Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Patriots Report Child Abuse: the Brainwashing of American Children is no Myth

The real "war on terror" originated by terrorizing mothers, fathers and children about bogus "child abuse" accusations which actually sets children up for terror programming. Sexual repression at childhood away from normal parental sex education is a key requirement of Nazi Mind Control, the same sexual repression as many religions employ. This process transfers authority away from real parents and toward the brainwashing state. This is no more apparent than with those parents who know the most about this programming. This Nazi process destroys the traditionally all-important parental duty of sex education en mass. Such abused children are then easily programmed by mass media mesmerists and politicians who present themselves as being "parental." Few understand that this is a basic Nazi sex scam and the true source of the "war on terror."

Few will want to understand how their own deeply held belief system has been inverted since birth, that black is white and that up is down. But the human species did not evolve to its current condition by accident. The primary state of human consciousness has been inverted by the slave-making arts practiced by the elite for centuries. Most non-elites will view the "king's method" of raising his own children as bizarre or even criminal. This effect is due to brainwashing of the non-elite over many generations. The benevolent king has no higher authority and wants to raise his own children in truth about sex and power as nature intends. Today, this inversion is fully normalized causing broad alienation, neurosis, drug addiction and personal and political conflict because the non-elite are still repressed from the truth. Central to this inversion process is sexual repression at childhood away from normal development and away from the parental duty of sex education. The benevolent king does not apply such slave-making to his own children, as this is profoundly damaging to the child. Sexual repression at childhood only serves the elite by building broad groupthink conformity into the non-elite population.

Sexual repression at childhood is a critical requirement of Nazi Mind Control. This is why programs like Kinder laden were used to de-Nazify Europe and were highly successful in building elite, well-adjusted and intelligent children. But millions of Americans have been raised sexually repressed for the very same reason that many religions require sexual repression: the indoctrination of media mesmerists into children as "sacred" is a powerful form of brainwashing which your government never tells you about. It never tells you about a controlled media because such control is highly unconstitutional.

View the YouTube Video: Huxley explains the Eugenics Seduction of Mass Delusion.

Aldous Huxley proposed that subconscious slavery devices developed over centuries by governments and religions could be perfected to build powerful taboos and myths into the entire culture for which the slave will believe himself free. The slave will in fact be suspended in an hypnotic and drugged state of utter submission to wrongful authority. They can be led into a state of mind where they cannot even understand their own Constitution or the true role of parents. Tavistock and the CIA worked extensively on these slave-making devices involving sex, drugs and usury control mechanisms. American eugenicists took up this mission of the British elite and began a "mental hygiene" regiment to be indoctrinated into the vast non-elite population. Central to brainwashing of children is that the taboos be built which destroy the parental duty. Freud told our own government how to build these taboos into the population through mass media. Children held in sexual ignorance for extended periods of their childhood are then easily programmed by hypno-devices like television and mind-altering drugs. Such programming can be made to serve the government on the subconscious level, as this programming most certainly does not serve the individual child.

Since 99% of your mind is subconscious and not conscious, raising children in a manner that is highly unnatural is extremely risky for the individual. The government produces more sex mules and drug mules through sexual repression than any other method. The subconscious mind is your dominant mind and can be programmed by wrongful authority to control your attitudes for the rest of your life. Most of this programming is media programming at childhood. The child's understanding of sexuality protects the child by empowering his or her rational mind from highly seductive programming for which a brainwashing government can secretly program through mass media. We are finding this seductive programming attacking our children with pro-military themes and many other wrongful government programming where government and media itself becomes "parental." Such children are entering into the trap of the Machiavellian manipulator.

Are we just slaves to an endless war machine? You might be very surprised to find out that slavery at the subconscious level is not only achievable, but it is now nearly universal. This slavery functions at the subconscious level and requires the full demonization of real parents who understand subconscious programming. Children are designed by nature to learn about sexuality at early ages which can be violated routinely "as a good thing." Such violation of normal childhood learning process causes neurosis in children but also serves to build the state's version of authority in the child. In fact, the states are now enforcing subconscious slavery through draconian force and deception on a massive scale.

My children are now being programmed as mind slaves through direct force of wrongful government and this entire scam involves "protection" programs, like CAPTA, actively advanced by Bohemian Grove death cult members. The Bohemian Grove then fully programs my children through mass media for "endless war" and other government programming. My education at Harvard about the truth to Nazi Mind Control in America has provided state cyborgs all the necessary rationale to traffic my children as cattle and program them into a totalitarian mythic system of the elite. But the normalization of this Nazi slave-making operation requires the full repression of its true origins. This is the most important case since Dred Scott as parents everywhere are beginning to wake up to this massive fraud against children. You will either attempt to understand this case, or you are a traitor to your nation! There is no middle ground for truth.

What ever happened to truth? My family's case will fully expose the real answer! But can you handle the truth? Military-grade Psyops has been employed against the American people culminating in the "war on terror" that will never end. But what if this war is really a totalitarian deception of PsyOps? What they don't want you to know is that the Pentagon carefully maintains all the elements of theatre and has created the mythos of terrorism for its own purposes, using your own deeply programmed belief system against you. Now they only need to manipulate the devices of theatre and you are fully programmed to accept this as "real." Therefore you become blind to the obvious: children are being indoctrinated into a totalitarian delusion as top-down, emotionally programmed cyborgs. The government of our Founding Fathers is mere illusion. They are being forcibly programmed to believe the mesmerists on television are more "real" than their own parents. We now see the idiocy of Nazi Mind Control's "family values" everywhere. It has completely inverted our Constitution's power system and that was its true mission.

Children are already hard-wired to understand reality. This indoctrination into reality is what Freud called the "reality principle." This reality for humans involves the parental duty of sex education. Since sex is the fundamental power system for humans, parental sex education is paramount to raising "elite" children who are not deluded by wrongful power systems. The early and effective sex education done in post-Nazi Germany by our own government is now critically necessary in America, as the parental duty has been nearly entirely wiped out by powerful emotional programming of sexual predator myths and taboos. The demonization of the parental duty will utterly destroy American children, as they morph into the mythic system of "the war on terror," which will never end. They will be raised to believe television and all seductive media is more real than actual facts. This is precisely what we found on 9/11. This grand delusion is no small matter of importance.

They have targeted U.S. children for profoundly damaging Psyops manipulation and this becomes obvious by understanding Mind Control in regard to our mass media. The Nazification of American children is no myth and this terminology is absolutely accurate! 600 Nazi Mind Control operatives were brought to the U.S. to build this mass brainwashing operation. By transforming our government from a representative democracy to a "parental authority" at the subconscious level, we have been thoroughly deceived! This Psyops is profoundly important to understand!

The Monster Plot of 9/11 has been fully programmed for decades.

The Nazification of American children through mass media and state force is child abuse en mass. But most Americans are conditioned by media to scoff at these facts. They are not aware of the taboos and myths being deliberately built into their own children for the purpose of brainwashing. Even though I have high level information on how and why American children are being brainwashed by their own government, this information is not necessary to prove this massive conspiracy. The proof is obvious to all who would look. Your family may be one false accusation away from absolute slavery, and you may not be aware of these facts. We are fighting the Nazification of American children by exposing the massive PSYOPS operations targeting American children and their families. It may be too disturbing for most Americans to want to admit, but the CIA's "perfecting" of Nazi Mind Control to be used against our own children will only benefit actual Nazis in America.

The roots of American torture, false flag terror attacks and eugenics began with the assimilation of Nazi mind controllers into the U.S. government many decades ago. I do not have the luxury of raising my children for groupthink conformity, for I know these Nazis to be real and a tremendous threat to children and to the Constitution. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and various Klans have a long tradition of child sacrifice and have normalized this activity through government bureaucracies. My own family was threatened and stolen for such ceremonies in Bedford, Pennsylvania. These American Nazis will employ the Mind Control machine over and over again and they will do so as "parental figures" invisible to your rational mind.

Child protection is the oldest eugenics scam on record now financed by programs which come down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. This is a carnival scam where the most complex cases in medical history, childhood hysteria, are routinely upcoded to sex cult thugs who are fully programmed to advance such cases as "sex abuse." As the federal government has perfected the programming of hysteria into children, the state governments are there to entrap such bewildered children. Nowhere in the process is the actual psychology of child development ever discussed. This is because such would reveal an elitist scam on par with Hitler's Holocaust, the machinations of which are well known in Europe and deliberately repressed in the U.S..

As incredible as it may sound, the federal government is spending over 6 billion dollars annually to Tavistock subsidiaries in order to brainwash your children and "depattern" their minds away from normal sexual development. As this is basic Nazi Mind Control, this process causes hysteria in many children, such hysteria is routinely upcoded to Nazified bureaucrats at the state level who routinely traffic in these children for an underground elite sex trade leading all the way to the Pentagon and White House. As these abused children come out to testify, no one believes them, since the brainwashing of "parental" government is so thorough. "Depatterned" children are sexually abused children because they are denied real parents and such a massive fraud can be proven in a real court of law.

