Monday, April 06, 2009

Illuminati Brainwashing, Masonic Child Indoctrination and Subliminal Sex Manipulation

Beware the age-old Illuminati sex scam from the Order of the Masons as well as the American mass media. The oldest scam next to prostitution is the suspension of children in sexual ignorance so that they are indoctrinated through emotions which they do not understand. The ceremonial emblems and rituals throughout the Masons as well as in television, movie and video game programming has significant subliminal sexual overtones. 9/10s of the most popular video games played by teenagers are sex and violence oriented. These games are literally programming children for "endless war" based solely on the mass media "official story" of 9/11. These covert sexual messages are most effective on children held in sexual ignorance and who are not empowered by parents with comprehensive sex education or provided the parental duty of sex education at the proper time in their development. Sex education is critical for children to develop what Freud called the "reality principle."

As the parental duty was known for thousands of years for protecting children from the slave-makers, today's slave-makers function through mass media. Like a basic carnival scam, children are easily enticed into the arenas of power and influence through subliminal manipulation and educated parents will choose to empower their children with the truth. Experts in Europe are familiar with Nazi Mind Control methods of sexual repression at childhood which builds a more sadistic and authoritarian population easily manipulated by dictators and top-down government. Only a parent can protect such children through the all-important parental duty of early sex education. Both the government Illuminati and advertisers are targetting children and want them to remain ignorant of this manipulation for as long as possible. Ignorance of human power systems sets children up for manipulation by wrongful authority.

As one of the oldest Illuminati programmers of children, here are some Disney subliminal sex manipulations:

Subliminal sex manipulation in mass media advertising and programming:

Keeping your children "innocent" of the way sexuality works is akin to programming core gullibility into them. Sexual education is closely linked to the development of intelligence as this empowerment by parents is absolutely critical in today's world. It is utterly shocking what results from raising children sexually ignorant: they will be fully manipulated by Freudian sex taboos deliberately programmed into them by the government.

Freudian sex taboos occur through the luxury of keeping children sexually ignorant, which is more or less a modern phenomenon. Throughout history, children learned about human sexuality through the normal processes of discovery and observation which can be repressed for terror programming in the sex and fear areas of the mind. Governments then use the terror which results from ignorance or wrongful authority programming in order to manipulate their populations. Freudian sex taboos were deliberately advanced as weapons of war, as children held in sexual repression will grow to find these taboos to be very powerful. Through sexual repression at childhood, children are now routinely programmed to fall for powerful Freudian sex taboos which will destroy their futures and their future families. The government now attains enormous eugenics results and family destruction through sex taboos programmed into children who later become parents. Children denied the parental duty are many times more likely to end up in military service as they are subconsciously looking for a "Daddy" figure. This is old-school Freudian theory, but it is surprising how few Americans understand the power of this psychology.

In 1957, during the showing of a film in a movie theater in New Jersey, the words Drink Coke and Eat Popcorn were flashed on the screen at a level below the conscious perception. The claim at the time was that Coke and popcorn sales rose significantly because of those subliminal messages. Everyone who knows about subliminal messages knows about this incident, but few seem to know that the procedure used was not up to scientific standards, and more important, the results have never been reproduced!

- The theory behind the use of subliminals is that the messages which are below a person's audio level or visual level will be received directly by the "unconscious" mind, thus by-passing conscious evaluation. At the audible level, subliminal tapes contain music or sounds from nature, such as ocean waves. Below these audible sounds are verbal messages that are inaudible as far as conscious perception. According to this theory, the "subconscious" mind can and will distinguish the inaudible verbal messages from the audible sound messages, respond to them, and act upon them. (The same idea underlies visual subliminals, such as the Coke/popcorn incident that started this whole craze.)

- The notion of the unconscious receiving messages directly through finer perceptive mechanisms than available to the conscious mind is based upon a theory of the unconscious proposed by Sigmund Freud. Freud taught that the driving force behind human behavior is the unconscious mind. He described the mind as being like an iceberg with most of the mass (the unconscious) below the surface. According to Freud, it is out of this internal (subterranean) unconscious abyss, of which we are unaware, that our external behavior arises.

- Through the use of subliminal tapes and the supposed power of the unconscious, individuals are told that they can stop smoking, improve their sex life, lose weight, improve sleep, overcome fears, relieve stress, and be headache-free, along with hundreds of other promises and possibilities. Unfortunately, some subliminal promoters even suggest cancer cures, as well as deliverance from other physical problems. Such promises have been referred to as "one of the biggest rip-offs going" and "another form of health fraud." Yet the powers of subliminal manipulation cannot be over-stated in regards to mass media programming via massive repetition. Many events of high political importance in America are given to brainwashing programming over and over again in popular media outlets which emotionally program the intellectually disarmed listener. The astute observer will find that these "official myths" come down from the same people over and over again who dominate mass media outlets. The critical area to look for manipulation by governments is to study the power schemes of the television and movie programming. Such schemes often serve government agendas and myths which are 180 degrees contrary to the Constitution itself. As governments often set up the protagonist in crime dramas as "parental," massive repetition of the "parental government" will produce a self-fulfilling prophecy of empowering government and demonizing the individual. This is anti-Constitutional programming, as the Constitution is the true enemy of these programmers. This massive demonization of the individual and empowerment of government plays a significant role in American courts, even if largely subconsciously.

The problem with such pro-government themes is that they are so overwhelmingly one-sided. Terror programming is also extremely powerful for the subconscious mind and is, likewise, a one-sided empowerment tool for top-down government programmers. Where the FBI and other government agents are often programmed as "parental" in juxtaposition with terror, this programming comes to the surface during actual terror in real life, thus empowering the Machiavellian manipulator within government.

Those who employ the mesmerist arts against children will vehemently deny the subliminal influence of this art over children. They are either delusional or brainwashed. These mesmerist powers over children are extreme, and those who deny this power are often the brainwashers themselves. This brainwashing of children produces a considerable conflict between many religions and mass media governmental programmers with parents who know better. Many parents are aware of this brainwashing subconsciously, but are not able to understand how it works. Families are now being torn apart between those who understand brainwashing and those who do not. One only needs to study children's programming to see Pentagon programmers at work. Much of mass media is programmed subliminally with pro-military themes and not with pro-justice or pro-Constitutional themes.

See also, Television Programming and its Subliminal Powers.

The January 1991 issue of the University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter refers to "the complete lack of any scientific evidence that such messages can alter human behavior. Nevertheless, one survey shows that 68 percent of the public believes in subliminal tapes, which are now a $50-million-a-year business." The article goes on to say that "double blind tests have consistently shown that these products [subliminal tapes] fail to produce their claimed effects." Numerous other valid research studies also fail to support the promises made by subliminal promoters.

- Think about the claim for subliminals. The claim is that the unconscious mind can understand messages that are below the level of perception, repeated as many as 100,000 times an hour, at the same time the person is consciously hearing musical or other pleasant sounds. Since the conscious mind processes speech significantly below the level of the subliminal messages, it would be necessary for the unconscious mind to hear more words per hour than the conscious mind. If anyone is helped by such tapes, it must be attributed to the "placebo effect" and not to the tapes, since the human mind (conscious or "unconscious") is neither capable of perceiving such messages nor acting upon them. (In fact, in the Wellness Letter referred to earlier, it was reported that "One research team noted a 'non-specific placebo effect' ... tapes without subliminal messages produced a greater effect that those with them"[!]) Moreover, it is not subliminal messages that individuals need to be concerned about, but rather audible, understandable messages.

- When people generally speak of the evils of secular rock music, they often refer to the supposedly evil and/or satanic messages that are covertly placed in the minds of the listeners through a method called "back-masking." The theory behind back-masking is the same as that of subliminals—that messages below the audio level (reversed messages in this case) will be received by the unconscious mind, thus by-passing conscious evaluation, and then at some time in the future, are able to affect the behavior of the listener.

Keep in mind that the question "Who programs the programmer?" is highly relevant in modern America, as the very science of subliminal influence is largely protected at the federal level. Those who "program" what is acceptable at major university research centers are often profoundly influenced from the top-down by CIA programmers. Even as most Americans are conditioned to make fun of those who point out CIA influence, there is little doubt of the profound power of Alpha-level brainwashing through mass media. This is especially so over long periods of time, over generations. As such programming is fully "normalized," it becomes all-powerful at building groupthink conformity for many "official versions" of the truth. What happened on 9/11 is central to understanding the power of this groupthink conformity for the "official story" as issued by the mainstream, controlled media. Such power to influence broad public opinion as to the true source of terrorism on such a day demonstrates the profound power of Alpha-level programming through Mockingbird media.

