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Welfare State to Police State: Child Trafficking Profits Loom Large for Corrupt Officials

Approximately 270,000 men and fathers are victimized each year across America by unfounded and false child sex abuse reports" - Dean Tong, Forensic Consultant & Author

Anyone who willingly sits at a poker table knowing the deck is stacked against him is a fool. That is precisely what 10,000 American fathers experience each week at "family courts." In many cases, corrupt government agents facilitate separation and divorce based on nothing more than a personal bigotry or bias of a bureaucrat. This form of government-imposed usury against families now supersedes all "family court" decisions. This serves as a very crude but "clean" method used to control populations in the U.S. and you are never meant to see this obvious political tyranny or welfare fraud happening all around you.

Welfare reform in the United States has shifted the role of welfare agencies from distributing money to collecting it—not from taxpayers but from divorced fathers. How are these fathers becoming divorce? Largely through massive government fraud. The vehicle for this change is the child-support system, and its driver has been, not custodial parents seeking more financial help from their former spouses, but the government itself, according to political scientist Stephen Baskerville, author of “From Welfare State to Police State,” an article published in the Winter 2008 issue of The Independent Review.

In part, this transformation has occurred because the federal government, beginning with the Reagan administration, has fostered the myth of the “deadbeat dad.” Yet, despite the stereotype of the “deadbeat dad” as a wealthy playboy squiring around his new trophy wife in a bright red Porsche, federal officials have acknowledged that most unpaid child support is noncollectable because it is owed by fathers who are as poor as or poorer than the mothers and children. State officials, police officers and social agents are now routinely violating the Constitution and committing felonies in order to manipulate the custody of children in the U.S. This is a widespread fraud against federal programs and children. Both mothers and fathers are railroaded by nonviolent coercion to become active conspirators in their own children's trafficking, which, of course, is highly illegal. Mothers who do not comply may lose their children to a deadly foster care industry. Fathers who do not comply are placed on websites and databases designed as scarlet-letter programs designed to severely libel them with any potential employer. Often children are stolen through deception and the deceived parents are never told that their children have been deemed "abandoned" by them.

The vast majority of these cases are illegal smear campaigns run by political agents of the state who jump through hoops to secure federal funding and has absolutely nothing to do with the interest of the child. The majority of these cases function effectively underground and are not recognized as either constitutional or due process. This activity has reached an absurd level as many social workers are urged to come forward and testify or be charged with felonies. Today, most studies suggest that women are far more likely to leave a marriage than men and today's social agents are highly influential in coaching distressed women to do so, even through pure trickery, coercion and deception. There appears to be political pressure on these agents to traffic children which many resent. See the Anti-Father Police State in Pennsylvania

But the child-support system itself has been transformed greatly. It is now big business for small, struggling local governments to inflict unnecessary strife onto families. Whereas it was originally aimed at helping low-income non-custodial parents (mostly mothers) collect money from their former spouses after divorce, many of these state agents and private conspirators now take an active role in smear campaigns and criminal conspiracies against parental rights in order to facilitate divorce and false claims of child abandonment. Federal programs lure even more corruption as this industry is now aimed at the middle-class through active child trafficking practices which defraud federal programs and pay for "sex investigations" of parents. Most of these investigations, upward of 90%, are triggered by trumped-up accusations employing touch taboos or normal and necessary sex education. Social agents or police function as judge, jury and executioner of these families in "civil" matters where they function as prudish and puritanical bullies in illegal sex inquisitions and the resulting strife activates funding for the states from numerous federal programs. Pennsylvania is seen as the worst violator of this fraud, as literally no group of citizens oversee the welfare program as required by federal law in 1998.

The plot thickens. Thanks to federal incentive payments, state governments now collect money for middle-class child support from federal taxpayers, as well as from “deadbeat dads”—who, statistically speaking, aren’t deadbeats, although they have been mischaracterized as such. Continues Baskerville: “Divorce courts are pressured to cut children off from their fathers to conform to the welfare model of ‘custodial’ and ‘noncustodial.’ These perverse incentives further criminalize fathers, by impelling states to make child-support levels as onerous as possible and to squeeze every dollar from every parent available.”

“Ironically, because low-income payers do not provide significant amounts to help states qualify for federal funds, these cases are now neglected even though they are the ones for which the system was ostensibly designed, and enforcement measures concentrate instead on the middle class,” Baskerville writes. “Federal auditors have pointed out that the program was diverted from its original purpose of serving a welfare constituency to become a collection agency for the affluent, with ‘about 45% reported incomes exceeding 200% of the poverty level and 27% reported incomes exceeding 300%.’” This money-grab takes on a life of its own, as the actual health care issues which trigger these "investigations" of parents are rarely ever fully addressed in any fair or scientific manner. In fact, we are seeing a return to the sex-cult traditions of early American religions based largely on the psychological effects of total sexual repression.

