Monday, January 31, 2011

Globalist Stooge ElBaradei Prepares To Hijack Egyptian Revolution

Paul Joseph Watson
January 31, 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski has called for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down as globalist stooge Mohammed ElBaradei prepares to act as the pied piper for a revolution that has been hijacked by the global elite.

Speaking with fellow CFR member Christiane Amanpour, Brzezinski told ABC News’ This Week that Mubarak must be convinced by “outside advice” that “It is in his interest as well as in Egypt’s interest that he goes and that he sets in motion a process which facilitates that.”

Although Brzezinski warned of a “global political awakening” during a CFR meeting last year that threatened to topple the existing international order, it is unsurprising that Brzezinski is calling for the ousting of Mubarak despite the fact that he has been a dutiful servant to the new world order elite.

It became known in Brzezinski’s globalist circles at least three years ago that Egypt was teetering on the edge of revolt and that another political entity would fill the inevitable vacuum of power if the elite didn’t get ahead of the game.

That’s why the American Embassy trained rebel leaders to infiltrate opposition groups from the very beginning, as the Telegraph revealed on Saturday.

The geopolitical maneuverings of the US military-industrial complex don’t take away from the fact that the revolt in Egypt is driven by genuine grievances relating to spiraling food prices, high unemployment, policy brutality and the grass-roots drive to unseat a 30 year dictatorship.

However, if they allow globalist carpetbagger Mohammed ElBaradei to seize power, demonstrators are ensuring that their actions are in vain and ultimately worthless.

Addressing protesters in Cairo yesterday, ElBaradei demanded Mubarak step down and promised “change within days”.

“You are the owners of this revolution. You are the future,” ElBaradei declared. “Our essential demand is the departure of the regime and the beginning of a new Egypt in which each Egyptian lives in virtue, freedom and dignity.”

Egyptians may be the owners of the revolution, but the owners of ElBaradei himself are busy hijacking that revolution by installing a puppet that will be just as compliant with Egypt continuing as a globalist client state as Mubarak has been for the past 30 years. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Won’t get fooled again?

ElBaradei serves on the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, who on Friday issued a press release protesting the decision on behalf of Egyptian authorities to place ElBaradei under house arrest.

International Crisis Group is a shadowy NGO (non-governmental organization) that enjoys an annual budget of over $15 million and is bankrolled by the likes of Carnegie, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Soros himself serves as a member of the organization’s Executive Committee.

In other words, this is a major geopolitical steering group for the global elite.

The fact that their man ElBaradei is being primed to head up the post-Mubarak government should set alarm bells ringing in the ears of every demonstrator who is protesting in the name of trying to wrestle Egypt away from the clutches of new world order control.

Indeed, even Mubarak himself is now seemingly catching on to the understanding that his usefulness to the global power elite has run its course, remarking during a national address Saturday that the protests were “part of a bigger plot to shake the stability and destroy the legitimacy” of the political system.

ElBaradei is the central figure in a long term plot to subvert and steer the outcome of a revolution that the global elite knew was coming three years ahead of time. Although his installation as puppet president may see political freedoms temporarily restored as a symbolic gesture, Egypt’s destiny will still be firmly under the control of the same parties that have pulled Mubarak’s strings for the past three decades.

Sham Afghanistan-style rigged elections will ensue where the Egyptian people are given the false decision of choosing between two globalist-controlled puppets. The international media will hail the event as a momentous occasion for democracy in the Middle East and broadcast endless images of purple fingers, but the true legacy of the revolution will be eviscerated and Egyptians will eventually realize that they were the victims of a cruel deception.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pathocracy: Tyranny at the Hand of Psychopaths

Jack Mullen
Activist Post
January 25, 2011

Were people consciously aware something was about to change in a very bad way just before Lenin and Trotsky appeared on the scene in Petrograd in the spring of 1917? Did the German people realize accepting the ‘hope’ of Hitler would result in something so hideous and evil that tens of millions of people would die and a permanent bloodstain would appear on the history of Germany? What was life like months or years before the Armenians suffered genocide at the hands of the Turks, did they know that government imposed gun control was really disarmament before extermination? How about the Chinese before the tyrant Mao, or the North Koreans before the Kim Jung il family infestation? Did these people know what was coming, but didn’t know what they could do?

Most of written history is written on pages of blood. I think today, right now, is another one of those moments just before something very bad is about to happen. And, this time, we have the written historical records of bad news to learn potentially lifesaving, culture-rescuing information before we slip into another example of blood and carnage insanity.

Although Sigmund Freud introduced the world to the word psychopath in his book Psychopathology of Everyday Life, published in 1901, it wouldn’t be until forty years later that a true definition of psychopathology was developed to include the personality type of psychopath: a scientific understanding that sheds light on past and current events.

One of the first researchers to study and document the nature of personality types called psychopaths was Hervey Cleckley, MD, in his book The Mask of Sanity, published in 1941. In this classic work, Cleckley spent considerable time with prison inmates in Georgia; prisoners that “little agreement was found as to what was actually the matter with them.” And, according to Cleckley, “[the prisoners] continued, however, to constitute a most grave and a constant problem to the hospital and to the community.”

In addition to Cleckley, others in the time since 1941 have contributed significantly to our understanding of the psychopathic personality type. One such heroic researcher was Andrew M. Lobaczewski, born 1921 in Poland. After suffering Nazi occupation during WWII, and Russian occupation after Germany’s defeat, Lobaczewski entered college to be trained as a psychologist, and soon thereafter began research into the nature of the psychopath. Lobaczewski and his colleagues risked severe penalties, including death, for documenting their research and experimentation.

Many decades would pass trying to get the work published (and many attempts were made by groups to destroy it). But, finally, in 1998, circumventing attempts of Zbigniew Brzezinski to stop the publication, Lobaczewski’s book Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil for political purposes was published. The book begins with an examination of prisoners, much like Cleckley’s work covers, but this time scientists correlated the behavior of psychopaths with the depravity of massively oppressive political regimes; the results of which culminated in a new science he called Ponerology, the study of evil in man. Political Ponerology, then, is the nature of evil in politics.

According to Lobaczewski, organizations can become infested with psychopathic personality types who, if given the proper amount of time and growing conditions, will busily fill all positions of power within it. In the case of governments, what emerges is defined as a pathocracy: tyranny at the hand of psychopaths. Lobaczewski defined governance by a pathocracy as a macrosocial disease, something unhealthy and brutally deadly if untreated.

The book Political Ponerology provides a scary explanation for periodic times of brutal insanity in the history of the world. It is a light to scientifically expose a particular personality type within populations — a type, if left alone, will infest positions of power, pushing out normal personalities until they dominate the power structure. From a position of total domination, psychopaths will aggressively and brutally protect the power they have gained. In the case of government, that means taking steps to eradicate any perceived opposition to their control and authority. Since true psychopaths are emotionally dead, and work empathy-free (see Dr. Robert Hare’s book Without Conscience; The Disturbing World of Psychopaths), the task of cleaning house to prevent loss of control can quickly evolve into the 20-million-plus killed in the Russian Holocaust, the 60-million-plus killed in the Chinese Holocaust, or the extermination camps of the Jewish Holocaust. Although not on the same scale, recent mass murders such as the Waco Texas massacre, the Oklahoma City bombings, or the 9-11 false flag terror-murders should sound the warning alarms. Psychopaths are afoot.

