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The Unabomber a Harvard MKULTRA Victim

The Real Manchurian Candidate began as a student at Harvard in 1959.
His first week, at the tender age of 16, the real Manchurian Candidate met with his soon to be controller, Dr Henry A Murray. Ted would become one of many children indoctrinated, set-up and tormented by the "secret" CIA Mind Control program. While he was the fall guy for many terrorist bombings, his story is not so simple. Not in the least!

Dr. Murray helped found the Boston Psychoanalytic Society, led the Harvard Psychological Clinic, selected agents for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II and became an authority on Herman Melville's life and writings. But his real work might be more mysteriously rooted in evil than Moby Dick himself. His work on personality psychology advanced much of the encoding language for the CIA now used in "psychological assessments" routinely used on children. Though these "sciences" advance such language, it is by these methods that we are often meant to avoid the obvious: these are not so much "sciences" as they are Mind Control devices used for highly effective political social engineering and political control over the individual. The Unabomber Manifesto went to great lengths to present a "scientific" unifying theory of "power" as it is now being used against the individual and for a mysterious "system." The "Manifesto" was trying to expose the fact that the individual, through Mind Control, is being destroyed by a very real Constitutional threat to our entire society. Was he crazy?

The obvious obsession of the Unabomber was revenge against the power-assessments and Mind Control used traumatically against him, the attacks against his "autonomy," the abuse being "imposed" on him and a desire to question and expose behavioral "sciences" in regard to the post-industrial self.

Ted Kaczynski was a real victim of unconstitutional social engineering via MKULTRA "truth" programming, one of millions! Wrongful authority was applied to him as a sixteen-year-old child.

In a very real regard, the Unabomber "manifesto" presented legitimate constitutional questions. Questions which are rarely if ever raised in our own courts. But the most fundamental question should be asked as to the parent-child bond: was wrongful authority applied to a child under the guise of "science?" Secret agendas advancing "truth" by destroying countless lives is not Constitutional! The most obvious motivation of the Unabomber was an hysteria which these "sciences" imposed on him. HYPe "sciences" advance and perfect the art of building hysteria and other powerful Mind Control devices. Through violence and a "Manifesto," he then tried to alert authorities that Mind Control is now ubiquitous and, in fact, is not a science but a political attack. Mind Control is so nebulous so as to wrongly impose behavioral control in order to confirm or deny virtually any political theory, political mission. Mind Control is political propaganda dressed up as science and those most brainwashed may be those actually employing it. Mind Control provides an extreme power to the bureaucrat: it effectively makes the bureaucrat superior to parents, a fundamental flaw in all Mind Control programming, as all of society is then placed in extreme jeopardy by the fascist state.

Today such "science" is now routinely imposed on countless children and families who are effectively destroyed by it as they are tossed as rag dolls by a politically-inspired pseudoscience. No one seems able to see the obvious, that such "scientifically" induced hysteria as done to Ted at Harvard may serve family and individual destruction on a massive scale, may serve a political coup against our Constitution itself.

Were the Unabomber attacks a desperate attempt to wake up our sleeping government?

Given that the "Behavioral Sciences" can probe deeply into the human mind and become very powerful pseudosciences (modern-day witchcraft) which can then be easily manipulated by politics, shouldn't a look at the constitutionality of bureaucrats over parents, bureaucrats programmed by such "science," be a primary responsibility of our Supreme Court? Is it too late?

As for Dr. Murray, "He was the most important American psychologist alive," said Edwin Shneidman of UCLA. But given our society today, the most alienated and "controlled" in history, this is purely a political statement. His work may have helped a secret and illegal government more than any individual. Is this really psychology? Dr. Murray would become world famous in 1967 as the CIA psychologist who slipped a colleague LSD. The colleague then took the magical mystery tour out the window of a New York Hotel, landing in front of horrified guests head-first on the sidewalk 14 floors below. It was the first, and worst, public exposure of the 7 billion dollar budgeted MKUltra Mind Control program in which Dr Murray worked. This Mind Control "science" now serves as a Pentagon recruiting tool used against our children and is completely "normalized."

But in 1959 Murray sat in an office at Harvard University in the early fall interviewing a promising prospect. From the Midwest, socially awkward, sexually repressed, incredibly brilliant...a mathematics prodigy. Murray must have liked the first test results on the very young prospect because he code named the 16 year old "Lawful". In Mind Control parlance the rough equivalent of "Perfect". Murray would meet with Ted regularly for the next three years until the records purge of MKultra in 1962 when the agency attempted to destroy all references and records related to the program. The program went on bigger than ever...just no evidence exists of it anywhere after 1962. But in 1959 some diligent clerk hid the invoice records of Dr Henry A Murray. It is those records that trace Ted Kaczynski to Dr Murray's office. Significant evidence which proves that the Unabombings were preordained and planned years in advance by other MKULTRA operatives may have been covered up. And there is more.... oh there is much more....

David Kaczynski reveals the MK-ULTRA-CIA mind control program that brother Theodore Kaczynski (dubbed the Unabomber by the FBI) was unwittingly a part of for three years at Harvard, and then at the University of Michigan and probably U.C. Stanford. In recalling some of the details of his brother’s involvement in the covert behavior modification program, David Kaczynski says of his older brother, “In a sense, he wasn’t paranoid; he was in a sense conspired against.” Video offers hints into the Project Paperclip-generated mind control program that Kaczynski along with thousands of others (universities, mental institutions, prisons, the military...) were victims of. For details see Walter Bowart’s 1978 privished book, Operation Mind Control: Our Secret Government’s War Against It’s Own People and Susan Ford’s 1999 book, Thanks for the Memories. (Chautauqua, NY July 26, 2005 (10:30) [transcript/commentary]
Filmmakers notebook #92 May 1, 2006

See the YouTube Movie on MKULTRA and Ted Kaczynski

We first encountered David Kaczynski in Dunkirk, NY where in a Catholic church basement he spoke to over 100 people, the culmination of the “N.Y. Interfaith Prison Pilgrimage,” April, 2002. He was there as the executive director of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty. He told the story of his and his wife’s fearful, protracted awareness that his brother was “the Unabomber.” It was a fascinating story, told with depth and intelligence, a soft-spoken critique of the criminal Justice System and betrayal by the FBI of the Kaczynski family. A rude awakening. Only it’s not the whole story.*

We next filmed David Kaczynski in July, 2005 at Chautauqua Institution, N.Y. in the “Hall of Philosophy”, an event hosted by the Chautauqua Society for Peace and Social Justice of which Karen, my partner and wife, is a member.

Kaczynski first updated his audience on death penalty issues then recounted a truncated version of the story we had filmed three years earlier.

Our primary question for David Kaczynski this time stemmed from reading David McGowan’s chaotically organized, non-indexed goldmine, Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder (iUniverse, 2004). On page 135, McGowan writes, “…Ted Kaczynski, who was a subject of MKULTRA experiments while he was a young student at Harvard…”

Here was a chance to ask David Kaczynski about his brilliant, eccentric, loving older brother, and what the U.S. government may have done to him and with him.

