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Republican Dirty Tricks concerning Sex Ed and RICO Law Violations that will kill 1 million children. Is Karl Rove worth it?

It's called upcoding. Take a normal health care issue like sex education for at-risk children and upcode it to a "crime" against a parent for pure political theater and you have the perfect political dirty trick paid for by federal dollars. But more and more of these "crimes" are just rouses, ploys to traumatize parents and children, not actual crimes. Multiply this sophisticated fraud scheme by millions of American families in rural, out-of-the-way places and you have the makings of a major underground cultural revolution. It brings in billions of federal dollars into local budgets each year supporting Republican "get tough" politicians whose real agenda is sustained Republican power, certainly not "family values." These illegal methods often lead corrupt officials to traffic in children by upcoding basic health care issues to police who employ Gang Stalking Methods in order to traffic in children.

They deliberately fail to inform parents that we all come from millions of years of naked truth, naked family members and natural sexual development where children learn the facts of life in a normal fashion, through direct parental communications devoid of fear and political manipulation. Tavistock and the CIA deliberately applied this wisdom to post-war Germany to make them less militant. Why aren't we informing Americans that wrongful sexual repression makes us a more militant, more "programmable" society? The most basic requirement of wrongful mind-programming is the full denial and repression of the parental duty of sex education. Good science has known this for over 100 years.

These false investigations of parents may also be used in future "universal health care" programs which actually get healthy child-rearing ideas very, very wrong deliberately for pure political power. What makes this secret government social engineering really interesting is that we are now finding documents from the Nixon administration and the CIA which actually implicate Henry Kissinger and other top Republicans in covert CIA mind control programs that have a long tradition of descending from Illuminati rituals. More powerful than Republican "Plumbers," the "Blenders'" job is to blend "national security" with actual political indoctrination into Republicanism and you are not meant to know anything about it. See Monarch Programming Methods. Their illegal use against private American citizens is now a matter of record and are undeniable. But is all this intrigue, money and political power actually healthy for children?

Countless studies and Supreme Court decisions say that what's now going on in America is not healthy for children and is supporting an enormous industry causing massive fraud, ignorance and other social wrongs. It's completely biased against parents for political reasons and that's the obvious danger of placing bureaucrats over parents. It is also an obvious national security issue. This "get tough" political theater for Republican politicians violates basic parental privacy rulings that help keep government out of vital sex education, contraception and other sensitive privacy matters, even the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

What's even more chilling is that Democrats may want their own version of "get tough" when they see how effective this program actually is politically. Through Mind Control programming which effectively makes Americans sexual idiots, political parties can actually engineer votes by illegally influencing how Americans perceive "family values." This is well proven in China by Kissinger's population control initiatives that make one-child households "normal" and two-children households "criminal" and "immoral." All of this nonsense is programmed by government through media campaigns.

Wrongful government may tell you that some future Orwellian population program "sets the tone" against horrific child abuse and is therefore "altruistic." They will advance basic witchcraft devices which build sexual hysteria and sexual repression against targeted groups. Such a scam will apply a double standard to educating children, so that a bureaucrat's covert actions become "criminal" if done by a parent. This will serve to indoctrinate children for politics. Some unfortunate family no one's heard of must be sacrificed at the alter of political power in order to serve a greater good. But no matter how sophisticated the scheme, bureaucrats who take over the role of parents risk child trafficking activities that are blatantly unconstitutional, as due process is deliberately ignored in order to defraud the federal government.

But what if neither political party is actually any good at such a complex and difficult subject as sex education for small children? What if they go deliberately counter to an organization like Unicef or the Surgeon General himself, and what if we are meant to have inherently intuitive and complex parental instincts that government just can't get right? In reality, "get tough" programs on human sexuality are completely unconstitutional, needlessly intrusive and create a culture of fear, ignorance and politics that harms countless families. Bureaucrats are easily corrupted by the absolute powers given to them to run these programs and we are seeing this corruption all over the world. Our Founding Fathers were too intuitively gifted to design Nanny-state agencies into our Constitution. These practices represent the worst forms of child abuse used by political tyrants throughout history. It's also very much illegal and a fraud against numerous federal programs.

