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Bedford Pennsylvania Child Trafficking: The Orwellian Farmlands of Republican Sheeple

Is Bedford Springs destined to become the new home of the Bohemian Grove death-cult elite?

In a naked display of truth, a band of young girls are protesting being made fatherless by corrupt government officials. They claim that slavery has never really left America and that they are the slaves. The nude girls are running wildly through the wooded country-side near and around Bedford Springs, in Bedford Pennsylvania. The Governor finds this activity highly unusual, being so early in the Spring, but promised to personally look into it. Men from all around the state are converging on the location to try and assist the girls with blankets and fire-making skills. The Resort has no comment at this time, due largely to gay Republicans convening there who have logged in a protest that such activity annoyed them. "These girls are not what I came here for!" demanded one gay Republican. "I came here for the World Conference on Femi-Nazi Fashion, and this is too old school, too death-camp sheik for our taste! Where are these girls' daddies anyway?" It appears that many of the girls' fathers are living under bridges in many "Bush-villes" scattered throughout the deep South. On this latest development, the New World Order promises to keep us all posted.

Bedford County is the historical home of the American eugenics movement, a neo-Nazi movement that had to go underground after World War II. "Non-elite" children are routinely trafficked away from their parents through hyper-abuse hysteria, sexual amplification methods and other witchcraft methods of eugenics. Non-elite children are held in draconian sexual repression so that they are easily programmed by Nazi Mind Control devices like sex taboos and bogey-man myths like Osama bin Laden. "Elite" children at Bedford Springs Resort are not so targetted. We are investigating these obvious double-standards and the outrageously unconstitutional sexual inquisitions the state now uses to traffic in children as de facto slaves.

5,000 Pennsylvania children stolen and abused in one PA county.

Children in Bedford County are routinely taken from their parents and held in sexual repression on farms by a corrupt government enforcing and "perfecting" eugenics population control and underground Pentagon recruiting of "grunts." These traumatized children often end up in the military as grunts or work for the CIA as sex mules. Parents who are raising elite children are encouraged to keep their children away from Bedford County.

Understanding propaganda through propaganda: Even though it is a major generational taboo and problem in much of America, how does sexual repression really serve government? Does it make slaves? How can high art be a "threat" to this same government?

Bedford Pennsylvania is the home to the Dred Scott decision which lead directly to the Civil War. Children are now being trafficked away from their parents in Bedford at an alarming rate based upon actual Nazi Mind Control methods brought to the U.S. by the CIA. Over generations, Nazi Mind Control becomes fully normalized and very powerful. This issue is profoundly important, and we will not sit by as Republicans spin the facts about slavery and Mind Control in America!

View actual footage: The Top Republican Establishment Sacrifice Children through Rituals at the Bohemian Grove

"You can't handle the truth, because we planned it that way!"

The overwhelming majority of Americans have been moderated and conditioned not to know the ubiquitous extent of the military industrial complex's brainwashing of "parental" government to build the imperialist President and a top-down power system. Top-down power systems can circumvent real courts and the Constitution through military force and deception. Such conditioning requires the destruction of the most enlightened of parents, just as was necessary in Nazi Germany. Actual Nazi Mind Control is actively employed through mass media to build this mass delusion where "patriotism" is blended with "parental" programming of government.

When government agents employ "shock and awe" reducing you to an infantile state, they then are able to program the "big lie" which fully manipulates your belief system. Most Americans are unaware that this Nazi Mind Control is now being employed at all levels of government, including through eugenics operations on women and children.

The quickest way to deprogram many Americans is for them to deeply study the 9/11 events for what actually happened on the ground on 9/11. By realizing that such attacks were an "inside job" and a PsyOps operation, you will begin to question how such mass deception was possible. Groupthink conformity is possible through Operation Mochingbird's CIA control of media and the brainwashing of government agents and media mesmerists as "parental." Mass deception begins by government replacing the parent and destroying the parental duty. Such abused children then become intellectual subclasses to the elite. They will be intellectually blind to the Machiavellian manipulator who functions at the subconscious level of slaves.

Today, modern-day Mesmerists are very real propagandists for the CIA, Pentagon or the Republican Party itself. 911 is the greatest mesmerist trick ever perpetrated on a people and we are reverse-engineering all of this administration's horrors. Hellfire sermons which traumatize children are a classic example of wrongful hypno-science methods used through mesmerist "authority" figures. "Hypnotherapy" is a very active "science" which works exceptionally well with children held in ignorance of such methods. But like most sciences, there are "good hypno" practices and there are "bad hypno" practices. The problem with this science is that "good" and "bad" are easily switched by wrongful programmers. Who really programs the programmer? This is the real question. Through enormous federal spending, these modern-day Mesmerists have helped shape our entire approach to early childhood education and development. They apply one standard for the elite and another for the non-elite. Much of this "understanding" is 180 degrees removed from our history and established science. And all of this manipulation is fully documented!

Today thousands of wrongly trained "marionettes" routinely work with children and have been wrongly conditioned as political agents on a social mission. This mission comes directly from American eugenics operations. They actively repress sound and good information given to children for purely political reasons. They are trained to induce hysteria and see "abuse" virtually everywhere and effectively "retrieve" information from children using suggestive hypnotic techniques and sexual amplification.