As a result, we are seeing more and more illegal activity concerning the active destruction of families by government agents. These government agencies are taking on Femi-Nazi practices designed to stun, divide and destroy families through state force, deception and even through active sex cults. The explosion of "abuse" charges and "inappropriate" behavior charges is no coincidence. The past Republican Congress initiated broad "minimum standards of child abuse" into CAPTA and other federal programs which differentiate Republican or evangelical methods of child-rearing from "abusive" methods. These "minimum standards" often target fathers or "boyfriend predators" with highly simplistic and bigoted stereotypes of men in complex families. This bigotry is so extreme in many cases that fathers are often treated worse than Gitmo prisoners with little or no due process of law. This political bias is funded by "altruistic" programs for which the states receive billions of dollars largely for the children of broken families. This destruction of families is becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy for both politics and profit.

We are finding fathers who employ naturalistic parenting methods advanced in Europe or basic hygiene and sex education practices being forced into these "minimum definitions," their families destroyed and this is largely accomplished through "civil" matters outside of effective federal scrutiny. Men are portrayed as "sex predators" in case after case, for providing basic and necessary education. The bias against fathers is palpable as the state's and local governments disperse billions of dollars for an entrenched child trafficking industry which is thoroughly corrupted by a self-fulfilling cultural and political function and culpable for billions of dollars in damages. No one really tallys the true cost to these children of being made fatherless by unethical bureaucrats and social workers working a crude political agenda.

The Center for Disease Control warns that children are severely impacted by these false accusations against fathers, as effective sex education and family bonding is destroyed by bureaucrats on a political mission. Children should be effectively educated by parents about sex and sexually transmitted disease well before they become sexually active and this education is being nefariously depicted as a sexual risk fraudulently:

"According to CDC’s Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (YRBS), many young people begin having sexual intercourse at early ages: 47% of high school students have had sexual intercourse, and 7.4% of them reported first sexual intercourse before age 13 [4]. HIV/AIDS education needs to take place at correspondingly young ages, before young people engage in sexual behaviors that put them at risk for HIV infection." --CDC It is estimated that over 95% of these children never received comprehensive sex education in a timely manner through normal family bonding functions found throughout the world. These methods are often referred to as "naturalistic" and normal in much of Europe and Asia. The Supreme Court has given parents a "privacy right" to teach these methods. The Surgeon General and all comprehensive sex education programs say the same thing: educate children at the time they seek such knowledge or are in fact acting out sexually. See The Media Project of proven sex education methods.

Today parents must protect their children against sex taboos which are employed by these political agents. Unfortunately, such taboos work against those children held in sexual ignorance. Studies suggest strongly that the political indoctrination of children at the time of normal sex education actually works for authoritarian Republicans. This is the political function of learned ignorance being enforced by state agents which has worked in cults for thousands of years. This method is how the Spartans transformed their children into warriors. This is how Nazi Germany indoctrinated children. In America, children retarded in their basic knowledge of human sexuality will be much more likely to grow up Republican, as they will be conditioned to accept ignorance as a mandatory part of life. That is why this issue is so central to the Republican Platform.

Children do not naturally accept a simplistic world view which is inherently irrational. They must first be indoctrinated into learned ignorance in order to be indoctrinated into simplistic mythic systems.

But education with small children is not your "sex plumbing" variety, as is often wrongly depicted in abstinence-only, early ignorance Republican programs. Such education can be awkward, ambiguous and easily misconstrued in today's sexually hysterical political environment. Evangelicals are now suggesting that children be isolated from any sexual knowledge until puberty, but such imposed ignorance has only been known in despotic and failed societies. Early childhood education is much more basic and natural. Children must learn trust with parents and the truth about the human body before they blunder into sexual situations and before they develop misconceptions, phobias and bigotries. It is more like potty-training than scholastic "sex ed." and this is how evangelicals are targeting "liberal" parents. Basic sex education is now falsely dramatized by nefarious agents on a political mission to dumb-down American children and expose "liberal" parents. In fact, this false ideology is routinely employed to destroy "liberal" families, as government-inspired sexual hysteria in children is one of the most difficult issues to resolve and most every "professional" knows that it is entirely unethical and extremely problematic to inspire sexual hysteria into children and mothers. In many cases the "abuse" is seen through the lens of a hysterical or confused child made so by government agents. Intervening social agents then see what they want to see. This is not equal justice by anyone's standards. It's a sophisticated fraud scheme for the GOP.

What is now occurring regularly, as in Bedford, Pennsylvania cases, children are being separated from their parents because they have received any kind of vital sex education. Even as there are many studies which suggest that men provide a vital educational role with children where necessary physicality and communication about private matters occur, states and private agencies are routinely biased against men and criminalizing fathers as "sex predators" and worse. This is the worst form of sex discrimination, as fathers are virtually guilty until proven innocent, and no one bothers proving the innocence of fathers when so much money is available for "abused" children and their largely fatherless communities.