By falsely inflaming fears of 500,000 roving sex offenders on American streets (top psychological studies suggest 50,000), we may be actually creating them. We now have documented proof that such "crowd control" methods advanced by Tavistock is a massive eugenics operation which requires double-standards between elite and non-elite children. This political fear-mongering serves the political elite, but will harm as many as 1 million American children needlessly.

If you think these radical tactics used against American families sound vaguely familiar, you are not alone. The Taliban and many American cults have also used these unethical tactics. This issue is now being investigated by Congress for possible links to Islamic radicalization methods used to recruit terrorists. This makes this issue a national security issue, as American children are now seen as easy targets for radical groups. They are easy targets, largely because they are drugged and their families threatened or destroyed by government and private agents. The increase in violence, alienation and radicalism by these children is no coincidence. We have allowed local bureaucrats the total political power to destroy countless American families due to little more than vaguely superstitious and harmful sexual taboos.

As a Republican defector, I come clean in this blog. I can comfortably explain how political dirty tricks work against the American electorate. In fact, this power system requires a learned ignorance and cult of sexual repression that is grossly unconstitutional and deadly to our children. Since Ken Starr and Karl Rove are still championed as Republican heroes for exploiting sexual taboos, the Republican obsession with sexual repression and learned ignorance is at an all-time high. It is virtually inevitable that Republicans will use these immoral methods in the 2008 Presidential election. They will advance a constant drumbeat of sexual horror stories fully "controlled" by federal agents for mass consumption. It is a sickness now affecting millions of American families, but it has proven its political merits in regard to Mind Control. Consequently, there is an active cult of sexual ignorance being imposed onto our children for smug political reasons and the cases of HIV/AIDS, family destruction, divorce and child abuse are on the rise, all due to an ignorant politics of sex, fear and massive disinformation. This utter disaster involving our children was all a political plan designed more than a generation ago which I can prove! Is your family next?

If you actually believe that non-Republican minority families somehow deserve the levels of utter dysfunction that we now see everywhere, you may have been perfectly duped and brainwashed by the political elite--and you don't even know it.

This enormous fraud against our families can be exposed by any Democratic, Independent or Libertarian candidate to defeat a Republican candidate. Even as they promote effective HIV/AIDS sex education overseas through the State Department and the U.N., they continue to criminalize American parents for providing the same sex education in their own homes that actually empower children with critical knowledge. This is precisely how illegal social engineering works. What are they hiding? There is a direct relationship between how children learn about sex and drug abuse later in life. Republicans actively repress these studies! Their out-dated, authoritarian power system actually requires sexual ignorance in children, and I can't make this stuff up! Even the most fundamental facts about our leaders coming from the same secret cults formed by a 19th Century Opium dynasty is thoroughly repressed by our "free" media. This is how many cults indoctrinate children--they are conditioned for complete and utter ignorance about sex and drugs.

But children are not like adults. They learn in ways that are totally physical. That's their nature. So children can actually be educated in the home about human sexuality which makes them reject the military-based Republican power system! Children educated in this manner will not be "good" prospects as grunts for the Pentagon, or, as you will learn, "good Republicans." Their parents have actually empowered them with the freedom and knowledge to stand up to wrongful authority, just like our Founding Fathers did. Early and effective sex education which is highly successful with children is a "threat" to our military establishment. The military cannot easily be the "daddy" figure as required by Monarch Programming. The military requires Monarch Programming which requires learned ignorance in their recruits, otherwise such recruits are sent to officer training. They are so determined to be the daddy figure that they are criminalizing real daddies! Ignorance is necessary for them to traumatize these recruits with sexual repression and the voice of authority, "the daddy voice." True fathers who empower their children are now routinely placed in prison.

