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Ed Asner on The 911 Scam goes much deeper than you will want to believe.

"I fear that if the underlying issues of 9-11 truth are not demanded, that Iraq may be but a flame on an ocean of gasoline that may be used to ignite war after war after war. We cannot, as a peace & justice movement only address the flames. We must look at the fuel being used to justify the flames of war and repression at home and abroad.

We must look deeply at the events leading up to, on and since 9-11. We must demand full 9-11 truth."


October 6, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Richard Gage, AIA and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for presenting the scientific facts behind the unprecedented destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7. AE911Truth presents solid research that contradicts the official story of the building's destruction with the overwhelming evidence of explosive controlled demolition.

An accurate understanding of history is required to make good decisions in the future. Over and over again, history has shown that the first public perceptions of historical events are not always correct. I, along with millions of others, have serious questions about our country's recent history about 9/11...." See more from Ed Asner below.

Top law firms will initially read my blog as fiction. When it dawns on them that this blog is not fiction, they are in shock. As I worked on Mind Control programming at Harvard, I was set up with a contract that protects my own children from this powerful Mind Control programming. I am assembling the most powerful Pentagon PSYOPS experts to enforce this contract. Faced with these real facts about 9/11, top law firms in American turn into little girls.

Are we just slaves to an endless war machine? You might be very surprised to find out that slavery at the subconscious level is not only achievable, but it is now nearly universal. This slavery functions at the subconscious level and requires the full demonization of real parents who understand subconscious programming. In fact, the states are now enforcing subconscious slavery through draconian force and deception on a massive scale. My children are now being programmed as mind slaves through direct force of wrongful government and this entire scam involves "protection" programs, like CAPTA, actively advanced by Bohemian Grove death cult members. My education at Harvard into real truth has provided state cyborgs all the necessary rationale to traffic my children as cattle and program them into a totalitarian mythic system of the elite. This is the most important case since Dred Scott as parents everywhere are beginning to wake up to this massive fraud against children. You will either attempt to understand this case, or you are a traitor to your nation! There is no middle ground for truth.

What ever happened to truth? My family's case will fully expose the real answer! But can you handle the truth? Military-grade Psyops has been employed against the American people culminating in the "war on terror" that will never end. But what if this war is really a totalitarian deception of Psy-Ops? What they don't want you to know is that the Pentagon carefully maintains all the elements of theatre and has created the mythos of terrorism for its own purposes, using your own deeply programmed mind against you. Now they only need to manipulate the devices of theatre and you are fully programmed to accept this as "real." Therefore you become blind to the obvious: children are being indoctrinated into a totalitarian delusion as top-down, emotionally programmed cyborgs. They are being forcibly programmed to believe the mesmerists on television are more "real" than their own parents. We now see the idiocy of Nazi Mind Control's "family values" everywhere.

Children are already hard-wired to understand reality. This indoctrination into reality is what Freud called the "reality principle." This reality for humans involves the parental duty of sex education. Since sex is the fundamental power system for humans, parental sex education is paramount to raising "elite" children who are not deluded by wrongful power systems. The early and effective sex education done in post-Nazi Germany by our own government is now critically necessary in America, as the parental duty has been nearly entirely wiped out by powerful emotional programming. The demonization of the parental duty will utterly destroy American children, as they morph into the mythic system of "the war on terror," which will never end. They will be raised to believe television and all seductive media is more real than actual facts. This is precisely what we found on 9/11. This grand delusion is no small matter of importance.

They have targeted U.S. children for profoundly damaging Psyops manipulation and this becomes obvious by understanding Mind Control in regard to our mass media. The Nazification of American children is no myth and this terminology is absolutely accurate! By transforming our government from a representative democracy to a "parental authority" at the subconscious level, we have been thoroughly deceived! This Psyops is profoundly important to understand!

The Monster Plot of 9/11 has been fully programmed for decades.

Full letter:

Dear Peace & Justice Leader(s),

I am Ed Asner. As you may know, I've dedicated much of my life to promoting peace & justice issues in America.

