Friday, March 28, 2008

The Monarch Worm is here and it comes directly from Nazi Germany

"The mind is not shaped by logic or reason, but by attitude functioning through the sub-conscious mind. The mind can then be controlled, and by attitudes, this control can be fully denied." --Project MKULTRA Mind Control

Where Republican power rules supreme, they do so with actual sex cults. Nazi Mind Control has the power to build intellectual blindness into the population through mass media sex and terror programming. As American children are held in sexual ignorance, they are actively programmed to believe media and government are "parental." Core gullibility programmed into American children was the mission of Operation Mockingbird. Direct parallels with Nazi Germany are no mere illusion, as such programming comes directly from Nazi Germany.

Good parents trained to protect their children from powerful Freudian sex taboos are now thoroughly destroyed, routinely. Good parents trained at Harvard in effective comprehensive sex education by the Surgeon General and top Harvard Medical School experts in reverse mind control methods, methods used in Germany to "de-Nazify" that country, are now criminalized in Nazi-styled Inquisitions by those who look, act and destroy families just like actual Nazis. But the "denazification" of American children is now more critical than ever. Primitive Nazi "enemy" archetypes have been fully programmed into mass media for generations and are now employed everywhere to apply to parents themselves. Bureaucrats are deliberately trained not to understand the true evils of sexual repression and the repression of the parental duty. They are literally never told about the enormous subconscious programming which now targets our children. These are basic Freudian sex-taboo scams, but virtually everyone is now programmed to "fall in line" with these Nazi scams. Families simply dissolve everywhere by the "Black Widow Programming" and no one questions it. Bureaucrats now routinely use the precise same "sex magic" methods developed by the CIA via Nazi Mind Control methods and none of this abuse of children is mere coincidence.

Every single "enemy" of George Bush is attacked by these sex magic methods. Since sexuality is totally normal and necessary in human beings, conditioning them from birth for a wrongful power system which programs them with powerful sex taboos is a basic scam used for centuries. Sexual repression in childhood, the most fundamental requirement of this scam, is now conditioned into "non-elite" children everywhere, even as the elite do the precise opposite with their own children. Generations of Americans have been programmed to fall for these sex-magic tricks because the parental duty of sex education in the home has been trivialized, demonized and destroyed in "non-elite," "non-Republican" homes. Ken Starr-styled sex Inquisitions now exist virtually everywhere "non-elite" children have been programmed to fall for sex magic tricks of the Bohemian Grove death cult.

As media programs the "sacred" into the minds of children, it also programs the "demonic." In a fascist state, the mesmerist arts like television will be programmed as "sacred" at the expense of real parents. Children will then fall in love with their media mesmerists who will deceive, manipulate and program them throughout their lives. Such false parents are carefully crafted to serve secret government agendas, including the building of intellectual blindness into the population based upon fear, terror and groupthink conformity.

Such terror programming often causes hysteria in children which is the telltale sign of brainwashing. Today, such hysteria is often upcoded to police and social workers who are fully programmed to view such hysteria as coming from parental "sex abuse." This fraud produces enormous eugenics population control results, as these sex cults never inform you that a parent's true role is to ground his or her children's minds in sexual truth. Mesmerism was well known to our Founding Fathers as a grave threat to parental authority. Today's bureaucrats are emotionally programmed by Nazi Mind Control to destroy the parental duty of sex education en mass for millions of non-elite families based upon a federal fraud of terror programming and scientific deception. This builds a broad political culling operation where politically undesirable parents, and the most enlightened of parents, are targeted and destroyed first, in Nazi-styled inquisitions.

The truth is, the "de-nazification" of America is now absolutely critical for our children and none of this is due to coincidence. The destruction of the all-important parental duty required by brainwashing is the root cause of hysteria in children.

The Bush family has a long history of financing American Eugenics and the Nazi eugenics machine. The Skull and Bones "mental hygeine" is a powerful form of witchcraft which programs children through mesmerist devices. American eugenicists were fully embraced by Hitler. Powerful American eugenicists financed Hitler and developed Freudian sex-magic methods to be used as weapons of war. They actively brought the Nazi Mind Control "technology" of making slaves to the U.S and "normalized" trauma-based sex manipulation throughout society. Now massive eugenics operations are totally "normalized" and "underground" in America as "child protection" rackets employing basic Nazi sex magic tricks. Coincidence?

There is a long paper trail linking German Nazi eugenics operations and Nazi Mind Control methods to top elitist Republicans now in power. These voodoo methods of sex magic are never applied to their own families, and Monarch Mind Control is the true power source for the entire Republican power system. Massive federal "truth" spending through our top universities has effectively "normalized" these Nazi methods. The states now routinely upcode children to these programs due to enormous federal sex HYPe (Harvard, Yale, Princeton "truth" programming) and massive "protection" funding. They will never tell you that these "sex magic" methods are so traumatic that they destroy millions of families before any facts are even possible. These children are being dumbed-down about sex and power for a very nefarious reason: the total reversal of our Constitution from a parent-based system of truth to a Nazi based system of top-down tyranny.

For a basic overview, see A Nation Betrayed, Tulane University's mind control studies and the widespread Child Torture Activities of the U.S. government. Much propaganda now serves the idea that these programs were so horrible that no good came out of them. Both the good and the bad intelligence gathered from these tormented programs are vehemently guarded state secrets and they are on-going! These secrets protect active eugenics programs in America. The good science serves the elite, the bad science is served to the non-elite. These psychological "spiritual" methods are now routinely employed against U.S. children in active Child Trafficking eugenics programs.

A Danish film crew is now filming a documentary on Child Trafficking in America. I am advising them on this peculiar industry and on the obvious frauds against our Constitution. Likewise, I am doing research into the Monarch Mind Control program brought from Nazi Germany to America in the 1940s and 1950s. This is of great interest to these Europeans, as they are very well aware of the Nazi threat to re-emerge like a computer worm in the form of the Monarch Worm. You may have been programmed to believe that information on this Mind Control is itself "distasteful" or "unAmerican" even though it is by these mind-controlled attitudes obviously unconstitutional and actively advanced all around you. What is advanced as a "science" which cannot be questioned, mind control is really all about emotion based largely on wrongful authority and sexual repression.

Sexual repression of targeted "enemies" has long been used by the CIA to build confusion, sexual hysteria and other sex magic tricks which then destroy the parental authority. "To destroy your enemy, destroy the authority of his parent." Active "protection" programs in America do precisely that. But who really programs the programmers of these "protection" rackets? Those programmers at Harvard knew these "protection" rackets were a eugenics scam and protected their own children accordingly. The system is now so thoroughly mind-controlled by Republican sex myths that these families don't stand a chance against highly sophisticated Nazi Mind Control manipulation. The enemies of Republicans are being destroyed by the millions.

Mind Control literally reverses the mind's understanding of our Constitutional power system. We are now applying a military-based power system to millions of families, effectively disenfranchising them with absolutely no recourse to real science or real legal recourse. They are effectively destroyed by sex-magic tricks driven by totally irrational sex hysteria, hysteria coming from our own government. These methods have been thoroughly "normalized" in what the Supreme Court has called "Kangaroo courts." As millions of non-elite families are destroyed, the secret grim-reaper, the Pentagon, receives millions of "programmable" children for Monarch Mind Control.Since it is so omnipresent and yet so quickly dismissed throughout the entire culture, Monarch Mind Control is the number one threat to our national security. It will utterly destroy our constitutional system.

