perpetual power. Your secret federal government has its hands all over the massive Alpha-level programming which "shapes" children for various government mind programming operations. This includes all mesmerist media such as music, movies, television and video games. These obviously serve Pentagon recruiting missions and eugenics family destruction, if one were to only look. Mockingbird programming is highly "successful" for the Pentagon. All of these programs require sexual repression in children and none of them are constitutional.

Those at the Trilateral Commission and the Bohemian Grove know this most basic Nazi sex scam very well. They do not want you to know about sophisticated or elite child rearing methods. Now they have normalized ritualistic child abuse throughout much of the U.S. by triggering the sexual taboos deliberately programmed into their own parents. Over generations, massive Alpha-level media programming made this possible. Fed on the continual Disney diet of "innocence," these adults are now fully programmed to be manipulated by triggering mechanisms even as common and necessary as childhood sex education. These adults are fully programmed for government fear-based manipulation and we can fully expose this deep programming. This is basic Freudian psychology and may sound utterly amazing to you until you become aware of how military-grade Psy-Ops actually works.

But today's non-elite populations now live in near-universal neurosis which depicts any sexuality in children as a deeply disturbing "crime." Such disgust over the normal activity of children which requires a normal instinct in parents known as "the parental duty" is no coincidence. This is the precise same disgust programmed into Nazi German children in regard to Jews. Now a constant diet of Disney movies will keep your child unnaturally ignorant so as to be fully programmed with powerful sex/power myths. Do a simple study of your child's favorite movies for their power schemes. You will find nearly all involve top-down power systems, most or all Disney films provide the power systems of the Bohemian Grove elite and not our Constitution. This is the profoundly powerful mythos which gave us 9/11. These adults are now so thoroughly programmed by a "parental" government, that 9/11 was absolutely too tempting for the Machiavellian manipulator. To understand this requires the exceptional patriot, all others have been thoroughly dumbed-down, especially in regards to the true powers of sexual repression.

Freud taught us how to impose sexual taboos into targeted populations for which they become completely vulnerable and "controllable." He taught us that anxiety-based manipulation is achievable on a broad scale through sexual anxieties largely programmed as such at childhood. The traditional parental duty protects children from such wrongful programming. The traditional parental duty can be effectively destroyed and wrongful authoritarian power systems can then be imposed upon them. The U.S. Catholic Church sex scandal exposed this wrongful power system, as children were held in deliberate sexual ignorance, the "Machiavellian manipulator," wrongful priests, were taking advantage of these children's ignorance and imposed inability to communicate about sex. This muting of communications is the fear-based result of violating the parental duty. Yet, as our own government has been secretly advancing the same deception against millions of families in order to indoctrinate their children, it neither explains the parental duty to families, nor does it explain real psychology to them. This fact has been largely covered up.

The vast non-elite population has been fully brainwashed by this powerful elitist witchcraft perfected by CIA MKULTRA programming and the secret Skull and Bones "Mental Hygiene" programs. This "Black Widow Programming" is basic Freudian taboo Psy-Ops through multi-generational sexual repression. Profound ignorance has been imposed on them from the top down in total secrecy, over generations. The Tavistock programming of learned ignorance is warm and fuzzy in early childhood, so much so that the over-whelming majority of Americans now believe this is an absolute "right" of childhood. But the end result of this powerful delusion is a lifetime of deception, war, family and personal destruction. This is the real price of a near-totalitarian destruction of the innate and historical parental duty. But the elite actively protect their children from this powerful witchcraft. Such ignorance of elite child rearing methods critical for protecting children is no passive development!

Republicans are so thoroughly mind controlled by sex-magic methods of elite CIA sex cults, that the 911 scam is now fully embraced by them as "truth" that cannot be questioned. These same Republicans now "require" massive increases in ritualistic child abuse by bureaucrats for the sole purpose of building a Bohemian Grove elite cult at the very top of government. This is perfectly logical psychology under Nazi Mind Control. As they reside fully inside of a government-imposed mythic system, these Republicans are utterly lost! They are supremely dangerous to children!

The wide-spread bigotry and criminalization of "liberal" parents who educate their children about the real threats of Mind Control indicates a massive eugenics operation, much of it funded through billions of dollars in federal "protection" funding. I was in a unique position to expose this underground eugenics operation, since I had worked on Mind Control and know the truth about government-imposed Freudian sex taboos. Such "child protection" funding by our federal government coincides with massive CIA "truth" funding throughout our Psychological Industrial Complex. At Harvard, this had been going on for decades and my professors secretly trained us in "Reverse Mind Control." Even as this Mind Control was building toward a massive 911 scam, they served truth in order to protect us. They knew the real threat of Nazi Mind Control and protected their children accordingly. We know that top Republicans actively celebrate child sacrifices and we know precisely why they do it.

View actual footage: Top Republicans Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove

The biggest myth advanced by sexually repressed Republicans is that "child abuse" is everywhere due to various "sex predators." "Anyone" can be a "sex predator" and a "threat" to children, and by their own definition, they are right. They have blended the deep programming of Jungian archetypes with new "enemy" archetypes easily activated by wrongful government. Parents who attempt to protect their children from these primitive devices are routinely destroyed by programmed bigots. Wrongful government is then advanced by marionettes who know absolutely nothing about the real scam. They have transformed the very science of child development to make this possible. They advance the notion that sexual child abuse must have been the case throughout history and that such horrors were simply hushed up. But why did our Founding Fathers not think this way? Surely they would have known of such "horrors." Is it because they knew all about the historically all-important parental duty? Such a duty, being innate, must be fully repressed in order for these new-fangled enemy archetypes to function. These programmed horrors fully serve the elite and the "war on terror," which is a totalitarian deception. The very core of terror was deliberately created by your own government and results in a vast spectrum of solitudes who suffer universal neurosis. They blindly "trust" their top-down government as it utterly deceives, manipulates and destroys them. This is all due to massive unconstitutional Alpha-level programming of your government as "parental." Such "parents" fully programmed you for full terror manipulation and moral degeneracy, the true result of the 1947 "National Security Act."

This is because these "horrors" of child predators comprise the very core of terror and are easily programmed en masse into sexually repressed children through mass media and social attitude propaganda. But good parents are subconsciously smarter than this! Therefore, more and more families are being destroyed as real parents come into conflict with the programming of "parental government." Such wrongful programming will last these children their entire lives and the very structure of strong families simply dissolves. Children who are not empowered by real fathers early in their development with real sex education become an "asset" for wrongful government. So wrongful government deliberately destroys the parental duty. The elite are fully aware of this scam! Today these programmed horrors, by massive Alpha-level media programming, are actual products of sexual repression being wrongfully imposed on children and parents for generations by their own government.

You have been groomed and conditioned by massive "free" media "news" and "entertainment," for which you are meant to only trivialize and dismiss. But the "themes" of these programs are repeated over and over and over again, fully programming you. Fox News is so audacious as to program fears on regular basis for the "coming terror attack" without ever investigating the facts about 9/11. Now this powerful programming of fear can only be reversed by properly educated parents, just as was necessary in post-Nazi Germany. This wrongful authority of secret government media manipulation produces a near-universal neurosis that exists everywhere except at the very top of the power pyramid. In fact, our Founding Fathers took sex education in the home as a given and this entire field of human knowledge, like usury, has been deliberately destroyed so that military-grade Psyops and massive programming can do its real dirty work of Nazifying the American public. That's why top Republicans sacrifice child objects at the Bohemian Grove. They know this sacrifice is terrible, on-going and "necessary" at the alter of absolute power. They worship the very same Nazi Mind Control theatre of the absurd that our greatest generation so valiantly fought! They then advanced this same Mind Control against us. It's time to wake up!

What does real science of psychology actually know about "sex predators?" One, they are far more rare than popular media represents. Two, they have almost all been programmed at the Beta level of Monarch Mind Control. This is sexual trauma programming. This is significant because wrongful government now programs at the Beta level through massive institutional abuse which now routinely inflicts sexual trauma. This belies the myths now being advanced that such "predators" can be "anyone." Government largely produces them to build the self-fulfilling prophesy for a need for "parental" government! Where false "predators" are having their families destroyed, we find a disproportionately high percentage of child mentors and not child predators. So government actively confuses this distinction. It then inflicts Beta-level abuse on children and parents routinely, thus assuring more and more social degeneration, family dysfunction and population control.

This confusion of the parental duty with sex abuse is no passive evolution. It is the very engine of the Republican fear machine. Sex predators become good politics. The mentoring instinct is profoundly important for children and is innate. Male bonding triggers the mentoring process and good psychology and good anthropology knows how profoundly important this process is to children. This bonding is more profoundly important in Nazi-styled societies and is triggered in good parents because their children are at extreme threat by wrongful government. These parents are not predators they are mentors and they are highly necessary for survival! This fact is now effectively used to destroy millions of families directly and through emotional contagion. These are the new methods of elitist eugenics for which you must become aware. Massive "child protection" funding never addresses this issue because it is truly an eugenics operation and effectively kills millions of families.

Today, this top-down funding to inflict sex taboos does not only serve to kill millions of American families for effective population control and eugenics, it sets up their children for basic Mind Control programming for which the Pentagon now requires on a massive scale. "Investigating" parents is a basic Nazi scam because through wrongfully programmed bureaucrats, sexual hysteria would almost universally result. When they did this to my wife, I knew it would not only work on her, but would require years for her to understand. That is because she was set up for powerful sex taboo manipulation from birth. To hell with raising my daughters to be so programmed! This is the witchcraft of the eugenicist elite who would kill all of us in a minute. I went to Harvard for this truth and I shall advance this truth, even as a minority of one! You may consider me programmed as well, so I simply ask that you fully hear me out and then prove that I am wrong with real science, not emotion-based propaganda. Such an issue as the parental duty requires nothing less! This was an age-old and sacred duty of parents and has been utterly destroyed by actual Nazis. Today, this massive child trafficking industry based on elitist eugenics requires millions of programmed parents, fully vulnerable to Freudian sex taboos and is now working everywhere in America.

But even top lawyers are fully mind-controlled not to understand this most basic of Nazi scams. As state-level bureaucrats are wrongfully programmed by 19th Century "science," secretly imposed 21st Century science is destroying countless families. Eisenhower explained this new science as a "spiritual attack" because it largely functions on the subconscious mind and this is fully documented. Good parents can only view this "science" as witchcraft and "sex magic," because they know in their hearts that their children were never violated. They are the only ones who know the truth, because now a vast mob of political conformists are all programmed to destroy good parents. The 21st Century science that would fully explain this basic scam is never explained to them!

But Freud proved that this Victorian-styled sexual repression was fully imposed by wrongful authority over normal parents. He fully explained how to effectively demonize this normality and instill broad hysteria as a weapon of war. In Nazi Germany such hysteria was routinely presented as "signs of abuse" which would be effectively used to incriminate Jews and other minorities. The emotional contagion resulting in the destruction of real parents served to build a powerful elite cult at the very top of government. The Machiavellian manipulator deliberately spreads fear in a covert manner, often under "altruistic" programs. The bewildered and mind-controlled non-elites then became virtual cyborgs marching off to any war on command. But our own secret government knew that this "peculiar science" can be made "too sophisticated" for the average American to understand. It did so by fully dominating the very sciences that would fully explain it.

This phenomenon is now common in America. Those parents targeted who attempt to educate their children at the critical stages of their development to protect them for the 21st Century also serves politics. This profoundly important education is now actively exploited for its "sexual ambiguities" for which virtually any non-elite parent can be alienated and demonized by a political mob fully ignorant of critical sex education. Not only are they ignorant, but through powerful taboos working in very primitive areas of the mind, these political conformers become violent, hostile and sadistic. Such sexual ambiguities at childhood are not only normal, they are highly necessary for most children. Much of the knowledge of this "parental duty" has been deliberately lost in America. Because the sophistication of our Founding Fathers has been deliberately taken away from you, you must become the exceptional patriot to truly understand the real power system that now rules your life.

