Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bedford Springs Pennsylvania bring Illuminati Child Sacrifice Rituals from the Bohemian Grove

Why are top Republicans celebrating child sacrifice rituals? Are some gays "made" by draconian sexual repression and trauma at childhood? These important questions are now too "political" to even ask. Why?

The truth may really surprise you. What is "too political" has been deliberately made so by an extra-constitutional elite. Politics is the illusion fully normalized by our "free media" that fully distracts you away from the real power system. But with powerful Mind Control advanced against you from birth, is your media really "free?" Where things appear "too political" to be resolved, they may be in real conflict with this highly secretive elite, known loosely as the "Illuminati." Does this serve to explain our entire "political" reality today? As millions of American children have been raised in dangerous sexual repression, most Americans know little or nothing about the dangers of sexual repression as required by massive Alpha-level Mind Control programming.

"Theatre is a hammer."---Bertolt Brecht
Very few people know what this really means. No matter how normalized and seductive your popular media has become, it is still used to spread powerful emotional contagion, a basic weapon of war.

In the 1950s, our own Congress studied comic books and their Mind Control effects on children. Today, we are all programmed to find this study "peculiar." But what if our federal government was really onto something very profound, the very source of power which only an intelligent parent can protect his or her child from? Your subconscious mind represents 99% of your mind, as powerful emotions can be fully programmed subconsciously so that triggering mechanisms can be employed to bring these emotions to the surface. These programmed emotions then fully manipulate your conscious thoughts, serving the programmer invisibly. Protecting your child from unconscious programming is now considered "peculiar" or worse. Have we been thoroughly dumbed-down about power from birth? Alpha-level programming of children is profoundly powerful and dangerous, especially over generations! This is fundamental "political programming" begun in early childhood which makes millions of Americans intellectually soft about their real government and the real threats to children. In 1954, Toho's Godzilla was directed for mass authoritarian programming through terror via CIA Alpha programming. Can a Superman mythic system programming authority be so ubiquitously imposed so as to make the 9/11 events work for wrongful government? Both Freud and Jung thought so.

Massive programming of the "demonic individual" then sets up highly secretive, "authoritarian" and "parental" government as "necessary," thus the Machiavellian manipulator is born of fire invisible to your rational mind, working through your own deeply programmed fears. This is the precise purpose of mass media, as it secretly serves wrongful government and demonizes the individual. Once government activates a promlugated crisis involving terror, these programmed fears come to the surface and you are fully manipulated by wrongful government. As the real "demonic individual" is exceedingly rare, government will actually create such individuals to become the Machiavellian manipulator of "endless war." But this entire fear-based power system has been programmed by destroying the parental duty of truth through sex education. This is because sex and fear ignorance in children is central to this wrongful programming. The natural instincts in parents to protect their children from this programming is therefore demonized and taken away from millions of children through powerful conformist propaganda. According to top State Department and psychology experts, this wrongful authority over good parents is now so thoroughly "normalized" that only the exceptional patriot will understand it. But the right law firm will expose billions of dollars in liability from these powerful programmers and sex cult enforcers. You must give up all your programming and ask yourself: who programs the programmer?

Military-grade Psy-Ops "blends" secret agendas intimately with your own belief system. Theatre is indeed a hammer! You must become smarter than the military-grade Psy-Ops used against you. You will literally not believe the truth or see obvious truth as bizarre or distasteful because of the theatre of the absurd fed to you your entire life. You only trivialized this "entertainment" as "harmless." Top Pentagon mind programmers disagree. They are now coming back from Iraq and want to tell the truth. You have been fully programmed from childhood to fall for the 9/11 scam. Theatre is indeed a hammer! It has utterly deceived you since birth, and only an intelligent parent could have protected you. Alpha-level mind programming represents 80% of the world's espionage spending and it is far more ubiquitous than you will want to believe. But now these many "bogey-man" myths programmed by a near-totalitarian Pentagon media dominance apply to good patriots, truth-seekers and good parents everywhere. Even obvious truth on a free and open Internet appears to be "weird" or off-color due to massive wrongful programming of your own mind since birth. This warping of rational thought is no illusion. What is really going on? Psy-Ops expert reveals the real threat to Americans.

Americans have been made deliberately dumb about these profound dangers by their own government. Powerful emotional programming has been deliberately made taboo in America for decades. Is Child Services providing thousands of child sex slaves for the elite and all of this evil is now "invisible" to the rational mind? Because most politicians today were raised sexually repressed, they are now targeted with powerful sexual blackmail. Wouldn't wrongful government do this precisely to test their Mind Control machine and build perverse loyalities, very wrongful power systems? That is precisely what we are finding. Millions of child mind slaves are being secretly produced for the Pentagon using mass media and powerful subconscious programming. But precisely like the American Catholic Church, such manipulation is utterly inscrutable to the rational minds of millions. This is the deliberate inexplicable domain of Nazi Mind Control.