We now have clear and overwhelming evidence that Republicans employ sexual hysteria and sexual myths as political tools to build their political base and effectively destroy their perceived political enemies. They are wrongly seen as the "get tough" party that "saves little girls" by advancing post 9-11 predatory myths. The Bush administration employs hurtful myths to erode our basic civil liberties, effectively destroying countless families. Even as they view themselves as John Wayne, advancing a simplistic 1950s, cowboy mentality, these conservatives blunder far outside of established science in case after case. Their politics of fear requires sensationalized sex horror stories, sexual hyperbole and deception in the media that actually destroy good families and suspend children in dangerous ignorance and fear. The real facts are these:

Your children are 100 times more likely to be stolen, abused and politically manipulated by ignorant state agents using federal funds than by any sex predator depicted in the news. Your children have a 50% probability of having full sexual contact with other children before the age of 12. One in six middle-school students are fully sexually active and some of these children will already suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Those children under the greatest risk are those who are suspended in ignorance about sexuality, which is a negligence imposed by the state. Suspending these children in ignorance well into their teens is truly deadly and culpably negligent, though this is precisely what the sex police in Bedford County and police agencies throughout the country enforce through Republican "protection" services promoted by Yale's Skull and Bones members.

This blog addresses the true meaning to these active Republican sex cults or "protection" services, as these abuses to children are not new, progressive programs that educate, but are conservative programs with a long and tormented history of evil against families where children are exploited due to ignorance. Drug companies will entice ignorant families with unsafe and ineffective medication, much of it opiate-based. Then we as parents are meant to feel success and comfort when the opiate sedates otherwise normal and active children. This imposed ignorance is the opiate for the people fed to fools. Only the most ignorant of parents will ignore this critical subject.

These abuses by the states constitute de facto Hate Crimes against targeted minority families, as defined by the federal government itself. Much of this is done subconsciously by the sexually repressed minds of bureaucrats. Just as politicians are motivated by subconscious sexual motives, so also are Children and Youth bureaucrats. It is the duty of every parent to empower his or her children against these bureaucrats and learn the facts. This enormous fraud is jealously protected in total secrecy. Some of those bureaucrats who intentionally injected deadly sexual diseases into unsuspecting minorities are now working intimately with children. These children are in turn infecting other children in an environment of hushed secrecy, because state agents facilitate it. You will not hear these facts in your traditional media, as they are fully repressed by powerful political forces, but these cases are now proliferating on the Internet where the true facts are being exposed. These facts are overwhelming and demand a thorough investigation by our federal government.

When you drop your children off at school, do not kiss them. This is now grounds to traffic them!

Active social engineering in Bedford County and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is deeply troubling to many parents. It's like a time warp before AIDS, before Catholic Church scandals and before the Internet. Families are being ripped apart because of a deep political divide in this country inspired largely by the politics of fear and sex. We now know that this is a massive Mind Control conspiracy and we know exactly how it works. Children are being secretly removed from their biological parents under color of law at an alarming rate largely due to politics.

Entire school districts are being populated with fatherless children, as Femi-Nazi sex cults spread fear, disinformation and myths all advanced by secret federal programs. These children are vulnerable and their families deliberately broken by political design. The truth is, illegal social engineering is bringing in billions of federal dollars for county and state officials, and it is an unconstitutional scam in 90% of the cases. But these outrageous acts of child trafficking actually work for Republican fear-mongering candidates! Now they can be effectively sued for these outrageous acts of fraud and negligence which divide and destroy our families! We only need parents and lawyers with the backbone to say enough is enough.

The U.S. Supreme Court and Justice Department are being petitioned to hear these cases, but they are being strong-armed by authoritarian Republicans. Even though the Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of parents in sex education and other privacy matters, social agents continue to violate the rulings and must be prosecuted. Federal Whistleblowers like myself must point out this outrageous fraud before the Bush administration covers it up with Presidential privilege statements. Remember, there will be a new Justice Department in a year, so flood them with civil rights complaints and keep all documentation handy. You may also sue local governments for fraud when they traffic your children without extensive or legal due process. Do you feel like you have just walked out of Abu Ghraib prison? You are a walking sex taboo, alienated from your family without any semblance of legal due process simply because you physically bonded with your children or provided them with timely and accurate sex education as mandated by the federal government itself? You are not alone and you are not crazy. These cults are very real and must be stopped.

This is the new modus operandi of American politics and it is based on the same occultic traditions found in secret societies like the Skull and Bones club which have effectively taken over our government. These traditions are completely illegal and unconstitutional and it's time to face the obvious facts.

You may know in your heart that such bonding is vital, normal and healthy, but your family will be railroaded by fraudulent government agents without any due process whatsoever. Many of these government agencies now function as de facto hate groups as defined by the FBI and Congress. These Femi-Nazi groups have been wildly successful in near absolute power over parents and have gone into the criminal, underground world of child trafficking. How do you counter the horrors of a bureaucracy with seemingly infinite powers to lie, cheat and steal your family away from you? Since this activity is kept at a sustainable low level, very few Americans will even believe you.

You know that your family has been deeply violated by an outrageously illegal government that does not honor its own Constitution, but you will be duped in silence. Now we must use the Constitution as it was designed, to confront and defeat absolute tyranny.

Femi-Nazis working within bureaucracies will depict parents as "predators" in case after case, and they go completely unchecked and unregulated. They function under the guise of "altruistic" services. This is a monumental political scam secretly affecting millions of American families today. It functions by grossly political and unconstitutional "get tough" Orwellian programs like CAPTA which wrongfully enforce "a minimum standard of child abuse" in order to operate illegal social engineering operations and child trafficking. Much of this child trafficking activity violates the Constitution, International child trafficking laws and many federal laws on their face, but seems to have no end in sight. We need to petition the Hague as well where international journalists want to do a story on American child trafficking. They can't believe how primitive American bureaucrats can be concerning parental rights and vitally important sex education. You may request a copy of all files used by the State Police for purposes of State Child Trafficking of your children. These files are not labeled as such, of course, so you will need to request all of the following:

Copy of all files on record at Children and Youth Services for each designated child at your county.

Copy of all complaints and investigation materials on file with State Police and Children and Youth Services.

Copy of all electronic documentation on State Databases.

Before you request file copies, do a search of the Pennsylvania databases for all public records and make a list for requesting additional documents "for any documents in reference to public files." Remember, the police are using these databases to brainwash your wife/husband with the same bogus fear-mongering methods used by the CIA. These are historically successful methods used to traffic children and affect political coups. Find out exactly what's on state databases!

Then go to Pennsylvania's Right-to-know request form.

View the Sex Cult Investigation of Bedford County.

MATRIX (Multistate Anti-TeRrorism Information eXchange) is the latest data mining program to emerge from the government. This surveillance system combines information about individuals from government databases and private-sector data companies. It then makes those dossiers available for search by government officials and combs through the millions of files in a search for “anomalies” that may be indicative of "terrorist" or other criminal activity. Don't be fooled! The "Sun King" programming of a top-down "war on terrorism" is really designed to make good patriots the "terrorists." This war will eventually apply to all who defend their Constitution, because the real war is on the Constitution.

The Quaker "threat" to the Pentagon

Since much of Mind Control functions on the sub-conscious "spiritual level" of the mind, the known targets for the Pentagon will include an increasing attack on domestic religious organizations, like the Quakers.

A year ago, at a Quaker Meeting House in Lake Worth, Fla., a small group of activists met to plan a protest of military recruiting at local high schools. What they didn't know was that their meeting had come to the attention of the U.S. military.

A secret 400-page Defense Department document obtained by NBC News lists the Lake Worth meeting as a “threat” and one of more than 1,500 “suspicious incidents” across the country over a recent 10-month period.

“This peaceful, educationally oriented group being a threat is incredible,” says Evy Grachow, a member of the Florida group called The Truth Project.

See the Truth Project's anti-Pentagon "threat" website.

“This is incredible,” adds group member Rich Hersh. “It's an example of paranoia by our government,” he says. “We're not doing anything illegal.”

The Defense Department document is the first inside look at how the U.S. military has stepped up intelligence collection inside this country since 9/11, which now includes the monitoring of peaceful anti-war and counter-military recruitment groups.

“I think Americans should be concerned that the military, in fact, has reached too far,” says NBC News military analyst Bill Arkin.

The Department of Defense declined repeated requests by NBC News for an interview. A spokesman said that all domestic intelligence information is “properly collected” and involves “protection of Defense Department installations, interests and personnel.” The military has always had a legitimate “force protection” mission inside the U.S. to protect its personnel and facilities from potential violence. But the Pentagon now collects domestic intelligence that goes beyond legitimate concerns about terrorism or protecting U.S. military installations, say critics.

Four dozen anti-war meetings
The DOD database obtained by NBC News includes nearly four dozen anti-war meetings or protests, including some that have taken place far from any military installation, post or recruitment center. One “incident” included in the database is a large anti-war protest at Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles last March that included effigies of President Bush and anti-war protest banners. Another incident mentions a planned protest against military recruiters last December in Boston and a planned protest last April at McDonald’s National Salute to America’s Heroes — a military air and sea show in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The Fort Lauderdale protest was deemed not to be a credible threat and a column in the database concludes: “US group exercising constitutional rights.” Two-hundred and forty-three other incidents in the database were discounted because they had no connection to the Department of Defense — yet they all remained in the database.

The DOD has strict guidelines (.PDF link), adopted in December 1982, that limit the extent to which they can collect and retain information on U.S. citizens.

Still, the DOD database includes at least 20 references to U.S. citizens or U.S. persons. Other documents obtained by NBC News show that the Defense Department is clearly increasing its domestic monitoring activities. One DOD briefing document stamped “secret” concludes: “[W]e have noted increased communication and encouragement between protest groups using the [I]nternet,” but no “significant connection” between incidents, such as “reoccurring instigators at protests” or “vehicle descriptions.”

