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Same Killers - Different Day, by John Hankey

Same Killers - Different Day - by John Hankey
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(I met John Hankey at John Judge's 2006 COPA conference in Dallas. I was at first skeptical of Hankey's conclusions; that the Bush Crime Family is tied to not only the assassination of JFK, but that JFK Jr. was also assassinated, with George Walker Bush in Hankey's sites as a suspect. After watching his presentation in Dallas, I was convinced that Hankey is a serious researcher, who raises some important issues. Although Hankey was not consulted for Russ Baker's new book, Family of Secrets, Baker covers some of the same ground regarding Poppy Bush and JFK. I asked Hankey to summarize his take on the Bushes, and talk about the newly re-edited Dark Legacy. -rep.)

SAME KILLERS - DIFFERENT DAY by John Hankey - April 18, 2009

There are a number of important parallels between the 9-11 attacks and the murder of JFK: the stand down of the most basic defense procedures / the outrageous cover-up and destruction of evidence / and the last name of some of the major perpetrators. Obviously the Bushes were involved in 9-11. Less well-known and less obvious is the central role played by George HW in the Kennedy assassination.

It has taken 40 years to collect the evidence to hang Kennedy’s murder around Bush’s neck.

I began 9 years ago when JFK Jr.’s plane went into the sea; the Pentagon took over the news reporting, and then lied ridiculously, into the teeth of reporters who knew better, about why the search had been kept, for 15 hours, from what was immediately obvious was the crash site. Who would want JFK Jr. dead, and why? Lacking any credible evidence along these line, I decided to pursue a deeper look at the names of the people who had killed his father, as likely suspects in the murder of the son.

The Nation magazine had printed an article ten years before citing a memo written by J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, 5 days after the assassination. The memo confused researchers, including me. It said the state department had asked the FBI to investigate whether “some misguided anti-Castro group” might be planning an invasion of Cuba. The memo claims the FBI investigated, and determined that the anti-Castro community in Florida was deeply saddened by the death of JFK, but not inclined to any rash actions. The last paragraph was the one that grabbed researchers’ attention, because it named “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” as the responsible party sent by CIA to Washington to receive this FBI report. This grabbed researchers’ attention because Bush claimed that he had never been in the CIA before being appointed its director by Gerald Ford. And because it would mean he lied under oath on this point during confirmation hearings. And because it would mean that he had broken the law by running for Congress and Senate without informing the voters that he was CIA.

I will give myself props for destroying Bush’s claim that the memo did not refer to him. As the video JFK - the Bush Connection outlines, in college, Bush was a “brother under the skin” to the son of the head of hiring for CIA; he left college and went to work for a man his father identified as a CIA recruiter; and he then set up shop in the middle of CIA preparations for the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs; which puts him squarely in the middle of the “misguided anti-Castro Cuban operations referred to by Hoover‘s memo. And on and on and on.

I will give myself credit, also, for being the first to point out that this memo identifies Bush as a supervisor of these “misguided anti-Castro groups”. You would not, after all, send someone to FBI headquarters to receive a report on one of your operations, and send someone who was entirely unfamiliar. You’d send the most knowledgeable, and therefore the most involved, person available. And I also, in that video, point out in the clearest terms possible, that the military industrial complex has used the CIA to murder JFK And that the CIA had done so using its “misguided anti-Castro Cubans.” Whom, again, Hoover described as being supervised by “Mr. George Bush.”

But I did not tie all the available pieces together. I had included a long section on Oswald’s CIA and FBI connections; and explored the strange world in which the state department asks the FBI to investigate the CIA’s “misguided anti-Castro Cubans.” But I had not seen the direct relevance of this section to the central theme of the video: Bush’s involvement. It was just an interesting riddle, and I cut it out and put it into an “extra” that no one has seen fit to post on the web, and that was, then, only available on the DVD.

