Sunday, January 13, 2008

Basic Parental Rights Routinely Violated by Child Protection Services and Republican Sex Cults

Do you live under the fond illusion that you have basic parental rights? This is a profoundly important question in the Post-Orwellian age, as the federal government's regard for "low intensity conflict" now fully applies to American parents. 25 million U.S. parents have discovered that they do not have any basic parental rights in today's courts of equity or "family courts," and they find this out when it is too late. The programmed attitude that parents have no rights and are sex predators is directly linked to the elite Nazis at the CIA. The CIA has programmed the bureuacrats which target your children with Nazi sex magic tricks and this Nazi Mind Control serves eugenics.

"Low intensity" means that your pleas for justice will go largely unheard. "Low intensity" means that civil rights can be effectively destroyed over the long term because this erosion of basic rights will never be raised to the public consciousness because the government's secret eugenics operation is protected by a controlled media. Basic parental rights will then disappear and totally obvious eugenics operations will become normalized. This allows for active political and cultural eugenics operations to destroy millions of American families and fully Nazify the American people by programmed marionette bureaucrats advancing basic witchcraft sex taboos against good parents. These programmed and deluded bureaucrats will even believe that they are doing good.

By effectively employing Freudian sex taboos against the individual, the driving force of sexual hysteria and sexual abuse are never blamed on its true source, a highly secretive federal government, and the entire world will be made blind to these horrific crimes of eugenics.

"Homeland Security," a totally Nazi concept, now allows a secret federal government full manipulation of "science," the same "science" that will pervert millions of Americans into mind-controlled cyborgs.

Big brother wants to instruct you on how to raise your children. He has an agenda for your family and a personal "gut" feeling about you. He has actively manipulated the entire "science" of human behavior to suit his slave-making needs. He may place a wire around your penis and show you child pornography. He may require a polygraph to determine your eligibility for fatherhood. He may depict normal human sexuality, affection or even fine art as deeply criminal. He will never tell you that all of these methods of political abuse have been deemed illegal by the Supreme Court. He would never do this to the political elite. After all, they are "moral" and "decent" people (who happen to know their rights). He will do this to those deemed politically unacceptable and those conditioned by wrongful authority not to know that sexual repression and political social engineering actually rules them.

By accepting the political scams of the elite, you will be brought into a bizarre scheme of demoralization, eugenics false courts and dehumanization which is never applied to the elite. This Kafkaesque realm of constitutional abuse is fully accepted by lawyers and other elite conformists, therefore, you will not get clear answers to your basic constitutional questions from them. Your basic parental rights to protect your own children from the most basic sexual scams of the elite do not exist because you are not the elite. What's worse, those surrounding you are themselves fully brainwashed by the elite "science" of eugenics which programs them to do service for the elite. They will destroy countless "non-elite" families simply because these children might receive "elite" education and they will do so with the complete zeal of the crusader. Only a parent can see through these idiot scams and protect his child.

As difficult as it is for many Americans to accept, the historical facts are overwhelming. Actual Nazis have manipulated the psychological community through the 1947 National Security Act and the CIA "truth" funding in order to operate and normalize active eugenics operations in the U.S.. These operations actively criminalize comprehensive sex education and other empowering methods used by the elite with their own children. This is why Americans have become so idiotic concerning basic sexuality, child empowerment, drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. Now fully programmed marionette bureaucrats are programmed to wildly exaggerate child abuse in ways that actually create this child abuse by repressing the parental duty of sex education. Sexual repression imposed by the state actually creates child abuse, as such is fully consistent with human psychology, but you will never here this fact from your CIA, elitist-controlled mass media.

By keeping the mass non-elite population deliberately ignorant of the parental duty, the state then builds a more primitive mind in the repressed population, conditioning them like cattle for slaughter. The parental duty, like usury and other long-standing historically necessary facts of life has been deliberately repressed from the non-elite population by the elite. The parental duty being fully repressed, long established to protect and empower children throughout history, sets up the non-elite population for self-destruction and utter enslavement by the elite.

These "behaviorist" educated marionettes will use actual trauma-based brainwashing methods against children and mothers in order to destroy millions of U.S. families. But they will never be told that such trauma has been perfected in Nazi death camps to be used to make slaves. Mothers are now routinely placed into extreme hysteria by Mengele-perfected hysteria-building devices of fear or terror, effectively clearing their unconscious minds so that they can then be programmed to "accept" that their husbands or partners are horrible child abusers. Such a scam serves eugenics in case after case. This programming is fully encoded as "necessary" for "protection" of children before any facts about such alleged "abuse" are ever established. In fact, in most cases the fathers are actively demonized and ostracized before they can establish any form of understanding of these basic witch-hunt "charges." Tavistock has been given billions of dollars of U.S. tax-payer money in order to sex-up these Nazi sex inquisitions and make the vast majority of Americans view them as "normal" or "necessary" for CSI-styled child protection. Then horrific cases of child abuse are played continually in the military-programmed media in order to sustain the statistical results of family destruction. They will never tell the American public that the elite are trained to encourage sexual activity and sexual education in their own children for healthy "elite" or "king's" methods of child rearing and are fully protected from this eugenics fraud. Sexual repression through these methods represent the most basic eugenics scams of the elite.