The increased monitoring disturbs some military observers.

“It means that they’re actually collecting information about who’s at those protests, the descriptions of vehicles at those protests,” says Arkin. “On the domestic level, this is unprecedented,” he says. “I think it's the beginning of enormous problems and enormous mischief for the military.”

Some former senior DOD intelligence officials share his concern. George Lotz, a 30-year career DOD official and former U.S. Air Force colonel, held the post of Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight from 1998 until his retirement last May. Lotz, who recently began a consulting business to help train and educate intelligence agencies and improve oversight of their collection process, believes some of the information the DOD has been collecting is not justified.

Make sure they are not just going crazy
“Somebody needs to be monitoring to make sure they are just not going crazy and reporting things on U.S. citizens without any kind of reasoning or rationale,” says Lotz. “I demonstrated with Martin Luther King in 1963 in Washington,” he says, “and I certainly didn’t want anybody putting my name on any kind of list. I wasn’t any threat to the government,” he adds.

The military’s penchant for collecting domestic intelligence is disturbing — but familiar — to Christopher Pyle, a former Army intelligence officer.

“Some people never learn,” he says. During the Vietnam War, Pyle blew the whistle on the Defense Department for monitoring and infiltrating anti-war and civil rights protests when he published an article in the Washington Monthly in January 1970.

The public was outraged and a lengthy congressional investigation followed that revealed that the military had conducted investigations on at least 100,000 American citizens. Pyle got more than 100 military agents to testify that they had been ordered to spy on U.S. citizens — many of them anti-war protestors and civil rights advocates. In the wake of the investigations, Pyle helped Congress write a law placing new limits on military spying inside the U.S.

But Pyle, now a professor at Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, says some of the information in the database suggests the military may be dangerously close to repeating its past mistakes.

“The documents tell me that military intelligence is back conducting investigations and maintaining records on civilian political activity. The military made promises that it would not do this again,” he says.

Too much data?
Some Pentagon observers worry that in the effort to thwart the next 9/11, the U.S. military is now collecting too much data, both undermining its own analysis efforts by forcing analysts to wade through a mountain of rubble in order to obtain potentially key nuggets of intelligence and entangling U.S. citizens in the U.S. military’s expanding and quiet collection of domestic threat data.

Two years ago, the Defense Department directed a little known agency, Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, to establish and “maintain a domestic law enforcement database that includes information related to potential terrorist threats directed against the Department of Defense.” Then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz also established a new reporting mechanism known as a TALON or Threat and Local Observation Notice report. TALONs now provide “non-validated domestic threat information” from military units throughout the United States that are collected and retained in a CIFA database. The reports include details on potential surveillance of military bases, stolen vehicles, bomb threats and planned anti-war protests. In the program’s first year, the agency received more than 5,000 TALON reports. The database obtained by NBC News is generated by Counterintelligence Field Activity.

CIFA is becoming the superpower of data mining within the U.S. national security community. Its “operational and analytical records” include “reports of investigation, collection reports, statements of individuals, affidavits, correspondence, and other documentation pertaining to investigative or analytical efforts” by the DOD and other U.S. government agencies to identify terrorist and other threats. Since March 2004, CIFA has awarded at least $33 million in contracts to corporate giants Lockheed Martin, Unisys Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation and Northrop Grumman to develop databases that comb through classified and unclassified government data, commercial information and Internet chatter to help sniff out terrorists, saboteurs and spies.

One of the CIFA-funded database projects being developed by Northrop Grumman and dubbed “Person Search,” is designed “to provide comprehensive information about people of interest.” It will include the ability to search government as well as commercial databases. Another project, “The Insider Threat Initiative,” intends to “develop systems able to detect, mitigate and investigate insider threats,” as well as the ability to “identify and document normal and abnormal activities and ‘behaviors,’” according to the Computer Sciences Corp. contract. A separate CIFA contract with a small Virginia-based defense contractor seeks to develop methods “to track and monitor activities of suspect individuals.”

“The military has the right to protect its installations, and to protect its recruiting services,” says Pyle. “It does not have the right to maintain extensive files on lawful protests of their recruiting activities, or of their base activities,” he argues.

Lotz agrees.

“The harm in my view is that these people ought to be allowed to demonstrate, to hold a banner, to peacefully assemble whether they agree or disagree with the government’s policies,” the former DOD intelligence official says.

'Slippery slope'
Bert Tussing, director of Homeland Defense and Security Issues at the U.S. Army War College and a former Marine, says “there is very little that could justify the collection of domestic intelligence by the Unites States military. If we start going down this slippery slope it would be too easy to go back to a place we never want to see again,” he says.

Some of the targets of the U.S. military’s recent collection efforts say they have already gone too far.

“It's absolute paranoia — at the highest levels of our government,” says Hersh of The Truth Project.

“I mean, we're based here at the Quaker Meeting House,” says Truth Project member Marie Zwicker, “and several of us are Quakers.”

The Defense Department refused to comment on how it obtained information on the Lake Worth meeting or why it considers a dozen or so anti-war activists a “threat.”

I invite any Republican who believes that I am working a liberal agenda to do one thing: read Clarence Thomas' new memoir. This book is an excellent example of child trafficking in America and how it advanced a draconian, conservative approach to child education. This book is truly revealing on conservative education, how minority fathers are driven away from their families through state force and how Clarence was subsequently educated as a false orphan and rose to the top of Republican power. More importantly, this harsh education system that suspends children in ignorance shows us how conservatives are really made. Read how this Supreme Court justice was educated as a child, ask critical questions concerning the methods employed by a conservative upbringing, then make an informed decision as to whether you now believe Anita Hill or not. Thank you, Clarence, for giving us a window into the conservative mind!

Fox News, and America's Most Wanted are prime examples of conservative media outlets that build sexual predatory myths and exaggerations in order to build and manipulate a conservative political base. These media outlets will not report the facts that many of these sex monsters are products of conservative institutions themselves or that many, many men are falsely accused as a political, fear-mongering device, thus sustaining sexual predatory hype that is often completely misguided and statistically misleading.

We can now prove through scientific statistical analysis that the "sex-monster" cases depicted in the media represent a fraction of 1% of CPS cases that destroy poor or minority families, yet these CPS cases are suspended in darkness and silence. It is high time that we have a major CPS case prosecuted publically.

These primitive fear tactics work for Republicans and can be completely documented through review of Republican political campaigns and Karl Rove campaign tactics. Though they produce horrific injustices with children and adults, very few Americans can see through the obvious political manipulation employed by this "get tough" Republican propaganda. Republicans even go as far as purporting to fight "Human Trafficking," as described on the White House website itself, though President Bush vetoes basic health care for 8 million children while simultaneously advancing Republican sex programs that traffic hundreds of thousands of children within the U.S. each year. Without any doubt, the largest trafficker of children in the United States is this corrupt and duplicitous government, not bogey-man child molesters as depicted on Fox News, America's Most Wanted or in Republican political campaigns. This rouse is destroying American families and promotes sexual ignorance which ultimately kills our children.

700,000 U.S. families are destroyed each year for political reasons by government welfare agencies. Yet these agencies are rarely investigated for obvious wrongful and illegal practices. They require the wrongful manipulation of children behind closed doors employing largely primitive sexual taboos. THIS IS FAR MORE COMMON THAN ANY PARENT WANTS TO ACKNOWLEDGE. These horrific practices require ignorance and denial. They are actively promoted by the White House's own website as "anti-trafficking" practices. This is yet another extreme example of Orwellian double-talk by this administration, as the illegal trafficking of children in the U.S. by government is at an all-time high. This obvious fear-mongering is used by the Republican establishment in campaign after campaign to engender irrational and unsubstantiated fears and a "get tough" agenda against a political enemy, now the most intelligent parents themselves.

This blog is about my family's outrageous case of political corruption in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. This case is a purely political hatchet-job against a young family which should serve as a wake-up call for those who are ignorant of this illegal social engineering. The evidence for this fraud is overwhelming once individual cases are fully explored for the political methods used to destroy families. You will find that police, social workers and much of the media employ the same fraudulent political devices in case after case to falsely portray men as predators. They keep most of these tactics secret "for the interest of children." But the overwhelming truth is that these crude, unconstitutional devices of fear serve only the political elite, not children. In fact, too many children are hurt by this sexual hysteria, as it destroys countless families.


Barack Obama, John Edwards or Hillary Clinton and all progressives should read this, if they mistakenly believe that political repression only exists in other countries, or that the problem rests with fathers. The United States is now promoting a new feudalism in much of America where children and families are mere sheep to powerful corporate and political interests. All minorities, political, ethnic and racial are at extreme risk of the new widening divide between rich and poor, those subject to one justice system and those who are protected as the culturally "elite."