I was approached by someone with Hollywood background who urged and helped me to try to make the video more presentable, more professional, in order to try to get a wider release, on DVD, or perhaps even in theatres. It took three years; and in the process I figured out the riddle. The solution goes like this: Oswald was an FBI operative. This could not be more obvious. The Texas attorney general called up the Warren Commission on their first day and told them Oswald’s FBI employee # and pay grade. It seems another obvious conclusion, from this, that Oswald had his paycheck stub in his pocket at the time of his arrest. It defies my imagination to conceive of other circumstances that might lead the attorney general to take such an aggressive position on this point. The circumstantial evidence supporting this charge, that Oswald was working for the FBI, is more than substantial. Delphine Roberts worked for the CIA at their secret training camp, for anti-Castro terrorist raids, at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. Kennedy had ordered the raids ceased and the camps closed. Delphine Roberts told the Warren Commission that she had seen Oswald at the camp two weeks prior to the raid. Oswald’s best friend in New Orleans saw him exchange envelopes with men he took to be FBI at this time. And Oswald passed out leaflets with the address of the Pontchartrain supervisor, Guy Bannister, on them. It seems to me an obvious conclusion that Hoover, who had written memos about Oswald’s CIA connections while Oswald was still in Russia, recruited and used Oswald to locate the camps. The CIA apparently also figured this out and in short order recruited Oswald back, to infiltrate a “rogue” group that was plotting to kill JFK. That point is speculation. What is clear is that they recruited him and got him a job at the Dallas School Book Depository. The Dallas DA has recently revealed a signed affidavit from an attorney who witnessed Oswald discussing killing Kennedy with Jack Ruby. There is no credible evidence to suggest that Oswald wanted to kill JFK. On the contrary, the most credible evidence is that Oswald was an admirer of JFK. What, then, was Oswald’s purpose in talking to Ruby? The suggestion that he was attempting to infiltrate the CIA’s “rogue” killers is my best guess.

But so what? This affidavit, from the Dallas DA file, was marked so as to be presented as evidence. It is entirely credible. It would not otherwise have been so marked. It indicates that Oswald was still actively working for the FBI, now infiltrating the CIA’s team of killers, and had in fact made contact with Ruby. This sort of information from a reliable source would have given Hoover the legal authority to tape Ruby’s phone, and the phones of virtually anyone Ruby had contact with. Hoover distributed a memo to all the CIA’s offices the week before the murder telling them that there was to be an attempt on JFK’s life in Dallas on Nov. 22. Hoover knew.

He knew before the assassination. Why would he NOT have had Ruby’s phone tapped? Hoover had been, at JFK’s direction, spying on the CIA’s anti-Castro Cuban operation for months. His knowledge of the intimate details of the assassination can scarcely be overestimated. And 5 days after the assassination, he identified “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” as that agency’s responsible party sent to receive the FBI’s report on the activities of their killing team. He then hid this memo, containing this explosive information, in plain sight, distributing to various members of the State department, without classification.

This point of view is presented in the new video, Dark Legacy.

The original JFK II also presented, as a riddle, the fact that the FBI had made a detailed record of a phone call Bush made minutes after the assassination, attempting to send them, apparently, on a wild goose chase investigating “one James Parrot” who Bush claimed had been talking of killing the president. What can we make of this memo? Three years ago, my answer was that it was “weird”. Today I see it differently. E. Howard Hunt, famous as the head of the Watergate Burglars, was identified in a CIA memo, signed by Richard Helms, the CIA director at the time, as part of the assassination team in Dallas that day. Bush is tied by at least eight different circumstances to Hunt. However, there are certainly honest people, or even dishonest ones, who were associated with Hunt, but not in Dallas or connected to the assassination. Fletcher Prouty, whose job in the Pentagon was to supply CIA secret operations with military hardware, including machine guns and ships, was sent to the South Pole to get him out of the way. Richard Colby, who later became director of CIA, and who doubtless released the Helms memo naming Hunt as a killer, was also certainly not involved in JFK’s murder; and had another assignment in another part of the world. But Bush’s phone call reveals that he was on duty for the CIA; in Dallas; and working on assassination-related matters.

We have been schooled to regard “the smoking gun” as the definitive evidence. However, in a large conspiracy, only one person can be connected to a smoking gun. The rest of the members of the conspiracy can only be shown to have played ancillary roles. Under our system of justice, however, they are regarded as equally culpable. That Bush was playing some sort of ancillary role could not possibly be more clearly demonstrated than it is by these two FBI memos.

It took me nearly 40 years to find these memos; and nearly another ten to figure out what they mean. Believe me, I’m not bragging. But I am advocating patience.

