Friday, April 24, 2009

Learned Ignorance the Mission of Republican Programmers

There I was, overseeing 100 children on a gymnasium floor. They were on a checkered-board arrangement on every square of the gym. Each team had a bowling ball and balloons. The object was to balance the bowling ball on top of a balloon. Of course, the gym resounded with pops, like the inside of a popcorn maker. But the kids kept trying. The bowling balls would break the balloons or dart across the floor in unpredictable directions. This was pure mayhem, but then a child points to success: a bowling ball fully rested on a balloon! There was a successful child, or was it? The balloon on which the ball rested was never inflated. The balloon was flat. I said, "good try, but you must use an inflated balloon for this experiment."

Then I woke up.

This nightmare was over, but it had a much deeper meaning. Children are in fact conditioned for learned ignorance and so was I. This serves Mind Control and active eugenics operations. No matter how you try to teach young children about critically important matters of sexuality, our current police and social workers can literally turn this education into something "lewd" which builds hysteria and political bigotries. Isn't the unnecessary death of 1 million children to HIV/AIDS because they are suspended in sexual ignorance a bit more lewd? How about 25 million non-custodial parents being created by this perverse industry?

Case workers are today manipulating basic sex education of children for purely political reasons which is a simple matter of manipulating semantics and the law about "sexual" matters in order to destroy sacred parent-child bonds. These "cases" against teachers, parents and children have already been outlawed by the Supreme Court, but it appears we need to be made aware of this fact. This illegal social engineering is being done on a massive scale in America due to illegal, "faith-based" federal programs put in place by the past Republican Congress but these programs are never applied to the children of the elite. In fact, Harvard and other elite centers actively teach elite methods of child development which encourage the same parental sexual education which is actively criminalized in the non-elite world.

As a result of fear of Republican bedroom "investigations" and wrongful intrusion of government agents into our homes, our children are living in an impossible world of sexual repression where state officials using federal funds are criminally negligent against children, causing hundreds of thousands of children to become dangerously vulnerable to preventable illness, abuse and neglect. Millions of children are made effectively fatherless. Read just about any newspaper in the United States and you will hear of these "sex cases" which, after careful scrutiny are often normal cases of basic sex education which is absolutely critical for children. My family's case exposes this overwhelming fraud.

About half of the country is convinced that sexual repression in children is "necessary" according to conservative "family values" and the other half of the country is convinced that this sexual repression is thoroughly harmful. I am on the side that believes this learned ignorance is harmful to children, but I am on a mission to debunk these illegal intrusions of government into our homes and try to understand the radical conservative agenda of ignorant sex education and wrongful conditioning of children. Why are these conservatives so hysterical about human sexuality as it really exists, and why would they insist on keeping children ignorant? Is this for political indoctrination or genocide? When parents are not allowed to educate their own children, in their own homes on matters of life and death, these government agents need to go to jail, period. When children are suspended in ignorance concerning basic human sexuality, it is common for wild and misleading hysteria to ensue, just as in the Salem Witch Trials of the Puritans. Back then Pilgrim sexual repression and learned ignorance were affecting mostly girls, and their hysterical outbursts concerning fears of "witches" were judged largely by men. Today this dynamic hysteria is reversed. Women are largely judging men through "civil" programs, even though many of these women were never raised to understand male sexuality. This is why 90% of perceived sex offenders in the U.S. are men. But the underlying failure of government is the same today as it was then: irrational hysteria is allowed to grow in an irrational environment of fear. We see the same kind of hysteria today, only the "witches" are more often being portrayed as male sexual offenders. Many of these offenders are products of avoidable institutional abuse for which timely education would have helped them. Conservatives of today gain politically by this abuse. They have gained political power by advancing irrational fears and "protection services" for these children who were made hysterical by conservatives in the first place.

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