This brings me to the deplorable historical events in the United States, especially since 1913. Are psychopaths running the show? Lets look at some facts.

To set the stage, in 1912 bankers rig the presidential election and Woodrow Wilson, the bankers president, moves into the White House. This is a strategic move to ensure prompt penmanship on banker bills.

Then, two days before Christmas, while Congress was conveniently low on members gone for the break, a private banking cartel shrewdly gave the Federal Reserve control over the issuance of United States currency. The finagling was done using deception and bribery, and the trick of bringing bills to vote when congressional attendance was very low. As of today, ‘banker currency’ has lost 98 percent of its original purchasing power; purchasing power lost by dollar holders was transferred as wealth to government and owners of the Federal Reserve.

Since 1913, the United States has started or insinuated (through false flag events) itself in non-retaliatory wars on the average of one every 15 years including: WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, the first Gulf War, and the second Gulf War. All of these wars were funded with borrowed money from the very same banks issuing the currency, thus saddling tax payers with interest and principal in addition to the cost of lives. Even after the wars, US underwriters have funded the continued exportation of war and empire through occupation, building more than 1000 military bases in over 150 nations around the world.

In addition to the offshore wars, the United States has prosecuted an ever increasing war on its citizens, including relentless assaults on freedoms provided by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, the effective disempowering of congress via geometric growth in governance by Executive Order, and continuing attempts to disarm citizens, using deception and fear to legislate away the right to keep and bear arms.

The war on US citizens is prosecuted around the clock with assaults on many fronts, including a deliberate effort to dumb down the educational system, debasing health through contamination of foods (hormones, pesticides, GMOs, chemically adulterated water, cancerous additives such as aspartame), then protecting food cartels that provide fewer food choices while controlling your right to grow food. Healthcare choices are restricted by legal protection of pharmaceutical cartels marketing drug and medical procedures responsible for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths each year. The government directly attacks the individual immune system by mandating and promoting criminally contaminated vaccines — immune system damaging vaccines that may also cause long term brain dysfunction or damage, or result in delayed cancer.

Personal finances are attacked with escalating tax rates levied by exponentially growing mega-state(s); taxes draining the vital economic blood needed for growth, while shackling citizens to increasing hours of work; depreciating dollars and falling wages. And don’t expect any help from the free market; it’s been outlawed. The government (federal, state, local) is now the largest employer in the nation and private manufacturing is deliberately off-shored to foreign countries. Open borders inviting the deliberate influx of millions of illegal aliens are overwhelming social service and legal systems and pressuring wages lower as illegals compete with unfair wage advantages. Financial disaster is manufactured, as private bankers in charge of our monetary system invent and market fraudulent financial products, encourage fraudulent loans, and produce a false bubble in home prices. Then, as the deflating bubble exposes the fraud, ownership becomes uncertain when we learn property titles were criminally misplaced. Finally, let’s note the 2 million homes in foreclosure or foreclosed upon since the housing bust, and another 2 million in the pipe. Most of these properties are held off market by banks and government agencies (Fannie and Freddie). That puts the government and the Federal Reserve in charge of the largest real estate holdings in the country. Disturbing fact: Socialist and Communist regimes provide no right of private property — the state owns it all.

Americans are deliberately terrified as government, controlled by bankers, creates false terror and criminally incites fear to restrict travel, destroy privacy, control the Internet and news content, manipulate the voting process, and silence free speech. Americans are assailed by false government promises made during elections and by a growing prison-police-industrial cartel incarcerating growing numbers of citizens, while using prisoners as slaves. More people are incarcerated in the United States than any other nation on earth and the rate of incarceration is growing. Prison manufacturing now constitutes 35% of total United States manufacturing. Autogenous terror is no less scary or health disturbing than real terror — a deliberate assault on the American psyche.

For the elderly and persons of retirement age, the assault has just begun — pensions and retirement accounts are being gutted and stolen by bankers and a bankrupt government. Just as the baby boomers are hitting retirement age their pensions and retirement investments are stolen, squandered and deflated. Promises made while stealing your income will never be kept, as the economic life blood is sucked dry by bankers and criminally bankrupt governments from the many states to Washington DC. Finally, the assault continues as the USG, slowly dying from bankruptcy and rampant corruption, relentlessly (and against popular support) continues to prosecute two illegal, non retaliatory, wars six thousand miles from home. These wars support a growing worldwide hatred of the insane, brutal and irrational acts of the United States, while exploiting Americans through promotion of illegal drugs mainlined through government transportation and distribution; drugs sold at monopoly prices because of the deliberate War On Drugs, resulting in the prosecution of drug users to fill prisons at an increasing rate.

Just when you think it couldn’t get more in your face comes the outright theft in broad daylight of TRILLIONS of dollars through pretended efforts to ‘save the economy.’ Most of the money has been created from nothing only to reduce purchasing power of the dollar and simultaneously create a need to raise taxes to cover interest on the newly minted debt. The stolen TRILLIONS are hastily sent to crony banks both at home and off shore. When Americans asked, “Where did the money go?” the arrogant criminals-in-charge continue to flatly refuseto reveal the recipients. This crime against all Americans is deliberate and aggressive, as it is done in the light of day, taunting anyone to try and stop it.

The financial crisis has been prosecuted deliberately for so long now that the economy likely is only one major economic shock away from several possible financial catastrophes — the most likely being a debt-related collapse, say, an insolvent and bankrupt large corporation (GE) or bank (BAC)? The result would be a financial derivatives chain reaction leaving a slew of companies around the world in financial ruin, while those events cause a run on the dollar or a move to dump treasuries; the last manufactured bubble popping like faulty rivets exploding as the Titanic bobs for the last time, slipping terminally into the sea. After that, the crisis would take on a life of its own with food and oil prices skyrocketing and Homeland Security rounding up early discontents for incarceration in already pre-planned and ready-made prisons strategically located throughout the United States.

Since 1913 bankers and crony corporations have consolidated and now control all mainstream media. TV, satellite, radio, newspapers and magazines — all controlled by the same 5 or 6 corporate media companies. Can we expect truthful news and responsible journalism?

Taken individually it may be possible to argue that mistakes in thinking resulted in poor choices giving license to bad endings, but the history of deliberate lies, endless bloodshed in manufactured wars, aggression against people using food, health, and finances, the non-stop assault on personal liberties using false flag terror, is a plain-as-day indication that Americans will face a deadly crisis in the near future. For the record: moves to disarm citizens always precede escalating physical control by a maniacal state. Always.

I submit that the United States government is under the control of psychopaths, and the infestation is nearing completion; the point at which nothing can stop the oncoming violence. But that’s not all, because above the federal government is a ruling cartel of off-shore psychopaths that have secretly been planning a one-world tyranny for more than 100 years. This is not a rant; it is a plea: take time to read the material.

According to Lobaczewski:

In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule. However, such people constitute a very small percentage of the population and this makes them more valuable to the pathocrats. Their intellectual level or professional skills cannot be taken into account, since people representing superior abilities (who are also psychopaths) are even harder to find. After such a system has lasted several years, one hundred percent of all the cases of essential psychopathy are involved in pathocratic activity; they are considered the most loyal, even though some of them were formerly involved on the other side in some way.