Sexual repression then makes Americans so sexually stupid that they now easily fall for Child Services touch taboo tricks and other basic witchcraft devices of eugenics. It never occurs to programmed people to question these hysteria-building devices. After all, to do so would challenge the "peer pressure" mechanisms of conformity set up by Tavistock mass-media programming. Peer pressure is now used ubiquitously as a mob-rule device of mass conformity. Since parent's have many duties to their children in all areas including the genitalia, touch taboos are highly effective Freudian devices of building mass hysteria in the non-elite, uneducated populations easily manipulated by peer-pressure devices.

The "validators" of such "abuse" are never permitted around the children of the elite, including major figures within our federal government and are extensively trained in the witchcraft arts and not the sciences. Well educated professionals know that these sex taboos are highly subjective and are therefore easily manipulated by basic witchcraft devices of shame, hysteria and false drama. But most non-elite parents are unable to challenge such false drama. Professionals know that the child will follow the reaction of the adult and these marionettes are fully programmed to react in the worst possible manner in case after case. Programmed marionettes possess absolutely no common sense in child development matters, because they have themselves been programmed by these same witchcraft devices in order to distrust virtually every non-elite "sex offender." They are told, quite literally, that such offenders are everywhere. This hysteria is conditioned by many emotion-based Tavistock group-dynamics courses, seminars and multi-media presentations. This hysteria then over-rides all rational thought about normal and necessary sex education. This was the most basic Nazi trick used effectively against the Jews and other minorities. This is the main reason why the parental duty was forced underground in the first place. The elite have always feared and demonized the parental duty in the non-elite population. The psychological truths are these: those most likely to react harshly to pedophilia hysteria and punishment are closeted pedophiles themselves. They are reacting harshly and disproportionately because of their own inner demons. This has been proven over and over again in real courts of law. Most Nazis advancing harsh "anti-pedophile" laws in Nazi Germany were fully exposed as being pedophiles themselves. Those who repress the parental duty in non-elite populations most likely suffer from pedophilia demons and must be confronted as such.

The CIA has been actively involved in keeping these fundamental truths about basic human psychology and sexual hysteria fully out of the public domain in America. They have simultaneously advanced these same truths in post-war Germany in order to build a less militant population. In Germany, the Tavistock and CIA-backed Kinderladen movement and comprehensive sex education movement has been widely viewed as highly successful. This is largely because this movement is based upon real science and natural child rearing enjoyed by elite children. This information is fully repressed from the U.S. population, as this population is directed by our own secret government to be a militant, sexually-repressed Nazi population fully available for Pentagon mind programming. Why Americans routinely react in horror to such child empowerment is no coincidence. They have been programmed to be "peasants" and a highly militant population, quite deliberately. They will never question the "naturalness" of children being held in total sexual ignorance well into their teens. This makes perfect sense as one studies the Mind Control programming used to create military killers, mass-media believers and other conformists. Such programming requires a disproportionately large population of sexually repressed children. These are children who have "learned" that imposed ignorance is a "necessary" part of life. Much of this repression is done through basic elitist scams which demonize good parents.

One such expert in child development, Richard A Gardner M.D. of Columbia University, bravely fought against the 9/11 fraud and the Nazification of American children. His many works in this field exposed the eugenics operations in America as a fundamental fraud to normal childhood development and the American family itself. He died of a brutal stabbing to the heart in 2003 which was blamed on a "suicide." He was not the first or most likely the last expert in child development to be so brutalized. This area of child development is most central to the Nazification of America, because it is where Nazis begin to build the normalization process of slavery into the next generation.

The massive underground funding for eugenics tricks against children and parents are highly historical coming from Rockefeller grants, secret elitist government and other pro-Nazi eugenics movements. This social engineering must first lull the vast majority of Americans into accepting the utter reversal of their Constitution. By demonizing non-elite parents in absolutely normal and necessary sex education or other responsibilities of good parents, these eugenicists achieve broad population control without any scientific proof or even legal proof of "abuse." They know that by building sexual hysteria throughout media through Alpha programming, this will bring government into your bedroom, into your children's lives. This is where government then destroys them, over and over again in the name of "decency." Such a Nazi scam requires intense Psy-Ops missions and a "Sun King" media and government all dressed up as constitutional patriots. Tavistock has been employed to do this to Americans through Mind Control.

Big Brother will keep your children sexually repressed in a cold, sterile environment of imposed ignorance, banality, fear, confusion and double-speak. In such a realm, human demoralization will serve his slave-making needs. What applies to the children of the powerful will never apply to your children. He will certainly use the full powers of the state to keep you from your child, while bureaucrats manipulate your child with proven "sex magic" methods used by actual sex cults. All of these methods were developed for and by the military, but you will never be told of their real origins. Now they are routinely used against non-elite children everywhere, ubiquitously. And if you forget that they have a "right" to do this to your children, they may bury your family's case in a blizzard of obscure paperwork designed only to confuse and intimidate you. After all, these are not real courts recognized as such by our own Supreme Court. These are the eugenicist's courts of totalitarian deception. This imposed government dysfunction through abstract bureaucracy actually works for the political elite. They are fully protected from these devices of psychological warfare against the non-elite.

