Sunday, October 28, 2007

FBI Confirms Republican Sex Cults in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Suggesting Massive Fraud with CPS "Child Protective Services"

President Jimmy Carter: "Deprived of proper sex education, American girls are five times as likely to have a baby as French girls, seven times as likely to have an abortion, and seventy times as likely to have gonorrhea as girls in the Netherlands. Also, the incidence of HIV/AIDS among American teenagers is five times that of the same age in Germany."

What President Carter cannot tell you is exactly how and why these horrible afflictions are occurring to American girls--key information on the sexual exploitation of 1 million American children through active social engineering programs is still classified. The Bohemian Grove death cult has been programming Americans through mass media for 50 years. Such deep programming of sex myths and sex taboos are directed at population control and destruction of the parental duty of sex education. But you will know these programs when they come for your children. You will also know these programs by the fear, superstition and ignorance that they promote in your community, dumbing down your children, even rape-kitting your baby. These programs completely violate standing Supreme Court decisions regarding parental rights, but continue to operate in full steam. Why? You think this is some wild conspiracy myth? Think again, it's called American Politics 101 and it's completely reshaping America.

What we would not do to children in Africa is now completely common in America due to social conditioning which is completely political. I have firsthand knowledge of these programs and know how local agencies are defrauding the same federal government that secretly enables them through political programs. But these secret "altruistic" control programs in America destroy basic parent-child bonds and actually build dehumanizing sub-cultures of fear and ignorance. These programs literally destroy sacred parent-child bonds and families by using some of the most primitive methods imaginable, long used by the CIA. They broadly succeed in utter secrecy to repress non-elite minorities and provide recruits for the Pentagon. These programs work exceedingly well and are completely illegal.

They are obvious Child Trafficking Programs designed to promote redneck myths about human sexuality and child rearing. They use shock and awe campaigns against children to pry them away from their parents and then drug them. This practice is so obvious that they document it for family courts, run it in Republican campaign ads and speak openly about it! When it comes to promoting deadly ignorance, they have no shame!

These ignorance programs are very real and come directly from the most secret political movements in America, for which I have firsthand knowledge. Many of the effective sex education programs now being banned by Republican "family values" politicians and private conspirators have been proven successful at Harvard University and through many Unicef field studies. These are among the most thoroughly researched education programs on earth and have been used extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia. They are required reading for all State Department employees with children overseas, yet they are effectively banned for children in the United States. The "non-elite" are even criminalized or subject to unconstitutional sexual inquisitions for using these methods. This double-standard in life-or-death sex education is no coincidence. Active social engineering has long been a silent agenda for the radical right for domestic population control and sustained elitist power. Politics is why these comprehensive sex education and child empowerment programs that actually work are taboo in America and are now being criminalized. The existing power system based on Republican grave robbers and drug dynasties would crumble if the truth were to come out.

See Unicef's Effective Sex Education methods.

Elite members of secret alumni clubs at Harvard and Yale have succeeded at "altruistic" and covert social engineering beyond their wildest dreams! The most basic CIA trick for inflicting massive child trafficking has been the trick of numerous tyrants throughout history: peasants or slaves are raised completely ignorant of human sexuality. This ignorance is key to manipulating them. This then programs them for fear, bigotry and other witchcraft devices used to destroy their families, traffic in children and build "authority cults" which are not based on strong families. Sexual repression was perfected in the slave-making arts.

But it's not the children of the elite who are dying. Today, AIDS kills millions of non-elite children and their parents around the world, but education about AIDS and proper comprehensive sex education is deliberately withheld from millions of U.S. children. Their parents are now actively criminalized for it. Most of the dishonoring schemes designed to shame and conform the non-elite are unconstitutional and enforced by an illegal police state, much of it functions underground. Your children are conditioned for the very same ignorance which is "learned" as these effective sex education programs are designed to reverse! This is all due to a puritanical bias within conservative American cult traditions and an authoritarian Republican power system. This power system is based upon Nazi Mind Control where their "authority" is programmed in the same regions of the brain where religion is programmed. This bias was placed there to serve an elite group which we discovered about 20 years ago, yet these facts are actively repressed by Republicans. This elite is a Nazi elite by they are all dressed up as patriots and Godly people! What's worse, this authoritarian power system which forces sexual repression and ignorance onto our children can be sold to the highest bidder, even foreign oil kings!

Pediatricians, psychologists, CIA agents and the political "elite" are educated on effective sex education methods for their children. They are permitted to bond with their children in ways other Americans cannot, and government agents are highly discouraged from intruding into these homes. Many other ordinary Americans, however, are conditioned to believe that the dehumanizing of their own children by public schools and Nanny-state social services is necessary and normal. The truth is these "services" create false drama in 90% of cases and are self-important frauds. They cause more harm to a disproportionally higher percentage of children than they "protect." Statistically, applying more of these programmed bureaucrats produces more dysfunction and abuse to non-elite children, not less. Therefore, it serves the Pentagon with statistical results. This can be proven in case after case. But this "child service" serves the higher callings of politics and the Pentagon and is so horrific that the truth to these eugenics programs must be utterly repressed and continually propagandized by intense media campaigns about "child abuse."

Parents are also duped to believe that the horror stories that play like clockwork on the media about child sex abuse are grounds to keep a silent child trafficking industry going. But these same stories come from Ted Turner's "news," the same CIA eugenicist who wants to destroy 95% of the world population. The use of sexual hysteria and myth to destroy targeted populations is now everywhere in our media. You are never told that many of these horror stories serve Mind Control emotional contagion and are due to family strife caused by this unnecessary industry in the first place or that exaggeration and hysteria is effectively employed through mass media to effectively destroy non-elite families. This is an Orwellian social engineering scam that employs some of the world's oldest occultic methods and is now one of the biggest threats to our national security. The FBI is now seeking your help to expose these cults. Prior to a Supreme Court ruling in 2000, the qui tam law had been used to sue state governments and agencies for fraud in federally-funded state administered programs. Since this ruling, states may no longer be sued by qui tam plaintiffs. However, as a result of another Supreme Court ruling in 2003, local governments and municipalities are not so exempt.

Parents must sue local authorities who carry out illegal child trafficking programs which violate basic parent-child privacy and vital education!

The family-based form of bonding found at secret Ivy League alumni clubs, established religions and in elite families functions at the heart of all loyalty systems and these are rarely if ever intruded upon by social agents. In fact, the elite are protected from such intrusion. Statistically, the children of the political elite grow up healthier, wealthier and live longer than the rest of American children and are not so naive about human sexuality and power. Are the children of the elite allowed to bond with their parents in a more natural and healthier manner than the children of most Americans? Are the elite's methods more like those used everywhere in the Netherlands? It is our civic duty to find the whole truth to these facts.

Are men truly expendable, corrupting beasts because they are not part of the political elite? Or have our institutions which were originally designed to "help" children digressed to such a degree that they are now merely political agencies advancing the same simplistic sexual taboos and stereotypes as Freud warned us about 100 years ago? Are we allowing effective sex education for one cultural group and draconian, non-effective sex education for another group, simply to advance a secret social engineering function? Do we now make hundreds of thousands of men taboo, "as those who touch taboo become taboo," so as to depict men in such a manner that promotes Republican "get tough" myths about human sexuality which have been properly debunked for 100 years? We now know that sexual repression is one of the worst forms of sexual exploitation.

Are we now destroying hundreds of thousands of American families each year simply to keep the elite in political power and wrongfully condition children and parents to vote Republican? There is overwhelming evidence that Republican abstinence-only early-ignorance programs do just that. These disturbing facts are overwhelmingly true and easy to prove and have a long history of subjugating peasants and nomads in Arab cultures. I am one of the few people in America who knows why there is an actual link.

These bigotries against fathers are not imposed without due process in European countries that have known the full horrors of fascism, but such family destruction is now routine in America. As effective sex education is now a life or death issue for children, this subject is critically important and is not taboo!

For reasons we do not fully understand, naturalistic parenting is highly successful in our efforts to raise intelligent and healthy children. This form of parenting is being outlawed in America today and enforced by the same Abu Ghraib dehumanizing methods seen in Iraq. The children and families of the "non-elite" are effectively reduced to prisoners, illegally conditioned through exploitation of vulnerability and reduced to second-class social status. This violates the International law on child trafficking, but this is nothing new for the Bush Administration. These children are routinely interrogated in holding cells, rape-kitted and coached about sexual taboos which causes them severe harm. Instead of demystifying sexuality in a positive and effective manner, American cultural enforcers are demonizing the very parents who teach effective sex education methods endorsed by the federal government. A completely toxic environment described by Philip Zimbardo in The Lucifer Effect is now allowed to evolve, run secretly by bureaucrats and functioning throughout America in actual government-run sex cults that employ traditional cult methods. These are actual Child Trafficking cults that function completely outside of Constitutional oversight through state "protection" services! They are corrupted by predictable abuses of power seen in similar organizations all over the world. The only true safeguard for children are parents.

The Republican elite who sustain these sex cults will not debunk taboo, as taboo is how they rule and stay in power. In fact, the social agents now coming out of the closet tell us how they are actually "inspired" to destroy families. They are indoctrinated with the same horror stories of child sex that "inspired" cult members of the past with taboo shock. But they are not instructed on the extremely harmful destruction caused by illegal sexual repression practices. This inevitably leads to the worst human depravity by welfare agents and police against good parents. To truly know the essence of any government, look to how it educates and "protects" the youngest of children. In America, we have a long history of authoritarian cults that build and sustain dangerous dehumanizing environments for children under the guise of "protecting" them. You will find many of America's children in early graves simply because of antiquated cult powers applied to political movements that actually remove them from their own parents and destroy their families.

"Touch taboos" are now routinely employed against American children of the non-elite in order to build a false pretext for trafficking in them and falsely present bureaucrats and politicians as "saving" them for smug political reasons. This is the ultimate Orwellian scam that the religious right and Republican politicians impose on American children virtually everywhere today. The legal profession and political elite have not addressed these horrific crimes, largely because they benefit by them and enable these traffickers. The system is also so deeply mired in hysteria, superstition and politics that children all over America are dying due to illegal trauma being inflicted onto their families. Now as parents we are demanding that the FBI investigate these outrageous methods of falsely upcoding basic health care issues to police and actual sex cults that inflict extreme and unnecessary trauma onto children and families. We petition the Supreme Court to hear these incredibly bizarre cases of Child Trafficking in America and put an end to this outrageous fraud.

Such "touch taboos" are extremely effective family killers. When I attempted to educate and empower my children against these primitive devices, unscrupulous social workers and police tried to use these same taboos against me. It certainly worked on my wife, as she was taboo shocked and forced to plunge our entire family into a total moral, financial and intellectual disaster due to overwhelming government corruption because she inquired about health care for a common childhood hysteria! There is overwhelming evidence that such hysteria is actually created in today's classrooms and by government itself. This is precisely how 700,000 families are baited, trapped and destroyed by bureaucrats in America today and it's time we prosecute those who actually traffic our children!

Many Americans are wrongly conditioned to believe that politics functions only in the realm of adults. In reality, political indoctrination begins in pre-school. Children are now told to "report" parents to teachers or authorities for basic sex education or hygiene which they do not understand. After such "reporting" occurs, there is absolutely no mechanisms in place that deal effectively with complex childhood hysteria issues that these programs actually create. This "reporting" denies the fact that some of these children are being raised as elite children and not as military grunts. The elite are instructed by federal directives to provide comprehensive and effective sex education in the home, now seen as "abuse" in the non-elite world. Sexual hysteria then results and now occurs in early childhood by conditioning attitudes and much of this indoctrination today is idiotic, deadly and completely unconstitutional, as it is caused by government agents, not parents. In fact, the U.N., Unicef and our own State Department actively discourages the same kind of political intrusion into the family concerning effective sex education that is now routine in America schools. We are imposing myth and fear onto American families through children who are too young to understand myth from fact. As parents fear teaching their children critical information about sex, we are also inflicting sexual taboo onto our children through imposed ignorance, effectively dumbing them from the neck down. Then we wonder why they have difficulty controlling their bodies and minds later in life. They are being stunted emotionally and intellectually very early in life, deliberately and by police force and political design! We are also naive enough to believe that inflicting this stupidity onto their bodies will not also affect their minds. Keeping children ignorant and vulnerable by force is not the job of government!

The basic mechanisms for taboos have long been explained by good science for their uses in occultic rituals, indoctrinations and even political coups. Today, we need to explain how the government and media use them to build fear, disgust and ultimate political conformity. Touch taboos are ancient methods of instilling intense irrational fear triggered by relatively minor stimuli. These triggering devices must be taught in early childhood through negative conditioning but are not taught to children of the "elite." Such conditioning can lead to what 19th Century theorists called "hysteria" or what is known today as "Conversion Disorder." This negative conditioning of children is routine in American public schools through "zero-tolerance codes" and active social agents going into the home enforcing "minimum standards of child abuse," even basic, vital and necessary sex education. I suspected very strongly that this condition affected my own family. Touch taboos are therefore extremely valuable as conditioning devices in children and young mothers by nefarious political agents. They can even be designed to topple political regimes by smearing leaders as "debased" while they are in contact with the "sacred." This coupling of opposites in the mind can inflame wild hysteria which is called "taboo shock."