Properly educated children don't fall for the military indoctrination given to most soldiers because they will see it as immoral. "Thou shalt not kill" is only part of it. Military indoctrination is also political indoctrination which is designed to permeate our entire culture based on their power system, not a democratic system. The military is highly aware of these types of children. They usually place them in officer training and not with general recruits. That is because effective sex education in the home actually improves intelligence and independence in children. Military indoctrination requires a power system which is fundamentally self-less, meaning, the subject must be willing to do anything an authority figure demands. But for children to be this stupid, they must be held in ignorance about basic human sexuality and power for most of their childhood. The ideal subject becomes a peasant or object. That's why empowering children with effective sex education in the home is in fundamental conflict with Republican values and so repulsive to them. It upsets a fundamental power structure that they have built into our military. Effective sex education literally empowers children with the subjective knowledge that they can safely reject the demands of "authority figures" because they have a right to do so. Sex education empowers them that they are not objects to be manipulated!

This basic fact of life allows Femi-Nazi social agents the full license to run all over your neighborhoods like drunken teenagers. They are finding "sex offenders" everywhere there are small children, lactating women and non-Republican men. They know that by enflaming hysteria, they can easily lynch their victims. But they never pry into the homes of CIA, State Department, military or other "elites." Why? Most of these men targetted by Femi-Nazis are simply doing what nature intends and empowering children with critical knowledge just like the kids of the CIA are educated. Sex education by parents is protected in our Constitution as a Right of Life, which today is more critical than ever. These children are sexual at this stage of development precisely because it is the time nature tells us to teach them and protect them with knowledge. Ignorance of this law by Femi-Nazis or a political mob is no defense.

This is knowledge that says fundamentally that "it's all right to know about the human body so that you will not be manipulated by others." This is why naturalistic parenting is so important as is used extensively throughout the world. Would anyone find this hysteria hard to believe where children are held in absolute ignorance by police force in real sex cults? These communities are real sex cults! These cults are run by the military very literally. Military attitude propaganda now makes good Americans ignorant of what our Founding Fathers largely took for granted. Countless men and families are being destroyed so that the Pentagon will get "good" sexually repressed recruits. Not seeing a link between military influence and our existing draconian welfare state is utterly absurd!

But this learning process in children is common with all primates for very good reasons. It's called survival and children can be very aggressive at seeking it. Children have not been programmed to feel disgust like adults. We also know that early childhood is the time to teach sexual ethics through actual knowledge and it is not healthy to keep children ignorant. Today, we have an even more urgent calling as parents, since these military programs have been given to literally millions of people, children are not safe anywhere. Republicans have "unlearned" the most basic of truths taken for granted by our Founding Fathers, even our grandfathers and they have created a new breed of "witch" known as the "sex predator." In the process, they have become the worst possible predators for our children! By keeping these "sex predators" ignorant as children, Republicans have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The anger of these children being held in ignorance is now out of "control." Just like Republicans want. That's why our entire world is going to hell, Republicans rule and we are stuck with Femi-Nazis holding our children.

But driving mothers and children into hysteria for political reasons is also highly problematic. The main problem for "Get tough" Republicans is that hysteria, being highly irrational, cannot be sustained. They must lynch their witches early in the season. Otherwise, the witches have the upper hand and can actually view the whole picture and make sense out of pure political theatre. The witches can use real courts against the real criminals!

This idea that fathers have a sexual education role to play for children had the ring to many conservatives as a revolutionary and seditious set of affairs and they felt an urgent need to repress it. This information will add an entirely new dimension to Republican deception about our true human condition and certainly to Rush Limbaugh's definition of "Femi-Nazi."