These are the sleaziest, most dumbed-down child-traffickers and brain washers in U.S. history. But most Americans are unaware of the elitist programs which fully manipulate their very understanding of political "reality." This is mainly due to the Mockingbird media which will never report on these underground atrocities. Their basic understanding of the Constitution has been over-charged and destroyed by basic Nazi Mind Control tricks. Therefore, these cases of blatant child trafficking and abuse go unseen by most Americans. They live in total denial that the most enlightened families are targeted first, just as in Nazi Germany. But they will be fully awakened when these Nazis come for their own children.

The 9/11 attacks constitute a massive fraud designed to trigger deep programming in these abused children. Such programming of a government mythic system harms these children as they are forcibly indoctrinated into mass delusion of "parental" government and media. You will only understand this massive deception through intense study, as this fraud is protected by powerful government programming operations and a government which operates as the Machiavellian manipulator. Intellectual cowards will not venture into this realm of Psyops, as they are deeply programmed through emotion and not reason. Emotion is easy to program, truth is not.

I have known of the slave-making activities of this government for over 20 years and protected my own children accordingly. Secret federal Psyops operations now provide state bureaucrats with broad powers to entrap good parents who study and protect their own children from these devices which originate from Nazi Mind Control research. Because of my knowledge, my children were stolen and horribly abused by the state in a routine and barbaric disregard for real science and basic parental rights. These bureaucrats are deeply programmed to exploit your children in hypno-chambers and employ sexual amplification devices on them then rush to judgement regarding the most complex areas of childhood hysteria and "err on the side of child abuse." They then divide your family through terror, threats and lies. These tricks are very effective in a Nazified population held in ignorance of these methods. After all, child abuse hysteria is the very core of the political machine which feeds on terror and produces child sex slaves and massive brainwashing of children.

Hysteria has been perfected by Mengele himself as the "perfect" Mind Control device for totalitarian deception without leaving the traditional tell-tale signs of abuse. Such is a basic Nazi sex scam, as the federal government is largely responsible for building and falsely portraying this hysteria as coming from "demonic" individuals as the overwhelming source of hysteria is coming from government programming. This demonization of the historically all-important parental duty is nearly everywhere in America and serves a very disturbing political mission. State bureaucrats today are making millions of child mind-slaves and sex slaves in complete ignorance of the slave-making arts perfected by government. They routinely inflict rape-kits on small children and illegal searches to build this hysteria. This might sound ridiculous to you until you understand Nazi Mind Control and Marionette programming.

These bureaucrats are programmed as Marionettes in complete ignorance of the real science or the medical realities of raising children with hysteria issues. They will routinely advance the most esteemed childhood empowerment programs used by the elite around the world as "abusive" and even "perverse." Little do they know of the true perversity of Nazi Mind Control: it can now advance illegal and immoral wars anywhere in the world simply by manipulating a few key devices of theatre. Children held in ignorance and programmed for terror manipulation will fall for these devices. These bureaucrats are certainly fully ignorant of the source of this hysteria, as the federal government's work in Mind Control is rarely exposed in its full context as a powerful slave-making art found throughout U.S. media.

These programmed bureaucrats therefore routinely violate your patients bill of rights and constitutional rights to life by upcoding your children's case to actual slave makers who are rewarded by billions of federal dollars. By upcoding complex childhood hysteria cases to Nazified bureaucrats, these authorities are creating sex slaves for the elite on a massive scale. Those children made into sex slaves by idiot bureaucrats deserve a real trial by real parents on the jury. We must demand the true context to these American atrocities! I will not rest until such a trail is established and federal felony charges are advanced against these child traffickers. Real patriots report child abuse in its real context! Demand the real context to government slave-making!

Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center legal team just won a crushing $2.5 million verdict against Ron Edwards, leader of the Imperial Klans of America, and one of his chief lieutenants for the brutal beating of a Kentucky teenager. Their client is an American of Panamanian descent. But to the Klansmen who attacked him, he was nothing more than an "illegal spic."

Morris and SPLC President Richard Cohen will discuss the challenges of holding hate groups and their leaders accountable for the actions of their members and the effect their trial strategy has had on the hate movement. They'll also discuss how the election of Barack Obama and the current economy are creating a perfect storm for white supremacist groups and other hate groups. The rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Pennsylvania must be addressed. Goto the SPLC website for more information.

Our position on 9/11 and Nazi Mind Control will be fully confirmed in 25 years as critical documents about the CIA and Israel's involvement in 9/11 will be declassified. These documents will prove a totalitarian fraud against our children which programs them for "endless war" and "the war on terror" all based upon the 9/11 myth and massive terror-fear programming of our children. But this horrific truth will not benefit these children. Few Americans understand the full scope of Mind Control in America as over 3,000 Psyops operations are taking place in most major programming centers including universities, governments and mass media. Where did 2 trillion dollars from the Pentagon vanish as announced on September 10, 2001? Look no farther than the Alpha-level Mind Control machine. It is in America where massive terror programming has been normalized by actual Nazi Mind Control methods in film, television and print.

Mind Control is designed to become a totalitarian deception which fully eclipses our Constitution and will seduce your children into the "singularity" of a totalitarian delusion as the Pentagon is rapidly advancing the technology to fully program the subconscious mind. As most Americans remain ignorant of the power of subconscious programming, they will not see this totalitarian treason coming. In 25 years, these children will be nothing more than mind-controlled cyborgs, fully controlled from the top down. But other plans are clearly in the works, as 2012 is being advanced through much of popular culture as some mysterious "end of time" event which can be fully programmed by wrongful government as a self-fulfilling prophesy. We now have enough evidence to prove this massive fraud to an intelligent American jury, and we are demanding that serious felony charges be advanced against brain washers and child traffickers who are destroying our children with lies, deception and force!

MKULTRA Victim Testimony: Satanic Arrogance is "Sex Magic" and is not "Science"

Mind Control employs powerful devices to close down societies, Nazify its citizens for psychologically engineered wars and enslave its people into mass delusion. But the Mind Control machine advances both "soft" and "hard" media, fully manipulating you away from the source and purpose of this mass programming. All future wars will be engineered wars, using your own belief system against you. Much of this terror and fear programming requires the "programmable child" who is deprived of the traditionally all-important parental duty which has protected children from the slave-makers for thousands of years. This is a carefully guarded secret of the elite who now brainwash the American people on a broad scale. Such mass delusion was fully planned and implemented decades ago by the CIA and the ruling "elite" at the Bohemian Grove. In America, these devices of mass delusion will be protected from discovery by enormous emotional control devices like ridicule, disbelief and other emotional devices of groupthink conformity. The exceptional patriot must employ only the rational mind to understand this massive fraud. This will not be easy!

The mythic system of the "war on terror" has been deeply programmed over decades using your own "popular" media against you. Much of this abuse to children is protected by powerful interests at the Bohemian Grove working through agencies like the CIA, as it is directly traced to early CIA and Tavistock programmers. Why Tavistock? Tavistock pioneered early Freudian psychology of subconscious programming to build powerful groupthink conformity and "crowd control" devices into targeted populations. These devices are then used by governments which operate as the Machiavellian manipulator empowered to commit atrocities like eugenics, false-flag "terror" attacks and launching false wars.

The reason for so much parental alienation, one in 5 young adults suffering mental illness and the states functioning in such a draconian and unconstitutional manner regarding basic parental rights for child empowerment is that they are protecting an over-whelming fraud of the elite. These bureaucrats have morphed into Nazi sex cult enforcers of the lowest depravity as if your children are destined for a culture of innocence. View some of the "games" which will fully program them as good Nazis coming from Pentagon programmers. They now routinely cull children away from politically non-conforming parents through Black Widow sex taboo programming. The elite have used Freudian subconscious programming against Americans for decades programming these child traffickers as "parental" and "competent" and this is profoundly powerful delusion, as these bureaucrats are fully programmed as Nazis by actual Nazi Mind Control. But many Americans now understand that this activity originated with 600 Nazi mind controllers working to build a broad slave-making operation in America through MKULTRA. Mind Control, because it is active and provable in a real court of law, becomes more taboo than space aliens even though it has been fully established as fact by real science for many decades.

Turn on your television and view the "sacred myth" of 9/11 advanced everywhere, even as the real facts of 9/11 are repressed by draconian force. What's worse, your media is conditioning you for the next "terror attack" which will be much worse--all designed to drive you into a more primitive mind for easy political manipulation. The fact that this Mockingbird media functions precisely the same as Nazi propaganda is no mere coincidence. Nor is the fact that Nazi courts are trafficking millions of U.S. children as slaves just a coincidence. The elite have been programming myths and taboos into the American culture by secretly dominating key programming centers in America and this wonderful knowledge all comes from Nazi sex and death programming and from actual Nazis. You must be brave enough and exceptional enough to enter into these myths and taboos and study the history of this Skull and Bones "mental hygiene" programming. But this fraud is still a fraud and a patriotic American jury will understand this scheme destroys real children and will demand billions of dollars in restitution!