As Freud proved that sexual repression was an historically universal scam of the elite against the non-elite, he was brought into Tavistock, a British intelligence organization. This was a profoundly important secret for the elite. This "secret" is the very root of power and its corruption can and does empower those at the very top of government through the establishment of government mythic systems. This "secret" was then advanced against many targeted populations since the 1950s. Most of the real science explaining this secret is now largely repressed and replaced by a CIA-drug-based psycho-industry. Drugs now fully disenfranchise about 20% of the non-elite population and much of this drugging is the result of complex neurosis caused by sexual repression at childhood. Sexual repression produces trauma in children, as sexuality is wrongfully portrayed to them as "dark," "dirty," "threatening" and other devices of sexual repression which set children up for inevitable trauma and wrongful programming of fear-based bogey-man archetypes. Real parents protect their children from such trauma and lies. Real parents understand that imposed ignorance about sex will set their children up for the programming of wrongful mythic systems based upon wrongful "parental authority" being advanced by "mesmerists." Our Founding Fathers fully understood this threat!

Why is this so important? Your vast "mesmerist media," Big Pharma and all Big Business takes much of its direction from the elite in power. Many of these elite are active eugenicists and fully serve the military industrial complex. Therefore they advance an near-ubiquitous industry of attitude propaganda which serves non-elite family destruction and many, many false wars. They wrongfully shape a top-down power system by the delusion of "parental government" that destroys millions of families and utterly deceives them. These eugenicists kill millions of people through secret wars all under the cover of a delusional "parental authority" being programmed at the Alpha-level as political programming, none of which is by real parents! By destroying the parental duty, children are set up for delusional political programming on a massive scale. They will then "fall in line" with many false wars and become the bigots of blind conformity for which our secret government utterly manipulates them. In a word, they become mind-slaves because they were denied the protection from real parents. This basic Freudian sex scam will utterly destroy our Constitution, as our society morphs more and more away from strong families and sophisticated patriots. Secret wars against the non-elite sustain their wrongful power, and all of this deception requires sexual repression at childhood.

Tavistock and its many subsidiaries in the U.S. now advance "depatterning technologies" against millions of U.S. children funded by 6 billion tax-payer dollars annually. But this is only the funding that we know about. Much of this programming is highly suspect, and CBS was actually found in a court of law programming suicide messages into rock music. But this is but the tip of a massive iceberg of deception. This "depatterning" in very young children is specifically designed to break down their natural defense mechanisms, softening them away from millions of years of nature's innate programming and simultaneously places bureaucrats over real parents through very powerful conformist propaganda. Very negative brainwashing programming is simultaneously found throughout the popular culture, music, movies and television which is highly influenced by Tavistock sex-fear based programmers. This sex-fear-death programming is a massive underground elitist operation for which all parents need to be aware. Nearly all the sex, drugs and violence programming throughout the culture comes from a very duplicitous elite programmer, but the overwhelming majority of Americans are fully conditioned not to see it in this way. After all, these "elite" are so utterly "parental." This is a basic Freudian scam for which all Americans need to be aware!

Sexual repression imposed upon the non-elite in multiple forms and guises builds a powerful elite cult at the very top of government. As millions of Americans are forced to wallow in their many, many "personal issues," we find a secret federal government wrongfully manipulating these same "issues" for a profoundly evil reason of building a Bohemian-grove elite cult. This effectively reverses our Constitution's power structure, empowering the sex and death perverts at the very top of government. This coup over our Constitution requires a very dumbed-down population fully brainwashed by the elite "behavioral sciences" and once this is achieved, enormous social ills which fully fractionalize and repress the political power of the non-elite will utterly destroy them.

MKULTRA Victim Testimony: Satanic Arrogance is "Sex Magic" and is not "Science"

View some of the children who died for a Secret System designed to make Slaves

The vast majority of Americans are "non-elites" utterly bamboozled by powerful Mind Control manipulation. They are fully marinated in massive military-grade Psy-Ops which builds demoralization, control and a totally false political mythic system. The real power system is elite vs. non-elite. It's time to wake up!

This mob of blind political conformists has been deliberately reduced to a very primitive, "controllable" mind, and they are utterly blind to this imposed ignorance. They are fully programmed to blame the individual and our "free" society. Little do they know how profoundly ubiquitous government Mind Control actually is. They will now fully "trust" the unconstitutional dynamics of mind-controlled bureaucrats over parents. They are literally forced into to the world of Victorian sexual repression as their own government advances 21st Century Mind Control devices against them and their children. "Sexual ambiguities" at childhood are the very seeds of power for the elite. Even as these ambiguities are totally normal and necessary in childhood, they can be demonized by very effective witchcraft. Government agents trained to view this witchcraft as "science" now routinely destroy good parents and spread emotional contagion which builds a profoundly evil power system. Nearly all of the "sex magic" has secretly trickled down from the Bohemian Grove sex and death cult.

I do not have the luxury of living the American delusion of a "parental government" and a "parental media." Such a delusion was thoroughly removed from me after 7 years at Harvard, where the real programmers advance the real lies. Thank God for those at Harvard who tell these truths which reverse these lies! Understand that my own wife was raised according to military standards as a "non-elite" in total sexual repression. For this, she acquired numerous phobias for which I understood and she did not. Therefore, the enormous amount of emotional contagion being spread across the land regarding "sex predators" was amplified in my own awareness. My wife had no grounding in the truth of these powerful subconscious forces of family destruction, but I would not be so moved by a totalitarian ignorance of them so as to place my children in harm.

Military Psy-Ops Expert reveals what's really going on.

To view the full effects of this emotional contagion advanced by secretive government, one only needs to join one of the many "Child Services Fraud" Internet discussion groups. There you will quickly discover that the Nazification of America is no myth. I have over 20,000 emails from these parents which confirms that millions of U.S. children are being trafficked away from their biological parents simply due to Freudian sex taboos which have been programmed by elitist government. But your "free media" never reports on this universal scam of the elite.

One such expert in child development, Richard A Gardner M.D. of Columbia University, bravely fought against the 9/11 fraud and the Nazification of American children. His many works in this field exposed the eugenics operations in America as a fundamental fraud to normal childhood development and the American family itself. He died of a brutal stabbing to the heart in 2003 which was blamed on a "suicide." Research Dr. Gardner's works and ask yourself one question: What is the real reason why this expert in child development was so radically demonized by our own secret government? He was not the first or most likely the last expert in child development to be so brutalized. This area of child development is most central to the Nazification of America, because it is where Nazis begin to build the normalization process of slavery into the next generation.

Good parents advance the most basic parental duty known for centuries to empower children. Under tyrants, this parental duty is absolutely necessary. These are nature's ways of educating children for profoundly important matters of power and sophistication which protects them from wrongful authority or what history knows as the "slave makers." Parents are naturally programmed by mentor archetypes, parental instincts and good sense to fear these slave makers and educate their children about sex. But this all-important parental duty can be effectively demonized, especially after generations of active Nazi mind programming. This sophistication known to our Founding Fathers as "liberty" can be taken away from millions of children simply to build a powerful mythic system of the elite cult. This reverence for the elite cult is based on the pure deception that such a cult is "parental." This totalitarian deception is now universal in America! You must become the exceptional patriot just to understand it.

Our Founding Fathers were free to provide their children with the most basic and necessary sex education known throughout history and fully programmed by nature. We are not free to do so today! Because you have been bombarded your entire life with bogey-man straw-men sexual myths, movies, horror news stories, on and on and on, you will not be able to understand the freedoms enjoyed by our Founding Fathers. They understood the evils of sexual repression. But you have been deliberately conditioned to fear the bogey-man and this is all military-based, sexual repression programming on a massive scale. You will find absolutely zero programming of the true evils of your federal government for which our Founding Fathers required. This is an utterly controlled, Mockingbird media!

Today basic Tavistock Freudian sex taboos have been secretly advanced by military Psy-Ops since World War II, so they have become fully normalized in much of the culture. They are so routine in today's media, that you will not even question their true origin. This is true in about 98% of the culture! But there is still about 2% of the U.S. population who know the true reason for and source of this wrongful programming. This is about the same percentage of Americans who viewed 9/11 as a federal fraud on the day of 9/11. All of these people are empowered by knowledge and nothing more. That is why the draconian repression of critical knowledge is so important to our government.

We have all been made aware of how marketers advance "sex programming" in advertising but never anything about government programming. Like Pavlov's dogs, these political conformists will see "sex predators" and terroristic "threats" precisely where Republicans point and ring various bells. These bells only work on a highly conditioned population. This population will never have the understanding to link these sex taboos and fear-based tricks to actual Nazi Mind Control. Have these taboos become totally "normalized" in American family courts, police and social workers, just as top CIA, KGB and State Department officials said they would?

What will history say about our times, as millions of U.S. children are now being trafficked because of basic Freudian sex taboos being applied to their own parents? Such a eugenics scam of the elite occurs only two generations after the Nazis employed the same scams? Why don't we see the obvious injustice in Republican enemy myths and their basic sex magic manipulation of children? Can "Get Tough" Republicans ever really explain the real threats to our children as they advance the same sex myths over and over again? Sexual repression sets children up for full authoritarian manipulation by wrongful government, and this is the real threat to children.

Now the military fully advances its "right" to go into your children's subconscious minds. The many new devices for "high tech" weapons do precisely that, so does much of the controlled media. But this invasion of the subconscious mind is nothing new. By setting your children up for profoundly damaging sexual repression, the Pentagon programmers have been doing this for decades. Sexual activity in children is the key moment where "authority" is programmed. Through draconian sexual repression and by repressing the authority of real parents, the Pentagon can effectively build a more fascist, militant and conforming society.

The police are now the "first responders" any time your children act out sexually, even for merely being empowered to talk about sexual matters. Empowering children to talk about sex, drugs and usury is the highest responsibility of good parents! All of these devices are powerful Mind Control devices. The fact that millions of American parents are fully ignorant of these powerful witchcraft devices is no accident! But now these "sex abuse" cases are routinely upcoded to Kafkaesque sexual inquisitions where parents and children are treated to barbaric sexual repression programming through ritualistic child abuse. Children are now routinely placed in hypno-chambers and their minds probed for "sexual events" which are then inflamed deliberately by mind-controlled bureaucrats in order to trigger sexual taboos in programmed adults. The over-whelming majority of these children are utterly bewildered, unharmed and innocent, but through powerful sexual amplification and sex taboos, the "authorities" are now fully programmed to sexually abuse and traffic in these children. Americans are literally too dumbed-down to see underground eugenics operations which are all around them.

This evil process subconsciously builds fear into millions of parents and fully serves a higher programmer. The Pentagon receives broad statistical results which favor the "programmable child," millions by the direct violation of the parental duty and millions more through emotional contagion. Sexual repression advances a profound ignorance of the true power system. The elite are laughing all the way to the bank by launching many false wars, all fought and financed by the non-elite. The vast non-elite are fully programmed to view this basic Nazi sex scam as "patriotism." Police are never told that good parents deliberately build sexual communications with their children. But those like myself who studied and worked at Harvard are fully aware of this higher programmer and we protect our children accordingly. Sexual communications which actually work are actively encouraged at Harvard and all major institutions which work on Mind Control. Naturalistic parenting as instructed at Harvard protects children in many ways, but today, full protection from powerful sexual taboos, disease and family dysfunction is more important than ever.

As Mind Control is actively advanced at the Macro level through highly illegal psychic attacks and wrongful authority, the radicals who carry out such attacks are raised to the top of the secret power pyramid. The abridged definition of Nazi is the control freak who must reside fully in the domain of pure deception. Such is what we find today as the manipulators of Mind Control behind the scenes. They are incurable control freaks who must secretly spread emotional contagion as "patriots" and "parental figures."

This fear then generates the emotional contagion for which many top Republicans consider good politics. Many top Republicans have fully positioned themselves to benefit from this military sex-taboo scam. But this entire scam requires large segments of our population be fully manipulated by 19th Century science while their families are simultaneously destroyed by 21st Century science. As our children are bombarded by subconscious sex and death programming, they are simultaneously sustained in draconian sexual repression as our families are subjected to primitive sex inquisitions. Most Americans will never understand the real dynamics of Mind Control, how massive amounts of pornography, drugs and family dysfunction actually serves childhood sexual repression. Thats precisely why our CIA works in these areas. Our courts have simply not caught up to this "sophisticated science" and most basic of Nazi scams. The full return of Victorian sexual repression now serves a very small elite in power, and justice requires the exceptional patriot to even understand it.