This week, approximately 3,000 children in the U.S. will be trafficked away from their biological parents. Much of this child trafficking is done through illegal Inquisitions run by programmed bureaucrats of which few Americans know anything about. Another 3,000 young adults will be indoctrinated into a military service through Monarch Mind Control methods. Millions of American families are being socially engineered by military-styled "daddy" figures and sex cult enforcers who now run highly illegal sexual repression cults. These are products of actual Pentagon mind control programs which have permeated our entire culture and are now actively employed by "Child Services." The CIA has a phrase for this, "low intensity conflict," and it works through incremental conditioning of a targeted population over many years. This fraud is by far the biggest national security threat to our nation, as any present or future tyrant can easily activate massive illegal social engineering for which the Supreme Court would be powerless to over-ride. The States are now ignorantly building massive databases to serve this future coup de force and your family is most certainly on it! The "Let them eat cake" variety of the elite have their children protected from this fraud, or are they?

In times when the Pentagon needs recruits, you will see very active child trafficking methods being used against non-elite children. Nearly the same number of children trafficked by the states through "protection" services end up entering the military. This is one coincidence you will not want to ignore. State-imposed family dysfunction serves many masters.

Even though they protect their own children from the "protectors," the same "war-logic" used to steal non-elite children through brute force and illegal Inquisitions will apply equally to the children and grandchildren of the elite who have been "abused." Our Founding Fathers could not anticipate the degree to which social engineering through mind control could advance to where literally any member of society or even the entire society itself can be fully controlled by any wrongful authority cult, individual or political party working through the executive branch under bogus "national security" agendas.

The methods now being used to induce trauma in order to traffic large numbers of children were developed over thousands of years for the creation of slaves. The Nazis perfected a political process for which the Monarch Worm, through careful conditioning of children through a behavioral "science," can live on from generation to generation in order to reappear sometime in the future. The only con-job necessary is to convince those in "national security" that this mind control is actually a science and not based on ancient slave-making and "sex magic" witchcraft and voodoo methods. Today, Republicans fully embrace this "science" unquestioningly.

"Resistance is Futile." Once a critical mass of Mind Controlled cyborgs view our Constitution from a top-down, elitist perspective, triggering mechanisms will be advanced to impose the absolute Police State. These mechanisms now include many sex-based demons "which just so happen" to be enemies of Republicans. An obvious Nazi Police State will no longer be a conspiracy theory. The mechanisms for creating this coup over our Constitution have been an ongoing obsession for the Bush administration and are completely obvious.

This "science" is really a sophisticated programming of attitudes or emotion-based bigotries into marionette politicians, administrators, police and social workers. For this mind control to work effectively, non-conforming parents must be replaced by these programmed bureaucrats and sound parental oversight must be replaced by propagandized "truth" programming which comes from the military. Many professionals in the real sciences at Harvard and elsewhere have known for years that these programs are certainly not about "truth." They also know that to expose this fraud, one only needs to enter the "eye of the storm," the one area of human behavioral "science" where this whole house of cards will come tumbling down: childhood sex education and the authority of the parent. Parents have the power to protect their children from these voodoo devices! By proper sex and "power" education, children are naturally designed to resist political manipulation. They must be empowered as the elite children are empowered. This is the one area of science which must be made totally taboo by our "national security establishment." Today, this taboo is enforced by absolute and draconian government repression because it is the one vulnerable point of weakness on a grand mother ship of deceit.

These sex magic and death-cult rituals were perfected at The Skull and Bones secret society and other powerful sex cults all linked to an extra-constitutional elitist power cult. Their most powerful secrets for programming loyalty and power are actively repressed from the rest of us, while they simultaneously apply the bad programming methods against us. Broad sacrifices of non-elite children and families serves to empower them at the subconscious level. Today, these bad sex cult methods are fully institutionalized for politics, the making of slaves, eugenics and the elitist world government run by a very small elite.

The first lesson in military training is that your attitude must be changed. Why? Wasn't our nation built by strong democratic attitudes coming from those who fought for their strong families? Didn't our nation start losing wars after the introduction of Delta "killer programming" into our soldiers and not before? They will never tell you that such attitude adjustment now blends religion, politics and actual Nazi Mind Control programming and can go horribly wrong. These attitudes do not really serve the family since our entire society has flipped from a family-based military to a military-based family. We went from forming our military to having our military form us, very literally. This radical inversion all occurred since World War II and our government's obsession with Nazi war-logic and Mind Control. Has this obsession gotten out of control for a very different reason other than "national security?"

They will never tell you that many, many military vets today must now be thoroughly drugged because of this attitude adjustment and this drugging corresponds to the degree of programming, making the programming itself highly suspect not only of abuse but of pure evil. Attitude adjustment can become the greatest national security threat to our constitutional government, especially when it is advanced ubiquitously as a "science." Where programming becomes all-important, having very "fine" programmable children also becomes all-important. This produces an actual black market for programmable children. There is also a market for sexually abused children. All of these markets serve the Pentagon and have been thoroughly "normalized" by the ubiquitous manipulation of "science" and our own institutions of higher learning. This is all documented through actual CIA "truth" funding over many decades. But what if this "science" is not really a science, but a secret "worm" advanced to function invisibly in all of our "programming" operations, and it comes directly from our worst enemy?

What other "science" is all-powerful and simultaneously totally taboo? What other "science" can be so effectively unquestioned? If we actively program soldiers, why can't a wrongful programmer program them with wrongful attitudes that then destroy our families, our culture, our government? Hasn't this already been the case with countless assassins and home-grown terrorists? Is this a dark realm of government where secret coups might then take place? But Republicans today want you to believe that all "patriots" must first be programmed by the military, programming which now largely comes from German Nazi Mind Control. They will never tell you that such programming is itself highly suspect in the world of real science, real Constitutional law and real truth. This blind spot in our government is blind for a reason: it is an extremely dangerous attempt to institutionalize "truth" where truth does not reside. But no one can even "patriotically" question any of it. For our worst enemy in history, this "science" may actually be the perfect secret agent! It's a Mind Control worm that can't be questioned.

Since Mind Control programming is designed to create slaves for the elite, it utilizes very powerful psychological tools known to have very severe and negative results. Good science has always known that these methods are emotion-based and are not really hard "science." But those who financed these programs are not necessarily aware that these are powerful propaganda programs and not sciences. Since they are not sciences, they cannot be proven or disproven and advance attitudes designed to look like sciences. These attitudes may function as Trojan horses carrying very distant and very ancient programming which unconsciously advance eugenics such as slave-making programming or Armageddon, self-destruction programming. Jung called these devices "collective unconscious" archetypes, but they largely function on the subconscious mind. These archetypes, nonetheless, can be manipulated and "controlled" through Mind Control programming. The occultic Nazis were very well aware of them.

Most royalty of Europe and the Middle East understand these forces as "satanic" and also as powerful, secret controlling forces over the masses. Therefore, the language of such forces must be highly controlled, manipulated or repressed.

The Slave archetype represents a complete absence of the power of choice and self-authority. Yet it is precisely the absence of will power that gives the Slave its potential for personal transformation. The ultimate task is to surrender one's will to a higher authority--in effect, to become that higher authority's Slave. This is the precise phenomenon experience by many Americans on 9/11, yet they are not given the facts about psychology that will prove to them that such effect can be programmed to serve wrongful government.

The parent is nature's spiritual, biological and intellectual mentor, trusting that individual to have your best interests at heart. Since parental duties include many duties regarding the sexual genitalia of children, children naturally associate sexuality with the parental mentor and sexual education is a natural duty of parenthood. Such confusion at early childhood is yet another area of wrongful government manipulation, as such confusion is now routinely exploited by government to make child slaves. Sex education from real parents can protect children from such government slave-making operations. This is best done before the child has experienced any sexual trauma, especially from government. When parental authority is questioned, placed in jeopardy or terminated, it can produce profound trauma in the child which the child then attributes to sexuality itself. This is an active conspiracy against basic parental rights now being "normalized" by Republican "protection" programs on a massive scale. Its sole purpose is to produce cyborgs, mind-slaves.