Under such conditions, no area of social life can develop normally, whether in economics, culture, science, technology, administration, etc. Pathocracy progressively paralyzes everything. Normal people must develop a level of patience beyond the ken of anyone living in a normal man’s system just in order to explain what to do and how to do it to some obtuse mediocrity of a psychological deviant who has been placed in charge of some project that he cannot even understand, much less manage. This special kind of pedagogy – instructing deviants while avoiding their wrath – requires a great deal of time and effort, but it would otherwise not be possible to maintain tolerable living conditions and necessary achievements in the economic area or intellectual life of a society. Even with such efforts, pathocracy progressively intrudes everywhere and dulls everything. [...]

Therefore, to mitigate the threat to their power, the pathocrats must employ any and all methods of terror and exterminatory policies against individuals known for their patriotic feelings and military training; other, specific “indoctrination” activities such as those we have presented are also utilized. Individuals lacking the natural feeling of being linked to normal society become irreplaceable in either of these activities. Again, the foreground of this type of activity is occupied by cases of essential psychopathy, followed by those with similar anomalies, and finally by people alienated from the society in question as a result of racial or national differences.

The phenomenon of pathocracy matures during this period: an extensive and active indoctrination system is built, with a suitably refurbished ideology constituting the vehicle or Trojan horse for the purpose of pathologizing the thought processes of individuals and society. The goal – forcing human minds to incorporate pathological experiential methods and thought-patterns, and consequently accepting such rule – is never openly admitted. This goal is conditioned by pathological egotism, and the possibility of accomplishing it strikes the pathocrats as not only indispensable, but feasible.

From the murder of John F. Kennedy to the trail of dead bodies uncovered during the Clinton and Bush regimes, and now Obama — the sanity of American government has taken a terrible turn toward Pathocracy. Normal Americans have to stop making excuses for what is plain view.

It is time that humanity faces what it already knows: Historic suffering throughout the ages is related to the evil of the psychopath. We must never consent to being disarmed. Thomas Jefferson said: “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Next, I call on psychology and psychiatry professionals to make claims regarding the mental health of members of government — it is incumbent on those qualified to take a stand against a rising, bloody, tyranny. The facts speak for themselves: mental health must be called into consideration based on the actions of our leaders in recent years.

Finally, there are other powerful, peaceful ways to reign in the power of psychopaths. First and foremost, remember that it is the overwhelming numbers of normal people that enable their power, working and slaving away in a system designed as life support for a class of vampires. I submit that we can stop paying their bills.

Start by cutting off the fuel supply, i.e., their funding. Banks are power lines connected directly to the coven of vampires; currency is the current flowing through the power lines. Begin today by removing any savings you might have in banks and in various investment markets (stocks, bonds, hedge funds, etc. ), then use those dollars to buy physical gold and silver and long term food supplies. These commodities hold their value in the face of deliberately depreciating currency. Next — this is the interesting part — never convert your gold and silver back into dollars. Instead, when the time comes spend your silver and gold. Go out and find small local stores that will trade gold and silver for supplies. Remember, if you convert your gold and silver back into money the vampires get power — the IRS will tax your trade, and the banks end up with money streaming down the power lines to the coven of vampires.

Moving out of the banking matrix toward barter and transactions based in real money will protect your privacy and purchasing power, while decreasing energy available for evil. A grade ‘A’ investment for the average American (aside from food) is silver; silver is the currency of the little man — it is the silver bullet against the vampire of psychopathic government.

This is a critical time in the history of humanity; a time when you have to educate yourself and have courage to take non-violent action against a very violent infestation of the worst possible personality types. Think about the Russians, Germans, Chinese and so many others that might have been able to prevent a blood bath of agony with just some responsible action prior to the onslaught. I would also say it is important to understand that psychopaths have no emotions and no empathy. Think about what kind of person would order the deliberate down-the-pants aggression of “security” agents. These people are not protecting you — they are groping you like animals; animals that have no future other than food for the psychopaths.

Monday, January 24, 2011

“Eisenhower’s Worst Fears Have Been Realized.. His Warnings Given For Naught”

Washington’s Blog
Jan 21, 2011

President Eisenhower’s warned us about the growing threat from the powerful military-industrial complex – and it’s threat to our prosperity – 50 years ago.

As NPR notes:

On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.


Eisenhower used the speech to warn about “the immense military establishment” that had joined with “a large arms industry.”


Another concern … was the possibility that as the military and the arms industry gained power, they would be a threat to democracy, with civilians losing control of the military-industrial complex.

Eisenhower also said:

Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

As James Ledbetter wrote in the New York Times last month:

It is not a stretch to believe that this armaments industry — which profits not only from domestic sales but also from tens of billions of dollars in annual exports — manipulates public policy to perpetuate itself. But Eisenhower was concerned about more than just the military’s size; he also worried about its relationship to the American economy and society, and that the economy risked becoming a subsidiary of the military.

Eisenhower warned that the influence of the military-industrial complex was “economic, political, even spiritual” and that it was “felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government.” He exhorted Americans to break away from our reliance on military might as a guarantor of liberty and “use our power in the interests of world peace and human betterment.”

On this score, Eisenhower may well have seen today’s America as losing the battle against the darker aspects of the military-industrial complex. He was no pacifist, but he was a lifelong opponent of what he called a “garrison state,” in which policy and rights are defined by the shadowy needs of an all-powerful military elite.

The Independent pointed out Monday:

If you doubt, half a century on, that Dwight Eisenhower had it right, then consider the advertisements on WTOP, the Washington region’s all-news radio station. Every big metro area in the US has one, where car dealerships tout their bargains, and fast food chains promote a new special offer.

WTOP has all that. But it boasts other advertisers too, with names such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.


In reality, the dangers of Eisenhower’s “military-industrial complex” are not new; from the earliest days of the Republic, political leaders have warned of them. “Overgrown military establishments,” George Washington said in his own farewell address of 1796, “are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty.”

As the director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation told Democracy Now today, the big defense contractors “recycle our money into the political system”. He pointed to one example:

[The Lockheed companies] spend about $12 million per election cycle, either on lobbying or on candidates. And they have people like Buck McKeon, who runs the Armed Services Committee now. They’re the biggest donor to him. They’re the biggest donor to Daniel Inouye, who runs the Appropriations Committee in the Senate.

And investment legend Jeremy Grantham’s most recent newsletter argues that President Eisenhower’s worst fear have come true, and makes some hard-hitting points about finance and government as well:

Historians may well look back on this period, say, from 1960 on, as the “Selfish Era” – a time when individualism and materialism steadily took precedence over social responsibility. (To be fair, in the period from 1960 to 1980, the deterioration was slow, and the social contract dating back to the mid-1930s was more or less intact.) Personal debt grew slowly at first but steadily accelerated, even though it can be easily demonstrated that consumers collectively are better off saving to buy and that the only beneficiary of a heavy debt society is the financial industry, whose growth throughout this period was massive, multiplying its share of a growing pie by a remarkable 2.2 times…

The financial industry, with its incestuous relationships with government agencies, runs a close second to the energy industry. In the last 10 years or so, their machine, led by the famously failed economic consultant Alan Greenspan – one of the few businessmen ever to be laughed out of business – seemed perhaps the most effective. It lacks, though, the multi-decadal attitude-changing propaganda of the oil industry. Still, in finance they had the “regulators,” deregulating up a storm, to the enormous profit of their industry. Even with the biggest-ever financial fiasco, entirely brought on by the collective incompetence they produced (“they” being the financial regulators and the financial industry leaders working together in some strange, would-be symbiotic relationship), reform is still difficult. Even with everyone hating them, the financial industry comes out smelling like a rose with less competition, profits higher than ever, and not just too big to fail, but bigger still.

