Monday, April 27, 2009

Top Lawyers need to Fight CPS Fraud Destroying American Children

I have received over 40,000 emails by concerned parents about my family's case. You will be well advised to note that bureaucrats are actively programmed as puppets and marionettes, especially in regard to children's issues. As I raised my children by Harvard Medical School standards and by direction of the Surgeon General of the United States' mandate to educate ALL of the child, including the subconscious, sexual mind, I was attacked by Tavistock-trained, sexual repression drones. These are the most dangerous members of society, as "child protection" is one of the most asinine scams now destroying millions of American families based on Hitler's sexual repression dictates and eugenics. This blog goes a long way in explaining these Americanized eugenics tricks.

If this sounds radical to you, you are simply not awake. 5,000 children stolen and abused in one Pennsylvania county. Millions of children have been protected in Europe from Nazi Mind Control which is now indistinguishable from America's Mind Control. Yet American children are deliberately denied European emphasis on the parental duty. Remember, this is a truth movement and truth can be proven in a court of law.

Because of my education at Harvard, I was exposed to the truth about American brainwashing. Children are held in sexual learned ignorance for an unhealthy period of time so that they are indoctrinated into the fictional reality of television, later to be used as their core political reality. Mesmerists on television become embedded as "parental" to the child. Educated parents will raise their children with comprehensive sex education and media restrictions so that they do not acquire a form of neurosis that our government requires: such neurosis of belief in television mesmerists as "parental" gave us 9/11, a false-flag operation which relied heavily on brainwashing of media as "parental" through control of a few key elements of theatre. No real investigation on what happened on 9/11 ever occurred! Americans were brainwashed by the who and why of 9/11, all of it fiction provided by controlled media. Those parents who do not know this must be awakened to the truth about American brainwashing. Much of it is sex-based at childhood, where the child's reality principle is not allowed to develop normally through parental sex education and media restriction. These evils have been normalized by a brainwashing government which illegally themes and controls our media through Operation Mockingbird.

5,000 Children Stolen and Abused in One Pennsylvania County.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Pennsylvania children are being raised as sheeple to the slaughter. Sexual repression and institutional abuse is being forced onto these children by the thousands as good parents are being actively demonized. Children are being programmed by the demonic media of the Bohemian Grove death cult and not by good parents.

The deliberate retardation of sexual knowledge in children is throwing their minds out of balance. Destroying the parental duty is the taletell sign of brainwashing. The best gift a parent can give to his child is appropriate sex education at the correct time in the child's development. This education is critically necessary for children who suffer from television neurosis and hysteria. Those who brainwash children attempt to retard this critical development, demonize it or trivialize it which is really retarding critical thinking. Critical thinking in children begins with understanding the body and how it works. This is why brainwashers build an aura of "innocence" around sexual ignorance, as the child is lured into the sex-control culture of pure banality which is all around them. Yes, it is banal to deny the importance and privacy requirement of parental sex education. Only a lost and idiotic culture which brainwashes its children would deny the importance of timely parental sex education in a manner for which the child understands.

We are working with Harvard University to track the abuse of these sexually repressed children made fatherless and dumbed-down by massive fraud.

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  1. amy charron3:01 PM

    My case went very public and I never had any justice despite all my evidence .My life has been completely destroyed for publicly fighting Cps. Google or you tube my name Amy Charron. Recent hacker shut down many of my you tubes so please look before all my hard work is gone. Thank you

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    My name is Regina. I am fighting a battle agaisnt the liers that work as CPS caseworker. I need a lawyer that is not afraid to stand up to them. I want to fight for reform of these agaencies. If you can help please contact me at