Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Were Warned of the Attacks on our Children, Religious Sex Cults and Illegal Inquisitions. Is the Supreme Court really Irrelevant?

We were warned by our Founding Fathers that a two party system of government led by the elite would lead to the demise of our Constitution and our basic freedoms. If children are raised in an environment of fear, deception and imposed ignorance, they will become morally weak, hopelessly dependent, cowardly and vulnerable. Our children can later be manipulated as an ignorant mob, as if in a political fog, because we do not have the courage to raise them in truth. Does such a political fog sound familiar? We have been living with "clean" population control programs for two generations now. These programs require a secretive police state enforcing learned ignorance into our children. They require Femi-Nazi hate groups who presume a superiority over parents and the Constitution. But Femi-Nazis have a lesson to learn: Freedom is the biggest bitch on the block. Our Constitution made it so. Deceiving children about sexuality is akin to indoctrinating them into deception and robbing them of their future. This won't fly with good parents!

What was my crime? I believe the 911 attacks were a massive fraud, military Psy-Ops event for which my children needed protection. The best minds at Harvard trained me about these Psy-Ops methods and how to protect my children from them. They require comprehensive sex education. Why? Imposed sexual ignorance is the first requirement for mass Alpha-level brainwashing and everyone working these programs knows it. That's why they protect their own children in the same manner. In Bedford County, Pennsylvania, this imposed sexual ignorance is now universally imposed with draconian force so that children will acquire "controlling sexual taboos" and wrongful top-down authority programming. This process actually makes pedophiles, drug-addicted "conformists" and much more. This may sound like Nazi law for a very good reason, these Mind Control methods came directly from Nazi Germany. Good science will tell us that people like Freud have cured this barbaric mind control abuse by employing the parental duty of sex education with children in a timely manner. But we now find the "threat" of parental "sex predators" is found everywhere "good Republicans" can lynch liberals as actual Psy-Ops operations have fully conditioned Americans to retard their children's own intellectual and emotional development through fear, ignorance and disinformation. We know that such ignorance attacks the subconscious mind creating enormous personal and social ills. Yet the Republican-dominated military machine now functions everywhere from a top-down Psy-Ops fraud which sets up children for cyborg indoctrination and fully represents this imposed ignorance as "innocence" as it will utterly destroy these children for benefit of a very small elite.

What is truly disturbing is that many Republicans want you to believe that sexual repression is necessary to repress sexuality. The truth is, sexual repression has always been about repressing communication about sexuality, setting children up for powerful Mind Control manipulation, sexual myths, sexual bigotries "which just so happen" to serve Republican politics. This process requires a certain sophistication to understand, that it why good science is deliberately attacked, dumbing-down our children from generation to generation. That not only makes this a privacy matter for parents, it's a First Amendment issue. We are not talking about porn shops in Times Square, we are talking about basic life rights of children to learn about their bodies in a safe and effective environment, free from political intrusion.

In fact, most of modern psychology is based upon the premise that early childhood education in these matters helps determine your personality throughout your life. Whether your child becomes an "elite" child or a "non-elite" child will center on this one issue. How do the elite raise their children? If you cannot imagine talking openly with your parents about sex, you may have been raised sexually repressed. This repression may have been enforced by corrupt government officials working a political indoctrination agenda and they don't even know it. Why? Such methods are now easily administered by Marionette Mind Control programming of these bureaucrats and this is a basic Pentagon method, not a Constitutional directive. Children deliberately held in ignorance in critical stages of their development have certain learning disorders in common. One of these disorders is being easily manipulated by authority figures, even that we should blindly trust our federal government in matters as important as war. The matters concerning their bodies which are held as taboo often come back later in their lives as very serious problems. Freud exposed this fact 100 years ago and was then "acquired" by Tavistock, a secret "crowd control" "secret service" organization.

These children are much more likely to never develop the objectivity to make wise decisions about sex and communicate effectively. They may become compulsive in many things and even disturbed. They certainly learn early not to talk about sexuality. Have we deliberately made them sexual idiots? Sexual repression is about communications, or more accurately, the censorship of such communication. This repression finds its true roots in the slave-making arts. That is why condoms are not necessarily revolting to the sexually repressed, but instruction on how to use them is. Why is AIDS killing tens of millions of children and parents around the globe only to have Republicans refuse to distribute condoms for "moral" reasons? This sexual repression serves elitist eugenics!