Mind Control is actually designed to induce such trauma and build a new authority system transforming the victim into a slave. By focusing on physical sexual abuse, however, we only tell half of the story. Mind Control slaves can effectively be programmed through sexual repression as well as sexual abuse. The Slave archetype suggests that through both verbal and physical abuse, sexual repression can become very traumatic. Sexual trauma serves to transform that child's entire reality and belief system. Only a parent, through the careful indoctrination of sexual awareness in a child can this child be protected from the slave-making process. This parental duty has functioned throughout history as necessary comprehensive sex education or the "elite" method of raising a child not to become a slave. Therefore, normalizing the "science" of Mind Control normalizes the acceptance of wrongful authority over parents, normalizing eugenics and slavery itself.

By confusing the slave-making process with the parental duty, Mind Control becomes a very powerful weapon for the destruction of any society. This weapon will result in hysteria, which is the tell-tale sign of wrongful authority over parents. All that is necessary is for this confusion to be advanced and normalized as a "science."

Children not raised by normal sex education methods are most vulnerable to wrongful authority, as they are yet to mature into a state of sexual awareness and sexual independence and state-induced trauma can substantially modify that child's intellectual and spiritual development. Where parental sex education is routinely investigated, questioned, misrepresented or denied through fear or intimidation, children will develop abnormally. Such violation of the parental duty is truly a crime. Parental sex education is deeply embedded in both parent and child behavior and is necessary for healthy development and to protect the child from unnecessary trauma. Government Mind Control programs serve only to diminish, retard and propagandize this most basic truth.

Mind Control can effectively exploit this parental duty by demonizing it, becoming a very powerful weapon. This is the basic exploitation of the parental function which serves all movements that seek world domination.

This Mind Control can even advance mass attitude propaganda that serve to "normalize" the appearance of actual slavery, kidnapping and fraud. Such "normalization" of slavery in the past was based on skin color bigotries, today it is largely based on Republican materialistic values, military values or politics, but certainly skin color still applies. These slavery methods are therefore made "sacred" and unapproachable, like "national security." After all, "national security" is now used to cover a vast network of conspirators against rights. It is the cover where the real American Illuminati reside and they see themselves as untouchable. Their goals are absolutely extra-Constitutional and obviously so. The irony, of course, is that such an elite establishment is by far the greatest threat to our national security.

But what if you study this Mind Control programming where it is absolutely most vulnerable, when it is applied to our smallest of children? Wouldn't we then see if this "patriotic" programming is all that patriotic? Isn't such a study about the most patriotic activity any American can actually do? Actually, these studies have already been done and the government actively represses this information. This is critical information on how to raise, protect and empower millions of children, but this information is also a major "threat" to the powers-that-be. Government now actively advances the idea that parental sex education is about the worst thing that can be done to a child, even though it is absolutely normal, necessary and historical. What is the true reason for draconian sexual repression in government?

If you are viewed as materially poor, come from the wrong neighborhood or are a political, racial or religious minority, your chances of having your children trafficked in America by the government are very high even though the chances of the children of the elite being trafficked are extremely remote even for the exact same "offenses" used to traffic your children. These truths are very scientific and can be proven as such. This is because child trafficking in America is not based upon law, it is based upon actual Mind Control propaganda and political agendas now coming from these Pentagon Mind Control programs. Child trafficking is the ideal source of hard evidence which confirms eugenics, a "science" based completely on subjective bigotries and the programming of attitudes.

Attitudes now diminish parental authority to such a degree that parental rights do not exist in targeted groups making actual eugenics operations possible. A massive police state now exists as a flame which can be turned up under any targeted minority group. This flame now provides a dizzying variety of unconstitutional "heat" against minority groups even though these same police are never trained to see it in this way. They are literally never trained to see the obvious: in a true democracy, parental authority should be the last authority to be questioned, not the first! The demonization of the parent serves slavery, not children. Where parental authority is routinely questioned, we find active eugenics programs, programs which can be studied to find their true unconstitutional source.

This boiling process produces fear-based hysteria and absolute confusion in targeted groups which "just so happens" to break up their families. But this boiling process also produces "residue" in the form of slums, massive prisons and a massive "need" for more mind-controlled bureaucrats. In Nazi Germany, these slums were comprised of Jews, Gypsies, gays and others. In America, the heat is turned up under political enemies of Republicans making this "enemy" appear "inferior." This is called bigotry which is effectively normalized. Normalized by whom? Since most of this child trafficking is highly documented, it becomes an excellent source of evidence to prove this massive fraud and massive national security threat. But for real national security, how much of this imposed bigotry is actually necessary and how much of this bigotry is really advancing eugenics, a key Nazi goal of the Third Reich?

A growing movement of Equal Protection advocates are asking a fundamentally constitutional question: Do the elite employ personal hygiene, personal parental oversight and effective sex education with their own children? If so, they may be reported to "Child Services" anywhere the non-elite are finding their children stolen, interrogated, rape-kitted and brainwashed by "the best Child Protection services in the world." It is only fair that the children of the elite enjoy the same protection as America's ghetto children. Equal Protection advocates believe that our government is actively targeting non-elite children for wrongful conformity and destruction which serve population control, the Pentagon and sustained elitist power. If this isn't true, why not apply "Child Services" bureaucrats and false courts to elite children?

The truth is, they are falsely protecting the children of the elite from these same "services." They are currently using "underbelly" social agents to illegally dispense drugs, sexual "services" and usury against the children who appear to be politically weak in order to advance population control and wrongful attitudes which keep a very small elite in political power. This is so obvious, that they must cover this fact up with draconian repression. The Bohemian Grove power cult for which most Top Republicans ally themselves with the Illuminati cult of death on a regular basis provide child-sacrifice rituals to fulfill this eugenics death-cult function. Do your own research! But the politically weak are of equal standing in our Constitution, if our Constitution means anything at all. This basic fact is precisely why Republicans are trying to stack our highest Court with do-nothing "fundamentalist" judges. Such a stacked Court will allow for massive social engineering since the most fundamental civil rights protections provided in our Constitution will become mere window dressing on the house of the dead.

Begin your research into massive child-sacrifice in America by viewing this YouTube video

Clarence Thomas, one of Bush I's principal achievements for the "conservative" cause, has sat on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court for nearly two years without saying a single word. As Clarence Thomas sleeps, some 500,000 black children have been removed from their parents by force and by obvious crimes against the Constitution. This silence must indicate that all is well in this "conservative" paradise known as the New World Order.

In Washington D.C., the children of Senators and Supreme Court Justices are routinely "protected" from the "protection services" who routinely traffic in the children of D.C.'s less fortunate residents. The most fundamental concept of our Constitution, equal protection, is now a total myth. This "protection" confusion becomes even more confusing when it is applied to State Department, CIA and Military families who are directed by the federal government to provide effective sex education with their children to protect them from wrongful political manipulation, disease and abuse (much of it coming from their own government!). This same education by "non-elites" in the same neighborhoods is being actively criminalized and used as an excuse to traffic in these children. What's worse, these children are being inflicted with trauma, disease, hypnosis and wrongful manipulation to produce "evidence" used in underground courts which effectively traffic in them.

These methods were advanced by the CIA through torture and produce "inversion" results. The way I was trained to educate my children at Harvard, became the very same reason to traffic in my children in Bedford County when police could use inversion on my children. Since they thought my children were politically weak "trailer trash," they could effectively invert normal sex education, personal hygiene and parental oversight and make it look utterly distasteful, producing hysteria and building false grounds for child trafficking. They literally did not have to prove anything. Of course, the elite using these exact same parental methods would be honored as good parents. This is the power of Mind Control inversion methods and "sex magic" methods now routinely used by "Children and Youth Services." A documentary is now in the works to try and find the real source of this obvious double standard. This double standard proves beyond any doubt that an active conspiracy against rights exists in highly illegal eugenics programs which the CIA have brought from Nazi Germany.