Since our brief interview with David Kaczynski (July 26, 2005), we’ve looked a trace deeper into MKULTRA. Hence the footnotes and the seemingly forced images in the 10 min. video of this interview (conducted at Chautauqua Institution, Hall of Missions, Department of Religion).


At what point did you experience with Ted any sign of serious psychological abnormality? At what point did that appear?

David Kaczynski: That’s a long story. I remember being maybe nine or ten years old and asking my father one day, ‘Dad, what’s wrong with Ted?’ So even at a very young age I had some sense that he was different. I remember my father saying at that time saying, ‘David, you have to understand. Your brother is very, very brilliant. He doesn’t have a lot of…. a lot in common with other kids his age, but you’ll see; he’ll grow up and mature. Some day he’ll have a family of his own and he’ll find himself.’ [#1]

At one point, I remember my mother sharing with me this story of Ted being in the hospital as a tiny baby. I don’t think that story would have been developed if it wasn’t developed in order to explain something. There’s a kind of accommodation that a family makes over many, many years. You don’t think, ‘Well, that’s a mentally ill person…’ You think, ‘Well, that’s Ted. That’s the way he is.’

I think I really began to get alarmed in the 1980s when some of Ted’s letters to our parents seemed so bizarre. He’d say that they never loved him and cite evidence and seemed to ignore all the nice and loving things all their lives long and I realized at that point that he was looking at the world through a very, very different lens.

Approximately how old was he at that time?

David Kaczynski: Probably around 30 years old. Somewhere in there. Looking back…. Actually, having read some of Ted’s diaries while he was in college I think, he probably was having psychotic breaks as early as his early 20s. He believed, for instance, that he’d been visited by people in his apartment at the University of Michigan who couldn’t possibly have been there. [# 2 ] He would have delusions that other people were talking about him, kind of paranoid delusions. It’s odd because it was really at this point that his brilliance as a mathematician began to blossom. Right around this time….

We later found out that he wouldn’t go to class maybe for an entire semester but then he’d show up on the last day and hand in some piece of original research that blew the professor away and ended up being published. So in some…. because of his academic and his extraordinary success – and absence of any kind of obvious violence in him – you know, I think our family thought he was different, but not necessarily in a bad way.

The reason we pose the question is that since we last spoke with you in Dunkirk, we ran across in Dave McGowan’s book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder. He writes that your brother was a victim of MKULTRA at Harvard.

David Kaczynski: Yes. Something I didn’t know about at all until it was kind of discovered by his defense team [1]and then they began to question our mother about it.

Would you say what it is?

David Kaczynski: Yeah. Well, the MKULTRA program was actually a CIA covert operation within the United States where unwitting suspects [subjects] were made guinea pigs in research about psychotropic drugs, various kinds of psychological pressure. I think there’s pretty clear evidence that was a program at Harvard.

Ted was in a psychological research study run by a psychologist by the name of Henry Murray. Now there’s no clear, unequivocal link that connects that to the MKULTRA program, but it was a fairly abusive research project. It would certainly not pass ethical muster today. [#3]. 

Ted would meet once a week for a conversation with someone about philosophy with someone he thought – was led to believe – was another subject within the research project but actually was a plant. It was a graduate student, and they were actually trying to study how ‘alienated youth’ – and Ted was identified as an alienated youth at Harvard – would respond to having their philosophy of life and their values challenged. 

So for three years, beginning at the age of 17, Ted was in this study…. I’ve read some of the transcripts and they were pretty awful. I mean, they included personal attacks….

So as my brother is trying to make, you know, some kind of philosophical point, his adversary in this debate is making disparaging comments about his appearance, about his maturity, so, you know, an interesting possible connection is that had actually been in the OSS which was the forerunner of the CIA during World War II and the projects he did had to do with debriefing prisoners of war. So we wonder if he used some of the same tactics in sort of probing and poking young, unwitting college students, and don’t know if the CIA was directly involved but it’s certainly not outside the bounds of possibility. 

I don’t think that necessarily created Ted’s mental illness. It might have been a triggering factor. It might have sort of given shape to his belief that there were, you know, conspiracies against him and that, you know, there was something sinister about the technology of psychology and mind manipulation, and so forth. In a sense, he wasn’t paranoid. He was…. He was, in a sense, conspired against.

Did you ever talk to him about his experience in that ‘psychology’ program?

David Kaczynski: No. You know, Mom had remembered it because since Ted was only 17* when he went into this research project, parental consent was needed, and Mom remembered getting a form, you know, Harvard College, asking for her permission for Ted to be in this study and Mom said, ‘Gee, I thought Ted’s…. You know, he’s socially awkward, he doesn’t fit in very well. Maybe being exposed to psychologists could be very helpful to him. Well, little did she know that this study wasn’t conducted with his benefit in mind.

How knowledgeable was Ted’s defense team about MKULTRA?

David Kaczynski: The defense apparently put a lot of research into this. It was going to be at least one of their arguments for mitigation that Ted had been seriously abused in this…. this research program that might have even been funded by the federal government. It was hard to get research, hard to make the connection fully. They [Ted Kaczynski’s legal team] found that numbers of the records had actually been destroyed – not for confidentiality reasons, or something. It was destroyed because there was a congressional investigation of the MKULTRA program and the then director really, uh, in contempt of Congress, destroyed many of the records of that program. They did eventually get to look at some of Murray’s private research papers. That was where some of these transcripts were found. They also were able to track down just a couple of other participants in the study, one of which was, by the way, working at Las Alamos making big bombs. A weird irony of the whole thing.

But as far as we know – and we don’t know much – Ted was the only one who ended up with real serious problems. (6 minutes)


How does one account for David Kaczynski’s reluctance to pursue this story, the US government’s destruction and protracted use and abuse of their brainy serial killer? Most likely, it’s for personal reasons, to spare his mother more suffering. In his book Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz makes this observation: “Acceptance is not easy in this regard. Coming to terms with such facts leads, by necessity, through Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ‘death and dying’ process. In her model, denial is always the first step in integrating a horrifying painful reality. It is not pleasant to consider the possibility that many of our public servants cannot be trusted, but even worse, that friends and family members may have been injured or killed by such [programs].”

If Ted Kaczynski is the sole author of the Unabomber Manifesto, I find his obssesive regard for Mind Control's secret and incremental advancement throughout our culture to be remarkably altruistic. It goes to the heart of the evil of Mind Control and has the sound of a patriot's warning to his comrades about to enter a trap. The more we learn about Mind Control, the less his words sound "rambling" and "insane."

