Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bush Administration's Rape Kitting of Children in Bedford Pennsylvania by Femi-Nazi Sex Cult Unconstitutional

They desperately want a simple world, but it's a Mind Controlled world. Given a new Bush administration "signing paper," Bush now assumes the right to read your mail and control most of your private life. This can only apply in an "emergency," as defined by political operatives. Such "emergencies" now routinely include the infliction of hysteria and trauma onto mothers and children concerning normal and necessary sexuality and mandatory rape-kitting of any political enemy's babies, if said baby has a brother or sister educated in any way about sex by said political enemy. They will not tell you that such rape-kitting is far from an altruistic regard for the safety of the child, it serves a much broader political agenda. The elite have their own children protected from such hysteria-building devices, and these protections are highly evidenced to prove a much broader conspiracy.

DENVER —Citing the Fourth Amendment and parents’ rights, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled in favor of a case brought forward by Rutherford Institute attorneys against government officials who allegedly conducted genital examinations on four- and five-year-old children without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Ruling against the Tulsa, Oklahoma affiliate of Head Start, the appeals court stated, “It is not the place of a Head Start agency to usurp the parental role.” In their appeal of a lower court dismissal of the case, Rutherford Institute attorneys argued that the invasive, unauthorized examinations constituted unreasonable searches and seizures in violation of the Fourth Amendment and that the defendants’ actions violated the parents’ constitutional right to direct their children’s medical treatment and to educate children about sexually transmitted disease.

Two nurses arrived at the Head Start program in Tulsa to examine the children enrolled in the program, who were all between the ages of four and five. One nurse took blood samples while the other conducted the physical examinations. The second nurse placed the children on a floor mat atop a school desk, removed the children’s undergarments and proceeded to examine their genitals. During the procedure, some of the children cried. One child asked for his mother to accompany him during the exam, but the nurse refused. Misti Dubbs, parent and assistant Head Start teacher, did accompany her daughter into the examination room. When Dubbs realized what type of examinations were being administered, she immediately removed her child from the room and informed other parents of what had happened. Many parents were outraged; one parent took his child to his family practitioner to check for sexual abuse and another reported the incident to a sexual abuse hotline. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma dismissed the lawsuit in May 2001, despite stating in a ruling a year earlier that the lawsuit “raises serious privacy concerns.” Institute attorneys presented oral arguments before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver on January 13, 2003, over the dismissal of the lawsuit against Tulsa officials and the Tulsa affiliate of Head Start.

“On behalf of the many families whose children were subjected to this outrageous non-consensual examination, The Rutherford Institute is grateful that the Court of Appeals affirmed the right of parents to control their children’s medical treatment and their children’s right to be free from intrusive, unauthorized medical examinations,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “With Congress recently taking a closer look at Head Start programs, the Court of Appeals’ decision should foster a heightened understanding of the need for accountability by state Head Start providers.”

This is a grand understatement, as the Tavistock Institute has actively sought rape-kitting, Hyper Abuse Hysteria and other hysteria-building devices as effective eugenics methods to be used against the ignorant and the non-elite.

Under Monarch Mind Control trauma-based conditioning methods, rape and simulated rape of children is a key method employed to condition non-elite children and traffic them away from their parents. Marionette programming of bureaucrats conditions these agents to believe that such trauma is necessary. This is the same war-logic applied to farmers and barbers in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison where CIA agents attempted to "deprogram" them in 3rd-rate orgies. No prisoners were found guilty of any crimes. See Monarch Mind Control methods now being used against children.

The FBI is investigating hate groups working within government organizations specifically to traumatize and traffic in children and build an environment of fear, bigotry and ignorance. The imposition of ignorance onto children is a central tenant to victimizing them for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Such victimization is not a myth but is a proven practice by bureaucrats as proven in the Tuskegee case! This blog addresses a Bedford County, Pennsylvania investigation where an active Femi-Nazi sex cult is rape-kitting babies and trafficking in children under color of law. See Sex Cult Investigation in Bedford County.

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