This is no regard for your children's "safety," even as it is programmed into bureaucrats as such. Black widow programming is never exposed outside of a very small circle of Psy-Ops experts. This is nonetheless a basic scam of "family values" Republicans who require massive amounts of ritualistic child abuse in order to get votes and provide slaves for the military. Black widow programming is a powerful eugenicist weapon as well. Of course, massive amounts of Alpha-level Mind Control is applied to most Americans so they will never see it in this way. This brainwashing cannot hide the real facts of massive personal and family dysfunction however.

The real facts indicate that the traditional parental duty has been utterly destroyed in America, and this is profoundly evident in universal neurosis, massive sex abuse, crime, drug abuse and other significant social problems, all of which serve "Get Tough" Republicans in a very perverse manner. Our prison industrial complex now is the second-largest employer in America and fully serves eugenicists. All of the massive Alpha-level programming for the full destruction of the parental duty comes from secret federal government's many covert "national security" operations. The cold-war war-logic has fully infected Madison Avenue, Hollywood and all Alpha-level programming throughout the U.S. and are now fully bogus and totally out of control.

History, good science and sound medical knowledge proves that sexually repressed children are, in fact, utterly destroyed in multiple ways. So why don't parents rise up and demand a reversal of all of these sexual repression devices? This sexual repression indicates basic fascist programming of sexual learned ignorance on a massive scale which serves only wrongful government and is designed specifically to destroy the parental duty. Children are naturally sexual and require sophisticated sex education from real parents with real parental instincts. But these basic parental instincts can be fully repressed and driven out of targeted populations. This parental duty is routinely repressed in fascist and authoritarian regimes and may explain why the parental duty is innate in the first place. Sexual education at childhood is critical for survival but simultaneously disrupts the programming operations of tyrants. Sexual repression at childhood is a key indicator of the fascist shift in democratic societies and is consequently highly important to constitutional patriots.

The most fundamental problem families are facing today is being treated in an inhuman, draconian fashion, routinely, by police and other "authorities" regarding sex and sex education. They are treated as if they live in the 19th Century. Even as police are sexed-up by CSI Big Brother technology and authority, they routinely apply Victorian-aged sex taboos against parents. These are basic and common medical cases routinely upcoded to police who are fully programmed to demonize good parents. But many parents will be forced to protect their children from these sex inquisitions. They will do so through effective sex education, as this is innate under tyrants. The elite has set up a system to destroy families through activation of their own innate instincts to protect their children. This is now "too difficult" for Americans to understand. They have been deliberately dumbed-down.

Yet, the very science which explains the normality and necessity of childhood sex education has appeared to vaporize and disappear mysteriously. This disappearance occurs even as our secret federal government advances highly sophisticated 21st Century Mind Control devices. This war was launched in the 1950s between the "good" science of psychology and the "bad" science. Of course, the military won and families lost. We went from a family-based military that always won wars, to a military-based family that always loses. This all comes from the fact that the "elite" established themselves unconstitutionally in 1947 and wrongfully advanced Nazi Mind Control against all of us.

This totalitarian deception led directly to 911, because the Pentagon's statistical analysis proves the inexplicable realm of Psy-Ops will never be investigated by the over-whelming majority of mind-controlled cyborgs in America. They simply cannot be brought to see the truth! That is precisely why false wars are now routinely advanced everywhere. Any "science" which can totally destroy the historically all-important parental duty is a profoundly powerful science indeed! It's incredibly amazing how many social problems are now easily resolved by applying the very science which made military Psy-Ops possible in the first place. But the "powers that be" do not want these problems resolved! Near universal social dysfunction serves them too well. The real science of psychology has solved many of our social problems, but is now used against us through omission and sex-taboo propaganda.

This is the true threat of the vast military establishment being in the wrong hands for 60 years! The CIA infiltrated all of our major centers for the Psychological Industrial Complex with massive "truth" directional spending and all of this abuse to good science is recorded at the National Archives. Those who fully circumvented our Constitution in 1947 to create the CIA fully adored, worshipped and financed the Nazi mind-control machine. They then secretly "normalized" it. They have been advancing highly sophisticated Alpha-MC to change our entire belief system in order to moderate their true radical agenda through disinformation, attitude propaganda and politics. This moderation softens the vast majority of the American population for a near totalitarian mind control deception machine. Did they then change the very science of psychology to effectively use this machine against us?

At Harvard, we knew that was precisely what was happening. The massive amount of "truth" spending for Mind Control and "Behavioral Science" was all done in secret and it all came from very powerful American eugenicists. This "truth" builds profoundly powerful peer-pressure conformity at the highest levels of academia. This "truth" was deliberately inverting real science, much of it fully exposed by Freud as an elite war against the non-elite. The full destruction of the parental duty in the non-elite was its true mission. The facts tell a different story other than a "moderate" Republican approach to the world. They secretly advanced a "science" of placing children in "boxes," depatterning their minds and destroying the all-important parental duty that would protect them.

This secret war required radical Nazis who fully manipulated "science" as secret, invisible radicals within the highest echelons of government from Eisenhower onward. Those very high in Republican politics were secretly in love with Nazi power and Nazi power schemes. They not only fully embraced Nazi Mind Control, they advanced those who fully understood and worshipped it. The facts tell us that our own secret government parallels Nazi activities to an extra-ordinary high degree of accuracy, largely because they are one and the same. The very sciences in the 1950s designed to counter Nazi methods have been utterly obliterated by design.

MKULTRA studies on the micro level are now used throughout all authoritarian government operations. Most or all Mind Control at the micro level now functions at the macro level.

For a basic overview, see A Nation Betrayed, Tulane University's mind control studies and the widespread Child Torture Activities of the U.S. government. Much propaganda now serves the idea that these programs were so horrible that no good came out of them. Both the good and the bad intelligence gathered from these tormented programs are vehemently guarded state secrets and they are on-going! These secrets protect active eugenics programs in America. The good science serves the elite, the bad science is served to the non-elite. These psychological "spiritual" methods are now routinely employed against U.S. children in active Child Trafficking eugenics programs.

The truth is easily discovered simply by studying how our own government "denazified" post-war Germany. This study will reveal that this same government actively "nazified" our own children at the same time! But you may be required to travel to Europe to find the truth, because our own secret government has effectively destroyed this truth everywhere in America! These sexually repressed American children then grew up to know absolutely nothing about the parental duty, deliberately. Post-war German children grew up more intelligent, less militant and less "programmable." Many American children were thoroughly programmed by CIA/FBI controlled television, music, textbooks and draconian sexual repression to view federal "authority" as "parental," "altruistic" and even "sexy." They were simultaneously raised to laugh at the idea of sexual repression. After all, pornography and massive amount of "liberal media" is everywhere in America, debunking the idea of sexual repression right? Wrong! There is exactly ZERO real historical truth or "liberal" truth regarding the all-important parental duty anywhere in the American culture! Even traditionalist religions have all but retired the parental duty to ancient history. These powerful devices of Mind Control are deliberately set up to serve draconian childhood sexual repression and this learned ignorance is fully supported by many, many "liberal" media.

German children were taught the truth, that the most dangerous force of all is wrongful, secretive government, not "deranged" individuals. After all, "deranged" individuals are common straw-men employed as bogey-men by tyrants like Hitler. The awesome powers of Mind Control, fully manipulated in secret by an elite cult at the very top of government, can radically transform the entire culture. This is why the 1947 "National Security Act" is so utterly unconstitutional. The most fundamental parental duty has always been sex education through non-traumatic, naturalistic methods known throughout history. This empowers children to learn the truth about government and this most basic parental duty has been utterly destroyed. At no time in our history is this parental duty and truth more important.

Americans were simultaneously fed a constant and continual diet of the demonized individuals requiring "strong, authoritarian government." Massive amounts of pornography, sex cults and sexual hysteria programming drove mothers and fathers to "protect" their children, in a more and more draconian fashion which was directed by wrongful government to fully repress normal childhood development. We find the wrongful hand of the CIA and FBI in case after case fully controlling these "deranged individuals" which effectively drove more and more American children into a totalitarian ignorance of the parental duty. The most basic parental duty of effective sex education simply dissolved. American children were force-fed a constant and continual Alpha-level programming demonizing the individual and real parents, creating many bogey-man myths and building fear and a "need" for authoritarian, top-down government. Then came 911, the very number being fully programmed as a Big Brother "help" number and the vast military industrial complex was on its way to record profits and "endless war."

The parental duty, sex education in the home, known for centuries to be absolutely critical for child development was deliberately demonized in America and simultaneously praised in Europe. Europeans then launched very few false wars, Americans launched many. The fascist imposition of sexual repression at childhood builds a more militant, sadistic and dumbed-down culture. It builds a "need" for ritualistic child abuse by the state. But the 21st Century science, which proves the traditional parental duty is all-important to children, largely exists in Europe and not the U.S.. Top professionals in the U.S. have literally been drummed out of the debate by elitist politics, as millions of U.S. children are fully manipulated by the witchcraft of 19th Century science.

These American children then become sexually repressed parents who are fully manipulated by authoritarian Republicans, many of whom were closeted pedophiles. This makes perfect sense in the context of Nazi Mind Control. This entire process serves the military and authoritarian government. As Republicans are fully controlled and manipulated by the vast military industrial complex, they migrate more and more toward total acceptance and dependence upon actual Nazi Mind Control methods which requires an enormously gullible population. This gullibility is profoundly dangerous to our Constitution. But such gullibility, imposed at childhood by politically conforming parents, is now the very foundation of the Republican Party. It explains why they are so wildly out of touch with reality and require more and more Nazi Mind Control tricks in order to stay in power. The building of a totally false, totalitarian mythic system advancing an "enemy" archetype, "which just so happens" to represent traditional religion, "deranged individuals" or good parents is no coincidence. All of these "enemies" are in total opposition to Nazi Mind Control and have been advanced and "perfected" by the CIA for decades. Nazi Mind Control requires the utter destruction of the traditional parental duty in the vast "non-elite" population. Such a population is then easily manipulated by mythical bogey-men.

Through decades of omission of these most basic facts of psychology, this entire subject is now "too sophisticated" for the average American to understand. Freud was brought into Tavistock because he was right and he held the keys to power for the elite. Freud and Tavistock instructed our own secret federal government on how to instill powerful sexual taboos onto a targeted population, mainly through the secret destruction of the parental duty. The dumbing-down of America is now fully documented for the utter destruction of the parental duty. This destruction of the parental duty is no coincidence, it fully serves Nazi Mind Control.

By treating the "non-elite" citizen with the same dignity and respect as the "elite" are treated, we find that actual eugenics operations are using the Freudian taboos that have been programmed and imposed on us as a thoroughly sexually repressed culture. These taboos only work on a gullible population, therefore, comprehensive sex education is actively demonized by Republicans. Comprehensive sex education and the Kinderladen program in Europe, fully advanced by our own federal government to "denazify" Europe is now a matter of redicule and idiotic derision in much of the U.S.. Monarch Mind Control's learned ignorance has had a profound influence on our entire society as sexual repression fully manipulates millions of Americans to follow tyrants.

The military elite do not raise their children to be social and personal misfits, easily manipulated by Mind Control tricks. But many of these military elite must now educate their children in total privacy, because they want to be "good Republicans." This is the very same phenomenon found in Nazi Germany. Even as Republicans advance the military as a sexual repression cult, they protect their own children from sexual repression so as to advance them as "officer material." But such a dualistic power system is not constitutional in the public at large. This is a fundamental dictate of our Constitution which has been utterly shattered by actual Psychological warfare now routinely blasting the American people in myriad forms, omissions and guises. Such a warning of the military industrial complex using these covert means has been given to us many times, by Eisenhower himself. Now they are obviously used against the most intelligent, the most informed and the most patriotic of citizens. Is this simply coincidence?

Though these families face outrageous double-standards concerning sex education in the home, the depiction of this education as threatening, lewd or criminal is now entirely fraudulent as it serves a profoundly diabolical political mission. But those who actually understand sexual repression have been made deliberately rare and demonized. As these very same children may face a 20% AIDS rate as adults and massive social dysfunction will be fully "normalized," we have known of the horrible effects of sexual repression for over 100 years. This massive fraud against the non-elite has been fully advanced by your "parental" figures at the Bohemian Grove sex and death cult.