Mind Control is an ancient power system which predates the science of subconscious programming. It takes parental authority away from real parents and enslaves the child into a government programmed delusion. This violation of the parental duty sends powerful emotional contagion throughout the population which serves the established power elite through powerful subconscious political programming. Political programming by terror and fire ceremonies is nothing new, it has only been repackaged by modern methods. What is new is that they now require your children to be mass programmed by hypno-devices like television as fearful, conforming sheep for the slaughter. Such devices are so normalized that few even question their political function. Today the value of your children is based upon the powers of subconscious manipulation and trauma-based conditioning by wrongful government and mass media. The relationship between media and government is a carefully guarded secret, as it is profoundly unconstitutional. If you protect your children from these devices of deception, you will become the "enemy of the state." We are the Parental Authority of real parents, and we will not be silenced!

Child theft for the purposes of ritualistic child abuse for Satanic political theatre is on the increase in America in places like Bedford, Pennsylvania where the elite require child sacrifice rituals. The Nazis believe this is the home of Hitler's Eugenics movement, and they are profoundly arrogant. These child sacrifices are very powerful for building political conformity throughout the community. Literally, no one dares stand up for their Constitution or for fundamental rights of these children! Parents are denied the most basic constitutional rights and such emotional contagion builds primitive fears into the population which destroys the parental duty. Primitive fears work for Nazis on the subconscious level where authority is programmed. Such primitive fears build powerful "crowd control" groupthink conformity as the nation is gradually Nazified through mass media Mind Control. These deprived children turn into media mind slaves fully manipulated by their many media "parents" who advance the government's own mythic system. This is the result of poor parenting now actively enforced by the state to build a broad population of slaves. This is deeply subconscious slavery which requires forced learned ignorance about sex and power for which the over-whelming majority of Americas are too afraid to understand. This fear of the truth has been deliberately programmed!

Through Mind Control of the media, these crimes are kept away from the public consciousness. Well established organizations or CIA "assets" are in place to mock and discredit the most obvious fact of all: the Bohemian Grove is the most powerful hate group advancing slavery, treason and the most powerful totalitarian media deception in world history. Yet those who come down from this death cult are presented as "parental" to the public at large. You will never hear of these crimes in your CIA-controlled "news." CNN, Fox News or 60 Minutes will never host a constitutional expert and psychology experts who fully understand the Mind Control coup over our Constitution. Such experts can easily expose the most vile treason ever committed against the American people. Nazis routinely sacrifice the children of their political enemies which spreads broad emotional contagion and political control. The Illuminati achieve power through child sacrifice ceremonies and false-flag "terror" attacks using the hypnotic effects of fire and terror. Most of this programming functions at the subconscious level.

View actual footage: The Top Republican Establishment Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove

View the Parallels between the Nazification of Germany and the Nazification of America

A controlled media then never investigates the real source of these atrocities, therefore thoughtless Americans dismiss the obvious. Under the "National Security Act of 1947," Nazi Mind Control has been normalized in America as millions of children are turned into sex slaves and mind slaves completely outside of any public scrutiny. The normalization process was slow and difficult to suspect, until 9/11. When they terrorized my wife in order to traffic our children as sex slaves, it actually worked on her. Decades of deep programming of "parental authority" for government through mass media now fully serves wrongful government as it really functions as the Machiavellian manipulator doing atrocities like 9/11 and broad family destruction completely outside of any constitutional framework of justice. The greatest fear of Nazi child traffickers is a real court of law and real parents on the jury! My wife was then terrorized by Nazi Mind Control methods perfected in Nazi death camps and now fully normalized as a "behaviorist science" routinely employed by Nazified bureaucrats. Through brute force completely outside of any constitutional framework or any regard for real science, our children were then given to Nazified and militant drug addicts for "protection." Sophisticated terror programming will work against your family as well as this Nazi activity is now routine in America. You must become aware of deep subconscious programming of wrongful authority and the true nature of the threat to your family.

Entire wars are now launched by Satanic fire rituals alone. 9/11 was such a fire ceremony of broad hypnotic effect. These powers are achieved at the subconscious level through an ancient slave-making art which has now been normalized in mass media. Trauma will make you infantile while you are fully programmed by mass media for full political manipulation. But this media was never free to investigate the real facts about 9/11! This is a Mockingbird media of totalitarian deception!

View the YouTube video: GroupThink

Your children are now routinely indoctrinated into media mind control which effectively enslaves them into a delusional political reality and this indoctrination is enforced by child trafficking organizations which function precisely as Nazi slave-making operations. The slave-makers are now Bohemian Grove media mesmerists, university programmers and bureaucrats who are programmed to appear "parental" to the public at large. Such delusion requires the destruction of the most enlightened parents. Those parents who know the most about CIA Mind Control are having their families destroyed all over the U.S.. These facts will appear incredible to you even as they are easily proven to an intelligent American jury. In this regard, our Founding Fathers have given us the keys to unlocking this totalitarian tyranny. We only need the courage to view the obvious: Nazi Mind Control was brought to the U.S. in the 1940s not to be used against our enemies, but to be used against us. Mind Control is now so normalized in America, that only the exceptional patriot will understand it.

But by fully violating your most basic constitutional rights as a parent, these bureaucrats effectively become the most powerful slave-makers in history. Their arrogance and ignorance is supreme. They are committing broad constitutional violations including conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, child trafficking and even rape and torture of children, none of which will appear in your controlled media.

These are slave-makers who require no whips or chains, only your trust and your complete ignorance of the slave-making arts. Wrongful government can now launch false wars anywhere in the world and against its own citizens simply by manipulating a few key elements of theatre. It achieves broad subconscious political results by remaining aloof of the actual facts and over-charging the reality principle and the Constitution with powerful emotional Mind Control. The CIA has programmed slave-making rituals into much of the media and government serving to normalize slave-making through programmed horrors, popular delusions, programmed bigotries and the total perversion of real science and the Constitution. Where the parental duty is destroyed by Nazified bigots, the entire population transforms into directionless slaves, easily manipulated by actual Nazis. Such massive slave-making rituals requires the full circumvention of real courts of law. It requires obvious slavery that cannot be called slavery.

These bureaucrats are actually programmed to take normal child development, like the penal phase in girls or normal and necessary parental over-sight, education and care, and effectively use it for sex magic tricks to traffic in these children. These tricks serve a broad Nazification process where Americans begin to see "sex predators" virtually everywhere and this process fully serves the Machiavellian manipulator. "Sex predators" are now the most enlightened parents, those who know the most about real psychology and CIA Mind Control used everywhere in mass media. Programmed fear will place your family into a more primitive mind for which wrongful government easily manipulates your family through mob violence. When they do these tricks on your own children, virtually no one will believe you, as they are fully programmed to demonize you as a primitive mob. The Constitution will be fully circumvented and this is the power of Nazi Mind Control. On a highly dumbed-down, Nazified population, these methods actually work to destroy millions of U.S. families.

These sex magic tricks are very powerful in adults who have been deliberately raised sexually repressed, ignorant and programmed for terror manipulation. Such sexual repression away from parental authority and sound science has been ongoing in the U.S. for nearly three generations. These sex taboos have been deliberately embedded into these adults as children for the purpose of government eugenics and broad political control. Such eugenics operations sometimes require generations, but are highly successful in destroying the traditional family unit along political lines. This then becomes an ignorant mob of very primitive child traffickers who operate completely outside of any constitutional framework building a very dumbed-down population of political conformists who are easily manipulated by top-down Mockingbird media control. This deception and circumvention of our Constitution is profoundly unconstitutional and would horrify our Founding Fathers!

Recent [O'Brien
and Phillips, TRANCE Formation of America (pp 170-1)
] information
may radically change this perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely
drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual
tones (confirmed by our sources) but reported activities much more
serious - kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder.

Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act. (!) And
like the Omaha child abuse case, includes illegal detention of
children and broad use of Mind Control devices on children. Many of these child sex slaves are supplied by Child Services organizations which operate child sex slave mills as in Bedford, Pennsylvania. One purpose of such child abuse is to build Satanic arrogance into the New World Order bureaucrats. This is the arrogance and deception that will be necessary to kill hundreds of millions of victims around the world. If you do not report this child abuse by bureaucrats, you are empowering them for the next holocaust.

