Thursday, April 23, 2009

Republican Sex Cults Impose Sexual Repression for Brainwashing Children

President Jimmy Carter: "Deprived of proper sex education, American girls are five times as likely to have a baby as French girls, seven times as likely to have an abortion, and seventy times as likely to have gonorrhea as girls in the Netherlands. Also, the incidence of HIV/AIDS among American teenagers is five times that of the same age in Germany."

What President Carter cannot tell you is exactly how and why these horrible afflictions are occurring to American girls--key information on the sexual exploitation of 1 million American children through active social engineering programs is still classified. The Bohemian Grove death cult has been programming Americans through mass media for 50 years. Such deep programming of sex myths and sex taboos are directed at population control and destruction of the parental duty of sex education. But you will know these programs when they come for your children. You will also know these programs by the fear, superstition and ignorance that they promote in your community, dumbing down your children, even rape-kitting your baby. These programs completely violate standing Supreme Court decisions regarding parental rights, but continue to operate in full steam. Why? You think this is some wild conspiracy myth? Think again, it's called American Politics 101 and it's completely reshaping America.

Republican sex cults exist at the local level in child "protection" rackets. Once these children are made fatherless due to fraud, they are nine times more likely to enter the military as "grunts." They are far more likely to suffer from the neurosis caused by sexual repression, to become prostitutes and drug addicts. These bureaucrats destroy millions of U.S. families based upon a scientific fraud which creates sexual repression and demonizes educated parents much like the Catholic Church does. Both institutions require Alpha-level brainwashing extensively. These children are then indoctrinated into a television mythic system run by "parental" mesmerists who will function as the child's political reality for the rest of his or her life. The destruction of real parents serves these brainwashers. Political events like 9/11 are then easily programmed into the child through mass media to build the lie of "endless war" and other Pentagon recruiting missions. Woe to the ruling elite if the people begin to review the real facts about 9/11.

Nothing terrifies these American Nazis more than sex education being an innate and vital responsibility of parents, not government.

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