Tavistock has monopolized the facts about sexual repression to be used by government for active eugenics programs.

What's worse, children held in ignorance are much more likely to become disturbed by such imposed confusion and their sexually repressed parents will go along with this Nazi eugenics scam. But active secret government programs target politically undesirable parents who actually educate their children and protect them from unnecessary ignorance and hysteria. In fact, those children who can communicate effectively about sexual matters are now routinely turned against their own parents who have empowered them.

The government actively generates hysteria in small children and families. This hysteria becomes a reason to drug them. After a short period of time necessary to condition a complacent society and freed to enjoy absolute powers, these government agents actually run sex cults and drug farms for profit. Nothing is more Orwellian than the truth.

Does this sound like a primitive political program found in deepest Africa for which enlightened Americans are fighting to bring modern "sex education?" These abuses to basic parental rights are routine in America through secretive, underground police state practices. They are heinous crimes against humanity ongoing in the U.S. falsely "justified" by our many politically inspired laws.

View the YouTube video: FaceBook CIA Mining information on Children

The central distinction between the Founding Fathers and our current crop of politicians is that the former had the wisdom to endorse a "rights centered" government and not a "law centered" one. Laws are too easily employed to create false and corrupting power systems, confusing everyone. "Do unto your neighbor" is not a law, it's a right of decency that a child can learn. The distinction between the two is one of civility and a fundamental negation of politics.

A long tradition of superstition and myth was designed to repress sexual objectivity and replace it with highly subjective controlling mechanisms like shame, largely based on imposed ignorance. Now this tradition is used by your government to control its own population for political reasons. Objective education of your children can easily be transformed into subjective smear campaigns used against good parents for child custody manipulations or for purely political reasons. In fact, these political agents are told that they are "required" to "err on the side of child abuse" or assume that objective sex education with children is really subjective child abuse. That it why it is critically important to fight for parental authority and parental rights right here in the U.S.. Isn't the corruption of these rights the source of the ultimate arrogance found in government "social" programs that exploit fear, ignorance and vagueness in children? Keeping children "innocent" actually keeps them ignorant, banal and intellectually repressed. This repression becomes the source of negative conditioning which actually disturbs many children. Don't these programs actually promote these things to sustain a false politics which "shape" many families by destroying them? "What is collectively believed to be true by children, will later become the law for adults." Parental authority is supplanted by the state. Even ignorance, fear and bigotries can be sustained from one generation to the next simply by keeping children stupid and intellectually repressed about basic human sexuality. Such methods serve an authoritarian Republican political machine and this is extremely dangerous for democracy.

This is precisely how corrupt government circumvents its own laws. It must first dumb-down its children to accept the banality of servitude, usury, debt and political deception which only serves a small political elite. Children today are not allowed to hug in the schoolyard. Not because it is harmful to them, it clearly is not. It is harmful to those who want to control, recruit and deceive them. Their parents have been conditioned to accept these inhuman controlling methods as "necessary" for some broader social good. Because the parents themselves have "learned" as children not to communicate about certain "private things," they do not ask the most obvious questions. They have been duped because they literally have no one to turn to for information. Sexual repression is not designed to sustain a morality, its only function is to control communications and sustain the political elite in a false and undemocratic power system and repress all others. Group castration by the state of countless fathers, therefore, can be viewed as "humane" by such idiots. Such methods of imposed ignorance have been used for centuries to condition "peasants."

To view the power structure of any society, look first at how children are educated about sex. Are children raised to be masters of their bodies and minds or are they repressed by government? A culture of Myth or a culture of Reason begins in pre-school.

As a parent, you must be an authority figure who must be consistent in applying this authority. If you indoctrinate a child into shame or ignorance and then later punish that child for being ignorant, is this healthy and wise? After all, double standards and inconsistencies are fundamentally unfair. When those "authorities" in society choose to ignore the law and get away with it, we call them "elites." If the elites begin to build their own secret government by deception, I call them traitors. This deception can be programmed into children and called "innocence." When lower courts routinely ignore the rulings of the Supreme Court for most people but not for the elite, we have a genuine Constitutional crisis where the word of law is not consistently applied and becomes corrupted. Even children know that these inconsistencies are fundamentally unfair.