This single fact is the biggest threat to the Republican power system. Our Constitution calls for a separation of powers, not a blending of them. Femi-Nazi's aren't liberals, they're really double-agent Republicans posing as altruistic liberals! They have filtered down from military indoctrination programs. It's the main reason why so many families are screwed up and they now routinely call good parents pedaphiles and break up countless marriages. It's also why so many kids blunder blindly into pregnancy, disease and drugs. This is why conservative parents can't talk about sex with their children. A draconian response to normal human sexuality forms the Republican's entire power base and it comes directly from the military. But the military got this programming directly from the Nazis. "Get tough" is why they get elected. "Get tough" against sex is why they stay elected. But this programming method did not exist in the Revolutionary War, The Civil War or even World War II. These wars were faught by patriots who always questioned authority. That's why the good guys won! But our many needless wars today both require sexual repression and produce it. They now require "unquestioning" patriots who have been largely pre-programmed by bureaucrats not to be thinking patriots. They are trying to make our soldiers into thoughtless drones programmed at the Alpha or Delta level like Pavlov's dogs. Good patriots should be absolutely outraged by this!

The programming method which requires sustained ignorance in children explains much or all of the obvious inconsistencies found in the Republican world. By accepting learned ignorance as a "necessary" part of life, "good" Republican children can go to mesmeristic churches and learn that "thou shalt not kill." These same children can later fully accept indoctrination into the Delta killer program at the Pentagon. But always lingering somewhere in their subconscious mind is the central conflict that tells them that this war-logic does not come from any real God, it comes from somewhere very alien to God and has been propagated on a massive scale by propagandists.

After reading my blog, enlightened parents are emailing me that they are in full revolt! There is no excuse for sexual ignorance being programmed into our children by a police state!

No Republican candidate is exempt from this fraud as millions of Americans are affected by a political double-standard pitting the lives of their children against a failed authoritarian power system of, for and by the elite. This is why you will not hear much about this in the major media. Exposure of this fraud can also reverse billions of dollars of fraud against federal programs which traffic 3,000 children into foster care every week, many of them because of baseless and unhealthy sexual taboos. But it will also threaten Big Pharma and top Republicans. Indoctrinating children into sexual shame supports an enormous drug industry when these children develop emotional problems. And I am not talking about physical treatment drugs, I am talking about psychotropic drugs that mask or cover the emotional effects of wrongfully imposed psychological conditioning. The grossly unconstitutional and primitive culture of shame and fear-mongering concerning basic sex education really works for these folks. This is how they have indoctrinated future presidents at the Skull and Bones club for 150 years. Tragically, these methods will lead to the death of 1 million children as they mature in ignorance and take up the very same drug abuse that the Opium cartel which founded the Skull and Bones club at Yale initiated over 150 years ago.

You may also wonder how the proliferation of scarlet letter dishonoring databases are legal under our system of "due process." Many private individuals are wrongfully placed on these databases without any fair hearing whatsoever simply because they empower their children with basic facts of life. Likewise, their fundamental parental rights are often violated by ignorant social agents who are never even educated about these same facts or that they grossly violate existing privacy laws which are absolutely critical for sound and effective parenting:

As a tort concept, parental privacy embraces at least four branches of protected interests: protection from unreasonable intrusion upon one's seclusion at such critically important times as sex education, from appropriation of one's name or likeness without any due process of law, from unreasonable publicity given to one's private life, and from publicity which unreasonably places one in a false light before the public. Today's scarlet letter, sex "offender" programs completely violate these constitutional protections and now apply to parents teaching critical sex education in their own homes! This abuse of basic parental rights requires massive damage awards for wronged parents.

If you doubt the facts in this blog, prove me wrong! Chances are you may have been raised in a sexually repressed environment and think this is normal. I have worked with this issue for twenty years and know that sexual repression is historically damaging to children on many levels. This damage can be proven scientifically in case after case.

We are actively seeking a law firm to represent us for damages. We are simultaneously advancing a class action parental rights law suit.

Proof positive that many cases involving marriage are about bigotry.