The attitude that the politically weak should be ignored by fundamentalist judges is one advanced by our own political system and through government itself. Very sophisticated attitude propaganda advances the elite by repressing and discrediting the non-elite. These attitudes are often vague, unspoken and irrational, but function on the sub-conscious level through bigotry, intimidation, fear and imposed ignorance and are rarely questioned. These are precisely the same attitudes employed against blacks in their long struggle against slavery and for equal protection and equal rights. This powerful attitude propaganda is designed to circumvent our Constitution, and once it has conditioned society to a great extent, any "triggering" mechanism like a terrorist attack can be employed to activate massive social engineering based upon this very same war-logic.

Once this massive social engineering is activated for "protection" purposes or "national security," our nation will become a mind-controlled mob of slaves the likes of which Eisenhower found in liberated Nazi Germany in 1945. This mob was perfectly obvious in New Orleans after Katrina, but only to those who really understood Monarch Mind Control. This mob will reside fully in a fog of Constitutional confusion which will function on the primal level of Monarch Programming for which all meaningful bonds between parent and child are effectively broken by a "science" of demoralization only applied to the non-elite. Our true national security based on the Constitution will in fact no longer exist. The Supreme Court itself will be powerless to enforce any constitutional oversight, since the war-logic of bureaucrats over parents will effectively break down all existing bonds in society which are meaningful. These bonds include basic civil rights, separation of powers, the rule of law and any meaningful understanding of "family."

"To destroy your ememy, destroy the authority of his parent." By the time the Supreme Court realizes that "behavioral science" does precisely that and is really a Nazi Mind Control worm and not a "science," it will be too late. Hitler wins.

I witnessed these horrific break-downs in our Constitution very directly. As I worked in hurricane-devastated New Orleans immediately after Katrina, my family was being subjected to an illegal sexual Inquisition 1500 miles away in Pennsylvania. I was led to believe that this kangaroo court was being led by my military-programmed father-in-law and his relative in Children and Youth. He was literally brainwashed by the military to destroy his own grandchildren and preserve their "programming" for the military. My education at Harvard and my research into active programming led me to become a federal whistle blower against this evil process. Top psychologists at Harvard and Tulane University have compiled enormous evidence against this fraud, but they are actively ignored, intimidated and silenced.

This process is so outrageously illegal, immoral and criminal that was launched to appeal directly to the Supreme Court and to all of government. The truth is, the eugenics programs used against American ethnic, political and religious minorities since the Civil War are fully exposed in the Katrina aftermath. The adversarial system of "welfare," which is a fundamental fraud to our Constitution, produced total and absolute dysfunction in both government agencies and in the public. This is the precise dysfunction, moral degeneracy and immoral fog of war for which Eisenhower discovered in Nazi Germany in 1945. This is the product of Nazi Mind Control. This is the Mind Control advanced at Harvard and hundreds of other institutions for and by the Pentagon, advanced as a "science" now used to traffic children for the Pentagon.

Mind Control methods are nothing new. But what is new is that millions of Americans are now studying how their secret, unconstitutional government has been using these methods against them for decades.

Mind control is, by far, the most powerful weapon developed by the Nazis and the least well understood. It is designed to infect the power-establishment of any society, radically change the values of that society and function invisibly. These attitudes that repress huge segments of our society today are made "taboo" or "sacred" through powerful conformist propaganda and therefore, the only members of society most likely to address them are true artists, intellectuals, psychologists or the occasional Constitutional lawyer. All of these critical members of society are under profound attack today. Like myself, they are finding their own children being trafficked by lies, deception, force and broad conspiracies against basic rights to life by obvious programmed cyborgs of the state.

But until these same unconstitutional methods are employed against the children of the elite, this American social engineering will continue to function underground and outside of our "free media." When psychologists or artists begin to disappear, their fundamental civil rights routinely dismissed or they are actively criminalized, their children stolen by brute force and illegal courts, we know that the Monarch Worm is re-appearing in that society. It is our civic duty to reveal to those in power just how this illegal mind control actually works. The elite may need to find themselves in the outrageously unconstitutional world of Child Services false courts used to traffic millions of American children!

Monarch Programming got its name from the "beauty" that it produced in the slave product. The slave is literally traumatized to such an extent that both lobes of the brain become symmetrical and produce the effects of multiple personalities which can be programmed. This "beauty" of symmetrical brain lobes is not natural and is, of course, very perverse, criminal and evil. One of the few U.S. films which depicts this mind control process is Full Metal Jacket. But the Nazis and our own CIA have perfected these methods against the general population as well as soldiers and CIA agents and have discovered the political uses of very low level social control. Social engineering occurs through a junk science of eugenics which employs false courts, hysteria and attitude propaganda to effectively "control" and "shape" populations even though the walls and crematoriums of death camps are now largely unnecessary. Harvard and other major institutions worked for the CIA in "normalizing" these methods for "science."

Low-level social control requires very sophisticated attitude propaganda which protects those who actually employ these illegal methods. Child traffickers are given "immunities" against the most basic requirements of our Constitution. There is only one reason for such immunity: they are led to believe that they are protected from prosecution of their crimes which are obvious and many of them know in their hearts that these are crimes and they want a legal forum to express themselves! The methods they use are grossly unconstitutional, therefore, "illegal" by any standard. But they are not permitted to speak out. These methods must be advanced through attitudes which can be programmed on a mass scale and not through real courts of law or any real government over-sight.

These attitudes make obvious equal protection violations look "normal." Any "products" produced by this attitude programming become highly discredited in mainstream society if they attempt to speak out about how their rights have been utterly violated by their own government. Therefore, they cannot effectively testify against very obvious constitutional violations. If they do not conform, they are routinely dismissed as criminals, insane, drug addicted or sexually perverse (this is why our government has advance highly unconstitutional, secret wars against its own citizens. This is why our government now builds many Orwellian databases on your personal life!). Their children are then actively trafficked as de facto slaves. These are obvious Nazi methods for which the vast majority of Americans are made blind through active social propaganda and control. Only the Court can effectively reveal the truth about Monarch Mind control.

Most Americans are programmed on the Alpha level to find all of this social engineering as "necessary." Many Americans will even betray a close family member simply to "honor" a uniformed "authority" figure who presumes obvious unconstitutional rights over other people's children. This is the tell-tale sign of the Monarch Worm which the vast majority of Americans do not want to see or acknowledge. The art of "Mesmerism" is now routinely used against non-elite children and have been perfected by our own CIA. Most American "clinics," and police stations have "tanks" for this purpose. These hypno-chambers are really fiction factories when children of certain ages are abused in them. Even though such betrayal of family is grossly unconstitutional, most Americans will find such betrayal as "patriotic," "necessary" or "just." They have been conditioned by decades of propaganda and wrongful programming which portray child traffickers in a good light and non-elite parents as predators. More importantly for the child traffickers, most Americans will simply ignore this obvious child trafficking, even as it happens all around them.

When adult offspring started filing lawsuits based solely on claims of recovered repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, they raised many legal questions in the courts, such as those related to the statutes of limitations and expert testimony. Later, some of these same people came to the opinion that their previous memories were false and were the result of a disastrous therapeutic program. They then began to file lawsuits against their therapists. In addition, some of the parents who had been accused filed third party lawsuits against their children's therapists. All of these lawsuits rest on the "scientific" understanding of repressed memories. Indeed, recovered-memory lawsuits reflect the broad problem of the relationship between the law and science. But this "science" has been largely controlled and manipulated by secret CIA mind control programs. No one seems to question the sources and the ultimate objective of this "science" beyond simply destroying American society itself so that a small group of elite can control and manipulate all of society!