Secret and unconstitutional programs are out of control, enforced by a police state. Who will be a patriot and stop them?

View the YouTube video: The Real Intent of our Secret Government

Now a secret and illegal government is empowered by a culture of corruption which has been allowed to erode your most basic civil rights. All they need are vague innuendo and learned ignorance for which they indoctrinate into your children. Now inconsistencies between the elite and the masses are routine and widening, between lower courts and the Supreme Court. This culture of division, shame and ignorance is directly and indirectly indoctrinated into your children through a corrupt government when they first enter schools. Your children are justifiably confused, perplexed and abused by design. A sexually repressed culture is falsely applied to your children and is manifested through a multitude of bizarre, inconsistent and harmful attitudes which politics can only make worse. These attitudes can presume that men are predators. Age-old and proven sex education used by our Founding Fathers is "abusive." Only a parent can effectively make the politically irrational rational for a child. Only a parent can protect his child from the imposed banality and corruption of imposed ignorance. Bureaucrats are targeting your children for political indoctrination, manipulation and social engineering that functions completely outside of the Constitution. Their methods are those of sex cults, the military establishment and corrupt political agents who do not enforce the Constitution. They certainly do not have the same motives as parents. They want you to believe that long-standing Supreme Court decisions which ensure your basic rights as a parent are irrelevant.

Bureaucrats presume a superiority over parents and sound the clearest death knell for civilization. They maintain secret government programs designed to dumb-down your children, teach them distrust in parents, fear, confusion, teach them shame, so they will never know their basic rights. (And conveniently have fewer children themselves as they acquire dysfunction skills.) Trust only the State even as the State routinely violates the Constitution and your rights. Trust 9-to-5 bureaucrats and their prescription of banality and intellectual limitation. They effectively manipulate their political subjects starting in pre-school with "promulgated threats" making them fear "those who would destroy our way of life" and violate our laws.

But who is really destroying our way of life, gradually, incrementally, through our own government agencies? Who is really violating our most fundamental laws? Look only to minority families, or what is left of them. Talibanic sexual repression is nothing new: "To destroy any enemy, destroy the authority of his parent." Entire mega-cities are plagued with fatherless children and, more accurately, children made fatherless by the state. Did the Taliban take away your most basic parental rights to educate your child in your own home? Do terrorists take away your most fundamental due process rights or place false courts on top of Supreme Courts? The most fundamental of rights taken for granted by our Founding Fathers was all documented in black and white. They gave us a ball to keep our eyes on. American Femi-Nazis ignore our Constitution every day under the guise of "protection" which has been warped away from reason for political efficiency. Now even good parents are depicted as a threat because you have enabled these criminals to take over your government and take our eyes off the ball.

If our children are meant to be raised by bureaucrats, why not draft them at birth? Through illegal, underground courts and police state abuses of power, many bureaucrats are doing precisely that. The total dysfunction of the American family is clearly drawn through political lines. A disproportionate amount of minority children are ending up on the front lines of our many Republican wars by design. Population control through attitude propaganda has certainly worked. It is a "clean" method which is completely unconstitutional. It has worked for a political elite who hold no resemblance to our Founding Fathers, except for those who raised slaves as they simultaneously advocated "freedom." Any population control program should start with them. Have them learnwhat slavery means, have them learn what torture means. Believe me, they will come out of the political fog and see the light.

These conspirators are not only fraudulent, they directly defy their most sacred oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. They are certainly not public servants "saving" children. By repressing the emotional and intellectual development of children through sexual repression and the false indoctrination of fear and shame, our government is actually creating the idiots of fear and ignorance who are easily manipulated by secret and illegal agendas. These children will grow up to accept a confused and illegal authority system. This confusion has severe consequences for them. If you believe your government would never do such a thing and operates in an honest, Constitutional manner without illegal, secret agendas, you must view: From Freedom to Fascism