Mind Control in the Unabomber Manifesto:

151. The social disruption that we see today is certainly not the
result of mere chance. It can only be a result fo the conditions of
life that the system imposes on people. (We have argued that the most
important of these conditions is disruption of the power process.) If
the systems succeeds in imposing sufficient control over human
behavior to assure itw own survival, a new watershed in human history
will have passed. Whereas formerly the limits of human endurance have
imposed limits on the development of societies (as we explained in
paragraphs 143, 144), industrial-technological society will be able to
pass those limits by modifying human beings, whether by psychological
methods or biological methods or both. In the future, social systems
will not be adjusted to suit the needs of human beings. Instead, human
being will be adjusted to suit the needs of the system.

[27] 152. Generally speaking, technological control over human
behavior will probably not be introduced with a totalitarian intention
or even through a conscious desire to restrict human freedom. [28]
Each new step in the assertion of control over the human mind will be
taken as a rational response to a problem that faces society, such as
curing alcoholism, reducing the crime rate or inducing young people to
study science and engineering. In many cases, there will be
humanitarian justification. For example, when a psychiatrist
prescribes an anti-depressant for a depressed patient, he is clearly
doing that individual a favor. It would be inhumane to withhold the
drug from someone who needs it. When parents send their children to
Sylvan Learning Centers to have them manipulated into becoming
enthusiastic about their studies, they do so from concern for their
children's welfare. It may be that some of these parents wish that one
didn't have to have specialized training to get a job and that their
kid didn't have to be brainwashed into becoming a computer nerd. But
what can they do? They can't change society, and their child may be
unemployable if he doesn't have certain skills. So they send him to

153. Thus control over human behavior will be introduced not by a
calculated decision of the authorities but through a process of social
evolution (RAPID evolution, however). The process will be impossible
to resist, because each advance, considered by itself, will appear to
be beneficial, or at least the evil involved in making the advance
will appear to be beneficial, or at least the evil involved in making
the advance will seem to be less than that which would result from not
making it (see paragraph 127). Propaganda for example is used for many
good purposes, such as discouraging child abuse or race hatred. [14]
Sex education is obviously useful, yet the effect of sex education (to
the extent that it is successful) is to take the shaping of sexual
attitudes away from the family and put it into the hands of the state
as represented by the public school system.

154. Suppose a biological trait is discovered that increases the
likelihood that a child will grow up to be a criminal and suppose some
sort of gene therapy can remove this trait. [29] Of course most
parents whose children possess the trait will have them undergo the
therapy. It would be inhumane to do otherwise, since the child would
probably have a miserable life if he grew up to be a criminal. But
many or most primitive societies have a low crime rate in comparison
with that of our society, even though they have neither high-tech
methods of child-rearing nor harsh systems of punishment. Since there
is no reason to suppose that more modern men than primitive men have
innate predatory tendencies, the high crime rate of our society must
be due to the pressures that modern conditions put on people, to which
many cannot or will not adjust. Thus a treatment designed to remove
potential criminal tendencies is at least in part a way of
re-engineering people so that they suit the requirements of the

155. Our society tends to regard as a "sickness" any mode of thought
or behavior that is inconvenient for the system, and this is plausible
because when an individual doesn't fit into the system it causes pain
to the individual as well as problems for the system. Thus the
manipulation of an individual to adjust him to the system is seen as a
"cure" for a "sickness" and therefore as good.

156. In paragraph 127 we pointed out that if the use of a new item of
technology is INITIALLY optional, it does not necessarily REMAIN
optional, because the new technology tends to change society in such a
way that it becomes difficult or impossible for an individual to
function without using that technology. This applies also to the
technology of human behavior. In a world in which most children are
put through a program to make them enthusiastic about studying, a
parent will almost be forced to put his kid through such a program,
because if he does not, then the kid will grow up to be, comparatively
speaking, an ignoramus and therefore unemployable. Or suppose a
biological treatment is discovered that, without undesirable
side-effects, will greatly reduce the psychological stress from which
so many people suffer in our society. If large numbers of people
choose to undergo the treatment, then the general level of stress in
society will be reduced, so that it will be possible for the system to
increase the stress-producing pressures. In fact, something like this
seems to have happened already with one of our society's most
important psychological tools for enabling people to reduce (or at
least temporarily escape from) stress, namely, mass entertainment (see
paragraph 147). Our use of mass entertainment is "optional": No law
requires us to watch television, listen to the radio, read magazines.
Yet mass entertainment is a means of escape and stress-reduction on
which most of us have become dependent. Everyone complains about the
trashiness of television, but almost everyone watches it. A few have
kicked the TV habit, but it would be a rare person who could get along
today without using ANY form of mass entertainment. (Yet until quite
recently in human history most people got along very nicely with no
other entertainment than that which each local community created for
itself.) Without the entertainment industry the system probably would
not have been able to get away with putting as much stress-producing
pressure on us as it does.

157. Assuming that industrial society survives, it is likely that
technology will eventually acquire something approaching complete
control over human behavior. It has been established beyond any
rational doubt that human thought and behavior have a largely
biological basis. As experimenters have demonstrated, feelings such as
hunger, pleasure, anger and fear can be turned on and off by
electrical stimulation of appropriate parts of the brain. Memories can
be destroyed by damaging parts of the brain or they can be brought to
the surface by electrical stimulation. Hallucinations can be induced
or moods changed by drugs. There may or may not be an immaterial human
soul, but if there is one it clearly is less powerful that the
biological mechanisms of human behavior. For if that were not the case
then researchers would not be able so easily to manipulate human
feelings and behavior with drugs and electrical currents.

158. It presumably would be impractical for all people to have
electrodes inserted in their heads so that they could be controlled by
the authorities. But the fact that human thoughts and feelings are so
open to biological intervention shows that the problem of controlling
human behavior is mainly a technical problem; a problem of neurons,
hormones and complex molecules; the kind of problem that is accessible
to scientific attack. Given the outstanding record of our society in
solving technical problems, it is overwhelmingly probable that great
advances will be made in the control of human behavior.


And Leon Festinger, master behaviorist in the service of the State, lays out in his team-produced book, written explicitly for the CIA and the corporate think tanks (Ford Foundation, etc), A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Festinger’s book is foremost an explanation of HOW TO exploit cognitive dissonance. And in a way similar to George Estabrooks’ books on hypnotism and his public willingness to use hypnotism in service of the State. This, e.g., is Estabrooks’ Using Hypnotism:

“The subject in hypnotism is not ‘asleep’ in any sense of the word. He is just as wide awake as he ever was, just as alert, just as discerning. But he is highly suggestible and very co-operative. He will do anything to oblige the hypnotist, within certain limits.”

Those limits constitute, in part, the changing nature of the collective cognitive imperative, the collective understanding of hypnosis as Julian Jaynes points out in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Jaynes repeatedly says that one of the first manifestations of consciousness in our species is deception, a survival tactic; the ability to do treachery (or long-term trickery) is a survival tactic embellishment as bicamerality broke down.