Here is the RICO Racketeering procedures as posted on February 15, 2008 by Thomas Walker (

Since state and federal racketeering cases must be based upon the commission of a crime, defendants in a civil racketeering case need to be aware of the likelihood that a parallel criminal investigation will be conducted during the pendency of the civil case. This reality presents significant risks to the civil racketeering defendant. I plan to deal with the enormous difficulties faced by a defendant exposed to parallel civil and criminal prosecutions in later posts. For now I just want to provide an overview of the criminal discovery process.

At the outset the point must be made that the government’s ability to discover information is significantly broader than that of a defendant, although a defendant’s rights are protected by certain constitutional guarantees.

1. Investigation

The most obvious source of information for the prosecution is the investigatory arm of law enforcement. By the time the prosecution’s attention is drawn to an individual, law enforcement has typically gathered substantial evidence relating to the alleged offense. The government’s ability to gather evidence is further enhanced by the use of search and seizure, a mechanism not available to the defense.

Like the government, defendants can employ investigators to gather potential exculpatory evidence. However, an innocent defendant has no prior knowledge of the accusations against which he must defend himself and a defendant who has committed many crimes does not know which the government has discovered. Consequently, the defendant must rely on the government’s disclosures to calculate how best to present a defense.

2. Grand Jury

Grand jury proceedings provide another significant avenue for the prosecution to gather evidence. It is a “fundamental maxim” that the grand jury “has a right to every man’s evidence....” Before the grand jury, prosecutors have wide latitude to compel testimony and obtain documentary evidence without the restrictions imposed by the state and federal rules of evidence and out of the presence of the defendant and his counsel.

Unlike the prosecution, the defendant has little or no access to grand jury proceedings. A defendant may not even be aware of a grand jury investigation until it is complete. Further, state and federal rules of criminal procedure require that grand jury proceedings be kept confidential.

3. Constitutional Disclosure

The Constitution requires the prosecution to produce certain evidence material to the defense. The most familiar requirement is the prosecution’s obligation to produce exculpatory evidence. The United States Supreme Court has held that the government’s failure to provide a defendant with exculpatory evidence in its possession violated the defendant’s constitutional rights. This obligation extends to evidence that a defendant can use to impeach the government’s witnesses. r>
4. Discovery Authorized by Statute

The Jencks Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3500, provides that statements by government witnesses in the hands of the government must be produced, but not until after those witnesses have testified. Certain statutes provide some defendants with additional discovery. For example, defendants charged with capital offenses are entitled to a list of the witnesses against them at least three days before commencement of trial.

5. Discovery Under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

A. Rule 16. Rule 16 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure requires that the parties disclose certain information. Upon request, the prosecution must provide certain statements made by the defendant; the defendant’s criminal record; access to certain physical evidence; and reports related to expert, scientific, and medical evidence. Significantly, the Rule does not require disclosure of statements made by government witnesses.

Rule 26.2 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure provides that after a witness testifies, a party may compel production of any relevant statements made by that witness. The Rule does not provide a method for discovery of statements or documents in the hands of a non-party even if they are relevant statements by a witness who has testified.

B. Rule 17(c) Subpoenas

Finally, there is Rule 17(c) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which provides:

(1) In General. A subpoena may order the witness to produce any books, papers, documents, data, or other objects the subpoena designates. The court may direct the witness to produce the designated items in court before trial or before they are to be offered in evidence. When the items arrive, the court may permit the parties and their attorneys to inspect all or part of them.

(2) Quashing or Modifying the Subpoena. On motion made promptly, the court may quash or modify the subpoena if compliance would be unreasonable or oppressive.

6. Cases

There are numerous cases dealing with criminal discovery, a discussion of which is well beyond the scope of this post.

7. Conclusion.

This brief overview is intended only as an introduction to the criminal discovery process. Books have been written about it. Hopefully this information will be helpful.

See the Sex Cult Investigations that expose an enormous Republican fraud against our children.

View some of the science-based sex-ed programs which actually work.

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