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Do you have what it takes to win $100 Million CAPTA CPS Qui tam Fraud Case?

The very core understanding of Eugenics has been deliberately taken away from the American people for a very good reason: Eugenics is actively used against them. Children and Youth manipulating our children is the moral equivalent of cavemen holding our children. It's time to wake up!

The states now build basic witchcraft sex hysteria into millions of U.S. children in the lie of "protecting" them. They do this routinely through kangaroo courts and primitive sex inquisitions run by mind-controlled bureaucrats, even as they impose profound ignorance onto these children and parents. This ignorance achieves broad emotional contagion which fully destroys the historically all-important parental duty of sex educaton. But this "protection" never applies to "elite" children. "Elite" children are provided effective sex education through actual federal directives and their privacy is not violated for profoundly important reasons: this form of sexual repression utterly destroys children! This violation of equal protection is now so obvious that the right patriot stands to make millions by saving children from a basic Nazi scam. Have you been thoroughly mind controlled not to see this obvious scam?

The most advanced child rearing methods on earth are now demonized by Child Services because our population has been completely dumbed-down by actual Nazi Mind Control devices and scams. HIV/AIDS will kill millions of these children. Sexual repression will dumb-down and emotionally destroy countless millions more. But how do the "elite," the very programmers of this sex-based scam, raise and empower their children?

Trauma-based Mind Control is taking center stage as these trauma methods are actively used against millions of Americans. These are powerful brainwashing methods never exposed as such. We have all been conditioned to "trust" our government, but we now know that this trust is used horribly against us. By building a totalitarian belief system based upon trusting a top-down government, our Constitution is effectively reversed. Has the trauma "conditioning" of women, children and fathers been effectively "normalized" by top-down government "get tough" programs, false-flag terror attacks and now so commonplace that no one will even question their true origins? Not the 911 Truth movement, we know this trauma-based scam came directly from Mengele and Nazi German death camps. Children are now routinely placed into hypno-chambers and coached about sex abuse in what the State Department has labeled as "clean methods" for population control and elitist eugenics. Since these methods will naturally provide sexual hysteria results, especially in parents who were themselves raised sexually repressed, such methods serve eugenics population control in case after case.

We have witnesses who knew Mengele in America as "Dr. Black" and that his role for the CIA was anything but "national security" related. His true mission was to fulfill Pentagon Mind Control objectives which require "programmable" children on a massive scale. He was also financed by eugenicists who were very well versed in the ancient art of Chinese warfare: "to destroy your enemy, destroy the authority of his parent." This mission is fulfilled by educating marionettes to function as "child protectors" who are programmed to see child "abuse" literally everywhere there are non-elite children. They can even be conditioned to trivialize or know nothing about the traditional all-important parental duty. So sexual education praised in elite families and used in Freudian psychology to empower and protect elite children can be simultaneously demonized in non-elite populations. These eugenics results are statistically linked to sexual hysteria being spread against the American public and this same public blindly "trusting" Child Protection racketeers. Once these criminals get a taste of absolute power in child trafficking Inquisitions, they become drunk in their lies and schemes to destroy millions of American families.

In 1973, the Rockefeller Foundation again gave $500,000 to the Population Council and $25,000 to the Population Crisis Committee, while the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $250,000 to the Population Council, and $250,000 to the Population Institute. But such efforts were miniscule by federal spending standards. CAPTA initiated in 1973 introduced "minimum standards of child abuse" which led to massive "truth" spending through major universities, publishing houses and media to advance the idea of horrible and rampant child abuse. But the real mission of this HYPe "truth" was to destroy the traditional parental duty. The parental duty of sex education in the home is historically the most important empowerment tool for children but through HYPe "truth" can be effectively demonized by basic Freudian sex taboos. Yet another Republican "war" would be launched through war-logic and "altruistic" programs coming down from the Bohemian Grove death cult and not based on sound medical science or sound jurisprudence against the traditional parental duty. The result was an explosion of perceived child abuse cases that applied mainly to the enemies of the Republican death-cult elite.

CAPTA literally comes down from the Bohemian Grove death cult and its true purpose is to spread enormous emotional contagion which destroys the parental duty. This destruction sets children up for mass brainwashing through mass media. These children will enter into a mythic system of government which is fully controlled from the top down, as fully exposed by the actual events on 9/11. This wholesale destruction of the reality principle in children is profoundly damaging to them and it will lure them into the "singularity" of mind and machine, fully controlled by the elite mind controllers.