Understand that World War II demonstrated the profound power of Mind Control over a targeted population. The brainwashing of American P.O.W.s in Korea also proved the power of these methods. Those Americans like Eisenhower were fully aware of its inherent threats to the U.S. and chose to counter massive Soviet Alpha-level propaganda programming through use of Nazi mind controllers and mass media. The established science of psychology indicates that the conscious mind is not primary. The unconscious mind is primary. This fact makes subconscious programming all-powerful in the wrong hands. This is incredibly important to understand, as the subconscious mind is not rational and can be fully programmed through basic and common Alpha-level media en mass. The unconscious mind then dominates the person's core belief system. This "personal unconscious" layer of the mind includes all experiences which can be programmed. Such programming is extremely powerful over the long term, as this region of the mind stores this information as "literal," even information coming from pure "entertainment." Television was specifically designed by government to function at the perfect hypnotic flicker rate for this mass programming function.

Your secret federal government has been well aware of the power of Alpha-level Mind Control since at least World War II, but remains suspiciously silent on this issue. This silence is but one of many indicators that your government has chosen to dominate Alpha-level media through the empowerment of the 1947 National Security Act, a fatally flawed Act of treachery against our Constitution.

Such programming can build upon deep programming of the collective unconscious, thus building a Mind Control Matrix within the collective unconscious of nearly the entire population. Powerful subconscious archetypes are built precisely to serve secret government "crowd control" agendas and the transformation of America occurs completely outside of a constitutional framework. As Americans stubbornly hold onto the idea that their minds are "free," they are in fact, delusional. The secret government, via mass media, has programmed much of their belief system regarding political "reality." Powerful peer-pressure conformity then serves to shape broad public opinion. As secret Psyops operations program Americans for fear, fear, fear, the true threat, wrongful government, is never exposed. The intellectual blindness of many Americans in regard to the true facts of 9/11 prove the intent and power of this brainwashing for broad political manipulation. We are petitioning the Supreme Court and Congress to acknowledge the magnitude and urgency of this issue for our children and for our world. Americans are therefore political slaves who literally cannot see reality regarding highly important political issues. Wrongful government can then use this Matrix to its full political advantage as exposed by the 9/11 events.

Nature of the fraud. The fraud against children in the U.S. is so broad that you may not see the forest for the trees. The way to understand this fraud is to imagine going to North Korea and viewing their children. You will find that sexual repression is fully normalized everywhere except with the dictator and his children. What is the real reason for this? Sexual repression at childhood away from normal sexual development is critical for building government taboos and terror manipulation into the next generation of "non-elite" children. Parents who protect their children from these powerful taboos are actively destroyed. But not the elite! The elite are praised for educating and empowering their children based upon the real facts of powerful subconscious programming! This disparity between the elite and the non-elite is growing ever wider as an ancient slavery system is being imposed upon the American people.

The non-elite children in North Korea are being brainwashed for a wrongful top-down power system of a personality cult. As children are indoctrinated into this mythic system since birth, such totalitarian political deception becomes "more real" to the child than the actual depravity of their own reality. This is the power of groupthink conformity. Since parents are the natural authority for the child for grounding that child's mind into reality, this indoctrination of the state is into a mythic system which comes into direct opposition with real parents and critical development into reality. Most Americans would refuse to indoctrinate their own children into a North Korean's delusion! Such a mythic system of the North Koreans will appear very bizarre to most Americans. Little do they know that Americans have their own mythic system for which their own government manipulates. Those parents who fully understand this subconscious fraud are having their families utterly destroyed. Those parents who know the most about this fraud will be the most endangered of having their children stolen.

How are American children being brainwashed? They are indoctrinated into mass media which deliberately programs them for many top-down power systems or cults of popularity. But most of these sub-cults fully serve the elite cult in total mental invisibility. As children are indoctrinated into the idea that truth equals popularity, they become fully manipulated by the elite cult which merely requires the manipulation of a few key assets at the top of various "popular" power pyramids. Just like the Catholic Church, non-elite children are required to be suspended in sexual ignorance for prolonged periods so that media mesmerists and other government-controlled programmers can program them for top-down authority, using their own sexuality against them. This seduction of children away from parental authority will be most pronounced with those parents who are most enlightened about the evils of wrongful authority.

Sexual repression in children is a profound form of child abuse as it retards the ego development of sexual awareness for the purpose of programming. As children are retarded away from normal development, "demons" can be programmed in place of sophisticated sexual development by wrongful programmers, such as mesmerists. These "demons" are everywhere in our popular media and most are political demons fully programmed by government. Such demons are constructed to secretly serve secret government operations such as the "war on terror." If you were forced to raise your children in North Korea, you would want to protect them from acquiring the "outsider" demon, a demonization process common for building xenophobia. Our own mass media builds its own "demons" as well which secretly serve government agendas. Even as this imposed ignorance is profoundly unnatural and produces hysteria and neurosis in children, the state enforces it in a draconian fashion just like in North Korea. If this isn't true, why not expose these facts in a real court of law?

Even as Osama bin Laden is routinely advanced as "the Anti-Christ" throughout mass media, the FBI admits not having enough evidence against him to charge him with the crimes of 9/11. Much of this demonization process is sourced to Psyops operations running in mass media.

But sexually repressed children are simultaneously programmed for the "sacred" through the full seduction of mass media mesmerism. As media mesmerists are programmed as sacred, sexy or parental, children will confuse mere actors as representatives of their own government. Wrongful government then employs these actors to advance secret agendas. Your own politicians become more valued as actors than as enlightened public servants. Much programming then serves this government mythic system of absolute deception. "Parental" news mesmerists become "parental" emblems of truth. All of this deception serves a very broad Mockingbird media goal of broad political manipulation away from truth. Children become top-down cyborgs who are fully manipulated away from truth from the opposite direction of our Constitution's power system. They become mind-slaves easily manipulated from the top down.

Millions of Americans now understand this fraud. They are forced to turn to the Internet for truth, as they know, even subconsciously, that popular media is hopelessly tainted and controlled. So what do Nazis want to do? They want to control and regulate the Internet and secret censoring mechanisms are now in place.

Even the science which fully proves that such abuse of children away from normal ego and sexual development is harmful to them is fully repressed. The indoctrination process builds powerful groupthink conformity into top-down cults for which a wrongful government or corporation can fully theme and control. This culture then transforms into a sadistic and barbaric culture easily manipulated by wrongful authority. As sexual repression is fully normalized, such a culture is then easily manipulated by events like 9/11 which primarily function on the subconscious minds of slaves. Such authoritarian programming in America of wrongful government requires the total destruction of basic constitutional rights. Such destruction of the most fundamental rights of parents and children is now fully normalized by the Bohemian Grove death-cult elite.

"Theatre is a hammer."---Bertolt Brecht

The Bohemian Grove began as a journalist retreat and has grown into the super-elite powerhouse of totalitarian Alpha-level programming known as Mockingbird media. This elite cult has deliberately themed and dominated much of mass media in the U.S. for the purpose of serving the military industrial complex. This Nazification of American children requires the normalization of sexual repression away from normal development and the "depatterning" of their minds away from normal parental empowerment and toward full Mockingbird media programming. You will easily find this Nazification material in any video store, on your "news" and in nearly all Alpha-level programming which targets your children. Sex and violence programming in media is all sourced to early PsyOps missions and is specifically designed to drive the population into a more primitive, emotional mind which is much easier to control and manipulate from the top down. What was too horrible for the 1950s is now commonplace through actual social engineering of the collective unconscious via MKULTRA. This was no passive evolution! As this Nazification is obvious to top Freudian experts in Europe, this fact will not be obvious to a mind-controlled American. Such Americans can be deprogrammed in a real court of law, as this conspiracy of the elite is now overwhelmingly obvious to the rational mind.

We are all led to believe that popular culture evolves with society. Yet we now know that the opposite is the truth: popular culture builds society's collective unconscious, fully shaping society itself. Your secret federal government has been fully aware of this for decades, therefore, much of the cultural shaping mechanisms originate with these eugenicists. Tavistock and the CIA have been programming you for the demonic terrorist myth and "parental government" for generations. Alfred Hitchcock was specifically employed by Tavistock and the CIA to develop powerful deep programming of Freudian sexual symbolism in close proximity to violence for effective "crowd control" terror programming.

What unifies those at the Bohemian Grove? Eugenics, social evolution via Mind Control and "endless war." This "endless war" "just so happens" to involve our military in key areas of the world for which key resources lay. Such a mythic system is an engineered contrivance using your mass media as a mesmerist media of mass deception. Understand that more human beings live on the planet today than have ever lived throughout human history. Government silence on this single issue should build alarm as population control's secret agendas exist as a "third rail" of politics which function covertly through a sustained and complex effort of an extra-constitutional elite. Mind Control builds the many cults that build alienation into the American population serving a "democratic" version of the one-child policy. A demoralized culture produces fewer children, and those children less likely to want their own.