But intelligent parents are now being warned by the FBI that sex cults and extremists are targeting their children. Such cults actually function very high up in American government such as the Skull and Bones secret society. Some of these cults function within government itself because government wrongly "inspires" them with sex myths. Many social agencies now function as full-fledged Republican and Neo-Nazi cultural enforcers. Parents have been instructed to educate their children about sex in the home at the time in which their children begin to understand these matters. They have a very important reason to question the traditional indoctrination methods used by these cults: they are fundamentally dangerous, deceptive and unethical and have been traditionally used to seduce children for political indoctrination.

Monarch programming or Marionette programming involves traumatizing the victim in order to create multiple personalities in the victim. This is an extreme form of child abuse. Sexual molestation and the occult are standard tools for the Monarch programmer. There are several levels of Monarch programming.

Alpha is regarded as general programming within the base personality, often applied to broad populations through attitude propaganda, touch taboos and sexual repression. This is what the military legally does in basic training and what Child Services do illegally.

Beta programming or sexual programming eliminates all learned moral behavior and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions.

Delta is known as killer programming. Subjects are devoid of fear and are very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

These are the processes of making slaves.

Our current government, in fact, was put in place largely due to the effects of taboo shock by simplistic touch taboo devices, and we have paid an enormous price for this ignorance. When our nation's embassies were first attacked by terrorists(?) in Africa in 1998, our country was distracted by gratuitous sex imagery and touch taboos concerning Bill Clinton being continually presented through mass media. We were never informed of Ken Starr's affiliation with the Bohemian Grove group and their affinity with both sexual taboos and the wrongful imposition of sexual repression into "non-elite" children. Many "good Republican" Americans were already programmed for sexual taboo manipulation. An overwhelming number of Americans are naive and blind to the obvious fact that such taboo shock was distracting them from a much more important issue. These devices of demoralization are highly deliberate and have been perfected by Tavistock and other "intelligence" organizations.

Many Americans were not outraged by White Water real estate turning into a "sex investigation" because they were indoctrinated as children to accept this form of political manipulation. Horrific terror attacks then took a back seat to banal sex jokes. After all, we were conditioned to be this way in early childhood. Basic sexual amplification and primitive voodoo touch taboos worked to effectively blind and distract the world's only super power. Americans don't even question the disproportionality of our sex values with reality itself. Today, touch taboos are now being employed against our youngest children in a routine fashion for smug, political reasons and most Americans are utterly blind to it.

If you ever received a "wet willie" as a child, you may remember receiving such a taboo shock. The fact that people can inflame a severe reaction by placing a wet finger in a child's ear is very significant to understanding how "touch taboos" actually work. Children actually need to learn these lessons from parents so that they are not manipulated later in life. But it is a thousand times more unethical to instruct children that they have been sexually abused by such learning experiences when they have not. This is especially disturbing when these taboos are used specifically to manipulate custody of loved and healthy children or to keep children ignorant about human sexuality when they are in fact, acting out sexually. This is now routine. Keep in mind that the reaction is severe even though the stimulus is not. These reaction are now routinely coached into excess and utter harm to the child. Just because it is culturally "normal" to react severely to sexual interests in children does not make it rational or ethical to do so. This "normality" was wrongfully imposed for political reasons.

Creating taboo shock as a reaction to common childhood sexual interests or acts is not ethical or rational. Taboo shock has even been known to start wars and spread extreme racial hatreds due to its power over rational thought--that's why they work so effectively in politics! Freud proved most of this. Using them against children is an entirely different story. Children can only learn about vitally important sexual matters through awkward bathroom time and other household discovery which is actively encouraged in "elite" education programs and should not be exploited by bureaucrats in "non-elite" communities. This is precisely why the Supreme Court protects privacy rights for parents. This is also why equal protection is so vitally important. Political sex scandals using "touch taboos" as triggering devices are actually manufactured by nefarious and unethical third-party agents throughout the world and are extremely common devices of politics. But using these methods in social programs against parents and children must be carefully hidden in secret because they violate fundamental privacy laws, equal protection laws and common human decency. Modern psychology has attempted to debunk these taboos by explaining to us just how irrational our reactions really are. Huge reactions to minor stimuli is not rational. Taboos are often exploited for wrongful reasons however, especially in the political realm.

Today we must prepare our children for the overwhelming fact that police, social workers and private conspirators are using taboo shock against parents and children in order to illegally and politically manipulate, brainwash and traffic in them. This serves a profoundly ominous political movement. Too many parents today are afraid that proper and effective sex education in the home will incriminate them. They remember how Ken Starr used these tactics effectively against a sitting President and believe this is the new state of affairs in America. They must stand up to this wrongful political coup over our Constitution! Their fundamental privacy within their own homes is routinely violated to the point where they must become activists and empower their children in secret. This entire process confirms fascism and wrongful authority working through government. It must be firmly understood that sex offenders are not made by enlightened parents teaching normal human sexuality! They are made by tyrants who depict parents in this manner at these most vulnerable of times when children can be manipulated by political agents and it is always the job of good Americans to stand up to these tyrants. To hell with fearing bureaucrats. Damn the torpedoes and teach your kids about sex!

The underlining essence of taboo is irrational fear or disgust, since there is no rational reason for the resulting hysteria. But this fear and disgust can be programmed into children for political indoctrination. It can also be programmed into bureaucrats to advance a sophisticated political myth! Once you understand that this hysteria is really created for political reasons, you will be liberated to teach your children the truth and protect them from politics. Inflaming hysteria in children is a form of insanity, but this is precisely how many "social conservatives" were actually raised. Therefore, there is nothing "professional" or "rational" about inflicting taboo fears onto children, wives and families. It is, in fact, criminal to do so. In fact, these fears cause enormous social ills, confusion and even death. Today, there is absolutely no doubt that nefarious third-party sex cults exist, targeting American children with "sex magic" taboos. This is an unfortunate political reality since major political parties continue to use sexual hysteria as political weapons--even at the pre-school level by demanding draconian sexual abstinence and learned ignorance. It's only a matter for Americans to wake up and see the obvious that sexual ignorance has often been used by right-wing cults to wrongfully indoctrinate children. These practices are routine in public schools today and you should prepare your children for a brave new world through effective sex education in the home.

Parents can stop the epidemic of illegal child trafficking in America by simply treating these traffickers for what they are: they are political agents destroying our families with superstition and myth and they are illegal under our Constitution.

As a federal whistleblower, I have proposed quite rigorously that a secretive child trafficking industry is now a tremendous danger to our children. We must stand up to active sex cults working within local, state and national politics because they have simply gone too far to advance a Skull and Bones agenda of elitist superiority. This plea for sanity has fallen largely on deaf ears, as the political forces for denial of this obvious fact are conditioned to ignore it.

The political elite are even conditioned to laugh about one million American children who must die for sustained Republican power because of imposed ignorance. But they will not be laughing when they and their secret agendas are placed in court!

The candidate who taps into the enormous anger among parents who see their children being abused will win the next election. You may ignore my warnings about active child trafficking at your own peril, but the methods used to destroy American families today are fully documented for advancing political agendas and parents are fed up! The methods now used to traffic children in America constitutes a multi-billion dollar fraud that an enterprising lawyer or political candidate will prove beyond any doubt, since this fraud serves politics and not children. Though creating fear and hysteria in small children and wives is not rocket science, it is still rarely understood. This child trafficking industry is the ultimate form of treason against our children, and it must be fully exposed! This industry requires learned ignorance on such a grand scale that only politics can pull it off. This industry is distinguished by a fraudulent form of feminism that loves to work intimately with established "sex magic" devices which have been proven to work extremely effectively on political subjects, like fathers.

This is largely a right-wing politics of fear that uses "voice of authority" hypnotic methods used by police and often exaggerates male sexuality as "predatory" and "deeply threatening" for smug political reasons. In reality, we now know that men may have intuitive sex education instincts just like women may have nurturing instincts because we also know that children have always needed educated in sex in order to communicate, avoid dangers and survive! But just because Republicans have effectively used these crude taboos against their political enemies for many years does not mean that others cannot use them against Republicans. The hysteria caused by manufacturing "touch taboos" was even employed effectively against Bill Clinton as a sitting president, but will not hold against our own families because these methods are grossly unconstitutional. Dirty political tricks used by Ken Starr or the CIA should not be used on six-year-old little girls. I know how and why these horrific occultic devices work, why they must be done in silence and why these abuses are done to our children. Once parents are aware of how they have been duped by this Republican sickness concerning sex, they will be furious. I also understand fully why we are politically conditioned to do nothing about it.

The theft and disappearance of my family in Bedford County, PA perfectly illustrates how this politics of fear works. My children were stolen because I knew too much and actually tried to prepare them for this corrupt system. There is overwhelming evidence that actual sex cults are now shaping our children's lives, perceptions and destinies as I have seen firsthand. As I reported on this horrific child trafficking industry, my wife and children disappeared. Our children were rape-kitted and coached about sexual taboos because they were empowered with modern sex education methods at home that actually work. Our children were too young to counter the sex magic and touch-taboos that they were being led into by the organized sex cult known as Child Services, but as a parent who worked in this system, I tried to prepare them. My two-year-old daughter was rape-kitted weeks later precisely because I spoke out as a federal whistleblower. They may routinely molest our children for crass and idiotic politics, but they will need to kill me before I shut up about it! The issue of Child Trafficking as it actually exists in America must take center stage in American presidential politics, as it is a root cause of the massive social dysfunction we see all around us.

A Republican form of institutionalized sex cults actually exist and function secretly in America today. They are based loosely on Shaker-styled sexual repression cults and the Catholic Inquisition itself. "Shakers" got their names by employing highly effective sexual repression methods which caused an hysteria known as "shaking." Very few politicians want to make this comparison with modern sexual repression cults due to the false premise that these agencies use "modern" methods. Nothing is further from the truth! Most religious right-wing movements employ sexual repression methods with their children. Mormons advance these same methods and is the reason for many of their teenagers being completely ignorant about basic sexuality. These cults retard their children's emotional and intellectual development, destroy sacred parent-child bonds and even kill them using occultic devices long debunked by good science. Today, these methods are fully established in secretive state sex cults. One million children, in fact, are suspended in wrongful ignorance, primitive shame and separation from their own parents to the point of lethality. Many of these children will be wrongfully conditioned to fear, distrust or even loath men. This form of forced male sterilization by turning men into actual taboos is highly effective, as it functions underground and out of sight in order to "empower" children (or, more accurately, the bureaucracies themselves). They fail to tell the public that this form of "empowerment" fails 90% of children, as no one actually pulls them through life like a real father.

These methods of creating taboos in people is well documented in Freud and has been extensively employed by the CIA. Why else would the CIA use these voodoo methods in Iraq if they did not work? These methods of inflicting sexual shame onto prisoners was fully repressed and called an "isolated incident" by some out-of-control American soldiers. This is a complete CIA lie designed to distract Americans from the fact that these tactics are also used domestically and illegally against American children and families. But this activity is really hiding an obvious truth: even though sanctioned by government to work with our children, these social agencies are real sex cults, creating real taboos as explained by Freud 100 years ago and they actually work! There is no way possible that I can make this up! Do your own research! The Polynesian cultures who instilled primitive fear and taboos into their enemies were extensively documented by Freud and their methods can be easily replicated by government agents who work underground and enjoy absolute powers over children! By building myth around these practices, these political agents actually build a culture of fear and ignorance which serves the Republican Party, since sexual taboo has always been wrongly employed for political power over "peasants."

Today, parents are the "enemy" and these agencies advance bizarre bigotries and fears concerning "predatorial parents." These "predators" just so happen to be political, ethnic or religious minorities 90% of the time! They are convicted of actual sex crimes only 10% of the time. This undemocratic social engineering is their mission and they make it a horrific reality in case after case. They actually believe that a number of children must be "sacrificed" at the alter of their political gods in order to "set the tone" against a greater evil. This rubbish allows them to sleep at night, but they will never admit to the fact that they are fundamentally political agents working a fundamentally unconstitutional child trafficking system.

I have studied childhood hysteria issues for over 20 years and found these agencies very difficult to believe myself. I find that these agencies cannot and will not deal with me, even after stealing our dear children. By trying to counsel them as a political sex cult, they know I am on to them. I now know what they do and how they do it. There methods must be exposed!

A draconian response to normal human sexual development or education indicates something much more disturbing than merely a government agency doing its job. Keeping children ignorant serves a much deeper political function. I have worked with social workers who routinely use dildos and explicit sex education methods throughout the world and teach parents to do the same, but upon returning to America they must revert to a "Puritan position" in education. They must now do the same with their own children in their own homes! In the most rural areas of the U.S., children are kept ignorant through government force which is sometimes very awkward and is the worst form of child abuse possible. But we see almost universally that the most sexually repressed families routinely vote Republican.

