Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GroupThink Idiot's Guide to 9/11 Mind Control

GroupThink provides comfort and conformity to the masses, but what is the true power of our Constitution? The Founding Fathers set up our Constitution to serve an enlightened people with liberty and free thinking. This Constitution is under a profound threat, not only by laws which will destroy it, but by mass psychology manipulation of groupthink conformity.

Take an example that we all know well. The idea of gravity is universally wrong through groupthink conformity, even though real science has established the facts about gravity for nearly 100 years. What happens if you are in an elevator and the cables mysteriously break? Are you "pulled" down to earth to be killed? Most believe this, though a guy named Einstein came along to tell you the opposite was the truth. Once in freefall in the elevator, you become weightless, because "gravity" is really a force in spacetime which is pushing you toward the earth. The earth's mass distorts this spacetime causing this effect in space and is not pulling anything. If the earth suddenly disappeared, you would continue to be pushed through space indefinitely.

Now imagine that the Founding Fathers were on the ground at ground zero during the 9/11 events. They were never conditioned for mass media Mind Control, therefore, they would view the events on the ground as real, whereas most Americans would take their reality from mass media programming. The Founding Fathers actually set up our court system to value this reality over groupthink conformity. By understanding that groupthink conformity has been studied extensively by our own CIA to be used against us for political reasons, the perspective of the Founding Fathers on the ground is the perspective that true patriots should adopt. Study the facts about 9/11 based on this premise and not on leading media myths, peer pressure or groupthink.

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Is this really fiction?

You wake from a deep sleep by the voice of your ubiquitous computer: "July 4th, 2020, Carl, time to rise and shine."

As though the walls were talking, the computer you named Sam tells you the latest jokes from the Internet site RounchyTalk.com. Simultaneously the walls erupt with your ideal harem of HD cyber-girls and scent mists. The idea of disturbing your psyche with sex jokes and sex wallpaper this early in the morning and then surrounding them with rounding laughter is routine, even though the jokes are always new jokes. But today, things are different. Today is the Fourth of July and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

"Don't miss the fireworks, Carl, always your favorite day to get stoned." As Sam runs down the events, times and locations, the naked cyber-girls are floating in a cacophony of fireworks but you are deeply annoyed. Something you said last night has come back. It's all this election bullshit, you said none of it matters. "We haven't had a real election this entire century but they continue to ramble on about a stinking corpse. Maybe 20% of you will vote, and you're the 20% who believe in this bullshit...Look at you, Mike, getting drunk at the Skunk's Sack because your kid remembered your birthday. What a crock! You can't even see your kid!"

"At least I have a kid, asshole!" shouted Mike.

"I don't have a kid, because I don't vote!" you insisted. "The two go together. When I have a kid, I'll vote, like it means something. Isn't that how it works? Teach your kids lies before you lose them? Who wants kids!"

What happened next is a blur. But you remember the bouncer and you remember his threats: "Get with the program or get out." Everyone must register in the bar programming booth to program your VCHIP and become a member, but no one actually takes the tutorial seriously, it's only a legal thing. This really pisses you off, because you know this program is linked to all other programs. In fact, everything is just some legal requirement designed to cover some other legal thing. All of these layers of control serve only the idea of hell, not a real hell where you can actually gnash your teeth, a hell which is man-made and all the gnashing is done deeply inside your mind.

That really messes with you now. The "program" is now everywhere. That was your point in the first place. The very idea of getting out is precisely the fantasy you continually find yourself in, at least, in those down times between programming, alcohol and illegal drugs when the anti-depressant drugs actually "work." Then there is plenty of "entertainment," but that starts to bug the hell out of you also. None of this entertainment is real, even if your mind and body are completely fooled. There is still a core semblance of self that cannot be programmed. Nobody, absolutely nobody can actually talk about it. In fact, you live in an expanding universe where all galaxies are distancing themselves away from all other galaxies.

Wasn't that a plan long, long ago when elections actually mattered? Before we were told that we lost the real war, the war on the mind. Psychological warfare served only one agenda, to utterly destroy any semblance of constitutional clarity. This was the clarity that sustained freedom, that, over the years, simply dissolved by the chaos spewed by both domestic and foreign enemies, who, what, where, really didn't matter. The real purpose was quintessentially simple: make the Constitution vanish by any and all means possible.

You decide not to go to the fireworks even though it will be the last. Now that the New World Order is established, you must savor all those inner thoughts we used to call free will. Sure there are "mysterious" diseases all around the world now killing countless people, strangely programmed wars and disasters nearly everywhere, but no one advanced a most basic and reasonable science that would have confirmed or denied the existence of a massive Mind Control conspiracy! No one! Now, the only way you can rebel is to accept the superficial reality of complete Mind Control where population control seems to happen automatically. By accepting it, you can pretend that you believe in it. That's the only thing you can do. Your bloodline ends with you, but it doesn't really matter anyway.

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