Europeans who have suffered the full horrors of fascism will not "trust" these political agents and this "science" like many Americans do. This is why The Hague may be required to prosecute child traffickers in America if our own government does not prosecute obvious child traffickers, because most Americans have been made blind to these obvious fascist methods.

The World Court is a very effective forum for Nazi hunters, as true Nazi hunters never stop hunting. Those who traffic my children will find out that I will never stop hunting them. Many of the documents now coming out of the Eisenhower administration prove that today's child trafficking in America has evolved from actual Nazi Mind Control methods. These methods were a major concern of the President who helped to liberate Europe from the Monarch Worm known as the Nazi Party. Immediately after the liberation of Europe, Eisenhower was deeply alarmed by the true extent to which the "liberated" were still "mind controlled" by the Nazis programming of slaves. Today we see this same phenomenon in Iraq, but we refuse to see the parallels between what our CIA is doing there and what our domestic "protection services" are doing here. We must continually ask ourselves, who programs the programmer? Through war-logic, these "national security" programs deliberately circumvented our courts and our Constitution.

The power of Nazi propaganda was so intense that much of Europe was numbed by this brainwashing for decades to come. Eisenhower was intent on not allowing this form of brainwashing to come to our shores, but the CIA, through Dulles himself, had other plans and he brought the Nazi brainwashing establishment to the U.S. to advance its methods even further. The CIA enjoyed near absolute powers to experiment and program millions of U.S. soldiers. These soldiers were then allowed to pass on these programmed attitudes to most of society serving to "normalize" them. Now many of these programs are becoming declassified and reveal that they have in fact been advanced through many university and think tank "truth" programming initiatives. These "truth" programs of eugenics "science" are ongoing and used against millions of American families and are truly horrific.

Many are wrongly conditioned to believe that knowledge is increasing. Most critical knowledge about the human condition has actually been lost, however. Take usury as one example. In Biblical times usury was better understood than it is today. The process of imposing ignorance about usury serves those entities in society who employ it. Actual critical knowledge about it becomes lost. Sexual education is also being lost. Those who employ Hyper-Abuse Hysteria onto our families actually destroy natural and long-standing sex education which then is stolen from our children. They advance the total lie that children are not sexual and anything even remotely sexual is now amplified by a "science." But this "science" is actually based on lies, emotions and political agendas. Any non-elite family which resists this trend are targeted for destruction. But elite children are deliberately provided this critical education. The dumbing down of our children actually serves the state and certain political groups and not the children themselves.

My family is an excellent example of how this mind control's use of sexual repression against girls and women is always going to favor the military "daddie" figure and not the real fathers or children. Real fathers unassociated with the military are now treated to sophisticated methods which turn them into sexual taboos from the very beginning of this "investigation" process. These mind control processes are explained by Freud and other more modern experts in this field. This turning fathers into taboos, of course, totally violates the Supreme Court's requirement of due process and fairness in these cases. The military members of the family, grandfathers or others actually manipulate this process in their favor since they are very much aware of how this mind control works. They then go on to enjoy complete child custody manipulation, even using relatives and friends in the local government. This scam is fully documented in this blog.

Through secret programs now coming to light and enormous federal spending for "truth" programs, the elite have advanced very sophisticated attitude propaganda agendas over the past 60 years designed precisely to make the vast non-elite majority into a conforming thoughtless mob. Do your own research! What you are told is "based on the rule of law" in America is really not based in law at all. It is based on the "science" of eugenics. This propaganda did not fool our Supreme Court most of the time. What many universities have told us is "based in science" is really based on the old negative "eugenics" population control agendas used by the American elite and the Nazis. Our government serves a very small elite mainly through intimidation and deception on a broad scale, but almost all of this child trafficking is not based on real due process or real law.

Through very sophisticated attitude propaganda dispensed by conformist academia and think tanks, the vast majority of Americans have become slaves who think they are kings! Their freedom is entirely illusory and applied only to thoughtless conformers. Through sex, drugs and usury programs advanced extensively by the CIA, virtually all Americans can be manipulated, spied upon and destroyed through underground, illegal government social engineering. The exploitation of these slaves occurs largely on the subconscious level through "gateways" into the subconscious mind. Through wrongful authority, and not real parents, the government can convince you that pain is pleasure, wrong is right, and you are a "free" slave. This is how mind control works.

In order to program and condition the subconscious mind on a massive scale, non-elite children are now required to be indoctrinated into political conformity very early in life. Of course, the elite are permitted to protect their children from this indoctrination, all other parents are now actively criminalized if they attempt to protect their children. Children of the non-elite are held in dangerous and negligent ignorance about basic life functions pertaining to sex, drugs and usury throughout most of their childhoods. Our government then actively exploits this learned ignorance creating a very banal but largely complacent pool of thoughtless conformists who are easily controlled by materialism (credit reports, bribes, slanders, employment opportunity fraud, etc.), threats and other methods our Founding Fathers would never recognize as "Constitutional." Once these children have been thoroughly programmed to fail in these critical areas of life, the Pentagon finds a significantly large and ripe pool of recruits available for programming.

What was advanced only for strictly "Social Security purposes," your social security number, is now effectively used as a ubiquitous slavery control device. If you deny this, simply advertise your social security number to the public at large. You will quickly learn that anyone in the public can manipulate your "identity" in the precise manner for which the government manipulates you. You therefore must conform to any illegal demand of your government or criminal no matter how outrageously unconstitutional. This number is now routinely employed by virtually anyone for tracking you down, trafficking your children, universal and unaccountable slander and libel, broadly unreasonable searches and privacy violations, unwarranted seizures and more Orwellian deception than can possibly be placed on this blog. With this mark of the beast which makes you a de facto slave, you are most certainly not free!

View YouTube video: George Bush advances the biometrics card on 6-6-6

Even though 99% of Americans do not know what the Constitution really stands for, this does not mean that a thoroughly conditioned mob should rule or be ruled by wrongful authority. This is precisely what our Constitution was designed to prevent. These illegal programs now routinely used to traffic in children can effectively force unconstitutional conformity onto the vast majority of Americans and still be reversed through what President Eisenhower suggested would be a necessary "vigilance" to safeguard our children from the same fascist programs which nearly conquered all of Europe and Asia in the 1940s.

As I worked closely with Pennsylvania agencies advancing these methods, I learned about the intricate conditioning methods now being used to traffic in children on a broad scale. Imposed sexual ignorance and bureaucrats over parents are two major methods for advanced child trafficking. Children must be made into objects by the state for which the state presumes an ownership. As my wife was raised with these programs, she was conditioned to honor actual child traffickers over her own husband. She was also wrongfully programmed for hysteria over normal childhood sexuality and this programming came to her directly through the military. The elite know not to react in hysteria or in a draconian manner over normal human sexuality, but the true American sub-class for which the Pentagon gets the overwhelming majority of it "grunts" cannot be allowed to enjoy this knowledge. This programming of learned ignorance comes directly from government programs which are now employed throughout our civilian, non-elite populations.

Hysteria is a powerful conditioning agent for which good science has treated as such for over 100 years. The fear and intimidation caused through imposed hysteria is key to destroying any significant bonds of family which protect children from state child trafficking. This is why the state develops very sophisticated methods to inflict hyper-abuse hysteria onto mothers and children. Even though hysteria has been historically seen as a wrongful way to manipulate mothers and children, today, our media and government provide a constant drumbeat of hysteria-building devices directed against parents which effectively destroy families, provide real population control and repress the future independence and freedom of millions of children.

