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Destroyed: The Role of Nazi Eugenics in America, the Brainwashing of Children and Bureaucrats, the Ultimate Coup

"We will know our work is complete when everything the American people believe is a lie." --CIA Director, William Casey

"It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." --George Carlin

There is no greater taboo than the brainwashing of American children. Taboos are strong, irrational emotional responses that are not based upon reason. Eisenhower found Mind Control in both Europe and Asia just after World War II. This Mind Control was so powerful, that it would be negligent of any government to ignore it. Governments can program their own people with powerful taboos and myths fully manipulating them emotionally. Taboos and Myths can be programmed to hide the real power sources of these governments. Questioning the real facts about 9/11 is the ultimate taboo, as such will begin a Pandora's Box exposing the hidden world of our real government. Such is logical to assume that our own government would then employ an American version of Nazi Mind Control against us, much of it coming from actual Nazis brought to America for this very purpose. Just like the highway system, submarines, drugs and the rocket program, Mind Control was brought to the U.S. along with over 600 Nazi Mind Control agents. Only the elite would understand this power system and would keep this knowledge away from us. No program of government is more secret or disturbing.

As this Mind Control becomes more powerful over generations, it gradually replaces the Constitution as the true power source of government. The Age of Reason is replaced by the Age of Mind Control.

Look no farther than the Mockingbird media which fully programs 80% of Americans with their core political "reality." By controlling the major elements of theatre, theatre is indeed a hammer, fully shaping the entire society over generations for "endless war" and other secret government objectives. But such mass deception requires core gullibility programmed into children. Television is the hypno-devices of choice, as this becomes the life-long "parental" mind programmer. This builds groupthink conformity just like in first grade where sophisticated truth is viewed as bizarre, incredible or even insane. Populations can be dumbed-down so that sophisticated truth becomes invisible and incomprehensible. Therefore, what happens to be true and sophisticated is easily laughed off as irrelevant or even insane and we are all sustained throughout life as first graders, trusting and believing in our "parental" media and government. This is how they suspend you in totalitarian deception from the top down, just like you live in North Korea.

What's worse, the American people cannot organize behind sophisticated truth, like parental wisdom or the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, because the government has empowered a populist Illuminati to fully dumb down the population. Omission is their true power source as media-based banality now dominates the very idea of truth. Therefore, wrongful government is empowered to use sophisticated truth against you, since it is never exposed in any meaningful way as a transfer of power from the parent to the bureaucrat. This builds the "Sun King" mythic system which is a totalitarian deception. Our nation has transformed dramatically since World War II and this transformation has been programmed from the top down by destroying real parents. The carnival of mesmerists who run your Mockingbird media destroy truth in order to advance secret government agendas. They are professional propagandists and con-artists. They are advanced for their "parental" qualities because wrongful government destroys millions of real parents. The question you must continually ask is: who programs the programmer?

They are now destroying the truth in the youngest of children, causing hysteria and massive parental alienation. But your government never tells you the true reason for these crimes against children.

Taboos have been created and advanced by authorities for centuries. Over generations, these taboos become controlling taboos of enormous emotional power. Taboos are programmed to protect powerful government secrets, the very secrets of power itself. In North Korea, it is taboo to speak a negative word about the dictator. If you were to do so, the people around you would become very emotional and will want to lynch you. The North Korean people are government top-down cyborgs fully programmed by government to serve government. We find the same phenomenon in America.

Governments protect their power sources through draconian enforcement of these programmed taboos. To understand the real power source of any government, study its taboos. Taboos program the population on the subconscious level and can build entire mythic systems. The more dangerous the truth, the more draconian is the enforcement of the taboo which hides this truth. Brainwashing of children is the true reason for draconian repression of childhood sex education in America. As parental sex education is key to building sophisticated children who understand the real power system, these parents will be targeted for government destruction. They will be surrounded by idiots stuck at the first-grade level. Wrongful government is most obvious where the government begins the slave-making process in children. Nazified bureaucrats are employed to hold adults at this level of primitive development. To understand what your government is hiding from you, you must charge into the taboo of childhood sex education.

Political programming is sex programming. This programs authority in early childhood. The CIA will "deprogram" its enemies through sexual humiliation methods. This is because mind controlled societies do not raise their children in sexual truth by real parents. The brainwashing of government mythic systems requires the destruction of the parental duty of sex education. Governments program the taboos which destroy normal sexual development in children. This process transfers the authority of the parent to the state and dumbs children down for political brainwashing and groupthink conformity.