Other industries, to be sure, are in there swinging: insurance and health care come to mind, but they seem like pikers in comparison. No, it’s energy and finance in coequal first place, military-related companies an honorable third, and the rest of the field not even in contention. And now, adding the icing to the corporate cake, we have the Supreme Court. Formerly the jewel in the American Crown, they have managed to find five Justices capable of making Eisenhower’s worst nightmare come true. They have put the seal of approval on corporate domination of politics, and done so in a way that can be kept secret. The swing-vote Senator can now be sand-bagged by a vicious advertising program on television, financed by unknown parties, and approved by no stockholders at all!

All in all it appears that Eisenhower’s worst fears have been realized and his remarkable and unique warnings given for naught. From now on, we should tread more carefully. Honoring President Eisenhower’s unique warnings, we should perhaps not take this 50-year slide lying down. Squawking loudly seems preferable.

Friday, January 21, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void

Jan 18 03:56 PM US/Eastern

ATLANTA, Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that serves to allow judges to void the Constitution in their courtrooms. The decision was issued on January 18, 2011, and the Court did not even explain the decision (Docket No. 10-632, 10-633, and 10-690). One word decisions: DENIED.

Presented with this information and massive proof that was not contested in any manner by the accused judges, at least six of the justices voted to deny the petitions:

"There is no legal or factual basis whatsoever for the decisions of the lower courts in this matter. These rulings were issued for corrupt reasons. Many of the judges in the Northern District of Georgia and the Eleventh Circuit are corrupt and violate laws and rules, as they have done in this case. The Supreme Court must recognize this Petition as one of the most serious matters ever presented to this Court."

The key questions answered negatively by the U.S. Supreme Court was:

"Whether federal courts must be stopped from operating corruptly and ignoring all laws, rules, and facts."

By denying the petitions, SCOTUS has chosen to sanction corruption by federal judges and to allow federal judges to void sections of the Constitutional at will.

William M. Windsor has been involved in legal action in the federal courts in Atlanta since 2006. Windsor was named a defendant in a civil lawsuit (1:06-CV-0714-ODE) in which Christopher Glynn of Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls, swore under oath that Windsor did a variety of things including the crimes of theft and bribery. Windsor stated under oath that Christopher Glynn made it up and lied about absolutely everything that he swore. Windsor then obtained deposition testimony from Glynn and the other managers of the Maid of the Mist boat ride, and they admitted, under oath, that charges against Windsor were not true.

Despite this undeniable proof, 32-year federal Judge Orinda D. Evans declared that the grandfather of three should not have fought the lawsuit, and she forced him to pay a fortune in legal fees of Maid of the Mist. Windsor appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, but federal judges Dubina, Hull, and Fay rubber-stamped Judge Evans' ruling. Windsor then took his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court where the justices said the appeal was not worthy of their consideration (cert denied).

After attempting to get the case reopened with new evidence that proved fraud upon the courts and obstruction of justice, Judge Evans and Judge William S. Duffey committed a variety of crimes and violations of Constitutional rights, as did judges with the Eleventh Circuit. All of this was detailed for the Supreme Court.

Windsor says: "I have discovered that the federal judges in Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, DC, and the justices of the United States Supreme Court function like common criminals intentionally making bogus rulings against honest people while covering up the crimes of their fellow judges. I have been contacted by people from all over the country and around the world with their stories of judicial corruption with judges all over the U.S.

"My charges have been totally ignored by the United States Attorney's Office, the FBI, and Congress. I do not believe there is a shred of decency, honesty, or Constitutional rights in our federal courts. In my opinion, we now live in a police state. Judges are free to do absolutely anything they want. Our laws are meaningless. Your life savings can be stolen by a federal judge, and they have no risk in violating every law in the books.

"In my opinion, this is the most serious issue that our country has ever faced. Our rights have been stolen. And the mainstream media refuses to cover this story because they are afraid of the judges. Heaven help us.

"I believe our only hope in America is if the masses become aware of what is taking place. I am writing an expose, and my book will be available at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and on soon. The publisher will decide if the title is Lawless America or Screwed, Glued, and Tattooed."

For more information, see

Contact: William Windsor, +1-770-578-1094,

SOURCE William M. Windsor

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Machiavellian States of America?

By Daniel O'Connor
Published 01/19/11

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) was the preeminent political philosopher of his time, whose immeasurable influence still resonates today, perhaps even moreso than ever. His book, The Prince, has remained as a very widely read book throughout the globe for the past century, and before. In fact, it was the advent of the printing press, which came to existence just before his time, which helped disseminate his political philosophy across Continental Europe into the hands of Kings, Queens and major philosophical figures. In modern times, although many people have not read his works or are even aware of his existence, it is the political philosophy of Machiavelli and his descendants which has permeated the mentalities of many Americans and citizens across the globe.

Machiavelli's worldview and writings were quite extensive and impossible to summarize in this brief article but a few of his main focal points are extremely relevant today and deserve re-examination by the American people.

In Niccolo's most well-known book, The Prince, a strong emphasis is placed on the need for The Prince (or the governing body) to abandon principles and act immorally on occasion in order to achieve a particular objective (or to maintain/expand power). The Prince constantly posits a view in terms of power which is not necessarily relevant to this article--the focus of this article is the notion of abandoning principles to achieve a desired goal or objective. This is unfortunately the sentiment that has not only become embodied by our "representative government" but also much of the population. Members of our government carrying the labels (R) and (D), along with members of the numerous vestigial federal bureaus that surround our National Capital, can be found guilty of this Machiavellian practice.

As according to The Prince, a leader must always protect his reputation and be willing to act immorally on certain occasions. "Immorally" can be defined as committing acts of brute force, aggression, deception or even large scale unjustifiable attacks. As seen during America's invasion of Iraq in 2002, most Americans can now all acknowledge that our government was guilty of Machiavellian tactics indeed, by deceiving the public and aggressively attacking a defenseless country through brute force. Afterwards, the American public hardly criticized the government, at all.

The American public's willingness to accept this invasive attack committed by our government is evidence that either: a) a large segment of our population is Machiavellian, or b) our government has complete authority and the people must accept whatever the government does without any repercussions from us, the people. Either one of the above scenarios is not a good sign of things to come. Are the majority of American citizens "Machiavellians" or will they eventually become fed up with the arbitrary decisions made by our government and scale back the haphazard political system they have created?

Another, more recent example of Machiavellian-style government abuse is the increased security measures at airports. Although the security measures are blatant violations of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, many of those who support the increased measures nonchalantly shrug their shoulders at this blatant overreach of Federal authority as they believe that "it keeps us safe"--in their view, the ends justify the means. Proponents of every constitutional violation, often use a Machiavellian justification for their stance.

Machiavellian tactics are by no means a rare angle played up by modern-day politicians but are in fact the norm among most members of our Legislative and Executive Branches. "That trillion dollars of taxpayer money was spent because if it wasn't there would have been a catastrophe." "We are deeper in debt than any other country in history because of dire circumstances." "The government passed the Patriot Act and now spies on citizens in order to keep everyone safe from terrorism." The list goes on and on without an end in sight to the reckless and out-of-control Machiavellian politicians in America. Meanwhile, The US Constitution does not provide our government with authority to engage in most of what it has been doing for many decades.

