Friday, July 31, 2009

New York Judge Dismisses Claim Negligent Construction Contributed To WTC 7 Collapse

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, July 31, 2009

A New York judge presiding over a multi-million dollar insurance case has dismissed the claim that negligent design or construction of WTC Building 7 contributed to its collapse, and in doing so has destroyed a key justification cited by debunkers in claiming that WTC 7 was not deliberately imploded.

Though the ruling by no means advocates any factor other than fire and debris from the twin towers as the cause of the collapse of Building 7, it does reject the premise that the diesel tanks stored in the structure contributed to the building’s destruction.

According to a report by James Glanz which was published in the New York Times on September 11, 2002 concerning diesel tanks stored in WTC 7, “The tanks contained more than 40,000 gallons of fuel to provide backup power for the city’s emergency command center, a Secret Service office and other tenants. A 6,000-gallon tank for the command center, which was on the 23rd floor, was mounted 15 feet off the ground near an elevator bank. It was cited as unsafe by Fire Department officials in 1998 and 1999, but the Port Authority has asserted that the tank and the structure met the city’s fire code and posed no special danger.”

Debunkers have seized upon the diesel tanks as a reason for the collapse of WTC 7 , the only steel-framed building in history to collapse from fire damage alone, considering it was not hit by a plane on 9/11. Despite the fact that diesel tanks being in the building do not explain its 7 second free fall collapse into its own footprint, debunkers have still clung to the issue as a sacred cow with which to try and uphold the official story.

However, a New York judge presiding over a 7-year long insurance case concerning Consolidated Edison has dismissed the claim that the tanks or faulty construction of the building contributed to the collapse.

Consolidated Edison and five of its insurers filed a $314.5 million lawsuit against the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in September 2002, charging that the tanks were improperly designed and maintained. The suit claimed that the tanks fed the fires that brought down WTC 7 and thus were a major contributor to its collapse which destroyed the New York utility’s substation on 9/11.

However, Judge Alvin Hellerstein on Monday ordered the Port Authority to pay Con Ed a total of $37,580,750, just over one tenth of the figure they originally sought, or around e $277 million less than the amount originally sued for.

Con Ed have only received one tenth the sum they initially claimed because the judge dismissed three of the four counts, counts one and two, the tort complaints of the second amended complaint, and count four, the reimbursement claims.

The first tort claim was that “the Port Authority negligently designed, constructed, and maintained 7WTC, causing the tower to collapse and destroy the substation.”
The second tort claim was that “the Port Authority violated New York State and New York City fire and safety standards in designing, constructing, and maintaining 7WTC.”

Both claims were rejected by Judge Hellerstein, who dismissed Con Ed’s claim that the Port Authority was negligent in the collapse of WTC 7 because of a “connection with the construction or maintenance” of the building.
Con Ed’s claim that the damage to its substation resulted from the Port Authority’s

“negligent design, approval, inspection, installation, maintenance, operation, conduct and control of 7 World Trade Center . . . and the diesel fuel tanks therein,” was labeled “redundant and not independently viable” by the Judge.
In count four, Con Ed claimed that the following factors contributed to the collapse of WTC 7.

1) inadequate fireproofing; 2) inadequate firestopping; 3) inadequate attachments between steel connections, beams, girders, and columns; 4) violation of New York City building code as to bracing of columns; 5) inadequate robustness, redundancy, and ductility; 6) failure to investigate and improve 7WTC after the 1993 bombing of Tower One; and 7) improper maximization of office space.

Judge Hellerstein dismissed count four in its entirety because, “There is no genuine issue of material fact as to whether these allegations, and proofs supporting them, would suffice to establish Con Edison’s claims.”

It is important to stress that Judge Hellerstein’s rejection of these counts is not a rejection of the premise that fire and debris from the twin towers was responsible for the collapse of Building 7, indeed that factor is later highlighted in the briefing as the cause of the collapse in the judge’s opinion, but Hellerstein’s ruling that the design or maintenance of the building did not contribute to its collapse is still key.

As we have previously reported, claims that WTC 7 was shoddily constructed and therefore more vulnerable to collapse are contradicted by the fact that the building was intentionally designed to allow large portions of floors to be permanently removed without weakening the structural integrity of the building.

In 1989, following their lease of the building from owner Larry Silverstein, brokerage firm Salomon Brothers spent $200 million dollars on structurally reinforcing the building, allowing “enough redundancy to allow entire portions of floors to be removed without affecting the building’s structural integrity.”
According to a New York Times report, “MORE than 375 tons of steel – requiring 12 miles of welding – (was) installed to reinforce floors for Salomon’s extra equipment.”

What this amounted to, as the Times pointed out, was that WTC7, specifically designed to be deconstructed and altered, became “a building within a building”. An extraordinary adaptable and highly reinforced structure for the modern business age.
Of course, the evidence to indicate WTC 7 was deliberately imploded is voluminous and, though not the scope of this article, is covered in another report on this story by Jerry Mazza which can be read below.

9/11’s smoking gun still smoking!
By Jerry Mazza

Consolidated Edison or Con Ed, along with five of its insurers, filed a “$314.5 million lawsuit against the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey, asserting that huge diesel tanks in 7 World Trade Center, an office building that collapsed late in the day last September 11, were improperly designed and maintained. The suit charges that fires by the fuel in those tanks played a major role in the collapse.” Of course, this story was written by James Glanz and published on September 11, 2002, by the New York Times.

Wednesday, several months short of eight years later, Judge Alvin Hellerstein, in his courtroom in the Southern District US Court on 500 Pearl Street, the same Judge Hellerstein who also rules on the right of 9/11 victims’ families to pursue lawsuits [none yet] or hush money [over 7 billion so far], also ruled on Con Ed’s case and award.

To Con Ed, he granted $17,580,750, the remaining balance due after the Port Authority’s initial advance of $20 million of insurance proceeds, which is some $277 million less than the amount originally sued for. He dismissed counts one and two, the tort complaints of the second amended complaint, and count four, the reimbursement claims. To read his opinion, click here.

The original 9/11/02 story also claimed “The tanks contained more than 40,000 gallons of fuel to provide backup power for the city’s emergency command center, a Secret Service office and other tenants. A 6,000-gallon tank for the command center, which was on the 23rd floor, was mounted 15 feet off the ground near an elevator bank. It was cited as unsafe by Fire Department officials in 1998 and 1999, but the Port Authority has asserted that the tank and the structure met the city’s fire code and posed no special danger.”

‘‘The Port Authority has a longstanding policy that all of our buildings meet or exceed code,’’ said the Port Authority’s general counsel, Jeffrey Green, in a prepared statement. ‘‘In this case, the design of the diesel fuel tanks in 7 W.T.C. had the approval of the city’’ — and, ultimately, of the Fire Department, he said.”
The Times also added this key piece of information, “When 7 World Trade Center crumbled at 5:28 p.m. last Sept. 11 it became the only modern, steel-reinforced high-rise in the United States ever to fall because of a fire alone. The precise cause of the collapse has remained elusive, but fiery debris from the towers struck 7 World Trade. And in a study released last spring, federal engineers suggested that fires fed by the diesel fuel damaged structural steel in the building and led to its destruction.” But NIST’s mythic plot thickens.

The fact is that Tower Seven vanished in its footprint in six seconds at 5:28 PM on that day, after its owner Larry Silverstein announced at about 3 PM “that there had been so much bloodshed and pain, that ‘they’ had decided to ‘pull it,’” which is the classic term for an internal demolition. So it really wasn’t the first steel Tower in history to fall by fire. Whatever fires there were, were put out and did not bring Tower 7 down, even if it had burned all day, which it didn’t. What brought it down was the order to “pull it.” The hitch is you can’t set up an internal demolition for a 47-story, steel-frame building in two and a half hours, nor two and a half days or weeks. It takes months to carefully place charges through the structure, so that the first go off at the bottom, implode inward. This is done on each floor, so that the destroyed supports for the crushing weight bring the building down in a six second glide, the speed of gravity, into its own footprint, which is exactly what happened at 5:28 PM on 9/11/01.

Of course, 26 minutes before Tower Seven would fall, the BBC had announced that it had already fallen. A British anchorwoman, supposedly in New York, put her foot in her mouth, with an onscreen time code to boot, and a picture of Tower 7 behind her, as she suddenly went silent, we cut to the anchorman in Great Britain, who told us there were technical difficulties and we lost her. Could someone have known about all this in advance? Could it possibly be a conspiracy? If so, Con Ed certainly was screwed out of its substation, not to mention diesel fuel tanks.

If you doubt me, let’s turn to AE911Truth (Architects and Engineers for Truth), and their noted spokesperson, Architect Richard Gage, AIA, who has spent 20 years designing and working with steel frame buildings. Richard Gage created the 2008 DVD called 9/11: Blue Print for Truth—The Architecture of Destruction.Gage shows you exactly how Tower 7 would have to be worked on to fall as it did. It was the paradigm for Towers 1 and 2 in this regard.

The larger truth is that AE911Truth and its hundreds of members agree this is the technique used for Towers One and Two as well.