CPS agencies must continually justify their own existence through crusading against increasingly horrific "crimes against children." But the facts are overwhelming that these agents are setting up an environment of fear and ignorance that is killing our children "in order to save them." Since they rarely get convictions for real sex crimes, they largely function as instigators and agitators. What's worse, they are actually causing hysteria and creating sex monsters in the adults that they "intervene" and "institutionalize." Even though they work routinely with "sex magic" powers, they fail to acknowledge that they cannot control the monsters of their own creation.

In order to justify a feminine dominance over parents and the Republican "get tough" approach to parents, male sexuality must not only be depicted as predatory for political reasons, it must be presented as worsening and toxic, even in old men. Therefore they advance extremely inaccurate, unethical and wildly harmful psychic attacks against hundreds of thousands of men and fathers. And they effectively smother these outrages in imposed hysteria and inspire actual lynch mobs. Many of these men will be traumatically conditioned by wrongful draconian approaches to normal and unavoidable human sexuality and effectively lynched out of their families, many times without any due process of law whatsoever. But exactly how to inflict this harmful conditioning of taboos creating "human sex monsters" is nothing new. Freud told us how taboo works over 100 years ago and precisely how to advance it. This is not voodoo, it's now political science serving a new political elite through the Orwellian theatre of the absurd known as "Child Protective Services." Its primary mission is to estrange parents and traffic in their children. The number one cause of childhood prostitution in the United States is the destruction of families by child services organizations.

These feminist activities are sold to Congress as a measure to "set the tone" against massive child abuse increases, as if men cannot control their hands or their penises just before the sky breaks open. In reality, these men have never changed, the politics of fear has changed to suit a new elite. These programs provide fertile ground for a fundamentally false indoctrination of children which is completely unnatural and ineffective and parents have always had it in them to do the right thing, intuitively. Physicality, affection and even thoughts are now regulated with draconian excess in our own homes as if parents are morons. This creates massive welfare fraud, human depravity and bigotry against fathers designed to sustain a corrupt and secretive child trafficking industry which is completely immoral, unnecessary and worse. This industry presumes that bureaucrats must "counsel" the parent in proper parental instincts when the counseling must be the other way around! Instincts like this cannot be taught to adults, that's precisely the point why we need to educate children, at the right times and without advancing primitive taboo curses onto their fathers! Can you actually imagine a man counseling a woman who is breast-feeding that her feelings aren't right and that she should ignore her instincts and trust the man? But feminist bureaucrats do the same thing to fathers every day. But no one actually asks the most fundamental question: are we really doing right by our children raising them in this hysterical manner?

This industry is now so massive and entrenched in the American psyche that it now serves both political parties without question. You will find virtually no one working in this "system" who actually believes in it for "family values," but it is government's version of the golden calf--untouchable and full of peganistic powers. It is full of political power due largely to the fact that its methods and psychology are broadly seen as antiquated and one dimensional. "Just say no to drugs" is a typical, one dimensional approach to education that just does not work. Drugs are an enormous social problem precisely because we try to legislate the human mind with 19th Century science. Children and adults function on complex conscious and subconsious levels which require actual nurturing instincts which we may not fully understand. The resulting child trafficking caused by removing parents and employing an antiquated "eugenics" approach to children is so utterly corrupt, dysfunctional and unconstitutional that the entire beast needs to be scrapped. There is simply too much political power and money in the pipeline from hell for anyone to even question the obvious. Child trafficking in America is everywhere and government is causing it.

This "system" requires an army of bureaucrats who condition children against the wisdom of their own parents. This is routinely done through political force, dumbing-down Americans over many generations in order for them to be absolutely blind and ignorant to obvious tyranny. Today, "primitive" cultures do a better job at sex education with children. By imposing a false and simplistic mythic system over generations, a population of Orwellian conformists can then become obedient factory workers. Even though the factories have long since vanished and no longer exist, the factory school system still exists and antiquated bureaucracies designed to condition factory workers still function. The bureaucrats themselves rarely evolve or believe in these antiquated socialized conditioning methods, but they still condition a populace to blindly accept obvious child trafficking to serve a very few elite in Republican power. The "business elite" no longer run real factories, but keep the factory system. Our only recourse as parents is to wake up Americans to this ongoing nightmare and demand basic justice, going to the very top of government.

These children are ceaselessly and relentlessly manipulated in the mercurial world of politics, profit and sexual taboo, a jurisdiction few lawyers or true courts want to enter. In this seemingly impenetrable world of primitive taboo, the arrogance and dysfunction of these bureaucrats is beyond measure as they organize actual inquisitions and sex cults (unseen by virtually everyone!). They exercise extreme discrimination against men and fathers, violating basic Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and the Patients Bill of Rights. This is all done through active political deception and police force which takes basic health care issues like common childhood hysteria or sex education and upcodes them as "pseudo-crimes" or actual lynchings of parents.

The extremely wayward and nebulous world of "child abuse" is thoroughly engaged by bureaucrats and private conspirators "as a moral crusade," without even trying to find out if the parents are on the same crusade. This entire industry tries to belie the fact that these cases actually function to secure federal funds, promote the hysteria that serves the bureaucracy and promote an underground political agenda. In such an Orwellian environment, the most basic questions are never asked. No one really knows what "abuse" means anymore, since sustained ignorance is seen as a good thing and fear is more important than fact. The very foundation of law has been allowed to drift into the mercurial world of sexual taboo, hysteria and political self-preservation. The very essence of legal or rational discourse is rejected at the outset and bureaucracies now exist primarily as de factoFiction Factories manufacturing "abuse cases" like pulp fiction. Parents are mere rabble. The basic and vital role of parents to educate and bond with their children through complex unions is now considered "grooming" them for sex. After all, they theorize, these bonds will potentially lead to sexuality, especially if primitive men are involved. This is the "preventive" function to save "children at risk," that the brave new world of feminism mandates. The lure to fabricate "crimes" and other CSI intrigue is also overwhelming, much like rushing into Iraq was a "moral imperative." After all, this obvious form of child abuse by government serves the same political elite as those who initiate false wars, for which many rewards are tendered.

These cases against children and parents are universally driven into false courts, creating false orphans, all to avoid the high cost of actual due process mandated by the Constitution. As a result, children of complex families involving complex health issues are upcoded into a "system" which leaves them hopelessly vulnerable and ultimately destroys them. Even though Nazi Germany witnessed the ultimate form of legal-drift, empowering bureaucrats over parents, Americans today are too naive to see their obvious demise in the same direction. There is an obvious reason why so many Americans are so naive.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of private conspirators as well as public agents who knowingly accept federal funds for blatantly unconstitutional child trafficking. This is the same child trafficking that many Europeans reject due to its Nazi roots. Most of these conspirators are unaware of the fact that draconian sexual abstinence programs and imposed ignorance is one of the oldest forms of child abuse and political indoctrination. When children are separated from their biological parents by these ignorance programs, they eventually die, even if they are not placed in traditional "camps."

This blog goes into considerable detail explaining how the dehumanizing of parents and children now serves a multi-billion dollar political fraud for the radical right. Like the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, a pattern of sexual humiliation ritualistically employed by seemingly ordinary Americans is creating a new culture of shame which serves a very small political elite. But through careful conditioning, these agents are led to believe these bizarre activities are normal and legal. But this activity is woefully unconstitutional and obvious to the world.

As I have worked with these programs, seen these rituals firsthand and have written about them at Harvard and functioned as a federal whistleblower, my family has become a target, my wife brutally brainwashed with fear and has disappeared with our children. I am now aware of many similar assaults and smear campaigns against other fathers as their families are stolen for purely political reasons. THESE CASES ARE VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA TODAY. This child trafficking is epidemic and based on the methods of some of America's oldest cults. As our children are not hard-wired for shame, there are extremist elements in American which build false fires of hysteria and fear and indoctrinate children into a culture of shame. Today, we know that imposed sexual shame is extremely dangerous to children. These conspirators appear to be motivated by greed, hate or extreme prejudice, but thoroughly document their evil work.

This primitive indoctrination of children into sexual shame is done under the guise of "protecting" them, and, of course, done in absolute secrecy, completely outside of public scrutiny. Any harm that comes to these children is done behind closed doors, secretly and in silence. Therefore, these crimes by deranged social agents, medical personnel and police must be fully documented, investigated and prosecuted by parents, our federal government, the World Court and the Roberts Court. Nothing is more critical for our future than that we prosecute real child abuse as it actually occurs in America. View a small number of Child Victims protected to death by bureaucrats.

The facts concerning Child Trafficking in America are stubborn things, and they reveal solid evidence that private conspirators and bureaucrats are on a mission to regulate human desire for political power, even to the point where we parents cannot educate our own children in our own homes on one of life's most vital responsibilities. As a result, these children are sanctified by suffering in silence, as I try to give voice to the voiceless. These children were not born with these fears, misconceptions and bigotries, they are made so by their own government. Children certainly do not understand "sexual events" as they are now routinely coached by these conspirators. The FBI confirms that Femi-Nazi hate groups now employ these tactics with children and work routinely within local governments and instill fear and hysteria as they bogusly and conveniently see "sex offenders" virtually everywhere. They are driven by a warped sense of power and the full faith in their institutional abilities to lynch virtually anyone in order to traffic children under color of law. With your help, these hate groups which traffic children for profit are being identified by the FBI and by a strong libertarian movement that says enough is enough. Report public corruption to the FBI. These Femi-Nazis find their Orwellian mission in hacking at the branches of a false evil, becoming evil themselves and destroying countless families.

We should never place human sexuality so far out of balance with reality that we see the bizarre activity now going on virtually everywhere and by our own government.

Femi-Nazi hate groups require complete allegiance, ignorance and complacency in the public. The dedicated libertarian must hack at the root of this evil. We need Ron Paul to address this basic health care issue and save America from these elitist radicals who destroy children.

This one issue will unite libertarians and Independents like no other issue. This issue is absolutely explosive because it is firmly based upon our most precious and fundamental Constitutional rights. It cuts to the heart of what's really wrong with American politics today and champions liberty over obvious tyranny. Please email this site to all decent and intelligent Americans and save our children one Constitution at a time!

Cult-like agencies which have taken on actual Nazi social goals and methods now keep American children ignorant by design. A terrible deal was cast deep within the crypts of the elite clubs at Yale and Harvard. I am one of only a few who know this disturbing truth, as my own family was stolen from me because of my knowledge of George W. Bush and the social conservatives who have taken over the U.S. government. If you are ignorant of this coup de force, you are to remain indignant, disbelieving and contemptuous against me, by design. After all, if their occultic Mind Control fails to work against you and you begin to believe the obvious truth, deep inside you know that your own family can be molested, brainwashed and stolen, as mine has been, by ignorant bureaucrats in our own government. Deep inside, you know that total leverage over your children is the ultimate political coup. When they come for your children, this horrible thing will happen to your family, even if you live in utter denial of these overwhelming facts.

Your inclination to laugh or live in denial of these overwhelming facts may be programmed in. As Dr. Koop, Ronald Reagan's Surgeon General says, children are not naturally horrified or disturbed by normal sexual development, the adults are and program this negativity into children, often through hysteria, exaggeration or imposed ignorance. What Femi-Nazis and the CIA use to create "sex magic" or basic taboo hysteria is easy to research reading Freud. By instilling fear and repressing what children learn, they are not given the basic groundings of understanding which are natural. They then blunder into dangerous sexual acts and retain ignorance and misconceptions which are immorally imposed. This greatly confuses most children, and why shouldn't it? This negative conditioning, such as "touch taboos" explained by Freud, too often becomes the imposed ignorance or tyranny that eventually kills them. After all, these methods have already been proven by the CIA in places like Iraq, where the use of "sex-taboo magic" is routinely employed on prisoners in order to "turn" them. There is also a direct link between drug abuse and sustained sexual ignorance caused by culturally-imposed shame or bureaucatically induced taboos.

Children who act out sexually are normal, just like a child who wants to cross a busy highway. But if children are never told the truth about highway dangers, if they are instead, treated in a draconian manner which confuses them, highways may begin to lure them as a forbidden subject, a mystique builds and they may eventually blunder into an oncoming vehicle out of imposed ignorance about something that is inevitable. Parents should see sex education as opportunities to teach critically important and inevitable matters and to build trust. All parents are going to have different methods and approaches, but the fact that all children develop differently, at different times and may act out aggressively is perfectly normal and inevitable. The degree to which inevitable sexual development is understood by government is not so simple, however. Sexual development can be controlled to serve a political indoctrination. But judgments should always remain in a realm for parents and not government.