Maybe it is time to understand what the Constitution really means? This blog is dedicated to exposing the underground, elitist government which plans to have full reign over your children's minds, souls and bodies. They want to impose this new world order under the threat of terrorism. With the introduction of AIDS into the world, imposed sexual ignorance is the most effective means for the elite to target and destroy their political enemies. If you deny this, look to our own foreign policy. Condoms and effective sex education is the single most critical need in all Africa, but is actively opposed by this government for Orwellian "moral" reasons. Imposed sexual ignorance in children is the leading method of political control and population control used throughout history. The most horrendous deaths imaginable were imposed on these people by "decent" Americans who have spent more money on one bomb than on all condoms in Africa. Sexual ignorance imposed on the "peasant" have kept the elite in power for centuries. The peasant was the eunich in the corner waiting to serve his master. That is why parental sex education in the home must be protected in a true democracy. Otherwise, your child will become that eunich, trusting these idiots.

The obvious best method to defeat terrorism, illness and ignorance is to go back to our Constitution and bring back our fundamental rights. For the political agents destroying families in your community with a crusade mentality don't even know these rights. Are they really any better than the Taliban? These rights already exist but are routinely violated by state officials held in ignorance themselves. You have a fundamental right to raise, educate and secure your children in privacy, due process and justice. The nanny-state programs used in the U.S. today do precisely the opposite.

Under the rouse of terrorism and "national security," you are meant to be complacent and "patriotic" as your most fundamental rights are taken away. This political scam is working. But it works only for the elite.

If these nanny-state programs which effectively destroy minority families were turned on the political elite, who now live in the comfortable position to deny that these programs even exist, these programs would not last one day under our Constitution.

How to Program Confusion into Children from

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." - Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.

The Burning of Rome

Nero burned Rome so that he could blame the Christians and get rid of them.

In January 1993 a document from Dick Cheney called "Defense Strategy for the 1990s" called for the United States to assert its military superiority to prevent the emergence of a new superpower rival. It was based on a 1992 classified internal policy statement titled "Defense Planning Guidance".

These ideas were resurrected in a new report by another Cheney-Rumsfeld organization, the (PNAC) Project for the New American Century in 2000. Entitled, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources" it concludes the following:

The United States needed a catastrophe, "a new Pearl Harbor" to jump start the blueprint for military and economic world dominance.

The Burning of the Reichstag

The Reichstag building burned on February 27, 1933. Marinus Van der Lubbe was caught and tortured by the Gestapo. He confessed to the crime but denied that he was part of a communist plot. Hitler used this as an excuse to get rid of the communist party.

Operation Northwoods

Just in case you think we are incapable of such behavior.
Operation Northwoods was a 1962 Pentagon proposal to stage phony terror attacks on US citizens to provide a pretext to invade Cuba. The only reason we now know about this program is that activists through the Freedom of Information Act allowed us a "right" to learn about what our own government was doing decades ago.

September 11.

On September 11, 2001 four passenger planes were hijacked and flown into American buildings. Three reached their target. Six weeks later the U.S.A. Patriot act and military tribunals were rushed into laws, changing the face of the American justice system forever. The government experts claimed that they never knew that this was possible. Hogwash! Even I could see what was coming after the bombing of the navy ship the USS Cole in October 2000.

A simple systems analysis drill would have demonstrated the possibility. By taking the three basic environments of air, land and sea one could have seen the escalating pattern of suicide bombings was based on using the transportation systems from each environment as a weapon against important targets. Truck bombings, bombings of navy ships and government buildings close to airports. All spelled disaster.
Not being evil, even my mind would not conceive of passenger planes. I thought it could have been less risky to hijack package delivery planes.

But Was It Allowed?

The Cosmic War

Rather than viewing this as a great conspiracy, I see this as the clouding of human minds so that the cosmic war can progress by leaps and bounds.
Through one event, and a subsequent war that somehow went terribly wrong, the whole world is caught in a trap. The events are so bizarre that no group can fix it. We are all being propelled forward into one set of idiotic actions for another. We cannot get out and we cannot get off. We are plagued with failure after failure and criminal activity.

In this atmosphere of fear we traded freedoms and engaged in brutality. We believe with all our hearts that we are protecting ourselves from terrorism. And, that this single situation justifies our actions. But, in one day, a cosmic terror will grip us and we will use these new laws and this new attitude to execute the kind of brutality that we still believe that we are incapable of doing.