By normalizing bureaucrats over parents, the New World Order can circumvent our Constitution, making all atrocities possible.

You may then lose your child to pure bureaucratic arrogance, greed and dysfunction, especially if you stand up to your constitutional rights. Such rights are mere window dressing on the house of the dead. This is routinely done to children too young to understand that they are being manipulated. This is all done in secret, outside of public view. Is this wrong? Americans today do not seem to have the mental capacity to even answer that question. Why?

Parents have a constitutional right to direct and control the upbringing of their children, and laws or governmental actions that unreasonably infringe the rights of parents to raise and educate their children according to their own values are constitutionally suspect. Many of these actions are now designed to bring federal dollars into local government control and feed the Beast with self-serving lies, deception and witchcraft tricks. The Supreme Court has directly acknowledged a parent's rights to direct the upbringing, education and care of his or her children. But today, broad conspiracies against these rights by state and local officials are grounds for severe civil penalties, RICO or other fraud charges and both federal and International felony charges. The march toward absolute slavery is profoundly normalized until we act.

These bureaucrats have absolutely no evidence against you except that which can be inspired through basic witchcraft sexual taboos and may apply to any parent applying proper parental oversight of children, but they will inspire widespread hysteria against you, nonetheless. They cannot apply these horrendous methods against the elite. If they do have evidence, it's usually of the Salem-Witch-Trial variety where taboo, superstition or pure bigotry is raised to the level of "a deeply troubling crime," a purely subjective form of absolute child abuse against the children involved. Rarely do these "crimes" find convictions in real courts requiring due process with good lawyers and real human beings and parents as jurors. This is obvious eugenics which the elite have advanced secretly for decades. Hitler's folly is fully institutionalized and made invisible. For every parent convicted of a real "sex" crime, about ten U.S. families are destroyed. Yet, you will only hear of the horrible sex abuse cases through media Psy-Ops. This is how "statistical results" for the elite and the Pentagon are actually achieved. Do non-elite parents actually have a right to privacy against these obvious eugenics programs?

View Judge John Roberts confirmation of a right to privacy

These political agents now have very sophisticated psychological tools which turn nearly any common parental practice into a "sexual" event. This assault on the parental duty to empower children is perhaps the most dangerous mission of our secret elitist government. These same amplification devices can be used to make children fear their own shadows, but because sexual innuendo is used against the parent, no one questions these sexual amplification methods. They have been conditioned as children not to question them. Is this even remotely fair? You are not even allowed to know about these methods or the statistics on the families they destroy. But is imposed ignorance such a good thing for these children? After all, human sexuality is perfectly normal, innate and unavoidable. But this bureaucratic hysteria is accepted by everyone, even though it would be considered malicious and illegal slander in most advanced countries. We are no longer such a country.

Most advanced countries understand the dangers of sexual repression enforced by a secret government. Sexually repressed children grow up to become sexually repressed parents for which the government can easily inflict hysteria and other conditioning agents of control. After a few generations, families simply dissolve because no meaningful bonds are possible and government then takes over.

Illegal social engineering programs are very active and are all around you. They are run by programmed drones who literally have the opposite moral instincts as our Founding Fathers who created our Constitution and government. This is a mind-control worm straight out of Nazi Germany! See Monarch Mind Control Programming.

You would never know that a long-standing precedent of the United States Supreme Court holds that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental liberty interest of parents in the care, custody and control of their children. Because government bureaucrats routinely get things wrong, especially with children. Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399, 401 (1923); Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510, 535 (1925).

If you attempt to educate your children and empower them with basic sexual knowledge, you will be branded by an illegal scarlet letter of shame telling the world that you "corrupted" your own children. So you must educate your children in absolute secrecy. After all, this has been done for centuries under tyrants and is the single best indicator of which children will succeed in society and which will fail. Those children suspended in ignorance, as the oppressor wants, will adopt ignorance and will fail. They will "learn" to conform to any idiot demand by authority figures, even if these will ultimately destroy their lives. If your children are left to blunder in ignorance in a dangerous world, they are at extreme risk, not only by sexual predators, but by their own government, by their own church. But who placed them at this risk? Did parents do this? Who is actually making children sexually repressed and ignorant and therefore making some of them sex predators through pure attitude propaganda and imposed ignorance? Remember, our government was set up to serve us, not the other way around. Today bureaucrats routinely inspire fear and lies to destroy families. They claim such actions are mandated by law. This process creates sex predators. These facts are overwhelming because they are universally understood by the very children who are made false orphans, suspended in ignorance and denied critical bonding with a parent. These children will never grow up to praise their traffickers. Some will grow up to be much worse.

You would never know that these agents of family destruction are the truest definition of criminals in your community. They work for your local government! But when they get it wrong, they do not pay. They masquerade as "saving" children from "predators" (usually, their own parents). A complacent, distracted and conditioned populace accepts these smear stories as truth. Smear stories become more powerful than truth. All of these things are happening every day and are routine. Divorce rates skyrocket. Drug and alcohol abuse rise dramatically. Married people become a minority under "family values" Republicans. Children never learn of the bonds between father and child, but only if you remain ignorant, fearful and complacent and allow them to indoctrinate your children into state-sponsored, learned ignorance.