The old “consciousness” was bicamerality, a culturally-induced collective cognitive imperative or belief system – understood as coming from god or gods, from which no one thought of wavering; the hierarchy of gods was heard by the “right” side of the bicameral (two-chamber) brain and interpreted by the left (with variations, depending on whether one is right or left handed, and so on). The work of Michael S. Gazzaniga (e.g., The Bisected Brain and The Social Brain) provides technical insight into the vestigial structure of bicamerality (though Gazzaniga’s personal political naiveté is astounding).

The phenomenon of hypnotism also closely parallels the clinically bisected human brain (see Gazzaniga) wherein with the corpus callosum cut, physically disconnecting the right brain from the left, the left brain provides rationalization for what the right brain experiences. So also, we learn here from Estabrooks (p. 77):

“There is a second characteristic of the posthypnotic suggestion which is of the greatest importance. This we term rationalization. The subject tends to rationalize, to find excuses for his actions, and, strange to say, while these excuses may be utterly false, the subject tends to believe them.”

The conclusion I draw here is that the new tool of consciousness enabled the “predator” of our species to distinguish himself from the “prey’ by the prey’s vestigial bicameral mind, the willingness to believe, the susceptibility to authority, “the highly suggestible and very co-operative” many) who have the propensity to seek authorization, that culturally reinforced trusted ersatz deity and/or security of fitting in with the right crowd.

An aside: Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in her classic work, The Spiral of Silence (Public Opinion- Our Social Skin) indicates that perhaps 20 percent of the public is not susceptible to and uncooperative toward the collective cognitive imperative, whether it’s agreement with the group on the different lengths of two sticks (a la Noelle-Neumann), or submission to the culturally promulgated (news & entertainment media, foremost) “official story.”

This coheres with our emphasis of Jaynes’ observation of long-term treachery and recognition of treachery as indices of consciousness in a society in transition from bicamerality.

I suspect that the “predator” (who’s also a prey) of our species can preside in that Manichean metaphor (or collective cognitive imperative) only so long as one accepts the validity of the metaphor: predator/prey, us/them, the Capital System of haves and have-nots (to use Istvan Meszaros’ phraseology).

Jaynes’ shortcoming is his superficial examination of people and institutions (eg all the behaviorists who went to work for the CIA etc. as well as the Nazi doctors from Paperclip Project who came up with new and more ‘scientific’ ways to exploit the vestigial bicameral mind via the Rothschild-dominated media. Or perhaps Jaynes was going to deal with some of those issues in the book he promised in 1976, The Consequences of Consciousness. What became of it?

Furthermore, of what use could Theodore Kaczynski been to the Project Paperclip and Henry K? The answer is suggested in Susan Ford’s book, Thanks For The Memories (The Memoirs of…Henry Kissinger’s mind-controlled slave). Kissinger used Ford as a courier, a spy, a sex favor proffered to others with power. Extraordinary what uses can be made of another human being who’s being run via deeply imbedded post hypnotic suggestion. Clearly, Kissinger could find many uses for a brilliant mathematician under his control. And of course, young Ted could have been a special project of master deviant MK-ULTRA behaviorist and chemist Sidney Gottlieb for reasons as yet unknown.

This is Ted Kaczynski

This is J. Ray Dettling

The Unabomber

The only Unabom eyewitness rejected the first sketches, but the FBI insisted on using them for seven years. They looked like Kaczynski...because they were designed to look like Kaczynski. The first Unabom sketches were actually computer morphed by the FBI from a Berkley photo of the Patsy. The FBI stubbornly resisted for years then finally relented under pressure. It became the known sketch. You can not create the first two wanted posters from the patsy's photo, then 7 years later claim you did not know who he was. It is impossible. It conclusively proves a frame-up, proof printed in hundreds of national magazines


I do hereby depose and swear;

Nathan R Note and Handwriting Analysis
The Nathan R note was a handwritten note... written on the envelope of the June 1992 letter sent by the Unabomber to the NY Times. The Nathan R Note is a phone note written in my handwriting by me. [Polygraph] The letter inside the envelope pre-announced the Epstein and Gelernter bombs. [See Note and Handwriting Samples] The bombs went off after the letter was posted, and before it was delivered... to the NY Times. I wrote the "Nathan R" note, while sitting at J Ray Dettling's desk in Saratoga California, to record a call from Nathan Salmon to J Ray Dettling. [LA Times] I wrote the note using a Pen which had no ink and later recopied the message to give to Dettling. Nathan Salmon is Dettling's common law stepson from his relationship with Tessie Ann Salmon. [Grant Deed] [PI Report] I clearly remember the call [Houston Chronicle] and the act of writing of the note itself. Three former associates recognize the handwriting in the note as being similar to my handwriting. [College Roommates E-Mail] The format of the note is the exact same format I used to record calls at the Bohlman road residence (Call X followed by an initial for the person followed by the date and time the call was received). After initially reading the typewritten text of the Nathan R note (R for Ray) on the Internet, I immediately recognized the notes format and informed an aid to US Senator Max Baucus (Greg Devlin, Polson Mt) that the note would be in my handwriting and that it was recorded with a pen without ink. It was. The call was the only time I ever talked to Nathan. During the call I had assumed I was talking to Dettling's other son Aaron, age 14. Nathan's abruptness and commanding impatience at my inability to find a working pen made the call confusing and memorable. The call was a long distance call received in October or November of 1992 on a Wednesday at 7 pm. When asked for a number Nathan said that he would be where Ray would know the number.ä Handwritten examples describing [The Call] and [Manifesto Night]

Unabomber Manifesto
One evening in October of 1992 Michael Hren and I read parts of the Unabomber Manifesto on Dettling's computer (three years before it was mailed to the New York Times) and discussed it extensively with Dettling. Dettling arrived home while Hren and I were examining the manifesto, just as I had used the search command on the word "kill" [Polygraph] to locate the sentence:

"In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people." [Unabomber Manifesto Paragraph p96]

Hren immediately asked Dettling in a booming voice, "Hey Ray who'd you kill", intending a joke. Michael Hren reluctantly remembers the incident [Voice Call], but clearly recognizes one line [Voice Call] of the Manifesto from that night [Hren's Statement]. When asked what the document was, Dettling stated that "it was a work of fiction about a serial bomber". Later during a conversation about the Unabomber in Hren's presence, he cited four instances of Unabomber bombs, defending each. The first three examples seemed ludicrous to me, particularly the example of the computer store owner and my reaction was sarcastic "Great reason to bomb someone" I commented. I was shocked and vividly remember his apparent glee and approval attached to the bombings. His fourth instance of Unabomber bombings was a timber lobbyist, citing the timber industry actions on Redwoods as a justification. The justification was a continuance of a prior conversation. [Polygraph]. Sacramento timber lobbyist Gil Murray was murdered two years later by a Unabomber bomb. During this incident Dettling had just returned from an evening out, was intoxicated and highly animated. Calls were recorded in Colorado and are legally admissible.