Another anomaly that has been largely unreported to Con Ed and the larger public, thanks unfortunately to our corporate media, though credit must be given to Dan Rather as he observes in Gage’s “Blueprint” and repeats several times that Tower 7’s sliding fall into its footprint greatly resembles buildings we’ve seen in the past internally demolished this way. In fact, Gage puts one of those buildings side by side with Tower 7. Their fall is identical.

I think that might even amaze Judge Hellerstein. Perhaps he would finally admit it as evidence to support 9/11 victim families’ wish for a new investigation of what happened on that awful day. He might not have to dole out any more hush money or put gag orders on my good friend Ellen Mariani, so that neither she nor her lawyer can say anything to anyone about what she believes occurred on that dreadful day she lost her husband Neil Mariani on Flight 175, which is very much like what Richard Gage is pointing to.

That also includes the presence of the explosives thermite and thermate found in the dust of Ground Zero at the site of each of the buildings that fell and as far away as Brooklyn Bridge.

These are high powered explosives that thanks to nanotechnology could have been aerosol sprayed into the walls during construction or work on the buildings. Along with the thermite/thermate, we have firemen’s eye-witness accounts of molten pools of steel under tons of debris, running in rivulets as in a foundry, as a result of the heat the explosives generated.

The airliner fires generated heat of some 1800 degrees, Fahrenheit. Professor Steven Jones, formerly of Brigham Young University, gathered samples of the Ground Zero and surrounding area dust and analyzed them. The thermite/thermate explosives would generate heat around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, which could melt the steel. Again, many other scientists have seen the 9/11 thermite/thermate dust and agree with Jones. There is a DVD of Professor Steven Jones speaking about these matters on the first Richard Gage site as well.

All in all, this evidence if broadly seen and understood would change the entire nature of whether or not the 9/11 victim families would get their investigations and days in court, and if they could sue the government. Who could have possibly pulled off a scheme like this? Was it really 15 Arabs with box cutters? Osama bin Linden, with his laptop and kidney dialysis machine in a cave somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

My god, this would give Judge Hellerstein and the victims’ families an entirely different outlook, and all of us could reach closure if we knew how exactly and by whom this horrific crime was pulled off in the face of a $60 billion intelligence apparatus, the biggest defense department in the world, an absent (on that day due to anti-hijacking terror drills) network of jet fighters, radar, and the presence of every obstacle imaginable. It might even point to 9/11 being an inside job! Perish the thought, but it might. And you never know until you investigate. Hear that Con Ed, especially if you want back that $277 million you did not get.

The last but extremely important Tower 7 business was brought to us by Dylan Avery, writer/producer of Loose Change, along with co-producer Jason Bermas and Alex Jones of Prison Planet. The story’s hero is Barry Jennings, who worked for the Office of Emergency Management. He was Deputy Director in the Housing Department and a coordinator working in building 7. By his own repeated testimony on camera, he describes being caught in a huge explosion that ripped from the sixth to eighth floors inside WTC 7 after WTC 1 was hit but before Tower 1 and 2 collapsed on 9/11. Jennings testimony was given to the major media plus Avery and Bermas in an exclusive interview.

Barry Jennings also met Michael Hess, Giuliani’s chief legal counsel, not known to him before, on that morning, in that horrific situation. The bottom line is that after Jennings gave his forthright interviews, expressing his shock and disbelief, and which you can view now thanks to Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, he received death threats on his life and members of his family. Mysteriously on August 19, 2008 at the age of 53, just days before NIST’s white-washing report on WTC 7 was released, he passed away after several days in a hospital. Mr. Hess seems to have survived the catastrophe without injury. But then he didn’t give interviews or express opinions.

When Dylan Avery hired a private detective to inquire what happened to Jennings, the detective came back in short time, returned the money and said he never wanted to see Avery again. On further investigation, it turned out that Jennings family had abandoned their house and were nowhere to be seen. This too is the plight of a 911 victim’s family. But please, look at Barry Jennings Uncut for his precious information and dialogue with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas. It is a piece of history.

Jennings last words on film were that no boiler explosion could have caused the damage he witnessed (he was an ex-boiler technician). The damage included the total ruin of the massive lobby. In fact, he found himself finally walking over bodies in the wrecked lobby and through an exit hole hacked by firefighters.

By then both Towers had fallen, and it was a fireman with a flashlight who had discovered Jennings and Hess, and lead them out to safety. So these events, of all things, remain the still smoking gun of Tower 7, a good reason Silverstein would have for demolishing his own building, and for protecting the larger conspiracy behind that day. Perhaps Judge Hellerstein would benefit by looking at all of this information before he tells one more victim’s family they can’t have a reinvestigation of the events of 9/11.

Perhaps, and this is speculation, Flight 93, slated for 8 AM takeoff to San Francisco from Newark Airport on 9/11, and stuck on the tarmac there for 41 minutes before take-off, was really slated to hit Tower 7 that morning. The Tower 7 explosion may have been pre-timed with its hit. Once Flight 93 missed the opportunity to hit 7, and since Towers 1 and 2 were already down by the time Flight 93 got off, it was flown towards the Mid-West and then turned back east.

As Paul Thompson describes in his 9/11 Terror Timeline, Flight 93, according to numerous eyewitnesses was shot down over a field in Shanksville, PA. Numerous eyewitnesses saw two F-15’s and a white military jet tailing 93. Witnesses heard the whistle of missiles, then saw the plane explode into a ball of fire in the air and its pieces fall to the ground like a “shower of confetti,” scattering within an eight-mile radius. Thompson found no evidence of Flight 93 diving into the open quarry and evaporating down the rabbit hole.

Again, I’m sure Judge Hellerstein would be interested in more than the major media myth’s story, which he repeats in his summary, that is, if he is truly looking for justice and not perpetuating a dreadful cover-up. But it all begins, in a way, with the still smoking gun of 9/11, Tower 7, which no plane hit that day, which did not fall from fire, but rather an announced internal demolition. Con Ed! America! Good luck to you all in your search for reparations and the truth. It’s there. It bears looking at.

Net, net, of all the major buildings destroyed at the WTC, Silverstein’s Tower 7 is the only one to have been speedily completed, built five stores higher, and somewhat wider than its first incarnation. Perhaps the $500 million in insurance profit Silverstein received had something to do with that. Money does talk even through smoke and mirrors.

Robert Lukehart Endorses Harvard to host 911truth presentation on 9/10/09

This post is to notify you that Richard Gage AIA and Graeme Macqueen (Harvard Phd) will speak at Harvard on 9/10/09.

You are one of 10 AE911Truth signatories with Harvard degrees. We seek to maximize attendance from the Harvard community that evening by advertising in the Harvard Crimson and possibly on their website in the week or so prior to the event. Classes start 9/2.

Richard's talk is entitled,"9/11: Architecture of Destruction" and Graeme, a retired professor of Peace Studies will speak on "What we learned from 118 eyewitness testimonies."

This is Richard's fourth talk in the Boston area. While he does improve his presentation as new evidence surfaces, let's make the attendance at this talk includea greater percentage of people who are unfamiliar with his great work.

Here are links to peer reviewed articles by Prof Macqueen

I will be telephoning you today to alert you to this post. We seek your permission place your name in a Harvard Crimson advertisement to congratulate your school on becoming the first Ivy League University to host a talk questioning the official story of 9/11.


We hope half of those of you graduates will be able to donate to fund the ad, which is $378 for a full page, a significantly better deal than the NYT or Washpost. Donations can be made directly to the website Notify me of the date and amount for tabulation purposes.

We expect to list only name degree and year, with more information like professional honors on our website

We will also send you the final version for approval.

In addition, anyone willing to offer some time to help organize this effort can certainly free up time from our volunteer organizers for other pressing matters.Contact from a real live Harvard graduate on this matter would likely produce extra results.

We expect to send an alert to our full AE database seeking more names to list. This will include anyone from the other 7 Ivies, a notable matter in and of itself. Our hope is that the flap over public compliments for Harvard from graduates of the other Ivies will result talks at those important schools.

We expect to ask for assistance in publicity from before we are done.


David Slesinger

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christopher Pyle, Whistleblower, Exposes Massive Domestic Spying

Christopher Pyle, Whistleblower Who Sparked Church Hearings of 1970s, on Military Spying of Olympia Peace Activists

The news of peace activists in Olympia, Washington exposing Army spying, infiltration and intelligence gathering on their groups may strengthen congressional demands for a full-scale investigation of US intelligence activities like those of the 1970s. We speak with law professor and former Army whistleblower Christopher Pyle, whose 1970 disclosure of the military’s widespread surveillance of civilian groups triggered scores of congressional probes, including the Church Committee hearings, where he served as an investigator.

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North Carolina Terror Arrests Timed to Coincide with NLE 09

Kurt Nimmo
July 28, 2009

On Monday, the feds swooped down on an alleged terror group plotting murder and mayhem in North Carolina. A federal indictment against the gang claims Raleigh drywall contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd and associates sought to wage “violent jihad” abroad and engaged in “military-style training at home,” according to the Associated Press. Specific details are not provided by the government.

It is said drywall contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd — a poster child for “white al-Qaeda” if there ever was one — trained at a terrorist camp in Afghanistan in the late 1980s and fought against the Soviet occupation of that country.
It is said Boyd — a poster child for “white al-Qaeda” if there ever was one — trained at a terrorist camp in Afghanistan in the late 1980s and fought against the Soviet occupation of that country. Boyd was associated with Hezb-e-Islami, or Party of Islam.

Red flags should go up on this one. Hizb-e-Islami was led and founded by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who was carefully selected by the Pakistani ISI and the CIA to wage jihad against the Soviets. Hekmatyar, a drug dealer with little support in Afghanistan, was a favored son of the CIA and the ISI. The U.S. worked with Hekmatyar over a ten year period and over half of all U.S. aid to the mujaheddin went to his faction (see Alfred W. McCoy, The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade, pp. 475 and Robert Dreyfuss, Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam, pp. 260-263).

CIA Director William Casey liked Hekmatyar because they shared a goal of extending the fighting beyond Afghanistan into the Soviet Union, according to Dreyfuss. In 1984 Hekmatyar developed a close relationship with another CIA-ISI operative, Osama bin Laden, who at the time ran Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), a front organization that funneled money and arms to the mujahideen. “MAK [is] nurtured by Pakistan’s state security services, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, the CIA’s primary conduit for conducting the covert war against Moscow’s occupation,” MSNBC reported in August of 1998, before everything changed. MAK was also known as al-Kifah and its branch in New York was called the al-Kifah Refugee Center. This branch played a pivotal role in the 1993 WTC bombing and also had CIA ties (see the History Commons profile on Gulbuddin Hekmatyar).

Another individual named in the indictment is Hysen Sherifi. “In July 2008, Sherifi left for Kosovo to engage in violent jihad, but it’s unclear if he did any actual fighting. He returned to North Carolina in April 2009 to solicit funds and warriors to support the mujahedeen, but again the indictment did not give details,” the AP reports.

Following the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the CIA-ISI contrivance al-Qaeda was inserted in Kosovo to help ethnic Albanian extremists of the KLA mount their terrorist campaign against Serb targets in the region. “The United States, which had originally trained the Afghan Arabs during the war in Afghanistan, supported them in Bosnia and then in Kosovo. When NATO forces launched their military campaign against Yugoslavia [in March, 1999] to unseat [Slobodan] Milosevic, they entered the Kosovo conflict on the side of the KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army], which had already received ’substantial’ military and financial support from bin Laden’s network, analysts say,” Isabel Vincent wrote for the National Post (see my From Afghanistan to Iraq: Transplanting CIA Engineered Terrorism, January 15, 2005).

But don’t take my word for it. Read the 1997 Congressional RPC report detailing the “Bosnian pattern” that was replicated in Kosovo. “With the complicity of NATO and the US State Department. Mujahideen mercenaries from the Middle East and Central Asia were recruited to fight in the ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1998-99, largely supporting NATO’s war effort,” Michel Chossudovsky wrote in October, 2001.

The KLA was armed and trained by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Services MI6, together with “former and serving members of 22 SAS [Britain's 22nd Special Air Services Regiment], as well as three British and American private security companies,” according to The Scotsman, 29 August 1999 (see previous link).

In short, Hysen Sherifi and Daniel Patrick Boyd are intelligence operatives or more likely patsies. As Webster Griffin Tarpley has documented, patsies, dupes, useful idiots and fanatics are integral to any false flag terror operation.
The North Carolina arrests are of particular interest now that FEMA is conducting NLE 09. “The NLE 09 scenario will begin in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside of the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure,” a FEMA press release explains.

The NLE 09 is considered “an important component of national preparedness, helping to build an integrated federal, state, tribal, local and private sector capability to prevent terrorist attacks, and rapidly and effectively respond to, and recover from, any terrorist attack or major disaster that occurs.”

The feds claim they have prevented a terrorist attack in North Carolina. This is a well orchestrated propaganda effort timed to coincide with NLE 09. It is particularly important to note this in the wake of the manufactured deluge of propaganda and federal and state reports portraying “rightwing” domestic terrorists as a threat to the homeland.

A particular egregious instance of this propaganda was released in June when the Washington Times — the cornerstone of Operation Mockingbird — reported counterterrorism officials “authenticated” a video by a supposed al-Qaeda recruiter who claimed he had the ability to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States via tunnels under the Mexico border. In the video, Abdullah al-Nafisi suggested that al-Qaeda might want to collaborate with “members of native U.S. white supremacist militias who hate the federal government.”
It is no mistake Daniel Patrick Boyd is white.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Myth of Afghanistan

Calvin Sloan expands on his message at his new blog, The Pursuit of Injustice;

"...The Casus Belli for the Iraq war has been revealed, even by the corporate mainstream media, as a falsification designed for imperial gain. With Alan Greenspan's confession in 2007 that the ''Iraq war is largely about oil,'' whatever disillusions remained in political circles over the motives behind the U.S. occupation of Iraq were squelched...

...Before justifying the U.S. occupation to the Arab world in his speech in Cairo, President Obama reminded us that the United States was originally the victim for it had been "al Qaeda [who] killed nearly 3,000 people on that day [9/11]." And thus, the U.S. will rightfully remain stationed in the crossroads of Central and South Asia until the "violent extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan" who are "determined to kill as many Americans as they possibly can" are terminated. The Afghan myth is inexorably dependent on the 9/11 myth.

The official narrative of 9/11 and its severe implications still stand as a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy 8 years after the event. The disturbing truth however, that factions of the U.S. government had a hand in nurturing the plot, cannot be denied. The documented failure of the administration to detain the conspirators and stop the attacks goes beyond incompetence and into the realm of intentional negligence and interference. Further investigation reveals even more deception and distortions.***

The 'War on Terror,' with its focal point, the war in Afghanistan, is thus a facade constructed to mislead the public into supporting despotic, imperialist policies..."

Full post:

The End of America: Movie
9/11 Visibility Website
The Exceptional Patriot: Dr. David Ray Griffin
The Exceptional Patriot: Naomi Wolf
The Exceptional Patriot: Charlie Sheen
The Exceptional Patriot: Ed Asner
The Exceptional Patriot: Jesse Ventura
Primitive Evil Resurrected in Bedford, Pennsylvania

Top Lists

Massive US Terrorism Simulation Involving Foreign Agencies Begins Today

Steve Watson
Monday, July 27, 2009

A huge simulation coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has begun today with no mainstream media coverage at all.

The security exercise known as National Level Exercise 09 (NLE 09) will last for five days and will involve foreign security officials working in conjunction with the US military, as well as Federal, State, Local Tribal and Private Sector representatives.
According to a factsheet in the recesses of the FEMA website, the agency will host National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) on July 27 through July 31, 2009:

“NLE 09 will be the first major exercise conducted by the United States government that will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery,” the factsheet states. It is designated as a Tier I National Level Exercise, or TOPOFF, which are exercises conducted annually in accordance with the National Exercise Program (NEP), “which serves as the nation’s overarching exercise program for planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating national level exercises,” according to FEMA.

NLE 09 “will focus on intelligence and information sharing among intelligence and law enforcement communities, and between international, federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector participants”.

The FEMA information sheet states that the exercise involves a scenario that begins “in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.”

The exercise will also include agencies in Britain, Mexico, Canada and Australia, the Department of Homeland Security has said. The Navajo Nation will also participate.

“This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09.” The FEMA factsheet does not explain why the participation of foreign officials is necessary, nor does it elaborate on the roles they will play.

Canadian federal involvement was today confirmed in a press release attributed to “Public Safety Canada”. The Press release also noted the involvement of the United Kingdom, Australia and Mexico.

An independent reporter from Oklahoma (or FEMA region VI) was informed that NLE 09 is not “media friendly” because it largely involves people looking at computer screens in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

After asking if it would be possible to sit in on the exercise, Andrew W. Griffin
of Red Dirt Report was told by Brook Arbeitman, the public information officer for the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, that this was not possible and that the exercise is mostly decompartmentalized.

Arbeitman, interestingly enough, could not answer some more in-depth questions about NLE 09 because she is a role player in the exercise, playing – you guessed it – a public information officer for Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security and as a result “is not privy” to some of the specifics.

“We will be playing along with everybody to whatever extent the exercise” proceeds, Arbeitman said.

According to FEMA, the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, and State, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and a broad spectrum of component agencies, offices and commands will all participate in the exercise.
NLE 09 activities will take place at command posts, emergency operation centers, intelligence centers and field locations throughout the country, including federal headquarters facilities in the Washington, D.C. area as well as facilities in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and California.

In our previous story on NLE 09, we noted that this exercise is a continuation of previous simulations under FEMA and the DHS that have involved the rounding-up and internment of American citizens labeled as “suspected terrorists”.
Under REX 84 and other operations, FEMA, in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, has consistently trained to detain large numbers of Americans.

We also noted that several recently leaked Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and local law enforcement documents have stated that the focus of security operations should be “rightwing extremists” who support the Second Amendment and states’ rights and oppose abortion and open borders.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eugenics Plan calls for more Children and Youth Fraud, Broader Family Destruction

The Alex Jones Channel
July 14, 2009
Alongside John P. Holdrens advocacy for a global planetary regime to enforce forced abortion, government `seizure of children born out of wedlock, and mandatory bodily implants designed to prevent pregnancy, Obamas top advisor also called for, “Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods.”

View more.

Gay Republicans of Bedford County, Pennsylvania promote the renovations of the historic Bedford Springs Hotel as the true Gay White House and Seat of Barbaric Justice. Please distribute - and share with your children - beware these sexual predators, esp. in neighborhoods that the Republican deviants reside in. After using Children and Youth to steal children through fraud, they are sending these children to military camps and farms, drugging them and creating thousands of false orphans, mind-controlled killers and sex mules. Since when are mind-controlled bureaucrats superior to parents? These Nazis are seeing dramatic results in population control and political power through broad destruction of the parental duty.

The following Republicans have been raised sexually repressed for brainwashing purposes. They are extremely dangerous to children because they never achieved sophisticated sexual ethics development from real parents and never knew about the parental duty of sex education:

Read more.

Did you know Barack Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama want to start sex education in kindergarten? This is not only good for children and child intellectual development, it also helps to protect children from illegal political sex cults found in much of America today. Harvard children are routinely empowered with comprehensive sex education because Harvard faculty have worked on and have known about CIA Mind Control for many decades. Mind Control is largely sex and fear based and sexual repression of children is a basic requirement of Nazi Mind Control indoctrination of sex taboos and terror myths.

Obama and his wife were both at Harvard about the same time as I was and we all know that "Republican Plumbers" are targeting the children of "liberals." This is especially so for those liberals who know the truth about traditional authoritarian imposed ignorance methods used to keep children vulnerable, stupid and sick. Since effective HIV/AIDS education methods mimic redneck ideas of "sex abuse," frequent use of "sex investigations" have been used against the political enemies of Republicans. In fact, the Bohemian Grove death cult has advanced CAPTA for this political function. Terrorism against the American families who are the most enlightened about Mind Control builds broad political power for the death-cult elite. The "transgenerational" studies of Mind Control now focus on the children of those educated at places like Harvard.

These "investigations" are so routine against anyone who questions Republicans in power, that the Republican Congress has provided a steady source of funding for them. Some of these political methods include:

Criminalizing affection or basic physicality
Criminalizing parental sex education
Criminalizing contraception education
Creating bad-faith rumors or slander against a parent
Pre-empting a parent's rights in the education, care or protection of his/her child
Child Trafficking

These "creeping intrusions" into our parental rights are certainly no conspiracy myth. Active surveillance of Harvard and Yale graduates deemed as "liberals" by the Reagan administration has been extensively documented through FBI reports. These covert political operations target the children of Harvard and Yale graduates as well.

Republican "Plumbers" dirty tricksters were active since the Nixon administration and probably much earlier. They are tied to Yale's Skull and Bones Secret Society and the CIA. They took their names from a secret CIA group that specialized in sexual dirty tricks used in coups and political smear campaigns and you certainly do not want to cross them. They can inflict "sex taboo curses" through pure innuendo. The alleged transvestism of John Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972, has never been established, and reputable historians say it's an urban legend. More to the truth: the vast majority of Americans have been duped by this "sex magic" method of smear. The real story is that he crossed the Plumbers and they got revenge. The hoax probably got its start by employing plausible underground rumors with tempting sexual overtones that J. Edgar was gay. He and his right-hand man, Clyde Tolson, were constant companions for more than 40 years, even vacationing together, and both remained lifelong bachelors. (Hoover lived with his mom until she died in 1938.) But there has never been any evidence of cross-dressing as is popularly believed. They say Richard Nixon, on hearing of Hoover's death, exclaimed with his customary delicacy, "Jesus Christ! That old cocksucker!"

These methods of sexual dirty tricks have evolved enormously and are effectively used by Children and Youth Services for political social engineering throughout the U.S.. These activities are highly criminal and therefore highly protected by corrupt authorities. But the truth is, these dirty tricks actually work to destroy families and manipulate the custody of children. The Hague considers such methods as kidnapping. Federal statutes consider such methods as felonies against rights under color of law.

We Harvard "liberals" intend to raise a lot of hell over this corruption! The Plumbers target the nannies, teachers and care-givers of these children in order to find inside information to carry out dirty tricks, and every major Democratic candidate with small children knows this. Most every Harvard graduate since the Reagan administration knows that these covert investigations are a common trick used by Republicans for "national security" reasons. This time, we are ready for them. John Edwards keeps a very close watch on his children and has hired a private protection firm. John McCain's children have already been smeared in 2000 by G.W. Bush zealots in North Carolina. Obama's children are targeted by the Plumbers because his children are in the stage of development where fact and fiction may not be easily discerned. It is easy to inflame embarrassment issues with children at these ages. "Sex abuse" claims are very easy to fabricate at these ages, since sexual hysteria is easily inflamed by virtually anyone under today's "reporting laws."

The Obama children are highly vulnerable to Child Services political tricks aimed at "Harvard educated liberals," since social agents are highly manipulated themselves by Republican legal initiatives that gives anyone the power to start an "investigation." Here’s Obama's reasons for early sex ed. while debating Alan Keyes for the Senate:

"We have an existing law that mandates sex education in the schools. We want to make sure that it’s medically accurate and age-appropriate.

Now, I’ll give you an example, because I have a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old daughter, and one of the things my wife and I talked to our daughter about is the possibility of somebody touching them inappropriately, and what that might mean.

And that was included specifically in the law, so that kindergartners are able to exercise some possible protection against abuse, because I have family members as well as friends who suffered abuse at that age. So, that’s the kind of stuff that I was talking about in that piece of legislation."

Parents are now encouraged to provide timely sex education in the home to help protect their children from active sex cults working through their schools. These cults actively pursue a political agenda by targeting children in their most vulnerable years. They routinely strip children and use fraudulent interrogation methods with children in order to traffic them. These are actual Nazi methods being used in the U.S. against kindergartners! Americans have been conditioned as idiots not to see the obvious: Republicans incriminate countless political enemies through illegal smear campaigns aimed at children of "liberals." They indoctrinate their own children to accept and use sexual smear campaigns against their political enemies. They make these smear campaigns work through secret courts, through secret, untouchable "witnesses" manipulated by political agents with absolute immunities and are utterly unconstitutional. What's more, they've managed to make it taboo to even talk about these methods! See Bedford County, Pennsylvania Sex Cult Investigation.

Obama agrees that education at this level of childhood development is difficult and can lead to some confusion. But what political party most benefits by the wrongful exploitation of this confusion and the sustainment of children in sexual ignorance? Parents have a duty to educate their children, especially for "at risk" children in blended or broken families, even if they are subject to wrongful accusations later on. Obama tapped a Republican nerve, as the Republican Party's mission has long been to suspend children in sexual ignorance, smear their political enemies and indoctrinate children into learned ignorance for the sake of "decency." They then are able to manipulate them for future political indoctrination. These methods are documented at the National Archives: See Republican Plumbers investigation at the National Archives.

There is considerable evidence to prove that this sustained ignorance also increases the likelihood that children will develop bigotries, misconceptions and develop dangerous addictions. But they also work to indoctrinate children into "authoritarian belief systems" like Republicanism. It also encourages them to accept and promote learned ignorance and possibly to develop emotional problems involving guilt. In the most extreme cases of authoritarian conditioning through cults of learned ignorance, children have been suicidal and even terroristic. Such conditioning is the basis of most extremist movements for which parents may have a legitimate reason to protect their children through effective sex education.

Our own health department has estimated that 500,000 Americans have died of HIV/AIDS due to imposed ignorance about sex. The suffering by these Americans cannot be calculated.

Mitt Romney favors keeping children ignorant in the tradition of Mormonism even as he supported Massachusetts's liberal sex education measures after reviewing extensive evidence of the harmful effects of sustained ignorance in children. He will be discredited by intelligent Americans for his pandering. Keeping children ignorant tells them that ignorance is okay, ignorance is necessary, ignorance is good. This is an Orwellian realm of reverse evolution, politically evolving ignorance, telling children lies and deception about their own bodies until entire generations believe these lies to be truth. This is the ultimate form of dumbing-down children at a critical stage of their development. Romney is right in the fact that few Americans feel that sex education is a critical issue: they've been conditioned that way as children! Such apathy and learned ignorance characterizes much of middle America and has been conditioned into them for political reasons for generations. The most ignorant will even laugh at this issue, just as they were conditioned to laugh about AIDS in the 1980s or be totally apathetic about torture. When it comes to effective sex education that reverses Talibanic repression, apathy, bigotry and terrorism, reversing a generational cult of ignorance is the whole point!

Much of American Mind Control is sex and fear based which can be treated and prevented by the traditional parental duty which is common in Europe and with our own "elite." But a brainwashing government does not want protected and enlightened children! Sex and fear programming goes to the very heart of "authority" programming for which your Nazified government does not want you to know about. After 60 years of Nazi Mind Control programming through mass media, most Americans are fully conditioned to accept these sex and terror devices as normal or necessary. It will program bureaucrats and children with emotional programming which fully Nazifies them with sex myths, taboos and terror bogey-men and this is a major source of wrongful power which must reside in deep darkness. The science which fully explains it as a secret government "crowd control" device has been fully repressed.

When Republican Nazis gain power, these Nazi devices dramatically increase. They want to deeply program these children with sex taboos, bogey-man myths and other sex and terror-based control devices through mass media as Tavistock "crowd control" devices. Empowering children against these devices is now treated as a crime in many redneck communities. These programmed mind-slaves become profoundly violated by these Nazi methods. This builds deep sadism, alienation and militancy into the culture as well as those political conformists who blindly follow Nazi leaders and their lies. The Pentagon perfected this programming and has normalized it as "news" and "entertainment." Its core evil is highly obvious to those de-programmed from Nazi Mind Control. An intelligent American jury can be so de-programmed to view the obvious!

The de-programming of Americans is an highly demoralizing experience. Few will want to enter into the realization that their government and media are not "parental" and has actively used Nazi Mind Control against them their entire life. These instincts to defend and protect the false "parent" have been deeply programmed and can be fully manipulated by actual Nazis working behind the scenes. But your Constitution never set up your government and media as "parental." This is a basic Nazi deep programming trick. You must use your rational mind to fully study this illegal power system. American Mind Control is a powerful drug of near-absolute seduction, but it mainly works on the emotional mind. The rational mind can defeat it.

Do you think that top Freudian child development experts in Europe would be treated as "sex predators" in a barbaric place like Bedford, Pennsylvania is just coincidence? The Nazi Mind Control which infects these Bedford bureaucrats is specifically designed to destroy the most important child empowerment: parental sex education. This is well known as profoundly important for children in Europe because of Hitler's Mind Control now fully normalized in the U.S.. But American Mind Control is even more seductive and powerful than Hitler's. They are destroying the parental duty en mass through terroristic attacks against families which spreads broad emotional contagion throughout the community. They do so as emotionally charged cyborgs, destroying the historically all-important parental duty. This reign of terror will not deter the exceptional patriot and exceptional parent! This destruction sets children up for full American sex and terror programming that will utterly enslave the child into a government mythic system. None of this is coincidence and it requires an extremely dumbed-down culture of sadistic and intellectually blind idiots.

We must have the courage to study the Nazi poison now being force-fed to our children, or we cannot claim the honor of being patriots. We must fully record the atrocities of the Bush years so that our children will understand the horrors done to them by American Nazis. The most brainwashed of Americans were deliberately raised sexually repressed and they want to pass this abuse onto our children. Brainwashed North Koreans do not see sexual repression as a bad thing, neither do brainwashed Americans. The exceptional patriot will begin to question brainwashing as a legitimate American value. Brainwashing is by its very nature invisible to the rational mind until you deeply study it.

In Bedford, Pennsylvania children are being stolen and abused by some of the most primitive and barbaric methods imaginable so that they are brainwashed by American mass media. This media is now fully themed to turn them into good Nazis fighting "endless war" based largely upon the 9/11 fraud and other atrocities. Through sexual repression enforced as "a good thing," these children are being made into sex slaves and killers for the elite. Only the exceptional patriot will study this issue with the true depth and urgency for which it deserves. Study how Europe was de-Nazified after World War II and you will come extremely close to understanding what we need to do in America today. American children need to be oriented to the true power system within their minds, because their government's power system is totally fraudulent and evil.

This basic Nazi programming is never questioned by those brainwashed by these methods. Such is the result of Nazi Mind Control left unchecked and unexplained to the American people for 60 years. They are now fully infected with Nazi programming and do not know it. The states are now building sex taboos into American children which destroys the parental duty. This sets children up for massive brainwashing by federal PsyOps used throughout mass media. I will not rest until these criminals are brought to justice.

The eugenics movement of the elite is now achieving more population control results than Hitler could have imagined. Most of these results are coming from redneck bigotry which has been programmed by Nazi Mind Control. Bigotry builds intellectual blindness and emotional contagion toward the most educated and enlightened of parents. Such ignorant mobs destroy sophisticated child empowerment and the truth about real psychology and child development. Programmed bigotry advances many, many unconstitutional false wars, false bogey-man myths, sex taboos and deep programming of bigotry for which the American people are never told the truth. Much of this programming is through omission of scientifically proven facts regarding childhood sexuality, the true roots of terror and ignorance and the need for education and empowerment for sophisticated ethics and ego development.

Ignorant rednecks will not understand such empowerment and are programmed to acquire powerful sex taboos early in life just like North Koreans. These abused children never acquire an understanding of the parental duty of sex and power education known to our Founding Fathers as absolutely critical for children. They are then easily programmed by top-down government mythic systems. There is a clear and direct involvement by our federal government in the Nazification of these child abusers by destroying the historically all-important parental duty. This Nazification clearly serves Pentagon false wars and the Republican power system, not truth and not the Constitution. This deep programming produces groupthink idiocy into the American population and is the Nazification of American children.

We are not going sit by as the Democrats gloss-over these atrocities done to our children under the Bush "war on terror" fraud!

Join the lawsuit that will save American children from this barbaric system of CIA Mind Control.

Before you fall for the terror programming of bureaucratic Nazis, study the real facts of 9/11. The use of Nazi Mind Control on our children will no longer work once you understand how they manipulate you. The Skull and Bones "mental hygiene" is Nazi Mind Control applied to your children. Many in the 9/11 Truth Movement have been killed simply for demanding a real investigation into 9/11. What are these American Nazis really doing? It's time to wake up!

We stand at the threshold of a new age. Will it be an Age of Darkness or an Age of Enlightenment? Pivotal to this New Age are the events of 9/11. Our Founding Fathers already knew the truth: absolute tyranny will come from within. Our government has tremendous power to "set the tone" of America through mass media and Mind Controlled bureaucrats, why then is this tone so similar to the fear, loathing and terror employed throughout history to make slaves? Is this merely coincidence? Do the mass slave-making rituals found throughout U.S. media actually work on the subconscious mind just as Freud, Huxley and others said it would? Becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy? We are now enlightened enough to view the whole context to 9/11 and the "war on terror."

The horrible truth to our nation's Cold War was that Nazi Mind Control was brought to the United States to build a highly seductive Mind Control machine into American media and into American children. Once you are fully seduced into a fully normalized "reality" of media, terror will be employed to program you as a mind-slave. This programming is now so normalized that even the bureaucrats who target your children for "protection" cannot see it for its core corruption. After 50 years of Nazi Mind Control secretly advanced throughout mass media and our own textbooks, these bureaucrats become so Nazified that they are destroying millions of American children simply for being raised as elite children with real parents and real childhood empowerment. Your children need protection from their own government which is now advancing false wars nearly everywhere, and we are exposing that government for the slave-maker that it is. Such a wrongful government will utterly invert the idea of reality for your children, turning them into top-down cyborgs and fully deluded mind-slaves.

Many Americans are aware of the torture accusations being laid against federal agents in regard to "terrorists." They are never informed about the true roots and power of these torture methods. They can "turn" the minds of anyone to believe they had just walked on the moon, carried out an elaborate terror attack, been abducted or molested as a child or anything else for that matter. The most critically important reason to reject torture of any inmates is that it can easily become a mask for government fiction-creation. Even the entire "war on terror" can be programmed into abused people. The transfer of these torture methods from military to civilian use is now fully documented and are an on-going assault against our Constitution. Nazi Mind Control fully empowers the government to become real Nazis.

As this treason was highly unconstitutional, you will not easily discover its machinations through overt observation. How they now require the youngest of children to be indoctrinated into this mythic system of subconscious slavery is a critical starting point. Core gullibility in children requires the destruction of the parental duty of normal and necessary sex education. Fear, fear, fear, "abuse," "abuse," "abuse" is how they begin the Nazification process in children. Sexual amplification, Hyper-abuse hysteria and government terror are all designed to destroy critically important sex education and the normalization of sexuality for the child. Failure to provide this education will cause neurosis in many children, as is well known in "de-Nazified" Europe and is deliberately repressed in the U.S.. This neurosis suspends the child's mind in perpetual fear for which the government can then program and manipulate for the rest of their lives.

Core gullibility and terror programmed into American children becomes a major CIA "asset" which is an abomination to our Constitution. Mockingbird media will stand down at the precise times in history where it is most needed, but a Nazified and dumbed-down population will not even notice. They are empowered by the neurosis which has programmed them as "parental" by destroying the reality principle in millions of children. But such mass-programmed neurosis is highly damaging to the individual and good parents will not ignore this issue.

Once you understand the power of subconscious mind programming, you'll understand why. We were all programmed by powerful Mind Control technology advanced for its hypnotic effects through a CIA program Operation Mockingbird. We were then programmed to view our media and government as "parental." This builds broad groupthink conformity into the population, but it also empowers the government as the Machiavellian manipulator. This is the realm where all power is covert, what our Founding Fathers knew as absolute tyranny. Wrongful government can then commit horrible atrocities and these acts become invisible to your rational mind. The mesmerist arts, as celebrated at the Bohemian Grove, can then fully disenfranchise Americans from their own Constitution. Though such technology requires highly advanced psychology, it is not too difficult to understand. This blog is your gateway to understanding American Mind Control and its extreme threat to our children and our Constitution.

The government which spent billions studying emotional contagion as a powerful weapon of war is completely mute on the subject in regard to 9/11. Why? The broad emotional contagion generated by 9/11 served wrongful government, not terrorists. The energy to destroy this holy trinity of the New York skyline did not come from airplanes or foreign terrorists. This blog explains how and why this energy came from deep within us all. These horrors were programmed horrors.

If you view Hannibal the Cannibal as an icon of the secret federal government, you will not be far off the mark. He will eat your brains for a reason too disturbing for most Americans. Being unbelievable is his precise function. Through terrorism, his dirty deeds become invisible, because terrorism has been deeply programmed never to apply to government, the true terrorist. Understanding how Mind Control works fully exposes this scam.

Americans have been made deliberately dumb about these profound dangers by their own government. Powerful emotional programming has been deliberately made taboo in America for decades. Is Child Services providing thousands of child sex slaves for the elite and all of this evil is now "invisible" to the rational mind? Because most politicians today were raised sexually repressed, they are now targeted with powerful sexual blackmail. Wouldn't wrongful government do this precisely to test their Mind Control machine and build perverse loyalties, very wrongful power systems? That is precisely what we are finding. Millions of child mind slaves are being secretly produced for the Pentagon using mass media and powerful subconscious programming. But precisely like the American Catholic Church, such manipulation is utterly inscrutable to the rational minds of millions. This is the deliberate inexplicable domain of Nazi Mind Control.

The Pentagon has studied terror-based "shell shock" for many decades. Such a study led to the idea that a population can be protected from shell shock through massive media programming. This serves to program the unconscious mind for future terror so that terror can actually work for the Pentagon, building the more effective soldier. More important than this, the terror events which open the mind for full suggestibility can be effectively programmed by pre-existing "voice of authority" programming from government. But such massive pre-programming through mass media serves to distort the entire culture toward wrongful manipulation. The "elite" at the Bohemian Grove have other agendas besides "national security."

Now state "protectors" of children have been fully programmed subconsciously by Republican bogey-man myths which now fully apply to good parents everywhere. This is no accident. Nazi eugenics is a deeply embedded political power source for the Republican Party and they require your children to be deeply programmed with sex-based superstitions. The traditional parental duty is specifically targeted for destruction so that your children are brainwashed for absolute top-down power. This is basic Black Widow Psy-Ops for which Americans have been made deliberately and blissfully ignorant. But they certainly know these dangers in post-Nazi Europe and at The Hague. I have been working with Nazi hunters from Denmark who know the "Monarch Worm" is fully established in America as a powerful Mind Control programming. The radicals who advance this programming are completely invisible to the rational mind and are a major, extra-constitutional threat to us all. The "elite" at the Bohemian Grove have secretly advanced sexual repression against our children since the 1950s then employed all major media through Mockingbird and many media alliances to program them for full terror manipulation. Once terror is activated in these children, the government becomes their parent and this process serves elite eugenicists. This unconscious programming now does far more than serve to build effective soldiers, it fully serves eugenics, the unifying thread of the "elite" death-cult for generations.

Follow your own popular media and view their sex and fear programming at work for generations. Horror movies and pornography are all sourced at early PsyOps missions and are now fully normalized for deep-programming. Now do the research at the National Archives which proves such media was controlled and fully "themed" by our own CIA. This is the true "awe" in shock and awe, as near universal dominance of all media was involved through a top-down, peer-pressure power scheme, some of which requires child sex slaves for loyalty and blackmail. This makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control as those now in power were nearly all raised sexually repressed at childhood. Such is the Pandora's box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government.

Sexual repression sets our children up for this powerful Mind Control programming now and in the future. This may sound counter-intuitive, unless you fully understand Freudian psychology. Good parents were then destroyed by a "system" to keep this entire operation secret. Fully programmed as "parental," the federal government and its many octopus-arms of power, can then do the inexplicable, like 9/11 and massive family destruction and get away with it. Such deception was perfected by none other than Walt Disney himself. Through powerful Psy-Ops technology, this "parental" deception makes the Machiavellian manipulator possible. This is basic Psy-Ops, but much worse, it's Nazi Mind Control. These elite who have set you up include Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and both Bush presidents and many, many more "connected" elitists. But to whom are they really connected?

Now the elite are celebrating the Dred Scott decision at Bedford Springs, where the Illuminati meet for child sacrifice rituals. As they burn effigies of American children, they become more and more powerful as they become more evil. The American Eugenics movement began here in 1857 with our own Supreme Court. This led directly to our Civil War and other radical movements like the K.K.K.. According to top psychologists, the Illuminati's child sacrifice ritual, which destroys "Dull Care" over an open funeral pyre, really serves to program our leaders for Satanic Arrogance which indoctrinates them for absolute power--the slave-makers. This is because the subconscious programming of millions of children is so evil, that these secret elite require bizarre loyalty and indoctrination methods for their inner circle. You will not understand this without first studying the ancient slave-making arts. These "arts" are now fully programmed and "normalized" as "sciences." Even profoundly damaging sexual repression in childhood has been fully "normalized" in America. Today their methods of sacrificing our children are fully "underground" as powerful subconscious programming and good parents will not ignore these facts!

This is a profoundly powerful and disturbing Psy-Ops, because it may have fully programmed your own belief system since your birth. What's worse, it fully employs traditional religion, popular culture and other belief systems against you. These "blenders" have been at work since the 1950s and they only serve the elite! By fully programming your emotions and your mythic systems, you may be unable to view reason. Continual CSI-styled demonization of the individual builds the illusion of parental government that only responds to our many omnipresent demons. False terror is then advanced as a Tavistock "crowd control" mechanism and we fully fall for it. This basic Nazi fraud effectively disenfranchises the vast non-elite population and reverses our Constitution. This is called Treason! To understand this powerful Psy-Ops requires the exceptional patriot. Become that patriot!

Our own Supreme Court now must hold a terrible secret, millions of U.S. children are now being indoctrinated as mind slaves. They will literally not be able to understand our Constitution's power system. Millions of U.S. children are now being trafficked by powerful witchcraft of the elite employing Freudian sex taboos and Jungian fear archetypes which have been fully programmed into their parents. And now your "free" media only gets more and more top-down, disturbing, draconian, violent and your government never tells you why. Very powerful Tavistock sex and death programming attacks your children every single day building powerful Jungian archetypes into them and you are meant to believe this all comes from our "free media" advancing "entertainment." It does not! This cold-war programming has been largely covered up by massive deception, but not totally. The good science of psychology has been thoroughly inverted in order to serve the Skull and Bones elite. These elite are not nationalists and they are not your parents. This is no hoax and this is not crazy, though you have been thoroughly programmed to laugh at this obvious truth. This is military-grade Psy-Ops now fully exposed. The most gifted experts in child development are ignored or even killed to keep the all-important parental duty of protecting children from this Mind Control fully repressed from the public consciousness. This imposed ignorance builds a profoundly dumbed-down, mind-controlled culture.

Through powerful Tavistock emotional manipulation, our children are now being indoctrinated into a very evil power system that will lead directly to a full, federal seduction into the "singularity." Such is accomplished by the destruction of the parental duty of sex education.

Why is parental sex education found in indigenous populations around the world and throughout history so "perverse" in the vast, non-elite American population? Didn't the wrongful manipulations of Disney and other major Alpha programmers have a profound effect on eliminating basic sex education in children? Now we have actual sex cults enforcing "innocence" in children, even as top professionals tell you that such innocence is really learned ignorance being fully "normalized" as a slave-making device. Why have the most powerful authoritarian empires and religions deliberately spread sexual repression wherever they conquered? Why are our "elite" at Harvard, the Pentagon, CIA, State Department carefully instructed to provide early and comprehensive sex education to their own children while simultaneously demonizing these instincts in non-elite parents? The answer is Nazi Mind Control and top professionals know it.

One such expert in child development, Richard A Gardner M.D. of Columbia University, bravely fought against the 9/11 fraud and the Nazification of American children. His many works in this field exposed the eugenics operations in America as a fundamental fraud to normal childhood development and the American family itself. He died of a brutal stabbing to the heart in 2003 which was blamed on a "suicide." Research Dr. Gardner's works and ask yourself one question: What is the real reason why this expert in child development was so radically demonized by our own secret government? He was not the first or most likely the last expert in child development to be so brutalized. This area of child development is most central to the Nazification of America, because it is where Nazis begin to build the normalization process of slavery into the next generation.

Expose the most basic Republican Scam of Ritualistic Child Abuse

The 911 Matrix: View the Machiavellian Manipulator at Work on 9/11

Eugenics is the deliberate killing-off of a targeted population and it all began in the U.S.. As eugenicists, the ruling elite have direct links to Nazi Germany and advance many secret wars which kill millions at home and abroad and they require millions of "programmable children" for these many wars. This programming utterly demoralizes millions of children for effective depopulation results. They also require a very dumbed-down population which we are dedicated to bring into enlightenment.

Their expressed mission of killing 300,000 people per day is achieved by covert killings, wars, disease and the emotional contagion which destroys millions of families. As families are destroyed by 19th Century witchcraft now fully programmed into bureaucrats everywhere, we expose how 21st Century subconscious programming actually used against us by the "elite" actually works. You will quickly find out that not only is your "parental" government not "parental," it is fully demonic at the very top. Therefore, top-down power systems spread deception, emotional contagion and fear, not truth. The millions of those programmed as "marionettes" can be effectively deprogrammed. And the methods of elite programmers can be fully exposed. This website will expose the whole truth about the "elite cult" now running your government.

The secret radicals advancing Mind Control are indistinguishable from German Nazis. But they reside behind the monuments of totalitarian deception carefully built at places like Harvard. They advance broad demoralization agendas which serve Mind Control and this process requires absolute secrecy. Collective unconscious programming is very powerful, but is fully explainable. Knowledge will dispel their powers! I have known this fact for years, but through powerful Alpha-level political programming, most Americans will simply deny this horrible truth. They have been thoroughly duped!

I sincerely wish this were a hoax! But I believe, deep within your heart, God is telling you the truth. Our country is in grave danger by the very forces our greatest generation fought in the 1940s. We simply did not have the fortitude then to see that many of the real Nazis actually lived among us. We no longer have the luxury to ignore the horrific and obvious facts of an extra-constitutional elite now controlling our government, our media, our elections and our children. Their many hypno-illusions are very powerful, but now it's time to wake up!

Your secret federal government now fully functions in the realm of the inexplicable due to powerful emotional programming advanced over generations. Only the brave will enter into this realm of truth.

The Bush Family Links to Eugenics and Nazi Germany

View actual footage: The Top Republican Establishment Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove

Our greatest generation thought they defeated the Nazis. Now our own bureaucrats are fully programmed by Nazi Mind Control and Skull and Bones "mental hygiene." This evil resides deep within our own government as a matter of "national security" and 50 years of Nazi Mind Control led directly to 9/11. Now its our turn to fight for a terrible truth, a truth that has been specifically engineered to be too disturbing to be believed, to be challenged. Are you a constitutional weanie? If so, you are a lamb to the slaughter. Welcome to PsyOps, the true realm of your government, where the only patriot is the exceptional patriot.

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9/11 Visibility Website
The Exceptional Patriot: Dr. David Ray Griffin
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The Exceptional Patriot: Charlie Sheen
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

9-11 Blueprint for Truth to Debut on Colorado Public Television

9-11 Blueprint for Truth | Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth | Colorado 9-11 Visibility | KBDI Denver | PBS Denver | Richard Gage AIA

Still reeling from the success of the recent historic broadcast of 9-11 Press for Truth, the state of Colorado is about to get another strong dose of 9-11 truth. Making an appearance on Visibility 9-11 with Michael Wolsey, Executive Producer at KBDI Shari Bernson made the major announcement that KBDI will be again making history with the PBS world premier of Richard Gage's excellent documentary, 9-11 Blueprint for Truth on August 15, 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm mountain time.

KBDI first made history with the 9-11 movement when they aired 9-11 Press for Truth during one of their periodic fund drives in June of 2009. This endeavor was such a success that the entire three hour broadcast was repeated at least 6 more times! This was an amazing night for me personally, full of emotion from A-Z. It was great to finally meet Bob McIlvaine and Ray, and also good to see Kyle again. The crew at KBDI was amazing. They were tight....professional. There was a feeling in the air. Perhaps it was just me but I could feel that everyone involved knew they were making history. I was honored to be part of this event and thank all those involved in making it possible. It was amazing to me afterward how many people who I know saw this broadcast. I am still running into people who saw this and me (I was on the phones that night and occasionally the cameras would pan to us dedicated volunteers!) on one of the broadcasts.

I look forward to the evening of August 15 at Five Points Media Center. Members of Colorado 9-11 Visibility will be on hand to answer phones and Richard Gage AIA will be in the studio for interviews during the fund raising breaks. Please let KBDI hear from you. Let them know how much you appreciate their courage in airing 9-11 documentaries and you want to see more! If it is within your budget, let KBDI know with a donation on August 15, 7:00 - 9:00 pm mountain time.


Contact KBDI-

Colorado Public Television
2900 Welton Street, 1st Floor
Denver, CO 80205

Station: (303) 296-1212
Toll-Free: 1-800-727-8812
Fax: (303) 296-6650

Saturday, July 25, 2009

9/11 Case Could Bring Broad Shift on Civil Suits

By noliesradio
By ADAM LIPTAK July 20, 2009

The most consequential decision of the Supreme Court’s last term got only a little attention when it landed in May. And what attention it got was for the wrong reason.

But the lower courts have certainly understood the significance of the decision, Ashcroft v. Iqbal, which makes it much easier for judges to dismiss civil lawsuits right after they are filed. They have cited it more than 500 times in just the last two months.

“Iqbal is the most significant Supreme Court decision in a decade for day-to-day litigation in the federal courts,” said Thomas C. Goldstein, an appellate lawyer with Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in Washington.

On its face, the Iqbal decision concerned the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. The court ruled that a Muslim man swept up on immigration charges could not sue two Bush administration officials for what he said was the terrible abuse he suffered in detention.

But something much deeper and broader was going on in the decision, something that may unsettle how civil litigation is conducted in the United States. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who dissented from the decision, told a group of federal judges last month that the ruling was both important and dangerous. “In my view,” Justice Ginsburg said, “the court’s majority messed up the federal rules” governing civil litigation.

For more than half a century, it has been clear that all a plaintiff had to do to start a lawsuit was to file what the rules call “a short and plain statement of the claim” in a document called a complaint. Having filed such a bare-bones complaint, plaintiffs were entitled to force defendants to open their files and submit to questioning under oath.

This approach, particularly when coupled with the American requirement that each side pay its own lawyers no matter who wins, gave plaintiffs settlement leverage. Just by filing a lawsuit, a plaintiff could subject a defendant to great cost and inconvenience in the pre-trial fact-finding process called discovery.

Mark Herrmann, a corporate defense lawyer with Jones Day in Chicago, said the Iqbal decision will allow for the dismissal of cases that would otherwise have subjected defendants to millions of dollars in discovery costs. On the other hand, information about wrongdoing is often secret. Plaintiffs claiming they were the victims of employment discrimination, a defective product, an antitrust conspiracy or a policy of harsh treatment in detention may not know exactly who harmed them and how before filing suit. But plaintiffs can learn valuable information during discovery.

The Iqbal decision now requires plaintiffs to come forward with concrete facts at the outset, and it instructs lower court judges to dismiss lawsuits that strike them as implausible.

“Determining whether a complaint states a plausible claim for relief,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the five-justice majority, “requires the reviewing court to draw on its judicial experience and common sense.”

Note those words: Plausible. Common sense.

Friday, July 24, 2009

12,000 U.S. Children To Be Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, July 24, 2009

Around 12,000 U.S. children will be used as guinea pigs for an experimental swine flu vaccine known to contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

According to a report in the Oklahoman, 12,000 children nationwide will partake in “fast-tracked studies” to test the side-effects of the untested swine flu vaccine in trials set to begin next month.

“The trials will test the vaccine’s effectiveness and whether or not it has negative side effects in patients,” states the report.

Since less than 100 children in the U.S. die from regular seasonal flu each year, a reasonable estimate would be that around 100 children will die from swine flu over the course of the next year.

So in effect, the authorities will vaccinate millions of children in order to try and prevent 100 deaths. If the mass vaccination program mirrors the previous swine flu outbreak of 1976 then the vaccine is likely to kill more people than the actual virus.

Furthermore, since the swine flu vaccine includes squalene, a dangerous adjuvant that contributed to Gulf War Syndrome cases, there’s little doubt that it will lead to debilitating lifelong diseases far more deadly than the swine flu virus itself for thousands of children if a mass vaccination campaign is conducted.

According to Meryl Nass, M.D., “A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities.”

“Research shows that squalene is the experimental anthrax vaccine ingredient that caused devastating autoimmune diseases and deaths for many Gulf War veterans from the US, UK, and Australia, yet it continues in use today and for new vaccines development in labs,” writes Stephen Lendman.

According to award-winning investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto, there’s a “close match between the squalene-induced diseases in animals and those observed in humans injected with this oil: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.”

“There are now data in more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from ten different laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, documenting that squalene-based adjuvants can induce autoimmune diseases in animals…observed in mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has demonstrated that squalene alone can induce the animal version of rheumatoid arthritis. The Polish Academy of Sciences has shown that in animals, squalene alone can produce catastrophic injury to the nervous system and the brain. The University of Florida Medical School has shown that in animals, squalene alone can induce production of antibodies specifically associated with systemic lupus erythematosus,” writes Matsumoto.

Micropaleontologist Dr. Viera Scheibner, who conducted research into the adverse effects of adjuvants in vaccines, wrote the following about squalene.