Now "authorities" everywhere have an agenda which can be programmed through massive sex-fear attitude propaganda to see sex abuse everywhere and to "err on the side of sex abuse." But the elite are told to "get naked" with their children as "the king's method" for child development, as is done in much of Europe and Asia, and everywhere tyrants have little influence. Those working in Mind Control know precisely why this education is so important. This sexual repression at childhood in the non-elite will kill millions of these children as adults and will program them for totalitarian family dysfunction through massive deception. But it sets them up for other forms of programming. These tricks of the programmer require a sexually repressed, dumbed-down culture for which our government has been actively conditioning in secret. The real science of normal child development, used throughout the world, throughout history and by our own "elite," must be made "perverse" to the vast non-elite population. This attack on the American family requires the perverse "science" of trauma-based Nazi Mind Control.

But such institutional abuse produces real sex predators by convincing hundreds of thousands of men that they are "predators," and as powerful emotional contagion is advanced, the most sexually repressed individuals become actual child traffickers in case after case. This was the precise primitive emotional contagion found throughout most of Nazi Germany which never applied to the Nazi elite. Our federal government is fully aware of these Nazi atrocities to the human mind and chooses to do absolutely nothing about them. What's worse, massive CIA funding was used to perfect such emotional contagion. Sexual repression has more personal and social ills than can be listed, but is universally advanced for only two reasons: it serves the profoundly evil military value of producing superior mind-slave grunts and mobs of blind political conformers, and it serves eugenics. These victims become stunned, stunted idiot conformers who are easily duped by basic Mind Control tricks now used to utterly control and manipulate them. This imposed stupidity onto hapless children is a fundamental requirement of fascists everywhere!

Because Americans have been thoroughly dumbed-down about sexual repression, they will laugh at the idea of sexual repression in our "free society." This is military Psy-Ops doing its finest work! Massive amounts of disinformation advanced through eugenics "science" and omission of real science, pornography and "liberal" media serves sexual repression! Much of this programming functions on the subconscious level. But Americans are deliberately withheld from the critical knowledge necessary to connect the dots and understand this basic Nazi scam. This entire subject has been made "political" so as to keep it taboo and away from real public scrutiny. Revealing the full scope of 911 Mind Control will change all of that.

The CIA "just so happened" to advance sex-magic, Psy-Ops hysteria methods through decades of "truth" funding in covert sex cults, top clinics and top universities while simultaneously blacking out the good science about sexual hysteria and sexual repression. They now routinely employ profoundly disturbing taboo shock as actual childhood ritualistic torture abuse against our own children and parents. Most of these children have been deliberately made fatherless by the state by the millions. And this abuse "just so happens" to serve population control, the Pentagon and Republican politics. When wrongful government breaks up these families through actual Nazi Mind Control methods, it becomes the "daddy figure" for millions of children utterly deceived. This is a daddy from hell! There is an active black market for "programmable" children simply due to our insane regard for Nazi Mind Control!

CPS Corruption Unveiled

Pennsylvania is the worst violator of parent and child rights as it has by far the highest number of child-trafficking organizations. Children are violated by cyborgs, programmed by the "behavioral sciences" of the elite and not by the Constitution. This "science" was fully programmed by Tavistock, a British intelligence agency, in full cooperation with our Tory-elite at the CIA. German children are the most prized by the elite, and Pennsylvania's high German population is the most exploited population for the making of the child mind-slave.

This slave-making "science" is so utterly despicable, that our federal government actually requires pedophiles and a bizarre regard for pedophilia in order to carry out some of the dirtiest work of Nazi Mind Control. Many of the textbooks concerning "sex predators" given in police training were written by actual CIA pedophiles, hired because they were pedophiles, "behaviorist science" is all programmed by those who deliberately destroy traditional parenting methods. Actual American Nazis who financed Hitler and have financed massive "truth" spending in our top universities, now come out and tell you they were all on a mission of population control and Republican politics. This is fully consistent with Freudian psychology which Tavistock and our own CIA fully embrace. Republicans then maintain a strangely totalitarian hold over this secret federal government since the Kennedy assassination. None of this is by coincidence!

Our Constitution was written as a bottom-up contract where the parent retains the real power. The Nazi elite cannot function in such a power system so they will advance Mind Control to reverse our Constitution's power system in order to fully exploit non-elite children. The American people have been thoroughly duped about the Republican elite's "moral" movement concerning children. Many of these same Republicans are pedophiles required for Nazi Mind Control! This movement is advanced by pedophiles at the very top of government in the most duplicitous manner, which is completely consistent with Mind Control variables regarding the inexplicable Machiavellian manipulator. Until the American public is made fully aware of the inexplicable realm in which these criminals operate, these children will continue to be exploited in the most heinous manner.

Nazi Mind Control operates fully in the realm of the inexplicable because all war is seen as deception. Those who work in this realm perfect deception. They study, adore and even learn to worship deception. That is precisely why good parents protect their children from these very same people. Sexual repression serves to set children up to be programmed for a top-down power system. It then becomes fully "normalized" as a good thing. The federal government is represented as a parental archetype, this serves to trivialize real parents who know the truth even as our Founding Fathers demanded we question our federal government and secure strong families.

To fully understand the basic Nazi trick, you may be required to question how you were raised. How you were raised may have been fully manipulated by wrongful authoritarian religion or authoritarian government. Now this same government enjoys more Nazi witchcraft powers than you can possibly imagine, as non-elite families mysteriously dissolve all around you. Effective, comprehensive sex education within the home builds strong families, but the authority of the parent must be protected or this vital duty will simply vanish in targeted populations. You may have been deliberately dumbed-down to believe the polar opposite! Government provides sex education, right? But our Constitution requires the sophisticated citizen. Socrates, Jesus, Jefferson, Lincoln all require the sophisticated citizen! The sophisticated citizen will soon understand that your children waiting for government sex education is about as unnatural and as wrong as it can possibly get. The evidence of how wrong this top-down programming actually is is all around you, if you would only look. This Mind Control programming of learned ignorance is wrongful programming!

George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century. Prescott Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale University in 1908. The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale (also home of the Order of Skull & Bones) until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer for Brown Brothers Harriman. Dulles' brother brought the entire Nazi Mind Control operation secretly to the United States selling it to Truman as "national security," CIA research. But virtually everyone working on the project were eugenicists. Many witnesses claim Mengele himself worked on American children in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Enormous funding of "behavior sciences" at Harvard and elsewhere was directly missioned for "personality" development and "child development" on a broad scale. Employing Mind Control for making slaves, population control and politics were largely done in a covert fashion after World War II, due to the full exposure of eugenics "science" of Hitler. But the direct influence of these evil programs on our current "family courts" and families is profound.

The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of Skull and Bones. The society "would evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the 1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as 'MK-Ultra' anti-American project which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture." This study would develop "sex magic" methods of destroying the family unit in targetted populations. Sophisticated sexual repression and sexual hysteria methods were actively studied in cults and populations around the world in order to control such populations through Psy-Ops devices.

"A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s under a CIA code name, 'MK-Ultra.' Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S. Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features. It was deliberately designed to serve Pentagon recruiting needs covertly and to serve Republican politics, all arranged at the Bohemian Grove death and sex cult. President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA's misconduct. There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house."

Bush Child Sex Ring Conspiracy at the Bohemian Grove

Mind Control requires millions of children who are denied the parental duty from real fathers. Since this form of sexual repression is so vital to effective Mind Control, the parental duty will be thoroughly demonized in targetted populations. This demonization process stresses targetted populations with profoundly powerful sexual hysteria, causing the many social problems which government claims to address. Through a powerful witchcraft of Freudian sex taboos, this same government destroys millions of U.S. families with a basic Nazi scam that denies millions of children real fathers. Millions more children will be denied the most important parental duty of sex education by real fathers which will utterly set these children up for full government manipulation.

Millions of non-elite U.S. families are destroyed simply because thier parents empowered them with the innate parental duty of sex education which empowers children with the truth of the human condition. This wholesale destruction of family is most obvious in fascist societies.

Your secret federal government has been established as a "Sun King" parental entity of totalitarian deception. Pedophilia, genocide and murder will all serve to "build loyalties" among them so they become more and more powerful as they become more and more evil. Once you are fully programmed to utterly trust this highly duplicitous government, they will then be fully empowered to do the inexplicable, and always get away with it!

Now mind-controlled bureaucrats enforcing learned ignorance about sex will use severe trauma on you and your children even before any facts are established! This effectively spreads the emotional contagion which activates and triggers the parental duty, even subconsciously! So as the innate parental duty is activated through government-imposed sexual repression, these families are easily culled by the lies of "protecting children." This serves eugenics and is completely "deniable" by government. This is because the real psychology which would explain this Nazi scam is fully repressed. The CIA actively went around the U.S. to actively repress this critical information. This is especially true regarding the traditional parental duty and how children are actually empowered by such a duty.

Nature already programs parents to protect their children! This fact is found in countless indigenous populations throughout the world. But this innate programming is now routinely used against good parents by the new witchcraft methods of the CIA. Freud understood all of this and was brought into Tavistock to keep these secrets of the elite quiet. As a consequence of Nazi Mind Control, the Freudian psychology used in Europe to denazify Germany and Austria was silenced in the U.S. beginning in the 1950s. Today, American rednecks are fully programmed to laugh at Freudian psychology and deny that it has any validity whatsoever. It utterly controls them!

Totally unnecessary trauma has been deliberately set up as such by keeping children unnaturally ignorant. Why? These bureaucrats are fully manipulated by emotion-based programming from a secret, top-down government to view non-elite parents as "sex predators" in case after case. They will then destroy the most basic and necessary duty of parenthood. These parents have been deliberately made vulnerable to these sex magic methods of trauma as children. Over generations, this process becomes more and more powerful, as it becomes more and more evil. Strong families simply dissolve and government takes over. Totally ignorant rednecks see phantom "pedophiles" everywhere, even as they actively vote for real pedophiles. This makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control. As they destroy more and more good parents, universal neurosis spreads across the land, false wars are easily hustled onto the ignorant and families simply dissolve everywhere. As sexual hysteria is wrongfully ramped up by government, this process of demonizing good parents only increases. Good parents who understand this Nazi scam become completely ostracized as their children are stolen and abused. The most sophisticated experts in the field of sexual repression are destroyed and silenced. They will take children from the most enlightened parents and surround these children with actual Republican cyborgs who are dangerously sexually repressed and obviously so!

Educated liberals are treated as a "threat," military psychopaths are not. If you study Freud, real psychology and comprehensive sex education, you become such a "threat." This is because none of this hysteria is about the child or real child safety or justice. It is about elitist eugenics fraudulently imposed on millions of Americans by actual Nazis. Demand the Data the Secret Police now have on your children for the purpose of trafficking in them.

But are these fears really proportional to the real threat of mass imposed ignorance and hysteria? Fear, fear, fear, horror, terror, terror, terror, this is the plan and new reality for the "non-elite." But this entire "war on terror" is bogus, as you have been manipulated by government-imposed terror since childhood. You literally were not allowed the normal development that would have given you real parents. All real issues regarding the very basis of terror will be left out of real courts. Terror is a consequence of irrationality caused by poor parenting. This all begins with an irrational fear of sexuality caused by the destruction of the parental duty. Where normal and necessary childhood sexuality is actively demonized, this builds the very basis of terror in that child. This irrational terror can then be fully exploited by the state. This hysteria is designed to make the federal government the "parent figure." But this parent figure is a total fraud to our Constitution! It will utterly destroy real parents and real psychology. Once you are fully programmed for this scam, they will employ basic Nazi devices to fully manipulate you. 911 was such a triggering device of trauma-based Mind Control and those working at Harvard on these projects know it! But conditioning children for this scam simultaneously destroys countless families.

Children raised by real parents with real parental instincts in a non-threatening environment naturally grow up to question these most basic of Nazi scams. That's precisely why we demanded comprehensive parental sex education in post-war Germany. We knew then that this government-imposed idea of parents being a terrible "threat" to children, was a Nazi scam to build a Nazi society. State bureaucrats are now fully programmed to build that same Nazi society right here in America, and this is fully obvious. They are programmed by powerful witchcraft to destroy more families simply because these children were raised as "elite" children and my family's case fully proves it. They will do so as virtual cyborgs, completely ignorant of the real sciences. All documentation on this Nazi child trafficking will be fully encoded to prove this Nazi scam.