Patents, Unexplained Income, NASA, and G.I. Joe
Patents were used for years for a paper trail cover for "black" operations payments by the CIA to avoid complications with IRS etc. For example...when the IRS asked "Where'd ya get the million bucks?".... "For Murder" was not an acceptable paper trail for a CIA operative. Over the years they used Patents instead...until recently, the most confusing and intractable paper source in existence. Dettling's residence was a palatial multi-million dollar mountaintop complex with 12-foot window panels overlooking Silicon Valley. Dettling drove a rare and expensive car. His closet had over a dozen high quality fur coats as gifts. [Photo] He spent money freely. [Phone Call] But Dettling had no substantial job for many years, and no identifiable source of income other than five US Patents. The Patents trace (via Assignee) to companies involved in supplying the Military, CIA and Intelligence agencies (United Technologies, MB Associates etc. [Mitchel Page Resume] and to NASA (See also: [Plain Dealer]). It is my opinion that Dettling did not have adequate scientific knowledge or abilities to create the concepts described by the Patents. (Patents [3,771,152], see also [3,873,892], 3,979,052, [3,979,052-2], [4,021,267], and NASA Patent [4,146,180]).

Harvard Reveals Ted Kaczynski is an MK-Ultra Mind Control Victim
In June of 2000, Harvard University Invoices also linked Kaczynski to the CIA [LA Times] as a subject in the CIA Mind Control Program MK-Ultra. The brilliant awkward 16 year old Kaczynski met with Henry A Murray (of Mk-Ultra LSD Scandal fame) in 1959 on his third day at Harvard and every week thereafter. [Atlantic Monthly][Net] Interestingly, Ted Kaczynski's Mk-Ultra Codename was "Lawful"...mind control slang for "Eureka here's our guy" ! The public has never heard Ted Kaczynski's voice to date, nor seen him speak. The murder of MK-Ultra scientist Frank Olson was later covered up by Donald Rumsfeld and Cheney [Rumsfeld]

Bomb Parts, Photos of Bomb Parts, and the Gelernter Switch
Dettling's garage was a extensive wood and metal working shop. In the middle of the garage was a large pile of unusual wooden objects hidden under a large blue tarp. During a Wine Bottling party in the garage I pulled a large wooden gear from underneath the tarp and asked Ray what it was. He did not answer, but when asked what it did, he took a serrated wooden board, placed it against the gear and said, ãit turnsä. When he thought none of the six other people present were looking, he attempted to remove the wire, which was attached to one of the gear teeth by an oval bronze plate. His movements attracted everyone's attention. He then made a highly memorable and exaggerated show of trying to remove the wire in front of six people. Michael Hren remembers the incident and has with great reluctance stated, "He would recognize the gear if anyone showed him a picture of the Unabomber bomb gear" [Phone Call]. The garage also contained a copy of a road hazard bomb [My Sketch] similar to the one that injured Gary Wright [Washington Post]. The prominently displayed item in the garage consisted of two 2x4's with a crown of nails in the middle and a rectangular hole (2x8) chiseled/carved in the board underneath the crown of nails. The garage also contained an exact duplicate of the Epstein/Gelernter ignition switch's [CNN Photo]. I held the switch in my hand and played with the lever during the Wooden Gear Party... one year before the Gelernter device was sent. Not detailed in the photo of the bomb residue is the fact that the switch had three positions and distinctively "boinged like the end of a swimming pool diving board" when the lever was pushed to the middle position (fluctuated back and forth). Upon seeing a photograph of the switch after the bombing, I immediately recognized the pattern of the wood in the switch body as well as the switch itself in every detail. (Future Polygraph). During the same party a number of photographs were taken of the participants. In one of the photos Dettling posed with an incendiary device called a fire stick [Photo] similar to one used in an incendiary attack in New York City [USA Today] which occurred during the same week as a recognized Unabomber attack. Attacks historically came in pairs [USA Today] . One fire stick victim was permanently paralyzed by the attack. Assorted other items related to Unabom devices including grooved wooden dowel actuators were also identified from the Garage.

Repeated Ideological Arguments of Unabomber Manifesto issues
Dettling and I often argued technology issues. Most of the points of view of the manifesto were very familiar to me. I immediately recognized a dozen points of debate just from the New York Times Summary of the Manifesto. Dettling on several occasions argued these points in public in the Bank Bar in Saratoga. During conversations at the Bank Bar, he often seemed to apply the personality archetypes in the Manifesto to Bar regulars in conversations. (Jim was the Liberal, John the Conservative etc) The Manifesto's point that " the technological elite may simply decide to do away with the technologically disenfranchised" [Phone Call] was repeated often and in public. [Unabomber Manifesto p174] The Aug 1995 New York Times article extracting manifesto sample quotes was a virtual list of his favorite sayings.

No Investigative Response in the face of 10,000 "Nathan R" Interviews
No Federal law enforcement agent has ever interviewed Hren, myself or anyone else [Phone Call] concerning the wooden gear, the manifesto, the other bomb parts in the garage, pre-naming a bombing victim, the Nathan R note, or anything else despite repeated insistent requests which started 6 months before they supposedly ever heard of Kaczynski. In August 1995 the authorities were supposedly still expecting an airliner to be bombed by the Unabomber [LA Times] and were frantically rerouting and delaying the US Mail. At that point in time I called in a report that "I recognized the Manifesto... I had read it with another possible witness" and gave them Hren's work phone number at Apple computer. To this day they have not investigated my initial report. Additionally, it is almost humorous that the FBI would " interview 10,000 Nathans [NY Times] " (on overtime no doubt) and refuse to interview the Man who passed a polygraph saying he wrote it, who also provided documentation of who Nathan was, and who also supplied anecdotal handwriting recognition by numerous disinterested third parties......I think something is wrong here :)