My wife, who was raised fully repressed in such an environment that instills extreme fear, may never understand me. I have lost many of my friends on the political right. But I shall prevail over this most obvious evil against our children. I have studied sexual repression, published and performed plays, essays and educated for over 20 years. The current Republican attitudes toward sexuality are so draconian and primitive, so out of touch with healthy science, that these same attitudes resulted in millions of HIV, AIDS infections. It is now estimated that this government-imposed ignorance in America will result in another one million AIDS infections in the United States alone over the next ten years. Despite full knowledge of this deadly ignorance, state agencies continue to enforce this ignorance and criminalize parents who try to protect their children. These agencies are in illegal collusion against a parent's fundamental rights to protect and educate his or her child. With the black death backdrop of AIDS hanging over every family, now parents must fear the illegal sexual inquisitions run by local political agencies that serve to destroy them financially, emotionally and spiritually, as these inquisitions only serve to destroy sacred parent and child bonds leaving these children hopelessly vulnerable. If you have wondered why Americans are so clueless in regards to how this blatant discrimination and political social engineering works, this blog will help you to understand. If you are clueless yourself, you are a part of the problem.

For educating my children with affection on their level of understanding, they were brutally taken away from me, coached about perverse sexual matters that they did not understand and rape-kitted by ignorant welfare agents working a crude, political agenda. Children and Youth agencies actively destroy families throughout the U.S. using these horrific and ignorant tactics. I am a progressive using my urban, "liberal" education in a rural town where many of the residents, like my wife, live in complete Republican-inspired fear and sustained ignorance. For this, virtually every right I may have had as a parent was thoroughly violated by bureaucrats who go unpunished. This illegal intrusion into the family is so grossly unethical and scientifically inept, that they must hide these despicable tactics in absolute silence and imposed ignorance just like Victorians. For they function outside of the known law and modern science is not respected. This sustained ignorance will soon target all children for political reasons as well!

Such hysteria in regards to sexuality is nothing new to Americans. Children of Victorian times suffered extreme sexual repression to the point where many girls believed that they were mutilated because they did not have penises. They would wildly exaggerate any physical contact as sexual due to adult-inspired fear that took advantage of these children's sustained ignorance. And this ignorance was used effectively for sex discrimination against women and minorities, greatly limiting a girl's opportunities in life. Today, these same primitive myths and bigotries are making a full comeback in young children as our states are using police and social workers to enforce a draconian conservative approach to sex education which completely marginalizes the parent. If you believe that local governments can barely succeed at filling potholes, you will not want to believe what they do to children in sex cults within government. Where smug, primitive sexual taboos are so outrageously employed against small children, I challenge anyone to define these agencies in any way other than sex cults. My family's case will be fully documented for the world to see this evil business.

The "Shaking Quakers" of mid-nineteenth century Pennsylvania got their name as outsiders believed they were in the throes of sexual release due to their sexual repression. Orville Vernon Burton writes in The Age of Lincoln: "Shaker Elders feared that carnality had not been fully banished. They carefully policed individual conduct, spying through windows to catch men and women exchanging furtive glances, brushing up against each other, or fondling material objects a little too openly. In seeking to cleanse their world of sexuality, they had eroticized it fully. The more spotless they made their millennial communities, the more prominently the stains of sin stood forth." This insanity is the sexual amplification paradox.

The more human sexuality is criminalized and exaggerated, the more perverse and widespread it appears. There are powerful, subconscious reasons for this paradox, as the very politicians who advance these draconian laws are outed for sexual perversions. This paradox only works in an environment of sustained ignorance which Republicans rely upon. This ignorance requires the dumbing down of our children and relies on the most primitive of human emotions like fear, jealousy and lust and negates good science as "liberal." What Freud called "the id" is now amplified through Republican federal programs in order to engender a common Victorian understanding of sexual "abuse" used to make peasant-like subjects conform. Now basic sex education is depicted as "abusive." Sexual amplification is now routinely used against your children very effectively in order to keep them unnaturally ignorant. Sexual amplification works especially easily with young children who may be too young to know what the law means by adult intent in sexual matters and are coached to exaggerate affection or any physicality as sexual. Republican zero-tolerance laws concerning a draconian approach to sexuality take advantage of these children's imposed ignorance and are having the same effect of eroticizing everything, even our children, for purposes of shame, criminality and political power against the parents. This often drives young mothers and entire communities toward irrational sexual hysteria and fear forcing them to conform to this repressive government's underground legal system. AND THIS POLITICAL TACTIC IS WORKING and constitutes widespread CHILD ABUSE by the state.

The irony, of course, is that if children were educated in a timely fashion about ethics, sexuality and actually empowered to talk about these subjects, sexual ignorance would cease to have any mythical powers over them. They would not be raised to find sexuality either funny or perverse. They would be raised to distinguish these differences as intelligent beings, not "innocent" idiots.

My views on sex education come right out of Harvard and the HIV, AIDS disaster, but this education is also easy to manipulate out of context by corrupt, political bureaucrats and is now considered too "liberal" in this part of Appalachia. Because my children were raised empowered to speak and discuss sexual matters, they were targeted by the state for child trafficking and I was removed from their lives by state force. The state finds this education dangerous precisely because it challenges the political system that sustains this evil ignorance.

Timely sex education is not the kind of sound education your children will receive in much of middle America. As with alcohol awareness and education, your children's education will be highly limited as they will be sustained in ignorance for too long due to ill-conceived, draconian state laws. Many of them will become binge drinkers due to this state-imposed ignorance concerning alcohol. Since alcohol is shrouded in myth and mystery for most children, it's allure will attract them wrongfully once they leave the home. But we risk much more than more AIDS deaths due to sexual ignorance, we risk total degeneration and depravity of our childrens' emotional lives. I have accepted the fact that our country is polarized on this most divisive and possibly most primal of issues. But the Republican Fear Machine will not hold power forever and will be fully exposed as the false prophet that it is. You will soon hear of the horrific abuses of power done by these same bureaucrats against innocent children and families. You will also hear of the true consequences of sustaining children in ignorance: the bigotries, the learned dependence and the utter hopelessness that it instills in them.

I now know that the political extremes of radical conservatives are truly perverse and evil. The Democrats must fully address the false paradigm that portrays them as "loose" or "perverse." Republican learned ignorance and suppression of sexual knowledge and understanding is the source of their perverse power. For, without this repression, many or most children would not adopt the Republican feudalism, materialism and militarism. Many of the horror stories of sex monsters that Republicans rely upon for votes will also diminish as the true context to many of these stories are revealed. Many of these horror stories are culled from over 300 million individuals and belie the fact that they are used for political social engineering, are rare or simply taken out of context. Many of these sex monsters who hurt children are just another loop in a cyclical, generational ignorance where sexual intolerance backfires. The answer is to stop the cycle of shame, ignorance and fear. Start by empowering children and parents, not criminalizing them.

The horror stories that play repeatedly in the media, especially common in Bedford County, incite a sexual amplification function that serves a political mission which ultimately destroys any concept of privacy or proportionality. The hysteria caused by these horror stories often does far more harm and political manipulation of a disproportionately greater number of invisible families trying to live within this politically-inspired hysteria.

Democrats must address the corruption of sexual repression within this government if they are to take over the presidency and bring back civil rights. They must demand a deeper investigation into the Justice Department and Republican sex programs used for illegal and political social engineering. This administration's understanding of "child trafficking" is repleat with Orwellian double-speak where the real victims of these programs are political adversaries of Republicans. This is the true story behind the attorney firings at the Justice Department. Democrats must address sexual repression as the true disaster to our culture and our children that it is. Republicans falsely equate sexual oppression with attempts by parents to educate and protect their children from sexually repressive practices. This invasion of privacy and intrusion into the American family violate basic parental rights and many federal laws. That this intrusion is now employed so heinously against young families is an horrific result of this ignorance, to build the lie that sex education by parents is lewd if it's deemed "liberal" and not the duty of every parent that it truly is. The truth of this issue has always been with us, since parental sex education has always been a part of our culture and our history, not the current trafficking of false orphans. Modern Republicans in their new feudalistic justice systems are now repressing our children's knowledge and creating outrageous social ills, like child trafficking, which must be exposed for its systematic roots in government policy. Since most of this repression targets the "peasants" of the new Republican feudal system, few Americans even hear of these horrible civil rights abuses to children. You will hear of these outrageous evils and will remember this blog. We now need the courage to face Republican-inspired fear directly, confront an illegal, underground legal system that employs illegal sexual inquisitions and speak our minds clearly and demand that our Constitution decide this matter.

The Roberts Court is in the unique position to be the most distinguished and revolutionary of all Supreme Courts, as , ironically, the cultural wars find a central theme in seeking sanity for our children. Sexual repression in much of America has reached an epidemic level where irrational hysteria is driving a draconian political movement. I argue that this is the most important case for the 21st century, as I prove how the failed factory school systems are so wantonly fraudulent against federal programs by programming our children in silence and ignorance. Most parents would be utterly shocked by the new methods employed to lure children into compromising "sexual" admissions that cannot be easily challenged. To do so would be nearly as unethical as the political methods now routinely employed against young families. All of these outrageous practices are nothing new for an administration that tortures (they honor no law that applies to them), but as I expose these horrific methods used against our own children, I will press for absolute termination of these practices under color of law and a full accounting of this outrageous fraud. As I function as a federal whistleblower, I am in contact with key lawmakers, families and lawyers about illegal social engineering in the United States. The American courts are at a crossroads where the cultural wars have reached critical mass, even as the Court has historically favored parents. Now these parents demand justice, and they number in the hundreds of thousands.