The way hypnosis works is by focusing the conscious mind in a manner which penetrates and opens the subconscious mind. But these methods are extremely problematic, especially in children with hysteria issues. By probing into an hysterical child's mind, we do not get a clear look at a factual world of hard data, we get a very clear look at the fiction creation process. Literally, this is where creativity comes from. Every reputable psychiatric professional knows this unless the Pentagon has gotten to them. Yet by presenting these revelations from children as factual belies over 100 years of good science about the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind generates "wish fulfillments" like the wish to please an authority figure which, for children of certain ages, can be perceived as absolutely literal. This is a mirroring phenomenon of pure creation where the "investigator" can literally manipulate and create "evidence" like magic. Even the investigator becomes enthralled by his powers and his subconscious motivations play an enormous role. Memory of a paper knife suddenly becomes a steel dagger dripping in blood and this "revelation" can launch his political career.

To the full horror of any parent, this entire process of exploiting the innate creativity and innocence of his child cannot be stopped, challenged or even questioned. These voodoo methods of manipulation are fully protected by a political theatre of the absurd. This fiction-making process is easily duplicated by other professionals using the same methods, but in false courts, this is made "irrelevant." The very "therapy" used by these manipulators can easily mutate toward the very same wrongful authority practices they claim against "wrongful" parents. Soon they become far worse than any parent. They become drunk on their powers of manipulating children just like Mengele did. Their use of this power transforms easily into the same abuse they claim against parents, but they are protected by the lie of "altruistic" authority. But this wrongful authority can easily be used against them and they know it! Unlike parents, they are made "untouchable" by a thoroughly corrupt system born from the Monarch Worm which protects active child trafficking in America. This is an enormous fraud that our Founding Fathers tried to protect us from by drafting the Constitution.

Political programming of children.

Much of American Mind Control is sex and fear based which can be treated and prevented by the traditional parental duty which is common in Europe and with our own "elite." But a brainwashing government does not want protected and enlightened children! Sex and fear programming goes to the very heart of "authority" programming for which your Nazified government does not want you to know about. After 60 years of Nazi Mind Control programming through mass media, most Americans are fully conditioned to accept these sex and terror devices as normal or necessary. It will program bureaucrats and children with emotional programming which fully Nazifies them with sex myths, taboos and terror bogey-men and this is a major source of wrongful power which must reside in deep darkness. The science which fully explains it as a secret government "crowd control" device has been fully repressed.

Gay Republicans of Bedford County, Pennsylvania promote the renovations of the historic Bedford Springs Hotel as the true Gay White House and Seat of Barbaric Justice. This historic location is slated to become the home of "Northern Decadence," a festival drawing on the enormous popularity of "Southern Decadence" before the ravages of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Now gays, lesbians, transvestites and transgendered "perverts" will enjoy an ideal location in the North, in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

This scenic, rural Pennsylvania location is home to President Buchanan's summer White House, where he entertained his gay friends in lavish festivals while the United States trembled angrily toward Civil War. As one of his gay lovers was a Southern slave owner, this relationship fueled a largely word-of-mouth conspiracy in the area of Bedford which quickly spread throughout the North. Known for its "medicinal" springs, Bedford Springs Hotel functioned as the private sexual spa for the Supreme Court itself during the 1850s, a unique distinction in the Court's history. It was here where the inhumane and barbaric "Dred Scott" decision was toasted over fine wine and caviar declaring that Blacks were property and not entrusted with Constitutional Rights. The anger over this injustice and destruction of Dred Scott's family led to the Civil War. In extreme irony, Queen Victoria, known for her extreme sexual repression, was the first state figure to telegraph our President while in his gay lair at Bedford Springs. He was reportedly naked at the time.

As a symbol of both racial and sexual discrimination in America, Bedford Springs is an historic location for building awareness of the continued prejudice in America that now destroys nearly 700,000 minority families annually through active government programs. Few Americans are aware of these highly duplicitous programs and how they actually work. After all, the very science that explains the duplicity of these programs are actively repressed through force and massive disinformation. This is not the case in post-Nazi Europe, where these devices of wholesale family destruction have been used before. But a simple analysis of modern American Justice and Child Trafficking services are fully exposed at as we petition the Supreme Court of the United States to investigate just how this illegal and unconstitutional Child Trafficking actually works. This website is critical for anyone trying to understand how full-blown discrimination still functions in America in 2008 as racial and political "depopulation" programs by targeting children. These crimes against children are so heinous that they must be suspended in silence, darkness and complete ignorance, and this fraud against basic human rights has worked since the Civil War.

The "outed" politicians who have been disgraced for bad sexual behavior in Washington are laughing all the way to the bank. For their social programs which target children are now law, and they are enjoying the kickbacks from an illegal Child Trafficking industry that targets your children. This child trafficking is largely financed by programs coming down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. Our website is designed to investigate these illegal practices and petition our government for much needed investigations and reform.

Not only is Bedford historic for Civil War and Supreme Court history, it was home to significant Revolutions in opposition to tyranny including the first known attack on a British garrison in 1765, now Fort Bedford, by Colonial Rebels known as "The Black Boys." The town square hosted bizarre public executions, floggings and draconian punishments for trivial crimes. This masochistic tradition found its full expression in the Indian scalpings of settlers in the area, a horror introduced by the French during the French and Indian War.