The constant disregard for The US Constitution essentially gives our government an open ticket to do whatever it wants without any obligation to the people. Many of those who disregard The Constitution consider it an antiquated document that is not fit for addressing "modern-day" problems. On the contrary, The Constitution was specifically written with the intention of addressing the largest "modern-day" problem--restricting an abusive and out of control government in order to protect individual liberty.

As citizens, our authority derives from The Constitution--not our "democratic rights", especially considering that recent US Presidents have acted in a much different way than the platforms that they campaigned on. If we vote for one outcome and realize a different outcome, how legitimate is our democratic authority?

To rest all of our confidence on politicians who abandon principles and disregard The Constitution in order to achieve their desired objectives is quite discouraging as a means to create a "change" in our political system. On the contrary, the nationwide disapproval for our current political system, coupled by historically atrocious economic conditions, is proof that the American people should return to The Constitution as an alternative option for correcting our political system rather than depending on Machiavellian-style politicians that have been running this country for so many decades.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seymour Hersh: Radical Neoconservatives “Overthrew the American Government.”

Saman Mohammadi
Truth Excavator
January 19, 2011

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh spoke at the Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar on Monday, January 17, 2011, where he said that a group of radical neoconservatives, “overthrew the American government. Took it over.” He added, “It’s not only that the neocons took it over but how easily they did it — how Congress disappeared, how the press became part of it, how the public acquiesced.” (Quotes taken from’s article ‘Seymour Hersh unleashed’ by Blake Hounshell, January 18, 2011).

President Kennedy opposed the new coalition of evil in Washington, which has since shown to be permanent, and he was killed for it. Photo: Cecil Stoughton, White House.

Blake Hounshell of the site called Hersh’s speech a “rambling, conspiracy-laden diatribe,” but this is not true. Anybody with eyes to see has accepted the fact that America’s constitutional republic was hijacked, subverted, overthrown, destroyed, whatever name you want to give it. . . the point is that a drastic changed occurred, freedom was stripped from the American people and left to die by the highest government authorities over a period of generations, the idea of public consent was abandoned, and America’s founding principles were crushed and thrown down the toilet.

When exactly this drastic changed occurred is up for debate. Some people say the change began the day that Bush stole the election in 2000; others say that the change in the American government’s relationship to the people, and its change in foreign policy occurred immediately after America’s victory in World War Two with the creation of the National Security State. I believe the great change which ushered in the “unspeakable” reality of how power truly operates in Washington, as author James Douglass calls it in his book “JFK and The Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters,” certainly has its origins in the National Security Act of 1947, and this change was evident throughout the 1950s, but the greater push towards tyranny in America occurred upon the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 by the anti-democratic elitists who created the CIA, and own the National Security State, continued by the assassinations of two other political reformers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy.

President Kennedy opposed the new coalition of evil in Washington, which has since shown to be permanent, and he was killed for it. JFK was not a saint, but he was a great man. He did not give in to the blind fate that was planned for America–that of a death-dealing empire rather than a friendly and peaceable republic. He envisioned a new era of world peace and economic prosperity, in which America played a big role, but not the only one. We should remember and honor the fact that he died while protecting the greatest constitution on Earth, preserving the American republic, and depriving the monsters of war another war.

Hersh says that the neocons hijacked U.S. foreign policy and the American war machine, but there is a lot of room for argument there, because the American war machine was corrupted and turned inside out by powerful and manipulative elitists in Washington long before Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the gang came onto the scene. The neocons just gave the American empire a new vision, and a new direction. The parts were already there, all they had to do was design and install a new engine for the ride.

Look at it this way: The CIA was established as a band of criminals and liars at the very top and it could always be counted on to lie to the American people, spread endless propaganda, maintain an assigned narrative for the public through the media, and keep secrets, especially about big events like 9/11; the military was well suited to take on new wars, and it had just won the Gulf war so its leadership was confident and the troops had high morale; and the American people had proven gullible and/or inattentive enough to believe more big lies.

All that was needed to take America to war was a grand new mission, this time against “terrorism,” a group of individuals like the neocons who were ballsy, immoral, manipulative, and politically skillful, and a cadre of rotten traitors both in and outside of government. The historical stage was set for the neocons and the benefactors of the National Security State to attack America on 9/11, and thereafter implement their evil agenda.

In the face of all kinds of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, including scientific, circumstantial, and political, the proper and sane response would be to piece the puzzle about 9/11 and the greater goal of the war on terror together, whereas the irrational response would be to deny the obvious facts of that tragic day, and discount any belief that the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11 as “crazy” and “moronic.” The truly crazy opinions are not held by “conspiracy theorists,” but by those who believe any word from the criminal Bush administration on the topic of 9/11, and the war on terror, as well as its successor, the equally criminal Obama administration. The unavoidable fact is that the United States government is led by liars and two-faced traitors. Everything that Bush said was a lie. And everything that Obama says is a lie. These leaders are habitual liars. That is just the way it is.

In his speech Hersh addressed government lying, and the modus operandi of the CIA:

“I’ve given up being disillusioned about the CIA. They’re trained to lie, period. They will lie to their president, they will lie certainly to the Congress, and they will lie to the American people. That’s all there is to it.”

Hersh’s harsh critique of Washington is not the least bit conspiratorial or silly. He has not gone off the rails, instead, he is accepting the reality that America is led by traitors and evil men. He’s still a little bit off the mark in his analysis of the situation, and he hasn’t touched the subject of 9/11 truth, but he’s getting there. He is definitely doing more than the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the rest of the media as far as telling the facts straight, and letting the pieces fall where they may. There are very few brave and smart journalists around these days, and Hersh ranks at the top of the list.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Was Loughner In Love With Congresswoman Giffords?

Paul Joseph Watson
January 12, 2011

Now that the contrived idea that heated political rhetoric from conservatives has been rejected as a motivation behind Jared Lee Loughner’s tragic rampage in which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was targeted, Loughner’s documented obsession with Giffords indicates that he may have been infatuated with the Arizona Democrat.

We now know that 22-year-old Loughner was in contact with Giffords since at least 2007, having attended a Congress on Your Corner event and subsequently receiving a thank you letter from Giffords’ office that was discovered by police in a safe at Loughner’s home on which Loughner had scrawled “Die Cops” and “Die Bitch,” along with handwritten notes by Loughner stating that he had “planned ahead” and that the rampage was “my assassination”.

According to a friend, it was Giffords’ treatment of Loughner at that 2007 event that first aggravated the young man who went on to attempt to murder the Congresswoman.

Loughner’s characterization by those who knew him as someone who “wasn’t especially political,” indicates that his preoccupation with Giffords went beyond any of the issues in which she was involved in Arizona. Indeed, forum postings leaked to the Wall Street Journal confirm that,”Mr. Loughner never mentions any political views explicitly, nor does he name any political figures.”

Why would someone with little interest in politics be so interested in meeting and communicating with a Congresswoman? Did Loughner have feelings for Giffords that were burned when Giffords supposedly mistreated him at the 2007 event?

It has now come to light that Loughner’s anger was fostered in part from being rejected by women. Messages posted on a gaming forum show that Loughner expressed his frustration with getting the brush off.