These cults come into conflict with those parents who understand that top-down cults violate our children's very understanding of our Constitutional system. We even find massive funding of CAPTA and other programs coming down from the death cult specifically designed to target these parents and traffic in their children. This is a powerful political culling device which spreads broad emotional contagion that fully supports Nazis in power. They simultaneously advance powerful horror programming, pornography and other powerful devices which serve eugenics and the destruction of the parental duty of traditional parents and traditional religion. The CIA has been deeply involved in highly personal matters employing sex, drugs and usury control devices. They have chosen to dominate major programming centers turning these centers into Mind Control cults. Today these cults get their child sex slaves from child trafficking organizations which have become so arrogant as to destroy the most fundamental of parental rights and use state force to make sex slaves and mind slaves out of children.

These sex slaves are profoundly violated through draconian enforcement of sexual repression completely outside of our constitutional framework. Such sexual repression loosens millions of children from their parents for full political manipulation into a delusional government mythic system. The states deliberately build the delusion that parental sex education is more of a "threat" to children than the indoctrination of children into a totalitarian mythic system that will utterly enslave them! They literally will not allow the real science of psychology into a real court of law! Only an enlightened parent can protect his or her child from such a primitive mythic system coming down from a death-cult elite. Under our Constitution, power is to come from an enlightened people and not from top-down power systems which make sex slaves and mind slaves out of millions of children.

Today, these top-down cults are virtually everywhere and are secretly themed and controlled by Bohemian Grove members through massive peer-pressure networking through corporations, government and top universities. They routinely employ powerful Mind Control devices to emotionally over-charge the rational framework of our Constitution. Understand that this form of trauma conditioning is deeply rooted in irrational sexual fears which the traditional parental duty is designed to protect and empower children. As children develop hysteria symptoms, these are directly linked to very primitive fears of being raped. The parent can protect such a child through naturalistic parenting found throughout the world, throughout history and with the elite. In fact, the study of anthropology finds that such parental empowerment is innate. Such protection, however, becomes demonized in cultures which require these fears in children for the purpose of brainwashing. This brainwashing serves secret agendas like eugenics and terror manipulation. When this duty is demonized, the state can then manipulate these children through irrational terror for the rest of their lives. Trauma-based conditioning is now fully normalized because the parental duty has been effectively destroyed. Through the destruction of the parental duty, this media-based network dominates and controls broad media theming of powerful groupthink conformity, much of it based on programmed sex taboos acquired at childhood.

Why sex taboos? Sex taboos are advanced and built by wrongful government as powerful "turning" mechanisms of Nazi Mind Control. They were effectively used against Jews in the 1930s. These devices are employed to "turn" the targetted population's belief system through trauma-based devices of suggestion. They are effectively used to demonize political opponents and Nazify entire populations. Mere suggestion alone is a powerful device for demoralizing those imbedded with sex taboos. Such becomes a "science of demoralization" for which most of the elite choose to protect their own children through comprehensive sex education. Government now routinely implants such devices of demoralization and fear so that sex taboos can be employed later on. Only an enlightened parent could have protected you from these powerful political devices.

Our government is fully aware of the need for the parental duty, as it required this duty to be re-established, protected and enforced in post-Nazi Germany and Austria. Such a duty is today very common in Europe as its full benefits for building sophisticated and well adjusted children is proven by sound science. But just like in North Korea, it can be universally repressed and destroyed in an entire culture. The Bohemian Grove has advanced much more sophisticated Nazi media against American families and does so through totalitarian deception. But Europeans are much more sophisticated in understanding this Nazi Mind Control. Just try to destroy the parental duty with Europeans who are fully aware of Nazi programming!

Therefore, these American children are valued for their "programmability" and deliberately brainwashed by media mesmerists, entertainers, news personalities, etc. which have been programmed as "parental" via sexual repression enforcement of the state. They are not allowed to be true journalists, as Mockingbird media is fully enforced. Wrongful government easily manipulates broad propaganda by controlling only a few key media, corporate and government "assets" and conditioning the broad majority of non-elite children away from parental authority of sexual empowerment, real science and truth. You will notice that all top-down cults of Mockingbird media will seduce your children away from traditional families, traditional religion and toward full political manipulation. The elite programmers at places like Harvard deliberately protect their own children from this massive corruption through comprehensive sex education. Such seduction of children away from parental empowerment and truth is now fully normalized just like in North Korea.

Today this population of political conformists are literally too mind-controlled to understand that sexual repression away from real parents causes such mob behavior and history fully repeats itself. Without sophisticated and timely sex education from real parents, the cyborg parent will cower in fear of empowering his own children. This stupidity is the direct result of Nazi Mind Control. Even though this fraud was fully exposed decades ago as a basic weapon of psychological warfare and our own government demanded that parents be given the right to protect their own children with sexual truth, powerful emotional programming from wrongful government is so intense so as to deny them the courage to even understand this fraud. Your own government has chosen the Nazi path of sexual deception and mass brainwashing.

Of course, the CAPTA depravity is carefully programmed never to apply to "elite" children, thus building a pronounced double-standard and keeping its atrocities fully outside of broad public awareness. This program fully serves wrongful politics, eugenics population control and underground recruiting through classic military Psy-Ops operations known as old shelf "Black Widow" programming of sexual taboos and other profoundly damaging programming of children.

Since the over-whelming majority of Mind Control programming is at the Alpha-level, sexual repression at childhood is the most important variable of military Psy-Ops. All authoritarian indoctrination uses learned ignorance about sexuality against children, blending powerful sexual emotions with their indoctrination methods to build powerful mythic systems, i.e. "parental government." Such "parental government" is then fully empowered to do inexplicable evils and get away with it. Your media which targets your children is absolutely loaded with this wrongful programming of "parental authority" wrongly applied to government, but you are programmed not to see it in this way. After all, how can Disney be working for the CIA? This just can't be possible, you say. This is the power of Tavistock! Just as James Bond is sexed-up for adults, Disney is de-sexing your children. In fact, all the soft and fuzzy characters of Tavistock are deliberately de-sexing your children later and later into their development. This is profoundly important to understand!

Sexually repressed children will literally confuse sexual emotion and feelings with the wrongful power system being indoctrinated into their minds and this is basic emotional programming which serves wrongful government and not children. When the German people finally awakened to the horrors of Nazi Germany after the war, they deliberately stripped down their children and forced them to play together naked. This may sound strange to you until you understand that basic sexual knowledge and sophisticated sexual ethics development from real parents is critically important for grounding children's minds into truth which protects them from the slave-maker. Such empowerment of children has also been proven to be effective therapy for children suffering from hysteria issues. Most Europeans are today very much aware of this basic need for truth and sexual empowerment at childhood. Sophisitcated sexual ethics development is impossible in children held in terror by authoritarian governments and this destruction of sophisticated ethics is everywhere in America today. Americans who ignore this issue are entering into the trap of the Machiavellian manipulator for which there will be no return.

Good parents who understand this, either intellectually or emotionally, are now routinely alienated from their own children by government force. But such wrongful programming is now fully "normalized" as a good thing, everywhere but with the elite and their children that is. The elite are fully aware that this Tavistock programming of sexual learned ignorance into non-elite children is profoundly harmful to them. It is designed precisely to manipulate these children later in their lives as sex slaves easily manipulated by sex taboos and terror programming which builds intellectual blindness into the population. All of this abuse is sourced at the destruction of the parental duty. It only serves wrongful government!

The most specific example of this fraud is Building 7 on 9/11. For most Americans, the omission of the facts about Building 7 by mass media popular personalities constituted a "reality" which was completely fraudulent. As the media is programmed as a form of personality cult, such builds the delusion of reality for which wrongful government can fully manipulate broad abuses to our Constitution. This scheme is easily proven by bringing top Freudian experts from Europe to explain how this brainwashing of children away from the reality principle actually works in America. Top experts from Harvard are willing to testify that such brainwashing is indeed rooted in a massive fraud involving a bogus "science" of behaviorism and a bogus media program known as Operation Mockingbird. Since both of these were secretly advanced by the CIA and are now fully normalized, most Americans either do not care about this massive fraud of the elite or live in total denial of it. Therefore, this is an issue for a real court of law which charges the jury to use only its rational mind and not its emotional mind. Our Founding Fathers fully anticipated the need for such a court system based on reason and not emotion.

Public interest aspects of the case. The public has an enormous interest in receiving the facts about critical issues of warfare and childhood development. The victims of this fraud will suffer neurosis, family destruction, addictions, "depatterning" of the child's mind away from normal development which produces hysteria, alienation and terror. Subsidiaries of Tavistock, a British intelligence organization, defraud billions of dollars annually from U.S. taxpayers for the purpose of such mass brainwashing. Billions of dollars from programs like CAPTA are fraudulently spent for the sole purpose of destroying the parental duty of sex education in millions of children. This money spreads profoundly disturbing emotional contagion throughout the population which deliberately destroys the parental duty. Much of this money is used to spread disinformation about the real science of psychology which proves the necessity and normalization of sex education which is actually used by the elite with their own children.