Whereas, we as a society do not tolerate sexual activity between a professional and his or her client, we have been conditioned to apply this same sexual repression against non-elite parents. But parents have an innate and deeply programmed duty to provide meaningful sex education to their children because such education is profoundly important for survival. The historically all-important parental duty can be fully repressed in targetted populations, triggered by government-imposed sex hysteria and then used to demonize and destroy countless families. Once police or social workers establish the "non-elite" status of any parent, that parent is treated in the absolute opposite fashion as "elite" parents in the exact same circumstances. This entire process secretly serves eugenics and authoritarian politics and it all comes from Nazi Mind Control Psy-Ops.

Today, police and social workers are routinely educated in a manner which absolutely violates what the Supreme Court has safeguarded as a "right to life" of parents in the education, upbringing and direction of their children, fully protected as a fundamental right of parents by our Constitution. Sex education, parental oversight and sexual communication between parent and child are so absolutely necessary for this right to life, that violation of our most basic privacy rights by police or social workers is a major conspiracy and crime against fundamental parental rights. If parents are not presumed innocent but are rather treated as ax murderers and are effectively destroyed by mob rule, this is grounds for felony charges against the perpetrators. Such conspiracies against rights are federal felonies for a very good reason. These methods are today "standard fair" used against non-elite parents who try to deal with extremely complex issues of hysteria and sexuality with their children.

Much of this hysteria is produced by government itself through wonton violations of civil rights. Social workers can now enjoy complete idiocy, because they can literally apply Hyper-Abuse Hysteria to any child and get away with it. These abuses have allowed "national security" programs to rape and abuse countless children. Learn the truth!

Parents are not "professionals" who must be restricted by a code of strict ethical standards especially as government is actively training "Daddy" figures and killers all around them. Parenting is much more intimately involved with basic life issues that such confusion between professional ethics and parenting is a complete and utter fraud. Parents are a child's only insulation from politics. Our Constitution literally does not permit this form of confusion to be applied to any parent, period. Those who develop a "science" of building hysteria or sexual amplification techniques with children to be used against their parents have learned their trade from Mengele and are conspirators against rights and are felons.

Of the many lies told to my wife, she was told by "authority" figures in child services that children who play with their privates are showing signs of being "sexually abused." Actual good science, of course, tells us the polar opposite is the truth. Such activity in children is perfectly normal. But to a conditioned population held in ignorance and manipulated through fear, this device, imposed ignorance by "authority" figures, serve as the perfect hysteria-building device used against "non-elites." Mengele perfected these methods in Nazi death camps. Once my wife became hysterical on the primal level on which Alpha programming works, her children became highly vulnerable to state child trafficking by thoroughly corrupt officials. But the state must use highly unconstitutional methods of intimidation, lies, sexual taboos, searches and deception in order to advance this child trafficking racketeering. This is why a population must be conditioned over generations to accept the level of child trafficking crime now common in the U.S..

What the elite have not anticipated, however, is our new scientific approach to reverse-engineering of these programs. We know that our entire culture has reversed its values through attitude propaganda implemented by illegal government programs. We are following the money back to its source and revealing how this federal spending has "shaped" our entire culture for extremely sophisticated mind control. This shaping process is applied only to the non-elite and uses good science against this sub-class for effective population control and child trafficking. These are illegal activities which will only increase dramatically in the future, as the elite see "population control" as their most pressing mission. Soon no significant bonds of family will exist at all in these targeted groups and the elite will blame this on the non-elite's "immorality." Through the "science" of eugenics, the ghettos of Nazi Germany served the same political mission: create utter depravity and debasement and then blame the victim.

See Monarch Programming Methods used routinely against American children.


The oldest known art form other than cave painting, Tatooing, is now "not art"

Many victims of Monarch Programming have tattooed themselves with butterflies in order to secretly appeal to their tortured counterparts. But this oldest form of human art, tattooing, is now being criminalized, trivialized and used in a highly discriminatory manner to persecute those who know the truth about their government. The Republican elite now actively propose the institutional use of tattoos, as the Nazis did, while simultaneously criminalizing those with artistic tattoos. This cycle of civil rights abuses are highly historical, and signal the rebirth of the Monarch Worm.

The Monarch Worm requires a conformist culture of Philistines who conform to a set of banal, irrational and blind materialistic values. The vast mob of conformists are blind to obvious civil rights violations. Philistinism is a derogatory term used to describe a particular attitude or set of false values. A person called a Philistine (in the relevant sense), is said to despise or undervalue art, beauty, intellectual content, and/or spiritual values. They can be distinguished by a perverse view of art. For example, the Nazi elite were fond of "artwork" made from human skin but not of artistic tattoos. They hung badly made fake artwork on their walls while disposing real works of art in the trash or in the basement. Philistines are also said to be materialistic, to favor conventional social values unthinkingly, and to favor forms of art that have a cheap and easy appeal (e.g. kitsch).

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a South Carolina Supreme Court decision that held that the First Amendment does not protect the right to give artistic tattoos. As a result, the South Carolina law prohibiting the practice still stands.

The First Amendment protects not only speech but expressive conduct that qualifies as "symbolic speech." For instance, as the Court has held, it protects burning the American flag.

However, there are limits to the types of conduct the Amendment covers. Is tattooing beyond those limits?

The South Carolina case began when, after a television station aired a clip of him providing a tattoo, Ronald White was arrested.

At trial, White admitted he had violated the anti-tattooing law, but argued that the law was unconstitutional. The trial court, however, rejected his constitutional argument and, left with little work given his admission of guilt, convicted him.

On appeal, the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the conviction. It reasoned that tattooing is not speech, and thus is not protected by the First Amendment.

Is Tattooing Expressive Conduct That Qualifies as "Symbolic Speech"?

Was the South Carolina court right? What exactly counts as expressive conduct that amounts to "symbolic speech"? Since we have found tattooed mummies which are thousands of years old, this art form literally pre-dates history, but historically, where the artist is driven underground or is criminalized for his or her art, we find a culture that soon erupts into fascism which only accepts the state's version of "art."

Of course, all conduct may be expressive to some degree. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has expressly rejected "the view that an apparently limitless variety of conduct can be labeled 'speech' whenever the person engaging in the conduct intends thereby to express an idea." A decision to the contrary would bring virtually all behavior within the scope of the First Amendment.

Instead, the Court has emphasized that, to count as symbolic speech protected by the First Amendment, the "expression must be sufficiently imbued with elements of communication." Yet, the artistic symbol is perhaps the most heavily endowed form of communication ever developed and is summarily dismissed as "non-art" by largely Republican Philistines. These same Philistines now routinely take children away from tattooed parents, ban jobs from tattooed job seekers and are simultaneously seeking institutional tattooing as a measure to "control" non-conformists.

The South Carolina Supreme Court, in holding that tattooing did not qualify as art, emphasized the nature of the tattooing process, which it described as a purely mechanical process of injecting dye - not an "expressive" process. Therefore neither writers or ink line artists are really "artists."

The court also stressed the medium: the human body. Because tattooing involves potentially unhealthy invasion of human tissue, the court concluded that it may be regulated in ways that other art forms are not. But no one denies the need for health safety regulations, and the issue of free speech and expression is clearly circumvented.

Both of the court's justifications for its holding that tattooing is not speech can be questioned. Certainly, tattoo artists pride themselves on their ability to produce evocative tattoos; that is the very reason they are hired.

Indeed, outside of medical or institutional tattoos, which the statute specifically exempts, it is hard to conceive of a tattoo that is not expressive, and the tattoo artist, to the extent that he is creating the tattoo, plays a particularly important role in that expression. This process involves simply injecting dye only to the extent that painting involves simply running a brush across a canvas.