Stamps, DNA, Louis Freeh, and the VANPAC Assassination of Judge Robert Vance
One evening during the fall of 1992, Dettling asked me to lick some stamps. I said, Lick your own stampsä. He insisted, stating that they are made of horse hooves and pigs feet and it really grosses me outä. Despite the oddity of the request, I licked several long strings of stamps that he applied to a heavily taped manila package. Prior to this Dettling had asked everyone in the complex how you use stamps that are less than the current rate, and was told by nearly everyone several times that you just add small denomination stamps. Several days later Dettling showed off a heavily taped package to Hren and I. We both handled it. Hren asked him what it was. He replied it was just stuffä. When Hren attempted to shake it, Dettling reacted visibly saying it was "fragile". It weighted about 5-7 pounds. Because of these events, I independently (with Luckiew's assistance in 1996), examined stamp books to identify the stamps which resided in Dettling's desk drawer. They were issue #2280, which is an American Flag over a gray Yosemite. Issue #2280 apparently does not match Unabomber trial evidence (revealed after my report to the FBI). Trial evidence noted 4 different types of American flag stamps, none of which were #2280. Dozens of 2280 stamps and a few loose O'Neil [Denver Post] and Hemmingway stamps resided in the center desk drawer. A box which sat on the corner of the desk for months, was identical in size, shape, label and wrapping to one used in the bombing murder of Federal Judge Robert Vance [Inspector General Report], which also used the same issue of stamp (#2280). Judge Robert Vance [Hero's Photo] was an appeals judge with a reputation for dogmatic honesty primarily hearing Drug Cases out of Miami [Toronto Star] , several of which claimed to implicate the CIA in drug trafficking. Significantly, a cardboard box with a painted black interior (ala the VANPAC device) resided near the road hazard bomb in the garage (3 years after the VANPAC affair). A 4" square iron plate with a lighter colored thin metal rod vertical to the center (ala the VANPAC endplates) also resided nearby [Atlanta Journal] (See Wooden Gear Party). I first became aware of a possible VANPAC connection in November of 2000 when I saw the actual VANPAC bomb on TV and recognized it as identical to the box which had resided on Dettling's desk for months, however records will show that I very accurately described the box in letters to San Jose Detective Art Kirts as early as 1995. Ultimately seven disparate points of recognition surfaced in reference to the VANPAC device; size, shape, wrapping, label, stamps, black painted interior surface of a cardboard box, and iron endplate with welded vertical steel rod. At one point during the many hours I spent in his office, I noted that the box which sat on Dettling's desk was addressed to a Judge, but I can not recall the name or address specifically. At that time I assumed the package must be related to one of his patents/inventions and was surprised by the southern address (I was aware that there was a special patent court in DC). Testimonial Evidence of a government directed cover-up [Atlanta Journal] of the murder of Judge Robert Vance later surfaced in federal appeals court testimony. The prosecutor in the VANPAC case, prior to his appointment to head the FBI as FBI Director, was Louis Freeh. Recently, FBI agent Thurman's fabrication of evidence in the VANPAC case against Moody was accepted as impeachment of Thurman's testimony in the Lockerby Case. FBI Agent Frederick Whitehurst's congressional report also accused agent Thurman of fabricating evidence [DOJ] in the murder of Judge Robert Vance [Le Monde] Additional evidence surfaced in the TWA800 bombing case against Thurman. [Flight 800: The Missing Evidence] [Net] J. Thomas Thurman was "suspended" from the FBI in 1997. It would be interesting to see how he lives today. [VANPAC News History]

Possible Photo of Unabomber ID individual
In June of 1993 the Unabomber gave a secret number formatted as a social security number as his identifying code to avoid imitators speaking for him. The individual whose social security number matched the ID [LA Times] was a 23 year old man with a criminal record who had a tattoo on his left arm, which said Purewoods (or in some reports Pure Woodä), and was in Jail during one of the bombings. During a party to bottle a barrel of wine, one of the photos is of a tenant named Sean [Photo] who had a Purewoods tattoo on his left arm and a prior criminal record. The individual with the Social Security Number was ruled out as the Unabomber because he was in Jail during one of the bombings in June 1993. Sean was in an auto incident in the Palo Alto area in the spring of 1993, during which he fled, and it is assumed, was later incarcerated. However, Dettling was also incarcerated on a traffic situation in the early spring of 1993, and Pure Wood is apparently a common racist tattoo. Whoever the individual is, the individual must have been close enough to the Unabomber for the bomber to get his SS#. Sean filled out a rental application at Dettling's house, and left on very bad terms including an accusation of tool theft. The individual disappeared shortly after being interviewed by the FBI [NY Times], but probably mentioned the event to friends. What if Sean had "put it together" during the interview, had he "cased" the garage, gaining knowledge to his detriment?

Ted from Montana Named as Document Author
During the 1992 conversation about the manifesto between Hren, Dettling, and Myself, Dettling asked me that since I was from Montana (My car had Montana Plates at the time) did I know Ted X. I cannot recall the last name he stated, but I clearly remember initially thinking of Ted Vaughn. Ted Vaughn [Alumni Bulletin] was North Yarmouth Academy class of 67 with my brother. Vaughn returned from Montana with pictures of the state my Freshman Year, and my family wound up vacationing and later moving there for a time. I have thereafter always associated Ted Vaughn with Montana. Since the last name he used was clearly not Vaughn, I replied no, I did not know the person. Dettling then responded in an offhand manner that "some guy named Ted X in Montana writes this stuff" His comments were in passing but left the clear impression that he did not know Kaczynski personally [Polygraph]. During the same conversation he also discussed Earth First, however again, I did not sense any personal connection with the organization on his part.

Shrapnel Marks in a Sound-Proof Room
Dettlings house included a separate building with a soundproof band room downstairs and an apartment upstairs. The walls of the band room (particularly the right wall) were speckled with irregular holes, which clearly appeared to be shrapnel from one or more explosions. I have tape recorded a conversation [Phone Call] with another former tenant (Jackie Miller) who also remembers the shrapnel. Hard evidence may still exist at this location. Dettling's mansion was party central. During the five months I lived there at least 50 people spent entire evenings in this room and band practice was held there regularly. In 1995 the Unabomber complained about problems finding a location [London Times] to test his devices.

Nighthawks Movie, The New York Times and the Washington Post
One afternoon in the fall of 1992 Dettling invited Doug Gondor and I into the Master Suite to watch a the movie "Nighthawks" on a VCR starring Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer [Nighthawks]. The Movie was about a terrorist who tried and failed to have a manifesto published by the New York Times and the Washington Post. Given the fact that the Unabomber manifesto was published in both papers three years later the incident is intriguing. Others were probably shown the same movie by Dettling at other times. It is similarly noteworthy that the Nathan R note was written in Oct of 1992, but did not arrive at the New York Times until June of 1993. Several Unabom devices had addresses which were a year or more out of date.

Isopropyltrimethylmethane (Shit on Speed)
During a conversation in Dettling's living room with six people present, one of the other tenants (Sean), was discussing a crime on TV news about an unusual murder with some admiration. Dettling stated that that was a stupid way to kill someone, that the smart way to do it was to Mickey them with a chemical containing the names "Methyl-Methane", which would cause them to die of cancer with no one the wiser. He gave a long detailed description of its gruesome effects, that it would embed into the tissues and by irritation over time cause cancer. The sophisticated sounding name created an hysterical reaction among the listeners, especially when I stated that it sounded like "shit on speed". It seemed outrageously ludicrous at the time. The term "Shit on Speed" became a household joke for several weeks thereafter. The Isopropyltrimethylmethane chemical cited in the manifesto does not exist [Unabomber Manifesto p87]. (i.e. Methyl for Meth or speed, Methane for shit). Sean, his girlfriend Reann, Hren, and Doug, Dettling and I were present.

Heavily Used Carbon Paper
Dettling's center desk drawer contained a stack of approximately 100 sheets of carbon paper, which were heavily used. I was very curious about this in an office that contained a computer, laser printer and a photocopier. Finding it humorous that "Mr. Science" was still using carbon paper, I showed them to Hren on one occasion and Hren examined them and remarked that they showed a number of words which were heavily XXX'd out. Copies of the manifesto were distributed by the bomber on carbon paper copies with numerous errors. [LA Times] Melanie, a girlfriend of Rays, made an offhand comment about Ray's crazy typing to me on one occasion. She may have been present at some point during the creation of the Manifesto.