Evidence. The 9/11 Truth Movement has enormous amounts of evidence proving to an intelligent jury that 9/11 was a false flag operation of our own government. This operation requires a massive fraud employing control methods over mass media which is fully documented at the National Archives and through the Church Commission. This control over media reveals a Mind Control operation on a mass scale since the 1950s which requires the "programmable child." Top experts are available from Harvard and Tulane University to expose enormous amounts of evidence regarding Mind Control being used against Americans on a broad scale. Literally thousands of victims are speaking out and have spoken out.

We at the 9/11 Truth Movement have complained loud and long that the real threat to our children is their own government. Major U.S. corporations are criminally negligent by violating their own charters in regard to public service. Our own government is operating as the Machiavellian manipulator on many, many levels of deception. This deception requires a criminal media. We therefore demand substantial punitive damages from major U.S. media firms which have deliberately kept this critical information away from the American people.

Disclosure of the fraud. Has the fraud been disclosed publicly through the media or government reports? Has it been the subject of a legislative or administrative hearing? Technical considerations in the False Claims Act can mean the difference between a viable case and no case. Much of this fraud has already been exposed to the public through hearings in front of Congress. This fraud involves the normalization of trauma as a mind control device. Those familiar with these methods of Mind Control actively protect their own children from these devices. But the states routinely depict such protection as abuse, fully ignorant of the real abuse to children. These "authorities" then claim substantial financial rewards from federal programs by upcoding these cases to police and child trafficking organizations who routinely employ Mind Control methods against families. However, little action is done, as Mockingbird media has largely ignored these horrific facts about Mind Control. After all, they are intimately a part of the macro Mind Control conspiracy.

Paramount is but one of many top-down power cults advancing the authoritarian mythic system of the military industrial complex. Such presentation of Star Trek as a futuristic scientific utopia based on sexed-up top-down authority is but one powerful seduction away from constitutional clarity and toward totalitarianism. MTV has promoted the same cults of top-down authority through music and video. By building a more primitive mind into the population through popular media, the process of transforming and shaping society is rapidly sped up.

In addition to providing most of the funding for an animated film version of Animal Farm, George Orwell’s anti-Stalinist fable, the CIA planted an operative inside Paramount Pictures. “In one letter,” Hugh Wilford writes, “he reports having excised a gag involving ‘the manhandling of Muslim women,’ which might have had ‘potentially disastrous results in the Muslim world,’ from a Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin comedy, Money from Home. Another operative worked directly with the writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewicz to shape the film version of Graham Greene’s novel The Quiet American—or rather, in Mankiewicz’s words, “completely [to] change the anti-American attitude” of the original book. Alfred Hitchcock was recruited through the early Paramount Studios, Famous Players-Lasky Corporation network, to build psycho-drama terror programming for mass audiences. Such terror programming is now fully normalized as "entertainment" though it is powerful emotional contagion carefully themed and directed to serve secret government agendas.

One such Paramount production, Braveheart brings the genre of horror in full gratuitous consumation with the American idea of "freedom." Of course, the concept of freedom always exists in the distant past but never in the future. Such is a consistent theme of the elite programmer since H.G. Wells. In 14th Century London, Wallace is brought before the English magistrates and tried for high treason. He denies the charges, declaring that he had never accepted Edward as his King. The court responds by sentencing him to be "purified by pain." Later, in a London square, William Wallace is brutally tortured to death, being alternately hanged, racked, and finally disemboweled alive. He signals to the magistrate that he wishes to speak. Using the last ounce of strength in his tortured body, he cries out, "Freedom!" He turns his head and sees Murron in the crowd smiling at him, and smiles lovingly back at her as he is finally beheaded. {{main|Treason}} High treason, broadly defined, is an action which is grossly disloyal to one's country or sovereign. ...Hanging to Music. ... A torture rack in the Tower of London is conditioning a population for Nazification. The rack is a term for certain physical punishment devices now employed routinely in the "war on terror"... Disembowelment is evisceration, or the removing of vital organs, usually from the abdomen as symbolic of the deprogramming process...As the "war on terror" is all too real for millions of victims, conditioning you and your children for a more primitive mind of fear and terror via mass media is all sourced to military Psyops operations. Such programming has truly Nazified and conditioned a once peaceful and just people.

Such Alpha-level programming is so powerful and seductive, that most Americans now fully believe subconsciously that they live in a top-down power system. They are fully seduced into the "need" for such top-down authority in the future. This imposed delusion serves a Machiavellian manipulator within government as the true power system of the Constitution fades into oblivion. For the CIA programmer, violence begets violence and serves to transform society. As this delusion builds toward absolute totalitarianism, bureaucrats are empowered to destroy millions of children and families as most Americans believe that these bureaucrats are superior to real parents and real science. They most certainly are not superior to real courts of law, as they will be thoroughly exposed as Nazi mind controllers who achieve greater eugenics family destruction results through subconscious programming and trauma than Hitler did through horrific death camps.

I am in a position to reveal much of the Alpha-level Mind Control methods used against the American people which are violating them. This violation is easily explained to an intelligent jury using their own minds and experiences which fully proves this massive fraud. Through my work at Harvard, I became deeply aware of this mass media fraud which programs the American people beginning in early childhood. My own children were removed from me because I understood the real threat to them and was protecting them from it. The full details of this mass media scheme were revealed to me at Harvard by top experts in psychology, media, anthropology and the arts. I then spent 20 years studying this issue and have an indepth knowledge of deep programming. Such programming is not too difficult for the average American to understand.

Value of the case. If you understand the issues of war and peace are largely controlled by mass media in modern society, you will begin to understand the enormity of this fraud. If such media is secretly controlled by entities within our own government, this becomes an enormously important constitutional violation. As children are indoctrinated into the mythic system of wrongful government, the American people are actively defrauded of billions if not trillions of dollars through the advancement of false wars. Those at the Bohemian Grove deliberately advanced this media mythic system for such purposes of defrauding the American people and turning their children into top-down cyborgs and de facto mind slaves. How much has the government been damaged by the wrongdoing? What kind of recovery might result from a case? We estimate the real fraud to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Defendant’s finances. We believe the defendants in this case are enormously endowed as major U.S. and British media firms. Such firms are criminally negligent against the American people through active brainwashing activity. Understand that even "entertainment" is a form of powerful emotional contagion. Emotional contagion and omission of critical information is not always protected under our First Amendment, especially as government functions as the owner and manipulator of the theatre for which it then yells "Fire!"

We believe this suit should most likely be advanced in the states which received the most damage on 9/11. This will include Pennsylvania where the worst act of murder since Gettysburg has occurred and is not being properly investigated. This attack on 9/11 served as a profound psychic attack on many parents, especially those who have worked in government Psyops operations. This attack coming from our own government is profoundly disturbing to these parents and as they attempt to raise their own children according to these facts. Their families are being brutalized by ignorant bureaucrats and mind-controlled mobs because of this fraud of Mind Control. My blog is a gateway to understanding this fraud, but we now have top professionals advancing these arguments because these arguments constitute the true context to 9/11!

Articles of Treason

“... to appoint an Independent Prosecutor under the authority of Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution to prosecute Treason against these United States of America by U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other John and Jane Does for planning and carrying out the acts of treason, as defined in Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution, by conspiring to carry out, carrying out and/or causing to be carried out an armed attack upon these United States on September 11, 2001, in the guise of a strategic deception operation” based upon the Northwoods Terror Deception.

Activists from have obtained the official guest list for Bohemian Grove's 2008 midsummer encampment along with a map of the Grove's facilities. According to the guest list, this year's attendees include George H. W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and several former CIA directors. Also attending are two members of the Grateful Dead, one of whom is camping with the elder Bush. During an action at the entrance of the elite retreat, several 9/11 truth information packs were accepted by Bohemian Grove campers and taken into the grove, including one by former CIA Director James Woolsey's bunkmate.

Understanding the deep programming of Americans over generations.

The 9/11 Mind Control Matrix.

Why We Fight: The latest films on the 9/11 Cover-up.

Fire Fighters and Top Scientists stand up to the 9/11 Fraud.

View some of the Patriots who Question the 9/11 "Official" Myth.

9/ Blogger Research on 9/11 Truth

The Threats, Attacks and many "Suicides" of 911 Truth Seekers Continue.

CIA link to massive Drug Network for universal Mind Control.

Videos which expose massive Family Abuse in America.

With so much evidence to suggest corruption, would our Founding Fathers be so intellectually blind not to question this building's collapse? The truth is, the intellectual blindness of 9/11 has been fully programmed into the American collective unconscious as a "Hollywood effect" which is now "real." This was deliberate subconscious programming employed for decades but now indicates a mass condition of psychological delusion. Such omissions by Mockingbird media which is fully managed by the Bush's for generations, is criminal negligence of the highest order. This wrongful programming is profoundly important to understand, as the government's mythic system is a totalitarian deception. The super fortified command center for elite secret government, Building 7 is invisible to the rational minds of millions of Americans. Why? It was too enigmatic or problematic for "The Official 911 Report." Is this the "sun spot" which will fully expose our "Sun King" government of massive fraud? A jury of real American patriots will not fall for this deception! How did small fires far below the roof manage to collapse the roof building just before the entire building fell precisely as a controlled demolition? Thousands of small details are adding up to the truth about 9/11. But to the fully mind-controlled, even the obvious is fully deniable. Such is the power of Nazi Mind Control now used against the American people. We must find the fortitude, resolve and patriotism to fully expose this truth!