Admittedly, the individual who gets the tattoo for expressive purposes pays the tattoo artist to convey that expression on her body, which limits the artist's ability to make unfettered expressive choices. Also, many tattoos are pre-designed and simply copied by the artist. Perhaps, then, one might argue that while the person getting the tattoo is expressing herself, the artist is not.

This distinction, however, is not sound. Consider, by analogy, the case of an artist commissioned to produce a painting, the subject of which was chosen by a patron. Certainly the painter's conduct, like that of the tattoo artist, is expressive, notwithstanding the patron's interest in the artwork.

What about the court's point that tattooing employs the human body? It seems strained to distinguish between art forms based on their preferred medium. And in any event, the court seemed to assume that if tattooing were protected by the First Amendment, it could not be regulated, so that, for instance, non-sterile needles could be used.

But of course, that suggestion is flawed. Even First Amendment protected conduct can be regulated. Flag burning is protected, for instance, but states could reasonably ask that it not be done near a gas station.

Moreover, even were the First Amendment held to apply, a regulation of tattooing that did not depend on the image conveyed in the tattoo would be "content neutral," and thus likely to be upheld by the courts.

A "content-based" restriction - such as prohibiting tattoos depicting the President in an unflattering light - would create an obvious First Amendment problem. But a content-neutral regulation - banning, for instance, the use of certain tattooing inks likely to create health risks - would not.

Could a Tattooing Prohibition Be Upheld Even if the First Amendment Applies?

To decide that question, U.S. Supreme Court precedent requires that a court ask the following questions: Does the prohibition further an important governmental interest? Is that interest unrelated to the suppression of free expression? Is the incidental restriction on First Amendment freedoms no greater than is essential to the furtherance of that interest? (In legalese, the third question asks if the statute is "narrowly tailored" in the least restrictive form that still serves the state's interest.)

If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, then the prohibition is constitutional even if it regulates expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment.

Applying the Court's Three Part Test to the South Carolina Law

South Carolina has a clear interest in promoting public health, and the statute furthers it. (Tattooing has been associated, for instance, with the spread of hepatitis.) Any artist who gives a product with lead paint to children would not be protected in his art form. But this same artist must be allowed to use other mediums if such are available since the state's concerns must apply narrowly to health issues.

Tattooing may once have been banned as "antisocial." But clearly South Carolina's modern law reflects a bias in that direction.

The answer to the final question, however, is a strong no. Much narrower alternatives would suffice. For instance, South Carolina could allow tattooing but regulate it extensively, requiring licensing, single-use needles, sterile gloves, and so forth.

Why Didn't the U.S. Supreme Court Hear the Case?

Based on this analysis, the statute should be unconstitutional - contrary to the South Carolina Supreme Court's pronouncement. So why didn't the U.S. Supreme Court hear the case?

Even if the Court actually believes the statute to be unconstitutional, there could be many reasons for the decision not to hear the case. The Court does not review every decision it believes to be in error. Rather - limited to hearing only a small fraction of the cases it is asked to review - it looks to other considerations. These "considerations" can be overtly political and even manipulated through back-channel power centers or through effective attitude propaganda. This form of denial of basic freedom of speech makes the elite all-powerful and the non-elite all powerless. This should alarm anyone who believes his or her basic constitutional rights are protected and secure by this elitist government. Nothing is further from the truth.

So for the present, at least, South Carolinians must travel elsewhere for tattoos. And tattoo artists in South Carolina are out of appeals, out of work, and out of luck.

Operation MOCKINGBIRD - The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Emperors Club Honey Pots: All About Eliot Spitzer's Prostitution Ring. Is it a CIA Blenders Sting?

On November 19, 2004, the "Justice for 9/11" Steering Committee submitted a Citizens' Complaint and Petition to the offices of the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, citing probable cause for an independent grand jury investigation to examine unsolved crimes committed in connection with the events of September 11, 2001. We are publishing the complete Complaint and Petition online in this space as a living, growing document. See this important document.
Nine members of September 11 families, Ground Zero first responders, and citizens of New York have signed on as the first complainants. We call on citizens to support this action, to initiate similar actions in other states, and to sign the online petition of solidarity.

What we are told of the Prostitution Ring concerning New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is just the tip of a massive ice berg. The criminals running your government go much deeper than you will want to believe. As this story plays out, the real story may be covered up. The real story, as found at is that illegal, underground government sex operations are occurring virtually everywhere which target our domestic politicians and our children. Because they magically have more "rights" to traffic in your children after they criminalize you, they will do everything in their powers to criminalize their victims. It's the "shock and awe" that hides what they are really doing. The latest breach may include Barack Obama's Passport files and sex-mule prostitution stings. This blog will become the gateway for those whose lives have been destroyed by Monarch, MKULTRA mind control programs and the underground world of child trafficking. If the prostitutes working at the Emperors Club were indeed victims of this secret government program, the implications are enormous.

Court documents reportedly identified Ashley Youmans -- now known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre -- as Kristen, the high-priced prostitute who met with Spitzer at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on February 13.

Dupre is a 22-year-old would-be singer from New Jersey, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

She has not been charged with any crime.

Dupre made a brief appearance Monday in U.S. Magistrate Court as a witness against four people charged with operating Emperor's Club VIP, the prostitution ring, the Times said. Conventional prostitutes rarely cooperate in such proceedings and she may be a victim of basic MKULTRA mind control programming. The CIA has admitted to creating hundreds of thousands of "sex mules" through secret child services programs in the U.S. and Canada. Though Dupre has many of the markings and characteristics of MKULTRA programming (often revealed in the eyes) and her myspace page links her to a New Orleans based underground political press, she is most likely not a major player in covert operations.

The oldest profession in the world is still very much in use by our government. The problem is, they need your children to become sex-mules. See MKULTRA Monarch Programming methods. These methods are now routinely used in America to destroy families and traffic in children.

In espionage, a honeypot, more often called a honey-trap, is a trap set to capture, kill or compromise a person, commonly but not necessarily an opposition agent, officer, or employee, using sex as the lure. Even if the target does not deliberately give information to his seducer, the seducer may accidentally be given opportunities to obtain it herself. A long-term relationship is not necessarily the goal, however — the technique can also be used to blackmail those who later regret their actions. Incriminating photographs can be an effective tool of coercion, for example. The most common employment of this technique is by women, either female intelligence agents or (if the purpose is simply to obtain material for blackmail) prostitutes.

There are numerous recent real public examples of the utilization of this technique by governments:

1. Clayton J. Lonetree, a Marine Sergeant embassy guard in Moscow,
was entrapped by a female Soviet officer in 1987. He was then
blackmailed into handing over documents when he was assigned to
Vienna. Lonetree is the first US Marine to be convicted of spying
against the United States.

2. Roy Rhodes, a US Army NCO serving at the US embassy in Moscow,
had a one-night stand (or was made to believe he had) with a Soviet
agent while drunk. He was later told the agent was pregnant, and that
unless he co-operated with the Soviet authorities, this would be
revealed to his wife.

3. Irvin Scarbeck, a US diplomat, was entrapped by a female Polish
officer in 1961, and photographed in a compromising position. He
was blackmailed into providing secrets.

4. Sharon Scranage, a CIA employee described by one source as a "shy,
naive, country girl", was allegedly seduced by Ghanaian intelligence
agent Michael Soussoudis. She later gave him information on CIA
operations in Ghana, which was later shared with Soviet-bloc

5. Mordechai Vanunu, who had disclosed Israeli nuclear secrets, began
an affair with an American Mossad agent, Cheryl Bentov, operating
under the name "Cindy" and masquerading as an American tourist, on
September 30, 1986. She persuaded him to fly to Rome, Italy with her
on a holiday. Once in Rome, Mossad agents drugged him and
smuggled him to Israel on a freighter.