Government agents will always get these matters wrong because the very nature of bureaucracy demands self-preservation and self-importance. The obvious "do no harm" approach to common "touch taboos" in children is to explain them and talk about touch. This appears to be too difficult for them. Bureaucracies actually create, build and sustain their own realities and agendas in order to remain robust, vital and survive to retirement. The prospect of finding workable solutions to simple problems absolutely evade them. They exist in a political realm, even though this realm may be antiquated or unsuitable for their mission. The Pentagon is a classic example of this. That is why those who are truly "protected" by these child programs are the bureaucrats themselves, so that their horrible business of trafficking children can go unscrutinized. Obvious child trafficking like false wars goes almost undetected until or unless the bureaucracy disappears. When witch inquisitions disappeared so, also, did witches. When the Pentagon pulled out of Vietnam, so also, did the "domino theory" fall. There are today virtually limitless numbers of Orwellian government programs creating the very issues they claim to address. Our Founding Fathers had a word for this: fraud.

Children who are manipulated, shunned, blinded or retarded by bureaucrats through imposed fear or ignorance at these times are actually being repressed and placed in unnecessary danger. The lure to destroy healthy families for political reasons is overwhelming. Agents who do this to children are fully culpable of the most destructive child abuse acts. When adults suppress normal sexual development in children, it may have little or nothing to do with some latent "sex drive," but actual fear or learned ignorance imposed by politics or religions. This fear is at the heart of primitive power and control systems used in early childhood to condition children over generations, which is also at the root of many political systems. The irony of today's bureaucrats, however, is that this fear must be exaggerated, manipulated and controlled by government, not parents. Today, this fear in parents is all too necessary and real!

Isn't it possible that you have been duped by the false prophets of your own government, as your children ebb toward bankruptcy, ignorance, demoralization, poverty and ultimate decline? Today we are actively collecting evidence against this corruption to advance a federal investigation into the very heart of darkness itself. Whether you call it political voodoo or simply advanced political science, those who traffic our children must be stopped and their methods exposed! It's time to stand up against those politicians who have sold out our children for power and speak the truth!

Your disgust for the truth is a precise part of the deal. You are meant to be shameful, ignorant, cold and ultimately conforming, for you are conditioned to be a pawn to a few oil men who now rule the world. That is, you are a mere pawn unless you read my blog and become a true American! Even as you may laugh in a sexually-repressed hysteria, this hysteria has been programmed into you by a movement so secret and so powerful that it functions at the very top of government. I defy anyone to challenge this thesis: your children have been conditioned for moral and intellectual blindness as one million American children must die for sustained Republican power! As we keep children ignorant, their parents in fear and affection itself is criminalized, these facts are overwhelming.

Sex education in the home seems like the last subject that a Republican Presidential candidate will concern himself about, or is it? Basic sex education in the home is now virtually "criminal" precisely because Republicans have been in power so long. Parasitic bureaucrats are now empowered with absolute power to go into our schools and homes enforcing a "minimum standard of child abuse" against any nonconforming parent. In this Orwellian environment it does not take a genius to turn a wet-willie into a sex act, it takes a genius to counter such Orwellian horrors committed by bureaucrats and mindless "professionals." These bureaucrats advance a Femi-Nazi agenda which many lawyers believe cannot be challenged, but many of these bureaucrats now want to speak out. This child trafficking is completely out of control and being done in Bedford County, PA and around the U.S. as the Bush administration tactfully looks the other way. Now parents are being shocked by what exactly is on the police databases which feature their own children and families as social engineering targets.

These databases and CPS Files are designed to build cases against parents for purposes of state child trafficking, political conformity and are being discovered under the Freedom of Information Act which the Bush administration is trying desperately to repress. Why do they fear basic sex education like the Taliban? What do they have on your family?

This illegal child trafficking is the ultimate bonanza for robotic bureaucrats who work intimately with the full corrupting powers of psychology, politics and sex and do not need to work their brain cells. They are, in fact, nothing human, unless they come out and tell us the truth. The only defense our children have against these sex cults is parental mentoring and education which now must go underground. Even as I learned about many of these programs at Harvard, today's Femi-Nazi organizations will not honor any parental rights, even the right to educate and protect your children. K.V. Lanning advocates parental education in the home and not school education of this most important and difficult subject: "Consequently, we began to develop prevention programs based on more complex concepts, such as good touching and bad touching. the "yucky" feeling, and the child's right to say no. These are not the kinds of things you can easily and effectively communicate in fifty minutes to hundreds of kids packed into a school auditorium." This form of sex education is now being outlawed precisely because it works. It works by educating the whole child, not some antiquated notion of a failed and false science and certainly not by the standards of Femi-Nazis who will build shame into effective education. In short, a parental relationship is absolutely necessary for children especially in the most vulnerable ages, but this relationship threatens the establishment.

We must now teach our children about sex in order to protect them from these crass bureaucrats who routinely strip them, interrogate them and brainwash them with myth. One of the first missions of effective sex education is done on the emotional, parental level where redneck politics will always fail miserably.

Basic and timely sex education will destroy this elitist power system that has taken over American politics so this education is itself targeted. This power system requires a full intrusion into the American Family by social workers, which serves only to destroy the family. A full understanding of timely sex education could easily destroy the Republican Party, as they are so needful of sustained ignorance for votes. They must keep parents and children ignorant by an antiquated power structure that regulates human knowledge, desire or even human bigotries, the most primal elements of childhood indoctrination by parents carefully built by parental trust, now a realm excluded for bureaucrats not parents. This is why so many parents are opting to empower their children with critical knowledge about sex which is now criminal, because it is seen as a political threat.

My involvement at Harvard University with secret societies in the 1980s and 1990s brought me into a world of secret government run by the elite. I never imagined that these cults would actually take over our government, but these secret society members are now coming out of the closet. An overwhelming number of Americans would be shocked at how sexual indoctrination works in these elitist alumni clubs, for they employ sexual rituals and ceremonies long thought to be "unAmerican," but now they are routinely used against American families, illegally. They function by building trust and loyalty in children just like in traditional families, but these children are conditioned for political conformity not for religion or family but for exploitation and power. This "tapping system for power" has been highly successful in American politics for two centuries, though most of our Founding Fathers abhorred the concept of two parties manipulating base human vulnerabilities, especially in children. Yet this system largely functions underground through our two-party "elite" system which is elaborately deceptive, and can be sold to the highest bidder, even to foreign oil kings.

Though it was established over twenty years ago, a comprehensive approach to sex education by parents will not only prepare children for complex and independent adult lives, it has been shown to improve intellectual development as well. The most advanced parents employ proactive measures to educate children in a timely manner that traditionalist religious indoctrinations fail to do. But timely sex education and elitist power schemes cannot co-exist. They are intricately intertwined with the most basic of power systems. For as the neo-cons or new elite have defined it, children must be suspended in "sacerdotal celibacy" or sustained sexual repression in order to experience the "miraculous phenomena" known as a religious experience. This ancient form of occultic "sex magic" actually works in children, though it is widely seen as an unethical practice found within cults. It is often thought to be unethical outside of families or religions and is deeply feared by some feminists, because it serves to "fix" a basic need for loyalty in childhood--often for a man. This loyalty system most likely serves a primitive survival instinct, where loyalty between parent and child was most critical for survival. Today, the repression of basic sexual knowledge, destruction of parental loyalty systems and basic sexual understanding is now advanced by political agents for political reasons. The parents are, in essence, completely unnecessary.

Keeping children ignorant and vulnerable in this fashion is actually killing them, however. Those who made these children vulnerable and ignorant must be proscecuted. This imposed ignorance, of course, actually promotes a false religious experience or epiphany and becomes a "false memory," but is, nonetheless, considered absolutely vital for conservative political indoctrination.

In fact, so many conservative mythic systems employ these methods of sexual repression in early childhood that many people consider sexual repression "normal" or even healthy like Santa Claus. Sexually repressive doctrines are often considered the most critical for Republican political platforms. More importantly for bureaucrats: bureaucrats who regulate sexual repression in children by repressing sexual knowledge and normal sexual development cannot co-exist with good parents. Under this Republican authority system, the children are raised to a false plateau of the purely "innocent" and parents lowered to "predators" especially in non-traditional families. These distinctions are obviously based on religious or political imperatives and not nature or good science. As a result, this authority system is completely nonsensical from a child's perspective, of course, as children are smarter than these adults tend to think. This inate intelligence has been proven by modern science and parents themselves but keeping children ignorant still works on those adults who are conditioned to believe that ignorance is good. Of course biological parents and non-biological parents will raise children differently largely because, for reasons we may not fully understand, nature demands it. The human mind is more complex, more inexplicable than one-dimensional, religious mythic systems suggest and if we trust government over the human mind, we are all lost. That is why sex education should remain in the realm of parenthood, debated by parents or health professionals and not by bureaucrats.

The mythic control systems used by Republicans are largely antiquated and bigoted against blended or complex families because such families were historically destroyed or outlawed by "traditional" religions. Today we must decide whether to accept complex, blended families or go back to stoning them.

Simplistic mythic systems that build conflict between parent and child are easy to expose. These conservative judgment systems actually work for the new Republican elite, as countless families are destroyed for political reasons by ignorant bureaucrats. The nonconforming parents who raise hell and object to this simplistic system must therefore be removed by force! The children of mere "rabble" must first be indoctrinated into simplistic political shame, or, more accurately, deceived early in life by a fundamentally false indoctrination which teaches them ignorance, deception and political conformity at the expense of true knowledge--even when this conditioning of children is an obvious Mind Control device used by political agents which has been fully documented in CIA research and is now declassified, used in Iraq and used in our own schools, secretly! This is an utterly bogus and unethical method of raising children, but is politically expedient for the elite.

Those who believe that the powerful psychological effects of sexual repression is really a "religious" experience in childhood are the very fanatics and con-artists that are a true threat to America itself. This form of indoctrination of children defines all which is wrong with American politics today.

If you believe that Femi-Nazi social agents must go into the home and enforce learned ignorance, shame and basic deception onto your children to keep them "innocent," you have been perfectly bamboozled and duped by this perverted political system. This "innocence" is pure ignorance which is not healthy and has been used to "dumb down" populations for centuries. The CIA is very much aware of this method. If powerful elitist cults want to send a trojan horse candidate into high office, the populace must be pre-programmed and duped into worshiping horses! The candidates are merely graven images of a false god. And there is nothing "decent" about it. The only thing a responsible parent can do is educate his or her child before they are molested by these agents.

Now the FBI is beginning to question these CIA "methods" used domestically by "altruistic agencies" and political bureaucrats that enforce the political indoctrination of children. This practice is so obvious to libertarians that Edward Murrow has so wisely said: "The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer." Or as those in political power may want you to believe: "Please do not assume the obvious." "Care not for the man behind the curtain." We have been raised to believe that the indoctrination of children into a culture of shame is the "Oz" of childhood, "decent" and "normal," but the elite do not indoctrinate their children in this manner. In fact, the children of the elite are all told eventually that sexually repressive practices which molest children and build shame are effectively used against very young children actually serves the elite! As de facto second-class-citizens, the children of the non-ruling classes are to serve those who are "bonded" by ritual as the ruling class. The indoctrination of children in this manner was never acceptable to our Founding Fathers. Molesting children in this manner in order to prepare them for servitude was made unAmerican.

Make no mistake about it, shame does not work as a personal morality system. It never has. Its only function is to serve an authoritarian power system through negative conditioning of "peasants." Shame serves a kingdom and not a democracy.

Today, the true undercurrent of American politics is shame, it is thoroughly indoctrinated into young children and there is nothing normal about it. Where most cultures have wisely advanced honor among parents and children, our system elaborately advances multiple dishonoring systems for everyone except bureaucrats. Ben Franklin, David Henry Thoreau or any of the "Sons of Liberty" would certainly not recognize these near-universal dishonoring systems, nor George Washington himself. Yet the shame of sexuality, crime, credit ratings, usury over true human commerce, even knowledge itself, all find their root of dishonor in shameful sex education as it actually occurs, or, more accurately, fails to occur. When children are deceived about sex, you will find the very beginning of political indoctrination into learned ignorance and deception i.e. acceptable deception which violates basic parental bonds and prepares children for servitude, like military service. And, at the very heart of most Americans, this deception does not sit easily with them. For when parental bonds are broken for political reasons, we no longer have basic freedom.

These Americans instinctively know the corrupting powers that come from sustained ignorance in childhood but fear to speak out for fear of the "shame." To reach the true perfection of shame, parents must therefore be supplanted by political bureaucrats who indoctrinate children with this shame, usually in the form of fear or "protection." This is the core indoctrination of our two-party political system where the elite need not worry about their children being stolen or prepared for a military draft, and non-elite parents and children have been thoroughly duped. For their children must be held in ignorance in a way that the Founding Fathers themselves abhorred. Nonconforming parents must therefore lose their children! Hysteria and fear rule over reason itself. Child Trafficking must result in secret, enforced by secret police in secret courts! Instead of calling it for what it actually is, Child Trafficking in America will occur secretly as a "moral failure of parents!" This is a perfect Orwellian scam to present government as the ultimate authority over parents themselves, which just so happens to support "endless war!" Patriotic Child Trafficking is the new double-speak. Or is this form of child trafficking for purposes of fighting false wars actually a new power system?