The Pentagon has studied terror-based "shell shock" for many decades. Such a study led to the idea that a population can be protected from shell shock through massive media programming. This serves to program the unconscious mind for future terror so that terror can actually work for the Pentagon, building the more effective soldier. More important than this, the terror events which open the mind for full suggestibility can be effectively programmed by pre-existing "voice of authority" programming from government. But such massive pre-programming through mass media serves to distort the entire culture toward wrongful manipulation. The "elite" at the Bohemian Grove have other agendas besides "national security."

Now state "protectors" of children have been fully programmed subconsciously by Republican bogey-man myths which now fully apply to good parents everywhere. This is basic Black Widow Psy-Ops for which Americans have been made deliberately and blissfully ignorant. But they certainly know these dangers in post-Nazi Europe and at The Hague. I have been working with Nazi hunters from Denmark who know the "Monarch Worm" is fully established in America as a powerful Mind Control programming. The radicals who advance this programming are completely invisible to the rational mind and are a major, extra-constitutional threat to us all. The "elite" at the Bohemian Grove have secretly advanced sexual repression against our children since the 1950s then employed all major media through Mockingbird and many media alliances to program them for full terror manipulation. Once terror is activated in these children, the government becomes their parent and this process serves elite eugenicists. This unconscious programming now does far more than serve to build effective soldiers, it fully serves eugenics, the unifying thread of the "elite" for generations.

Follow your own popular media and view their sex and fear programming at work for generations. Now do the research at the National Archives which proves such media was controlled and fully "themed" by our own CIA. This is the true "awe" in shock and awe, as near universal dominance of all media was involved through a top-down, peer-pressure power scheme, some of which requires child sex slaves for loyalty and blackmail. This makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control as those now in power were nearly all raised sexually repressed at childhood. Such is the Pandora's box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale. Sexual repression sets our children up for this powerful Mind Control programming now and in the future. Good parents were then destroyed by a "system" to keep this entire operation secret. Fully programmed as "parental," the federal government and its many octopus-arms of power, can then do the inexplicable, like 9/11 and massive family destruction and get away with it. Such deception was perfected by none other than Walt Disney himself. Through powerful Psy-Ops technology, this "parental" deception makes the Machiavellian manipulator possible. This is basic Psy-Ops, but much worse, it's Nazi Mind Control. These elite who have set you up include Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and both Bush presidents and many, many more "connected" elitists. But to whom are they really connected?

Now the elite are celebrating the Dred Scott decision at Bedford Springs, where the Illuminati meet for child sacrifice rituals. As they burn effigies of American children, they become more and more powerful as they become more evil. The American Eugenics movement began here in 1857 with our own Supreme Court. This led directly to our Civil War and other radical movements like the K.K.K.. According to top psychologists, the Illuminati's child sacrifice ritual, which destroys "Dull Care" over an open funeral pyre, really serves to program our leaders for Satanic Arrogance which indoctrinates them for absolute power--the slave-makers. This is because the subconscious programming of millions of children is so evil, that these secret elite require bizarre loyalty and indoctrination methods for their inner circle. You will not understand this without first studying the ancient slave-making arts. These "arts" are now fully programmed and "normalized" as "sciences." Even profoundly damaging sexual repression in childhood has been fully "normalized" in America. Today their methods of sacrificing our children are fully "underground" as powerful subconscious programming and good parents will not ignore these facts!

This is a profoundly powerful and disturbing Psy-Ops, because it may have fully programmed your own belief system since your birth. What's worse, it fully employs traditional religion, popular culture and other belief systems against you. These "blenders" have been at work since the 1950s and they only serve the elite! By fully programming your emotions and your mythic systems, you may be unable to view reason. Continual CSI-styled demonization of the individual builds the illusion of parental government that only responds to our many omnipresent demons. False terror is then advanced as a Tavistock "crowd control" mechanism and we fully fall for it. This basic Nazi fraud effectively disenfranchises the vast non-elite population and reverses our Constitution. This is called Treason! To understand this powerful Psy-Ops requires the exceptional patriot. Become that patriot!