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was less than a third of the size of Building seven, yet it withstood much greater destruction and never collapsed. In fact, no steel-structured building has ever collapsed due to fire before or after 9/11. You may be unable to view the obvious fact that Building Seven was imploded on 9/11 because you suffer from very powerful Mind Control.

Essentially, the construction of WTC 7 utilized traditional steel frame skeleton (uniformly spaced column and beam construction) which was later re-enforced as a bunker with $15 million renovations. It did not have the questionable bar joists and trusses used in the construction of the WTC 1 and 2 Towers. WTC 7 was not a "tube" building like the WTC Towers. It was a rectangular shape and was less than half the height of WTC 1 and 2.

Dr. Sunder stated for NIST that WTC 7 met all New York City codes. Yet, WTC 7 is the first steel high-rise building of traditional construction in the United States -- and the world, to completely collapse as a result of fire and these were small fires. According to the briefing given by Dr. Shyam Sunder on August 21, 2008, the collapse of WTC 7 was due to fire that was ignited by debris from another WTC building which was then fed by office paper and furnishings -- NOT the diesel fuel tank stored in the building by Giuliani and his Administration against the strong advice of the FDNY, NOT a plane, and apparently, as stated by Dr. Sunder, "there were no flaws with the construction of the building".

No flaws? How then did hundreds of key steel joints fail simultaneously, precisely as a controlled demolition requiring weeks of preparation? Not to mention hundreds of eye-witnesses stating that they were instructed to leave the area as the building had been imploded.

We don't know how the rest of the country is feeling about this news, but we are very scared! These findings suggest that ANY EXISTING building is prone to a progressive collapse if a fire should start and the sprinkler system fails for whatever reason -- regardless of how it starts! This is a distinct possibility, especially in earthquake prone areas where the water supplies can easily fail and the availability of firefighters is scarce or stretched very thin. If we had a "free" media, the fact that this country has thousands of buildings like Building 7 poised for sudden and inexplicable collapse would be a major news story!

The ultimate purpose of advocating for the $16 million to have NIST study this event was to determine how to make buildings safer in the future. But no improvements over this design is even suggested. If we are now to believe that any skyscraper is subject to total collapse from small fires, why isn't NIST emphasizing this impact on EXISTING buildings? The actual quality of spray-on fireproofing is a well-known problem throughout the country. NIST's report indicates that a complete burnout, without sprinkler system or fire department intervention, could lead to the complete collapse of ANY high-rise. NIST needs to rewrite its "new" recommendation B (5.12) and provide guidance for EXISTING buildings.

NIST should put the most important conclusion in plain English and announce it to the entire country: SMALL FIRES IN HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS CAN LEAD TO THEIR TOTAL COLLAPSE even as this has never before or since happened in history before 9/11. NIST also needs to be more aggressive with the code writing groups regarding this critical fact, communicating with them through a high-profile meeting that includes the Director of NIST and the leaders of these code groups. As for NIST, can anyone say Orwell on steroids?

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Psyops Experts are Exposing the 9/11 Mind Control Fraud against Millions of Americans

Those at the Bohemian Grove and the Skull and Bones believe they are the only ones not mind controlled in America. They may be right. This "secret" is the key to their perpetual power. As they only advance their own into positions of power, they have simultaneously advanced a powerful mind control operation over the American people since the 1950s. Eisenhower tried to warn us of this "spiritual attack" on our families. This mind control involves deeply programming sexual fears and taboos into children, so that people like Ken Starr can come down from the Bohemian Grove and manipulate our population through sex taboos. Programmed sex taboos now function to destroy millions of U.S. families. These taboos now make sexual idiots out of millions of parents as their children are brainwashed and trafficked as sex slaves. You will initially hear these facts as ridiculous until you actually study these facts. Only the exceptional patriot will understand that our children are being abused on a massive scale by basic Freudian sex taboo programming fully explained by Freud decades ago.

Through MKULTRA and the Skull and Bones "Mental Hygiene," the sacred parental duty has been destroyed by actual Nazi Mind Control and we must wake up to this fact! They have successfully inverted good psychology to serve the elite eugenicist slave-makers. What was once well-known empowerment of children known as the parental duty, used for thousands of years to protect children from the slave-makers, is now conditioned out of the entire society, except for those at Harvard instructed as the "governing elite." The governing elite know that this destruction of the parental duty is a basic sex scam used to turn entire populations into slaves, easily manipulated by government sex tricks. Now, you are to raise your children sexually repressed so that they will become sexual idiots as adults. They will then lose sophisticated sexual development by real parents and become slaves for the state. This is an inexplicable realm of the Machiavellian manipulator which exposes a massive fraud against our children. Through careful study of mass media and the true roots of terror, this sex scam becomes obvious.

This is only one device of deep programming coming from mass media. Central to mind control is sexual repression at childhood for millions of U.S. children. This has become normalized through powerful peer-pressure, emotional programming, as the sacred parental duty of sex education is demonized everywhere in America except for the elite and their children. Those in post-Nazi Europe knew these devices of slavery and protected their children accordingly. Many in America do not understand the realm of Psyops is the realm of taboo for which children need protected. These taboos are specifically developed for eugenics and government terror manipulation. This realm of taboo is precisely where your government now operates as the Machiavellian manipulator. We have enormous evidence of this massive fraud, and we will not be silenced. Those Americans who accept the "official story" to 9/11 will not easily understand that the most enlightened parents who worked on Mind Control will not view 9/11 in this fashion. These enlightened parents justifiably view their own government as the greatest threat to children and will educate their children accordingly.

Millions of American children are suffering hysteria symptoms coming from mass media. These are symptoms of sexual repression and wrongful media programming involving sex and death programming linked to the Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove eugenicists. The "depatterning" of children's minds in relation to normal sexual development will invoke primal sexual fears in these children. As governments require more and more depatterning of children's minds, these cases of hysteria will increase. Top professionals advocate normal parental sex education, as such hysteria is directly linked to deep sexual fears in children. At early ages children are very impressionable, and very protective of their parents. Top psychologists have found that these are times for which comprehensive sex education is most natural and most beneficial. These fears in children often indicate the need for the parental duty, but wrongful government has deliberately repressed this critical information through "behaviorist science" which has been fully themed by Tavistock and the CIA to build alienation into the population. This is the deliberate placing of children into "boxes" of control so as to retard them away from normal child development from normal parents. The operative word is slavery.

It is no mystery why the most advanced methods of child empowerment used in Europe by the "elite" are simultaneously used in America to destroy non-elite families. These American children are to be brainwashed just as in Nazi Germany.

Non-elite children are now exploited by your government in order to carry out secret eugenics operations and indoctrinate your children into the terror programming of "the war on terror" mythic system. It is a rare parent who truly understands this exploitation as such a parent will be actively demonized. This eugenics is now obvious as the "elite" are praised for sex education of their children and the "non-elite" are simultaneously having their families destroyed for the same education. Sexual repression at childhood away from the historically all-important parental duty is the hallmark of those societies which brainwash their children. Sexual repression is therefore a profoundly important issue to understand. Sexual repression at childhood comes from the slave-making arts and is profoundly damaging to the child.

When Bedford authorities abducted my children through force and deception, I was assaulted, given no lawyer or no information whatsoever. My wife and children were then terrorized in order to provoke deep programming where the state then becomes "parental" through the witchcraft of the Skull and Bones. Understand that this is the precise same response you would receive in North Korea if you said a bad word about their dictator. This irrational hysteria has been programmed. I learned at Harvard that such programming actually came from 600 Nazi mind controllers brought to America by the CIA. There was nothing even remotely legal or constitutional about this abduction and terrorism of my family. This is all done today in the full realm of Nazi Mind Control where the most complex area of science, child hysteria, is reduced to the immoral and retarded sex magic antics of Nazified bureaucrats. These Nazis are so thoroughly stupid, that you will not be able to even talk to them, as they manipulate your family through sexual taboos, rape kits and terroristic threats. But they are protecting a very powerful secret of the elite. This secret is the key to massive slave-making operations and is understood in Europe, but not in the U.S.. It requires the full circumvention of our Constitution by advancing Mind Control over justice and good science.

