Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bedford Eugenics Operation to Kill 50, Destroy 150 Children

5,000 Children Stolen and Abused in One Pennsylvania County.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

The eugenics effort of just one Pennsylvania county will effectively kill 50 children and destroy the lives of 150 more. The sexual repression enforcement of Bedford County is sending chills down the spines of all families in the county, as parents are being rounded up for sexual humiliation, alienation and coercive threats to steal their children. The emotional contagion spread by these activities is repressing the parental duty of sex education and the normalization of sexual communication between parent and child. This reign of terror will effectively destroy the future families of over 150 children, as approximately 50 children will die of imposed ignorance, AIDS, anti-social behavior and false wars due to sexual repression in their childhoods. Many of these will never acquire solid parental skills and will serve eugenics, find themselves neurotic and even psychotic in many areas of sexuality where normal parental education and care would have protected them. These eugenics tricks will serve population control agendas. This most barbaric of counties is deliberately destroying the most important empowerment tool for children, parental sex education, as these children are to be brainwashed by the wrongful authority of the Pentagon, Bohemian Grove sex and death media and enter into the military as grunts.

Raising children as "elite" children, or "officer material" through comprehensive sex education is banned in Bedford County, as police and social workers are fraudulently attacking these families as "predators."

Pennsylvania children are being raised as sheeple to the slaughter, but the Pentagon is receiving high quotas of grunts. Sexual repression and institutional abuse is being forced onto these children by the thousands as good parents are being actively demonized. No lawyers and no real due process is allotted to these hapless families. Children are being programmed by the demonic media of the Bohemian Grove death cult and not by good parents.

The deliberate retardation of sexual knowledge in children is throwing their minds out of balance. Destroying the parental duty is the taletell sign of brainwashing. The best gift a parent can give to his child is appropriate sex education at the correct time in the child's development. This education is critically necessary for children who suffer from television neurosis and hysteria. Those who brainwash children attempt to retard this critical development, demonize it or trivialize it which is really retarding critical thinking. Critical thinking in children begins with understanding the body and how it works. This is why brainwashers build an aura of "innocence" around sexual ignorance, as the child is lured into the sex-control culture of pure banality which is all around them. Yes, it is banal to deny the importance and privacy requirement of parental sex education. Only a lost and idiotic culture which brainwashes its children would deny the importance of timely parental sex education in a manner for which the child understands.

We are working with Harvard University to track the abuse of these sexually repressed children made fatherless and dumbed-down by massive fraud.

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  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    The nwo's Golden Calf and the Final Judgment

    On October 31, 2003, while Americans walked their children trick or treating, the CBS Evening News report went unwatched. Dan Rather reported that the FDA had decided clone milk and meat was safe for consumption. This Halloween night satan and the nwo played one of the final tricks ever on humanity and God's creation.The grevious mistakes already made by animal cloning and the effects on those who eat clone meat is a ticking timebomb. While scientists race to create a CJD resistant vaccine for cloned milk and meat, the prions we have already eaten lay dorment waiting to attack the brain. There is no known cure for CJD,vCJD or BSE and these diseases can effect consumers years after ingestion. Top cloned cattle are used to breed others and the strain on this DNA will assuredly cause new diseases.
    This may not seem like a big deal to some but see what the nwo does to keep control of the food and what happened after the movie Food Inc. and this report. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cb6HwzCkEs
    Did you see the four horsemen statue behind the womans head and actually only three were in the shot? Bush the first horseman had already came. The hired nsa satanists killed Michael Jackson just days after this report. The poor soul had been like us and sleep deprived for months and was drugged to death right when a diversion was needed. Michael Jackson was mind controlled and dragged through the mud for years.
    The suffering that all of us endure has led me to the book of Job many times. The 39th chapter details the wonder of Gods' creations from goats to ostriches and how only He can control the uncontrollable. God's power and wisdom as Creator and Preserver of the physical and animal world is absolute and will not be tampered with. The ancient pagans worshipped bulls and cows and the golden calf built by the nwo is an especially heinous sin. Their rejection of God's sovereignty over nature is a major cause for the Final Judgment.