My own family was exploited and destroyed by the sex taboos programmed into my wife. She was a victim of military sexual repression programming given to the non-elite and she would fully believe that such programming is normal for the next generation. She was unaware that the elite provide their own children with comprehensive sex education as directed by nature and the federal government itself for the "elite." Such learned ignorance programming of the non-elite is Nazification, designed to make military grunts and blind political conformers out of children. My family was therefore in grave danger by a Nazified government not for anything I did, but for what I knew. Intellectual blindness and slavery are the operative words which result from programmed sex taboos and programmed myths. But knowledge of this wrongful power system is the greatest threat to the government. This single issue is the Holy Grail of conspiracy theories as it goes to the very heart of wrongful authority: the unconstitutional brainwashing of the American people en mass by 600 Nazi mind control agents.

This fact is so unbelievable precisely because PsyOps has programmed it as such. Many of those who secretly advanced Nazi Mind Control were the same Jewish people building Holocaust museums. Such builds profound intellectual blindness into the operation and such is how the CIA operates invisible to your rational mind. Now Nazi Mind Control fully serves actual Nazis in government, and none of this is by accident.

This normalization of Nazi Mind Control in America is extremely important to understand, as these bureaucrats want to program your own children with the same taboos and through Tavistock, Freud told our own government how to program these taboos for eugenics and mass delusion. The eugenics movement in America is now destroying millions of families based upon programmed sex taboos. As nature intends for children to first fall in love with their parents in order to learn critical lessons of life, the mass destruction of the parental duty by government rednecks has profound implications.

The spreading of "crowd control" devices, false terror and animal spirits in adults by secret government requires the "depatterning" of the childhood mind away from normal development. The parental alienation process is now programmed into children at very early ages and is widely viewed by the mind-controlled as a good thing. They are so repleat with programmed bogey-man myths that normal child development is impossible. These are basic Nazi sex tricks and we are better than that. But they become very powerful over generations through media programming and groupthink conformity. This is the true source of terror programming which serves secret government slave-making. The secret federal government then spreads powerful subconscious control devices, pornography, violence programming, drugs and usury devices, to achieve broad eugenics results and political programming of "authority." None of which comes from real parents and serves only to destroy real parental authority. Real parental authority must be destroyed early in the child's life. We have very strong evidence to believe that the Bohemian Grove death cult has engineered AIDS and Nazi Mind Control to be used against the American people for eugenics. Such sex and death programming requires learned ignorance about sex at childhood. So protecting your children from these sex taboos and sex predator myths is extremely important.

We are researching the child trafficking methods being used in Bedford, Pennsylvania, home of Hitler's eugenics movement. A documentary and book entitled Destroyed: The Secret War on American Children will feature the stories of many children destroyed by a system that advances a government mythic system based on terror and trauma conditioning that make slaves and Nazifies children. The atrocities done to my own family will be fully documented. Even Mengele, the Nazi "Angel of Death," worked on this slave-making system. You may find this subject ridiculous until you actually study it. Your input into this important work is greatly appreciated. The states are now kidnapping and brainwashing children through scientific fraud, constitutional treason and bureaucratic dysfunction on a massive scale. View some of the children destroyed for a Nazi-inspired system that makes slaves.

Many Americans are so thoroughly brainwashed by mass media programming that the actual facts of their government's "war on terror" comes as a brutal and bizarre revelation. Most are literally too afraid to enter into the truth. But this is the realm of PsyOps for which your current government now operates. One of the darkest revelations of American brainwashing of children comes from European Freudian experts who have worked for decades to "deprogram" Europe from Nazi Mind Control operations. Little do Americans understand that Nazi Mind Control has been "normalized" right here in the U.S..

Childhood hysteria cases are on the rise in America as parental alienation away from the traditional parental duty is also dramatically rising. In Europe, children empowered by parental sex education is common because of Hitler. It is well known to protect them from hysteria and political programming, but this same empowerment is taboo in America. Child sex abuse hysteria builds terror into the population and gives rise to the destruction of normal sexual development which empowers and protects children from deep primal fears regarding sexuality. Such education is critically necessary for normal childhood development. But government requires this destruction of the parental duty for massive media programming of the "parental government" mythic system. Such "parental" government is now free to rape-kit babies, terrorize children with sex taboos and stereotype parents as sex predators for broad political control. If you believe you are the king in your own home, you are fondly deluded. They have killed the king's method of raising children so that your children are fully brainwashed. This unconstitutional process builds an invisible elite death cult at the very top of government.