Even today, this strangely repressed community actively promotes the Gay White House even as it destroys families in order to socially engineer fatherless children and traffic them for profit. This "peculiar institution" needs to be exposed through federal action. The children of "Liberals" and cultural minorities are targeted through employing the sexually repressed traditions and bigotries of far-right Republicans who manage progressive programs first designed to "help" poor children. Republicans now veto any health initiatives for children and attempt to dumb down our children through oppressive "protection" services. They now routinely employ basic hypnotic brainwashing techniques against mothers and small children first developed in Nazi Germany for the creation of slaves. They do so as top-down cyborgs fully programmed by the "science of demoralization" perfected by the Skull and Bones eugenicists. I propose that cyborgs are not full citizens, but only 3/5 a citizen, for cyborgs are unable to understand the Constitution of the United States.

Now children are routinely taught sexual fears and sexual amplification against their own parents which are exploited through police power and serve to provide the local governments with orphans for profit. View this family engineering and modern institutional sadism where a first-grader and her younger sisters were savagely exploited by an out-of-control Nanny-state agency. We appeal to the Supreme Court, Congress and International Courts for basic human rights and basic parental rights at:

"On April 6, 1848, a slave named Dred Scott and his wife Harriet sued for their freedom in this Courthouse. The Scotts had been taken by their owner to free jurisdictions and then returned to Missouri, a slave state. In 1857, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of the U.S. Supreme Court (holding session at Bedford Springs Hotel) announced the decision in the case of Dred Scott v. Sanford. He stated that Americans of African ancestry were not eligible to be citizens based on the historical claim that they 'had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.' Taney's opinion also declared that Congress could not prevent the spread of slavery into the Western territories. This decision fueled sectional conflicts which led to the Civil War."

The 911 Mind Control Matrix will expose how Americans are profoundly ignorant of the power elite who rule their lives by covert means. Top lawyers and law firms will now be able to advance RICO and other lawsuits targeting the massive fraud caused by CIA Mind Control. Full exposure of these methods and the corporations that "normalized" them, will result in massive damage awards in real courts. This will require exceptional patriots to fight for our children. The exceptional patriot must now be very sophisticated in understanding the many mechanisms and tricks of Mind Control. Reverse Mind Control will expose how our secret federal government controls, manipulates and conditions all of us to accept wrongful authority, the secret, totalitarian destruction of our republic. If we do not fight this wrongful authority, we are all lost.

All of these efforts at Reverse Mind Control will be vehemently attacked in an attempt to discredit the obvious truth. The important thing to remember is that this truth movement is based upon fact and real science, not propaganda, superstition or CIA mind tricks! Our secret federal government has been highly active in changing our entire psychological community and our culture from a parent-based power structure to a government-based power structure of absolute deception. But all of this manipulation is based upon voodoo, witchcraft and propaganda, not reason or sound science. This most corrupt of administrations is advancing psychological attacks against the American people for which we are meant to believe no one, not even our family or friends. This divide and conquer propaganda will only increase dramatically in the coming months.

Americans must advance truth as our Founding Fathers prescribed based upon reason, fact and not emotion. Record these crimes and demand justice. This government is actively demonizing parents and true patriots through the witchcraft of Mind Control in order to replace them with the New World Order's version of the parent: The Sun King. But this Nazi Mind Control will be thoroughly exposed!

In a post-Orwellian age of absolute deception, nothing is more bizarre than the truth. You are being sexually assaulted by devices your conscious mind cannot detect in order to demoralize and destroy millions of American families. We are finding subliminal seduction effects throughout our "free" media and even during the 911 terror events. Exposing Mind Control in media will be the next frontier for freedom.

Fascism under the U.S. Constitution will be covert until that Constitution is irrelevant. The role of a fascist press will be to suspend the mind of the public away from the Constitution's destruction. Real Courts must address the real threat of a covert intrusion of subconscious propaganda into the American system, just as the study of subconscious political programming was necessary in the Cold War. Subconscious programming is the real threat to American children, as its machinations are so readily dismissed as only "theory." There is nothing theoretical about the tyranny and power of groupthink conformity under Mind Control.

The Nazi elite who actually financed and empowered Hitler are now in charge of your secret federal government and its many disinformation campaigns, including the war on "terror." Terror happens to be a prerequisite for all trauma-based Mind Control. They have successfully reversed our Constitution through Mind Control programming. Marionette programming now functions in "child services" organizations, as these marionettes are programmed to place your child in hypnotic suggestion, mine your child's mind for eroticistic exploitation. They will then eroticise your child's memories by turning normal and necessary events which were never traumatic to the child into "sexual" events which then become very traumatic for the child. They will then take your child as a result of their own trauma-making activities and make them mind-slaves for the Pentagon. This is the full power and horror of Nazi Mind Control being applied to millions of American children. You will not believe it, because you were programmed not to believe it. This is the "Sun King" trust programmed into you as the Constitution vanishes before your eyes.