The real methods of protecting children from wrongful hysteria, parental sex education, is repressed with draconian force in all fascists regimes. This is because the overwhelming majority of terror is ignorance based. Terror requires emotional contagion, most emotional contagion requires ignorance imposed from above. That is why our Founding Fathers set up our Constitution as a bottom-up power structure. The truth comes from real parents, lies come from tyrants. This learned ignorance then sets children up for full terror-based manipulation. Is hysteria now used ubiquitously as the "perfect" Mind Control device, as it leaves "no visible scars that will hold up in court," as discovered and "perfected" by Mengele in Nazi death camps? We have all been programmed through the many horror stories about sex abuse to forget that children absolutely require parental sex education. This is far from a necessary response by local and state government "child services" agencies, this was all planned for elitist eugenics operations many decades ago and it now works effectively to kill and alienate millions of American families.

This Nazi scam is so obvious that a real jury of open-minded patriots will demand justice. Our Constitution has been deliberately circumvented for generations by actual Nazi conspirators. These Nazi conspirators then advance many false wars, all of which require a very dumbed-down, sexually repressed population. But good lawyers are the most mind-controlled of all! They literally cannot see beyond the political programming that fully manipulates them to conform and cannot view the obvious truth. Massive Alpha-level programming has been advanced to "moderate" your mind, softening it so that actual Nazis working behind the scenes can effectively advance all of the duplicitous devices of Nazi Mind Control against you. All of your "respectable" media is "soft" media. This softness makes the over-whelming majority of Americans soft conformists and "non-threats" to the real radicals behind the scenes. But once these radicals get full power, your softness will be used against you in profoundly evil ways to utterly destroy your entire world.

Common medical cases involving children are now routinely upcoded to police and child trafficking agencies who are fully programmed to see child abuse virtually everywhere and treat good parents as predators. This builds a profoundly soft and dumbed-down culture. This softness makes the culture fully pliable so that wrongful government can fully shape it, destroy it. Any dictator, present or future, can then rise up to fully shape the entire culture because strong families no longer exist. No one even questions how this may serve a wrongful government! Real trauma is then imposed on these children using actual Nazi Mind Control methods to advance the lie that the trauma began with the parent. The Freudian taboos used to induce trauma have now been fully "normalized" throughout most of the population. They produce extreme reactions in mind-controlled adults, not children. Children can be protected from them. Our Founding Fathers could not have anticipated them. This scam is repeated over and over, perfecting the entire process. Even though parental sex education is rarely traumatic for children, the elite are carefully instructed to do the same, the vast non-elite mobs are thoroughly conditioned to view the parental duty as "child abuse." They are also thoroughly conditioned for myriad forms of near-universal neurosis which demonizes the individual, destroying families and effectively building a top-down elite cult of parental "moralists." This is now the most basic scam of Republican politics.

Why don't Democrats expose this obvious Nazi Scam? In some perverse way, they are probably in on it.

Police will never understand the complexities of sexual repression or its historical use as a weapon. They have been deliberately trained to believe the opposite. Idiot bureaucrats are deliberately made "super sensitive" to individual "abuse" and never allowed to see the big picture. But all of this abuse is totally inverted from real science and never applied to the elite. "Non-elite" children are never "abused" simply by being empowered as "elite" children! Police are now fully mind-controlled by an elitist "behavioral science" which deliberately focuses on the individual and allows actual bureaucratic pedophiles to rule over good science and good parents. They cannot be expected to understand the real methods of parental empowerment, used throughout history, around the world and by our own "elite," because such knowledge has been deliberately taken away. They have been deliberately trained to treat us all as "non-elites" to prosecute parents about anything sexual.

This basic Nazi scam is then never raised to the level of any real court of law. Police now routinely employ the "sleight of hand" which separates the elite child from the non-elite child and they largely do it subconsciously because non-elite parents have been deliberately disenfranchised from the critical knowledge about the parental duty. Even as the parental duty is fully historical and innate, it is effectively used as a political culling device. Many good Americans have attempted to make these "dark" areas of the parental duty a matter of open and rational discussion, and they have been repressed and even murdered. They now face an enormous Republican political machine of near absolute sexual repression. This entire subject is a major "threat" to our military industrial complex. Without the full manipulation of the non-elite about basic sex knowledge, how can the "elite" advance false wars which kill and utterly bamboozle millions of non-elite? These were among the greatest patriots in our history, exposing the very basic level of wrongful authority, and they have been destroyed by actual Nazi sexual repression! That is precisely why Republicans require actual Nazis at the top of government. But you may be fully programmed by basic sex taboos and "Sun King" programming never to view it in this way.

To fully understand the real psychology of power, you will become the exceptional patriot!

Once these numerous "sex investigation" cases are fraudulently upcoded to police, the most sophisticated child-rearing methods on earth are reduced to the antics of a Nazi-styled Inquisition. No jury of real parents are ever allowed. Certainly no real patriots. This entire process serves our own State Department's definition of child trafficking and fully circumvents our Constitution. As police and state "sex validators" routinely inflict trauma, hypnosis, force, deception and massive financial fraud in order to traffic in children, this entire process becomes obvious child trafficking employing obvious ritualistic child abuse. But their entire world has become fully inverted by a programmed "behavioral science." This is pure witchcraft dressed up as "science." The Hague would have no problem prosecuting these cases as child abuse. Europeans are intimately aware of this most basic of Nazi scams, most Americans are not. Therefore, it is all done in secret, underground courts and outside of real public scrutiny so that the real issues are never raised. The most pressing issue is that all of this abuse was perfected in Nazi death camps and are now fully documented as such. Children are routinely traumatized to produce "evidence" and emotional contagion which serves the Pentagon.

These bureaucrats are now fully programmed to "discover" "sex abuse" in every non-elite family, simply by exploiting common and necessary sex education, personal hygiene and highly complex ambiguities with parental affection and parental over-sight and depict these as "sex abuse" through political sex-smear campaigns. Children of certain ages are absolutely vulnerable to totalitarian manipulation through Mind Control devices. Yet we are never conditioned to view sexual hysteria in its true context: historically it has always come from a top-down, authoritarian power system that negates good parenting for its own purposes. We are led to blame every possible individual in our lives for near-universal neurosis and not the true source of wrongful authority. But we now know our secret federal government has been actively involved in destroying the parental duty, even fully manipulating the "science" of psychology so that we are told to blame everyone but the government itself. Despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary, the fundamental goal of wrongful authority, to destroy good parenting, is blatantly obvious to those who would look.

Real empowerment of children with sound and sophisticated sexual ethics requires the parental duty, and these "elite" running your government know it!

When good parents begin to question this sexual hysteria and broad family dysfunction, we find horrible "sex abuse" cases coming mysteriously from our media, over and over again, programming all of us to accept that this child abuse is everywhere and only government can deal with it. But when we are allowed to actually study the real cases, we find as many as 90% of these families wrongfully abused by horrific witchcraft devices of shame, deception and inexplicable abuse of real science. Many of the real child abuse cases are fully exposed as products of government-imposed sexual repression, but none of this truth is ever raised to the public consciousness. This makes the destruction of these families and the imposition of illegal sterilization onto the parents highly effective, unseen and routine. The superficial impulse is to blame countless individuals, even as the profound influence of the military industrial complex is ubiquitous, ever-increasing and obvious, just as Eisenhower warned us that it would become. These are the new methods of eugenics sterilization and population control which functions completely underground and invisibly to most Americans. The true source of massive family dysfunction has been made invisible and it all serves the military industrial complex.

One of the architects of child trafficking in America, Republican Mark Foley was outed for sexual solicitations with teen aged Congressional pages. Fox News, the "conservative" mass-media mind programmer quickly changed Foley's affiliation to the Democrats. The Republican media programmers plan to "ramp-up" sexual hysteria cases for the coming election to depict "get tough" Republican programs as "necessary." These will get more and more disgusting and will serve a Mind Control agenda.

Our secret federal government, much of it working through the Bohemian Grove death and sex cult, has been secretly working in the psychologically powerful, very personal and unconstitutional realm of highly personal things: sex, drugs and usury. These powerful Mind Control devices fractionalize, bewilder and demoralize much of the Republican "enemy." But none of these were considered in the "federal domain" by our Founding Fathers.

It's time to wake up to the fact that sexual hysteria, advanced ubiquitously by our government and media is a one-sided smear campaign against good science and good parents. The many domestic and foreign "wars" launched by mind-controlled Republicans outside of real constitutional direction are all suspect. This Nazi Mind Control scam requires that a sophisticated population who can actually read the Constitution of the United States must be dumbed-down to the level of helpless and ignorant peasants. Do you really think your children are better off as dumbed-down peasants?

The New World Order plans to radically eliminate peasants across the globe, but they will do so invisibly to the rational mind. They fully understand the real science which makes this possible. Their methods will be fully deniable and those exposing these methods will be thoroughly ridiculed and dismissed as cranks or lunatics. Such is the power of Nazi Mind Control that it will utterly discredit good parents everywhere. It's time to wake up!


The North Korea of Sexual Repression

Before you dismiss millions of Americans who have studied the true facts about the New World Order and the events on 9/11 and know that it was a NWO fraud, why don't you study these same facts and question how you were raised? Were you falsely raised to "trust" your federal government and your media in a manner that made 9/11 possible? Your federal government may now serve a new master. Did your parents raise you to be so ignorant and blind to our Constitution's requirements of questioning your own government to find this out? Maybe the sophistication required by our Founding Fathers has been deliberately taken away from you by your own secret government? Good parents would not have deliberately set you up for such fraud.

As our government actively "denazified" post-war Germany by demanding early and effective child sex education, this same federal government planned to "nazify" the American population through actual Nazi Mind Control methods. They first used these methods on millions of U.S. soldiers and countless children secretly. These methods were brought to the U.S. by the CIA and secretly advanced and made "normalized." Eisenhower warned us about this Mind Control and Kennedy was killed for trying to stop it. There is no greater threat to our children and our national security than this one single issue! Nazi Mind Control has made 9/11 possible and much, much worse! When your children are held in unnatural sexual ignorance, they are then set up to "trust" their top-down federal government, their media and the many programmed bureaucrats who would fully manipulate them. By reversing the parental duty and applying it to the state, your children will become absolute slaves to political propaganda and full political manipulation. Your children will reside on the Orwellian farm as mere cattle for which there is no escape. Parents will not even be necessary, according to a federal government fully obsessed with Nazi Mind Control.

These methods fundamentally require learned ignorance about sex beginning with our pre-school children which is entirely unnatural and harmful to the child and our federal government deliberately inflicts this harm through sex-hysteria hype. Bureaucrats are now fully programmed to trust the federal government and not the parent. That's why the states did not investigate mass murder on 9/11 but simultaneously investigate countless "non-elite" parents for CAPTA sex investigations. These investigations now routinely target the most educated, enlightened and disillusioned of parents deliberately, because they are a political threat. But you literally may have been programmed from cradle to grave not to see it this way. Americans are thoroughly conditioned to see none of this as "political." This reversal of our Constitution from the parent to the bureaucrat is profoundly political, dangerous and will utterly destroy your children.

To understand this, imagine that you traveled to North Korea and witnessed mass starvation, utter depravity and universal human suffering. Then you witnessed public executions for trivial offenses or for no reason whatsoever, government officials routinely beating citizens and a thoroughly dumbed-down, robotic, mind-controlled population beyond anything you've ever witnessed. Then you see this same population adore, praise and worship their leader in a grotesque personality cult. Many Americans would want to furiously assault such a leader in total outrage. Your instinct might be the same. Demand justice! But then, you would realize that you were in North Korea. You are utterly powerless amid absolute and totalitarian ignorance. This is precisely how I felt when my child was in the hands of Children and Youth. No matter how deeply I understood the evils of sexual repression and attempted to protect my children from it, I found myself in the North Korea of sexual repression. These people would never understand sexual repression because the very science to explain it has been deliberately obliterated from their entire world. They would know sexual repression as a good thing! They are thoroughly duped. Their entire belief system has been fully inverted to serve eugenics, family destruction and politics and they will never be able to comprehend this fact.