But how does this serve eugenics? These cases are carefully programmed through top-down "studies" and other high-sounding methods to apply only to the non-elite, the "poor" of society. The elite actively protect their own children from the learned ignorance of CAPTA. The increase in child "abuse" in these lower non-elite populations was recorded at 2200% higher in 1988 than in 1973. This coincided with many sexual hysteria cases coming from the media during the Reagan administration. Media is employed to spread emotional contagion even as it never tells parents the truth about the importance of the parental duty. The sleight of hand effect was made a federal mandate where HIV/AIDS sex education and most other dutiful parenting was ignored or even praised in the elite while simultaneously used to ensnare and destroy millions of non-elite families by bureaucrats programmed to see sex abuse everywhere there are poor people as they perfect the witchcraft of sexual amplification devices. By raising your children sexually ignorant, you set them up for these powerful taboos when they become parents. This is the cycle of a basic Nazi sex scam employing Freudian sex taboos on a massive scale. Families are carefully confirmed as "non-elite" before such witchcraft is applied to them. The more the non-elite demands basic civil rights the more witchcraft is inflicted on his or her children.

By repressing the sound sciences concerning human development and the parental duty, sexual hystera, a powerful mind control device, serves to destroy millions of U.S. non-elite families. A statistically superior percentage of these children have no other futures than the military. This is "low intensity conflict" through psychological warfare and it all serves the Pentagon and the eugenicists.

The alienation of millions of non-custodial parents is a direct result of CAPTA top-down programming of child abuse hysteria and a fundamentally false approach to effective child rearing. All children go through awkward sexual development stages fully exposed by Freud, by demonizing these stages in the "ignorant" non-elite, the elite fraudulently upcode basic and normal childhood sexuality cases to the sex police. This scam serves the eugenics "science" goals of population control and it builds an inverted world very similar to Nazi Germany where actual pedophiles ruled over children and good parents were actively demonized. I know this firsthand, as I raised my children with the Surgeon General's own comprehensive sex education program as advocated at Harvard to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the many wrongful effects of sexual repression, my children were swept up by absolute idiots who placed them into the category of "non-elite" to be exterminated by the elite eugenics operations. This child empowerment program was actively developed at Harvard while I studied there, so there was no way I was going to raise sexually repressed or sexually ignorant children. I've seen these cases over and over, and they are all Nazi scams, every single case. These Bedford authorities routinely inflict sexual hysteria onto children and mothers which come right out of CIA methods of Mind Control. The "professionals" who work as child sex "validators" are never trained in the elite scams of population control, sexual hysteria programming and are completely ignorant of the basic parental empowerment method known throughout history as the parental duty. Such a duty is today more necessary than ever, but is effectively used as a culling device to destroy politically vulnerable parents and children.

In fact, the elite's child-abuse hysteria operations, to be broadly used against "non-elite" parents, are to depict such basic sex education as "child abuse" even as they praise "elite" parents for empowering their own children in the precise same manner. What Founding Father would conceive of "investigating" millions of parents based upon a "minimum standard" of "abuse" for which only non-elite parents are guilty until proven innocent in Nazi-styled Inquisitions? These investigations are purely political and are a basic Nazi sex scam. These are Nazi-styled Inquisitions for a very good reason, there is a direct link to Nazi Germany scams that traffic in children. They originated with American Nazis who are still in power! What's worse, such emotional contagion is easily spread upon the American public by secret and nefarious political missions designed to pull millions of parents into a legal and moral quagmire of absolute child abuse. As a result, children given the most advanced HIV/AIDS education from a Harvard-educated parent in redneck Bedford County are subjected to totally inept and anxiety-provoking witch-hunts where the idiot child-traffickers never even question the parent involved. Instead, the Inquisition mentality is provoked to inflame pre-school children into sexual hysteria in order to be coached into becoming court witnesses against their own parents, something the child cannot be expected to understand.

All of this abuse is now rewarded by massive federal bonuses from multiple federal funding sources, none of which ever mentions sex education or the parental duty to prepare children for institutional, governmental and other forms of sexual abuse. All such bonuses have been arranged by federal pedophiles. By placing pedophiles in these key positions, the elite achieve superior statistical results as the psychology of closeted pedophiles being the most energetic of child traffickers is perfectly scientific. This was the same dynamics found in Nazi Germany. The active demonization of the parental duty which historically protects children from such schemes is not scientific. Therefore, enormous "truth" spending occurred in our many institutions which shaped the "science" of today's highly political Mind Control.

