Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It Takes a Village to Hide the Truth. It Only Takes a Village Idiot to Destroy Your Child.

Please help Iraqi children!
All social engineering requires imposed ignorance onto children. This process will ultimately fail, because children are born to be free, intelligent and possess the inherent right to be protected by their real parents. Where we fail this most basic truth, we find a million horrors done to children.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Feb. 19) - A 30-year-old woman is suing her adoptive parents for kidnapping in a case that opened in an Argentine court Tuesday, becoming the first child of disappeared political prisoners to press such charges. Children around the world and in the United States are routinely stolen and molested by "dirty political wars" involving "protection services." These political wars have created millions of false orphans across the globe. It often takes an entire village and a complacent media to hide these atrocities. They even hide the fact that many of these "Eugenics" programs began with Hitler in the 1930s and were transported elsewhere. In the United States, Femi-Nazi groups are actively stealing children through secret and underground courts and through "village idiots" who pose as social workers for their particular political party. They build powerful sexual repression cults which suspend children and adults in a delusional acceptance of their illegal powers.

Hitler, the ultimate village idiot, proposed that a father's role was mainly one of breeding his race. The proposition was placed forth, that by hype, police force and a village mob, the kidnapping of a child would go unseen and unpunished by the world. Such a proposition would not stand the test of Roberts Court!

Maria Eugenia Sampallo Barragan accused her adoptive parents Osvaldo Rivas and Maria Cristina Gomez Pinto of falsifying adoption documents to hide her identity. Apparently her entire village conspired to hide the truth about her birth parents for thirty years. She made no comments on leaving court Tuesday.

Maria Eugenia Sampallo Barragan, 30, leaves a federal court building in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. She is suing her adoptive parents, saying they concealed that she was stolen as a baby from political prisoners who disappeared during Argentina's "dirty war." What were her parents' "crimes?" Mainly their opposition to socialistic programs brought to Argentina from Nazi Germany. Despite being a very young child at the time, she is not supportive of those who made her a false orphan for political reasons.

Thousands of leftists and dissidents vanished after being abducted by security forces during Argentina's 1976-1983 military regime, and human rights groups say more than 200 of their children were taken and given to military or politically connected families to raise. This same phenomenon is happening in the United States, largely by right-wing political groups who use religious criterion and military background to determine if parents are "worthy" of adopting someone else's child. The result is that Republicans do most of the adopting. Any way you look at these cases, they are decided by politicians for political reasons.

Sampallo, who in 2001 learned that she is the daughter of missing political prisoners Mirta Mable Barragan and Leonardo Ruben Sampallo, is one of 88 young people who determined their identity with DNA tests coordinated by the human rights group Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.

Sampallo's mother was six months pregnant when she and her father were abducted on Dec. 6, 1977, said Sampallo's lawyer, Tomas Ojea Quentin. He said Sampallo was born in February 1978, while her mother was being held at a clandestine torture center.

Ojea Quentin said former army captain Enrich Berthier is facing related baby theft charges in the case. He is being held at a military unit, while Sampallo's adoptive parents are reportedly free. The new World Court at the Hague views such theft as kidnapping and is providing positioning papers. The Argentine officials are being accused of "breeding out" the political opposition through child trafficking. Such trafficking is also routine in America by politically motivated social services organizations. Active child trafficking continues to transform major neighborhoods in the U.S. into "Republican zones." If you want to indulge heavily in psychotropic prescription drugs, taddle-tell on your liberal neighbors and raise your children in total ignorance, these places are a paradise.

Lawyers for Berthier and the Gomez Pintos declined to comment when they left the courthouse where an Associated Press writer and other journalists were waiting.

The case marks the first time a woman has taken her adoptive parents to court in Argentina. There have been at least three earlier trials involving suspected illegal adoptions dating to the dictatorship that resulted in convictions - but the plaintiffs were not the adopted children.

Illegal political social engineering is certainly no myth in America. Over 700,000 families have been destroyed by false or trumped-up charges in underground "civil" courts run by politicians. Since these are civil proceedings, standards of proof are very low, political motivations can easily take over. These courts draw Femi-Nazi conspirators like moths to the flame. They claim to "save" children from their parents. By masking "sex magic" psychological witchcraft, they advance the "science" of eugenics. But as a "science," they inadvertantly document their horrific crimes against children. It only takes a village to hide these atrocities and pretend they don't exist.

With today's "reporting" laws, it only takes a village idiot to defame you and effectively steal your child through pure slander. These idiots easily take over entire communities through fear, intimidation and cult powers. The irony is, you can't report the real child traffickers. They don't want to believe you. They build powerful sexual repression cults which entire populations are conditioned to accept like idiots. They then produce so much negative hype, that parents are not even necessary at these hearings even though this entire process is utterly illegal. If you are like most Americans, you are in denial of this until they come for your children. Then, of course, it will be too late. Your children will become the false orphans of an invisible political war of which the comfortable will deny even exists. Such is "welfare reform" where sex education or necessary and common affection disturbs the sensibilities of the elite more than kidnapping, false courts or sexual inquisitions. As with most of our wars, this one is also highly illegal and replete with media omissions. Justice is coming.

Conditioning entire societies to be offended by the truth is the whole point of Republican politics. Republican Sex Cults are very real and will destroy your children's future. Please donate what you can so we can raise this issue to the national standing that it deserves. This donation will go toward building awareness of this serious fraud against our children!

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