Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hypnotic Mind Control Basics

"Mind control" a term filled with mystery, intrigue, and fun. Control of the mind . . . what does it mean, really! So-called experts have been writing and arguing about the mind for as long as people have been able to communicate. The elusive and mystical control we seek is possible. In Mind Control, Dr. William Horton, Psy. D. takes us closer to the practical application of mental discipline for ourselves. Dr. Horton applies NLP communication techniques (special language to structure change in the mind) so that we can manage and control of others. This control takes the form of better understanding of what we see feel and hear as other talk to us. We are afforded the opportunity through these techniques to use the best possible angle while talking with others.

In our culture, control can be regarded as a negative term. Here we use it as a positive action. When we say control, we really refer to the control of our own thoughts, our own state of mind, and the way we communicate. Dr. Horton uses his ability to break down systems and processes to share a new understanding of the function of the mind as we interact with the people around us. Can you imagine your life in a world where people simply do what you ask them to do? The processes outlined in this book will install the skills needed for maximum success.

Self-control and mental discipline give you the ability to have more success in any part of your journey through career and personal goals. Personal relationships become more rewarding. You have an easy time controlling money. Your ability to retain information grows. This is all possible because you are choosing the way you communicate with yourself and the other players in your life. Imagine a life where you control your emotional reactions to the obstacles you encounter on your path to success. See yourself as an individual who can consider the effects your reactions have on others. Hear your own thoughts as they become useful to your goals. You can have all of this and more. All you must do is master the techniques in this book.

Even more exciting news awaits you. With the techniques you learn, you can enable others to reach their dreams and goals in a more effective manner. It's easy to remember times in your life when you wanted other people to simply do what you have asked them to do. What if you knew exactly how to talk and act to get others to take action? The more you understand "mind control," the easier your interactions with other people become.

As you remember each technique in this book, you will enjoy Dr. Horton's unique take on the material and his passion for life itself.

Why would someone write a book on mind control? Because as much as we try to elevate ourselves above being human animals we are, in fact, animals. We are subject to the wants and desires of any being with a genome and vertebrae. To rise above that is an admirable and a task we should take on as a worthy spiritual endeavor. But to deny that we are, truly, animals is to lie to ourselves. We must deal with people who may not be so enlightened advanced as we are. They may desire what we have and be secretly filled with envy and contempt. The worst event is to have these suspicions fulfilled and then be pulled down into the politics of man. Do we deny that it's happening and hope others will be touched by our honesty and good will enough to change? Or do we drop our highest spiritual ideals and play their game? I would like to suggest a radically different strategy. Take the game of manipulation and mind control and make it a part of our spirituality.


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