Comprehensive sex education is being replaced by sexual hysteria and sexual repression which mimics the Victorian period and leaves children ignorant, confused and highly vulnerable to exploitation and disease. Fathers are likewise depicted in a "Republican" aloof and literal role, which emphasizes an evangelical asceticism which is not found in nature and must therefore be held to a higher scrutiny by the courts. In fact, this same asceticism is completely incompatible with active fathering in real-life situations. This double-standard applies only to men. Women who employ naturalistic parenting techniques, such as breast-feeding, experience the same awkward and ambiguous "sexual" moments, but are rarely depicted in a draconian sexual manner. Not so with men.

Also the role of fathers as important communicators of complex, non-literal communications is also attacked. Fathers have been historically important for teaching complex character decisions. Since most young children have difficulty with teasing or sarcastic language, even though these are important for character building, they are often questioned by social agents as if all dialog from fathers is of a "literal" variety. Therefore, the children often produce spicy testimony for family courts, which is often taken out of its true context.

More children than ever are becoming fatherless due to the dumbing down of the father's role and by state force and imposed ignorance by "protection" or CPS services which depict fathers as playing only a peripheral role. In fact, fathers are often vital in providing an intuitive and often poorly recognized sexual education and complex communication role. Harvard anthropology studies suggest that father figures play a very important sex-education role for children in diverse cultures throughout the world.

Though some rural American communities continue to ostracize fathers by a form of puritanical Received History where unquestioned faith in the full sublimation of all sexual knowledge and energy is seen as necessary and "normal" in a culture of shame. Men are to remain aloof and disengaged in any nurturing activities which involve any physicality or they are effectively branded as "predators" which then triggers massive federal funding activities for "interventions." This culture of shame and imposed ignorance is now broadly seen as harmful to children and a severe form of sexual abuse, for sexual ignorance kills. Men and fathers actually play a vital role in building trust and knowledge about the human body. Children are not naturally suspended in prolonged sexual ignorance, and such a mission of government agents is highly suspect for its political and cultural function. As CPS agents may routinely amplify fundamental sex education and affection as "sexual," we must amplify the evil of sexual repression and imposed ignorance. The will of the Supreme Court to keep government out of critical parental functions must be applied with all due force against these conspirators.

When children are separated from biological fathers due to this discrimination, we are seeing higher increases in poverty, crime and abuse. These children are placed at extreme risk due to the child-trafficking practices instigated by local and state "protection" agencies enforcing a political agenda designed to spread myths about men and sustain a Republican political elite as "saving" children. It now appears extremely likely that state "protection" services are functioning well outside of their mission to educate, protect and secure families and are in fact, functioning as de facto slave barterers in a new slave industry. They have become Orwellian Child Trafficking Agencies for profit and sustained elitist power by a very small, elite group. With the help of many private conspirators, this illegal industry is enormous. What the states will not tell you is that it can be confronted through our legal system and effectively sued. We can stop a massive child trafficking industry that is a colossal tragedy and fraud for our children!

We petition the U.S. State Department to place local U.S. CPS reports into the annual TIP report to Congress:

In assessing foreign governments’ efforts, the TIP Report highlights the "three P’s"— prosecution, protection, and prevention. But a victim-centered approach to trafficking requires us equally to address the "three R’s"— rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration. The U.S. law that guides these efforts, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000, as amended, makes clear from the outset that the purpose of combating human trafficking is to ensure just and effective punishment of traffickers, to protect their victims, and to prevent trafficking from occurring.

More than 150 years ago, the United States fought a devastating war that culminated in the elimination of slavery in this country. Although most nations have eliminated servitude as a state-sanctioned practice, a modern form of human slavery has emerged. It is a growing global threat to the lives and freedom of millions of men, women, and children. Today, only in the most brutal and repressive regimes, such as Burma and North Korea, is slavery still state sponsored. Instead, human trafficking often involves organized crime groups who make huge sums of money at the expense of trafficking victims and our societies. Some of this money is actually coming from the U.S. Federal Reserve for the purposes of trafficking American children through ill-conceived political programs.

The TVPA has established new trafficking crimes in order to strengthen the prosecution and punishment of all traffickers. It allows for the prosecution of cases where nonviolent coercion is used to force victims to work and also criminalizes the confiscation of documents such as passports and identification documents in committed in furtherance of trafficking. Convicted traffickers are now sentenced to at least 20 years and up to life imprisonment where the violation involves the death, kidnapping, or sexual abuse of the victim. The TVPA also requires courts to order restitution and forfeiture of assets upon conviction and enables victims to seek witness protection and other types of assistance.

See our Bedford County, Pennsylvania Sex Cult Investigation.

“From Welfare State to Police State,” by Stephen Baskerville (The Independent Review, Winter 2008)

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