“On May 5, he started a thread titled “Talk, Talk, Talking about Rejection.” He solicited stories of rejection by the opposite sex. The next day he wrote, “Its funny…when..they say lets go on a date about 3 times..and they dont….go…” Three days later, he wrote, “Its funny when your 60 wondering……what happen at 21.”

Since the tragic shootings, we have also learned that Giffords’ You Tube channel was subscribed to Loughner’s You Tube channel which contained his inane ramblings about mind control and his frustration with people’s use of language and grammar. This connection is made even more bizarre by the fact that Giffords is only subscribed to one other person, another Congressman, therefore her subscribing to Loughner’s channel could not have been an accident.

Unsurprisingly, Giffords’ subscription to her own attempted assassin’s You Tube page was scrubbed almost immediately after the shootings.

Loughner’s obsession with Giffords is proven, and whether that was borne out of his frustrated feelings for the Congresswoman is sure to be explored in more detail as a clearer picture of the gunman’s motives emerges.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DHS Ties Arizona Attack to “Lone Wolf” Terrorism

Kurt Nimmo
January 11, 2010

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI sent a bulletin to local law enforcement after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot in Arizona last week. The bulletin, issued Saturday night, provided information about “lone wolf” attackers, according to Fox News.

“We have seen an increase in the lone wolf type attacks, which, from a law enforcement and investigation perspective, are the most challenging,” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said earlier this year. “Why? Because by definition they’re not conspiring. They’re not using the phones, the computer networks, or any — they’re not talking with others any other way that we might get some inkling about what is being planned.”

Leonard Zeskind, who produced paranoid liberal agitprop attempting to connect the Tea Party to the white nationalist movement, defines the term lone wolf.

The government has characterized Joseph Andrew Stack, John Patrick Bedell, Johnny Lee Wicks, and others as lone wolf attackers. Stack allegedly plowed a small aircraft into an IRS officle building in Austin, Texas. Bedell, described as a mentally ill marijuna user, opened fire outside of the Pentagon in March. Johnny Lee Wicks was killed at federal courthouse in Las Vegas after his Social Security check was reduced.

In 2009, a DHS document, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” was leaked to the media. “The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks,” the report concludes (emphasis added).

Michael Leiter, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, recently told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the prospect of lone wolf attacks keep him awake at night, according to the Chicago Tribune. Lee Hamilton, the former chairman of the 9/11 Commission, told the Committee “that the lone wolf terrorist has become a major threat and concern to the country.” Leon Panetta, the current director of the CIA, expressed similar concerns. “It’s the lone wolf strategy that I think we have to pay attention to as the main threat,” he said. The former Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, also told the Homeland Security Committee that his “greatest concern” is the lone wolf.

Jared Lee Loughner was not associated with a terrorist group. His behavior prior to the attack is that of a mentally ill person, not an ideologically motivated terrorist. In the wake of the attack, the corporate media has attempted to portray him as rightwing and sympathetic to the Tea Party. Following the attack, it was revealed that Loughner is at best a liberal who describes himself as a homosexual. News reports indicate he kept an occult shrine in the back yard of his parent’s home in Tucson.

On Sunday, Fox News reported on a a law enforcement memo based on information provided by DHS attempting to link Loughner to American Renaissance, described as a white supremacist organization that Loughner allegedly mentioned in some of his internet postings.

The latest information released by the Department of Homeland Security reveals that the mega-agency created following the attacks of September 11, 2001, is still attempting to spin the Loughner story and attach political motivation to acts that were clearly carried out by a mentally ill person.

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The government and the DHS have loaded the term “lone wolf” with political connotation. It now brings to mind al-Qaeda miscreants in turbans, white supremacists, and anti-tax activists.

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange 'faces execution or Guantánamo detention

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange 'faces execution or Guantánamo detention'Skeleton argument outlined by Australian's defence team claims he could face rendition to US if extradited to Sweden

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WikiLeaks founder 'happy' after extradition hearing Link to this video
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, could be at "real risk" of the death penalty or detention in Guantánamo Bay if he is extradited to Sweden on accusations of rape and sexual assault, his lawyers claim.

In a skeleton summary of their defence against attempts by the Swedish director of public prosecutions to extradite him, released today, Assange's legal team argue that there is a similar likelihood that the US would subsequently seek his extradition "and/or illegal rendition", "where there will be a real risk of him being detained at Guantánamo Bay or elsewhere".

"Indeed, if Mr Assange were rendered to the USA, without assurances that the death penalty would not be carried out, there is a real risk that he could be made subject to the death penalty. It is well known that prominent figures have implied, if not stated outright, that Mr Assange should be executed."

The 35-page skeleton argument was released by Mark Stephens, Assange's lawyer, following a brief review hearing this morning at Belmarsh magistrates court.

The WikiLeaks founder, who is on conditional bail while his extradition case is being considered, appeared for no more than 15 minutes in the dock, while supporters including Jemima Khan and Bianca Jagger looked on and waved support from the public gallery.

He later emerged to give a brief statement to a large number of reporters, saying: "Our work with WikiLeaks continues unabated. We are stepping up our publications for matters relating to Cablegate and other materials.

"These will shortly be available through our newspaper partners around the world – big and small newspapers and human rights organisations."

The skeleton argument outlines seven points on which Assange's lawyers will contest his extradition, which was sought by the Swedish DPP, Marianne Ny, following accusations from two women that he had sexually assaulted them in separate incidents in August.

One accusation, that Assange had sex with one of the women while she was asleep, would amount to rape under Swedish law if proven. Both women had previously had consenting sex with Assange.

The other points of argument include:

• That the European arrest warrant (EAW) is not valid, because Ny is not the authorised issuing authority, and it has been sought for an improper purpose – ie "simply in order to question him and without having yet reached a decision on whether or not to prosecute him". This, they argue, would be in contravention of a well-established principle "that mere suspicion should not found a request for extradition".

• That there has been "abuse of process" as Assange has not had full disclosure of all documents relating to the case, in particular text messages sent by one of the women, in which she allegedly said she was "half asleep" (ie not fully asleep) at the time they had sex, and messages between the two women in which they allegedly spoke of "revenge".

• That the "conduct" of the Swedish prosecutor amounts to abuse of process. Assange's lawyers cite the fact that the rape allegations were initially dismissed and then reopened by a second prosecutor, that the prosecutor has refused Assange's offers of interview, and that it has not made documents available to Assange in English. They also cite the leak of part of the prosecution case to the Guardian as "a breach of Mr Assange's fair trial and privacy rights".

• That the alleged offences would not be considered crimes in the UK, and therefore, they argue, an EAW between the two countries would not be valid.

• That the extradition attempt is politically motivated, and that his trial would be prejudiced because of his political opinions or because, they argue, of his gender.

Assange's team will make their case on 7 and 8 February, when Assange will return to court for the full extradition hearing. The case for his extradition is being argued by the Crown Prosecution Service on behalf of the Swedish prosecutor; the full prosecution case is not expected to be released before that date.

District Judge Nicholas Evans agreed at this morning's hearing to ease the terms of his bail conditions, which require Assange to wear an electronic tag and report daily to a police station close to the stately home on the Suffolk/Norfolk border where he is staying. For the nights of 6 and 7 February Assange will be permitted to stay in London.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Liberal Smear Machine Backfires After Gunman Found To Be Occultist, Pot-Smoking Left Winger

Related: Arizona Assassin Obsessed With Mind Control

Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson
January 10, 2011

A full scale demonization campaign against conservatives, free speech and the Second Amendment on behalf of Democrats and the establishment media in the wake of Saturday’s shootings has sensationally backfired after it emerged that gunman Jared Lee Loughner was a left-wing, pot-smoking liberal who was into dressing like the grim reaper and dabbling in the occult.