This Orwellian world actually exists today and it is almost painfully laughable to anyone trying to deny it. Try to deny that those fighting and dying for our many wars are in fact child trafficking victims,"products" of a scam, while the elite continue their endless rule. This "perfect scam" against all minority populations, especially political minorities like the Founding Fathers themselves, constitutes the death of America as they brought it to be. To sustain this fraud for pure political power requires a distracted populace that remains ignorant themselves. That is why the failed two-party system still holds. Even though this imposed ignorance about sex will kill one million children, this "sacrifice" is necessary at the alter of the two-party power system. What's truly unbelievable is that this horrific sacrifice is fully documented and corruption without indignation spells the end of our civilization! But I am the one voice that remains indignant.

Many or most Americans think that they live beyond the primitive control systems enforcing primitive shame. As a product of the two-party system, however, they are usually indoctrinated in one of two ways: ignorance and fear seeks a conservative agenda, ignorance and envy seeks a liberal agenda. Neither indoctrination method is "reasonable" however, as this most important form of education has been lost to politics. Ignorance has won.

Parents may ignore the importance of truthful and timely sex education at their own peril. They will most likely raise their own children as they themselves were raised, but they do so at extreme risk. To list the "risks" that they accept as "normal" by sustaining ignorance in children would be a Herculean task. But the basic premise of our Founding Fathers was against a dialectic system of political indoctrination, since such conditioning, over many generations, builds political chaos that induces a "dumbing down of America" into the ultimate state that we now see.

Remember Orwell. "Peace is War," "Ignorance is strength." As we wage war "over there," to assure "peace" over here, what is exactly happening? What is so obvious to the First Libertarians is that we are fighting someone else's "dragons." In this case, the Saudis attacked us, so we go to war against their enemy, allow them to own our corporations and apply their sexual repression onto our kids, mainly because they also control occultic clubs at Harvard and Yale. So many Americans are disaffected with our political system, yet they know deep inside that this deal with the devil has occurred. It is a secret that is fundamentally unsustainable as our way of life has been sabotaged. Most parents are aware that they can easily be incriminated, duped, pillaged and plundered at any whim of their own government because of ignorance and leverage over their children. And their children remain extremely vulnerable, ignorant and manipulated and are in extreme danger to inherit this generational catastrophe!

This tapping system for power is so successful and omnipresent, even those members within this administration who want to speak out must now seek federal protection for their families.

But if you take away the shame, secrecy and deception that sustains American politics, you might get a government remarkably close to what our Founding Fathers had in mind. The First Libertarian movement among our Founding Fathers predicted the utter corruption and fall of our two party system. Alexander Hamilton and George Washington promoted the Anti-Party ideals of libertarianism, not only for its inherent distrust of mythical systems and the politics of fear, greed and selfishness, but because this Anti-Party state was a priori, First and inevitably democratic and reasonable. The two-party corruption that followed has conditioned many subsequent generations of fools to "take sides" in a fundamentally false war. This corruption is now reaching critical mass and it's time to understand what our Founding Fathers actually meant.

As the AIDS/HIV crisis confronted the very foundation of a largely Republican power system, a conflict emerged deep within the Reagan Administration. This conflict has been largely repressed from history, for if the populace were to know that the Republican Party's actual intent was to indoctrinate future generations with ignorance, the entire Party system would fail. Secret government was the result. The core components involve active social engineering which is utterly unconstitutional, but is still very much with us. In fact, our children have lost all hope of living free and intelligent lives and Republican social engineers have won. The social conservatives who sabotaged the Republican Party in the 1980s, however, have succeeded in criminalizing the most fundamentally important form of child learning: sex education. This blog now reveals a trillion dollar fraud designed specifically for unconstitutional population control, political control and totalitarian power. One only needs an open mind to view the obvious truth. Once you understand this truth, you will be truly free to understand what our Constitution actually means.

The social conservative movement within the Republican Party has ventured so far outside of established science, that bizarre and secretive "social agents" now enforce actual sex cults designed to kill, retard and reduce our children to a sustainable Idiocracy. This is so incredible that you are programmed not to believe it. For what other culture in history allows children to be secretly stolen by bureaucrats simply because of sexual taboos? Sex education in the home was always considered a duty and a responsibility of all parents.

Today "zero-tolerance" policies about human sexual development will literally kill one million children and cause countless social ills. This was never "normal" before modern times. In fact, extremely advanced and elaborate sex education practices still exist in so-called "primitive cultures." Extremely advanced sex education exists all around the world according to very specific cultural and environmental needs (even fear of government). Even "primitive" Arab cultures provide indepth sex education to children at about the time of primary genital awareness. These cultures actually give us a glimpse into the past when sex education in America was not corrupted by politics. Very few Americans are aware that before the Bonesman G. Stanley Hall advanced Germany's Wilhelm Wundt's "social conditioning" methods onto children in America, sex education in the home was considered a generational responsibility, routine and absolutely vital. Today, nearly 100 years of "soul-less" psychological conditioning from a Nazi Germany social tradition has led to active political efforts to criminalize parental sex education, effectively dumbing down our children. This is now carried out by unconstitutional police force for purely political reasons designed to shape children for a political future and it's working only for sustained Republican power, certainly not for children!

Most Americans will reject these facts at their own peril, as your family will one day be assimilated into a bizarre, Orwellian bureaucracy as mine has been. Your children have no other destiny for they will fight and die defending a bottomless pit of oil, fear and ignorance for the elite. Your children are at so much risk, that the mere exposure of this obvious truth threatens those at the very top of our government. This blog is dedicated to addressing the death of America by the occultic elite. These are the elite that pretend to be the enemies of "undemocratic forces," but they have actually written the book on ultimate American treason. This is how Eugenics, Prescott Bush, George W. Bush, Planned Parenthood, the Skull and Bones Society and others have successfully constructed a de facto secret government and secret police state in America while you were sleeping the American Dream! The only requirement for such power is that one million children must die. They will die by utter ignorance imposed by their own government. This sounds like a brilliant fictional draft: if only it were not so easy to prove. Please bear with me!

In the last several Presidential elections a member of the Skull and Bones secret society was guaranteed to win. Americans are completely hood-winked by an organization so small and so elite that it only accepts 15 new members each year based mainly on birthright. These elitists form a nucleus so powerful and so psychologically inexplicable and yet omnipresently "altruistic" that it has functioned since the 1830s by a disbelief structure so powerful that some have called it the one and only Anti-Christ. These members who now hold high office were all indoctrinated into this exclusive club through sex initiations, masturbating openly in coffins and other bizarre activities that are proven to build trust and "loyalty rituals" just like in traditional family units. After all, the power of shame can build total loyalty systems for good and for evil. Today these members serve as exclusive gatekeepers in the White House, CIA, Congress and the Courts and demand loyalty above all else, even over the Constitution itself. This exclusive club rules by secret oath, inquisitions and sexual bonding rituals which our Founding Fathers detested and rejected in our Constitution. These rituals were carefully maintained however, in America's Ivy League schools. This is no accident, for this is the true basis for all worldly power.

Our Founding Fathers proposed in clear terms that such bonding should remain in families or in religion and not in government. They wisely knew that evil rituals and secrecy destroyed countless civilizations by instigating battle against "foreign dragons." These wars are how fools and "subjects" are distracted.

These bonding rituals are universally recognized for building vital and healthy family value, trust and loyalty systems, relationships and vital communications. But they were specifically outlawed in our Constitution. Any healthy family will know these bonding rituals as hugs, kisses, physicality, sex education and not sex!

But by repressing the very same bonding mechanisms used by the elite in our "non-elite families" this repression builds a false culture of shame in our children and an ignorant and conforming population that is successfully "controled" for sustained elitist power. This culture of shame is the basis of all wars and virtually all evil sustained by myth. Our families are denied the very education, loyalty, trust and knowledge that the elite maintain for themselves. But the masses must remain hood-winked and repressed.

The fact that married people have become a minority under total Republican dominance is no accident. The "sacrifice" of the Family is considered a necessary cost for the new elite.

So many social ills are caused by this fraudulent control system that instills shame and division that they are difficult to list. Such indoctrination methods used by the elite through secrecy oaths and sexual bonding rituals have effectively separated elites from mere "rabble" for centuries. In a "tapping" system for power, these secret societies rule much of American politics just like elite power families, and this is no coincidence. Such indoctrination used in cult-like clubs or religions effectively repressed populations of "peasants" for thousands of years, largely according to bloodlines. But very few people understand that these strange sexual bonding practices have a reverse or opposite component: the control of basic bonding or infantile sexual knowledge is critically important in order for elitist power systems to be sustained. State enforced learned ignorance is how non-elitists are charged to indoctrinate their children. Conversely, social conservatives today control who receives critical sexual indoctrination and who will not. This is obvious social engineering based upon unconstitutional indoctrinations of the many to serve the few. Nothing is more undemocratic. Those of us who are "rabble" must be punished for "sex" if we dare educate and bond with our own children in our own homes. This scam is so obvious today, that the elitist power system is teetering on self-destruction. A conditioned public must be distracted by brutal "wars" against reason itself. For reason will liberate us. For the First Libertarians, Reason was the ultimate religion, for it was the ultimate destiny of this country after the party system fails! The First Libertarian movement that formed our Constitution was an anti-party movement and it will return.

During the 1980s when AIDS became a world-wide scandal for the Reagan administration, major universities undertook "deep thinking" and research into the precise manner in which children learn about sex, or, more importantly, how they don't learn. What was revealed horrified social conservatives, for this knowledge would doom them. It is widely agreed among reputable scientists, pediatricians and psychiatric professionals that early and timely sex education should be encouraged in the home at about the time of potty-training and other pre-school hygienic training or indoctrination. This is part of normal development. Where "no compulsive quality" or "no manifest physical or psychological harm" was widely seen in this education, this education was advanced by the Surgeon General as "proper and within the realm of private and responsible action" by parents in order to save one million children.

This education served to liberate children from traditionalist authoritarian systems, however, and the social conservatives within the Republican Party vehemently attacked Dr. Koop and other "liberals," for advocating sodomy, pre-marital sex, homosexual sex and other vicious "sins." Their reactions were so intense so as to suggest a much deeper and disturbing lie. This lie that morality is negatively affected by early sex education was proven a lie in many sophisticated scientific studies, but it became part of the deal with the devil that now runs the Republican Party. In fact, as this education actually empowered many average children with diverse and powerful new freedoms and intellectual awareness, these children excelled both in health and intellectual development. They were, in fact, coming into par with the elitists who ruled government and conservative institutions. This empowerment of children would not stand!

The social conservative movement of the 80s and 90s coincided with an elitist Arab migration to American Ivy League schools. These schools were widely viewed as the gateway to world power and many oil "Princes" assimilated into these social groups. The debate over the very nature of power ensued. Arab elite were initially mystified by the near-absolute American ignorance concerning ancient and classic cultural conditioning devices like usury, shame and imposed ignorance. Sexual repression and learned ignorance were long held as successful for both Arab and U.S. conservative power systems, even though they were fundamentally unconstitutional in American government. A deal between these opposing elite power systems occurred in secret but is fully documented and horrific. This deal required the gradual implementation of secret government sustained by advanced psychological theories in sexual repression, ignorance conditioning and authoritarian population control.

It is no wonder that George W. Bush will initiate "wars" against "sex predators," "drugs," basic sex education and fundamental child health. His days of cocaine parties and masturbating in coffins must be kept secret for those elite to follow. For deep within "the tomb," a deal was struck. Those who can prove this deal will also prove a multi-billion dollar fraud and must remain "loyal" as one million American children must die!

Major sex studies in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s proved that early and timely sex education in children was vitally important for healthy development. Freud, B.F. Skinner, Koop and many others proved that children repressed in infantile developmental stages were in fact severely harmed by sociological forces. These forces were at the root of all power structures, however. These studies also proved that "sex for procreative purposes only" was an imposed myth, imposed by feudal control systems and primitive religions which fuel most or all wars and social wrongs like terrorism, divorce and disease. Keeping children ignorant was a primary means of abusing them, as a dog might be conditioned to be a fighter or worse.

As peasants were routinely indoctrinated as "sheep," primitive power systems worked for centuries. Adults and children all require basic sexual bonding activities for healthy and normal development. Naturalistic parenting is just that, natural and normal throughout history. Most parents are not even aware of it when it occurs, nor should they be. But such parenting is outlawed in the most repressive governments, for good reason. Naturalistic parenting is how the elite raise their children to be healthy and intelligent, and it is in their best interests to repress this upbringing in their "subjects." Even though such parenting is natural throughout history, the elite do not need to fear that the inherent abiguities of normal sex education will be wrongfully exploited and used against them by their own govenment. Poor people or "peasants" are not so fortunate. Even though roughly 90% of "abuse" cases cannot be addressed in criminal courts(because they are not crimes), virtually no one questions these outrageous abuses of justice against the powerless. No one questions how these scarlet-letter cases affect millions of Americans directly and indirectly. Since the emotional manipulation of children at the time of basic sex education is precisely how tyrants and cults indoctrinate them, we forget this fact at our extreme peril. Our Founding Fathers were very knowledgeable about the reasons for these loyalty rituals used by cults and rejected them in their government. They are designed to build a mythic system in "subjects" for selfish self-interest and blind loyalty, but they are not democratic.

