Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fascism is Over...If We Want It

Many times, when I explain to people what's going on in our country today, they at first argue that things aren't really that bad, and that America could never go fascist.

After a couple of examples about what's been happening recently, and a brief overview of what fascism actually means, they get it.

But then they shrug their shoulders and say "there's nothing I can do", hoping that that's the end of discussion.

Are they right? Is there nothing we can do about fascism? Should we just hunker down and try to survive it?

Well, first of all, there is something we can do to break free of the fascist concrete which has been poured over America, before it really hardens.

Here is just one example:
2 million Americans could all peacefully surround the White House and Capitol Hill, and hold signs saying "we're not leaving until the Constitution and the rule of law are restored".
1 million people surround the White House. 1 million more surround Capitol Hill. Everyone wears red, white and blue to show that we are pro-America (and because it will be such a sight to see that the news cameras will be attracted like flies to honey).

If that happened, the spell of fascism would be broken, things would start to get done, and America would be freed. Says who?

Well, its happened repeatedly throughout history whenever people have been willing to stand up. The Ukranian people stood up to tyranny and won. The East German people stood up to tyranny and won. The people of the Philippines, Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia and other countries around the world have won against tyranny whenever ordinary people have poured into the streets in massive numbers and demanded freedom.

And here in the U.S., even though Nixon said he didn't care what the American people thought, he backed off on dropping a nuclear bomb on Vietnam when hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest an escalation of the war (and see this).

But, but . . .

Now you might raise all sorts of potential problems with this option. I'll get to that in a minute. However, I want to stress that if 2 million people did this, it would work, and the fact that we're not doing it is only proof that we're too lazy or lack the commitment to do anything.

Okay, here are some possible objections and rebuttals to the objections . . .

1. There has never been that large a protest. We can't organize that many people.

With the web, we can do it.

2. If we use the web to organize, it would be infiltrated.

Well, with government already spying on our web usage, emails and phones, of course it would be infiltrated. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it.

3. Police might try to disrupt the protest.

Yes, they probably will try. That's why everyone should bring cellphone cameras or videocams. If police turn violent or use agents provocateur to incite violence, we film it all, and broadcast it worldwide on the web. That would make the government look really, really bad. Also, everyone should sign paper pledges in advance to be peaceful and not use any violence under any circumstance. And if you see anyone trying to incite violence, have a group of people escort them away from the protest.

4. Too busy, don't have the time off from work, or don't have the money to participate.

Yes, we might have to call in sick to work, spend some scarce funds, rearrange or cancel some commitments. It might be a sacrifice, but we could do it if we really wanted to.

There are many other possible objections, but there are responses to all of them. In short, it is doable and would be effective.


The bottom line is that it is not true that we are powerless or that there is nothing we can do to prevent fascism from consolidating its hold on the United States.

The option of surrounding the White House and Capitol Hill with millions of peaceful protesters is only one of many options which would turn things around. If we are not implementing such options, it is because we don't really care, or don't want to be bothered, or are not really committed to saving our country. It is not because there is nothing we can do.

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