View the Bohemian Grove death cult now running your secret federal government and the Big Money media machine.

Nazi Mind Control serves to channel these primitive fears in children to build enemy archetypes and state "authority" into the child. As these fears increase, irrational fears, myths and taboos are embedded into children and parental alienation is the true culprit. Top Freudian experts know that these irrational fears are sex based and that the parental duty is most effective at comforting and protecting the child from these primal fears. Wrongful government then demonizes the traditional parental duty of the most enlightened parents, keeping these children unnaturally ignorant for programming purposes. Because sexual repression is used to program children, childhood hysteria which results from sexual ignorance is one of the first telltale signs of Nazi slave-making.

But not only are these American Nazis destroying the most important empowerment tool for children, they are actively creating fables of child abuse employing Freudian sex taboos to convince children that the parental duty is really sex abuse. These fables get plenty of play with Nazified rednecks who enjoy these primitive child sacrifice rituals. They are so profoundly ignorant that they raise their own children sexually ignorant and do not know that everything from drug abuse to neurosis is all rooted in childhood sexual repression. There is a specific form of neurosis for which the government wants your children to suffer: media programming. This is because Mockingbird media programming is government brainwashing via mesmerism. The mesmerist becomes "parental" through the destruction of real parents. So they advance broad childhood sexual repression en mass just like the Nazis. And they will destroy every constitutional right you possess in order to destroy your family with this Nazi witchcraft perfected by Mengele and the Skull and Bones.

If you think this "mental hygiene" of the Skull and Bones is benign, you are profoundly deluded. Nearly 10 million children will die of AIDS alone, 25 million non-custodial parents have been alienated away from their children by the witchcraft of the Skull and Bones and this is only a small sample of the many horrors spawned by learned ignorance about sex. As traditional parenting is made taboo, traditional religion is also slated for destruction as mass subconscious programming of sex and death becomes more and more sophisticated and seductive.

We can trace the child sex abuse hysteria of the past several decades directly to the media-programmers who program terror and function at the top of the federal government, the CIA, FBI and the Bohemian Grove death cult. Together they have programmed the entire "war on terror" mythic system through sexual hysteria hype designed to fulfill Mind Control operations for eugenics, population control and political power. The greatest threat to this wrongful programming is the educated parent. We are educating the exceptional patriots who will raise their children in truth because they understand the real threat of this massive Mind Control machine. You will quickly understand that this machine is the very source of power for a death-cult elite and they will protect these secrets with draconian force.

Now, each and every "enemy" of the powers-that-be are subject to broad sex-abuse investigations into their private family lives because they are empowering their children with truth just like nature intends. They routinely take your most important parental duties and present them as "sex acts," simply because the "authorities" have programmed Freudian sex taboos into a Nazified culture. A Nazified culture then see these bureaucratic beasts as "parental." This is a Nazified culture of historic blindness, as the most important empowerment tool for children is universally destroyed by actual Nazis. These taboos are meticulously crafted to destroy the most enlightened of parents and hide the very power source of the Nazi movement: child sacrifice and emotional programming at childhood which fully inverts our Constitution's power system. This programming of children with sex taboos is profoundly evil, but little understood by the average American. It is far easier to demonize the individual through Nazi sex tricks and massive media deception than to study the actual facts about the Nazification of America, but the exceptional patriot will study these facts with the greatest of urgency! These abuses to our Constitution secure absolute powers at the very top of government, not for years, but for decades. We now have a legitimate concern that such wrongful authority may never leave power.

Why We Fight is a film about the military industrial complex and the real reason we are so eager to fight in America. 600 Nazi Mind Control agents were brought to the United States after World War II to build highly seductive emotional programming into American mass media. This programming requires the destruction of sophisticated sexual ethics development of children so that they easily fall for the tricks of media mesmerists. I met many of the second and third generation Nazis at Harvard because this is where the CIA began the programming operations in the 1950s. In 1959, Eisenhower warned us of the "spiritual attack" against us. Kennedy vowed to stand up to the CIA propaganda machine and was killed. We now know that this massive conspiracy is firmly in place and it requires the destruction of the reality principle in children which helps them deal with emotional programming by employing their rational minds. This destruction of rational thought is Nazifying the American people for "endless war" and the "war on terror," none of which is rational but is programmed by emotion. Little do the American people know that this Nazification of American children is fully normalized and the "war on terror" has been fully programmed as a totalitarian mythic system. This government mythic system is indeed a "spiritual attack" of Biblical significance.