6. John Vassall, a British civil servant who was guided by the KGB into
having sex with multiple male partners while drunk. The KGB then used photographs of this to blackmail Vassall into providing them with secret information.

7. Katrina Leung, indicted as a double agent working for both China and
the FBI, seduced her FBI handler, James J. Smith, and was able to
obtain FBI information of use to China through him. She also had an
affair with another FBI officer, William Cleveland.

8. In May 2007 a female officer serving in Sweden's Kosovo force is
suspected of having leaked classified information to her Serbian lover
who turned out to be a spy.

9. Ms. Nolan-Cooper pled guilty to money laundering on March 10,
1997 in Philadelphia. (Philadelphia Daily News, 3/11/97). Sentenced
to 72 months in prison, the former attorney had helped an undercover
IRS agent named Louis Oubre to launder $190,000. Noteworthy in
this case is that the recently divorced mother of two young boys had
been wined and dined by Oubre and with whom she enjoyed sexual
relations. Oubre came to her initially seeking advice on how to move
money from abroad to the U.S. and through various manipulative
behavior, including repeated sexual liaisons, succeeded in convincing
Ms. Nolan-Cooper to break the law.

Common sense compels the conclusion that for every public disclosure of such government-sponsored honey-traps, dozens more are not publically revealed.
Indeed, as recently as June 2007, MI5, which is responsible for protecting the United
Kingdom against threats to national security, released an advisory: “Spies target techies with honey traps.” The federal government actively makes "sex mules," many of them children, for these missions.

Most noteworthy is that for over 13 years Defendant operated her escort service without a single arrest of an escort though she was operating in a metropolitan area that is policed by over Fifty (50) law enforcement agencies. Moreover, given that there are at least Seventeen (17) federal intelligence agencies operating in Washington D.C., it is much more than supposition that the Defendant’s agency was allowed to operate without police interference for the benefit the agency. Public records show that USAID has long been a front for CIA intelligence gathering, as well as a conduit for CIA funding to foreign governments and agencies. See: Sen. Vitter's Foreign Relations Committee oversight role examined in DC sex scandal, attached provided to the United States government. Accordingly, Defendant will be seeking discovery of the direct and/or indirect utilization the Defendant’s service by the government for public benefit to the end of an presenting an equitable collateral estoppel defense.

What is publically known at this point in the prosecution of the Defendant is that –
notwithstanding the obfuscation by the government and without meaningful resources – Defendant has identified four significant individuals who were customers of the service.

1. Senator David Vitter who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee, which has oversight responsibilities of U.S. foreign
policy agencies, including USAID.1 Senator Vitter is also currently
the ranking minority member of the Foreign Relations Committee's
Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations,
Democracy and Human Rights, which oversees, among other things,
the State Department, the U.S. Foreign Service (i.e. the diplomatic
corps), and U.S. participation in the United Nations.

2. Randall “Randy” Tobias former Director of Foreign Assistance, and
Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development

3. Harlan Ullman is a highly respected and widely recognized expert in
national security whose advice is sought by governments and
businesses. A senior adviser at Washington's premier think tank, the
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), his expertise
spans national security, foreign policy, terror, defense, economics,
and finance as well as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. His column
in the Washington Times is called "Owls and Eagles" and he writes
for other publications in the US and abroad. He is a frequent
commentator in U.S. and international media including Fox, BBC,
and Al Jazeera TV and is a regular on the Washington Post radio

4. Ronald Roughead works for “Science Applications International
Corporation.” (“SAIC”). His curriculum vitae is attached hereto. His
brother is one Gary Roughead, now Chief Naval Officer of the United
States Navy. Admiral Roughead is mentioned as a speaker in a couple
of military association and foundation newsletters (National Defense
& Transportation Association & the Naval War College Foundation),
along with Harlan K. Ullman. While Admiral Roughead isn’t in the
phone records of Pamela Martin & Associates, Ronald Roughead is.

Truthout, February 2008
Title: “Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime”

Global Research, March 17, 2008
Title: “Why the Bush Administration ‘Watergated’ Eliot Spitzer”
Author: F. William Engdahl

Student Researchers: Rob Hunter, Elizabeth Rathbun, and Rebecca Newsome

Faculty Evaluator: Mickey S. Huff, MA

The exposure of New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer’s tryst with a luxury call girl had little to do with the Bush administration’s high moral standards for public servants. Author F. William Engdahl advises that, “in evaluating spectacular scandals around prominent public figures, it is important to ask what and who might want to eliminate that person.” Timing suggests that Spitzer was likely a target of a White House and Wall Street operation to silence one of its most dangerous and vocal critics of their handling of the current financial market crisis.

Spitzer had become increasingly public in blaming the Bush administration for the subprime crisis. He testified in mid-February before the US House of Representatives Financial Services subcommittee and later that day, in a national CNBC interview, laid blame squarely on the administration for creating an environment ripe for predatory lenders.

On February 14, the Washington Post published an editorial by Spitzer titled, “Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers,” which charged, “Not only did the Bush administration do nothing to protect consumers, it embarked on an aggressive and unprecedented campaign to prevent states from protecting their residents from the very problems to which the federal government was turning a blind eye.”

In this editorial, Spitzer explained:

The administration accomplished this feat through an obscure federal agency called the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The OCC has been in existence since the Civil War. Its mission is to ensure the fiscal soundness of national banks. For 140 years, the OCC examined the books of national banks to make sure they were balanced, an important but uncontroversial function. But a few years ago, for the first time in its history, the OCC was used as a tool against consumers.

In 2003, during the height of the predatory lending crisis, the OCC invoked a clause from the 1863 National Bank Act to issue formal opinions preempting all state predatory lending laws, thereby rendering them inoperative. The OCC also promulgated new rules that prevented states from enforcing any of their own consumer protection laws against national banks. The federal government’s actions were so egregious and so unprecedented that all 50 state attorneys general, and all 50 state banking superintendents, actively fought the new rules.

But the unanimous opposition of the 50 states did not deter, or even slow, the Bush administration in its goal of protecting the banks. In fact, when my office opened an investigation of possible discrimination in mortgage lending by a number of banks, the OCC filed a federal lawsuit to stop the investigation.”

The editorial appeared the day after Spitzer’s ill-fated rendezvous with the prostitute at the Mayflower Hotel. With that article, some Washington insiders believe, Spitzer signed his own political death warrant.

On March 4, 2008, Spitzer furthermore proposed legislation that would have imposed penalties for mortgage fraud and predatory lending.1

Curiously, Spitzer, who had been elected governor in 2006, defeating a Republican by winning nearly 70 percent of the vote, has been not charged with any crime. His case went into the hands of Washington and not those of New York State authorities, underscoring the clear political nature of Spitzer’s “offense.” New York Assembly Republicans immediately announced plans to impeach Spitzer or put him on public trial if he were to refuse resignation. Although prostitution is illegal in most US states, clients of prostitutes are almost never charged, nor are their names typically released while a case is in process.

Spitzer’s editorial concluded, “When history tells the story of the sub-prime lending crisis and recounts its devastating effects on the lives of so many innocent homeowners, the Bush administration will not be judged favorably . . . it will be judged as a willing accomplice to the lenders who went to any lengths in their quest for profits. The administration was so willing, in fact, that it used the power of the federal government in an unprecedented assault on state legislatures, as well as on state attorneys general and anyone else on the side of consumers.”


1. “Governor Spitzer Proposes Legislation to Address Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis,” New York State website, March 4, 2008.

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