Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is the True Price of Bringing 600 Nazi Mind Controllers to America?

They wanted to implant Freudian sex taboos into children to destroy their future families. They "perfected" countless Mind Control drugs. The mescaline experiments at Dachau were described in a lengthy report by the US Naval Technical Mission, which swept across Europe in search of every scrap of industrial material and scientific data that could be garnered from the fallen Reich. This mission set the stage for the
whole- sale importation of more than 600 top Nazi scientists under the auspices of Project Paperclip -- which THE CIA SUPERVISED during the early
years of the Cold War. Among those who emigrated to the US in such a
fashion was Dr Hubertus Strughold, the German scientist whose chief
subordinates (Dr Sigmund Ruff and Dr Sigmund Rascher) were directly
involved in "aviation medicine" experiments at Dachau, which included the
mescaline studies. Despite recurring allegations that he sanctioned medical
atrocities during the war, Strughold settled in Texas and became an
important figure in America's space program. After Werner von Braun, he was
the top Nazi scientist employed by the American government, and he was
subsequently hailed by NASA as the "father of space medi- cine"... Like the
Nazi doctors at Dachau, the CIA victimized certain groups of people, who
were unable to resist: prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, the
terminally ill, sexual deviants, ethnic minorities and children...

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