To understand how such broad and illegal social control has occurred through "child protection" programs, you must understand the nature of bureaucratic evil. The true power system used against these families is an ancient elite vs. non-elite power system where the elite have enjoyed absolute powers over the media, government and the Constitution itself. President Eisenhower left us many detailed documents on his concerns about the "vast military industrial complex" and its plans to creep silently and universally into our lives. These plans have been largely carried out through incremental programs which all begin as "altruistic" programs. A government "altruistic" program designed to save drowning orphans in a pond cannot be effectively questioned by "decent" people when this program is implemented. After all, who can deny the basic goodness of saving drowning children? But this same program 40 years later easily morphs into a round-up of perfectly healthy orphans who are then drown in the same pond. This is the nature of institutional evil for which President Eisenhower saw firsthand in Germany. Since the "program's" real intent was to objectify the children through political bureaucracy, such evil objectification evolves while the original intent of "saving" children has become completely corrupted by politics.

Over a period of almost two centuries, the Supreme Court of the United States has developed a presumption regrading parents' actions on behalf of their children. The Court first introduced a parental presumption in 1838 in the case of Jenkins v. Pye, when it announced that in the "absence of all proof tending to a contrary conclusion," it is the natural and reasonable presumption that parents intend to benefit the child as part of their discharge of a moral and parental duty. But today, this "moral, parental duty" is far more complicated and has been deliberately made so! Through HIV/AIDS awareness and sound psychology, we now know that the parental duty includes effective sex education at effective times in a child's development. But such education now comes in direct conflict with active social-engineering operations. This conflict, therefore, serves to expose a much broader manipulation of power designed to shift the very core of power itself: the unconscious understanding of power, highly relevant to our Supreme Court and our Constitution. This is a critical topic involving all of government.

We can trace the child sex abuse hysteria of the past two decades directly to the media-programmers who function at the top of the federal government, the CIA and FBI. Together they have programmed the programmers with sexual hysteria hype designed to fulfill Mind Control operations for eugenics, population control and political power. Now, each and every "enemy" of the powers-that-be are subject to broad sex-abuse investigations into their personal lives, simply because the "authorities" have hyped sex abuse. These abuses secure powers at the very top of government, not for years, but for decades. We now have a legitimate concern that such wrongful authority may never leave power. Childhood sexual hysteria directly affects the parent-child bond and serves to program children for Mind Control manipulation. This programming was highly specific to Nazi Germany and this no accident. Most of these programs directly evolved from American eugenics "tricks" employed to build sex abuse hysteria and traffic in children. This programs children for core gullibility where they then are easily manipulated by wrongful authority.

These cases are obvious Nazi tricks designed to separate children from their rightful parents. These "validators" are so Nazi-specific that there is literally no way to distinquish them from earlier Nazis.

In 1979, the Court revisited its parental presumption in the instrumental case of Parham v. J.R.; this time however, the Court determined that absent evidence for neglect and abuse, "the traditional presumption that the parents act in the best interests of their child should apply." The Court's latest proclamation of the presumption appeared in the plurality opinion of Troxel v. Granville in the year 2000, when Justice O'Connor, writing for the Court, insisted on employing the presumption that "fit parents act in the best interests of their children." But what if "abuse" is directly manipulated by nefarious political agents for purposes of secret social engineering? This matter will then need to be revisited by the Supreme Court, as it is fundamentally unconstitutional for such social engineering.

This blog follows the course of parent-child relationship transformation of the parental pressumption through a detailed analysis of wrongful authority as it has been applied to parent and child by covert government activity. It argues the parental presumption's meaning, role, weight, and scope have been altogther transformed, a transformation that reflects a historical change in the way the Court may conceive of the American family structure and relationships based on wrongful authority, the legal concept of parental authority over children, buraucrats over children and children's interests and rights.

It then provides a critical review of the parental presumptions' development and implications in light of the changes in American family history and jurisprudence, and concludes the parental presumption has developed in a manner inconsistent with the changing realities of the American family and irreconcilable with the evolution of the Supreme Court's concept of parental authority. Additionally, it reveals that the nature of the presumption's development reinforces a perception of childhood as a period of insignificance and irrelevance and excludes children and their unique experiences from legal discourse. This blind spot on child development is no passive evolution! There is a profound movement away from the parent-child bond for which must now be addressed.

This work therefore offers to replace the parental presumption with a vocabulary that is more accommodating to the American family structure and relationships and the Supreme Court's legal tradition, and better protects children's interests and rights to have meaningful and biological families.

This is precisely why the Supreme Court has consistently sided with parental bonding over bureaucrats, profiteers or mobs. But such violations between parent and child are now a matter of intense wrongful authority over the parent. Take a recent Texas case for example. In Eldorodo, Texas child welfare officials have removed nearly 400 women and children from a secretive West Texas religious "cult" built by "polygamist" leader Warren Jeffs. Why do I place such words as "polygamist," "pedophile" or "cults" in quotes? Because these are words routinely used to encode political language for sexual innuendo purposes. Since the Mormon Church is part of the Republican base, it is rarely referred to as a "cult." Sexual innuendo is a leading street device used for mind control in mass media and now, is routinely used in our own courts.

Applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause, the Fourth Amendment provides: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated...." Because the Amendment focuses on safeguarding persons from unwarranted intrusion, and not on regulating the behavior of particular governmental actors, the prohibition against unreasonable seizures extends to civil, as well as criminal, investigations by the government.

In Dubbs v. Head Start, Inc., 336 F.3d 1194 (10th Cir. 2003), the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals held that there is no social worker exception to the Fourth Amendment. In Dubbs, eight pre-school children enrolled in the Head Start program were subjected to intrusive physical examinations, including genital examinations and blood tests, on school premises without parental notice or consent.

Also in 2003, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in Doe v. Heck, 327 F.3d 492 (7th Cir. 2003), held that the strictures of the Fourth Amendment apply to child welfare workers, as well as all other governmental employees. In that case, a private Christian elementary school and a student's parents sued several child welfare caseworkers under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments after the caseworkers interviewed a student about corporal punishment without a warrant or the consent of the school or parents.

A Fourth Amendment analysis is based on the totality of the circumstances in determining whether a reasonable person would have believed that he was not free to terminate an encounter with government. Some of the factors considered include:

1) the threatening presence of several officials;
2) the brandishing of a weapon by an official;
3) some physical touching by an official;
4) use of aggressive language or tone of voice indicating that compliance with an official's request is compulsory;
5) prolonged retention of a person's personal effects;
6) a request to accompany the official to the station;
7) interaction in a nonpublic place or a small, enclosed place;
8) and absence of other members of the public.

The investigation began after a 16-year-old living there complained of physical abuse. But physical abuse does not incite the political and emotional responses as much as sexual abuse, so this investigation quickly turned on "sexual abuse" of underaged children and became a national story. For those truly educated about such cases, sex abuse charges are known to be highly suspect in any child custody case, but work as powerful innuendo devices against those ignorant of this common practice. A search warrant authorized state troopers to enter the retreat run by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and look for evidence of a marriage between the girl and a 50-year-old man.

The warrant said the girl had a baby eight months ago, when she was 15. But due to the state abuses of child services, it is now very common for these young women to lie about their ages, as they are led to believe that underaged girls will be allowed to keep their children, while older women will lose their children through state child theft. State abuses serve to compound on themselves where this routine abuse of Constitutional rights now serves to build hysteria, a powerful conditioning device used to traffic children.

State Child Protective Services in April 2008 removed 52 girls from the compound. Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for the agency, said that another 131 residents were removed overnight and that by Saturday afternoon 137 children and 46 women were being housed and interviewed.

"They seem to be doing fine," Meisner said. Four investigators remained inside the polygamist compound looking for additional children.

The whereabouts of the young mother who sparked the investigation are unknown, Meisner said.

State troopers who raided the religious retreat were looking for the girl, her baby girl and 50-year-old Dale Barlow. Under Texas law, girls younger than 16 cannot marry, even with parental approval.

Barlow had not been found by Friday night, officials said then. They declined to comment Saturday, saying a state judge had issued a gag order.

The search warrant instructed officers to look for marriage records or other evidence linking the girl to Barlow and the baby. The warrant authorized the seizure of computer drives, CDs, DVDs or photos.

Those inside the retreat did not respond to requests for comment.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints broke away from the Mormon church after the latter disavowed polygamy more than a century ago. The Mormon church is a major Republican political base.

Most Americans have been conditioned to accept such police force against nearly 400 Americans as acceptable. But this draconian round-up in redneck America is anything but acceptable under our Constitution. This form of legal drift away from our Constitution is anything but uncommon. Today, parental rights do not exist, unless such a parent is a total political conformist. There is no difference between this round-up and the Nazi round-ups of the 1930s. Where the Nazis employed racial ignorance to condition their population, we are now allowing sexual ignorance and hyper-abuse hysteria to over-run basic liberties of any political, religious or ethnic minority. Mengele learned through horrific butchery of countless children in deathcamps that state-imposed hysteria is the only method of mind control necessary to break many or all family bonds. But, today, the "value" of the babies captured can be statistically proven to be an actual variable in these cases. In the Texas case, these babies are "valuable" in today's adoption circles.

This is a massive fraud against basic parental and civil rights where one woman's hysteria has been allowed to violate the lives and basic Constitutional rights of nearly 400 others. Such obvious fascist abuse of political power is only possible under complete mind control where a highly conditioned population is easily manipulated by sexual taboos, sexual innuendo and sexual ignorance. Since this cult believes and practices a politically unacceptable version of Mormonism, violating a major Republican base, they are swept up like raddlesnakes by "protection" services. Such manipulation was developed into a "science" in Nazi Germany and now is very effectively used in America against political minorities. What the government will not tell you, is that the real sex cults are the child services bureaucrats who are meticulously conditioned through marionette programming. They have perfected the cult of sexual repression to such a degree, that very few Americans even question it.