The Republican Nazi elite have advanced "war logic" over our Constitution for generations. What is "war logic?" War logic is basic deception and duplicitous force used and advanced by many CIA "tricks." When the CIA operates a $200-$300 billion dollar/year drug trade around the world, they simultaneously flood powerful drugs into targeted ghettos and minority neighborhoods in America. This trick then requires a "war on drugs" to demonize and destroy countless minority families. This trick serves eugenics. When the government actively destroys the economy of these same locations, it stresses the population and creates crime. A "war on crime" is then employed to imprison massive minority populations and the populations of political non-conformists to this fraud. This war serves eugenics. When the secret federal government stages fake terror attacks on American citizens and builds broad conformity to these lies by keeping all evidence out of real courts and thoroughly manipulating the press, this allows this fraudulent government to kill millions of innocent people around the world, enrich its political supporters, demonize its political opponents and utterly destroy our Constitution. This "war on terror" serves eugenics.

All secret government eugenics operations in the U.S. are traced back to those same elitists who financed Hitler. By studying the eugenics movement, we find out that it has been thoroughly "normalized" in America by actual Nazis.

What is recurrent in fascist movements throughout history is the sexual exploitation of the father and the dumbing-down of the parental duty. The fascists advance "sex investigations" against their political opponents in a broad effort to build sexual hysteria, sexual ignorance and sexual bigotry. This is perfectly logical, as the role of a good father is to protect his children from wrongful power manipulation, good fathers will become the targets of fascists. The more educated the father, the more "liberal" he will be presented to fascists and the most educated men will become the most demonized under fascism. This is precisely what we found under German and Italian fascists. Under fascism, children are actually educated in ways that require the sexual demonization of good fathers. This process builds the bigotries and sexual taboos resulting in a population hung-up on bizarre sexual issues. Driving the population like cattle serves this authoritarian elite. But sexual taboos become "controlling" taboos in the individual which will remain with a child for the rest of his or her life. Controlling taboos lead to many psychological problems including drug and alcohol abuse, sadistic behavior, bigotry, family dysfunction and numerous psychological problems relating to children who were not empowered about sex and power by their own parents. In fascism, this sadism is most apparent in the bureaucrats who are programmed to advance sexual repression.

These controlling taboos are obvious in communities where sexual repression is harshly imposed and is well known to authoritarian governments as they require them for controlling "non-elite" in their societies. Today, sexual repression is a profitable business where many rewards are tendered to those criminals who routinely destroy non-elite families. Sexual repression provides many "tricks" for the destruction of families on a massive scale. Nature has programmed fathers for sex education and other matters which are thoroughly demonized by Nazi movements in non-elite fathers. But these Nazi movements cannot be sustained under our Constitution, and they will attempt to utterly destroy this Constitution. Elite families are actively protected from these tricks of fascists. Central to the fascist state is the demand for soldiers and programmable bureaucrats and sexual repression is central to building the state "daddy" figure. We do not comply!

Understanding sexual repression and the resulting harmful taboos requires a sophistication and knowledge which can be actively removed from a culture. This sophistication was well known in colonial times in the elite and repressed in the slave. This basic control system has only changed by the "science" of advancing sexual repression and has been deliberately removed from much of the culture today. This censorship of information has been the precise role of the CIA in massive "truth" funding in the Psychological Industrial Complex over several decades. We see similar CIA-based censorship operations in the press, pharmacultural industry, banking industry and now the massive database, Internet industry. Critical to the mission of Pentagon Mind Control is the wrongful manipulation of authority from a parent-based system to a bureaucratic-based system. This manipulation was advanced as "altruistic" and "necessary" by the politicalization of many false wars based on lies. These are lies which an informed society will reject based on real science.

Sexual repression and imposed ignorance is central to indoctrinating children for fascism. The state suspends the children in ignorance and wrongful development so as to become the "daddy" figure for the child, serving to program that child for state domination. This is precisely what we find in the U.S. today, as the CIA has actively manipulated the attitudes and "science" concerning fatherhood over the past several decades. The media fully complies with this massive fraud, as they are also manipulated by the same taboos which demoralize millions of fathers. The demonization of the father occurs through both pseudo-sciences and omission of facts concerning normal child development. The magnetism necessary between father and child is demonized and portrayed as predatorial. No one does a better job of demonizing this most basic role of fatherhood than the pedophile who writes the "sex investigation" books and laws, which is precisely what we find behind our government today.

Marionettes are now fully programmed to take basic parental duties completely out of context and destroy millions of families. They are actively conditioned by powerful sexual taboos to believe that they are "saving" these children from sex predators. We are all conditioned to blame the individual and not the government. They then become outrageously sadistic, which is the hallmark of Nazi sexual repression. In short, these programmed marionettes turn innocent memories of childhood highly necessary for "elite" children into the horrific lie of child abuse in "non-elite" children which then cannot be questioned in any real court of law. This is how eugenics operates when it has been forced underground and "perfected" by Tavistock sex magic. Do you really believe that parents got together and demanded such a system from their Congress? This system was secretly applied to millions of "non-elite" families by top-down, elitist eugenics programs over many decades.