Now imagine that your entire "free media," your television, music, movies and even textbooks have been secretly groomed and manipulated over decades in order to become that very same "personality cult." Unlike North Korea, you have a cornucopia of personalities to choose from, but they all serve the same programmer! Through powerful conformist peer-pressure, absolutely no "celebrity" is permitted to address the real issues about sexual repression. They will literally be laughed and ridiculed out of power.

Our secret federal government cannot allow you to know the truth about the historically all-important parental duty. All non-elite children must be raised "programmable." The most enlightened and intelligent parents are therefore the greatest "threat." Operation Mockingbird and countless other "truth" programs have done precisely that. This "truth" is shaping public policy, radically moderating and ignoring profoundly important constitutional issues, completely outside of our Constitution's bottom-up power system. The CIA, KGB and State Department have all come out to tell you about this basic Nazi fraud, but you will still not believe it! You have become just like a North Korean, only your elite cult is much bigger, much more "complex," or is it? The fact is, Reverse Mind Control proves that this complexity is only illusion. Our Constitution is diametrically opposed to elite cults. The only thing that would have protected you from this cult would have been an enlightened parent. These very same parents are now being thoroughly demonized and destroyed! This is no coincidence!

The fundamental methods of Nazi Mind Control is precisely the same as the ancient slave-making arts. Parents have evolved over thousands of years to protect their children from these slave-makers. This is why parents are now actively destroyed in a wholesale fashion. Your secret federal government intends to invert the very power system of your Constitution in order to turn the vast "non-elite" population into slaves. This requires the wholesale and covert destruction of the parental duty.

Sexual hysteria and widespread parental sex investigations directly serve the military, top-down power system which is now totally obvious. Building a wrongful parental cult at the top of government for full political manipulation of the "non-elite" is now totally normalized. Presidents, anchor persons and all "authority" representatives are chosen for their "parental qualities" and political conformity not for their mastery of the truth. This builds a totalitarian, peer-pressure-based belief system from the top down. This makes a dumbed-down infantile public a CIA "asset." Under this logic, Ronald Reagan would have been able to pull off 911 better than George Bush because he looks and acts more parental. But elitist population control and political control covertly employed through this powerful Mind Control fraud requires years of study to comprehend. Therefore, those who understand it are universally ridiculed, criminalized or worse.

Sexual hysteria builds a militant, conforming culture that directly opposes our Founding Father's power system. But the overwhelming majority of Americans will never attain comprehension of this sophisticated science and they will totally deny its very existence. They will always default to their "Sun King" parental government. Once the sexual repression process is ramped up, both educated fathers and hapless fathers are falsely portrayed as "predators" in case after case, serving to militarize and dumb-down the population and serving elitist eugenics operations. But virtually no one will have the scientific understanding to view it in this way. They will blame the individual fathers, over and over, until families are completely dissolved.

"Modesty" issues are falsely dramatized through basic sexual amplification tricks now routinely used against millions on non-elite families, therefore these children learn to cower in total weakness, never achieving the strength and resolve of elite children. The military knows this modesty as "weakness" but the non-elite amplify it as a sign of horrible crimes. They will never tell you that such sexual activity and education is normal and necessary throughout most of the world, is innate in normal and healthy children everywhere, especially in the truly "free" people, for very critical reasons. This is normal sexual development which is required for survival. Sex education in the home, found in indigenous populations throughout the world and in "elite" homes where parents are protected, educates children about the real power systems, not the false ones. Sexual education in the home is innate because the wrongful power system advanced by Republicans is an ancient power system! Good fathers naturally want to protect their children from becoming slaves and this desire is fully innate! Therefore, it has always been demonized by authoritarian governments and authoritarian religions in order to fully manipulate the "non-elite" population into becoming "conformists."

Yet the elite will never educate their own children in this abusive, negligent manner. This is precisely what we find with our own "elite" at the federal level, protecting their own children while they simultaneously destroy millions of "non-elite" children over modesty issues employing sex taboo deception. These taboos are wrongfully inflicted onto children as cruelly as any physical attack, yet are understood by only a very few. We are today, too smart to fall for this scheme of the elite, yet it continues to kill and ruin the lives of millions of children! This basic military scam was never written into our Constitution for very good reasons!

Most of the "elite" educated in actual anthropology, psychology and real health care understand that the parental duty of sex education in the home is absolutely necessary for sound child development. Yet this same instinct in "non-elite" parents is now so routinely depicted as "abuse," that millions of false orphans are being produced by American "family" courts, the Pentagon receives a constant and steady stream of "programmable" grunts who have no other future because they have been deliberately made fatherless. Wives are so traumatized by lies that they impose total parental alienation against the fathers, destroying their own children's futures. Children are true victims of these sex-smear frauds in a reported 90% of cases. Now we have a fully detailed paper trail to document that none of this child trafficking is by accident. It is how elitist eugenics which inspired Hitler now operates under the guise of "altruism" and "science."

When you surround children and fathers with the hysteria that "pedophiles are everywhere," it becomes self-serving for the programmer. Those secretly working the Nazi Mind Control devices then require pedophiles, as this evil generates the emotional contagion which destroys the Republican "enemy." This emotional contagion works subconsciously on targetted populations as "sex magic." This magic requires the extremes of a dualistic power system of elite vs. non-elite, the moralistic public face and the demonic private face. Most of these Nazis can be exposed for having a very high regard for both of these extremes.

It is absolutely ludicrous that we now routinely "fall in line" with the elite programming of sexual hysteria which comes from actual pedophiles in government. But this is completely logical in the realm of Nazi Mind Control. By lynching these same fathers as pedophiles over and over again simply because they are driven subconsciously to protect their children, this builds powerful emotional contagion which serves Republicans. Therefore, they will simultaneously advance a Christian face as profoundly "decent" men, as they privately rape and torture children. Does it not occur to these Mind Controlled idiots that good fathers might just test their children for abuse, educate their children about abuse, in such an hysterical environment? Does it not occur to these Mind Controlled idiots that sexual repression will serve to destroy good families, simply because these fathers have innate instincts which actually protect children? Isn't that his most basic and pressing parental duty? But through our government's insane regard for Nazi Mind Control, this very instinct can be used to destroy millions of "non-elite" families and keep pedophile Republicans in constant power. But "elite" families who fully understand Mind Control, are fully protected from this scam. This is but one trick of the new eugenics movement and there are many, many more. The vast mind-controlled non-elite population will never understand this power system. The very science which can explain it to them has been taken away.

These fathers will be effectively loosened from their children and alienated on a massive scale through a profit-based child-trafficking scheme which functions under color of law. But though they will be profoundly bewildered by this evil process, they will find no adequate way to defend themselves. Though this scam is fully programmed from the top-down, few will see it this way. Fathers are effectively lynched by powerful hysteria before any rational discourse through "the law" is even possible. But what law would deliberately set up children for vulnerability regarding deadly diseases, psychological neurosis, drug abuse, wrongful political manipulation and worse, all due to imposed sexual ignorance at childhood and being made deliberately fatherless? All of these social ills of sexual repression were highly evident in my wife's family, yet under this system of knee-jerk fatherless child trafficking, they received my child simply because I understood these issues, demanded my rights and I fully understood this fraud! In this system, taboos are the weapons and protecting your children from these same taboos is incomprehensible to the ignorant.

An actual black market for taboo-shocked children now fully serves the Pentagon and is obviously so. But massive amounts of Alpha-level media programming which demonizes the individual, over and over and over again, builds primitive subconscious fears and a totalitarian mythic system where good citizens become absolutely blind to obvious child trafficking. This black market is now fully "normalized" by marionettes programmed by Nazi Mind Control to both inflict these powerful sex taboos and believe they are helping and "saving" children. These fathers and families will be treated in the most inhumane, unconstitutional manner from the very outset of this process, just as in Nazi Germany, unless and until they stand up for their Constitutional rights to life, liberty and a basic right to life for their own children. As fathers conform to this fraud, they will empower this fraudulent child-trafficking eugenics operation serving to "normalize" the process.

Millions of wives are now actively coached to lead their children down the path of Hyper Abuse Hysteria in order to demonize the father and effectively traffic in the children. But military fathers raising their children to become elite children are never so demonized. The military has full knowledge of these taboos and the distinction sexual repression serves to separate the elite from the non-elite. Where "elite" children are conditioned about the truth of the human body, non-elite children are "abused" by the very same empowerment. "Get tough" means one thing in the elite world and another thing entirely in the non-elite world. If you were to apply this hysteria to walking instead of to sex, children would all be in wheelchairs for fear of scraping their knees. Fear functions according to the programming. If you program irrational fear into your children regarding sexual matters, you will ruin the prospects for that child by delegating that child to the world of the non-elite for the rest of his or her life. We are never told of the harm done to children by this process, the harm of requiring children to be fully ignorant of male sexuality, which sets them up for future trauma and family dysfunction. As Freud effectively cured the horrible abuses of Victorian sexual repression 100 years ago, our entire psychological industrial complex now takes the lead of the military in requiring children to repeat the same abuses of the past. These children will be fully drugged, manipulated and repressed because fatherhood itself is fully demonized in the non-elite world.

If you believe I am "radical," "exaggerating" or unfairly "political" regarding this issue, you probably do not know much about the Mind Control operations of our own federal government. If you want to psychoanalyze me instead of viewing the big picture, this is precisely how Mind Control is designed to work: information on our federal government's Mind Control programs is deliberately repressed, as enormous disinformation is simultaneously advanced. Most of this separation process occurs at our major universities and in total secrecy. That's why the Skull and Bonesmen advance and the non-elite do not. They hold the secrets to this dualistic fraud between the elite and the non-elite.

Blaming the individual for countless personal "issues" is just another deception and will never allow you to view the big picture. Such demonization is everywhere in your Mockingbird media and this serves eugenics. That's the entire point for total ignorance concerning actual Mind Control. Skull and Bonesmen have advanced by the full repression of the non-elite. This repression is fully based on knowledge and nothing else. You will not find real books on Mind Control at your local library for very good reason: your government actively uses these methods illegally. The over-whelming majority of publications on this issue have been advanced by the government for disinformation purposes. You will find endless reading material on blaming the individual for near universal family dysfunction in America. You will find no material on the true source for this massive dysfunction. This totalitarian repression of critical information requires the exceptional patriot to find the real truth. Near universal family dysfunction in the non-elite world is no accident. Your government has been actively involved in producing "programmable" children on a massive scale. The witchcraft now being used to destroy millions of U.S. families serves population control and the Pentagon, but you will never hear the truth from those who thoroughly control your own attitudes.

What serves population control in a society such as ours? The State Department has concluded that false wars, pornography, imposed family dysfunction, drugs, violence in media, feminism, sexual dysfunction, fractionalization of society, crime and extreme parental alienation all serves long-term population control. All of these highly personal matters have been thoroughly manipulated by our own secret federal government for decades, working in full cooperation with the corporate and institutional elite. Yet all of this manipulation is done in secret. None are the constitutional domain of federal government, therefore, the Constitution is deliberately made esoteric, passe and unsexy. All of the devices which serve population control have been thoroughly sexed-up by massive media programming of attitudes. All are in direct conflict with that same Constitution and with good parenting. Population control in America requires the utter destruction of the Constitution and explains our entire cultural reality.

I have studied these methods at Harvard with many of those who have worked on the secret federal government programs. It was at Harvard that methods designed to reverse Mind Control methods actually leaked out. Mind Control methods have been used on millions of U.S. soldiers, government prostitutes and spies and are now "normalized" throughout the U.S.. Alpha level Mind Control has been ubiquitously employed throughout our mass media for decades to such a totalitarian level that full revelation of this mass propaganda would utterly shock the average American, causing a cultural catastrophe of Biblical significance.

Mind Control is an ancient slave-making art which is never described as such. The Mind Control methods employed by Mengele to make slaves for the Nazi government requires, above all, sexual ignorance in childhood. By retarding your child's normal and necessary sexual development, you set up your child for total political manipulation and worse! Your child may grow up to fall for these child-trafficking scams employing basic Freudian sex and fear taboos and trauma-based manipulation. The parental duty of sex education protects children from the many devices and scams of Mind Control manipulation! According to the child's own needs, this basic parental empowerment must be allowed to exist outside of draconian political manipulation. This requires parental rights! But such rights are in direct conflict with secret federal programs. This imposed ignorance has been used effectively for centuries against peasants and slaves and is nothing new. What is new, is that parents are today made completely ignorant to this slave-making process. The parental duty which was perfectly normal in Biblical times and with our own Founding Fathers has been fully repressed in our own times.