Squalene “contributed to the cascade of reactions called “Gulf War syndrome. (GIs developed) arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Sjorgren’s syndrome, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade fever.”

Efforts on behalf of authorities to prepare the public for a mass vaccination campaign, which could even be made mandatory if the crisis escalates, have been intensifying in recent weeks.

And yet, as Richard Halvorsen, a Central London GP and medical director of BabyJabs, a children’s immunisation service, writes in the London Times this week, all indications are that the swine flu vaccine will have the least effect in those most at risk from swine flu – children, the elderly and people with underlying health problems.

In his article, Mass flu vaccination would be madness, Halvorsen writes, “Is all this really necessary? To start with, swine flu is far milder than we first feared, so the case for vaccinating millions of healthy adults against a disease that is no more unpleasant than a bad cold is questionable,” adding, “There is no good evidence that the vaccine helps those with chronic health problems or pregnant women. However, we do know that the immunisation offers no more than a modest benefit in the elderly; indeed, the effectiveness of the vaccine is known to decrease sharply after 70 years of age.”

“We have experience of mass vaccination against swine flu from which lessons should be learnt. In America in 1976 a vaccine was offered to the whole population to prevent the spread of an epidemic of swine flu. Millions were rapidly immunised, but the vaccination campaign was stopped after a rise in cases of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS) among recipients of the vaccine. GBS is an autoimmune disorder that causes paralysis of the arms or legs or, rarely, the whole body; the sufferer usually makes a complete recovery, but some suffer permanent paralysis and a few die. Research later estimated that there was one case of GBS caused by every 100,000 swine flu vaccines given. If the current vaccine caused a similar rate of cases, then we could expect hundreds of people to get GBS, some of whom will suffer permanent paralysis or die.”

Given that the vaccine contains an ingredient directly linked with a plethora of horrific diseases, will you take measures to protect your child from a mass vaccination program?

What if the government decrees a mandatory vaccination program and tries to enforce it at gunpoint, as health authorities have already indicated could happen?

With increasing public awareness of the dangers of vaccines, allied with the bizarre eugenics policies embraced by people like John Holdren, Obama’s top science advisor, it seems inevitable that millions will refuse to comply with a mass vaccination program even if the government attempts to implement it by force.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1973 Document Outlines Family Eugenics Plan

Jurriaan Maessen
July 21, 2009

A 1973 document has emerged called Mass Media, Family Planning and Development: Country Case Studies on Media Strategy, wherein we learn something about the strategies to be implemented in the eugenics-based family planning project of the future. Based on case studies in third world countries, the document proposes the creation of a ‘family planning communication resource unit’ for every nation concerned. The reason being, so the report states, that “culturally, there is an emphasis on fertility, and the birth of children to the family is celebrated, as a symbol of prosperity and for status for women.” Because the Unesco-chieftains can’t have that, the reduction of a population should be accomplished through an elaborate media campaign, utilizing all possible avenues. Ancient tribal instincts, revolving around procreation and creativity, become suspect- as does religion and tribal mythology.

A family planning tract from the late 1940s.

The writers however, mean not to destroy these human tendencies, they mean to use them to their own advantage and that of their masters instead. “The religion”, they say, “supports the idea that children are ‘God’s Greatest Blessing’ but can also be used to encourage the idea that every child should be given the best opportunities parents can offer. There is also a favourable attitude to economic development, a desire to raise living standards, and a desire for education. These factors are helpful in the development of a Preliminary Media Strategy.”

“A Communication Resource Unit”, the document continues, “is responsible for the implementation of media policy for one, or more than one field.” The document proceeds with outlining the functions of such a unit in regards to family planning messages: “The integration of messages is a matter which concerns the Communication Resource Unit, in that an integrated approach to family planning needs to be worked out. (…) These (messages) may be ‘family planning for maternal health’, ‘family planning for family prosperity’, ‘family planning for your figure’, ‘family planning for national prosperity’, family planning for child development.’ These messages will be pretested to find those which seem to appeal most to the eligible age groups.”

One of the many case studies (country case study nr.1) involves an unnamed “small island”, total population 3,000,000. Describing the current situation, the report states: “Mass media approaches to family planning are wholly financed by the Government and, since 1968, radio, television and the press have been used to give information about family planning and to create an awareness of the need for population control.” One of the chief objectives for the ‘resource unit’, will be to “extend(ing) the family planning coverage to 90% of the eligible population. The aim at this point is to bring the number of children per family nearer to three rather than four, and to gradually reduce this to two children per family at a later stage.”

As one of the first proposed ‘phases’ of the programme, the document describes several messages to be embedded within television commercials. “A couple are shown over one of the new Government flats. They are unable to take it, because the accommodation provided is for families with two or three children. Preference is given to smaller families. They (the large family) will have to wait longer.” Another example: “The picture shows a married woman with one child. She is stopped by a voice saying “Do you know about family planning?” “Your local clinic has all the information.”" Or: “(Picture changes to a smiling woman with clinic appearing) “Family planning is free in all clinics (…)”". How about this one: “Don’t put off family planning. Tomorrow may be too late. See your clinic today.” You gotta also love this one: “A picture on the screen could show a woman talking to a consultant about family planning. She turns to the viewers and says: “I’m glad I made up my mind about family planning.””

Cartoons, say the authors, could also help implant a family planning message, for example “a cartoon in the most widely read newspaper could take the opportunity to ridicule those who cling to the old ways to the detriment of their families.”

Both television and radio advertisements are subject to the strategies of the Communication Resource Unit: “Advertising on television will be in the evenings, between popular programmes, when a broader audience (both male and female) is expected.” With regards to radio advertising, the report says: “The commercials can be played into record request programmes, women’s programmes, at programme junctions, before and after news breaks, popular serials and plays. The message should be simple, sympathetic, catchy.”

“For example”, the report continues, “messages like these can appeal specifically to the over thirty age group: “Family planning is for YOU. Have you had two children or more? The now’s the time to visit your local clinic.” And: “Most people plan their families. They know that education, clothing, housing, all cost money. How many children can you afford?” In another instance, people are being scared with all kinds of gruesome images: “For example, the commercial might begin with the hungry cries of four or five children, followed by the tired voice of the mother.” The examples in the document go on and on, crudely distributing messages into the mass media: “A sequence might be set up, (…) showing John and Mary with two children. The caption reads: “John and Mary…. nice house ……lovely children”, and another (showing another couple with four children), “Doris and Jack….. no house ….. too many children.”
“Personality shows”, the report mentions, “can be useful in the reinforcement phase.

(…) A well known personality who demonstrates an interest in family planning, or remarks on the success of the campaign, can often add credibility to the family planning message.” The report would like to see these personalities follow the script word for word, for example in response to a woman, who recently gave birth to her first child: “Well, that’s marvellous”, the radio personality should respond, “Congratulations Mrs……… I suppose you won’t be having any more children for a bit.

You want that boy of yours to grow healthy and strong and I know you need time to recover- Children take up a lot of your time, don’t they?” The document states that personality alone cannot fully carry the message through to the listening audience: “Jingles and spot announcements, jokes and quick comments, can be included in the programmes, which will then have the effect of keeping the subject of family planning firmly in mind.”

How would the Unesco-people arrange all this, just by voluntary compliance of the media-people involved? “There may be some scheme whereby those people will be paid for their work (…)”- says the document. In other words: bribery is being proposed as an acceptable means of bringing the media into the strategy.

Also community plays should be used to convey the message: “The afternoon play can carry the theme, skillfully woven into the story. It is possible that some plays could be specially written for the purpose, but it is probable that the message can be incorporated into plays by those writers who have been briefed well enough in advance.” Music and pamphlets are another way of doing it, the report says: “Songs can be useful in this phase, (…). They must be professionally composed and recorded, and the messages must be reasonably subtle if it is to be acceptable to programmers.”

But the Resource Unit won’t restrict itself to just radio, TV and plays. Feature films are considered perhaps to be the most effective tools in conveying the message to unsuspecting audiences: “(…) There are two ways in which the family planning message can be included in feature films. The first is for the family organisation to commission a film specifically for the campaign. (…) if it is to be successful, well known and popular actors must be chosen, and the scripting and direction has to be professionally executed. Another method is for the family planning theme to be introduced into feature films which are already planned and prepared by local commercial production companies. In this case, the family planning organisers must be aware of the possible ways in which the theme can be subtly incorporated, as producers are not likely to respond to a suggestion which involves the total re-thinking of the plot. (…) Suitable opportunities can be found in love stories, in stories based on conflicts between men and women (…).”

And the document- thoroughly immersed in deceit- continues on, listing example after example- and illustrating quite vividly the willingness on the part of the Malthusian-minded elite to lie, cheat and deceive in order to convince people that ‘less is more’. In the 1970s, air pollution and global cooling were thrown into the equation, nowadays it’s anthropogenic global warming. As this document shows, nation after nation is methodically bombarded with predictive programming-propaganda, requiring of the receiver an almost superhuman set of defence mechanisms to fence off the pitchforks of the eugenicists, poking at them from all sides.