Active eugenics operations in America have been programmed by the CIA by manipulating the textbooks and the behaviorist "science" used by our social workers, police and media from which beamed down to us from the HYPe programming, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, paid for by massive U.S. taxpayer "truth" funding. But many of those "elite" at Harvard and elsewhere have always known that this imposed ignorance on non-elite families is a fraud. Children are not naturally meant to be raise sexually ignorant unless they are raised to become slaves. Sexual repression comes from the slave-making arts. This manipulation of "behavioral science" is directly linked to Richard Nixon's secret war on our minds, a war designed to program all of us for massive political manipulation. This secret war will expose the highly bizarre world of Nazi mind programming which now includes the rapid induction of hypnotic suggestion into our youngest of children. Such witchcraft is fully documented and includes instruction on using hypnotic devices against young children:

"The operator presses the right thumb and index finger against the vagus nerve and carotid artery on each side of the Adam's apple of the child, and pressure is exerted with both fingers of the operator. While the right hand is operating as described above, the left thumb and second finger are pressed firmly against the neck of the child just below each ear. This is also done to produce a slightly detached feeling. While these pressures are being applied, the operator then "pours on" the suggestions into the child's mind."

Lack of blood to the brain causes unconsciousness followed by a trance state. This is critically important information for parents whose children have been placed into the hypno-chambers of child services sex "validaters." This Nazi scam has been deliberately advanced in "sex investigation" manuals written by pedophiles for the CIA. If your child has been manipulated using these methods, it is critical that this evidence be recorded and reported as RICO lawsuits must be advanced against these conspirators. We need to sue the Bohemian Grove death cult which has targeted our children for absolute destruction. These are Nazi methods developed in Nazi death camps and have been secretly and deliberately "normalized" in America by our own CIA through MKULTRA Mind Control and massive "truth" funding.

Under today's Nazi family courts, you have no parental rights whatsoever. They are doing this to millions of "non-elite" families for the secret purpose of eugenics and producing "programmable" children for the Pentagon. Black families in America have been utterly devastated by these programs, as millions of other minority families are subject to these Kafkaesque horrors. Do you really believe that these Nazi methods will stop with minority families? They are manipulating the entire belief systems of children, parents and entire communities building a false religion on elitist behaviorist "science." This entire process is fully historical and direct parallels with Nazi Germany are now obvious. CIA efforts to advance broad sexual repression methods even apply to most news media which actively advance sexual horror stories with military precision, programming millions of families for sexual hysteria and destruction. This witchcraft will utterly destroy this nation one child at a time and it is totally obvious.

At the conclusion of World War Two, American investigators learned that
Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany had been
conducting mind control experiments on inmates. They experimented with
hypnosis and with the drug mescaline.

Mescaline is a quasi-synthetic extract of the peyote cactus, and is very
similar to LSD in the hallucinations which it produces. Though they did not
achieve the degree of success they had desired, the SS interrogators in
conjunction with the Dachau doctors were able to extract the most intimate
secrets from the prisoners when the inmates were given very high doses of

There were fatal mind control experiments conducted at Auschwitz. The
experiments there were described by one informant as "brainwashing with
chemicals". The informant said the Gestapo wasn't satisfied with extracting
information by torture. "So the next question was, why don't we do it like
the Russians, who have been able to get confessions of guilt at their show
trials?" They tried various barbiturates and morphine derivatives. After
prisoners were fed a coffee-like substance, two of them died in the night
and others died later.

The Dachau mescaline experiments were written up in a lengthy report issued
by the U.S. Naval Technical Mission, whose job it was at the conclusion of
the war to scour all of Europe for every shred of industrial and scientific
material that had been produced by the Third Reich. It was as a result of
this report that the U.S. Navy became interested in mescaline as an
interrogation tool. The Navy initiated Project Chatter in 1947, the same
year the Central Intelligence Agency was formed. The Chatter format
included developing methods for acquiring information from people against
their will, but without inflicting harm or pain.

At the conclusion of the war, the OSS was designated as the investigative
unit for the International Military Tribunal, which was to become known as
the Nuremberg Trials. The purpose of Nuremberg was to try the principal
Nazi leaders. Some Nazis were on trial for their experiments, and the U.S.
was using its own "truth drugs" on these principal Nazi prisoners, namely
Goring, Ribbentrop, Speer and eight others. The Justice in charge of the
tribunal had given the OSS permission to use the drugs.

The Dachau doctors who performed the mescaline experiments also were
involved in aviation medicine. The aviation experiments at Dachau fasci-
nated Heinrich Himmler. Himmler followed the progress of the tests, studied
their findings and often suggested improvements. The Germans had a keen
interest in several medical problems in the field of flying, they were
interested in preventing pilots from slowly becoming unconscious as a
result of breathing the thin air of the high altitudes and there was
interest in enhancing night vision.

The main research in this area was at the Institute of Aviation in Munich,
which had excellent laboratories. The experiments in relationship to the
Institute were conducted at Dachau. Inmates had been immersed in tubs of
ice water with instruments placed in their orifices in order to monitor
their painful deaths. Dr. Hubertus Strughold, who ran the German aviation
medicine team, confirmed that he had heard humans were used for the Dachau
experiments. Hidden in a cave in Hallein were files recording the Dachau

On May 15, 1941, Dr. Sigmund Rascher wrote a letter to Himmler requesting
permission to use the Dachau inmates for experiments on the physiology of
high altitudes. Rascher lamented the fact that no such experiments have
been done using human subjects. "The experiments are very dangerous and we
cannot attract volunteers," he told Himmler. His request was approved.

