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Psyops Experts are Exposing the 9/11 Mind Control Fraud against Millions of Americans

Those at the Bohemian Grove and the Skull and Bones believe they are the only ones not mind controlled in America. They may be right. This "secret" is the key to their perpetual power. As they only advance their own into positions of power, they have simultaneously advanced a powerful mind control operation over the American people since the 1950s. Eisenhower tried to warn us of this "spiritual attack" on our families. This mind control involves deeply programming sexual fears and taboos into children, so that people like Ken Starr can come down from the Bohemian Grove and manipulate our population through sex taboos. Programmed sex taboos now function to destroy millions of U.S. families. These taboos now make sexual idiots out of millions of parents as their children are brainwashed and trafficked as sex slaves. You will initially hear these facts as ridiculous until you actually study these facts. Only the exceptional patriot will understand that our children are being abused on a massive scale by basic Freudian sex taboo programming fully explained by Freud decades ago.

Through MKULTRA and the Skull and Bones "Mental Hygiene," the sacred parental duty has been destroyed by actual Nazi Mind Control and we must wake up to this fact! They have successfully inverted good psychology to serve the elite eugenicist slave-makers. What was once well-known empowerment of children known as the parental duty, used for thousands of years to protect children from the slave-makers, is now conditioned out of the entire society, except for those at Harvard instructed as the "governing elite." The governing elite know that this destruction of the parental duty is a basic sex scam used to turn entire populations into slaves, easily manipulated by government sex tricks. Now, you are to raise your children sexually repressed so that they will become sexual idiots as adults. They will then lose sophisticated sexual development by real parents and become slaves for the state. This is an inexplicable realm of the Machiavellian manipulator which exposes a massive fraud against our children. Through careful study of mass media and the true roots of terror, this sex scam becomes obvious.

This is only one device of deep programming coming from mass media. Central to mind control is sexual repression at childhood for millions of U.S. children. This has become normalized through powerful peer-pressure, emotional programming, as the sacred parental duty of sex education is demonized everywhere in America except for the elite and their children. Those in post-Nazi Europe knew these devices of slavery and protected their children accordingly. Many in America do not understand the realm of Psyops is the realm of taboo for which children need protected. These taboos are specifically developed for eugenics and government terror manipulation. This realm of taboo is precisely where your government now operates as the Machiavellian manipulator. We have enormous evidence of this massive fraud, and we will not be silenced. Those Americans who accept the "official story" to 9/11 will not easily understand that the most enlightened parents who worked on Mind Control will not view 9/11 in this fashion. These enlightened parents justifiably view their own government as the greatest threat to children and will educate their children accordingly.

Millions of American children are suffering hysteria symptoms coming from mass media. These are symptoms of sexual repression and wrongful media programming involving sex and death programming linked to the Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove eugenicists. The "depatterning" of children's minds in relation to normal sexual development will invoke primal sexual fears in these children. As governments require more and more depatterning of children's minds, these cases of hysteria will increase. Top professionals advocate normal parental sex education, as such hysteria is directly linked to deep sexual fears in children. At early ages children are very impressionable, and very protective of their parents. Top psychologists have found that these are times for which comprehensive sex education is most natural and most beneficial. These fears in children often indicate the need for the parental duty, but wrongful government has deliberately repressed this critical information through "behaviorist science" which has been fully themed by Tavistock and the CIA to build alienation into the population. This is the deliberate placing of children into "boxes" of control so as to retard them away from normal child development from normal parents. The operative word is slavery.

It is no mystery why the most advanced methods of child empowerment used in Europe by the "elite" are simultaneously used in America to destroy non-elite families. These American children are to be brainwashed just as in Nazi Germany.

Non-elite children are now exploited by your government in order to carry out secret eugenics operations and indoctrinate your children into the terror programming of "the war on terror" mythic system. It is a rare parent who truly understands this exploitation as such a parent will be actively demonized. This eugenics is now obvious as the "elite" are praised for sex education of their children and the "non-elite" are simultaneously having their families destroyed for the same education. Sexual repression at childhood away from the historically all-important parental duty is the hallmark of those societies which brainwash their children. Sexual repression is therefore a profoundly important issue to understand. Sexual repression at childhood comes from the slave-making arts and is profoundly damaging to the child.

When Bedford authorities abducted my children through force and deception, I was assaulted, given no lawyer or no information whatsoever. My wife and children were then terrorized in order to provoke deep programming where the state then becomes "parental" through the witchcraft of the Skull and Bones. Understand that this is the precise same response you would receive in North Korea if you said a bad word about their dictator. This irrational hysteria has been programmed. I learned at Harvard that such programming actually came from 600 Nazi mind controllers brought to America by the CIA. There was nothing even remotely legal or constitutional about this abduction and terrorism of my family. This is all done today in the full realm of Nazi Mind Control where the most complex area of science, child hysteria, is reduced to the immoral and retarded sex magic antics of Nazified bureaucrats. These Nazis are so thoroughly stupid, that you will not be able to even talk to them, as they manipulate your family through sexual taboos, rape kits and terroristic threats. But they are protecting a very powerful secret of the elite. This secret is the key to massive slave-making operations and is understood in Europe, but not in the U.S.. It requires the full circumvention of our Constitution by advancing Mind Control over justice and good science.