FC Jokes about Terrorism
Dettling often repeated a joke several times, in front of numerous people, often in public circumstances in 1992 and 1993... The "joke" went "I am going to start a terrorist group called the Fucking Cunts [LA Times] because its so crazy no one will ever believe it". Roommate Jackie Miller remembers hearing this joke. [Phone Call] The letters "FC" were a recognizable trademark of Unabomber bombs.

Unabomber Wig Displayed in a Gay Parody
Dettling had three wigs in his lower right hand desk drawer, which matched the hair in the sketch. They were curly locks approximately the same length as the hair in the sketch (blond, brown, and black). During a party in his office, I removed the wigs and made fun of him in front of two other people (Hren and Michelle). Ray put on one of the wigs and a false mustache and danced around the room in a parody of a gay person to everyone's amusement. Given Dettlings similarity to the sketch the wigs complete the picture [Photo].

Unabomber Disguised for a Trip to the Fridge
On one occasion I observed Dettling parading around the complex in a white robe and hood wearing dark aviator glasses and a wig, which appears in memory to match the sketch. It was during one of those periods when he holed up in the office/bedroom area of the complex for several days. I do not think he knew anyone was home at the time. I was in the TV area of the living room when he came down to get something from the fridge. As it looked very odd I laughed and said What's thisä?. [Photo] I did not hear his response, he promptly returned upstairs with the food. The white garment looked like a terry cloth boxers or karate outfit coming down to the thighs, not a full length garment, but longer than a sweatshirt with hood. On another occasion, Dettling came down to the pool area to join several people in the Hot tub wearing both the hood and the glasses, however, without the wig, it seemed relatively normal and I don't think anyone noticed.

Hren's Photos
Mike Hren often took photos around the complex. On at least one occasion Dettling strenuously objected to photos being taken in the office. Hren has been unable to locate those and other photos taken at the residence. I have recorded a conversation where he indicates that he recalls his room being broken into on several occasions and his photos being rifled through. Hren was able to find just one roll of film taken at the house [Phone Call], which contained photos of several witnesses at the "Wooden Gear Party". During the time I lived there Dettling's house was for sale. On several occasions local Realtors walked through the house taking photos when Dettling was not home.

Alps Photo in Office with Hood and Glasses
Dettling had a photo of himself and his wife (common law) taken during a ski trip to the Swiss Alps prominently displayed in his office. In the photo he is wearing aviator glasses with a hood, taken from the same angle represented in the sketch. The photo sans the Alps is identical to the Unabomber sketch. Jackie Miller also recalls the photo [Phone Call].

FC Pin
Dettling's center desk drawer contained an unusual pin [Diagram], which I often played or fiddled with while waiting for his computer to compile database indexes. It was unusual, interactive and a great pacifier. It was made of a very light metal (Cast Aluminum ?) (Jet Engine Pin?) with a square rectangular head and an off-center hole in the shaft with a wire loop through it. The wire behaved strangely because of the off-center hole, hanging freely on one side, but when pushed over the head (by sharply distending the wire circle to an oval), exhibiting resistance when approaching the shaft on the other side (ãthe pacifier effectä). The shaft of the pin was flattened at the lower end, and the letters FC appeared in Raised type [LA Times] on the flattened edge. The Shaft was approximately 4ä long. Once when I was reexamining it for the umpteenth time, I dubbed it "Rays Fucking Cunts Pin", in my mind because of the frequency of the Joke. I couldn't for the life of me see how it would be used or what purpose the round wire filled other than to bounce off the shaft and entertain me. Actually, I still can't :). The pin may be related to the Task force's interest in cast aluminum [SF Chronicle].

Just Kidding
On several occasions during the time I lived there I observed a strange behavior sequence in Ray. He would first say he was going to do something completely outrageous (i.e. smash something valuable) then say "I was just kidding". He invariably then went ahead and did it, then followed with the statement "so I lied". Each time he said, "so I lied" it was invariably accompanied by a characteristic and memorable shrug of the shoulders with palms raised "so I lied" (always in the same manner palms up shoulder height). The almost exact re-occurrence of the gesture was distinct. Once he smashed an expensive etched crystal storm lamp in this manner in front of four people in his office to their shock and amazement (Gerald, Tony, Michelle, and myself). The similarity to the published threats in California to blow up an airplane followed by the Unabomber response of "Just kidding" was striking at the time [LA Times]. No Airplane crash was ever linked to the Airplane Mail Bomb threat but it nevertheless provided a personal source of anxiety and hysteria on several occasions in the following years.

My primary concerns in the matter are public safety, personal safety, and that the truth of Mr. Kaczynski's involvement or non involvement in these matters be brought out. I am particularly concerned with the possibility that one, or perhaps many more individuals may die if the truth of this case is not brought out. I am also alarmed at the pattern of government conduct in the case in the context of a Democratic government. I therefore hereby foreswear and forsake any claim on the rewards which have been offered by the government in this case.

Declared under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct
Executed this 7 th day of June 1997
Amended this 11th day of November 2000

The following questions need to be answered about the governmentâs case:

1) How did Kaczynski get from Sacramento to Helena, Montana in 2 hours ?
On Dec 11, 1985 a bomb placed in a Sacramento parking lot by the Unabomber killed Hugh Scrutton. The same afternoon Kaczynski pedaled into Helena and deposited the grand sum of $10.00 in his bank account, creating a date time stamp placing him 25 hours away from the site of the bombing [USA Today]. The FBIâs reaction to this was to say they were unable to determine if he made the deposit himself. Huh?

2) How did Kaczynski make the bombs ?
He had no oxyacetylene torch but the bombs all showed evidence of 6300-degree oxyacetylene welds [USA Today]. Kaczynski had no electricity and no power drill although the bombs had precisely drilled fittings to secure the metal end caps. All but two of the bombs had over-soldering. Kaczynski had solder in the cabin but no soldering iron. How did he do it ?

3) Why is the "Nathan R" author never identified ?
If the government claims someone else wrote the famous note then who? Where is the handwriting match? I believe that few people curl an N the way I do [Nathan R Note]. Why not even a human-interest story about the clerk who wrote the famous note? Additionally, the Nathan R note was not a bleed through impression as has been reported in the Press. I recorded the note directly with a pen without ink. During the writing of the note the surface slipped when the pen caught on the completion of the top of the R causing a second down stroke motion to complete the letter. The surface slipped again at the start of the W. While no slip marks show in the photo they should be apparent in an actual examination of the real note. Why not release the note for independent examination to verify or dispute this claim ?

4) Why is the person with the Unabomber ID SS# never identified ?
He must have met the real Unabomber in a setting that allowed the bomber to gain the individuals Social Security Number [LA Times]. Why has this never been adequately explained ? Why not even a confidential interview by the press about who, what, when, where, and most importantly HOW. Also, how has this person managed to stay "disappeared" for over seven years ? If the individual was Sean and he put two and two together during the interview, was he killed right out of the interview to silence him ? Why not release the name of this individual now ?