Mind Control normalizes primitive rituals which over-power the rational mind. The Founding Fathers knew the inherent dangers of providing a "parental" President with war powers and they entrusted Congress and not the President with these powers. The purpose of Mind Control is to create a "parental" executive branch which is a powerful mental illusion which creates intellectual blindness in the population. This illusion is built by mass media where terror, both real and promulgated, is employed to program the FBI and other executive branch agents as the "parental protector." This intellectual blindness is then used to advance false wars by a near totalitarian deception of the Machiavellian manipulator, the true face of your executive branch.

Freud proved that rational decision making begins with sex education at the proper times by real parents. So wrongful government deliberately destroys this critical empowerment of children. Freud proved that mass delusion was not only possible but was fully historic. Mass delusion can be programmed en mass. Children retarded away from parental authority in regard to normal sexual development will suffer from the ill effects of emotional media programming. This is because much of modern media is sex and terror based, unlike media before Mind Control. These children will become easily programmed by a government mythic system where television mesmerists become embedded as "parental." These media mesmerists then become important CIA assets advancing broad themes of government deception through Operation Mockingbird.

Though mesmerist religions have used these methods for centuries, their true source is the slave-making arts. This destruction of the parental duty of early and effective sex education is the destruction of the "king's method" of raising his own children in truth, not for the mythic system of slaves. Such destruction of truth at childhood is now fully normalized as a good thing. Nothing is further from the truth! Children are being deliberately programmed not to understand the true power structure of our Constitution. This reversal of our Constitution's power system is Nazification and comes directly from our worst enemy. Evidence of this Nazi Mind Control is all around you, if you would only look.

Think about the logic of Mind Control. If such control over entire societies was obvious to Eisenhower in Europe and Asia, do you actually believe that the government would allow the Soviets or any other foreign threat to secretly program Americans? Or is it more logical to assume that the federal government chose to dominate and program our own media in order to secretly advance its own version of Mind Control? After the Cold War was won, this Mind Control machine was never revealed to us, only used against us to build the "endless war" mythic system, a mythic system which requires false-flag terror attacks.

If this massive Mind Control machine does not exist, why not do an in-depth and legally sound investigation into the facts of Building 7 on 9/11, the most important news story in U.S. history? This would be the equivalent of Mockingbird Media shooting itself in the foot.

Nazified bureaucrats are trained by a "behaviorist science" which has been programmed by the CIA. This "science" never informs today's bureaucrats that rational decision making is sex-based and requires sophisticated sexual development from real parents. They then destroy this development in millions of children so that these children will become programmed by CIA media. Those at Harvard who helped establish this "science" choose to raise their own children with comprehensive sex education for sophisticated development. Now the rift between "elite" children and "non-elite" children is so wide, that elite sex education in non-elite communities is viewed as a horrible sex crime. These mind-controlled mobs are completely blind to the real threat to children. They are not even aware that they have been emotionally programmed to advance brainwashing against children, a brainwashing that is a powerful form of neurosis.

Notice that those who advanced Nazi Mind Control in America have simultaneously advanced "popular culture" through the Bohemian Grove and never left power! What is made "popular" is used to destroy rational decision making and sophisticated ethics development. It is specifically designed to reverse the mind's understanding of our Constitution's power structure. Such "popular culture" drives the population into a more primitive, "controllable" mind by exploiting more primitive emotions which advance the "need" for top-down government. Such primitive emotions then over-power the rational mind and can be fully themed to advance secret government agendas from the top down.

By understanding the real groupthink power of Alpha-level Mind Control, you will begin to understand why. They now launch false wars through primitive fire ceremonies and destroy millions of children simply by manipulating a few key elements of theatre. But much of this manipulation functions on the subconscious level becoming invisible to the rational mind. Popular culture now functions as the false religion of government and this is accomplished through subconscious programming of children who are deliberately set up for terror programming. These American Nazis killed Kennedy and gave us 9/11 and a thousand other atrocities, but the further away you get from these programmed horrors, the more obvious becomes the intent of the programming. "Endless war" is a reality in the Middle East because of our own government's obsession with oil in that region and its own terrorism beginning in the 1950s. But now "endless war" can be fully programmed through powerful psychological devices starting with the youngest of children, but only if parents conform to this massive fraud of the elite. You will not understand this issue in five minutes. But there is literally no more important issue to understand.

Childhood sexual hysteria directly affects the parent-child bond, retards normal and necessary child development and serves to program children for Mind Control manipulation. This programming of childhood sexual learned ignorance was highly specific to Nazi Germany and this is no accident. It is literally only found in those cultures which make slaves. Most of these programs directly evolved from American eugenics "tricks" employed to build sex abuse hysteria and traffic in children for which Hitler himself greatly admired. These ancient terror rituals program children for core gullibility and irrational fear where they then are easily manipulated by wrongful authority for the rest of their lives. You will notice that the very essence of terror programming begins with the destruction of the parental duty. This destruction is the very source of satanic arrogance and power of the slave-maker and is now fully normalized in American politics.

Core gullibility begins by violating the historically all-important parental duty of protecting children from the slave-makers. Violating parental sex education at childhood is the key to wrongful authority and the tyranny of totalitarian deception.

By upcoding common childhood hysteria cases to Nazified bureaucrats, primitive child sacrifice ceremonies are allowed to take place which actually serves politics. Stealing children away from their parents builds satanic arrogance into government and this is its true purpose. As these children are sacrificed, the emotional contagion is produced on the subconscious level throughout the entire community where "get tough" politicians are fully empowered as "authority" through ceremonies of the ancient slave-making arts. Since our Constitution provides such authority to real parents and not bureaucrats, American Nazis have developed Mind Control to over-power this Constitution. Much of this Mind Control has been normalized through operation Mockingbird's manipulation of popular media. This reversal of the Constitution's power system fully explains much of the American culture over the past 60 years. The Nazification of American children is no illusion and can be fully explained!

Most Americans are programmed on the Alpha level to find all of this social engineering as "necessary." Many Americans will even betray a close family member simply to "honor" a uniformed "authority" figure who presumes obvious unconstitutional rights over other people's children. This is the power of massive pro-government theming of media. This is the tell-tale sign of the Monarch Worm which the vast majority of Americans do not want to see or acknowledge. The art of "Mesmerism" is now routinely used against non-elite children and have been perfected by our own CIA. Television was specifically designed for this function and is themed for Mind Control group conformity into a government mythic system. Most American "clinics," and police stations have "tanks" for this mesmerist "voice of authority" manipulation.

These hypno-chambers are really fiction factories when children of certain ages are abused in them, as these are critical staging areas for broad eugenics operations. Even though such betrayal of family is grossly unconstitutional, most Americans will find such betrayal as "patriotic," "necessary" or "just." They have been conditioned by decades of propaganda and wrongful programming which portray child traffickers in a good light and non-elite parents as predators. In a word they have been Nazified by the programming of bogey-man myths via Nazi Mind Control terror programming. This bogey-man myth is reinforced by media programming employing exaggerations of emotion and not scientific fact. Good science has proven that childhood sex education from real parents is profoundly necessary for healthy and intelligent child development and Nazified bureaucrats are now programmed to destroy this empowerment of children. More importantly for the child traffickers, most Americans will simply ignore this obvious child trafficking, even as it happens all around them.

When adult offspring started filing lawsuits based solely on claims of recovered repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, they raised many legal questions in the courts, such as those related to the statutes of limitations and expert testimony. Later, some of these same people came to the opinion that their previous memories were false and were the result of a disastrous therapeutic program. They then began to file lawsuits against their therapists. In addition, some of the parents who had been accused filed third party lawsuits against their children's therapists. All of these lawsuits rest on the "scientific" understanding of repressed memories. Indeed, recovered-memory lawsuits reflect the broad problem of the relationship between the law and science. But this "science" has been largely controlled and manipulated by secret CIA mind control programs. No one seems to question the sources and the ultimate objective of this "science" beyond simply destroying American society itself so that a small group of elite can control and manipulate all of society!

These cases are obvious Nazi sex tricks designed to spread core gullibility and separate children from their rightful parents. These "sex validators" are too stupid to know that the parental duty is a key requirement of our constitutional system and are so Nazi-specific that there is literally no way to distinguish them from earlier Nazis. Therefore they routinely violate the most fundamental rights of parents. They have been fully programmed by Nazi Mind Control and are a major threat to your children.

The Bush family has a long history of financing American eugenics and the Nazi eugenics machine. American eugenicists were fully embraced by Hitler. Powerful American eugenicists financed Hitler and developed Freudian sex-magic methods to be used as weapons of war. They actively brought the Nazi Mind Control "technology" of making slaves to the U.S and "normalized" trauma-based sex manipulation throughout society. Now massive eugenics operations are totally "normalized" in America as "child protection" rackets employing basic Nazi sex magic tricks. Coincidence?

There is a long paper trail linking German Nazi eugenics operations and Nazi Mind Control methods to top elitist Republicans now in power. These voodoo methods of sex magic are never applied to their own families, and Monarch Mind Control is the true power source for the entire Republican power system. Massive federal "truth" spending through our top universities has effectively "normalized" these Nazi methods. The states now routinely upcode children to these programs due to enormous federal sex HYPe (Harvard, Yale, Princeton "truth" programming) and massive "protection" funding. They will never tell you that these "sex magic" methods are so traumatic that they destroy millions of families before any facts are even possible. These children are being dumbed-down about sex and power for a very nefarious reason: the total reversal of our Constitution from a parent-based system of truth to a Nazi based system of top-down tyranny.

For a basic overview, see A Nation Betrayed, Tulane University's mind control studies and the widespread Child Torture Activities of the U.S. government. Much propaganda now serves the idea that these programs were so horrible that no good came out of them. Both the good and the bad intelligence gathered from these tormented programs are vehemently guarded state secrets and they are on-going! Broad eugenics results are now achieved through mass media brainwashing and this requires the destruction of traditional parenting and traditional religion. The good science serves the elite, the bad science is served to the non-elite. These psychological "spiritual" methods are now routinely employed against U.S. children in active Child Trafficking eugenics programs.

Mike Ferner--

During the rush to get the Nuremberg Tribunals underway, the Soviet delegation wanted the tribunal’s historic decisions to have legitimacy only for the Nazis. U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, serving as the chief prosecutor for the Allies, strong-armed the Soviets until the very beginning of the tribunal before changing their minds.

In his opening statement Jackson very purposely stipulated, “…Let me make clear that while this law is first applied against German aggressors, the law includes, and if it is to serve a useful purpose it must condemn aggression by any other nations, including those which sit here now in judgment.”

Can there be a better reason for prosecuting George Bush and his administration for war crimes than those words from the chief prosecutor of the Nazis, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, with the full support of the U.S. government? Robert Jackson’s words and the values this nation claims to stand for provide sufficient moral basis for putting Bush and Cheney, their underlings who implemented their policies and the perverted legal minds who justified them all in the dock. If those are not sufficient reasons, there is a long list of binding law and treaties – written in black and white in surprisingly plain English.

Bush imagined, and his attorneys advised, that he could simply wave aside these laws with “they don’t apply.” Imagine how a judge would treat even a simple traffic court defendant who brazenly stated the law was only a quaint notion, just “words on paper?” Read more.

View Lawyers for 9/11 Truth Website

We now petition our Supreme Court to open a fully public trial for advancing the truth about this coup over our Constitution, the truth about 911 and the truth about our secret federal government. This abuse of power is absolute, therefore extraordinary measures must be advanced. Powerful Disinformation Campaigns will be advanced against the truth! Including powerful groupthink conformity via Mockingbird media deception. Obvious crimes against our Constitution will require Articles of Treason against all conspirators domestic and foreign. Therefore, our Supreme Court must take all necessary powers vested in it by our Constitution to secure a thorough, accurate and complete investigation based upon the rule of law, not an elite-cult conspiring to destroy the Constitution. Ask yourself one question: Are you on the wrong side of history? Will you take a few minutes to find out?

Investigate the Reversal of our Constitution by an active Mind Control Conspiracy

We now have a critical mass of Patriotic Americans willing to act as critical witnesses through our Courts, our Congress and our laws. These include top CIA, FBI and other federal patriots who know the whole truth. We demand Nothing Less than a full, complete and accurate Investigation Into Our Secret Federal Government and its true intent. Step up to our Constitution or step out!

Articles of Treason

“... to appoint an Independent Prosecutor under the authority of Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution to prosecute Treason against these United States of America by U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other John and Jane Does for planning and carrying out the acts of treason, as defined in Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution, by conspiring to carry out, carrying out and/or causing to be carried out an armed attack upon these United States on September 11, 2001, in the guise of a strategic deception operation” based upon the Northwoods Terror Deception.

Mass murder was committed in three states on 9/11. None of those states are doing a responsible murder investigation. This is due to a bogus top-down federal conspiracy. However "sacred" is the 9/11 "Official Myth," the federal government does not have the authority to stop a state murder investigation!

In a brainwashed society, the most fundamental truths make you all-powerful, therefore, all-dangerous. By becoming a minimalist with no outside programming, like Socrates, truth is the most dangerous of all ideas. Look what they did to him.

Understanding the deep programming of Americans over generations.


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Those are terrible quotations by the people you listed above.
    Astonishingly demented opinions.
    I may be wrong although I really don't see that the issues concerning freedom have much to do with the traditional Nazi party.
    You should pay a visit to the Huffington Post via the Internet and leave you expert opinion's I'm sure everyone would enjoy hearing your opinion's. I spend most of my on-line computer time there.
    And you do great blogs.

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Tell the aliens on Gliese 581d about earths troubles by a special delivered text message that will be sent Aug.28 2009 at noon. They will receive it in about 20 years just in time to respond promptly to your request. Google here. http://www.hellofromearth.net/

  3. Johnny Genlock12:16 AM

    So, someone comes along and writes an article dropping real names of real programs addressing real-to-die-for issues kicking our butts here in America. And all the Anonymouses can say is tell it to someone else? Anonymouses, . . . you must be new. www.franklinscandal.com/ Begin to wake up from your mental fog. Best wishes.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      I have suspicions much of the concerns here may be valid. I come from a pro-environment, energy healer perspective; when big business and churches destroy the small amount of the natural world to further what can only be money and ego, when it goes against common sense, actual need or real spirituality, I have to ask why. The answers seem to lead to those things in society which encourage conformity and lack of true education. People in touch with nature and natural laws feel injuries to the self and the natural world deeply. To feel deeply about such things is healthy. The repercussions of mind control seem to lead to a numbness of mind and spirit which defies common sense and self-preservation. This mind control may have centralized agendas, but I have to consider the possibility that people are following the crowd and not paying attention to what is real.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      This article is repeating the theme of inadequate child training by natural parents in sex education. I see this them throughout this website. A liberal versus Republican theme also pervades. I am definitel liberal, but had a conservative sex education at home. It was not adequate. I will point out my father is a Republican: is there a connection? But he was also from rural Texas with a lot of fundamental Christianity. Is that the issue? But my mother was the one who sat down and talked to me - what are her excuses? 1950s upbringing? Small town conservatism growing up? Linking bad sex education to a political system of mind control is difficult unless you have facts. I think we need more examples and data. Perhaps these come in other places on the website or through links to other websites (ie, another webpage on this site shows that Obama has supported early public school child sex education).

      I would suggest that one place parents could be open with children is in the topic of masturbation and real people's real world sexual urges as they manifest across gender and age groups. A talk about human sexuality would include the possibility the human sex drive may find itself attracted to many people in diverse ways and that culture defines how that sexuality is permitted to be expressed. The main idea is to have children who think and reflect honestly about their own sexuality and who can look at other people and acknowledge theirs. It would include having a wide frame of reference for identifying all kinds of sexuality in the world and how to identify when some of it is not self-promoting.