I would like to suggest to you emphatically that the 9-11 truth movement is the most pressing issue of the peace & justice movement today. Here is why. 9-11 has been used to justify "endless war" and a continual rollback in civil liberties that seems to have no end in sight. Yet, 9-11 remains the least examined tragedy in modern American history.

Americans would have never agreed to the last two wars and the Patriot Act's disturbing policy . . . had it not been for 9-11.

There are many disturbing issues around 9-11 that have yet to be examined in any meaningful way by our media, Congress, and even by the 9-11 Commission. These include accountability for the massive breakdown of air defense and plane intercept procedures as described in FAA and DOD regulations, which were violated on 9-11.

This breakdown and astounding unpreparedness by U.S. domestic defense agencies is puzzling to say the least, given the detailed reports our government had of the coming attacks, that were bizarrely suppressed by key officials.

For example, FBI Agent Coleen Rowley suggested that her offices' attempts to alert higher ups in the FBI of the pre 9-11 activities of Zacharias Moussaoui "seemed to have been consistently, almost DELIBERATELY thwart[ed] . . ." While George Tenet, Director of the CIA, had recieved a memo in August of 2001 (one month before the attacks of 9-11) on this report entitled, "Islamic Extremists Learn to Fly." Yet, Tenet took no action on this memo. The FBI agents responsible for the now famous "Phoenix Memo" regarding Osama Bin Laden sending students to the U.S. to attend civil aviation schools, also struggled to get their higher ups to act on this information.

To date, no one has been held accountable for the massive defense failures on 9-11, nor for the bizarre suppression of critical warnings prior to 9-11. Furthermore, we still have no explanation for why the head of Pakistani intelligence, who was meeting with top Bush Administration officials in Washington on 9-11-2001, had wired lead hijacker Mohammed Atta $100,000.00 weeks before 9-11. We still do not know who made the insider stock trades in weeks and days leading up to 9-11, by betting "against" United and American Airlines stocks (the aircraft used as missiles on 9-11).

What we DO KNOW is that $5 million of those insider stock trade "winnings" apparently by someone who had foreknowledge of the coming attacks, were made the day before 9-11 at AB Brown Trust. AB Brown Trust was headed until his induction into the CIA by Buzzy Krongard, who is now the Executive Director of the CIA. We also know that the current head of AB Brown Trust quietly resigned his position on 9-11, with no media scrutiny nor apparently government scrutiny.

Lastly, and perhaps most bizarre is the fact that $2.5 million of those stock "winnings" against these airlines made at AB Brown Trust . . . remain unclaimed.

We deserve to know why no one has been held accountable, and who made those insider stock trades. We also deserve to know why the Bush Administration allowed members of the Bin Laden family to quietly leave the U.S. after 9-11, with virtually no questioning by the FBI, and at a time when other Americans were not allowed to fly.

There are many other profound, and bizarrely "unasked" questions around 9-11. I urge all to read "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11" by David Ray Griffin, and introduced by Howard Zinn, and to view "The Great Deception" documentary by acclaimed Canadian television journalist Barry Zwicker. Peace & justice leaders and activists will find these works a great resource for getting current on the 9-11 truth issue, and can be great organizing tools to educate others.

I fear that if the underlying issues of 9-11 truth are not demanded, that Iraq may be but a flame on an ocean of gasoline that may be used to ignite war after war after war. We cannot, as a peace & justice movement only address the flames. We must look at the fuel being used to justify the flames of war and repression at home and abroad. We must look deeply at the events leading up to, on and since 9-11. We must demand full 9-11 truth.

I encourage all local and national peace & justice activists and organizations to join Philadelphia Peace Action and other peace & justice organizations nationwide who are now beginning to work with and becoming involved with the National Project at and to list your local efforts contact information there, so 9-11 truth activists across the nation can get involved with you to demand full 9-11 truth.

National has worked with 9-11 family members, and become a media source conducting interviews and linking media with 9-11 family members, including BBC World Wide Radio Network, The O'Reilly Factor, and others. By listing your local contact information for your local 9-11 truth activities at media visiting the site can find your contact information as well as local activists who want to join your efforts.


Ed Asner

Millions are joining the World Resistance Movement against the Nazification of American children.

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