In their fervor to tear down the First and Second Amendments, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media hastily characterized Loughner as an anti-government right-winger in their rush to link him to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, a connection that is still being invoked as Dems seek to rush through gun control legislation as well as a bill that could make criticism of government a form of hate speech.

However, precisely as Alex Jones forecast on his show last night, it has emerged this morning that Loughner is a devil-worshipper wannabe who idolized fake human skulls and dressed up like the grim reaper.

How often have you witnessed a “tear partier,” an anti-government activist or a conservative engage in any of the following behaviors, all of which are confirmed to have been conducted by Loughner. (1) (2) (3) (4)

- Burning the American flag
- Being a “left-winger” and a “liberal”
- Smoking pot
- Having long hair
- Dressing up as the grim reaper
- Dabbling in the occult by worshipping a replica of a human skull
- Expressing the desire to be a woman
- Describing Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as a favorite book

Does it sound like Jared Lee Loughner was a right-wing conservative, as the liberal smear machine is attempting to claim?

Despite the fact that Loughner’s former classmate described him as “quite liberal” and “left wing,” the New York Times, Washington Post, along with a host of statist blogs like Huffington Post and the Daily Kos, were beating the drum for so-called right-wingers (opponents of Obamacare or big government) to be politically silenced in the name of “toning down the rhetoric”.

In reality, Loughner’s political views were all over the map, sharing characteristics of conservatism, liberalism and libertarianism. He was a fundamentally disturbed and deranged individual, which was the main reason for the carnage he become embroiled in, not because he was a tea partier influenced by the resistance against big government, as the establishment is now trying to claim.

The haste with which the attack machine had manufactured Loughner’s persona before his name was even known as a dangerous right-winger proves that the establishment had already embarked on a sickening plan to exploit the tragedy mere minutes after news of the shootings broke.

We don’t even have a clear motive for why Loughner apparently targeted Congressman Giffords. Indeed, since both Giffords and federal judge John Roll were both very conservative in their policies towards gun control and immigration, how do we know that Loughner’s anger wasn’t rooted in leftist rage?

Another key facet to this story is the fact that Loughner’s mental instability was well known on his campus, and yet “College authorities ignored repeated warnings that the drug-taking 22-year-old was a potential danger, a former teacher claimed last night.”

Despite the fact that Loughner’s profile is now confirmed as a black-clad, occult-dabbling, pot smoking unstable loner, in a similar mould to Columbine killers Harrison and Klebold, the establishment is still blaming so-called right-wing radio and talk show hosts for the tragedy and demanding that Americans “tone down their rhetoric,’ which is a mere euphemism for a brazen attempt to stifle criticism of the state altogether.

Speaking to Fox News, the father of the 9-year-old girl killed as a result of Loughner’s rampage commendably labeled the tragic events a “random act” and said that the death of his daughter should not be exploited to revoke freedoms.

Speaking on the subject of how travel became a nightmare after 9/11, John Green said, “We don’t need any more restrictions on our society,” as a consequence of the shootings, and said that tragic events such as those that led to the murder of his daughter was the price Americans have to pay for freedom.

Dem plans bill banning use of threatening imagery against politicians

By Sahil Kapur
Monday, January 10th, 2011 -- 7:58 am

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In the wake of the tragic Arizona shooting, Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA) says he plans to introduce a bill criminalizing the use of certain forms of threatening imagery against lawmakers and judges.

"You can't threaten the president with a bullseye or a crosshair," Brady told the New York Times. He explained to CNN that his bill would also ban symbols or language that threaten "a congressman, senator or federal judge."

He was referring to a map published last year by Sarah Palin in which House Democrats were targeted for electoral defeat with crosshairs over their districts. One of Palin's targets was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who was among twenty others shot Saturday in Tucson by a gunman. Six died, including federal judge John Roll, a member of Giffords's staff, and a nine-year-old girl.

"I don’t know what’s in that nut’s head," Brady said. "I would rather be safe than sorry."

Direct threats against presidents are already punishable by law, but the criminalization of forms of imagery is likely to raise important questions about free speech and First Amendment rights.

A spokesperson for Brady did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on the parameters of threatening language or imagery in his bill, and for a comment on its free speech ramifications. Raw Story will update this article as we receive word.

Numerous observers say Palin's map may have incited the killer, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, to commit the murders. Giffords herself warned of consequences to Palin's violent rhetoric last March.

Brady echoed the calls for more civility in political discourse as a response to the Arizona shootings, reflecting concerns put forth by countless observers during the weekend.

"This is not a wakeup call," Brady told the Times. "This is a major alarm going off. We need to be more civil with each other. We need to tone down this rhetoric."

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Elite Openly Flaunts Plan To Turn Cities Into High-Tech Slave Grids

Chilling future scenario funded by banks & oil companies depicts authoritarian cities where only the wealthy will be allowed to eat meat, drive cars and choose their own career – all in the name of preventing non-existent global warming

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, January 6, 2010

Not content with depicting children being slaughtered in the name of preventing non-existent global warming, climate change alarmists have embarked on a new propaganda campaign lecturing us all about how we will be forced to live in a “planned-opolis,” where car use will be heavily restricted, CO2 emissions will be rationed, meat will be considered a rare delicacy, the state will decide your career, and only the mega-rich elitists enforcing all these new rules and regulations will be exempt from them.

Browbeating us about how the only solution to expensive fossil fuels is to enforce a “tightly planned and controlled” system, the infomercial (funded in part by oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell), goes on to tell the story of what life will be like in 2040 through the words and actions of a subservient, obedient slave named “Vee” who dutifully acquiesces to the necessity of the new way of things.

Even as Britain shivers under its coldest December in 100 years, and as places as far flung as Southern China suffer unprecedented bouts of freezing rain and cold weather and as the onset of a new mini ice age causes mass die-offs of sea life, the entire piece, produced by the Forum for the Future group, is veiled in debunked rhetoric about CO2 emissions causing rising temperatures.

We soon begin to learn what living in the new “planned-opolis” will look like – food and water is regulated and rationed by a “Global Food Council” which seizes total control over farming. Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions (mirroring precisely the conditions endured by those in Maoist China).

The state decides what your job will be with “designated career announcements,” nobody has the choice to decide their own vocation.

Movement and behavior is controlled by a calorie credit card linked to a smart phone that rations the amount of travel the citizens of slave-opolis, I mean planned-opolis, are allowed to make. Private ownership of cars will be banned for non-elitists because, “the state knows they just aren’t practical anymore.”

Of course, none of these new rules will apply to the rich elitists enforcing them on the rest of us – it’s made clear in the ad that the wealthy will still be able to roll around in CO2-belching cars whenever they like while everyone else is forced to get government permission and be allocated a time slot in which to use restricted vehicles provided by the “Slick Travel Corporation”.

“It makes so much sense doesn’t it,” insists the smiley faced slave “Vee,” who enjoys the fact that she can “switch off brain and go to work,” adding, “With this many people around I’m glad there’s a mega-computer in charge.”