The programming of sexual hysteria results in countless "false orphans" and alienated parents due to a eugenics scheme of the elite to demoralize and depopulate non-elite families and provide programmable children for the Pentagon. But the idiot bureaucrats working these schemes are Pentagon marionettes, and can't even read the Constitution of the United States and all applicable right to life decisions. There is no higher right to life than education about sex between a parent and a child, especially today! The Supreme Court's wisdom has always erred on the side of parents and not government child traffickers. The Pentagon needs to be the daddy figure for countless more children, so sexual hysteria increases accordingly. Sex education is deliberately downplayed in order to keep children unnaturally ignorant and "programmable." But a real court of law will not be so easily deceived.

Many of these "conservative" communities have a true divorce rate at higher than 65%, actual sexual abuse is a significant cause of totalitarian and draconian sexual repression enforced by the state, but these cases are overwhelmingly the symptoms of draconian sexual repression imposed by the state, not the demonic individual. Most or all sexual abuse is traced back to imposed ignorance at childhood, so the rationale of keeping this imposed ignorance going by denying countless millions of children the parental duty is purely ludicrous and our own government knew it in post-war Germany. Many wives in these sexually-repressed communities are not allowed to work outside of the home and suffer enormous drug abuse addictions in direct proportion to this repression, fewer than 10% of high school graduates will finish college and fewer still will ever be allowed to understand the relationship between sexual repression and these many social ills, all due to sexual ignorance imposed at childhood.

Most children in these sexually repressed communities will go their entire lives without the core scientific knowledge about sexual repression and its incredible harm to children known for over 100 years. In fact, sexual repression serves the Pentagon's recruiting goals so dramatically, that many of these conservative communities will actively criminalize scientific knowledge about sexual repression and its true cost to Nazi-styled societies. Sexual repression builds soldiers but it also builds a very bizarre and criminal sadism into the population. This sadism is rarely questioned by those who know no other way of life. The sadistic ignorance about sexual repression literally replicates itself from generation to generation. Children are destroyed in total ignorance as they are fully programmed by the Pentagon's sex and violence mass media programming.

Bedford County parents are but one example of massive top-down fraud concerning secret elitist eugenics operations in the guise of "saving" children. The full inversion of the parental duty into the "demonic" side of Nazi Mind Control manipulation is fully documented, as actual pedophile politicians are raised to the "parental" level by this wrongful subconscious programming. These parents are given no lawyer, their children are stolen for weeks, months and years by any trumped-up hysteria any first-rate actor can pull off. Such false sex hysteria concerning children is now so widely routine that such sexual hype is now a given in many divorce cases.

Even though parents with common hysteria issues with their children do not seek such divorces, they are routinely forced through trauma-based Nazi-styled intimidation and threats to immediately undergo parental alienation and divorce positioning. But what few people fail to understand is that such hysteria in children is a symptom of much broader government abuse. This abuse is everywhere in your mass media and it has been fully programmed by the elite. The criminals at the state level who routinely destroy families in this fashion, rarely understand that this is an elitist eugenics operation based on attitude propaganda and the false "science" of eugenics, fully programmed never to apply to the elite or their children. Many medical professionals trained in real psychology understand this scam of the elite, most police do not! Upcoding these common hysteria cases to police is the most basic of Nazi scams. Those "connected" Republicans who deliberately raise their children sexually repressed are fully protected from this scam. Educated liberals who know the truth about wrongful programming of children are not. Sophisticated and intelligent child-rearing methods which protect children are therefore utterly destroyed as society is fully dumbed-down by Republican politics of fear, myth and eugenics "science." To fully understand how this "science" is really the powerful witchcraft of utter demoralization, one only needs to look into the vast web of crime which has "perfected" these devices at the very top of government.