In Prince v. Massachusetts, 321 U.S. 158 (1944), the Court again confirmed that there is a constitutional dimension to the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. "It is cardinal with us that the custody, care and nurture of the child reside first in the parents." 321 U.S. at 166. Subsequent cases applying this principle have explained that this constitutional liberty derives from the presumption that "natural bonds of affection lead parents to act in the best interests of their children." Parham v. J. R., 442 U.S. 584, 602 (1979).

But today's "Child Services" organizations are broadly abusing these basic rights. "Bonds of affection" are now routinely depicted as "sexual" through actual sex cults who employ sexual amplification techniques, shock and fear into vulnerable children to build hysteria where it is simply unwise and unethical to do so. Feminists bring a deep distrust or hatred for men, gays, blacks, liberals or any other personal bias to these children through "the system" and spread whisper campaigns against parents. They go to bat for a relative or friend in a custody dispute and get away with it. After all, they enjoy near absolute powers to defame anyone, especially parents who try to empower their children with a grounding in the truth. They work intimately with "sexual taboos" which a conditioned populace have been conditioned for nervous laughter or fear, even in politicians. Therefore, these sex cults are not effectively regulated by anyone. But does anyone deny learning basic and necessary facts of life through these taboos, as children, when they were not yet taboo?

If you learned important facts of life through sexual taboos, before they became taboos, you are perfectly normal. These bureuacrats want to take this normal process away from your children by repressing all such activity. Science does not even have a conditioned population to study on this since this would be considered "unethical" if applied to any population in a scientific study.

The use of adult taboos with children are routine scams and ploys which actually work to manipulate custody of children even when neither parent seeks such confrontation. Since children are very naturally confused by sexual issues they do not yet understand, these political agents can effectively amplify this confusion, focus it and call it a "complaint against" or "evidence of" "abuse." These conspirators are working through local "protection" agencies (CPS) which now routinely traffic in children using these methods. This scam is promoted throughout the U.S. targeting specific, "non-Republican" groups. Official CPS agencies are actual hate groups that use numerous conforming "professionals" to work illegal social engineering programs in complete secrecy. Republicans call it "welfare reform," but history has other words for it. Americans are conditioned to accept this obvious abuse of our Constitution as "necessary." They are never told the truth about these "clean" population control methods which target political minorities. And your tax dollars are paying for the rape-kitting of babies, the millions of false orphans such fraud produces and the massive trauma done to the political enemies of Republicans. All children everywhere are most vulnerable to these "sex magic" methods between the ages of 5 and 12. This is when CPS agents can most easily manipulate them. Funding for this political activity is determined according to political maps and are implemented by political agents who may be too stupid to know that they work a fraudulent and elitist agenda.

You may be reported to authorities for kissing your child at the school house. But Republicans will ultimately pay a high price when this fraud is fully exposed. Many of these cults serve a political function enforcing Republican ideals of human development and sexuality, even employing touch taboos with small children against their own parents. But these ideals serve a Kingdom and not a Democracy. They enforce and maintain a fundamentally biased and fraudulent political mission. See Republican Sex Cults Investigation, Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Some studies suggest that children incorporate aspects of the interviewer’s questions into their answers in an attempt to tell the interviewer what the child believes is being sought. This contention has been disputed, however. Studies also show that when adults ask children questions that do not make sense (such as “Is milk bigger than water?” or “Is red heavier than yellow?”), most children will offer an answer, believing that there is an answer to be given (rather than understand the absurdity of the question). Furthermore, repeated questioning of children causes them to change their answers. This is because the children perceive the repeated questioning as a sign that they did not give the “correct” answer previously. Children are also especially susceptible to leading and suggestive questions.

Our federal government, through top-secret MKULTRA programs which then morphed into other "brain" programs has spent billions of dollars perfecting the "art" of increasing "suggestibility." This technology has dramatically reshaped our entire psychological health community, largely perfecting Mind Control on a massive scale.

Interviewer bias also plays a role in shaping child testimony. When an interviewer has a preconceived notion as to the truth of the matter being investigated, the questioning is conducted in a manner to extract statements that support these beliefs. As a result, evidence that could disprove the belief is never sought by the interviewer. Additionally, positive reinforcement by the interviewer can taint child testimony. Often such reinforcement is given to encourage a spirit of cooperation by the child, but the impartial tone can quickly disappear as the interviewer nods, smiles, or offers verbal encouragement to “helpful” statements. Some studies show that when interviewers make reassuring statements to child witnesses, the children are more likely to fabricate stories of past events that never occurred.

Peer pressure also influences children to fabricate stories. Studies show that when a child witness is told that his or her friends have already testified that certain events occurred, the child witness was more likely to create a matching story. The status of the interviewer can also influence a child’s testimony – the more authority an interviewer has (such as a police officer), the more likely a child is to comply with that person’s agenda.