Every action and setback keeps fulfilling prophecy or sets up the situation to rapidly fulfill a future prophecy. I have never seen anything like it.

The reason why some people say that this event was allowed and others say it was planned by the United States is because four aircraft went missing and were joy riding for two hours and no military aircraft was launched to intercept. The F-16s are supposed to be deployed if planes are missing over three minutes. Well, one missing plane and no deployment of an F-16 could be attributed to lazy employees. Four missing passenger airlines and no response gives teeth to the rumors.

So it could have been allowed to grab powers and legally create a scenario that could remove civil rights. But it would have taken a massive conspiracy to do so. This type of conspiracy usually fails. So, looking at their performance in other matters I would say that they are plagued by persistent incompetence.

Case: The Burning of the Reichstag.

The Reichstag building burned on February 27, 1933. On February 28, 1933 the "Protective Custody" law was created. It gave authorities the right to arrest on suspicion of "criminal activity" and to incarcerate indefinitely without the benefit of a lawyer or a trial. Today, we are seeing the hyper-abuse claims against children being promoted as a reason to traffic them, separate their families, without any cause. Simple accusation and allegations are all that is necessary alleged by anyone anonymously, except for the elite. The children of the elite are protected by customary courts requiring actual evidence and due process. The children of the non-elite are directed to secret "hearings" or "investigations" by bureaucrats. But who decides which direction a child might go? An agent of a political police state, not a jury of citizens, even when such juries are required by multiple laws.

Marinus Van der Lubbe was caught and tortured by the Gestapo. He confessed to the crime but denied that he was part of a communist plot.

Without any other evidence, Hitler used this as an excuse to arrest the leaders of the German Communist party. He even wanted them killed that night. He also used this as an excuse to assume powers as a dictator.

Van der Lubbe was convicted and executed on January 10, 1934. All the others arrested were acquitted. There was no evidence. So, outraged at the results of the trial (he did not get the verdict that he wanted), Hitler decided that any future treason cases would be taken from the Supreme Court and given to a newly created People's court so that they could guarantee the "right" verdict. We have Gitmo for "efficiency" reasons. Perfectly conditioned Americans are baffled by what "torture" means. Parents are routinely threatened by the police-state kidnapping of their children because of mere allegations through "civil" courts.

The Laws of the Nazi Empire.

The first law of the Nazi Empire: Bureaucrats over parents. If a populace can be conditioned by a cult of authority or nationalism to presume that bureaucrats are superior to parents, the populace can be easily subjugated by the state. Under authoritarian socialism, no human right can be preserved. Even the bonds between parent and child can be easily broken by bureaucrats acting through kangaroo-court inquisitions.

In addition, they ended several civil liberties under the claim that they were "protecting" the people. These were incrementally applied starting with children and the weak.

The Dictator. January 30, 1933. Hitler was elected as chancellor of Germany.
The Federal court system was stacked in favor of conservatism. Judges who excersized their own free minds were branded as "activists."

No Right to Assemble or Express Opinions. February 4, 1933. Hitler convinced the president to sign a law that authorized the police to prohibit public meetings and publications that "endangered public security".

Telecommunications laws gave the media companies to five conservative owners.

February 27, 1933. Reichstag burned. Communists became the enemies.

The September 11, 2001 attacks. Al-Qaeda became the enemy that required these laws. Liberal voices for reason and due process widely condemned as "unpatriotic." Conservative media outlets actively promote war, never question "guilt by association" charges against Iraq.

Protective Custody. February 28, 1933 Decree. It suspended civil liberties. A false emergency was created after the parliament building burned. People now believe that Hitler planned it. The death camps began.

The law authorized the police to make arrests on suspicion of "criminal activity" and incarcerated without benefit of legal counsel or trial. Bureaucrats were awarded the absolute power to act on "gut" feelings about anyone.

The Patriot Act took away liberties, set up military tribunals and allowed indefinite detention. The spirit of elitist authority transcends our traditional legal system throughout our society. Our schools actively indoctrinate our children with these authoritarian concepts of "patriotism."

Enabling Act. March 23, 1933. It gave Hitler absolute power to make laws for four years. These laws would be above the constitution.