Such cases of wholesale family destruction are literally everywhere in America and these parents are not crazy. The brainwashing of government as "parental" in America, is profoundly powerful, fully empowering these bureaucrats and destroying good parents. Americans are brainwashed not to see this activity of government and I can fully explain this brainwashing. I began a mission of exposing massive mind control fraud in America as I was made very well aware of this horrific programming at Harvard. This is indeed Nazi Mind Control employing sex taboos and other powerful devices of terror deliberately implanted into children. Under military standards for the non-elite, my wife was raised sexually repressed and deeply programmed with these triggering devices. Authorities then easily manipulated her through terror because I refused to raise our own children with this wrongful programming. My children were being protected from wrongful government by comprehensive sex education. These children are nonetheless destroyed in the most heinous manner simply to advance the "war on terror" mythic system of "endless war."

We must demand that the real child abuse is parental alienation coming directly from government programming operations involving brainwashing. This mass abuse of children indicates a broad slavery operation mobilizing the American population for endless war based on full terror manipulation by government. The American people cannot see Building 7 on 9/11 and this was a deliberate blindness forced upon them. Europeans are perplexed by the degree to which Americans are absorbed into a totalitarian mythic system. But Europeans have seen this phenomenon before and know that it is slavery. Americans are completely unaware of the power of Alpha-level brainwashing as exposed to our own Congress in the early 1950s. This same Congress advanced powerful Mind Control against us using mass media. If we refuse to investigate this fact, we are no better than mind-controlled North Koreans.

This is a profoundly important matter for parents to understand, as the intellectual blindness of Americans in regard to these horrific facts is now overwhelmingly obvious. Mass delusion and intellectual blindness is the deliberate mission of Nazi Mind Control as perfected by the CIA. Such mass neurosis has been explained to our elite by Freud as not only possible, but fully historic. The crimes of the elite include a Mockingbird media of totalitarian deception for which your children are now required to be indoctrinated through powerful peer-pressure groupthink. Such programming in early childhood is specifically designed to "depattern" your child's mind away from normal development so as to deprive them of the reality principle. There is literally no greater abuse of children than this mythic system. These children will be fully seduced into the "singularity" of mind and machine which is coming down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. This singularity will secretly serve eugenics and will provide the elite enormous population control results. Your children will be seduced to do so through "parental authority" programming now conditioning them through mass media.

As millions of Jews and other minorities were destroyed by bigotry programming in Nazi Germany, this same programming of bigotry is now directed at the all-important parental duty in America. As I was instructed at Harvard, the "elite" from around the world deliberately bathe naked with their children in order to protect their children from neurosis. This is especially important for children who show signs of hysteria. The "elite" deliberately orient their children's minds to the reality principle as exposed by Freud and known for centuries for protecting children from the slave-makers. But many "elite" are also slave-makers! They literally repress this information in their own "non-elite" populations so as to brainwash this population. Over generations, this destruction of the basic parental duty becomes fully normalized through powerful emotional programming. Slave populations literally learn to demonize the most important empowerment tool for children. But the elite will not raise their own children in such barbaric learned ignorance.

Freud fully exposed that children first "fall in love" with their parents and this is a profoundly important learning experience for them. Such orientation into reality employing the very mechanisms of the child's mind which advances intelligence will protect that child from wrongful government programming. Nazis have always demonized this critical education for children in their non-elite populations as Nazi children are to be raised brainwashed for government service. Only the exceptional patriot will now understand that such Psyops was fully explained by Freud 80 years ago and is now used by our own government and fully normalized for eugenics. Today, the "sexual ambiguities" inherent to the parental duty is fully exploited by the state in order to destroy millions of families and this is no accident. This education literally determines which children become "elite" and which become "non-elite." Those at Harvard who educate the governing elite from around the world understand this double standard and they choose to educate their own children as elite children.

The reality principle is the real power system: human sexuality and it is deeply embedded in the minds of both children and parents. This education builds strong ego development into reality and that is one reason why those at the Bohemian Grove romping in sexuality appear so "perverse" to average Americans. This education about sexuality is profoundly important for educating the "elite" child, but will simultaneously appear "perverse" to the non-elite population which is mind controlled. The emotional programming which destroys the parental duty has been programmed because it is not found in aboriginal cultures or in the elite. It has been normalized in slave populations.

By retarding this education in non-elite children, these children are deliberately set up for massive brainwashing into wrongful or false mythic systems of wrongful power. This is today, mass media brainwashing as fully exposed by 9/11. As your children learn to adore their television mesmerists as "parental" figures, they are indoctrinated into the mythic system of secret government. Therefore, they fully trust their television mesmerists. But under Mockingbird media, such "trust" becomes mass delusion! The fact that Building 7 was the most significant news story on 9/11, fully exposing a government scam, becomes intellectually invisible to you and your children. Most Americans will become emotional or even rude regarding the true facts about Building 7 and this fully exposes the mass delusion of Mind Control. Mesmerist media becomes more "real" than actual facts. This is the precise function of your Mockingbird media. It is a totalitarian mythic system which serves deeply profound political missions of deception. This mythic system requires the destruction of millions of real parents and real children! Such wholesale destruction is now fully normalized, just as in Nazi Germany.

As your children are held in sexual ignorance during key developmental years, they are being set up to be sexual idiots as adults. They will be fully manipulated by powerful Skull and Bones devices of sex magic, pornography, wrongful authority programming of top-down cults. This is all due to poor ego development into the reality principle and sophisticated sexual development by real parents.

This destruction of the parental duty is fully based in powerful Nazi Mind Control emotional programming and was a key mission of Hitler's slave-makers. Through Mind Control, peer-pressure becomes more important than actual truth. This dumbing-down process can be universally advanced through government force. It is not based on reason. Reason will expose the fact that children require normal development by real parents at the proper times as intended by nature. This fact cannot be over emphasized! Will peer pressure over-ride our Constitution? This is completely up to you. If you normalize the destruction of the parental duty, you will normalize Mind Control over the Constitution. The Constitution is based on reason and Mind Control is based on programmed emotion. In the human mind, this distinction is all sourced at childhood with the parental duty of sex education. If this duty is not performed for the child, the child will enter into Mind Control groupthink conformity which is a powerful form of neurosis.

State authorities are now completely brainwashed as bigots against the parental duty because the parental duty is absolutely critical for children. Just like in North Korea, the parental duty of sex education is being demonized in America by powerful emotional programming of learned ignorance regarding the historically all-important parental duty. This is a basic Nazi sex scam of destroying the parental duty and brainwashing children into a wrongful top-down power system which brainwashes them to believe in wrongful "parental authority" of mass media and government. Studying the real facts about Building 7 on 9/11 will wake you up to the reason for this intellectual blindness being applied to your children. This blindness serves the slave-makers and "behavioral science" is not based on a true mission to understand the mind or behavior, but, in fact, comes down from powerful political interests including eugenicists. Teachers should view The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World. We are advancing the real parents who are enlightened about this massive fraud. The only thing these top-down cyborgs need to fear is true parental authority, as we are demanding the real context of these crimes in a real court of law!

Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

Mind Control used on American children

PsyOps Expert explains what's really going on in America

You must become the exceptional patriot to understand this massive fraud of the elite. When you fully expose the real facts about 9/11 to an American, that person will often fall into denial. Such is the precise function of Psyops. That person can be led to the truth for which the deeply disturbing conclusion must result: your own government is advancing a Mind Control machine of slavery over you and your children. This is now evidenced by enormous fraud coming from a death-cult elite. You must understand that a true American jury will demand billions of dollars in restitution for these heinous crimes. We are advancing true parental authority to crush these slave-making Nazis with the Constitution of the United States.

On Saturday, November 15, at 8:00 am, at the National Archives Building on Connecticut Ave., eight military veterans and a military mother climbed a 9-foot retaining fence and occupied a ninety-foot high scaffolding to raise two 450 square foot banners stating, "DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!" and "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT." The same message will also be displayed at demonstrations in the Los Angeles area on Saturday.

Members of Veterans for Peace (VFP) chose the Archives for their nonviolent protest because it is symbolic of their military oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." In September they occupied the Archives for 24 hours, and plan to stay longer this time.

Psyops expert exposes what's really going on in America.

A few relevant thoughts on the matter:

PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT (denouncing a multinational cartel, President from 1901-1909, Roosevelt lived to see the creation of a privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve Corporation by the Invisible Government of international bank monopolists.1858-1919)

EDWARD L. BERNAYS (Sigmund Freud’s nephew and the father of psy-ops, mass spin control and modern propaganda. Bernay’s techniques were used to sell WWI to Americans thru the “Committee on Public Information”. Josef Goebbels as Hitler’s flack & Minister of Propaganda was an avid fan of Bernay’s work and put it to use in the Third Reich. Bernays partnered with William Paley to run CBS. Edward Bernay’s work was also the foundation for CIA mass media manipulation via “Operation Mockingbird”. Quote: Bernay’s book “Propaganda” published 1928)

GEORGE SELDES (legendary investigative reporter 1938)

PHILIP GRAHAM (editor of the Washington Post quoting his CIA operative source as he discussed the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Quote 1991)

RUBIN FRANK (former NBC “News” president)