Thursday, January 06, 2011

Elite Openly Flaunts Plan To Turn Cities Into High-Tech Slave Grids

Chilling future scenario funded by banks & oil companies depicts authoritarian cities where only the wealthy will be allowed to eat meat, drive cars and choose their own career – all in the name of preventing non-existent global warming

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, January 6, 2010

Not content with depicting children being slaughtered in the name of preventing non-existent global warming, climate change alarmists have embarked on a new propaganda campaign lecturing us all about how we will be forced to live in a “planned-opolis,” where car use will be heavily restricted, CO2 emissions will be rationed, meat will be considered a rare delicacy, the state will decide your career, and only the mega-rich elitists enforcing all these new rules and regulations will be exempt from them.

Browbeating us about how the only solution to expensive fossil fuels is to enforce a “tightly planned and controlled” system, the infomercial (funded in part by oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell), goes on to tell the story of what life will be like in 2040 through the words and actions of a subservient, obedient slave named “Vee” who dutifully acquiesces to the necessity of the new way of things.

Even as Britain shivers under its coldest December in 100 years, and as places as far flung as Southern China suffer unprecedented bouts of freezing rain and cold weather and as the onset of a new mini ice age causes mass die-offs of sea life, the entire piece, produced by the Forum for the Future group, is veiled in debunked rhetoric about CO2 emissions causing rising temperatures.

We soon begin to learn what living in the new “planned-opolis” will look like – food and water is regulated and rationed by a “Global Food Council” which seizes total control over farming. Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions (mirroring precisely the conditions endured by those in Maoist China).

The state decides what your job will be with “designated career announcements,” nobody has the choice to decide their own vocation.

Movement and behavior is controlled by a calorie credit card linked to a smart phone that rations the amount of travel the citizens of slave-opolis, I mean planned-opolis, are allowed to make. Private ownership of cars will be banned for non-elitists because, “the state knows they just aren’t practical anymore.”

Of course, none of these new rules will apply to the rich elitists enforcing them on the rest of us – it’s made clear in the ad that the wealthy will still be able to roll around in CO2-belching cars whenever they like while everyone else is forced to get government permission and be allocated a time slot in which to use restricted vehicles provided by the “Slick Travel Corporation”.

“It makes so much sense doesn’t it,” insists the smiley faced slave “Vee,” who enjoys the fact that she can “switch off brain and go to work,” adding, “With this many people around I’m glad there’s a mega-computer in charge.”

Of course, for those who resist and still cling to some semblance of freedom in defiance of the state and the super-computers running the slave grid, there’s the “cry freedom ghetto,” prison camps for malcontents who are blocked from getting jobs, accessing high speed transport or the Internet.

In a chilling throwback to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the propaganda piece chillingly invokes the notion of families being separated because some people refuse to submit to state-imposed green fascism. This is a subtle yet shocking insight into the true motivation of the makers of this piece – they can barely contain their wanton revulsion towards freedom and their fascist tendencies.

The Forum for the Future Organization derives its funding from a combination of taxpayer money, via local governments, as well as monolithic corporations and large banks.

Some of its financial backers include Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, and crucially Royal Dutch Shell – which of course is one of the biggest emitters of CO2 on the planet.

In other words, an organization lecturing the little people about how only the mega-rich will be able to drive cars and eat meat in 30 years in order to reduce CO2 emissions is largely funded by mega-rich banks and multinational corporations, as well as oil companies.

This is nothing less than Orwell’s 1984 and then some – a chilling nightmare scenario where all freedom is crushed in the name of protecting mother earth. But of course, this has nothing to do with saving the environment, the whole thing is funded by multinational corporations and giant banks, and yet the idiot “liberals” over at the Guardian website wholeheartedly agree that rationing, government control of mobility and food, the state deciding your career, cars being banned for all but the rich, and resistors forced to live in abandoned ghettos is a reasonable and rational course of action.

The agenda for eco-fascism knows no bounds – despite the fact that global warming has been completely discredited as a contrived fraud based on pseudo-science, corruption and agenda-driven politics, its adherents are relentlessly forging ahead with their horrifying vision of a future where the middle classes are eviscerated and everyone – besides of course the elitists imposing the tyranny – is forced to reduce their living standard and become subservient to an all-pervading state that enforces high-tech slavery under the excuse of a green revolution.

Banning fluorescent light bulbs and introducing carbon taxes is only the beginning – if we let these parasites have their way with us we’ll all be living in their purpose built slave-opolis before we know it.


  1. I think he meant incandescent light bulbs. Scary scenario. My granddaughters will be in their prime in 2040, that is if they haven't been poisoned to death first.

  2. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  3. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Obama is not the enemy you dumb fucks.

  4. I guess we will have to soften up the 'elite' to a state even more useless and soft than they are now. Don't mind them. They are exhibiting their only skill besides hiring criminals to collectively kill and rip us off. They are merely flinging poop out of fear and a sorry quest for social dominance to compliment the like-wise doomed to failure 'global warming' campaign. Their parents were slobs. Isn't it a pity. We will have to put them down before they destroy the whole planet in their present state of perpetual temper-tantrum. Refuse their credit cards and make them pay in jewels and gold.

  5. Anonymous7:47 PM

    This is SO funny, considering Shell is 50% Dutch and 50% British:

    "Vee" in Dutch means livestock. I´m not sure if they mean sheeple though...

    The British "V" was featured lately in a movie...

  6. Obama is a traitor and a remorseless murderer, that makes him the enemy.

  7. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Wake up everything lies in its opposite!

    Who your perceived enemy lets say Obama & Co.
    (just to keep it simple) says is the enemy is
    really your doorway to salvation if only you
    had the foresight! Think about it long and carefully and research and ask from the Source
    of all creation one to one in seclusion in the dead of night through the sincerity of your
    humbled heart in awe of that Source's Power, Magnificence, Forbearance, Mercy and Compassion as all matter/anti-matter is
    relentlessly on a fixed course to that Majestic
    Singularity who on that Great Day will proclaim

  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Why not humble ourselves and stop harming ourselves by refusing to surrender our will to the will of our Creator in such an arrogant manner which knows no bound. Analyse all creation micro to macro, is there any apart from man and devil which has not surrendered its will to the will of the SOURCE to which all creation is on an unstoppable course to reach.
    (In SCIENCE known as "Singularity" where every planet,solar system galaxy black hole and universe are destined to reach at the appointed time).

  9. Anonymous9:02 PM

    AND FINALLY Nudge nudge wink wink a good place to start maybe......


  10. Anonymous10:22 PM

    These cities are being actively constructed NOW across America. In NYC they have eliminated car lanes for bikers routes- aggravating traffic but prepping for the eventual cut back of cars altogether. Incrementalism... the stupid liberals think these new urban bicycle paths were 'their' green victory against the corporations, not grasping it was what the corps wanted all along. We see the same with the illegal immigrant issue. It is done to bring in slave labor, union bust and implement the de facto slave laor union of the pending NAU. But NWO agitprops use 'human rights' to sell it and the zombie lefties fall for it whole hog and have even done NWO 's work for them by pushing it as hard as they can.

  11. Cor Leonis11:14 PM

    Point me in the direction of that ghetto cause there is no way in hell I will ever agree to comply with such a nightmare.

    Those psychos behind and funding this really are a sad and diseased lot, they could not stop their mad and obsessive efforts at control over everything if they tried.

    Question is, will humanity step up to stop em?

  12. He did mean incandescent, and your granddaughters will be in there prime. But I will be old enough to show these fuckers I mean business with good old fashion murder, and not care about the consequences HA,HA, FUCKERS I can't wait!!!

  13. My dearest son A_Dawgg, it is not murder to put down a mad dog, if you don't it will surely kill you. Remember Quarantine?
    Robert, I have posted this most excellent blog to WRH, I see that it has produced fruit.

  14. Long Distance Operator8:19 PM

    MURDER is defined as the "taking" of INNOCENT assured guys, these bastards are anything but innocent!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember, as free men, our most important GOD given assignment in this physical realm is........the raising & protection of our families/progeny, befitting of his approval!!! Do not hesitate to employ whatever "force" is necessary to meet that OBLIGATION.

    ....& cowardice/failure is not an option!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous4:51 AM

    The FIA foundation is a tool of the motor industry to increase the acceptability of car-based traffic solutions while blocking alternatives. They sponsored this video for the beautifull future for VEE. (Vee means a dog or cattle.) Wee are their pets!

  16. Biggurl11:40 AM

    You rightwingnuts are all the same - nuts, completely nuts (and paranoid)