Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Green House Conspiracy

America had smashed bin Laden and destroyed his global networks. But now, deep inside the American homeland, a new cult of high tech terrorists is emerging, with a weapon more deadly than any ever imagined by al-Qaeda. Candice, a pugnacious researcher from FEMA, discovers that the climatic gyrations over the last decade are not natural phenomena. The weird weather has been secretly engineered by an environmental group that now threatens to unleash devastating storms unless Congress enacts a series of draconian environmental protection laws. Luke, a graduate student who has been cashiered from the marines, teams up with Candice to discover the truth at any cost. They are aided by Michelle, a vivacious computer science professor who is an expert hacker. Together they plunge into a maze of deception that stretches from the most powerful men in Washington to the secrets of ancient Egypt. In less than three weeks, all members of Congress and the President will be dead unless Luke and his team can unravel the mystery. In a shocking turnabout, Luke discovers that the terrorist have a different agenda. Luke must draw upon his innermost strengths to save the world from the Greenhouse Conspiracy.

About the Author
Dr. Dowdee has a Ph.D in engineering and works on state-of-the-art software to digitize the battlefield, which will revolutionize how the Army fights. Dr. Dowdee is a native of North Carolina but has lived in California for thirty years. He is married and has three wonderful children and four grandchildren.

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