In today's Family Court system of total fraud, where the law comes down from actual pedophiles and eugenicists, good families are ruined by the millions based solely upon their political status. There is absolutely no higher right to life than a parent educating his or her child about sex. Such sex education is absolutely necessary to protect children from these bureaucratic sex predators. This is the only protection from the Femi-Nazi child-trafficking industry that a child can achieve from a parent and objectivity about sex is the only thing that will protect that child. The Surgeon General for Ronald Reagan, Dr. Koop, said this over and over and over again, only to be fully silenced by the current Nazis in power. If you do not educate your children about sexuality, they will die of AIDS, they will suffer extreme and numerous forms of mental illness, neurosis, they will get pregnant, suffer full political manipulation as idiots, learned ignorance will dumb them down so that all basic Freudian sex taboos will fully manipulate them as idiots. They will take their own children to the sex police. This "science" of eugenics really works, it works for the elite! Today, these elitist Femi-Nazis fully exploit that child's inherent innocence and ignorance in order to traffic in that child. It's time to wake up to the obvious truth: actual Nazis are winning the war against our children's most basic rights to life.

You will find such hysteria everywhere there are non-elite children and Child Services organizations. This is not what you believe, an inexplicable crisis of morality. This is a basic crisis of deliberately failed education and underground eugenics operations employing powerful Mind Control devices. We know it requires a certain sophistication to understand this scheme, but now we have massive evidence that the states are trafficking millions of children through outrageously false and criminal methods and by the sins of omission and common Nazi sex-magic tricks. They advertise their "services" as "health" related, as the true result of taking your child to CPS is total enslavement and demoralization. The perfect Nazi weapon to alienate millions of parents and provide the Pentagon with mind-slaves.

These facts are in no way an effort to deter us from fighting real child abuse. Since generations of Americans have been deliberately raised sexually repressed so that basic Nazi sex tricks will work on them, they will view sexual repression as "normal." Mind Control is a highly duplicitous force which operates in absolute proximity to our values, so those inadvertently advancing Mind Control may be perceived as the most "decent" or the most religious of people. It is the snake that slides in and around our "altruistic" programs, a Trojan Horse that is deliberately built into the systems which are presented as altruistic. This effectively makes the true agenda invisible to the public. The Pentagon's full mastery of these arts are unquestioned.

It's time to wake up to this basic Nazi scam. The nation's children deserve a reversal of the CAPTA program which "just so happened" to coincide with the Pentagon's loss of draft powers and the eugenics population control movement of the elite--all occurring around 1973. Today, the average American is convinced that child abuse is virtually everywhere and "abuse" is employed ubiquitously to destroy virtually any political enemy of Richard Nixon. Hyper abuse hysteria is no coincidence. It has been imposed on countless millions of Americans, precisely in the same fashion as in Nazi Germany which Nixon secretly advanced in the U.S.. This emotional contagion is highly specific to psychological warfare operations for a very good reason. Psychological warfare employing sexual repression increases child sex abuse. Millions of children are deliberately made ignorant of the parental duty, this programs them for full government manipulation and emotional contagion spread upon them will utterly destroy their families. The destruction of the parental duty will set some children up to become child molesters, murderers or worse. The full repression of a sophisticated sexual ethics development simply to serve politics is extremely dangerous.

We need to begin the denazification of America the same way the CIA denazified Germany. Child empowerment about sexuality in post-war Germany was enormously successful. The German people are no longer a war-mongering, authoritarian-manipulated people. The German government is not so prone to set-off false-flag terror attacks to drive its citizens like cattle. They actually have the sophistication regarding power to effectively question such attacks. Americans do not.

Start by giving American children the elite methods of child development or the "king's method." The king would never traumatize his children about sexual activity, nor would the king keep that child abnormally ignorant about normal human sexuality. This he reserves to his slaves. What is normal in the king's domain is made horribly abnormal in the slave's domain. The slaves must be programmed for "authority" domination and the Prince must be allowed normal human development to be an effective and compassionate leader. It's time to understand the true origins of sexual repression and reverse the Nazi trends we find everywhere in non-elite America. Children and Youth services and their child-trafficking co-horts are providing the elite with slaves. It's not more complicated than that. Sexual repression is now enforced through a brutal police state which requires trauma-based brainwashing methods, extra-constitutional repressions and Inquisitions and builds a profoundly sadistic, demoralized and dumbed-down people. This may serve the Pentagon's mind-slave machine, but it serves no child.

Government-imposed sexual repression builds emotional contagion which activates the parental duty. This is because such tyranny is based upon an ancient power system of making slaves. Parents have subconscious instincts to educate and empower their children about sex in order to protect them. These fundamentally important instincts are now routinely demonized by authoritarian conspirators against our Constitution and are now actively used to traffic millions of "non-elite" children. This is a most basic Nazi scam. Even though Freud and Jung exposed all of these secrets of elitist power, your government now actively monopolizes these secrets and uses them against you.