Such cases of wholesale family destruction are literally everywhere in America and these parents are not crazy. The brainwashing of government as "parental" in America, is profoundly powerful, fully empowering these bureaucrats and destroying good parents. Americans are brainwashed not to see this activity of government and I can fully explain this brainwashing. I began a mission of exposing massive mind control fraud in America as I was made very well aware of this horrific programming at Harvard. This is indeed Nazi Mind Control employing sex taboos and other powerful devices of terror deliberately implanted into children. Under military standards for the non-elite, my wife was raised sexually repressed and deeply programmed with these triggering devices. Authorities then easily manipulated her through terror because I refused to raise our own children with this wrongful programming. My children were being protected from wrongful government by comprehensive sex education. These children are nonetheless destroyed in the most heinous manner simply to advance the "war on terror" mythic system of "endless war."

We must demand that the real child abuse is parental alienation coming directly from government programming operations involving brainwashing. This mass abuse of children indicates a broad slavery operation mobilizing the American population for endless war based on full terror manipulation by government. The American people cannot see Building 7 on 9/11 and this was a deliberate blindness forced upon them. Europeans are perplexed by the degree to which Americans are absorbed into a totalitarian mythic system. But Europeans have seen this phenomenon before and know that it is slavery. Americans are completely unaware of the power of Alpha-level brainwashing as exposed to our own Congress in the early 1950s. This same Congress advanced powerful Mind Control against us using mass media. If we refuse to investigate this fact, we are no better than mind-controlled North Koreans.

This is a profoundly important matter for parents to understand, as the intellectual blindness of Americans in regard to these horrific facts is now overwhelmingly obvious. Mass delusion and intellectual blindness is the deliberate mission of Nazi Mind Control as perfected by the CIA. Such mass neurosis has been explained to our elite by Freud as not only possible, but fully historic. The crimes of the elite include a Mockingbird media of totalitarian deception for which your children are now required to be indoctrinated through powerful peer-pressure groupthink. Such programming in early childhood is specifically designed to "depattern" your child's mind away from normal development so as to deprive them of the reality principle. There is literally no greater abuse of children than this mythic system. These children will be fully seduced into the "singularity" of mind and machine which is coming down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. This singularity will secretly serve eugenics and will provide the elite enormous population control results. Your children will be seduced to do so through "parental authority" programming now conditioning them through mass media.

As millions of Jews and other minorities were destroyed by bigotry programming in Nazi Germany, this same programming of bigotry is now directed at the all-important parental duty in America. As I was instructed at Harvard, the "elite" from around the world deliberately bathe naked with their children in order to protect their children from neurosis. This is especially important for children who show signs of hysteria. The "elite" deliberately orient their children's minds to the reality principle as exposed by Freud and known for centuries for protecting children from the slave-makers. But many "elite" are also slave-makers! They literally repress this information in their own "non-elite" populations so as to brainwash this population. Over generations, this destruction of the basic parental duty becomes fully normalized through powerful emotional programming. Slave populations literally learn to demonize the most important empowerment tool for children. But the elite will not raise their own children in such barbaric learned ignorance.

Freud fully exposed that children first "fall in love" with their parents and this is a profoundly important learning experience for them. Such orientation into reality employing the very mechanisms of the child's mind which advances intelligence will protect that child from wrongful government programming. Nazis have always demonized this critical education for children in their non-elite populations as Nazi children are to be raised brainwashed for government service. Only the exceptional patriot will now understand that such Psyops was fully explained by Freud 80 years ago and is now used by our own government and fully normalized for eugenics. Today, the "sexual ambiguities" inherent to the parental duty is fully exploited by the state in order to destroy millions of families and this is no accident. This education literally determines which children become "elite" and which become "non-elite." Those at Harvard who educate the governing elite from around the world understand this double standard and they choose to educate their own children as elite children.

The reality principle is the real power system: human sexuality and it is deeply embedded in the minds of both children and parents. This education builds strong ego development into reality and that is one reason why those at the Bohemian Grove romping in sexuality appear so "perverse" to average Americans. This education about sexuality is profoundly important for educating the "elite" child, but will simultaneously appear "perverse" to the non-elite population which is mind controlled. The emotional programming which destroys the parental duty has been programmed because it is not found in aboriginal cultures or in the elite. It has been normalized in slave populations.

By retarding this education in non-elite children, these children are deliberately set up for massive brainwashing into wrongful or false mythic systems of wrongful power. This is today, mass media brainwashing as fully exposed by 9/11. As your children learn to adore their television mesmerists as "parental" figures, they are indoctrinated into the mythic system of secret government. Therefore, they fully trust their television mesmerists. But under Mockingbird media, such "trust" becomes mass delusion! The fact that Building 7 was the most significant news story on 9/11, fully exposing a government scam, becomes intellectually invisible to you and your children. Most Americans will become emotional or even rude regarding the true facts about Building 7 and this fully exposes the mass delusion of Mind Control. Mesmerist media becomes more "real" than actual facts. This is the precise function of your Mockingbird media. It is a totalitarian mythic system which serves deeply profound political missions of deception. This mythic system requires the destruction of millions of real parents and real children! Such wholesale destruction is now fully normalized, just as in Nazi Germany.

As your children are held in sexual ignorance during key developmental years, they are being set up to be sexual idiots as adults. They will be fully manipulated by powerful Skull and Bones devices of sex magic, pornography, wrongful authority programming of top-down cults. This is all due to poor ego development into the reality principle and sophisticated sexual development by real parents.

This destruction of the parental duty is fully based in powerful Nazi Mind Control emotional programming and was a key mission of Hitler's slave-makers. Through Mind Control, peer-pressure becomes more important than actual truth. This dumbing-down process can be universally advanced through government force. It is not based on reason. Reason will expose the fact that children require normal development by real parents at the proper times as intended by nature. This fact cannot be over emphasized! Will peer pressure over-ride our Constitution? This is completely up to you. If you normalize the destruction of the parental duty, you will normalize Mind Control over the Constitution. The Constitution is based on reason and Mind Control is based on programmed emotion. In the human mind, this distinction is all sourced at childhood with the parental duty of sex education. If this duty is not performed for the child, the child will enter into Mind Control groupthink conformity which is a powerful form of neurosis.

State authorities are now completely brainwashed as bigots against the parental duty because the parental duty is absolutely critical for children. Just like in North Korea, the parental duty of sex education is being demonized in America by powerful emotional programming of learned ignorance regarding the historically all-important parental duty. This is a basic Nazi sex scam of destroying the parental duty and brainwashing children into a wrongful top-down power system which brainwashes them to believe in wrongful "parental authority" of mass media and government. Studying the real facts about Building 7 on 9/11 will wake you up to the reason for this intellectual blindness being applied to your children. This blindness serves the slave-makers and "behavioral science" is not based on a true mission to understand the mind or behavior, but, in fact, comes down from powerful political interests including eugenicists. Teachers should view The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World. We are advancing the real parents who are enlightened about this massive fraud. The only thing these top-down cyborgs need to fear is true parental authority, as we are demanding the real context of these crimes in a real court of law!

Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

Mind Control used on American children

PsyOps Expert explains what's really going on in America

You must become the exceptional patriot to understand this massive fraud of the elite. When you fully expose the real facts about 9/11 to an American, that person will often fall into denial. Such is the precise function of Psyops. That person can be led to the truth for which the deeply disturbing conclusion must result: your own government is advancing a Mind Control machine of slavery over you and your children. This is now evidenced by enormous fraud coming from a death-cult elite. You must understand that a true American jury will demand billions of dollars in restitution for these heinous crimes. We are advancing true parental authority to crush these slave-making Nazis with the Constitution of the United States.

On Saturday, November 15, at 8:00 am, at the National Archives Building on Connecticut Ave., eight military veterans and a military mother climbed a 9-foot retaining fence and occupied a ninety-foot high scaffolding to raise two 450 square foot banners stating, "DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!" and "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT." The same message will also be displayed at demonstrations in the Los Angeles area on Saturday.

Members of Veterans for Peace (VFP) chose the Archives for their nonviolent protest because it is symbolic of their military oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." In September they occupied the Archives for 24 hours, and plan to stay longer this time.

Psyops expert exposes what's really going on in America.

A few relevant thoughts on the matter:

PRESIDENT THEODORE ROOSEVELT (denouncing a multinational cartel, President from 1901-1909, Roosevelt lived to see the creation of a privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve Corporation by the Invisible Government of international bank monopolists.1858-1919)

EDWARD L. BERNAYS (Sigmund Freud’s nephew and the father of psy-ops, mass spin control and modern propaganda. Bernay’s techniques were used to sell WWI to Americans thru the “Committee on Public Information”. Josef Goebbels as Hitler’s flack & Minister of Propaganda was an avid fan of Bernay’s work and put it to use in the Third Reich. Bernays partnered with William Paley to run CBS. Edward Bernay’s work was also the foundation for CIA mass media manipulation via “Operation Mockingbird”. Quote: Bernay’s book “Propaganda” published 1928)

GEORGE SELDES (legendary investigative reporter 1938)

PHILIP GRAHAM (editor of the Washington Post quoting his CIA operative source as he discussed the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Quote 1991)

RUBIN FRANK (former NBC “News” president)



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