We now know that keeping children ignorant or banning affection or basic knowledge fosters vulnerability, contempt and distrust in these children. As they grow older, they learn to distrust adults, teachers and parents for failing them in one of the most important duties of parenting: timely sexual education. Republicans have succeeded in calling these duties "sexing up" children, much as other ignorant political movements have done. Now parents must empower their children against the government itself for imposing ignorance on children, leaving them vulnerable, intellectually stunted and politically manipulated. The parental rights movement advanced in post-war Europe was largely a reaction to the horrors of fascist regimes against these basic human rights. These horrors are well documented, but just how the average German citizen became conditioned to accept these horrors is less well understood. Europeans learned that authoritarian repression of children produced horrific results and demanded basic rights for both fathers and mothers to secure emotional and meaningful attachments with their children.

Now these basic human rights are under attack in America and can be reaffirmed by both fundamentalist jurors as well as liberals on the Court. As the states are actively abusing basic parental due process, good science and civil rights for political and financial gain, these intolerable abuses to families and illegal sexual inquisitions must be addressed for the sanity of our children. The illegal government programs drafted by political cultural engineers have already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and require massive damage awards to abused children and families. They lead to inevitable institutional abuse and fraud that must be reversed. If we fight the civil rights abuses of the Taliban in Asia, why not look at our own Talibanic repression here at home, at the way these childrens' lives are repressed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

Even as the vast amount of cultures practice naturalistic parenting and attachment theory for basic education of children, the Republican majority in the previous Congress has silently adopted a purely political intrusion into the American family that targets these parents as "liberals." The most advanced governments on earth advance such education as a parent's duty. It's hard to believe that this has become a progressive idea, but sex education under the Republicans is draconian and fully repressed, as my family's case is an obvious example. Our case is an obvious abuse of my rights as an educated parent working for the state, as my own two-year-old daughter was rape-kitted because of letters I wrote about state abuse. Such a case is just the tip of the iceberg and a total outrage against good parenting, where innocent parents and children are now political pawns manipulated through a thoroughly corrupt "legal" system. The machinations of this corruption is easy to prove, as I will do in spades. Once these children are programmed for Republican bigotries, someone like Carl Rove will arise to manipulate their conditioned fears and bigotries for votes. With this system, why focus on the smartest children or intelligent educational choices? The dumbing down of America serves a political mission which is more in the gutter than in the ivory towers but unifies an electorate through learned ignorance. This is how the sexual amplification paradox works for Republicans.

Psychoanalytic theory is the basis for much reasoning for secure and healthy relationships with both fathers and mothers through naturalistic, moral reasoning with children on their level of understanding that is standard practice in much of Europe and Asia. Children learn best from this approach, as much of the hysteria in regards to sexuality is rare in these countries. After all, children cannot be expected to understand sexual fairness or sexual differences without this fundamental education in the home. On the other hand, if children are sustained in ignorance about basic sexual understanding, they often adopt bigotries and various negative attitudes or fears on a subconscious level that stays with them throughout their lives. But as "traditional" families are being destroyed through governments that impose sexual repression, the non-traditional families are in much greater danger of this misguided ignorance.

Today, too many prosecutorial agents of state, private and local agencies are falsely portraying basic sex education in the home as criminal, denying the fact that this education is a duty in most of the world. They broadly propagate these myths in order to destroy families. These are largely authoritarian, Republican approaches to early childhood sex education and awareness that exist virtually no where else in the industrialized world but in the U.S.. Since the Republican "cultural revolution" of the 1990s through 2006, children have been routinely depicted as "offenders" for showing any basic sexual knowledge or affection as this is now depicted as "sexual harassment" or "sexual abuse" by a truly warped, ignorant and misguided political movement which imposes learned ignorance onto our youngest children. Teachers know this ignorance intuitively as "the silent treatment:" this is all a teacher is allowed to do when over-hearing the sexual ignorance of children. Teachers also know that children adopt myths and bigotries by this sustained ignorance, but are not in a position to correct this. Now, even parents are not allowed to correct this ignorance for fear of the local sex police.

This political movement is now indoctrinating children at the Head Start and Kindergarten level and criminalizing good parents through a vaguely disguised "traditional" religious imperative. They call this education "lewd," when in fact, it is vital to every society on earth throughout known human history. Why is virtually anything regarding sexuality now "lewd" to these particular Americans? Need we revisit the conditioned ignorance of the 1930s Germans as they were conditioned for disgust in wrongful matters of racial ignorance? Now even things you learned in the bathroom from your parents is targeted and mined for political purposes like a Ken Starr inquisition. Sexually repressed adults can now find it nearly impossible to even discuss this important issue for fear of political attacks against them. Hasn't science already proven that such sexual repression is dangerous and wrong? Isn't there a scientific link between nationalistic, authoritarian politics, sexual repression and countless social ills? This education is so natural and unavoidable that few parents are aware of doing it intuitively, much less prepared for government-inspired sexual hysteria that can now easily destroy their families for political reasons.

The person who finds this entire issue "repugnant," is most likely the product of a sexually repressive, authoritarian education system and he may not even know it. He may have no intellectual freedom and may not even know it. This repugnance is programmed into him, as he is not born with it. He is probably the person who is most needy in understanding the basis for this repugnance since his emotional understanding of human sexuality may be locked in at a 3rd or 4th grade level. Even if this explains why Republicans can be so selfish and thoughtless, don't ask a liberal to raise his children this way. Few Americans understand that "emotional understanding" functions largely on a subconscious level and is distinctively different from conscious understanding. They may understand this from their own naturalistic upbringing or may be conditioned in ignorance to find basic sex education repulsive. This understanding can be fully or partially repressed through authoritarian force.

Even though this person may be ideal for military service, being conditioned for conformity, this person is not well adjusted for significant social and personal bonds. Psychoanalysts have understood this for over 100 years, and routinely explore an adult patients childhood to understand his unique disposition, when his education has been repressed which often indicates harmful sexual repression imposed wrongly by authority figures. This is so common that most Americans enjoy fun with it in sitcoms about Psychologists. It's too easy to enjoy the anti-repressive, subversive humor of Monty Python or Saturday Night Live and not realize that for many people in this country, sexual repression is dead serious. He may "freak out" in adult relationships or when his child experiences normal sexual development that he himself has been repressed by not experiencing, turn to alcohol or drugs, turn to abuse or other anti-social behavior as a response to learned ignorance. Instead, he will most likely live his entire life in denial of the unconscious repression that drives him and ignore the science that can help him. Most of these problems could have been avoided had he been educated about the fundamentals of intimacy, sexuality and ethics in a timely fashion, by compassionate, educated and most of all, affectionate parents.

One fact that the state hides in case after case: those sex monsters portrayed in the media were not raised by affectionate parents and were failed by state systems that suspended them in sexual ignorance. This is the most blatantly under-reported fact in all sexual predatory hype.

Most hospitals, universities and pediatricians advocate naturalistic parenting like breast feeding and sex education, though today's parents can have their children stolen for naturalistic parenting by fraudulent state agencies. Fundamentalists want to ban breast feeding in public, ban nudity and sex education in the home, as well as allow the states to impose draconian civil rights abuses against parents. The statistics on these families are carefully guarded state secrets, but these families are everywhere on Internet groups and blogs. These families have the same stories, over and over, how they are largely silent due to the wrongful imposition of primitive shame by their government. This is how bi-polar our government has become under "family values Republicans."

Just as many authoritarian Republicans bemoan how overwhelmingly "liberal" our universities are, I can only thank God that these few institutions still exist to advance truth over power. Collective learned ignorance is a powerful unifying force for Republicans, but it serves an ideological, fanciful mindset that cannot be sustained when confronted by hard facts. Those who abuse power will not address good science in terms that are accountable, as science demands, and will, instead, employ politics with children and decide who can have children based upon this politics. Their sexually repressed upbringing, in fact, is the source of learned ignorance which requires a very limited, simplistic worldview and what is widely seen as political apathy throughout the culture. Authoritarians can rule through deception, but they rarely govern effectively, and certainly not in democracies. Authoritarian systems raise children to respect authority and not the truth and not themselves. Learned ignorance does not serve children, it serves fools.

This is how sexual repression works: destruction of parental bonding, often due to misguided sexual fears, creates antisocial behavior and repression in society. Children do not learn to respect themselves, as they are forced through an authoritarian system where even parents are optional. Children are conditioned to assume negative sexual stereotypes and myths in their most vulnerable, early years, or else this government will traffic in these children. Cultural conservatives have successfully depicted parental bonding as "sexual" in case after case as a means to indoctrinate children and spread fear. This indoctrination is a disaster for our children. We are told that one million children suffer from "bi-polar disorder" in America, as an effort to sell drugs. Our children are sustained in a false sexual morality based, not upon ethical and timely education or good science, but upon learned ignorance which retards their emotional and intellectual development throughout their lives. More disturbing than this, this learned ignorance is not applied merely by parents out of fear, but by government agencies on a political and cultural mission. For children are now removed from good homes based entirely on irrational and unsubstantiated fears propagated by government policy and money from federal programs.