Our own Supreme Court now must hold a terrible secret, millions of U.S. children are now being indoctrinated as mind slaves. They will literally not be able to understand our Constitution's power system. Millions of U.S. children are now being trafficked by powerful witchcraft of the elite employing Freudian sex taboos and Jungian fear archetypes which have been fully programmed into their parents. And now your "free" media only gets more and more top-down, disturbing, draconian, violent and your government never tells you why. Very powerful Tavistock sex and death programming attacks your children every single day building powerful Jungian archetypes into them and you are meant to believe this all comes from our "free media" advancing "entertainment." It does not! This cold-war programming has been largely covered up by massive deception, but not totally. The good science of psychology has been thoroughly inverted in order to serve the Skull and Bones elite. These elite are not nationalists and they are not your parents. This is no hoax and this is not crazy, though you have been thoroughly programmed to laugh at this obvious truth. This is military-grade Psy-Ops now fully exposed. The most gifted experts in child development are ignored or even killed to keep the all-important parental duty of protecting children from this Mind Control fully repressed from the public consciousness. This imposed ignorance builds a profoundly dumbed-down, mind-controlled culture.

Through powerful Tavistock emotional manipulation, our children are now being indoctrinated into a very evil power system that will lead directly to a full, federal seduction into the "singularity." Such is accomplished by the destruction of the parental duty of sex education.

Why is parental sex education found in indigenous populations around the world and throughout history so "perverse" in the vast, non-elite American population? Didn't the wrongful manipulations of Disney and other major Alpha programmers have a profound effect on eliminating basic sex education in children? Now we have actual sex cults enforcing "innocence" in children, even as top professionals tell you that such innocence is really learned ignorance being fully "normalized" as a slave-making device. Why have the most powerful authoritarian empires and religions deliberately spread sexual repression wherever they conquered? Why are our "elite" at Harvard, the Pentagon, CIA, State Department carefully instructed to provide early and comprehensive sex education to their own children while simultaneously demonizing these instincts in non-elite parents? The answer is Nazi Mind Control and top professionals know it.

One such expert in child development, Richard A Gardner M.D. of Columbia University, bravely fought against the 9/11 fraud and the Nazification of American children. His many works in this field exposed the eugenics operations in America as a fundamental fraud to normal childhood development and the American family itself. He died of a brutal stabbing to the heart in 2003 which was blamed on a "suicide." Research Dr. Gardner's works and ask yourself one question: What is the real reason why this expert in child development was so radically demonized by our own secret government? He was not the first or most likely the last expert in child development to be so brutalized. This area of child development is most central to the Nazification of America, because it is where Nazis begin to build the normalization process of slavery into the next generation.

Expose the most basic Republican Scam of Ritualistic Child Abuse

The 911 Matrix: View the Machiavellian Manipulator at Work on 9/11

Eugenics is the deliberate killing-off of a targeted population and it all began in the U.S.. As eugenicists, the ruling elite have direct links to Nazi Germany and advance many secret wars which kill millions at home and abroad and they require millions of "programmable children" for these many wars. This programming utterly demoralizes millions of children for effective depopulation results. They also require a very dumbed-down population which we are dedicated to bring into enlightenment.

Their expressed mission of killing 300,000 people per day is achieved by covert killings, wars, disease and the emotional contagion which destroys millions of families. As families are destroyed by 19th Century witchcraft now fully programmed into bureaucrats everywhere, we expose how 21st Century subconscious programming actually used against us by the "elite" actually works. You will quickly find out that not only is your "parental" government not "parental," it is fully demonic at the very top. Therefore, top-down power systems spread deception, emotional contagion and fear, not truth. The millions of those programmed as "marionettes" can be effectively deprogrammed. And the methods of elite programmers can be fully exposed. This website will expose the whole truth about the "elite cult" now running your government.

The secret radicals advancing Mind Control are indistinguishable from German Nazis. But they reside behind the monuments of totalitarian deception carefully built at places like Harvard. They advance broad demoralization agendas which serve Mind Control and this process requires absolute secrecy. Collective unconscious programming is very powerful, but is fully explainable. Knowledge will dispel their powers! I have known this fact for years, but through powerful Alpha-level political programming, most Americans will simply deny this horrible truth. They have been thoroughly duped!

I sincerely wish this were a hoax! But I believe, deep within your heart, God is telling you the truth. Our country is in grave danger by the very forces our greatest generation fought in the 1940s. We simply did not have the fortitude then to see that many of the real Nazis actually lived among us. We no longer have the luxury to ignore the horrific and obvious facts of an extra-constitutional elite now controlling our government, our media, our elections and our children. Their many hypno-illusions are very powerful, but now it's time to wake up!

Your secret federal government now fully functions in the realm of the inexplicable due to powerful emotional programming advanced over generations. Only the brave will enter into this realm of truth.

The Bush Family Links to Eugenics and Nazi Germany

View actual footage: The Top Republican Establishment Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove


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