Reversing the CAPTA scam of imposing sexual repression and powerful emotional contagion on a massive scale through Mind Control will result in the right whistleblower saving the American tax payer billions of dollars now being spent to make trauma-based mind-slaves out of millions of good American children. This whistleblower will then be entitled to tens of millions of dollars according to our federal Qui tam whistleblower law. Massive evidence of this scam and fraud by the elite is now available. We need the exceptional patriot to save our children and stop the parental alienation process. This is a basic Freudian sex-taboo scam our Pentagon developed to be used against our enemies. It is now routinely employed against our most vulnerable citizens: the future of our nation. What future do you want for America, Nazi Germany or post-war Germany?

Sadly, the 1980's and 90's witnessed an epidemic of false child abuse Salem witch hunt-type cases, largely being ramped up in secrecy through the media. From Jordan - Scott County, Minnesota, to McMartin in California, to Kelly Michaels in New Jersey, to Amirault in Massachusetts, to Little Rascals in North Carolina, and to Wenatchee in Washington, et al, America witnessed a craze of he said - she said - and what young children said-types cases. Some of these cases were representative of actual abuse where the government caught the wrong perpetrators, but most were errors born out of naivete and ignorance - what we now know to be known as source misattribution errors. The most blattant errors now include basic sex education by the parents being construed as "violations." These mistakes have caused scores of non-abused children to be treated as truly molested and abused victims and in most cases the parents involved are not questioned in any medically sound manner. These cases are more and more advanced as Nazi-styled scams for federal money and blattant child-trafficking activity for which the World Court must address.

What they will never tell you is that government imposed sexual repression is a powerful weapon of Psy-Ops which creates and sustains all of the horrors of imposed ignorance that keeps these fires of broad family destruction burning.

One by one, the dots get connected. The same names keep popping up and they are linked with the same child-sex activities over and over and over again until the pattern becomes so clear and undeniable, the circumstantial evidence becomes so overwhelming and the picture emerges that is so frightening that it is hard to believe that it is true. The picture that has emerged is that indeed the major institutions of the United States of America, the CIA, the FBI and the many of our governmental and media institutions are involved in child sexual slavery and ritualistic abuse. In fact, the slave-making process is now so routine that few even question it. These CIA mind-slaves were active for decades building mind-demons to do horrific crimes among us so we would all vote for "get tough" Republican candidates. This is a basic Nazi Mind Control scam employing Tavistock "crowd control" and sex-fear manipulation against all U.S. citizens. The same names keep surfacing in relation to the same subjects over and over again. The CIA, child sexual abuse, the Catholic church, George Bush Sr., The secret societies of the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, The Knights of Malta and others and on and on and on.

If you think this sounds like some "looney conspiracy theory," congratulations, that's exactly how they programmed you to think, you have been brainwashed by "Sun King" programming - your mind has been successfully obliterated. For, the evidence against this conspiracy is so overwhelming and so indisputable that to ignore it any longer or write it off as too outrageous to be true, is to be a low immoral retarded coward. If you decide to continue reading, prepare yourself to connect all the dots of this evil incarnate. Read on. Your life and the safety of you family depends on it.

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Pennsylvania is the worst violator of parent and child rights as it has by far the highest number of child-trafficking organizations. Children are violated by cyborgs, programmed by the "bahavioral sciences" of the elite and not by the Constitution. German children are the most prized by the elite, and Pennsylvania's high German population is the most exploited population for the making of the child mind-slave.

Our Constitution was written as a bottom-up contract where the parent retains the real power. The Nazi elite cannot function in such a power system so they will advance Mind Control to reverse our Constitution's power system in order to fully exploit non-elite children. The American people have been thoroughly duped about the Republican elite's "moral" movement concerning children. This movement is advanced by pedophiles at the very top of government, which is completely consistent with Mind Control variables regarding the inexplicable Machiavellian manipulator. Until the American public is made fully aware of the inexplicable realm in which these criminals operate, these children will continue to be exploited in the most heinous manner.

Now the president has absolute powers to round-up all Americans through bogus terror attacks and inoculate them. That literally means a third-generation Nazi can round up your kids and inoculate them with drugs from the same companies that worked with Hitler. The truth is far more interesting than any fiction. Parents have a constitutional right to raise, educate and protect their children in historical truth, sexual truth, build sexual objectivity and sexual values so that their children are not easily manipulated by obvious Nazis and conspirators against our Constitution. Step up to our Constitution or step out!