Even Ronald Reagan's Surgeon General Dr. Koop tried to debunk this most despicable manner of child rearing, only to be demonized by conservatives. Unlike conservative politics, the "liberal" science of psychoanalytic studies is fully accountable and this science indicates a broad sexual repression in our society that is fundamentally disastrous. This science explains much of how we got where we are as a country, why the Pentagon budget has doubled after the fall of the Soviet Union and why child trafficking has exploded in this conservative environment and much more. Americans "trust" their political leaders as many Europeans never would, because they are conditioned to accept ignorance. This is why so many Americans are blind to the obviously illegal child trafficking which occurs all around them, trusting ignorantly that 9-to-5, flunky state bureaucrats know better than parents themselves. What a monumental disaster! To understand this disaster, all that is required is an open mind and an understanding that the Supreme Court has already made this sexual repression illegal for a reason: government agents historically get this delicate, private family matter wrong in case after case. The Court knew that parents know intuitively how to raise children, not this inept government.

Imagine having your mouth taped with duct-tape for 14 years. You cannot smile, you must eat with a straw. You cannot associate a smile with any emotion. In fact, your entire face would be conditioned to conform to the constraints of this outrageous abuse. Now at 14 the tape is removed and you are told that the mouth is really a normal part of your life and you should enjoy it. You are "educated" about the functions of the mouth. You will be able to eat and smile normally, but may not know how. Your mouth has been wrongly repressed in your developmental years and now the necessary emotional understanding of its true function does not exist in your subconscious mind. Therefore, you may not over-eat as many Americans do, but you may never smile naturally either. This repression of sexual knowledge is just as destructive. Our sexually repressive government is now so draconian and ignorant of a parent's role in basic sex education, that our entire country pays an horrific price for this political intrusion into the family by institutional hacks.

Even as domestic violence is higher on many military bases than in most American rural communities, the frequency of child trafficking at these bases is virtually non-existent. The frequency of child trafficking in civilian America, on the other hand, is much higher than most Americans realize. There is a reason for this and this reason is fully entrenched in our local and state governments and is completely unconstitutional. The fact is that child trafficking is a political process that targets "liberals" and other minorities who do not "conform." Parents are told of "risk" to children of domestic violence. But those parents in the military have little to fear from local sex police, since their children are protected by their status as "conformers." Sociologists can now accurately discover protected "conformers" throughout our society that indicates a clear, political bias that violates equal protection laws.

In ruling after ruling the Supreme Court has said that non-conforming parents must be allowed these most fundamental of rights, but the opposite trend is now occurring throughout the U.S.. This trend is largely "silent" for a reason. These practices are outrageously illegal and unconstitutional, even against international laws on human rights.

Why was Ken Starr allowed to spend $50 million taxpayer dollars to investigate an old business deal of a sitting president only to find out what most Europeans already know? Most political leaders are driven by subconscious sex drives and liberal leaders tend to be less sexually repressed than conservative leaders. What we also know about history is that those despots who are the most sexually repressed are also the most dangerous to all humankind. For this knowledge, Freud was exceedingly wise to leave Nazi Germany in the 1930s, as he would have been one of those "intellectuals" who disappeared. The Nazis employed sexual repression to such an effective degree that genocide was made politically possible by a largely "Christian" generation fully repressed by the cult of authoritarian nationalists. One of the first indicators of fascism is the disappearance of psychoanalysts, for they are the canary in the mine for sexual repression. And today, psychoanalysts, sociologists and pediatricians are fully engaged in making this case against sexually repressive, authoritarian Republicans. We are risking a total disaster with these barbaric policies, and it is high time to wake up.

As our children learned of oral sex from Ken Starr and the evening news, we as parents were justifiably terrified of explaining this to children because they can actually be taken away from us for this knowledge. A black male in Georgia is given a 10 year prison sentence for oral sex. He was 17, she was 15, older than Romeo and Juliet. There is no outrage over this sentencing among conservatives, they seem to see themselves as miraculously conceived, like snow-babies. This learned ignorance seems absurd on its face but most parents are aware of this theft of children, even if only subconsciously. This administration now spends much more than Ken Starr ever dreamed investigating "liberal" or "nonconforming" parents and the outcome is horrific. But just as a sexually repressed populace finds nothing alarming in our country's impending financial and moral bankruptcy, we are likewise bankrupting our children emotionally and don't even know it. We live in conditioned learned ignorance which science now understands can make our children fatter and dumber. What's worse, sexual repression is fully entrenched and will tear apart the fabric of our families.

With Ken Starr we found out that Bill Clinton most likely has sexual repression issues. Clinton was "outed" as such in front of the entire world, and he missed a very valuable opportunity to turn this issue against the Republicans. For Republicans have far more to fear from this issue, since they are far more sexually repressed and in deeper denial of it. Also we discovered that whatever relationship Bill had with Hillary is probably none of our damn business. For this, Ken Starr is a Republican hero? Europeans could see the writing on the wall: that the U.S. was entering a very dangerous era where learned ignorance was taking its hold. Why weren't more Americans outraged by this quasi-religious sexual inquisition? Why were we silent about the most fundamental matters of war and peace? Why are "blended" or "non-traditional" families so hard to maintain in America? Does anyone actually care? Can't we see the obvious truth that sexually repressive bigotries imposed in childhood and the irrational fears that come with them are programmed into our children and ourselves and only parents can stop this madness? Learned ignorance is not acceptable. The truth is, the political successes of Ken Starr are now institutionalized illegally in order to carry out broad sexual inquisitions and unconstitutional social engineering against hundreds of thousands of American families. Ken Starr could not help himself in forming a sexual inquisition: he was made that way.

Americans are blind to sexual repression even after 100 years of solid evidence against this practice, and it is high time to wake them up. This ignorance serves a political interest and sustains an illegal, unconstitutional and unethical industry by failing to enforce basic parental civil rights. This imposed ignorance can and does cause a multitude of anti-social disorders as these children mature, including the absurdities and excesses found today in their own government. Children feel "conned" by this learned ignorance and these children are fundamentally right: failure to educate children due to governmental fear imposed by unethical prosecutors, police and local "sex" agencies is setting them up for exploitation, shame and confusion concerning human sexuality. After all, these children do not have the bigotries of these adults, nor are they blind to obvious sexual bigotries as conditioned adults are blind and it is high time that we make sure that they do not adopt these bigotries. This is precisely why sex education should be done in a timely fashion with children at all stages of their development, even if government is functioning to repress them for political reasons.

You say that this must be wrong, that illegal child trafficking in American cannot possibly be happening or at least it must be very rare. But how would the average citizen really know this? This administration investigates and enforces absolutely ZERO civil rights violations in the United States involving actual child trafficking by state and local officials. The Civil Rights division in the Justice Department is completely blind to this industry within government itself, in fact, they more often support it. Instead, various myths are propagated to placate a political base that lives in continual denial about child trafficking in America. Data bases are built to criminalize parents and children themselves. As in Jena, LA, children across the U.S. are routinely trafficked inside our prison systems "as adults." But this same administration sees "serious sex offenders" virtually everywhere outside of government, over 500,000 by last count (top psychologist publications estimate the number at 50,000) many of these children, as an attempt to justify "zero tolerance" laws and a draconian approach to human sexuality and education, especially in "non-Republican homes." This horrific myth is fundamentally wrong on two counts: first, these men are largely straw men of a far-right propaganda machine working false predatory myths inside of government institutions, and second, sexual repression, as promoted vigorously by this government, is ironically supporting and inflaming this ignorance much as the Catholic church has done. But like the Catholic church, good science is ignored in repressive institutions until the damages are enormous. Illegal child trafficking by the state is the result and is rampant and "silent" because information on it is fully repressed, sustaining an enormous silent industry that exists largely to defraud federal programs and traffic "false orphans" created by this industry.

This enormous industry that permits child trafficking in America cannot be sustained once existing federal laws and Supreme Court decisions are finally enforced. Their illegal tactics of separating children from good families will be fully exposed once the myths of human sexuality are debunked by good science. In fact, many of these private companies cannot exist if parents are truly informed and in charge of rearing their own children as federal law requires. We must demand that child trafficking be stopped by enforcing basic parental civil rights and we now have an overwhelming number of parents who say enough is enough.

Many conservatives are wrongfully dependent upon this sustained ignorance because their institutions require it and this sustained ignorance is how they were raised. They do not have the open mind as required by good science, history and the Supreme Court itself. The states have allowed an enormous industry to flourish due to the illegal contempt for parental rights that this Court has demanded in case after case. As the most repressed victims are often women and girls, this government will promote broad myths about their inherent vulnerabilities based upon their sex. However, these vulnerabilities often negate fundamental equality and education that builds confidence and independence in these women. As these women and girls are among the most sexually repressed, they become the most dependent and the least independent.

Are we a society based upon reason or religion? It seems incredible that after 100 years of solid science we need to re-address this issue, but we no longer should keep children ignorant through there developing years, and good science is telling us why. This is central to parental rights and the hysteria caused by sex education in much of America. There is a much underplayed reality that sexism against men and fathers has been running much of this debate and we need a critical adjustment to this wrongful sexism and bigotry by the federal courts and lawmakers. Men are not inherently more dangerous because they have penises. "Offenders" are treated to broad and illegal discrimination, cruel and unusual punishments, many after they have paid their debt to society and many others accused but never convicted of anything. This bigotry against parents is working its way through all government agencies as a "silent agenda" against countless families. The states are in complete contempt of standing U.S. Supreme Court decisions as well as numerous federal laws that specifically outlaw such abuses under color of law. As the Supreme Court has routinely sided with Parental Rights, the states and countless private agencies are doing the opposite inflicting governmental intrusion into the family that is grossly unconstitutional. It's high time this Court takes action against these horrific civil rights violations against families.