And trying to persuade you to support my efforts to advertise this video by purchasing it from

By the way, just to finish the story I began about JFK Jr.:

I had discovered the bulk of this information about Bush Sr. and the death of JFK. But I still had not produced any evidence suggesting who would have wanted to kill JFK Jr. And then it hit me. In my subconscious mind, I heard Henry Kissinger muttering, “The father killed the father. Let the son kill the son.” I have reason to believe that the criminal elite that perpetrated crimes of 9-11 and of Nov. 22, operate much as a mafia does. To join the inner circle of the mafia, you have to “make your bone”. You have to commit a murder within the sight of the other members. Then they can trust you. You can’t rat them out because they are eyewitnesses to a murder you committed. In any case, within weeks of JFK’s murder, George Bush began his remarkable political career. He ran for senate and lost. They created a Republican district and appointed him the nominee, and so, of course, he won. He then ran for senate again, and lost. They picked him up and dusted him off and forced Nixon to take him on as his secretary of the United Nations (Erlichman says so explicitly) with a White House office conveniently located next to E. Howard Hunt’s! Bush ran against Reagan and lost, and Reagan was forced to take him on as vice president. After being shot, Reagan left everything up to Bush. Bush presided at ALL of the Iran Contra Crack-epidemic meetings. And the JFK assassination was where he made his bone, where he got his ticket punched for admission to the inner circle, which then forced all the events I just described to occur. And I wondered, how did little Georgie make his bone? Whom did the drunk, coke-headed draft-dodger have to kill in order to get this powerful inner circle to support him, rather than the war-hero McCain. And I rushed to my computer to see where lil' George was the day JFK Jr’s plane went down. At 8 am he was campaigning hard, flipping pancakes in Iowa. He got on a bus at 9 am and disappeared. JFK Jr.’s plane went down at 9:41 pm, twelve hours later. The next day the press ran to interview Bush, to see what one president’s son had to say about the death of another president’s son. Al Gore had cancelled all campaign appearances. What would Bush do? they wanted to know. They ran to interview Bush. But he was not to be found. Karen Hughes, Bush’s campaign manager not only could not say where he was; she could not even say when he would be back! After three days he reappeared. No attempt has ever been made to disclose his whereabouts. Witnesses identified him partying at the Bohemian Grove Saturday night, celebrating John’s death. Karen Hughes demanded a retraction when the Sacramento Bee published this story. The story’s author offered to do so, if Hughes would reveal where Bush actually was. Hughes made no offer of any such information, nor any further demands for a retraction. This information is all laid out in my video The Assassination of John Kennedy Jr., available at, you guessed it, [[|]].

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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    What Planet are you on Rob? John Hankey sucks and he's an appalling liar have you sat down and fact checked his stuff. He is not a researcher Larry Hancock is a real researcher not this fruit.

    CTKA were going to do a critique on JFK 2 but its off the site now Im looking forward to it as Im sure the people at CTKA won't mess up.

  2. Only an anonymous could post such a bullshit!

  3. Anonymous (the poster above yours) is a tool. The web is plastered with with these types. CTKA itself being just another agent of the dark forces. Which brings us to the conclusion that CTKA's leader Jim DiEugenio is:

    Either 1. PAID to blast significant researchers like John Hankey who get get too close to the truth or 2. CIA has their hooks so deep in him he feels the threat of dismemberment. Thus DiEugenio discredits himself just by allowing an unprofessional buffoon like Seamus Coogan act as hatchet man against John Hankey and Russ Baker.

    DiEugenio has even gone so far as to wrestle control of Black Op Radio away from Len Osanic. Reading and answering all his e-mail. So even Osanic a long term friend of the assassination science community (through his association with the dark forces) must be held suspect as being complicit in disseminating disinformation. How else should we describe this?

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    John Hankey is playing loose with the facts.
    He insists there was a flight instructor on Jr's ill-fated flight. To prove this he insists Jr NEVER went without one. A lie. Jfk jr flew with a flight instructor only half the time.
    Hankey says Jr was a 17 year experienced pilot. A lie. He logged 47 hours from 1982-1988, but then did no formal flight instruction until late 1997. He earned his private pilot’s license by April 1998. By 16 July 1999, the night of the mishap, John Kennedy was enrolled in an instrument rating course and had completed 12 of 25 lessons, but did not yet possess an instrument rating. Although Kennedy’s most recent logbook was not located the logbook dated thru 11 November 1998 demonstrated 310 hours of total flight time, 55 of which were at night. In the 15 months prior to the crash, JFK Jr had flown 35 flight legs either to or from the Essex County/Teterboro, New Jersey area and the Martha’s Vineyard/Hyannis, Massachusetts, area (MVY). About half of these flights were without a certified flight instructor (CFI).
    Hankey is obvious suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome