Friday, July 31, 2009

Robert Lukehart Endorses Harvard to host 911truth presentation on 9/10/09

This post is to notify you that Richard Gage AIA and Graeme Macqueen (Harvard Phd) will speak at Harvard on 9/10/09.

You are one of 10 AE911Truth signatories with Harvard degrees. We seek to maximize attendance from the Harvard community that evening by advertising in the Harvard Crimson and possibly on their website in the week or so prior to the event. Classes start 9/2.

Richard's talk is entitled,"9/11: Architecture of Destruction" and Graeme, a retired professor of Peace Studies will speak on "What we learned from 118 eyewitness testimonies."

This is Richard's fourth talk in the Boston area. While he does improve his presentation as new evidence surfaces, let's make the attendance at this talk includea greater percentage of people who are unfamiliar with his great work.

Here are links to peer reviewed articles by Prof Macqueen

I will be telephoning you today to alert you to this post. We seek your permission place your name in a Harvard Crimson advertisement to congratulate your school on becoming the first Ivy League University to host a talk questioning the official story of 9/11.


We hope half of those of you graduates will be able to donate to fund the ad, which is $378 for a full page, a significantly better deal than the NYT or Washpost. Donations can be made directly to the website Notify me of the date and amount for tabulation purposes.

We expect to list only name degree and year, with more information like professional honors on our website

We will also send you the final version for approval.

In addition, anyone willing to offer some time to help organize this effort can certainly free up time from our volunteer organizers for other pressing matters.Contact from a real live Harvard graduate on this matter would likely produce extra results.

We expect to send an alert to our full AE database seeking more names to list. This will include anyone from the other 7 Ivies, a notable matter in and of itself. Our hope is that the flap over public compliments for Harvard from graduates of the other Ivies will result talks at those important schools.

We expect to ask for assistance in publicity from before we are done.


David Slesinger

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