Dachau was filled with Communists and Social Democrats, Jews, Jehovah's
Witnesses, Gypsies, [Protestant] clergymen, homosexuals, and people
critical of the Nazi government. Upon entering Dachau, prisoners lost all
legal status, their hair was shaved off, all their possessions confis-
cated, they were poorly fed, and they were used as slaves for both the
corporations and the government. The SS guards were brutal and sadistic.
The idea to test subjects at Dachau was really the brain child of Erich
Hippke, chief surgeon of the Luftwaffe.

Between March and August of 1942 extensive experiments were conducted at
Dachau regarding the limits of human endurance at high altitudes. These
experiments were conducted for the benefit of the German Air Force. The
experiments took place in a low-pressure chamber in which altitudes of up
to 68,000 feet could be simulated. The subjects were placed in the chamber
and the altitude was raised, many inmates died as a result. The survivors
often suffered serious injury. One witness at the Nuremberg trails, Anton
Pacholegg, who was sent to Dachau in 1942, gave an eye- witness account of
the typical pressure test:

"The Luftwaffe delivered a cabinet constructed of wood and metal. It was
possible in the cabinet to either decrease or increase the air pressure.
You could observe through a little window the reaction of the subject
inside the chamber. The purpose of these experiments was to test human
energy and the subject's take large amounts of pure oxygen,
and then to test his reaction to a gradual decrease in oxygen. I have
personally seen through the observation window of the chamber when a
prisoner inside would stand a vacuum until his lungs ruptured. Some
experiments gave men such pressure in their heads that they would go mad
and pull out their hair in an effort to relieve the pressure. They would
tear their heads and face with their fingers and nails in an attempt to
maim themselves in their madness. They would beat the walls with their
hands and head and scream in an effort to relieve pressure in their
eardrums. These cases of extreme vacuums generally ended in the death of
the subjects." The former prisoner also testified, "An extreme experiment
was so certain to result in death that in many instances the chamber was
used for routine execution purposes rather than an experi- ment." A minimum
200 prisoners were known to have died in these experiments.

The doctors directly involved with the research held very high positions:
Karl Brandt was Hitler's personal doctor; Oskar Schroeder was the Chief of
the Medical Services of the Luftwaffe; Karl Gebhardt was Chief Surgeon on
the Staff of the Reich Physician SS and Police and German Red Cross
President; Joachim Mrugowsky was Chief of the Hygienic Institute of the
Waffen SS; Helmut Poppendick was a senior colonel in the SS and Chief of
the Personal Staff of the Reich Physicians SS and Police; Siegfried Ruff
was Director of the Department of Aviation Medicine.

The first human guinea pig was a 37 year old Jew in good health. Him- mler
invited 40 top Luftwaffe officers to view a movie of an inmate dying in the
pressure chamber. After the pressure chamber tests, the cold treatment
experi- ments began. The experiments consisted of immersing inmates in
freezing water while their vital signs were monitored. The goal was to
discover the cause of death. Heart failure was the answer. An inmate
described the procedures:

"The basins were filled with water and ice was added until the water
measured 37.4 F and the experimental subjects were either dressed in a
flying suit or were placed in the water naked. The temperature was measured
rectally and through the stomach. The lowering of the body temperature to
32 degrees was terrible for experimental subjects. At 32 degrees the
subject lost conscious- ness. They were frozen to 25 degrees. The worst
experiment was performed on two Russian officer POWs. They were placed in
the basin naked. Hour after hour passed, and while usually after a short
time, 60 minutes, freezing had set in, these two Russians were still
conscious after two hours. After the third hour one Russian told the other,
'Comrade, tell that officer to shoot us.' The other replied, 'Don't expect
any mercy from this Fascist dog.' Then they shook hands and said goodbye.
The experiment lasted at least five hours until death occurred.

Dry freezing experiments were also carried out a Dachau. One subject was
put outdoors on a stretcher at night when it was extremely cold. While
covered with a linen sheet, a bucket of cold water was poured over him
every hour. He was kept outdoors undersub-freezing conditions. In
subsequent experiments, subjects were simply left outside naked in a court
under freez- ing conditions for hours. Himmler gave permission to move the
experiments to Auschwitz, because it was more private and because the
subjects of the experiment would howl all night as they froze. The physical
pain of freezing was terrible. The subjects died by inches, heartbeat
became totally irregular, breathing difficulties and lung endema resulted,
hands and feet became frozen white."

As the Germans began to lose the war, the aviation doctors began too keep
their names from appearing in Himmler's files for fear of future

The Nazi doctors who experimented on the inmates of prison camps during
World War Two were tried for murder at the Nuremberg Tribunal. The accused
were educated, trained physicians, they did not kill in anger or in malice,
they were creating a science of death.

Ironically, in 1933, the Nazi's passed a law for the protection of animals.
The law cited the prevention of cruelty and indifference to animals as one
of the highest moral values of a people, animal experimentation was
unthinkable, but human experimentation's were acceptable. The victims of the
crime of these doctors numbered into the thousands.