A draconian response to non-procreative "sexual bonding" is a clear sign of tyranny and certain indicator of a repressive, authoritarian social system which inflicts negatively upon children. Since some form of sexual bonding is absolutely necessary for basic sex education, these times can be wrongfully exploited by political agents of the state. It is a way to inflict fear, deception and confusion onto children in regard to all sexual matters and to wrongfully manipulate them. We see this illness concerning sexuality everywhere in America today. And we see diverse forms of abuse and perversion as a result of unhealthy, draconian conditioning of children away from their parents and toward bureaucrats. Telling children that sex is normal when they are 14 does not reverse this negative conditioning.

In fact, conditioning children for sexual shame early in their development has the effect of not being reversible! This fact is one of the leading causes of drug abuse and other anti-social behavior later in life. Reserving basic "sexual bonding" practices for bureaucrats, "royalty" or other "elite" is fundamentally immoral in any democratic society and will betray a child's intellectual and moral development. As the Roman Catholic Church and royalty imposed these immoral systems onto sheep like "peasants," bizarre sexual practices were maintained in secret as they required secretive police and Inquisitions to enforce this bizarre and undemocratic system. This is the precise royalty that our Founding Fathers wisely rejected!

But how many Americans actually know that this occultic grave-robber organization known for the "Bonesmen" and "Brotherhood of Death" is supremely dedicated to the same eugenics "science" that Hitler endorsed for his 1000 year scheme (which nearly worked) by carefully suspending children in imposed ignorance? Or that this same indoctrination method was effectively transferred to the CIA in its creation in 1947? Or that secretive police and de facto Inquisitions today enforce basic sexual repression on our children? Their occultic faith in eugenics and world-wide social engineering is the true "New World Order" advanced by three generations of the Bush family. Bonesmen are responsible for the CIA, invention of gasoline and the Supreme Court ruling that authorizes corporations to function indefinately "as human beings." The documents now coming to light after 60 years are easy to research by using these keywords and are not conspiracy myths, these are historical and ongoing facts! Discriminative control and Pavlovian conditioning is how children learn or fail to learn about important life issues. Bonesmen actively support key psychology institutions that target children for political social engineering.

Today, "zero-tolerance" codes of conduct in schools and in your home are severely hurting our children and destroying our families and they come directly from this cult. These are only a tip of the iceberg, as bureaucrats actively parce ambiguous "sexual events" with children in order to traffic them routinely, another mission of the cult. High divorce rates, teen pregnancy and countless other social ills are considered necessary for elitist power. Any signs of affection are regarded as "inappropriate" or even criminal. This activity is completely unconstitutional, unhealthy and should alarm every American, as our children are not Republican peasants! Their conditioning in this cold manner is extremely unhealthy. For sustained power, the new elite's most secret and effective mission is to target your children, and they are winning!

In fact, the science of "coaching" very young children with false memories about "sexual" activities has advanced to such a sophistication in "altruistic" social agencies that it confounds many modern psychologists. We actually now know how and where false memories occur in the brain, how to create, impose and direct them and these methods are fully documented. The ability of bureaucrats and other "professionals" to coach children about "sex" against their own parents is absolutely horrific, widespread and fully documented. This illegal activity is much more common than any parent wants to admit, but the science of conditioning children in this manner is nearly 100 years old.

The mission of this blog is not to get into conspiracy "myths" but to demonstrate why sex education in the home is so dangerous to those in power. Every parent must resist the false science of a few elitists as our government conditions them like Pavlov's dogs. Every time this illegal conditioning is addressed at the Supreme Court, it is rejected in favor of parents, yet it is still employed to destroy hundreds of thousands of families for political reasons.

This subject is far too important to ignore. My family's case, as addressed here, will expose an enormous fraud against our children and government! This fraud delivers billions of dollars to local communities for active social engineering and family destruction that is grossly unconstitutional. This money actually empowers the creation of sex cults which function completely outside of government scrutiny and can be proven in case after case! These cults exist as a consequence to the absolute power and political imperatives given to these agents. This fraud cannot survive a true frontal attack in Roberts Court or in any constitutionally recognized court. Secret society rituals and inquisitions designed hundreds of years ago to sustain elitist royalty have no place in our domestic politics and cannot stand against our own Constitution. Yet these sex cults are very real and destroy countless families, usually by using discriminatory conditioning against fathers and men.

The silent epidemic in America is sexual repression imposed for secret political reasons by grossly unconstitutional "protection services." These services have been largely abolished in Europe due to the fact that they originated in fascist regimes and the eugenics movements of World War II. American social agencies continue these practices however, even though a vast number of agents are held in complete ignorance. These agencies were introduced as "altruistic" agencies at about the same time as our military abolished the draft. This is a carefully guarded secret, as this fraud is woefully unconstitutional and could not withstand exposure in our courts. Therefore, it functions in underground or extra-constitutional "gray areas" of American jurisprudence. This allows for actual social engineering in America for blatantly political reasons and motives and you are never meant to know this or even question its existence.

Your children are now being monitored or targeted by these agencies and active government programs are designed to challenge the very foundation of your idea of "freedom" and suspend your children in ignorance through critical stages of their development. This is all done by political design by secret societies and "eugenics," which we can now prove as illegal and unscientific using newly released federal documents. This imposed ignorance will result in one million HIV/AIDS infections in these children! We can now expose why and how our children are being abused by the millions because basic and normal sex education in the home is considered a political threat!

Your first inclination may be to dismiss me as a paranoid. But my firsthand knowledge of these organizations at Harvard for over 7 years has made me a target--not because I am a paranoid. My family has disappeared and the facts I advance are overwhelming evidence of massive fraud which has radically changed our nation. So massive, in fact, that nearly one trillion dollars in government programs must be reversed! You were not only conned by this fraud, but your grandparents were as well. This makes it a "traditional fraud," a very hard concept to accept. This is all because we have been conned by Republican elitists who blindly accept a false "science"--really, is this fraud so hard to believe?

Even though "eugenics" is still very much alive in American social engineering and politics, it has been extensively proven to be a racist, fascist fraud. As they presume an elitist, God-like power over children, a horror too deep and primitive to discern and a clear desire to rule the world, view a small fraction of the children WHO HAVE DIED under their "protection services."

The FBI has issued new hate crime definitions and maps targeting Bedford County, Pennsylvania as a designated hate crime location. See the FBI website. There are active Femi-Nazi groups enforcing sexual repression and trafficking children in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Many children are targeted because they were provided sex education in the home or because they live in complex or blended families. They are intensely questioned in public schools on sexual matters through "protection services" which are now using blatantly illegal methods to traffic children in the U.S.. In fact, the FBI acknowledges that Femi-Nazi social agents often employ irrational hate because they judge parents on knee-jerk or pre-ordained conclusions based upon their gender, political affiliation or religion or other irrational criterion: "Hate, a complex subject, divides into two general categories: rational and irrational. Unjust acts inspire rational hate. Hatred of a person based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or national origin constitutes irrational hate." Over the past 5 years, we have seen an alarming increase in "unjust acts" in Bedford County by bureaucrats against good parents.

Even though these practices are routinely regarded as unconstitutional by federal courts, these agencies actively target poor or minority families without the means to battle in federal courts. These are actual hate crimes promoted by social conservatives, state officials and radical Femi-Nazis groups, as these groups are targeting children for blatantly political reasons and for reasons that violate federally protected activities. Now American families are being destroyed by the same imposed ignorance and sexual repressive practices found in third world countries, the Talibanic fanatic regimes and by totalitarian regimes. It turns out that rural America is no different, not in the least.

The Surgeon General for the Reagan administration has called this imposed ignorance about sexuality a major disaster for our children as 500,000 AIDS victims blundered into the disease out of imposed ignorance. Secret societies like the Skull and Bones indoctrinate their elite members through intensive sexual inquisitions---just like Ken Starr. This sexual indoctrination is now routine in America's illegal social engineering by CPS or "social services" which has been promoted by the many occultic secret societies which are active in American politics. Most of the victims of this social engineering are poorly educated about sex, conditioned in a draconian matter about sex or are imposed with deliberate sexual ignorance as children. This horrific indoctrination of children was exposed twenty years ago! So what has the Republican Congress done to address this crime? They initiated a national child abuse hysteria calling for a "minimum definition of child abuse" which allows them to target parents for any political reason. This is done by targeting parents who are routinely denied basic due process in underground "civil" proceedings. Hysteria about "sex abuse" is just one method used to keep this political indoctrination method going. Much of this hysteria is a rouse which is a classic "dirty trick" done by Republican Skull and Bonesmen.

Today, virtually anything "sexual" concerning anyone under 18 is being construed with Talibanic repression--even though sexuality is a major part of life. This includes basic sex education and affection in the home. Ignorance is being imposed on our children by state force with the help of an entire industry of "professionals" who seek federal funds. But this ignorance is unconstitutional, deadly and extremely unethical as these agents are defrauding federal programs to enforce a political and quasi-religious indoctrination. This indoctrination of children into sexual ignorance is a bogus, occultic device employed by the most elite agents in government, and they are working! One only needs to look to Saudi Arabia to find the outcome to this kind of sexual repression: most 9/11 terrorists came from this sexually repressive culture where women and girls are absolutely powerless as fanatics rule them. If you can understand how these terrorists were driven to the most horrific crimes "for 72 virgins in heaven," you will begin to understand how sexual repression is supremely powerful for elitist regimes. All of these people were indoctrinated by the same ancient methods used by occultic groups in America.

In rural areas like Bedford County, this imposed ignorance is now sustained by police force and advanced in our schools as "normal" and "decent." The children who "conform" to this ignorance are raised to accept a Republican authority system, watch Fox News and adopt Republican bigotries. Many of these kids will end up in Iraq fighting heroicly, robotically and in patriotic conformity. But they will fight the enemy of our enemy! Many of these children are made fatherless through state force and deception which denies any basic due process in order to secure federal funds. This process creates soldiers and Republican voters. Their parents are actually made to fear the basic and normal sex education that was always considered a duty in most of the world, throughout history and was proven to be absolutely vital for children over twenty years ago. But they now believe sexual ignorance is "decent" for children! This rouse has worked.

Most parents who have training in Constitutional Law will understand that these children are being negligently trafficked by illegal, underground activities producing false orphans, abortions and worse. The most astute parents, in fact, will understand that this illegal child trafficking serves big business, local agencies and the Pentagon itself, as many of these children will ultimately go to fight Republican wars. But very few parents will know the whole truth. This blog goes into great detail explaining these facts and I encourage every parent to research the facts about this illegal activity. In fact, the Supreme Court has sided with parents in case after case concerning the right to raise and educate children in privacy without undue state intrusion.

The Supreme Court's many rulings in favor of parents over bureaucrats is meaningless unless these agencies are forced to pay for their criminal child trafficking. Parents must demand that their Justice Department enforce these rulings and parental rights as child trafficking actually exists in America. Punitive damages must reflect the true cost these crimes are inflicting on our children in terms of wrongfully imposed ignorance.

You may be alarmed that my training at Harvard in the prevention of sexual exploitation and sexual diseases like HIV/AIDS in the 1980s is now being criminalized by radicals in Bedford. These idiots actually have little experience with children who are actually empowered with sexual knowledge as the Surgeon General advocates. They target all children as "abused" under a warped Republican culture of fear and sexual repression that empowers them financially and politically. But this system is eerily similar to Talibanic repression for a reason. There is an actual link. As a parent and teacher in Bedford County, I have seen first-hand how this illegal and immoral practice of sexual repression and federal fraud is dumbing down our children and destroying hundreds of families and it's time for parents to wake up! For this fraud is advanced by the same forces that brought us 9/11.

What's worse, these Femi-Nazi sects often target fathers for illegal harassment and intimidation which is already outlawed by major Supreme Court decisions. These fathers are routinely removed from families as a knee-jerk act of sex discrimination and radical Femi-Nazis have been enormously successful in their political intrusion into our own homes. The failure of the Justice Department to enforce fundamental civil rights is no accident. Local and federal agents require fatherless children in order to conduct child trafficking and secure federal funds for this illegal activity. My own daughter has been stolen by extreme deception and fraud carried out by these groups in an effort to make her a false orphan for a warped and deadly foster care industry. Now these Femi-Nazi groups are going into the homes of American families to impose sexual ignorance, fear and actual hate crimes. The FBI goes further and concludes that many of these organizations which instigate hate crimes do so under color of law and use mythology to avoid good science and "deep thinking" as is necessary for "rational hate."

Nothing is more irrational than the current Republican agenda for "faith-based" social engineering that traffics the children of "liberals" or favors the ignorant over the intelligent. Much of this engineering is being guided by Femi-Nazi sects who target men and fathers as "predators," "deadbeats" and falsely criminalize them in Ken Starr-styled inquisitions. This is no accident. After all, virtually none of these men are given the resources to fight such an overwhelming fraud, as these activities are not even based on our Constitution. And these activities are historically successful, even though barbaric and unconstitutional. There is nothing new to this radical right-wing social engineering. It advances an irrational mythic system that avoids "deep thinking" as it pertains to faith-based "life issues" and a Republican, authoritarian approach to indoctrinating children. When bureaucrats gather around a simplistic mythic system which is politically expedient, they find the same perverse powers that our Founding Fathers tried to avoid: namely, the perverse power to impose a false morality onto children and families through force and duress. Basic life and death issues like sex education are now being crassly criminalized in our own homes by those demoralized bureaucrats who presume a superiority over parents. Much of this is happening in secretive "civil" procedures which are designed to divide families and inflict extreme punitive suffering onto children.

As violated parents, we are now demanding this "deep thinking" occur in our courts to save our own children from fanatics. Going unaddressed, these constitutional violations will lead to 1 million HIV/AIDS infections in our children and tens of millions of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, STD infections and high divorce rates. The reason for this is simple: bureaucratic morality systems cannot work on complex human beings. They require a dumbing-down process which is inherently abusive to children. As children are instructed through "psychological conditioning" methods, they are fundamentally deceived into not believing their own instincts and God-given minds. They are forced to accept a false morality and power system which they will eventually revolt against, just like our Founding Fathers revolted against it.

The Talibanic repression of basic forms of affection is so bizarre today that we literally have no substantive research on human beings. Fathers are placed in the impossible position of being criminalized for conducting basic and naturalistic sex education in the home or being criminalized as "negligent" when his children act out sexually or become pregnant. These fathers are routinely depicted as "lewd" or "predatory" for providing the same basic knowledge and protection for his children as the CIA provides for its own. He is demonized for providing the vital sex education endorsed by the federal government or "culpable" and "negligent" for not providing it. The Femi-Nazi sect will stigmatize fathers with the same illegal prejudice and a dumbing-down of the human condition that the Supreme Court has already found unconstitutional.

Today the elitist power system effectively targets fatherhood in purely financial terms where only the elite can survive. A truly effective depopulation device as these same men are labeled as "deadbeats" for not countering a grossly unconstitutional Ken Starr Inquisition.

This impossible position for fathers is no accident. The mission of these political groups is feminist population control and this website goes into great detail explaining this. All of these social evils are promoted by social "conservatives" who are really ideologically parallel to Nazi social engineers by enforcing sexual repression and learned ignorance. Nowhere is this process more obvious than in my family's case, where a multi-billion dollar federal fraud is fully exposed.

The mythology used to condition and indoctrinate our children must be placed in sharp focus. By forcing children to repress their own "deep thinking" and natural mental powers, bureaucrats are not producing conformists for a political society, they are actually inflicting severe child abuse. These children will be raised to be half human, not fully functioning and intelligent. Freud proved this 100 years ago as he treated Victorians for sexual repression illnesses. Complex, subconscious human development was being repressed by simplistic moral systems. We are seeing a surge in these same illnesses today. Congress is now engaged in Hate Crime legislation that targets all hate groups, including a growing number of those in government itself. But these hate groups require darkness and silence to continue operating. All hate groups in the Bedford area maintain ceremonies, rituals and "order" to avoid "deep thinking" about their racial and sexual stereotypes. But once these methods are exposed, they are no longer effective against unsuspecting parents. Sex education by parents has been proven to be the best approach for building critical knowledge, character and sound intellectual development in children.

Quite frankly, social conservatives are more concerned about sex than deadly ignorance. Why else would our children be suspended in the same sexual ignorance that we now oppose in AIDS-plaqued Africa? Are we really that blind to how sexual ignorance is used in American politics? The irrational mythic system promoted by Republican candidates which depicts sex education at home as corrupting is typical of other hate groups who want to repress full intelligence in children. Imposed ignorance is a weapon as outlined by the FBI itself. This weapon is now targeting our own children in our own homes. These radicals have used their political power to instigate hate crimes against our children. My family is a clear case of this enormous fraud against federal programs designed to reverse this dangerous ignorance. This failure to understand human suffering in rational terms is being imposed in childhood in the form of learned ignorance and sexual repression. Once these children are indoctrinated in such a manner, they are easily manipulated politically by these hate groups to vote as conformist fools.

Radical social conservatives are indoctrinating very young children to feel disgust, shame and fear about human sexuality. The Supreme Court of the United States has already addressed this imposed ignorance in favor of parents and not government. Sex education in the home is federally protected for good reason. Parents are to decide whether condoms work, what stages of development children are to be educated, how they are educated, whether abortion is ethical or sexual ignorance is healthy. Parents are to decide these matters between themselves and not in conjuction will inept government. These are complex matters where parents are inherently more capable and wise than 9-to-5 bureaucrats on a political mission.

For our Founding Fathers, sex education was sacred in the home because this is one of the most important and critical early intellectual lessons between parent and child and not a matter for ignorant, prudish, arrogant and criminal bureaucrats. This was so obvious to our Founding Fathers that Colonial sex education was far more sophisticated and timely than it is today. Mormons like Mitt Romney (who now stands to be "tapped" by the Bonesmen) were considered members of an unAmerican cult in Colonial times due largely to their use of sexual repression with children and the complimentary sex-magic powers of polygomy. Romney's own family escaped to Mexico because of a polygomy scandal within this cult.

In the 1700's there was a direct distinction between ignorant peasants who blundered into servitude and those children who advanced. Sexual knowledge was key to power over tyranny and the avoidance of untimely death. Yet, it is no less a matter of life and death today, and is more important for intellectual growth.

It seems ludicrous that we must now emphasize this obvious fact, as billions of federal dollars are going to outlaw the most fundamental right of parents to educate and empower their children. Anyone who ignores these enormous crimes against children is a true threat to our future and not a patriot.

This blog addresses the many methods which are illegally used by hate groups in government. Their first mission is make you crazy. You may actually believe this conditioning. These extremists are conditioning children and wives to fear sex and not actual human suffering that may result from sexual ignorance. Such irrational indoctrination methods typify all hate groups, for they instill emotion over reason and this is extremely powerful. This is a political bias of radical Republicans which have encouraged these hate groups that target "liberally educated" parents. There is overwhelming evidence to prove that this is why our current "faith-based" government, military and local CPS agencies are committing hate crimes like torture, child trafficking and welfare fraud. They do these horrors with robotic precision, robotic certainty. Those in power were raised to accept this horrendous ignorance and they are now using the full scope of federal, state and local governments to impose this learned ignorance on children illegally. Learned ignorance is advanced throughout government as an attitude, yet these agents are often distinguished by their robotic and ignorant adherence to corrupt authority. When they try to shrug off this obvious truth as a "conspiracy myth," they have been conditioned to accept ignorance. It would be no different if they had ingested enormous amounts of lead. They are ignorant due to imposed ignorance and want your children to be dumbed-down as well.

My family was targeted, sexually violated, constitutionally violated and destroyed by such a hate group in Bedford County. Often these hate crimes are never investigated because they are done under cover of laughter by corrupt attorneys, authorities and "officials." These fools were conditioned in childhood to believe outrageous myths about human sexuality. Nervous laughter is a sign of sexual repression, but these cases have grown enormously and silently due to psychological factors conditioned in childhood and they are no laughing matter. This hate crime is also a federal fraud that is so obvious that I represent an extreme danger to the Republican Party itself. My whistleblowing activities have gone to the top of this Republican administration for very good reason. This exposure greatly endangered my family, as this illegal activity within government goes to the very heart of the Republican power structure. Why else would President Bush attack whistle-blowers on this issue with official Presidential "signing statements" when all we advocate is basic education, basic transparency? I have reported on this political fraud for years, but am now seeking federal protection for my family and a direct assault on these crimes by our courts.

Femi-Nazis in Bedford told my wife numerous lies and committed numerous crimes in order to traffic our children and file false claims for federal dollars. These crimes are evidenced in widespread dishonesty and systematic deception and exposes a repressive cult of ignorance indoctrinating children throughout the U.S.. I have followed the money all the way back to its secret sources. The False Claims Act prohibits presenting any false claim for reimbursement to the United States government, either intentionally or where there is "deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard" of the claim's falsity. Congress designed the provision to preclude so called hear-no-evil see-no-evil defenses. A system that creates ignorance by limiting information available to a claimant provides no protection from prosecution. Under the statute, "individuals and contractors seeking public funds have some duty to make a limited inquiry so as to be reasonably certain they are entitled to the money they seek." Thus, a deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard for the truth is basis for liability under the FCA.

Doctors, counselors, social workers and police are now actively defrauding federal programs and violating basic civil rights of children and parents and violate federal laws that specifically endorse AIDS/HIV sex education in the home. They do this with the full anticipation of immunity which does not exist for these con-artists.

My family's case involves active and sustained ignorance for the purpose of defrauding federal programs and it is deeply political in nature. My young family is not at all political, but are the victims of this massive fraud because I spoke out against it. Our little girls are stronger and more intelligent than the attorneys and politicians who, as moral and intellectual cowards, are either abusing them directly or failing to acknowledge the blatant child abuse being done by private and public officials. These cowards are directly culpable for horrendous crimes if they do not act. For these crimes are afflicting hundreds of thousands of American families for purely political reasons. Those who rape-kitted our daughters, brainwashed my wife, failed our basic Patients Bill of Rights, did all of this without any due process of law from constitutionally recognized courts. They are continuing these outrageously illegal practices without any due process of law whatsoever. They did this for purely political reasons and as retaliation for my whistleblowing activities against an obvious federal fraud involving billions of dollars and millions of children!

This is all the more disturbing, as these criminals function within government agencies and defraud billions of dollars from federal programs designed to "help" children. They are using these funds to indoctrinate children into a mythic, political culture based upon traditionalist religious taboos. And these outrageous tactics are working! These taboos are working against a conditioned conservative population, just like they have worked against those repressed in totalitarian regimes. There is absolutely no difference between today's U.S. political indoctrinations and historic fascists indoctrinations, since this government does not enforce any civil rights laws designed to keep us free. These radicals will blame this loss of basic human rights to many wars of their own making because they were raised to accept undemocratic, unscientific authority systems.

This blog addresses my family's case, which, as a state employee, I have witnessed these same illegal political methods used against hundreds of children in Bedford County, PA. These abuses are political in case after case, yet extreme fear is imposed against these families. These facts are horrific but absolutely true, as the vast majority of conservatives will resist the obvious truth to our own country's demise.

The White Nationalists, Racist Skinheads and Neo-Nazis, including Femi-Nazis, all employ draconian punishments for children being indoctrinated into sexual matters. This is not in doubt. But the reason for draconian punishments and imposed ignorance is utterly immoral in the modern world and may well lead to 1 million more AIDS/HIV infections in America. These are facts. What is truly disturbing is the extent to which this primitive irrational conditioning of children is trafficking them for political indoctrination through the Femi-Nazi hate groups which operate within government. Many of these children will turn to drugs, be abusive themselves and will enter the military due to utterly repressive conditions imposed on them. Anyone who points out the obvious facts of this fraud will be targeted by "authorities." This is no accident. After many years of Republican rule, wildly unconstitutional attacks against basic sex education in the home, basic and normal sexuality in children and the bogus claims of "sex predators" in case after case are causing a sexual hysteria in our children and in our courts.

One of the great fears of some federal officials today is that the election of a liberal female president in the United States may cause an internal reaction against the Femi-Nazi movement. Extremists are already threatening such social unrest against feminism in general, though Femi-Nazis are only a radical movement within feminism.

Today Romeo and Juliet are "sex offenders." They would be monitored and dishonorably stigmatized by illegal inquisitions. They would not be allowed near children and their own children would be seized and politically manipulated by bureaucrats without any due process of law and without the use of anything remotely scientific. Even basic sex education in the home is being criminalized, as simplistic mythic systems used by Republicans are being rejected by these educated and empowered children. For social conservatives the very prospect of sex is more disturbing than the horrific destruction done to such a family by this irrational fear. This irrational attitude is absolutely primitive and illegal but is exactly what is happening in the U.S. today, as the Bush administration fails to investigate blatant civil rights violations against children.