5) Why is the witness who saw the Unabomber never identified ?
The witness is reported as willing to participate in a lineup [Washington Post], then no lineup was ever reported in the press. No witness reactions have ever been described. Why ? If Kaczynski is the one and only bomber, then why canât this person be identified or at least confidentially interviewed ? Was the witness ever shown a picture of Dettling given the credibility level of my charges (3 polygraphs and multiple witness corroborations) ?

6) Why did the FBI repeatedly refuse the witness's requests for a new sketch for 7 years ?
The FBI Finally relented when the witness threatened to go public. The history of the sketch and the FBI is highly suspicious. At a time when they were spending millions on Task forces, Computers, Lawyers ad nauseum, they actually (bizarrely) claimed budgetary restrictions on spending funds for a single days work for a competent artist to get an accurate sketch ! The first sketches by FBI artists looked very similar to Kaczynski [Sketches]. Why the telling observation by the witness that ãNever mind what I think I saw. They'll tell me what I saw, and when I tell them it's off base, they'll just tell me again. [Portraits of Guilt]Ê Why did the witness have to go outside the FBI for a sketch artist, and then have to threaten the FBI with going public about their behavior if they did not use the ãaccurate oneä (according several reports). This sounds like the eyewitness is not obsessed with hiding as the FBI actions imply, on the contrary, it implies that they are obsessed with hiding the witness for their own reasons.

7) Why is the photo of the individual spotted at the Murray bombing never released to the public ?
Why was the search abandoned so abruptly ? When an individual who matched the description was seen fleeing the video cameras, local police certainly had an interest, why not the feds ? Sacramento Homicide Detective Gardner: [Phone Interview] , More on Gardner's Reactions [Phone Interview2] [Commentary]). Given Dettlingâs apparent pre-disposition to flaunt evidence in front of unwitting individuals, an appearance at the last bombing could be considered to be in character. The age explanation is totally absurd,...even bizarre, as a reason to abandon such a promising lead [San Francisco Chronicle]. Why has the picture of the individual who ducked the video camera and was the subject of an extensive search by local authorities never been released to the public or the press ?

8) Why has Ricky Timms never participated in any lineup, nor been shown any alternative suspects ?
Ricky Timms [NY Times], the Janitor during the Angelakos bombing at Berkley in 1982, also produced a sketch reportedly similar to the final sketch. Why has the Timms sketch never been released ?

9) Why was the Nathan R note not released immediately ?
Why was it's release delayed, then combined with a reward of $1,000,000.00. When the Nathan R note first appeared why did the FBI not just release it immediately when the memory of the author should have been fresh. Why wait for four months, then combine it with a reward of $1,000,000 [LA Times DATED Oct 7]. Was the real reason for the huge reward increasing the call volume enough to hide the real author in the clutter if he happened to come forward ? Additionally, was avoidance of recognition the purpose of disguising the more memorable fact that it was written with a pen with no ink ?

10) Have public and private records been tampered with ?
On August 7, 1990 [USA Today] electronic records show a dated report in USA today which quoted the 3 dead and 27 injured. On Oct 6 1990 [USA Today] a dated report appears for USA today naming 3 dead, 23 injured and 16 bombings. On October 6, 1990 the actual figures were 1 dead, 20 odd injured and 12 bombings. The tally would not reach 3 dead, 23 injured and 16 bombings for another 4 years. Given evidence on of sophisticated records tampering no resolution to this is possible without an original hard copy. Could this be an attempt to erase a mention of the wooden gear witnessed by 9 people? Recent attempts to resolve this have only deepened the mystery. The official microfilm version of USA today retrieved from the Pa State Library is blank for the entire day of Oct 6,1990, leaving a long black segment of Microfilm. My pursuit of verifiable pre-existing Handwriting [Nathan R Note] examples has proved particularly interesting in this respect. Records at North Yarmouth Academy ("Winifred Burnham Purge") and Allegheny College were erased for my years (1970-74) at sometime in the late 90's but maintained to date for previous and later periods. In 1997, months before my call, two former Allegheny lovers and extended PenPals decided to suddenly burn love letters they had saved for twenty five years. Legal records [Case Records] retrieved from a twenty year old accident, and independently searched by two parties (Mail Boxes etc Polson Mt and Kent Russell Attorney) prior to my taking custody, contained every handwritten witness statement except the one I wrote, and it was my case? Other similar incidents which are not as independently confirmable have occurred. I report the above without comment cause I can't make heads or tales of it either.

11) Why does a re-reading of old News Articles feel like a prepping handbook for the case ?
During the years prior to the Manifesto dozens of citations in the Press refer to the bomber as a luddite, brilliant, crazy, and a loner. The level of these comments in the years prior to the Manifesto is striking. Given that only limited written communications were received prior to 1995, how did they deduce all this from the bombs alone ? The media record in retrospect, appears to be carefully molding public expectations and perceptions. The record of News articles in the VanPac case [News History] are similarly troubling. The [Download site button] includes a folder (News) with a copy of every article published (labeled and ranked) and a number of other useful files and Details. See for yourself. Reading the news history of the case is highly enlightening.

Recent evidence links Kaczynski with invoices from the CIA Mind Control program MKUltra [LA Times] in the early 60's at Harvard. Given the hard evidence evidence linking Dettling to the "Intelligence community" MB Associates [Mitchel Page Resume], [Dettling Patent] one is forced to ask if the Kaczynski's Mk-Ultra Mind Control Program participation was a short or long term proposition. It seems like all roads in this murder spree lead to the "Intelligence Community".

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  3. I'm very pleased to have come across this information. I'm researching 'lone nut' cases and looking at the many ties between them that reveal a deeper conspiracy. I would like to get in touch with the person who provided the information on J Ray Dettling. My email address is Any help?

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    Isn't this story by the same Nut that met the so called killer in the benet case. Daniel Pride?

    1. The first Unabom sketch was computer morphed from Kaczynski's photo 7 years before they arrested him, they knew who he was. If you don't believe it watch the Kaczynski Morph on youtube.

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  7. The first Unabom sketch was computer morphed from Kaczynski's photo 7 years before they arrested him, they knew who he was. See the Kaczynski Morph on youtube at
    The bombings were staged to protect oil company profits from the burgeoning environmental movement, and tag the environmental movement to limit greenhouse gas with subliminal suggestions of "funny", "absurd", "wacky", "not to be taken seriously" etc. The case hamstrung efforts to limit greenhouse gas output, and had a huge role in creating the current environmental catastrophe which will kill countless numbers, likely billions, likely including you in a few short years from now. Still want to glorify the FBI on this one? Its the end of the world, and largely because of this case, there is nothing we can do about it now,... so isn't it about time for a little honesty? A Little "Stand Up" long overdue?

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