Any lawyer or law firm will not understand this debate in one or two paragraphs as an abstract. I go into great detail with my family's case and how Pennsylvania agencies are uniquely fraudulent, but this is a much broader constitutional crisis. This crisis involves suspending children in ignorance for much of their youth, causing them to believe that adults are conning them on the most fundamentally important human condition: sexuality. These children are likewise being repressed by government force at a critical time in their intellectual development where a host of bigotries, biases and wrongful attitudes toward society occur due to sustained ignorance in their formative years. What's worse, the parents of these children who must function as the early-warning "doctors" and psychiatric screeners for sexual repression, sexual abuse and for the perceived explosion of bipolar disorder in children are being criminalized.

Likewise, we now have over 100 years of science concerning the true character and activity of normal children which fundamentally contradicts the state's myths about childhood sexuality. As this horrific ignorance virtually does not exist in Sweden, child trafficking virtually does not exist, nor are many of the intellectual shortcomings known to Americans present. In fact, democracy itself is robust in Sweden with over 80% of its citizens voting. Compare such a country to Iraq, which has sustained authoritarian control for more than a generation, and you will see a clear distinction between sexually repressive, authoritarian Iraq and sexually liberated Sweden. Through careful psychoanalytic methods, sexual repression can be shown to be very bad for democracy on many levels and can actually be shown to predict democratic tendencies or the lack thereof. It is clear that state agencies now actively promote ignorance in America through obvious anti-democratic discrimination. And we want to lead a democratic world?

I was targeted for this very discrimination as my children were horrifically violated sexually and mentally by the state. My biggest complaint was that the children I had been working with in public schools and treatment centers were over-medicated to the point of stupidity, and that sexual harassment was so widespread as a result of drugs and unhealthy sexual ignorance. It was so obvious to me that these children were on the wrong track and wrongfully manipulated and will ultimately become the criminals this government claims to "rehabilitate" in prisons but, in fact, has actually created through imposed sexual ignorance. Parents who make such complaints against a completely obvious fraud are targeted for draconian state punishments---most of which violate basic civil rights. My own two-year-old daughter was rape-kitted because of my written complaints as a whistleblower, in complete violation of federal law. These punishments are designed to sustain a truly sick status quo and many are designed to function completely outside of government scrutiny. Likewise, parents are marginalized "as the enemy" away from educating their own children in direct violation to standing Supreme Court decisions and children are coached by bureaucrats to make false accusations which are completely unethical and violate basic parental rights. Since these states and agencies have been in contempt of Supreme Court decisions, they have actually fought the monsters of their own creation: sexual abuse cases that were completely avoidable had the states educated children correctly, or, more importantly, allowed parents to educate in a safe, nondraconian environment.

You will learn how fear and intimidation is used against these families by a fundamentally illegal and dishonest government at the state and local level, as well as many private conspirators advancing illegal programs for enormous profit. The astonishing truth is that most of these government agents disregard basic, sound scientific approaches to childhood development, such as naturalistic education by parents. Parents are actively removed from these families, by state force, so that these obscene profits can take place. And these cases are obvious, in case after case, where conspirators against families and drug companies receive money that would have easily sustained these families in full health without drugs and without massive undo harm that comes with child trafficking.

That is why this blog exists. Sexual repression, as it is applied by illegal institutions, now demands our full attention as billions of dollars and countless lives are at stake. This problem is so massive, that it represents the largest civil case in history. Even the Catholic church is liable for sexual repressive negligence on a massive scale. Sexual repression must be understood in terms of a quantum leap or revolution of legal thought (as if it were a new science), as it affects so many citizens silently. So many adults are ignorant of its ramifications on society and want to continue the ignorance onto the next generation. Drug companies like Janssen LP are spending hundreds of millions of dollars promoting bipolar medication for children, as this marketing is designed to promote the idea of a "mass epidemic" of behavioral disorders in children, much of it due to sexual behavior or false accusations of "abuse" by CPS agents. The system is so lopsided against parents that unsuspecting children are easily manipulated away from good families through systematic deception practices, family members are easily terrorized by exploiting well-known defense mechanisms in parents, as these horrific deceptions are easily reproduced by any good therapist if he or she were so inclined to be so unethical.

Dr. David Fassler, a University of Vermont psychiatry professor, says research suggests that close to half of children thought to be bi-polar are being misdiagnosed in order to sell psychiatric medications. Sexual repressive activities by government is causing much of this obvious racketeering and many of these "symptoms" of abuse are bogus marketing ploys and directly support this over-medication of unnecessary drugs to our children. This is a horrifying proposition, but is scientifically provable in case after case where children are being illegally trafficked away from their biological parents through pure deception without any regard to due process.

But this is an enormous problem, as sexual repression is the lead paint in our schools, retarding our childrens' emotional and intellectual growth and demanding our full attention. It also serves the profit centers of drug companies. It is a total myth that children are "innocent" in ignorance and should be suspended in this "innocence." This is only true in the actual pre-sexual stages of development, not in the conservative's "ideal" view. Children actually begin early stages of sexual development between 5 and 7 when they seek basic information and should not be held in ignorance. By sustaining children within the mystique of shameful sexuality, our government violates these children in a way that is historical and scientifically abhorrent. This Victorian philosophy has made a full comeback in our bureaucracies and in our schools and is manifest everywhere in our society as a total failure to our children. Children are emotionally and intellectually retarded by this ignorance, and sex education is the only answer.

This blog exists to show that good science is winning the debate for timely sex education for all stages of childhood development. Such education will put an end to many social ills associated with keeping children intellectually and emotionally repressed. Even so, sexual repression is so powerful that a mob mentality will try to overrun the debate. This government supports the mob mentality through pure dysfunction regarding basic civil rights. This is fundamental to authoritative Republicanism: as former Republican John Dean says in his new book Broken Government: "Republicans seek federal power because it can help them achieve their agenda, and it also helps them in their careers. Few are driven to assist their fellow citizens, or to serve their country. It is power that attracts them; it is a tropism for authoritarian personalities, like the moth to the candle. Where power is concerned, Republicans consistently confirm Lord Acton's aphorism that absolute power corrupts absolutely." Sexual repression has selfishness, secrecy and a perverse drive for power as its hallmark. This is why so much draconian abuse and government dysfunction is now targeting our families in an environment of pure silence.

We must fight this government's failure to enforce basic parental civil rights! Above all, these agencies must show that they are honest and accountable under federal law!

Most experts know that it's best to allow parents to teach children about sexual boundaries through common "naturalistic" methods such as bathroom time, etc. Most parents know that this is normal since it is so often unavoidable. Children are naturally programmed to learn in this manner at early stages of their development, as proven in many psychological and anthropological studies. This is not rocket science. But these agencies are very adept at inflaming "sexual" connotations to this education, especially in non-traditional families, that it becomes purely fraudulent and serves a political mission. This illegal bias is often easy to expose through existing court transcripts. They actually teach small children about sexually explicit concepts behind closed doors. Parents have a duty to employ naturalistic education with children in early stages of development for the health and emotional, intellectual well being of children. Now parents have a duty to protect their children from the bureaucrats who will destroy them. This parental sex education is fully historical and necessary.

Every Pediatrician knows this! Most advanced societies encourage "naturalistic" parenting as a duty. But now extremists are now using "sexual" innuendo to destroy these parental bonds and this time-honored method of basic sexual education that has served children for countless generations is now warped into a new imperative for political destruction of minority families. Are we to criminalize Pediatricians and good science as this critical education is now being criminalized? If parents are not to be the early educators of basic hygiene and basic sexual understanding, who exactly is to take on this role, government?(!)

The irony, of course, is that by keeping young children ignorant about sexuality, they are far more likely to be exploited later in life in a way that conservatives abhor. Timely sex education precedes puberty for a reason: this is the time where critical value-judgments in children are being made. This is why these children need to be empowered by parents.

Today, the extremists on the far right are exploiting this most common and sacred duty of parents while their children are so young and vulnerable. They actively destroy families through false sexual taboos against parents and prescribe unnecessary medication in its place. They will enter our schools and manipulate six and seven-year-old children on sexually explicit matters that these children do not understand in order to prosecute parents. The horrific strife that this causes children conveniently leads to "required" medication that just happens to come from large drug companies who proliferate a virtual army of lobbyists. I have seen this massive fraud firsthand and most parents in Bedford County are at least subconsciously aware that it goes on. But much of the existing government is designed to keep these activities silent and away from public scrutiny. Parents are therefore repressing critical sexual knowledge in children as a result of conservative intimidation in public schools. We don't even know what this draconian repression might do to our kids, since it has never been studied in its current draconian form. It has only been in the past few generations that it was even possible not to be a naturalist parent!