In 1953, while the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY was still con- ducting mind
control and behavior modification on unwitting humans in this country, the
United States signed the Nuremberg Code, a code born out of the ashes of
war and human suffering. The document was a solemn promise never to
tolerate such human atrocities again. The Code maintains three fundamental

* The subjects of any experimentation must be volunteers who thoroughly
understand the purpose and the dangers of the experiments. They must
be free to give consent and the consent must be without pressure and
they must be free to quit the experiments at any time.

(In regards to the Nazi-based CIA experiments, MK-ULTRA and the
mind-control projects which followed, the CIA has failed in all three
of these areas. - Wol.)
* The experiments must be likely to yield knowledge which is valuable to
everyone. The knowledge must be such that it could not be gained in
any other way.

* The experiments must be conducted by only the most competent doctors,
and they must exercise extreme care.

The Nazi aviation experiments met none of these conditions. Most inmates at
Dachau knew that the experiments in the pressure chamber were fatal. From
the very beginning, control of the experiments was largely in the hands of
the SS, which was later judged to be a criminal organization by the
Nuremberg Tribunal.

Despite our lessons from Nuremberg and the death camps, the CIA, U.S. Navy
and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of people for
experimentation who were not able to resist, prisoners, mental patients,
foreigners, ethnic minorities, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children
and U.S. military personnel and prisoners of war. They VIOLATED the Nurem-
berg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens.
The CIA began its mind control projects in 1953, the very year that the
U.S. signed the Nuremberg Code and pledged with the international community
of nations to respect basic human rights and to prohibit experimentation on
captive populations without full and free consent.

Dr. Cameron, a CIA operative, was one of the worst offenders against the
Code, yet he was a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal, with full knowledge of
its testimony. In 1973, a three judge court in Michigan ruled,
"...experimental psychosurgery, which is irreversible and intrusive, often
leads to the blunting of emotions, the deadening of memory, the reduction
of affect, and limits the ability to generate new ideas. Its potential for
injury to the creativity of the individual is great and can infringe on the
right of the individual to be free from interference with his mental

"The state's interest in performing psychosurgery and the legal ability of
the involuntarily detained mental patient to give consent, must bow to the
First Amendment, which protects the generation and free flow of ideas from
unwarranted interference with one's mental processes." Citing the Nuremberg
Code, the court found that "the very nature of the subject's incarceration
dimini- shes the capacity to consent to psychosurgery." In 1973, the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted regulations which would require
informed written consent from voluntary patients before electroshock
treatment could be per- formed.

Senator Sam Ervin's Committee lashed out bitterly at the mind control and
behavior modification experiments and ordered them discontinued, they WERE
NOT. But the New England Journal of Medicine states, that the consent
provisions are "no more than an elaborate ritual." They called it "a device
that when the subject is uneducated and uncomprehending, confers no more
than a semblance of propriety on human experimentation."

The Nuremberg Tribunal brought to light that some of the most respected
figures in the medical profession were involved in the vast crime network
of the SS. ONLY 23 persons were charged with criminal activity in this
area, despite the fact that hundreds of medical personnel were involved.
The defendants were charged with crimes against humanity. They were found
guilty of planning and executing experiments on humans without their
consent, in a cruel and brutal manner which involved severe torture,
deliberate murder and with the full knowledge of the gravity of their
deeds. ONLY seven of the defendants were sentenced to death and hanged,
others received life sen- tences. Five who were involved in the experiments
were not tried. Ernest Grawitz committed suicide, Carl Clauberg was tried
in the Soviet Union, Josef Mengele escaped to South America and was later
captured by Israeli agents, Horst Schumann disappeared and Siegmund Rascher
was executed by Himmler.

There were 200 German medical doctors conducting these medical experiments.
Most of these doctors were friends of the United States [medical
establishment] before the war, and despite their inhuman experiments, the
U.S. attempted to rebuild a relationship with them after the war. The know-
ledge the Germans had accumulated at the expense of human life and
suffering, was considered a "booty of war", by the Americans and the
Russians.The 'Americans' tracked down Dr. Strughold, the aviation doctor
who was in charge of the Dachau experiments. With full knowledge that the
experiments were conducted on captive humans, the U.S. recruited the
doctors to work for them. General Dwight D. Eisenhower (whose presidency
was sponsored and financially backed by the Rockefellers. - Wol.) gave his
personal approval to exploit the work and research of the Nazi's in the
death camps.

Within weeks of Eisenhower's order, many of these notorious doctors were
working for the U.S. Army at Heidelberg. Army teams scoured Europe for
scientific experimental apparatus such as pressure chambers, compressors,
G-force machines, giant centrifuges, and electron microscopes. These
doctors were wined and dined by the U.S. Army while most of Germany's
post-war citizens virtually starved.

The German doctors were brought to the U.S. and went to work for Project
Paperclip. ALL these doctors had been insulated against war crime charges.
The Nuremberg prosecutors were SHOCKED that 'U.S. authorities' were using
the German doctors despite their criminal past.

Under the leadership of Strughold, 34 scientists accepted contracts from
Project Paperclip, and were moved to Randolph Air Force Base at San
Antonio, Texas. The authorization to hire these Nazi scientists came
directly for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military brass stated that
they wished to exploit these rare minds. Project Paperclip, ironically,
would use Nazi doctors to develop methods of interrogating German prisoners
of war.

As hostilities began to build after the war between the Americans and the
Russians, the U.S. imported as many as 1000 former Nazi scientists.