Finally, while there are supporters of the use of anatomically correct dolls in questioning victims of sexual abuse/molestation, there are also critics of this practice. Critics argue that because of the novelty of the dolls, children will act out sexually explicit acts with the dolls even if the child has not been sexually abused. Another criticism is that because the studies that compare the differences between how abused and non-abused children play with these dolls are conflicting (some studies suggest that sexually abused children play with anatomically correct dolls in a more sexually explicit manner than non-abused children, while other studies suggest that there is no correlation), it is impossible to interpret what is meant by how a child plays with these dolls.

Good science has known since Mengele that state agents employing child interviewing methods get horribly inaccurate and biased results. Given all of these obvious problems with child interviewing in our "adversarial system," why would any "public servant" do such a thing to any family, simply because that family does not enjoy the protections of our elite families? The only possible answer to this question goes to the very heart of human and institutional evil.

In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court reiterated the importance of this interest in the case of Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000), ruling that a Washington State statute allowing “any person” to petition for visitation was unconstitutional because it impermissibly infringed on the rights of parents. But the arrogance of many child workers today is extreme and active family destruction now takes on broad conspiracies against rights. Make no mistake about it, these are federal felonies being routinely violated by Femi-Nazi child trafficking organizations working for the state.

In the seminal case of Stanley v. Illinois, 405 U.S. 645 (1972), the Supreme Court upheld the principle that an unwed father could not be presumed to be an unfit parent, but was entitled to a hearing pursuant to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This case thus marks the connection between the substantive rights of parents and the procedural requirements necessary to protect those rights. Many fathers today are actively "criminalized" in false and underground courts in an effort to manipulate custody of their children. These slanders are fraudulent and are felonies against basic parental rights.

Not only are parents entitled to an evidentiary hearing before a determination can be made as to their "fitness" (i.e., whether their parental rights should be terminated permanently), but the Due Process Clause also dictates that the standard of proof in such cases must be clear and convincing evidence, rather than a mere preponderance. Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745 (1982). We are seeing more and more family courts violate this most basic of parental rights.

The New Mexico Supreme Court reviewed and endorsed these doctrines in the case of In the Matter of the Adoption of J.J.B., 119 N.M. 638 (1995), which clarified the standards for termination of parental rights on the grounds of presumptive abandonment. See §22.4 of this Handbook. That case, however, like the precedents to which it adheres, reiterates that the rights of parents are not absolute. Rather, those rights must be balanced against the interests of the child, and the state's compelling interest as parens patriae. See also, Santosky v. Kramer, cited above. But where states falsely impose these rights, the law must apply against the state officials. Even RICO law violations can be brought against those agents who traffic in children through deception or force.

Similarly, in Williams v. Williams, 2002-NMCA-074, 132 N.M. 445, the Court of Appeals distinguished Troxel v. Granville, in upholding a district court order granting visitation rights to grandparents over the parents’ objection. “Troxel may have altered, but it did not eradicate, the kind of balancing process that normally occurs in visitation decisions,” considering both the child’s best interests and the parents’ wishes. ¶23, 132 N.M. at 451.

Although the courts have not explicitly articulated the contours of the corresponding rights of children, the truth is self-evident that children also have certain inalienable needs: to be free from physical and emotional harm at the hands of their caretakers; and to be provided with the essentials of food, shelter, education and medical care.

The legislature has defined in detail the duty and the discretion of parents, guardians and custodians. Under §32A-1-4, a parent has all of the duties and authority of guardianship and legal custody of the child, unless limited by court order. The duties and authority of guardians and custodians are also described. These establish the constitutional foundation and justification for all child welfare proceedings.

In the short term, the state can act upon a showing of actual harm or imminent risk to the child, acquiring a greater degree of control in proportion to the proof of parental incapacity. During the pendency of any legal proceeding, the parent retains a statutory right to visitation with the child, unless the court finds that the best interests of the child preclude any visitation. §32A-4-22(D). Likewise, the child has a corresponding interest in maintaining contact with parents, siblings, extended family members and others with whom the child has a significant, caring relationship, unless such contact is shown to be contrary to the child's best interest. §32A-4-22(E).

Where the state can prove that the parent is unable to care for the child, it may move to terminate, rather than merely suspend, all parental authority. See Chapter 22. Moreover, if the state does intervene to deprive the parent of all rights regarding the child, then the state must also assume another function implicit in parenting, namely to provide a permanent and stable set of relationships, a sense of family identity for the child.

The definition of "parent" in the New Mexico Children's Code identifies as a parent a biological or adoptive parent "if the biological or adoptive parent has a constitutionally protected liberty interest in the care and custody of the child." §32A-1-4(O). This definition reflects the holdings of a line of cases from the United States Supreme Court that declare that the right to parent is not a mere incident of biology, but requires some sort of familial relationship.

In Caban v. Mohammed, 441 U.S. 380 (1979), the Court struck down a state law that treated unwed fathers differently than unwed mothers when the spouse of one of the parents petitioned to adopt the child. Referring to the case of Quilloin v. Walcott, 434 U.S. 246 (1978), the Court stressed that the strength of an unwed father's claim to his child is directly proportional to his efforts to fulfill his parental responsibility. 441 U.S. at 389, 393.

