Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are Bureaucrats Programmed by Mind Control to Destroy Families via CPS Fraud?

Federal child "protection" programs in the 1970s coincided with the Pentagon's loss of draft powers and an active population control program known as the depopulation "GLOBAL 2000" initiative. Since then the United States has seen a dramatic increase in childhood sex hysteria or hyper-abuse hysteria cases. Our population has increased largely due to illegal aliens. There has also been an exponential rise in anti-social crimes, drug abuse and family dysfunction largely due to fatherless children. Even critical sex education and basic family bonding is now taboo in much of America due to active social engineering over the past 35 years. Since much of eugenics functions on the subconscious level of the mind, exaggerating the importance, powers and number of bureaucrats who inflict hyper-abuse hysteria will "statistically" provide population control results, even as it can be effectively denied as a population control method. This is the "beauty" of marionette programming of bureaucrats.

Since Mind Control programming is designed to create slaves for the elite, it utilizes very powerful psychological tools known to have very severe and negative results. Good science has always known that these methods are emotion-based and are not really hard "science." But those who financed these programs are not necessarily aware that these are powerful propaganda programs and not sciences. Since they are not sciences, they cannot be proven or disproven and advance attitudes designed to look like sciences. These attitudes may function as Trojan horses carrying very distant and very ancient programming which unconsciously advance eugenics such as slave-making programming or Armageddon, self-destruction programming. Jung called these devices "collective unconscious" archetypes, but they largely function on the subconscious mind. These archetypes, nonetheless, can be manipulated and "controlled" through Mind Control programming. The occultic Nazis were very well aware of them.

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