Even though Freud and many others have fully "cured" basic hysteria issues through proper sex education in the home, these cures are irrelevant as our government requires hysteria and sex-fear manipulation in the population at large. In order to become the "daddy figure" for millions of U.S. children, our government requires the destruction of millions of real daddies! Our government has been actively involved in repressing the good science of parental sex education in order to militarize our entire population. By demanding these cures for basic and common hysteria and highly common sex-fear political manipulation, educated parents become the "enemy of the state." By educating your child as an "elite" child, this government will actively trump-up charges against you, advance massive fraud and demoralization and actively smear you and your children. This is the true result of our government's obsessive regard for Nazi Mind Control! This is the cold-war madness that is still with us. It's time to wake up to the fact that this evil must be extracted by root, stem and branch or our children's destiny is total and absolute slavery.

Mind Control requires massive "core level" or Alpha "peer pressure" indoctrination as perfected by our CIA and the British Tavistock Institute, much of it now financed by billions of U.S. tax-payer dollars. Massive manipulation of the media for this purpose is now fully documented. Even as actual sex abuse may have changed little since the introduction Nazi Mind Control in the 1950s, the many mechanisms used to produce massive demoralization and fear have made sex abuse a knee-jerk universal crisis designed to send us all into a very primitive mind. But the elite who fully understand this "peer-pressure" programming can only laugh at the non-elite who conform to it. It is a fundamental fraud against a true democracy and the elite know it. This peer pressure actually produces entire mobs of bigots, weanies and misfits who view real fathers as "lewd," "perverse" or "predatorial" simply because they are empowering their own children with the innate parental duty of normal and necessary sex education. The elite then provide effective sex education and over-sight to their own children. This fraud belies the truth of the parental duty found throughout history and now fully repressed by authoritarian government military requirements. It has been fully repressed in the non-elite world by massive government "truth" spending which programs bureaucrats.

This fraudulent indoctrination has been on-going against the U.S. population for decades. The entire process of the parental duty to educate children about sex within the home, known for centuries to be absolutely necessary for "elite" child development, has been deliberately repressed in the U.S. population and thoroughly demonized. This repression has lead to massive child abuse when these ignorant children become adults which is then given as a reason to instill even more repression and ignorance! This is the true reason why near-universal family dysfunction is now commonplace in "non-elite" families throughout the U.S.. What other psychological and physical abuses to society due to fatherlessness, dumbed-down, dysfunctional children can we mention? The list is endless! Your government has deliberately advanced a scheme to keep the elite in perpetual power while keeping your children unnaturally ignorant in order to fully manipulate them as a kind of waste product. If you are not angry by this fraud, you cannot be fully human. All of this wrongful authority centers on the full repression of the parental duty known to empower children with truth for centuries. This is so obvious by comparing the elite child with the non-elite child, that to deny this conspiracy is rather ludicrous.

There is a marked and obvious disparity between elite and non-elite families, all determined by bureaucrats who employ the "sleight of hand" at the very outset of these "sex investigations" of parents. As elite parents are treated with dignity and with basic parental rights, non-elite parents are treated as sex predators, routinely. Military fathers who teach their children the facts of life when their children begin to act out sexually are rewarded, non-elite fathers are ridiculed and destroyed for the very same education. But our Founding Fathers set up our courts deliberately not to be swayed by the peer-pressure tricks of propaganda. Families were never meant to be destroyed in such a wholesale fashion, where real juries would make such destruction rare, rational and fair.

Through massive attitude propaganda, this eugenics operation done to the non-elite was achieved over many decades by mass media programming of sex, fear and bigotry attitudes. The military, federal officials and wealthy simply laugh off these attitudes because they do not apply to the "elite." Only the vast non-elite population need fear the sex police. Such attitudes now serve to destroy millions of U.S. families on the false representation of sexual ethics and sexual education which requires "sexual ambiguities" with effective in-home education. Where such ambiguities are used to target one group and not another, this entire process becomes grossly unconstitutional. It exposes the new-fangled eugenics operation which is anything but trivial. This fraud creates a demonization process which is actual witchcraft of inflicting primitive emotions, hysteria and Mind Control manipulations and is not based on real science nor is it remotely constitutional.

Sexual ambiguities within the homes of any responsible family are absolutely inevitable, and these elitist child traffickers know it! By demanding a "pure" childhood of total sexual ignorance in your child, your government is deliberately setting up the process of making sexual predators and sexual idiots out of your children. Why? Because your child will have no grounding in the fact that sexuality is normal and that sophisticated sexual ethics requires that this normality be treated as such in all stages of development. Does this sound radical? You may have been raised as a peasant to be fully manipulated! This sexual ignorance serves all the devices and scams of our current government because you will conform to every lie given by your authoritarian daddy figure. Is this just a coincidence?

When they did it to my wife, I knew she had been set up from birth to fall for these sex-smear methods. In this fraudulent system, her father was the only person who was violent, bigoted and irrational concerning common and necessary sex education in the home, yet he effectively manipulated the local political establishment to receive rights to my own child. I was 1500 miles away working to provide health insurance for my wife, the only requirement keeping our family out of the "elite" distinction. I was never treated with any dignity, respect or benefit of the doubt. In fact, I was thoroughly demonized because I was the ostricized male, the perfect "sex predator" scapegoat. But the real issue was my father-in-law's Mind Control programming. He is so thoroughly programmed by the military that all women in his life are fully dominated and have no future. And they are fully programmed to view this total repression as "normal" or "necessary." They are never told the truth, that they reside on an Orwellian farm for which an extra-constitutional elite fully manipulates them.

This evil Mind Control domination would now include my own daughter. Yet, no one can see the obvious truth that Mind Control is the true, underlying force which now destroys millions of families. Sexual repression, long held as a "military value" is so thoroughly destructive that few can even view this destruction in its proper context. As a non-military father, I was treated as a Gitmo prisoner when I tried to discuss my family with Children and Youth. Over and over again, I went to Children and Youth to try and help my family. After many days of sleep deprivation, I was lied to about receiving health services and instead interrogated by police. Profoundly necessary sex education and personal hygiene with my children was then fully exploited as "sex acts," "lewd" and somehow immoral because my Mind Controlled father-in-law was fully programmed to see it this way. Nothing was further from the truth!

My children were never traumatized, violated or in any way harmed within my household, but they were now fully vulnerable to the witchcraft of Freudian sex taboos developed by and for actual Nazis. This became fully obvious to me as I worked with such children in the same predicament. I was torn by being a patriot and exposing this outrageous child trafficking fraud which I have witnessed for years, or be lynched as the town liberal as my innocent children were utterly ruined by these beasts. Any Nazi can learn these smear methods within a few hours, yet most Americans know nothing about them. These "professionals" have been perfecting these methods for years and they fully function in the realm of the inexplicable for which most American will never comprehend as possible by their government. This is precisely why our government functions in the inexplicable realm of "Sun King" totalitarian deception.

My wife was raised sexually repressed by military design by a total military conformist control freak and she would require months or years of education and treatment to understand the power of Freudian sex taboos being inflicted upon her and her children. Despite the years of treatment she would require, these "professionals" are universally depicted as "saving" wives and children from horrible sex abusers in case after case. They will never tell you that the real abuse is sexual repression and this is the true source of most or all child abuse.

The more you demand your rights for basic scientific facts and fairness, the more thoroughly they will demonize you because you threaten their child-trafficking operation. Absolutely none of the hysteria fits the facts of the actual case. No other government propaganda works in a more outrageously duplicitous manner than the animalistic culling process of Children and Youth demonizing the ostricized father. To be fully fair to Children and Youth, I gave them months to present and resolve the issues involved. Instead, a relative of my father-in-law conducted an Inquisition in my absence. Not only was justice completely impossible in such a scheme, but even a basic discussion was never even possible. The parental alienation effect would be the true mission of such an "investigation" and this is no accident. CAPTA finances billions of dollars in "sex investigations" of parents, most or all are total frauds. There is no other sexual harrassment or sexual bigotry worse than that which is routinely applied to non-elite parents by fully programmed bureaucrats.

The true science of psychology developed over 100 years, for which our own government subscribes, indicates that draconian repression of basic sex education in the home indicates that the true pedophile is usually the one applying the draconian repression. My father-in-law was clearly psychotic and driven to violence and he retained my own child! The horrors of this barbaric system cannot be over-emphasized as these horrors are repeated over and over again, as parents are routinely separated from their children by absolute fraud. True pedophiles are actually attracted to these positions of power in government. Where else would a pedaphile find so many traumatized and vulnerable children? What other government activity is so outrageously criminal, dysfunctional and elitist than this? These "closeted pedophiles" are now virtually everywhere within our own child-trafficking organizations because of decades of Nazi Mind Control activity regarding basic and necessary sex education. This is the precise same phenomenon found in Nazi Germany because this entire process of eugenics is essentially the same! You will never hear this truth in your "free" media because actual sound psychology is fully repressed by government propaganda.

In fact, our own federal government now actively demonizes the very same effective in-home sex education given to our Founding Fathers. This federal government actively denies this education to millions of children simply because it serves Pentagon Mind Control programming requirements. Nothing is more bizarre than the truth because you have been programmed not to see the truth. Political propaganda in the U.S. is not of the Soviet variety, it has functioned for decades through all media forms to create and sustain your most deeply held beliefs, fears and predudices. It attacks your most core belief systems from your birth onward. That is why only a truly open-minded patriot will ever understand Mind Control as it actually functions. That is why this issue is so crucial for an open-minded jury. It will never be understood by the masses who have been fully programmed.

I had studied these Nazi Mind Control methods for over 20 years and knew that my wife and children had been thoroughly traumatized by Children and Youth deliberately. Such trauma is now routine, even as it comes from the slave-making arts and is virtually impossible to counter in a culture fully conditioned to see such trauma-based Mind Control as "necessary" or "normal." Such abuse was never necessary or normal before Nazi Mind Control outside of the slave populations in America. That's because this form of hysteria-building is an ancient form of making slaves.

Children and Youth services and police now routinely employ profoundly disturbing sex taboos to inflict Mind Control hysteria onto wives and children even as these children were never traumatized in any way until they were in the hands of state child traffickers. Since such horrific fraud is done at a relatively low-level, few even question it. This is precisely how low-intensity conflict works. Child traffickers in America now routinely employ total lies, misrepresentations and deception based upon the witchcraft of hysteria-building devices developed by Mengele in Nazi death camps. But they do so at sustainable levels where the entire population is conditioned to believe that such slave-making trauma is necessary. These methods are profoundly effective in destroying millions of U.S. families, where the entire system is manipulated to negate the true origins and true injustice of Nazi child trafficking. Any parent who understands these methods must protect his or her child by not complying with these horrendously damaging Nazi Mind Control devices. To bring your child into this system will destroy them for life. This is so obvious today, that responsible parents must become responsible citizens and demand that these Nazi methods be fully exposed to the public at large.

This massive fraud was perpetuated by protecting "elite" families, the decision-makers in society, from this scam. It has all but destroyed the most basic parental duty in "non-elite" families, all by design by American eugenics Nazis. As the German denazification programs were highly successful in building a less militant, more intellectually superior society in post-war Germany, it was achieved by the "liberal" education of children about normal and necessary sex education at the right times in their lives where this education is most critical. These are the "king's methods" of raising children.

By understanding this massive scam of eugenics, you will begin to understand the great disparity between the "family values" of the elite, and the true reality of total family dysfunction in the non-elite. Massive amounts of attitude propaganda has been secretly programmed into the mass population to destroy non-elite families, serving illegal population control agendas. Post-war German sex education programs served the opposite result, by deliberately minimizing this Nazi sexual ignorance programming.