The world is rapidly evolving towards a one world legal system which is modeled after the Inquisition. Many people are not concerned about their eroding civil rights, because of fear of terrorism. And because they falsely assume that these laws do not coddle real criminals and that they will guarantee us peace, justice and safety. With this thinking we captured farmers, cab drivers and barbers and began torturing them in Iraq, even though Iraq never attacked the United States, nor were they involved with Al-Qaeda.

Inquisition laws do not discriminate between the evidence and the innocent or the guilty. All are guilty. Evidence can be achieved by torture or intimidation. Evidence no longer leads to an arrest. We will arrest first then find the evidence.

The collapse of a free society is integral to the plans of a secret elitist government. Think I am wrong?

The crusades were ordered because the "unity of Europe" was threatened. The religious unity. The Spanish Inquisition was called to unite Spain under the Catholic church.

The Roman Inquisition was called to suppress the Protestant heresy. The church is promoting the belief that heresy is the cause of social revolution. Such a revolution jeopardizes the plans of the political globalists.

So a darker force is behind these new laws. It intends to piggy back its goals on top of the political globalists. The emerging global religion and government will use these laws to justify their tyranny. When they have the legal means by which they will persecute, they will soon invent the crimes that will target the victims. Through the concepts of "public unity", "racism" and "hate speech" these groups are suppressing all religious speech that turns the light on their sinister plans. Because, lurking behind the war cry of obliterating "hate speech" is a tyrant hiding its activities and waiting to suppress all free expression and thought by implementing religious laws in the entire world.

Civilized laws have always guaranteed certain legal rights. They were based on the fact that the people would not have justice perverted if they could participate in the judicial process. Also, it protected the lone accused against the vast array of forces on the side of the government. Otherwise, the powerless masses could not hope to defend themselves against a state with unlimited funds, time, expertise and power. As a part of the efforts to ensure a fair hearing, several rights have been recognized.

Innocent until proven guilty. The ones who believe that a crime has been committed should bear the burden of proof based on the evidence that convinced them of your guilt. You have a right to cross-examine the witness, tell the true context to the story and prove a bias or misconception in the witness. None of these rights are necessary in new illegal courts.

Because innocence is assumed, a person should not be held in jail indefinitely until the trial is over. If not, the innocent would routinely be punished. Trials are the method that we have agreed upon to determine guilt, not suspicion and arrest.

This is necessary to preserve the status of innocence until guilt can be proved by the facts of the crime in question. This is important because humans will tend to form an opinion based on these negative actions. And you can never be certain if someone is being convicted for a past crime. The theory is that the evidence of the current crime should stand on its own merit.
Trial by Jury. A group of ordinary citizens who are strangers, who should not have any preconceived conclusions will judge the facts based on the evidence.
Double Jeopardy. You cannot be repeatedly tried for the same crime until a guilty verdict is obtained.

The presence of a lawyer does not change the facts or the evidence in the crime. The lawyers are not the enemy. They are necessary to protect the accused from a vast array of abuses by a prosecution system that assumes guilt.

These rights are under attack globally. The proof is that draconian changes to most of these laws have been secretly in place since 1996 before the terrorist attack. The threat of terrorism has simply been used as an excuse to win public support for them. As Kissenger stated in 1992, fear will make us exchange our rights for safety.
The legal systems have been targeted by a group of people who are determined to create a global government for the sole purpose of global dominance and installing a global religion. The first casualties in this war are the justice system and the media. Because the media does not analyze and report on these issues frequently, the public is not informed about the replacement of their legal system for one that is modeled after the infamous Inquisition.

Habeas Corpus and Indefinite Detention

This is the right that causes those who have someone in custody to produce that prisoner with a statement to justify his detention.

In Britain, a person must be produced and charged within sixty hours of arrest. In America it is twenty four hours. The prosecutor also has the burden of proof. This is important because an innocent person often cannot prove a negative. If the government arrested you for terrorism and required you to prove that you did not meet with Terry Heiss to finalize plans to hijack airplanes, most of you could not do it. Even if the prosecution narrowed the offensive action to a specific date, most of you would still be unable to prove your innocence. Why? Because you do not spend your day establishing an alibi or remembering every detail of your daily actions. So, the law justly requires that prosecutors must have some reasonable proof on which to arrest you and they must provide all the proof to convict you. They must have evidence.