Conversely, in the case of Lehr v. Robertson, 463 U.S. 248 (1983), the Court upheld New York's putative father registry, ruling that an unwed father has no guarantee of notice of the adoption of his child, unless he undertakes some affirmative actions to establish a custodial, personal, or financial relationship with her. A biological connection creates the opportunity to become a parent; but if a parent does not avail himself of that opportunity, the Constitution will not afford him that right automatically.

Even a father who has both a biological and an established relationship with his child may be denied parental rights by a state statutory presumption that the husband of the mother is the child's legal parent. Michael H. v. Gerald D., 491 U.S. 110 (1989).

The question about who has a constitutionally protected liberty interest is answered to some extent in the Adoption Act, which defines the terms "acknowledged father," "presumed father," and "alleged father" and requires that the first two men, but not the last one, consent before an adoption can take place. See Appendix B for the definitions. These provisions make it clear that biology alone does not confer a constitutionally protected parental status. A father must act affirmatively to acknowledge his paternity in some fashion before it will be recognized by the courts or protected under the Children's Code.

Persons who have a constitutionally protected liberty interest in their children cannot be deprived of their rights without due process of law. At a minimum, due process requires notice and the opportunity to be heard. While the Children's Code and the Children's Court Rules establish the mechanism to meet these requirements, it is incumbent upon all the parties to verify that they are met in fact. In the first instance, this may mean something as mundane as establishing the correctness of addresses and telephone numbers; or it may entail a sophisticated search to identify and locate absent parents. Where no effort is made to contact the parent, it can be assumed that no due process has occurred. Throughout the proceedings, participants should endeavor to remember and respect the dignity and humanity of all the family members.

To protect these rights in particular, both the Code and the Rules provide for the appointment of counsel to represent respondents, and for those counsel to be provided free of charge if respondents are indigent. Case law has clarified that the right to counsel includes the right to effective assistance of counsel. State ex rel. CYFD v. Tammy S., 1999-NMCA-009, 126 N.M. 664 (decided in 1998). It also affirms the parent-respondent's right to an appeal. State ex rel. CYFD v. Alicia P., 1999-NMCA-098, 127 N.M. 664 (decided in 1998).

Recently a series of appellate decisions have delineated the dimensions of the opportunity to be heard when respondent is not physically present at trial, whether as a result of incapacity, incarceration or deportation. In such situations, alternative measures must be implemented to preserve the opportunity to testify on one's own behalf, to cross-examine witnesses, and to confer with counsel. State ex rel. CYFD in the Matter of Ruth Anne E., 1999-NMCA-035, 126 N.M. 670; State ex rel. CYFD v. Stella P., 1999-NMCA-100, 127 N.M. 699; State ex rel. CYFD v. Rosa R., 1999-NMCA-141, 128 N.M. 304.

Just as the due process rights of parents are protected, along with their substantive interests, by the presence of counsel, so the rights of children to fair treatment and decent outcomes are protected by their court-appointed guardian ad litem, or GAL. Recent case law has also clarified the importance of this role, and its scope in investigating and informing the court, as well as representing to the court the stated position of the child. State ex rel. CYFD in the Mattter of Esperanza M., 1998-NMCA-039, 124 N.M. 735 and State ex rel. CYFD in the Matter of George F., 1998-NMCA-119, 125 N.M. 597. See Chapter 6 on GALs.

Because of the significance of the interests involved, both the Code and Rules set forth requirements for advisement of parental rights.

Parents are to be advised of the rights they have during an investigation at the commencement of the investigation. These rights include the freedom from being compelled to appear or to produce any papers. §32A-4-4(B). They do not include the freedom to control access to the child, to obstruct or interfere with the investigation. §30-6-4. A child may be interviewed at school or elsewhere without the permission of the parent. §32A-4-5(C). If no petition is filed, a parent has the right to the results of the investigation, and may inspect foundational reports in the possession of CYFD, and may petition the court for further disclosure of records and information, provided that identification of individuals may be withheld. §32A-4-33(C).

The new International Criminal Court will come into existence in The Hague once 60 countries have ratified the ICC treaty. This is profoundly significant to all peoples who dwell on this planet, and especially to Americans, since the ICC claims universal jurisdiction to try individuals charged with genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression, anywhere on earth — even if the supposed defendants are citizens of a nation that has refused to ratify the treaty and the alleged crime has taken place inside the boundaries of that nation. This World Court will target children's issues such as child trafficking within the United States.

Of course, the issue of the Court’s credibility absent U.S. participation, and the practical matter of enforcing ICC judgments against an unwilling U.S. (or against just about anyone else, for that matter, without U.S. support), has not been lost on all. "You cannot have a court of universal jurisdiction without the world’s major military power on board," Netherlands delegate Gam Strijards was quoted as saying by the New York Times. "I won’t say we gave birth to a monster, but the baby has some defects." The myopic Dutchman may see a defective baby, but any sober, rational evaluation of the ICC will confirm that the creature born in Rome is indeed a monster. But building world awareness to the state of child trafficking in the U.S. will be a great reward.

Conditioning entire societies to be offended by the truth is the whole point of Republican politics. Republican Sex Cults are very real and will destroy your children's future. Please donate what you can so we can raise this issue to the national standing that it deserves. This donation will go toward building awareness of this serious fraud against our children!


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