Bureaucrats who traffic children become so demoralized that they are indistinguishable from other hate groups in society. They are in fact hate groups working with irrational mythic ideals of sexual taboo and learned ignorance. This blog addresses the root cause of how and why these sex cults form in government, now a multi-billion dollar fraud against the American family. These practices have been exposed in our military prison camps, as sexual hysteria works against those who are sexually repressed. Your children are therefore manipulated and sexually repressed in conservative institutions which condition them for future sexual humiliation and worse. Over three quarters of those men or women recruited for the Pentagon were at some time forced into "the system" as children. This fraud is so obvious and easy to prove, even at the pre-school level, that it defies comprehension as to why parents are not more outraged.

The Femi-Nazi hate groups often target children through Child Services organizations and actively promote learned ignorance sex myths for ancient conformity indoctrination. Some of these sex myths include:

Predatory Myths "Sex predators" are one of the many stereotypes advanced against men in order to sustain a "protective" system. Just like the mob will demand money and loyalty for "protection," your family will be force-fed horrific "sex predator" stories and like Pavlov's dogs, you are to react in horror and total conformity. Today, Femi-Nazi groups are depicting fathers as "sexual" in case after case. Women and girls are deceived by cookie-cutter fear tactics used in case after case to believe in the bogey-men who target children by many nefarious methods. These methods are all well documented in Family Courts! These bogey-men are everywhere in conservative media outlets. Many of these cases are bogus and never retracted after they are proven false. Children are told to fear men as somehow inherently "predatorial" as bizarre sex cases are culled from a national population of 300 million and falsely presented as "unspeakable" and common. These stories of "predators" are often fabricated as racial lynching victims of the past were wrongly depicted by racial ignorance and fear. As true psychological professionals know these cases to be rare, the public and children are led to believe they are common and a pressing threat. Some men are portrayed fraudulently when external sexuality is depicted as predatorial simply because many women cannot understand the external sexuality of men. If your grandparents married in their teens, they are today "sex offenders" who must be monitored and sexually humiliated. None of us would be here without the normal sex drives that are now being demonized as "crimes" by political fanatics, and children are certainly not being educated to know the difference. The extremists who distort and exaggerate predatory myths are, ironically, producing many such "predators" as these men and women are victimized by unjust institutions and deranged bureaucrats.

Such injustice is so acute emotionally that it has been shown to cause the very illness that the victim is falsely accused of. Most of these "predators" were not sexually educated as children and were later institutionalized in conservative institutions. This is why the hype of predatory myths is so utterly dangerous: it is very often serving a self-fulfilling political function. Like Nixon's "war on drugs," Bush's "war on sex predators" is upcoding a basic health issue into the Justice system fraudulently and disastrously for our children. A true libertarian will point to the fact that children are illegally indoctrinated into sedative or psychotropic drugs in early childhood by the legal drug industry (Republican drugs), which fully supports the Republican war on drugs. But any parent can research the active ingredients to common "cold medications" which, in fact, neither are effective against colds nor safe and contain basic opiate-based drugs that sedate children and condition them to accept a much wider drug culture.

The Radioactive Penis Myth Femi-Nazis advance a host of myths concerning the penis. Often an erection is portrayed as a sign of "intent" or portrayed as a weapon. They also advance the very harmful delusions that ignorance in children is bliss. This sustained ignorance actually causes extreme harm. Just as racial ignorance is extremely harmful, sexual repression serves to fail children in critical stages of development. "The penal phase" in girls, often between age 4 and 7, is shown to be necessary for a healthy development in girls. If irrational prejudice, fear or ignorance is sustained in girls of this age concerning the penis, a host of social ills have been shown to ensue. Such a myth is not only unnatural and dangerous, it can produce deranged social workers as well, if they are advancing such unhealthy myths on a daily basis. Social workers may also be attracted to these myth-sustaining agencies for nefarious sexual reasons.

Hygiene Sex Myths Femi-Nazis advance the prudish myths that common or necessary hygiene with children, testing for infections or common sex education with children is "sexual abuse." This is especially so when carried out by a man. These myths are extremely harmful to the children and adults involved and constitute a grave invasion of privacy. Just as a child is learning the basics of sexuality in the home, Femi-Nazi groups are falsely advertising "health services" in order to use "sex magic" taboos against them and traffic in these children. Freud and many other top psychologists have pointed out exactly how sexual hysteria can be wrongfully inflicted onto developing children. They then effectively make the parent himself a taboo using these methods. This is all possible because basic privacy in the home is non-existent. The Supreme Court has already recognized the need for this privacy in the home as no state shall impose laws abridging the care or education of children on sexual matters like contraception or basic sex education. After all, this is still America, despite a Republican imposed ignorance in regards to sex.

Shock and Awe Campaigns Femi-Nazis often advance "shock and awe campaigns" against families and parents in a fashion that greatly disturbs the psyche. By setting children up to be sexually repressed, these children will often blunder into sexual activities through sustained sexual ignorance imposed upon them. Their sexually repressed parents, raised in the same manner, often become shocked by normal sexual activities that are enflamed by Hyper-Abuse Hysteria and these cases are then routinely forwarded to police for effective destruction of these families. Many accusations are leveled in a profoundly sexual manner even though these are largely false accusations or inspired by a wrongful understanding of human sexuality. False accusations are often glamorized and presented as CSI "facts," when, in reality, they are commonly misrepresented or taken out of context for nefarious reasons. Sexual hysteria has long been employed effectively in American lynchings. This hysteria is often successful in socially conservative regions for criminalizing or lynching political nonconformers or other minorities. This blog reveals how social workers lied to thousands of victims in order to have them injected with sexual diseases in actual Hate Crime cases in the U.S. in the Tuskeegee case. These horrendous cases are more common than most Americans have been led to believe and work to build fear and disgust within families.

This pre-programmed "disgust" can blind those who are programmed to be disgusted by normal sexual conditions in the first place. After all, none of us were born into this Republican illness concerning sex. This conditioning can cause perfectly articulate and intelligent adults to become inarticulate and "numbed" into irrational horror. This is how sexual humiliation works for the Pentagon and this is how hate groups indoctrinate children. Conservatives were raised to be disgusted in this manner and can therefore be manipulated. The CIA, FBI and police know this very well. This is the indoctrination function which is primitive but effective. Shock and awe campaigns are mainly done to divide and conquer families and causes extreme trauma to children and adults alike. Such "evidence" against parents is rarely proven in any legally recognized manner and is extremely unethical under the "do no harm" code of health-care ethics. This is exactly how Nazis in Germany began their social engineering operations: they started by turning health care issues into "crimes."

Aliens Did it Femi-Nazis actively manipulate ignorance in small children in ways that build testimony or "coach" young children about sexual matters. We now know how to instill "false memories" and where in the brain they occur. Science has proven that such false memories serve as a defense mechanism which is both common and maliable. Since very young children are not mentally capable of distinguishing many areas of adult "intent," these children can be coached to believe that simple and necessary sex education, hygiene or common physicality is actually "sexual abuse." Just as it is common for children to exaggerate fears of Space Aliens or other deeply latent mental phenomenon, confusion and sexual disturbances in children are very common. Inflaming and manipulating these irrational fears by using sexual amplification devices is extremely unethical and indicates criminality in any social worker. When children are trafficked by those who employ these criminal methods, these agents violate many laws and need to be investigated.

The most effective indoctrination device used against our children by unethical social workers is imposed or learned ignorance. Sexual ignorance has long been a religious ritual and is employed to build "conformity" to social conservative mythic ideals. Such rituals as "the stork brought the baby" are common in some cultures and are designed to avoid sex education in children. The instinct in parents to avoid sex education, however, is a culturally imposed anxiety which is extremely common but wrong. Those cultures with the most outrageous cases of sex abuse are those cultures like America's "red state," Bible belt conservative states. In these states you will find the highest levels of drug abuse, divorce and child abuse.

Sustained sexual ignorance is very dangerous and is used ritualistically to avoid "deep thinking." There is overwhelming evidence that children adopt ignorance about sexual matters as a conditioning force that promotes ignorance itself. Such learned ignorance causes a "dumbing down" condition in children where ignorance is viewed as acceptable and normal. This imposed ignorance serves to retard the development of emotional areas of the brain often described as the sub-conscious mind. Retarding this area of childhood development can produce the bizarre sexual cases found in many Republican politicians who simultaneously present themselves as "social conservatives." In the modern world, sustained sexual ignorance is extremely dangerous, unnatural and unhealthy.

This ignorance has been passed from generation to generation "as normal" in a culture of shame. Many "red states" suffer the most extreme examples of drug abuse, divorce and child abuse as a result of social conservative learned ignorance. Ignorance in America now includes pervasive Child Trafficking, a new industry growing rapidly in the United States. Social agencies within government are actually trafficking children who have been empowered with critical knowledge or who are actually loved affectionately. These agencies function in an effectively underground government, since this activity is so criminal, and is woefully unconstitutional, this deception is highly effective in carrying out draconian and illegal separations and imprisonments of children, fathers and others. This industry is very active in rural America, as in Bedford County, but very few in government will acknowledge this outrageous truth.

These public servants are truly cowards for ignoring this massive fraud or have been sexually indoctrinated into ignorance as children themselves. As these extremists find political power by "getting tough" with parents for teaching normal human sexuality, these horrific crimes sap hundreds of billions of dollars from federal programs. By advancing outrageous sexual myths with children, these illegal extremists in government are effectively stealing the children of their political "enemies" without due process and doing so in utter silence. What's more disturbing is the idiotic acceptance of this primitive practice by educated men and women who should know better.

But the Justice Department under the current Bush administration is suffering from extreme internal conflict. Many of the civil rights attorneys in government are speaking out against this obvious corruption and abuse of public trust. There are active hate groups working within the existing political structure of this government at the local and federal level. That is why we need to fight. Only educated parents can demand an investigation into these hate crimes. At this website, we are dedicated to exposing the corruption of Child Trafficking in America by these political methods. There is no question that these extremists have affected our own Republican Party to a great extent. A review of the Republican attitudes regarding sex education, abortion and "life issues" will reveal clearly that their attitudes are unconstitutional, unnatural and irrational. But the learned ignorance imposed on our children by politicians and bureaucrats is extremely powerful, as most of these political agents have been wrongly indoctrinated as children themselves.

Only the most astute attorney will save these children from the sexual hysteria which instills racial hate, sexual ignorance and political conformity from generation to generation. Only the the bravest of the brave will enter this Brave New World of corruption which has been placed on our children by mob rule, as this problem is so pervasive that it will hit very close to home.

This blog addresses the key reasons why Republicans are so blind to basic human rights and good science. It explains why they may be blind or apathetic to actual torture, sexual ignorance and child trafficking. They were raised that way. Nothing is more obvious to the world. This explains why draconian punishments for normal sexual matters are virtually everywhere in America today, why Republican Congress men are found in women's clothes and cruel and unusual punishments target "non-Republican" families virtually everywhere. The massive fraud and sexual hysteria being forced on minorities by unethical prosecutors and politicians is revealing a deep and disturbing hypocrisy: human sexuality is being unnaturally depicted and repressed, causing extreme harm and danger to our children.

Primitive sexual hysteria is recurring in our culture due to these extremists in government. Hate crimes against minorities and liberals is commonplace within the U.S. today, as effective civil rights enforcement is at an all-time low. In fact, Republican weakness in the area of civil rights will lead to 1 million new HIV/AIDS cases in our children due to imposed ignorance. Massive federal fraud is now ensuing against federal programs designed to help these children and my young family's rape-kitting, political manipulation and disappearance will prove this massive fraud beyond any doubt.

I have maintained all along that those extremists who stole my two-year old daughter in Bedford, PA were acting under irrational hate, imposing irrational fear. I have appealed to the Justice Department as a federal whistleblower, as this problem is occurring as a matter of government policy, but this problem requires an urgent response by those teachers, attorneys and parents who are concerned that their children are being manipulated in this illegal manner.

Since these "protection services" and social programs are serving a political function imposed by Republicans at the very top of government, this Justice Department will not investigate these obvious civil rights violations against children.

The extremists in Bedford County maintain simple mythologies within schools and local government organizations here and are cult-like in their practice and secrecy. They routinely target "liberals" or other minorities, especially those who empower their children on matters of sexuality. They will seek draconian penalties against "nonconformers," such as pediatricians or others who educate children against diseases like AIDS/HIV and the ill effects of sexual repression on children. What's worse, CPS agencies will act as instigators going into the homes and families of targeted "liberals" or other minorities. These groups actively enforce sexual repression in young children, actively destroy families and threaten to use whatever force is necessary to avoid prosecution for federal, constitutional and international law violations. Given that these organizations are endangering children by suspending them in dangerous ignorance by irrational hate, it is imperative that the federal government investigate these hate groups that manipulate children.

We cannot afford to tolerate hate groups manipulating our children or the learned ignorance that is being imposed on them illegally and in our own homes! Read this blog and report these hate crimes. Learn about Hate Crime Reporting.

Conditioning entire societies to be offended by the truth is the whole point of Republican politics. Republican Sex Cults are very real and will destroy your children's future. Please donate what you can so we can raise this issue to the national standing that it deserves. This donation will go toward building awareness of this serious fraud against our children!