Of course, for those who resist and still cling to some semblance of freedom in defiance of the state and the super-computers running the slave grid, there’s the “cry freedom ghetto,” prison camps for malcontents who are blocked from getting jobs, accessing high speed transport or the Internet.

In a chilling throwback to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the propaganda piece chillingly invokes the notion of families being separated because some people refuse to submit to state-imposed green fascism. This is a subtle yet shocking insight into the true motivation of the makers of this piece – they can barely contain their wanton revulsion towards freedom and their fascist tendencies.

The Forum for the Future Organization derives its funding from a combination of taxpayer money, via local governments, as well as monolithic corporations and large banks.

Some of its financial backers include Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, and crucially Royal Dutch Shell – which of course is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 on the planet.

In other words, an organization lecturing the little people about how only the mega-rich will be able to drive cars and eat meat in 30 years in order to reduce CO2 emissions is largely funded by mega-rich banks and multinational corporations, as well as oil companies.

This is nothing less than Orwell’s 1984 and then some – a chilling nightmare scenario where all freedom is crushed in the name of protecting mother earth. But of course, this has nothing to do with saving the environment, the whole thing is funded by multinational corporations and giant banks, and yet the idiot “liberals” over at the Guardian website wholeheartedly agree that rationing, government control of mobility and food, the state deciding your career, cars being banned for all but the rich, and resistors forced to live in abandoned ghettos is a reasonable and rational course of action.

The agenda for eco-fascism knows no bounds – despite the fact that global warming has been completely discredited as a contrived fraud based on pseudo-science, corruption and agenda-driven politics, its adherents are relentlessly forging ahead with their horrifying vision of a future where the middle classes are eviscerated and everyone – besides of course the elitists imposing the tyranny – is forced to reduce their living standard and become subservient to an all-pervading state that enforces high-tech slavery under the excuse of a green revolution.

Banning fluorescent light bulbs and introducing carbon taxes is only the beginning – if we let these parasites have their way with us we’ll all be living in their purpose built slave-opolis before we know it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Censored Jesse Ventura Show On FEMA Camps Survives On You Tube
January 5, 2011

We urge you to watch the videos below because they might not be around for much longer. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory show about the police state and FEMA camps, which TruTV never aired because of constant government harassment and pressure, has already been memory-holed and is now under threat of being removed from You Tube as well.

The show covers the takeover plan and what they don’t want you to see – how martial law is being implemented in America. Get these videos now and share them before they disappear forever.

During his last appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Jesse Ventura confirmed that TruTV was forced to pull the show from their schedule due to government threats.

FLASHBACK: “Police State” episode of hit Ventura show covering FEMA camps pulled from air

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura and his crew at Conspiracy Theory have blown the FEMA camp issue wide open in a truly groundbreaking episode from the program’s second season on TruTV. The “Police State” episode proves once and for all that the feds have trained to take on American citizens, planned for riots and disasters and made preparations to maintain order at any cost. Tune in this Friday, Nov. 12 at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central and leave the denial at the door.

This powerful episode is the largest and most in-depth investigation into FEMA camps to date– and it is scheduled to air on television. Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones returns to the series yet again, as the team takes you to confirmed on-the-ground facilities, confronts the legislators who authorized FEMA camps and breaks down the full-scale technologically-integrated police state that includes Fusion Centers, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and more.

At one of many real and verified FEMA locations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones approach a “Residential Center” run by Homeland Security in central Texas where they find locked doors, double-fences and escape warnings around the entire perimeter. Further inside the facility, they witness a playground complex, swings and slides for children. The crew walks up to the front door and attempts to get some answers. But the officials refuse to either confirm or deny the facility’s purpose, including whether or not American citizens are being held inside. However, our past investigations into this facility reveal that it has confined both children and adults, including immigrants, refugee seekers and American citizens.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Pravda: Google's China Hypocrisy Ignores Deep CIA Connections

The western media is currently full of articles on Google's 'threat to quit China' over internet censorship issues, and the company's 'suspicion' that the Chinese government was behind attempts to 'break-in' to several Google email accounts used by 'Chinese dissidents'.

However, the media has almost completely failed to report that Google's surface concern over 'human rights' in China is belied by its their deep involvement with some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet:

Google is, in fact, is a key participant in U.S. military and CIA intelligence operations involving torture; subversion of foreign governments; illegal wars of aggression; and military occupations of countries which have never attacked the U.S. and which have cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

To begin with, Google is the supplier of the core search technology for 'Intellipedia, a highly-secured online system where 37,000 U.S. spies and related personnel share information and collaborate on their devious errands.

Agencies such as the so-called 'National Security Agency' have also purchased servers using Google-supplied search technology which processes information gathered by U.S. spies operating all over the planet.

In addition, Google is linked to the U.S. spy and military systems through its Google Earth software venture. The technology behind this software was originally developed by Keyhole Inc., a company funded by Q-Tel , a venture capital firm which is in turn openly funded and operated on behalf of the CIA.

Google acquired Keyhole Inc. in 2004. The same base technology is currently employed by U.S. military and intelligence systems in their quest, in their own words, for "full-spectrum dominance" of the planet.

Moreover, Googles' connection with the CIA and its venture capital firm extends to sharing at least one key member of personnel. In 2004, the Director of Technology Assessment at In-Q-Tel, Rob Painter, moved from his old job directly serving the CIA to become 'Senior Federal Manager' at Google.

As Robert Steele, a former CIA case officer has put it: Google is "in bed with" the CIA.

Googles Friends spy on millions of Internet Users

Given Google's supposed concern with 'break-in's to several of its email accounts, it's worth noting that Google's friends at In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, are now investing in Visible Technologies, a software firm specialized in 'monitoring social media'.

The 'Visible' technology can automatically examine more than a million discussions and posts on blogs, online forums, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and so forth each day. The technology also 'scores' each online item, assigning it a positive, negative or mixed or neutral status, based on parameters and terms set by the technology operators. The information, thus boiled down, can then be more effectively scanned and read by human operators.

The CIA venture capitalists at In-Q-Tel say they will use the technology to monitor social media operating in other countries and give U.S. spies “early-warning detection on how issues are playing internationally,” according to spokesperson Donald Tighe. There is every possibility that the technology can also be used by the U.S. intelligence operatives to spy on domestic social movements and individuals inside the U.S.

Finally, there is a curious absence from the statements emanating from Google - and from U.S. media reports - of any substantive evidence linking the Chinese government with the alleged break-in attempts to several Google email accounts.

Words like 'sophisticated' and 'suspicion' have appeared in the media to suggest that the Chinese government is responsible for the break-ins. That may be so. But it is striking that the media has seemingly asked no questions as to what the evidence behind the 'suspicions' might be

It should be noted that the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies have a long history of rogue operations intended to discredit governments or social movements with whom they happen to disagree. To see how far this can go, one need only recall the sordid history of disinformation, lies, and deceit propagated by U.S. government and media to frighten people into supporting the Iraq war.

Whether the attacks on Google email originated from the Chinese government, or from elsewhere, one thing is clear: A company that supplies the CIA with key intelligence technology; supplies mapping software which can be used for barbarous wars of aggression and drone attacks which kill huge numbers of innocent civilians; and which in general is deeply intertwined with the CIA and the U.S. military machines, which spy on millions, the company cannot be motivated by real concern for the human rights and lives of the people in China.

By Eric Sommer