These extremists are now criminalizing good parents for nudity in the home and being "naturalists." These extremists in government are dumbing down our children at a critical time of their development by inflaming sexual hysteria and myths in innocent families. Those who see pedophiles everywhere are truly sick and work a sick agenda which destroys children and families and must not be allowed to rule our government. These conservatives actually think that "nudists" go to "colonies" for "sexual" reasons, not knowing anything about the sexual revolution or how it really addresses basic human rights issues like liberation from militant power systems.

I am not a nudist, but have seen these draconian attacks against these enlightened people, many of whom were targeted for the draft during the Vietnam War. These nudists are intellectually adept at understanding how sexual repression is used by government to criminalize the powerless and make them conformists. They know that it is now possible to raise children in complete sexual ignorance well into their teens and this serves only to corrupt them with warped ideas of sexuality and make them conform. Instead of learning about healthy sexual choices and sexual fairness, these children are basically learning about sex in the streets as the schools intentionally fail them. These children are much more likely to be teen runaways, engage in unsafe sex and become teenage parents because meaningful sex education comes too late for them. But this ignorance leads to many types of sexual bigotries as a result of learned ignorance that supports radical, far-right political movements. That is why so many top psychologists associate sexually repressive practices within government with fascist movements, as there is broad historical evidence to support this.There is a direct link. These programs actually began with early 20th Century American "eugenics" movements and in Nazi Germany. These are historical facts. To understand this relationship between these antiquated social programs and military recruitment requires some degree of imagination, but this is a scientifically accurate, provable thesis which is totally historical and I address in this blog. This is only one of many outrages against our children by this inept government.

Taking a photograph of a child in a bathtub used to be common practice in our country during peace times, now it is a crime and "child pornography" just because some idiot in government says it is or one or two sick people might view it this way. We must not allow the sickest in society to rule our families or our most basic of freedoms and these conservative extremists are the ones who are truly sick. They want to repress our childrens' understanding of basic human sexuality in their most critical stages of development. The children of enlightened naturalists are among the most well-adjusted children in our society, not the children of hard-core conservatives. These people have no compassion because that is how they were raised, judgmental, cold and ignorant. We can now prove this through good science, not through government-inspired hysteria!

I am appealing to those with the intelligence to reason this issue in constitutional, ethical and scientific terms, not through the prism of their own sexually repressive sickness. That should unite both conservatives and liberals alike. It is high time to have this debate!

Psychoanalysis is winning this debate and is becoming a qualitative art and precise, quantitative science that will crush the feeble superstitions and bigotries of the far right. We can now show the ill effects of sexual repression on individual lives with great accuracy. Children are among the most abused and can be tested. If a child is completely ignorant about human sexuality by the third grade, we have utterly failed that child, as many of that child's social views are in their final stages of development. In fact, we now know that sexual development and knowledge is closely related to overall intellectual development. Children educated properly about the human condition are much more likely to succeed in other studies because this burden of ignorance is lifted off of them and the stigma of dishonest sexual repression designed to "sustain them in ignorance" does not confound, corrupt and anger them. Children should learn early in life that sexual repression in any form is learned ignorance and is harmful and that it is not done to them by good, competent parents! They will then naturally seek a mate with similar traits of sexual honesty.

Conservatives do not even see this ignorance as a bad thing, thinking ignorance is bliss, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Those children who are repressed in this knowledge will be intellectually stunted, even into adult life where they are more likely to make critically disasterous choices about sex. If we lock in a child's ignorance about sexuality, we effectively lock in any number of anti-social maladies which are well documented in psychoanalytic studies.

Child trafficking in America is the worst form of sexual repression, creating a huge, illegal industry, much of it based on promoting ignorance and cold parenting. But this horrid practice is fully quantitative, in that, these bureaucrats fully document their crimes.

Those who actively traffic in children almost universally suffer from sexual repressive disorders and can be diagnosed accurately. They will even go so far as inadvertently revealing their sexual disorders in public court hearings and on public transcripts. It is high time we turn the Orwellian devices of shame on the gatekeepers themselves. Show how sexual amplification techniques work on small children and have it banned from government practice. This fraud must be fully confronted.

My family's plight by a corrupt local government is indeed the tip of a massive iceberg. Our innocent, small children represent a gnomon casting a precise and broad shadow across our entire culture. My family's case will expose the pure evil and utter corruption of the system itself. This is not a debate about the pros or cons of religion, quite the opposite. If you believe in God, you must find that God is very angry that we have rejected good science in order to fail one of the ten commandments: honoring parents. When we put "business" ahead of these sacred bonds, we have gone off track. When we fail the parent-child bond, when affection is outlawed, all physicality reduced to crass sexual terms, our society becomes untenable and we enter that ultimate catch-22 where sex education cannot occur, as it can be construed as "abuse" by unethical prosecutors. And the failure to educate our children drives them to become Abu Ghraib prison guards when they mature and must enter a sexually warped, militaristic and limited future.

Why were we blind to Abu Ghraib sex atrocities? Are we really that blind about how sexual repression affects our children? Why would we turn a blind eye to our own government's use of torture, when this has never been part of our understanding of "human rights" since Washington was president? Is our treatment of prisoners not more telling of our own cultural and ethical failures? When I say that the coming year in American politics will be the most corrupt in U.S. history, I am not merely being overtly political. I am suggesting that these dirty tricks will occur due to one of the most sexually repressed, sexually blind administrations in history as their final acting out event. These dirty tricks are now historical and actually predictable in sexually repressed, Republican administrations.

When children act out in ignorance, we are to educate them and not punish them. This education can be awkward and certainly not easy, but it is the duty of the parent to do so. Otherwise, this acting out process will continue well into adulthood. Perhaps that is why Dick Cheney should have been given timely sex education as a child instead of the full reigns of governmental power as a sexually repressed adult.

Given this current administration's obsession with secrecy, it is critical that we understand why our childrens' cases are held in the utmost secrecy. The need for absolute secrecy is one of the hallmarks of sexual repression for it consumates the unseemly marriage of fear and power. John F. Kennedy once said, "The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we as people are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings." But our children are being trafficked in total secrecy, through secret courts and secret, backroom proceedings due to the overwhelmingly criminal and unconstitutional practices of these state agencies. They must keep such criminality secret or risk an historic uprising by parents who must try to raise their children in this toxic, political environment.

Children go through critical stages of sexual learning that our culture simply ignores or reacts to hysterically. There is an entire industry dedicated to enforcing this societal negligence and hysteria. As these childrens' learning about sex become stunted or repressed, a host of maladies occurs including shame, social coldness and judgmental personalities, bigotry and a throng of other "demons." These demons are very real results of sexual repression in these children. The analogy of being "ice cold" is very true of sexually repressed individuals as well as entire communities. If you allow these people to win, you are inviting the iceman to take your kids. Our government actively promotes such coldness and these social maladies, as ironically, society will eventually punish these repressed children as adults. Why should a parent be forced to inflict this sexual repression and intellectual ignorance onto his children? Isn't such a parent negligent for keeping his child ignorant in a dangerous and confusing world? Nothing is more taboo than this subject precisely because nothing is more important to existing power systems. Sexual repression is fully institutionalized for a reason, as our childrens' education wrongfully neglects them in the most fundamentally important time of their development.

We are in the darkest days of sexual repression, as future generations will look on us as we look upon the Salem witch trials. But more importantly, these modern, barbaric programs that promote false orphans and child trafficking must and will be reversed. These programs amount to child theft by the most ignorant agents of government. Many of these programs are grossly libelous against those innocent parties who actually know that it's fundamentally wrong to raise children in ignorance. Who will take the lead?

If you already worry about the way your teenager can swing wildly from one viewpoint to another, you probably don't want to hear this.

“Kids can believe in abstinence, but also intend to have sex,” said N. Tatiana Masters, a social scientist at the University of Washington and author of a new study on teens' contradictory attitudes about abstinence and sex.

Story continues below ↓


The research, published in the current issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, shows that adolescents and teens often hold seemingly irreconcilable ideas about having sex, confounding the abstinence-only sex education message supported by over a billion dollars of federal funding.

The finding adds to a growing body of evidence eroding confidence in abstinence-only sex education.

Roughly $1.5 billion in federal grants to state education authorities have been distributed to finance abstinence-only curricula since the Clinton administration. But some states, like California, Wisconsin and Ohio, have stopped accepting the grants because the money is tied to a mandated abstinence-only message that studies have shown to be largely ineffective.

The problem with that message, Masters said, is not that adolescents ignore it. In her survey of 365 young people ages 12 to 15, she found that many had a positive view of abstinence, and those who did had less chance of having sex during the following 12 months.

But there was a catch. So-called “sex intention” powerfully modified “abstinence intention.”

In a range from 1 to 3, with 3 being the highest intention to abstain or to have sex, teens who scored very low on their sex intentions (1s) were not likely to have sex regardless of their abstinence intentions. But among teens with high scores (3s) on their sex intentions, those who also held the highest abstinence intentions were actually most likely to have sex.

"Increasing a kids' abstinence intentions has little impact on the bottom line," Masters said. But if a teen with a high sex intention obtains higher abstinence intentions, "he may become, we think, confused or conflicted and those heightened abstinence intentions may make him more likely to have sex in a kind of boomerang effect."

Masters isn't sure why this is, but speculates that the conflict might cause kids to feel out of control and less able to make rational decisions.

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