Why are "thousands" of US service men and women getting sick and dying from mystery "vaccines" given to them by the military? Why isn't there a record of this, and why can't they get any answers to help them get well? And why do all those people with yellow ribbons on their car not raise hell over this? "Support the Troops" means SUPPORT the troops ... and that means demanding answers, and help, for these people. There is no excuse we have 200-400,000 veterans living on the streets every night, or that they're being used as guinea pigs by this intolerable military-pharmaceutical complex. With anthrax in the news, perhaps we better look beyond that and see what other biological warfare is going on. Given the long history of biological experimentation on our military members, it's beyond time we give this due diligence and demand some truth!

Sexual repression in group dynamics has been actively studied and advanced by Tavistock and the CIA for purposes of "crowd control," and stressing targeted groups in order to break up their families. Tavistock's own studies during the London bombings during WWII indicated strongly that during such bombings children were more traumatized by the fear of being separated from their parents than fear of the bombs themselves. This gave Tavistock the sick idea that parent-child separation was a useful "conditioning" method for trauma-based mind control. They advanced sexual hysteria, the false and irrational fears of parent-child sex abuse as grounds to separate children from their parents for prolonged periods. Of course, they only do this with "non-elite" children.

These sexual repression "tricks" have utterly destroyed the black family in America and are actively employed to demonize millions of political enemies of the Nazi elite. Nazi Mind Control agendas actually target the most advanced child rearing methods used by the elite themselves. Since 911, top experts in this area have been harrassed and murdered or died very mysterious deaths. There is a direct link between these killings and Nazi Mind Control. Those cowards in the legal community who sit by as an entire generation of children are conditioned to become Nazis through sexual repression are indeed the most negligent and dumbed-down lawyers in history.

Our secret government is very active in the dumbing-down of our children so that Mind Control mechanisms will easily work on them. Nowhere is this more evident than in pre-school parental sex education where the most advanced sex education methods in the world are being savagely attacked by redneck Nazis. They deliberately promote fear, bigotry, disinformation and wrongful authority over parents that serves the Pentagon and secretive eugenics operations. "Family Courts" today are being exposed as the elitist eugenics courts conceived by the Rockefellers and other top American Nazis. 25 million non-custodial parents are the results of obvious eugenics false courts. These highly secretive psychological warfare methods are no longer secret and justice will be served!

We know sexual repression builds a more militant society, destroys families and that it is actively advanced by our authoritarian government for many nefarious reasons. These eugenicists require a dumbed-down, simplistic worldview and they cannot tolerate the sophisticated populations for which our Founding Fathers required. This form of warfare builds hysteria, ignorance and wrongful authority in select groups, serving to make marriage and family impossible in select groups and serving an obvious eugenics function. The parent is then blamed for the resulting hysteria and this conspiracy allows wrongful government to advance sexual inquisitions against parents and traffic in their children who are the true victims of secret government social engineering. This is Nazi law, not constitutional law.

Illegal sexual Inquisitions are felonies against rights, felonies against children, obvious felonies against good parents. All parents have the fundamental right to protect their children from obvious felons! Parents who raise their children with sexual awareness and sexual objectivity are elite parents raising elite children. The federal government even tells them how to do it. The Nazi inquisitions advanced by Tavistock and their American counterparts in the non-elite world of Child Services are conspirators against our Constitution and are fundamentally unconstitutional. All children are elite children deserving elite parents! These Nazis are all around you and are the true idiots. Wake up and take action against obvious Nazi eugenics!

Femi-Nazis love to inflate sexuality in children. After all, their parents have most likely been raised sexually repressed themselves and will be easily manipulated by these tricks. It gives them power and purpose by avoiding the obvious: children are naturally sexual and need to communicate and be educated and empowered about sexuality. Educated children become "elite" children who are not so easily manipulated by Mind Control devices employing shame, sexual hysteria and family dysfunction by the imposition of a more primitive mind. These bureaucrats have been made profoundly idiotic about human sexuality and political manipulation. They must be utterly destroyed in a real court of law! They only do this to "non-elite" children. The elite empower their own children in the precise manner that the non-elite children are being trafficked as "abused" and deliberately traumatized by Femi-Nazis. Wake up to the fact that population control and wrongful authority requires total ignorance about human sexuality and power. These are active eugenics programs our Founding Fathers would never tolerate in America.

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