These same programs were deliberately repressed from the American population through draconian repression in order to serve the slave-making operations of an authoritarian state. The eugenics "science" of population control was restructured in the 1960s to be secretly advanced through "altruistic" social programs. As a result, "sex predator" myths abound in the U.S., largely a result of the U.S. military establishment "normalizing" the slave-making process of making soldiers and political conformists through programmed bureaucrats. The U.S. military has become the "daddy figure" for millions of children deliberately made fatherless by massive state and corporate fraud. But this imposed sexual ignorance has caused massive social ills as a result. The parental duty is in direct conflict with the Pentagon because sex education functions in the mind where "authority" is programmed. This parental duty in "non-elite" parents is routinely demonized in authoritarian regimes. Even your lawyer may be thoroughly mind-controlled to believe this fraud is somehow "normal" or "necessary" defying 100 years of sound science, centuries of parental duty education and our own government's use of effective child development education for "elite" children. We find a CIA that has deliberately repressed this critical information from the American public, deliberately manipulating the "science" of child rearing for this very purpose of achieving military goals. You have a fundamental right to raise your child as an "elite" child, regardless of the extent of political manipulation! This is a basic Nazi eugenics scam and it will not stand in a real court of law!

We at the 911 Truth Movement know that this is an actual scheme employed by those same American eugenicists who aided and financed Hitler. We are demanding the truth to sexual repression practices now violating millions of U.S. families. We are not accepting the "legal reality" of these scams being legally imposed on us by repressing our most basic Constitutional rights to raise, educate and protect our children from active Nazi operations in the U.S.. These operations serve military Mind Control agendas and the eugenics goals of population control and are obviously so. The right law firm and parents will gain hundreds of millions of dollars by reversing these scams by eugenicists in America. If you think this sounds radical, congratulations, you have been programmed to think so your entire life. You have been programmed to believe that your government would never operate in the realm of the inexplicable, the precise realm of Psychological Warfare that brought us 9/11. We beg to differ! This blog will help to deprogram you from the massive attitude propaganda that will utterly destroy your children and the Constitution of the United States.

Psychological Warfare against the U.S. population by their own government is not a myth. It is now confirmed by massive evidence over many decades. A true court of law will receive massive amounts of hard evidence from the most reputable sources in America that such a top-down reversal of our Constitution is, in fact, ongoing for the sole purpose of utterly destroying that Constitution. Are you so mind-controlled that you cannot see the obvious truth?

Millions of American families have been destroyed by actual Nazi eugenics scams which have programmed millions of U.S. children to become sexual idiots and slaves to be manipulated. This slave-making process has been thoroughly "normalized" by massive attitude propaganda, but it is still slave making. These children will grow into parents who are so manipulated by Nazi sex tricks that they will "fall in line" with whatever propaganda their government wants to impose on them. This was the precise function of sexual education in post-war Germany, because the most fundamental requirement of military Mind Control is imposed sexual ignorance in childhood. The Nazis achieved this through massive, Freudian sex taboo propaganda and other Alpha Mind Control propaganda. This is today the precise reversal of our constitutional power structure, from a parent-based system of truth, to a bureaucratic system of programmed attitudes and lies, that we must now expose as the true source of terrorism and complete enslavement.

No matter where you believe the "terrorists" on 9/11 came from, they are all victims of Mind Control, the very same Mind Control for which our government has spent decades perfecting. Is this just coincidence? Or is Mind Control the actual ubiquitous "spiritual" threat to our democracy that both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about? The mission of driving children away from their parents and away from their true best interests is no coincidence! This process serves Mind Control. These children are being set up for Mind Control by removing their parents on a massive scale. By force or by mass-media totalitarian deception, this parental alienation process is the necessary first step to a nation of mind-controlled political conformists, cyborgs. Your secret federal government is on a mission to create millions of cyborgs out of your children and this is now overwhelmingly obvious!

Do you really believe that our Founding Fathers would set up a system where massive family dysfunction would covertly serve the military? This obvious military scheme, employing massive amounts of psy-ops programming, is fundamentally unconstitutional. Nothing is a greater threat to our democracy because it comes directly from our worst enemy.

It's time to wake up America to the realm of inexplicable evil for which their government now routinely operates, building a massive child-trafficking industry based on lies, lies which have been fraudulently imposed on them by massive wrongful government. When they apply the sex lies to your family, it will be too late. Everyone around you will be programmed to believe you are a sex predator, you will have absolutely no other recourse for fair treatment, nor will your children. This government will wear a public face of good Christians and good patriots, while they simultaneously manipulate our media, our universities, our states and local governments destroying millions of Americans inexplicably and covertly through low-intensity conflict against the American family. You no longer need to sit by passively while this fraud destroys your family! When they do it to your neighbor, stand up for that neighbor. Demand real courts and real due process. These "tricks" of destroying countless families will no longer hold sway over a dumbed-down population blinded by "Sun King" political propaganda. We are demanding the truth and we are exposing the truth!

Sexual ignorance deliberately employed by the "elite" against the "non-elite" will kill hundreds of millions and serves obvious eugenics. Condoms for millions of Africans instead of bombs? Don't count on it. These violate the "moral system" of Republicans. Much of this ignorance is enforced for "modesty" issues in childhood when fundamental sex education is most critical. They will never tell you the true cost of learned ignorance in your "free" media.

Where actual AIDS studies are published, the number of AIDS cases per 100,000 people in Pacific Island countries increased by 500% between 1989-93. Guam, New Caledonia, and French Polynesia report the highest rates of HIV infection. The South Pacific Commission's epidemiologist holds that the number of HIV/AIDS cases in the Pacific Islands is increasing at an alarming rate and notes the 29% increase in the number of notified AIDS cases in the region since December 31, 1993, compared to the same period in 1992. Under-reporting of HIV/AIDS cases in the region means that the situation is probably even much worse that we know. An epidemic of truly disastrous proportion will result if rates of HIV infection continue to climb. But this report is a decade old! Your children may face a 25% AIDS rate when they become adults, most of this information being repressed by their own government! You will not hear the true cost of AIDS, failure to educate your children and the true threat to your children deliberately. By studying the actual link between our secret federal government and the Nazis, we understand why.

How do you effectively reverse the massive Alpha-level brainwashing of our children?

The same media brainwashing which demonized the individual over and over and over again must be made "balanced" to start demonizing the real threat. Repeat over and over and over again that the real threat is wrongful government. Wrongful secret government has destroyed our children! Repeat this, over and over again! Deranged individuals are a product of wrongful government, used by wrongful government as an excuse to impose more ignorance. Repeat this fact over and over and over again. The true source of massive social problems is a secret, wrongful government which is utterly unconstitutional. Demand that the Constitution apply to the real threat! Secret government made terrorists. Secret government made an entire mythic system which serves only a very small elite in perpetual power! Wake up to the fact that this is wrongful programming and has been for decades.

What is the true role of the occult in our federal government? Our federal leaders have actively celebrated child sacrifice rituals at the Bohemian Grove. This may seem strange to you until you understand how Mind Control requires political theatre. These "public servants" actively engage in secret wars against Americans which build powerful Mind Control propaganda. They honor secret societies over their own oaths to the Constitution. The worship of Mo-Loch and child sacrifices are anything but harmless entertainment. These rituals program our leaders for Satanic Arrogance, a powerful arrogance gleaned from an ancient slave-making art. Secret societies have the satanic goal of secretly producing The Rapture by employing their own belief systems against them, making it a self-fulfilling prophesy to be used against millions of religious people, exterminating them. Their rituals and loyalties are therefore not to be trivialized, repressed from public view or falsely dismissed. We petition the Supreme Court to complete a thorough, honest and accurate investigation into all secrecy on the federal level. Full exposure of the truth to this secrecy, its true intent or its inherent dangers to our Constitution, is now a matter of absolute constitutional necessity.

Activists from have obtained the official guest list for Bohemian Grove's 2008 midsummer encampment along with a map of the Grove's facilities. According to the guest list, this year's attendees include George H. W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and several former CIA directors. Also attending are two members of the Grateful Dead, one of whom is camping with the elder Bush. During an action at the entrance of the elite retreat, several 9/11 truth information packs were accepted by Bohemian Grove campers and taken into the grove, including one by former CIA Director James Woolsey's bunkmate.

View our current government's insane regard for the coming man-made "Rapture."

Both the government and the mainstream media have since tried to portray the 9/11 truth movement as led by people who can be dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists' able to find an outlet for their ideas only on the Internet. Books now available, with essays by intellectuals from Europe and North America, show this caricature to be untrue. Coming from different intellectual disciplines as well as from different parts of the world, these authors are united in the conviction that the official story about 9/11 is a huge deception manufactured to extend imperial control at home and abroad. See the Website for top publications.

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These guys don't know what the Constitution means. But they are smart enough to know that if it walks, talks and acts like a Nazi, it probably is a Nazi. They do not operate sexual inquisitions with small children that serve obvious eugenics. If you traffic in children using basic witchcraft, hypnosis and voodoo sex-magic devices of shame and ignorance, you may be a Femi-Nazi working to utterly destroy our Constitution. I am exposing the "elitist science," the hypno-chambers, the farms and the eugenics boot-camps.

The Cold Spring Harbor studies in "experimental evolution" led directly to today's "family court" system which is a tyranny applied to non-elite families.


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    Well, then. The Police enforcing the Slavery and Servitude Act 2010.

    Gypsies stealing children again, that old chestnut..., in name or in vulnerability to a total environmental surrounding them. And the act discovered and remedied. I salute Inspector O'Neil, but urge
    a look around a farm for cattle prods in an exceptional state of readiness.I know what I am talking about. Sorta. Be ready for a reality shift.

    Well done. But is this the same Police Service that induces recruits with dual hypnosis, leastwise the stressed staff who are to be facial image technicians (Identikit artists to you and me). This seems to be based on a tradition now supposed by me to be related to Monarch Programming. This is a dubious honour, making any other claim on that staff highly improbable but making slaves of the police to the program in extremis, maybe which few will be able to object to...evidentially slavery of a sort. Spreading through the ranks quietly, softly, hardly on the radar. I hold these views with no great fixity, but they should be discussed. Specifically:

    My only connection with Bedford was keeping an eye on The Panacea Society, (as someone who knew the" Sword Of Wrath descendeth", friend Derek Stuart who sought sanctuary there a wjhile ago.. He was recently sectioned having set up (TPOP) THe Prince of Peace Party with one member. and another who sought if not sanctuary but clearly stated he wanted recognition, ex MI5 rebel, Derek Shayler, who some say was last in a squat and had changed his name and dress. (literally) I know no more.
    I come from a police family and now retired dabble inn intelligence concerns rather than labour in any other way for others.
    Years ago I researched Monarch Programming, suspected I encountered Mengele still working at it, [Google Mengele Forum" and see postings by "artichoke 1986". I can't make this up. Now, when I was researching this Monarch Programming I followed leads that got my research copied elsewhere
    But when I had leads to follow I thought unlikely I dropped them, (wise in an area with alleged false leads and disinformation). Twice
    I refused to follow suggestions the brainwashing program...(Monarch Programming) was used in the American Country and Western movement, another the Circus travellers. Too exotic for me. Yet, other arisings referred to gypsies (travellers) of the inherited traditions kind. I didn't believe each of those, same with all the celebrities, I didn't waste time on those amd my research proved a succcess without them. This is to say, if gypsies are now found under the Slavery and Servitude Act 2010 ( yes I haven't read it either yet) then Inspector Sean O'Neil might take a tip from
    an outsider, and just in an hour or so research Monarch Programming to get a feel for what is going on..allegedly, which I never researched as being too unlikely. Specifically, look for electronic cattle prods or evidence of torture, where a superior person to the victim (oose term) seeks to establish mental disassociation with torture mental or physical..or both, and then the person is theirs. Also look for any of the usual celluloid cues, horror films, Disney style children's programmes, particularly Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, particularly if these victims were of simpler origins or achievements in life.
    Trouble is , the security services and police themselves keep this stuff close, and it takes a maverick to try to teach his betters to
    see things my way...but there you are. Let;s all look out for is all on the web.just google sneeze and will find out why. Some already know all this, I am just finding the seeds of the weeds. Pray god some good comes out of this legislation.
    Tim Baber, Known to the Panacea Society in the past and hopefully your editor in a favourable light. Ta

  4. Twisted and reversed argument; if anyone believes this they are definitely “dumbed down” and beyond hope. But interesting try.