This thinking is apparently inefficient, makes guilty people go free, coddles criminals and handcuffs the police. But if we allowed people in power to arrest citizens because of their expertise and "gut feelings" we will set up an environment of persecution of the masses by a few powerful self-righteous people. This is precisely what's going on.

The trend (even before terrorism) is to suspend Habeas Corpus and arrest someone indefinitely or for long periods while the legal system tries to find evidence against the person. Under reasonable laws, the government had to have a reason and some evidence to support it before an arrest is attempted.
This new trend makes someone subject to the whim of a malicious power and can be used merely to financially ruin someone during the months or years that they are incarcerated. These tactics were used by kings and papists to subdue some groups and is the exact reason why the right has been recognized by civilized governments for centuries.

Trial By Jury

The right to a trial by a jury of your peers is also under attack. Critical thinking is being suspended by labeling ordinary citizens as "simple", stupid and unable to judge the complexity of a case. The right wing has been attacking court systems and promoting replacement systems that rely on special judges to guarantee convictions. New procedures are described as "fairer, simpler and more efficient". Fair to whom? Simpler than what? And more efficient at what? Remember, the Inquisition was fair to the church, simple for the prosecution and more efficient at killing and converting people. The "simple" and "efficient" methods used was to torture people until they said and did what you wanted. People, justice is not simple. To be completely fair it cannot be "efficient".

Evidence and Burden of Proof

Why is it important that the one who brings the charges, provides the evidence? Why is the concept of innocent until proven guilty so important?
It is because it is too difficult to prove a negative. But this is precisely what illegal authorities do routinely in family courts.


Most reasonable people would agree that there must be some reason for a person to be charged with a crime. There must be some evidence or basis for the accusation. So the one who makes the accusation is at an advantage, they have some reasonable evidence in hand. This evidence is the thing that prompted the investigation that focused on you as the main suspect. Mrs Peabody's Pilfered Pie

The Case of the Disappearing Pie.

Suppose the crime was stealing a blueberry pie that had been cooling in the kitchen window of Mrs. Peabody. This pie was decorated for a fourth of July celebration with a little plastic flag. The prosecution was first alerted to the fact because the owner of the pie reported it stolen. In the best case, the owner and another witness would have seen you do the dirty deed. Maybe an investigation would show footsteps and tiny pink feathers in the mud leading from the window to your house. Finally, when they walked into your house they would find you with a mouth full of blue stains and pie crust, mud on your feet, pink fuzzy slippers and a little flag in your hand.

Beyond a reasonable doubt they could prove that you walked by the neighbor's window and probably stole the pie. However, you could have baked a similar pie and might not be guilty of the theft. But you could be guilty of trespassing.

But suppose the burden of proof was yours. It becomes impossible to prove your innocence in many situations. This is exactly what these underground inquisition courts demand.

If the police came to your house without any evidence and said "prove that you did not steal your neighbor's pie", you would be unable to do it. If the crime was limited to a certain date and time then maybe you can provide some credible alibi. You were 200 miles away with the mayor dedicating a new orphanage on July 4, 2003 at 3:00 PM when the pie was stolen. And we have news media video tape to prove it.
And we do not yet have the technology to disassemble a person's molecules, beam them across the hemisphere and reassemble them at the same coordinates of the neighbor's pie in one second.

If you happened to live alone, and had no alibi then you would be convicted.

If you could produce your stomach contents and prove that a pie was not included, then you might have only succeeded in proving that you did not eat the pie. You did not prove that you did not steal the pie.

Burden of Proof. So the concept of burden of proof is not only reasonable it is logical. The person making the charge should be able to prove it. There must be some reason why he selected you as the culprit. It protects people from malicious prosecution. If this were not the standard then your enemies would be able to make any accusation against you and prevail. This is precisely what is allowed in secret, underground "family courts."

Here are some things that are impossible to prove:

You did not read last month's issue of Playboy.
You never stole from the church offering.
You are thinking about an assassination plan.
You are not thinking about an assassination plan.

The Infallible Supernatural Confirmation.

