Monday, May 04, 2009

Nazies: The Occult Conspiracy

I don't normally post reviews of my own books, but I felt compelled to set the record straight for those who might be considering purchasing my 'Nazis and the Occult' and who might be put off by Charles Levenson's misleading review as I consider this a very serious and psychological study of a subject which has been sensationalised and mythologised in the past. Mr Levenson may object to the look of the book, but no one could over look the fact that I make it very clear that Hitler and his circle were NOT magicians in the traditional sense but manipulators of the mass mind. I also make it clear that Ravenscroft and his Spear of Destiny yarn is just that - pulp fiction that makes for good copy but is certainly not to be taken as historical fact. To dimiss Hitler and his Henchmen as 'evil' or as pawns of a dark power is to take the easy option - we are all responsible for our actions and evil is man made.

Top Books on the Nazis

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