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    It would support teaching kids how to protect themselves and to recognize perpetrator mentalities. It would also include ideas that what goes in, comes out - ie, media and porn - and what we practice, we become. If we practice an obsessive/compulsive approach to sex, we will become that thing - and so will others. Having a sense of autonomy with reasoned sociocultural connectivity would also be important - to not follow the crowd, but to enjoy being with people using one's own intelligence and education as a guide. Learning to flow naturally with sex while having good feelings toward self and others would be part of any good child raising endeavors. Rules for sex behavior do not belong to any one church or political approach, and to look carefully at churches that seem to be linked with political groups. Sexual abuse is never OK. Kids have rights which include being able to say "hands off" if an adult comes around with sexual intentions. Early childhood training may have to include teaching kids to know that if an adult does that, it is not OK. Education would include telling kids to pay attention if they think other kids are being abused or molested. Kids may see things adults never see, and the educated child has good communication with a loving parent. In fact, good communication is a key element to any sex education of children in the home. Without this, the whole thing falls apart. It is up to parents to make this a top priority for the entire duration of life with that child. Kids need to know what is going on in the world and how to protect themselves, how to make informed choices, how to deal with the stuff of life as it hits them. Good communication between parent and child in these matters can greatly encourage a child's success, safety and sense of well-being and self-acceptance which can be a grounding force and source of sustenance for the entire lifetime of that individual. Children who are given the time and care in such matters will turn around and to that for their children and others in their life. Sex education that runs deep and true can open doorways for people in many ways because so much of human nature carries within it the charge of sexual impulse or drive. As this article indicates, it's in everything, it's everywhere. Children need to know that to be able to respond authentically and with wisdom to the world as it really is, not how a religious political institution tells us it should be. How that pulse is used or applied is a fundamental source of discussion with any child in his or her educational process.

  5. Anonymous4:14 PM

    In referencing the above topic of masturbation, I think it is a key issues that should be discussed openly without issues of judgment or shaming. It may take some people practice to talk about their own masturbation, much less discuss the topic in an educational manner with a child. These topics should include frank discussions of personal hygiene regarding anything sexual including masturbation. The education should include teaching a child how to be discerning when discussing masturbation or other sexual topics outside the home because much of the real world either has taboos or lecherous types triggered by such topics. It should include how to apply it in one's life, if one chooses to do it so that personal well-being is the primary goal; too much of anything can be bad, for example, or if it is impacting a relationship, common sense is needed. Frank discussions about homosexuality and sexual urges toward people who may be family should also be discussed, as this article suggests kids may have natural feelings of being in love with parents at first. Such things should be openly acknowledged and lovingly discussed, not manipulated or toyed with. People who really care about others do not abuse the system of information or twist the energy of its conveyance. They give it their best shot, hold nothing back as is appropriate, and come at the topic with a desire to give that person true opportunities for health, well-being, safety and informed decisions in life. Good teachers know what it is like to have good teachers. They aspire to teach their children sex education as comprehensively, meaningfully and compassionately as possible. They make up for the mistakes they themselves experienced from other teachers, and they admit their own mistakes as they move along. When they learn of a better way, they willingly and happily take it into their educational approach. They are responsive to new information and change, and pass that on to their children. Again, the main ingredient in sex education is good communication. Added to the above blogs for lack of room.

  6. Anonymous4:54 AM

    The framework for mind control thinking comes from this research done in Alexandria,Va. in the early 80's. The new world order and the new age movement sent this guy out to public schools with this training program.
    Look Familiar !
    1) Attention Control Process - Energy Control , Bracketing , ...
    2) Deep Processing - Mental Pictures , Physical Sensations, Emotions, Thought voice...
    3) Memory Framework .... see file
    http://0-www.eric.ed.gov.opac.acc.msmc.edu/PDFS/ED314710.pdf .
    This information which was to help children but is now the torture framework used on us all. This just shows the twisted evil of the nwo. The backlash was immediate when this program hit the schools in 1987 and required an article written by Marzano in Dec.93'
    When Two Worldveiws Collide http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/dec93/vol51...
    The failure to find any footage of this video tape seminar on the internet is a sign of a nwo cover-up. I have a copy of the VHS seminar presented to schools in 1987 and found an interesting quote from Mr. Marzano. This quote came during the Evaluation of Evidence Process discussion on accepting new information and unusual claims,
    "For example, their minister or religious leader is a person from whom they expect to hear new information and unusual claims. From that person then the individual would accept new information and accept unusual claims even if it jumped out at him or her. So what I would like you to do is something we suggest you do with students and that is before just jumping into this. Present the process to students...".
    This confirms what I already knew and that is they have mind controlled most of our ministers and religious leaders. Have you ever wondered why they never call the U.S. the "new Rome" or "Babylon"? Or why we have so many megachurches to control just one speaker. The rupert murdock owned Zonnerfein books which publishes Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Church" is a new age mind controlled guideline for this apostasy. This is the biggest reason for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ, that the very elect won't be deceived.
    The study of this information will help you understand their tactics and how to build your own countermeasures. The Christians back in the 80's knew and warned of the danger of this new age evil and no one listened. This info. I hope will help someone.
    "...The Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you

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