I have a stupid granduncle who had a dream that his wife was being unfaithful. That week he met a man in a bar who looked exactly like the man in his dream. He came home and immediately accused his wife of having an affair. Years later, in any arguments they had he would continue to make this absurd accusation. This is the same logic found in some small children or in the hysterical. Many adults are easily made hysterical by the enflaming of fears or duress by abusive, manipulative authorities.

The Salem witch hunts were based on the same logic, that the supernatural is its own unimpeachable witness. This "spectral evidence" becomes acceptable in our courts.

Double Jeopardy

The concept of double jeopardy guarantees you the security that you will not be charged over and over again for the same crime until the prosecution can get the "right" jury or court to prove that you are guilty.

This is important for several reasons:

A malicious government or legal system or person with unlimited funds could use this process to ruin someone financially. Even if the state were forced to pay legal costs if you were acquitted, there remains a problem of maintaining your job, home and skills while you spend endless days in jail or in court.
It forces the prosecution to prepare a good case. They cannot do a shoddy job knowing that they will get unlimited chances to convict you. The system already gives them time to prepare the case.

Double Jeopardy - Unattached?

Clever law makers are getting around the spirit of this law by allowing the following types of court cases to occur despite the verdict in criminal court. This usually happens in very public, emotional cases.

Civil Law Suits.

Even after conviction in a criminal court fails, a court with lower standards can convict someone and financially ruin them. They now routinely take their children. This should not be, but is not a source of outrage by the common citizen. People become conditioned to the fact that public outrage has no effect on "the system." Democracy?

Another Jurisdiction.

Another court system or another country can charge you with an equivalent crime.

Another Law.

Failure to convict in one court might lead to charges in another court that are technically different crimes. A person can be acquitted of murder in one court, only to be charged with "depriving a person of their civil rights" in federal court. This civil right is the right to life.


The French Fashion Police

The French have found a new weapon in the war against terrorism. It is the scarf and the beanie!

It was with tongue in cheek that I created this ridiculous example to illustrate the concept of extradition. But on December 19, the French proved that anything ridiculous will be possible. As this web page warns, ridiculous religious laws will be made with terrorism and unity as the justification.

Declaring themselves a secular society, although they are 88% Catholic, the French have banned the Muslim head scarf and the Jewish beanie in public places. "Small" Christian crosses are allowed. Jews can wear a small star of David instead. Most of my Jewish friends want to wear a beanie. They do not wear the star of David.

The Religious Fashion Police in History

637 Muslims captured Caesarea and forced Jews to wear a yellow patch
807 Caliph Harun Al Rashid forced Jews of Baghdad to wear a yellow badge and Christians a blue badge
1008 Egyptian caliph Hakkim forced all Jews to wear a gold calf around their necks
1215 Fourth Lateran Council forced Jews to wear the yellow patch as a "badge of shame"
1268 Austria forces Jews to wear a badge.
1267 Vienna city council forced Jews to wear the Pileum Coronutum, a cone shaped hat
1275 King Edward of England forced Jews over seven to wear a badge
1321 Henry II forced Jews to wear yellow badges
1555 Pope Paul IV forced Jews to wear a special yellow cap in the bull "Cum Nimis Absurdum"
1939 Hitler forces Jews to wear the star of David
199? Taliban forced non-Muslims to wear a badge
2003 France prohibits religious symbols, except a cross
2005 Germany prohibits religious symbols, except a cross
Old data Source: Jewish Virtual Library.

Agreements made to transport the accused from one jurisdiction to another. This includes from one country to another. Under the concept of "Dual Criminality", one assumption is that the laws under which the accused is charged is a criminal offence in both countries. It guarantees that a foreign state cannot ask for the extradition of a citizen for actions that are not criminal within his own country. It even ensures that the foreign state cannot prosecute a citizen for an action that was committed in his own country but which is illegal in the foreign country.

Maybe the Constitution's attempt to keep freedom simple by keeping politics out of government wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Conditioning entire societies to be offended by the truth is the whole point of Republican politics. Republican Sex Cults are very real and will destroy your children's future. Please donate what you can so we can raise this issue to the national standing that it deserves. This donation will go toward building awareness of this serious fraud against our children!

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