(In their over-confidence, the 'government' officials assumed that these
'scientists' would immediately give up their Nazi belief system and convert
to the Constitu- tional ideology. Those government officials involved --
excepting for the Project Paperclip personnel, Nazi fifth columnists and
double agents working within the American government with the Rockefellers
and other American Nazis -- must have assumed that with the Neuremberg
trials and de-Nazification operations of Europe, the entire Nazi network
had been extinguished, and therefore there was no danger of these 1000 plus
Nazi scientists collaborating with a secret Nazi underground which intended
to carry through on Adolph Hitler's plans in spite of their apparent
'defeat' in Europe. - Wol.) In 1969, Americans landed on the moon, and two
groups of scientist in the control center shared the credit, the rocket
team from Peenemunde, Germany, under the leadership of Werner von Braun,
these men had perfected the V-2s which were built in the Nordhausen caves
where 20,000 slave laborers from prison camp Dora had been worked to death.
The second group were the space doctors, lead by 71-year-old Dr. Hubertus
Strughold, whose work was pioneered in Experimental Block No. 5 of the
Dachau concentration camp and the torture and death of hundreds of inmates.
The torture chambers that was used to slowly kill the prisoners of the
Nazi's were the test beds for the apparatus that protected Neil Armstrong
from harm, from lack of oxygen, and pressure, when he walked on the moon.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Napa Sentinel would like to acknowledge the exceptional
contribution of radio commentator David Emory and his extensive archives.
Other source material included:

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Jose Delgado

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Were We Controlled? - by Lincoln Lawrence

Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped? - by Mae Brussell, The Realist.

and other select readings.

* * * * * * * From: (Zodiac) Newsgroups:,alt.activism,alt.drugs,alt.conspiracy Subject: LSD,
the CIA, and Your Brain Message-ID: <2hom17$> Date: 21 Jan
94 13:40:55 GMT [The following is from an extensive 80 plus KB file.
Although most of the file deals with CIA mind control research and one
could reason that 'NAZI' and 'CIA' are synonymous, I've cited only those
passages dealing directly 'NAZI' mind control experimentation. - Wol.]
...The navy became interested in mescaline as an interrogation agent when
American investigators learned of mind control experiments carried out by
Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp during World War II. After
administering the hallucinogen to 30 prisoners, the Nazis con- cluded that
it was "impossible to impose one's will on another person as in hypnosis
even when the strongest dose of mescaline had been given." (Note: The
danger in hypnosis is that it can -- through the power of suggestion --
induce an alternate perspective on reality, and a person's mind could be
programmed in such a way that the programming process itself is forgotten.
Therefore a person could be programmed to believe for example that they are
having a bad 'nightmare' and that the one causing the nightmare is an evil
monster who must be killed 'in the dream'. Drug-induced hypnosis can
confuse a person's perceptions of the lines between reality and unreality,
and 'voices' giving instructions could be interpreted to be of their own
creation or from a supernatural 'source' when in fact the instructions are
hypnotically-induced. So then, even though the 'will' remains intact, the
individual could be moved to commit atrocities which they would not
normally commit whether because the scenario is made out to be a 'dream' or
whether they are programmed to see the 'target' as an evil monster who must
be van- quished in order to save the country, the world, and so on.
People's choices are highly dependent on their perception or context of
reality. If the true reality context is altered to a false reality context,
such as described above, they could be moved to commit atrocities that they
normally would not commit in a state of normal lucidity, such as assas-
sination, etc. - Wol). But the drug still afforded certain advantages to SS
interrogators, who were consistently able to draw "even the most intimate
secrets from the [subject] when questions where cleverly put." Not
surprisingly, "sentiments of hatred and revenge were exposed in every
case." The mescaline experiments at Dachau were described in a lengthy
report by the US Naval Technical Mission, which swept across Europe in
search of every scrap of industrial material and scientific data that could
be garnered from the fallen Reich. This mission set the stage for the
whole- sale importation of more than 600 top Nazi scientists under the
auspices of Project Paperclip -- which THE CIA SUPERVISED during the early
years of the Cold War. Among those who emigrated to the US in such a
fashion was Dr Hubertus Strughold, the German scientist whose chief
subordinates (Dr Sigmund Ruff and Dr Sigmund Rascher) were directly
involved in "aviation medicine" experiments at Dachau, which included the
mescaline studies. Despite recurring allegations that he sanctioned medical
atrocities during the war, Strughold settled in Texas and became an
important figure in America's space program. After Werner von Braun, he was
the top Nazi scientist employed by the American government, and he was
subsequently hailed by NASA as the "father of space medi- cine"... Like the
Nazi doctors at Dachau, the CIA victimized certain groups of people, who
were unable to resist: prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, the
terminally ill, sexual deviants, ethnic minorities...

Both the government and the mainstream media have since tried to portray the 9/11 truth movement as led by people who can be dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists' able to find an outlet for their ideas only on the Internet. Books now available, with essays by intellectuals from Europe and North America, show this caricature to be untrue. Coming from different intellectual disciplines as well as from different parts of the world, these authors are united in the conviction that the official story about 9/11 is a huge deception manufactured to extend imperial control at home and abroad. See the Website for top publications.

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