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Dumb and Dumber Programming for the Next Dark Age

Dumb UK 'heading back to the Dark Ages' thanks to cult of celebrity, says senior Tory.

Add to My Stories Liam Fox: Britain's obsession with celebrity is sending it back to the Dark Ages. Britain risks entering a new Dark Age because the cult of celebrity is undermining learning, a senior Tory said yesterday.

Liam Fox warned the fabric of society was under threat, with the 'age of reason' going into reverse.

The defence spokesman said a generation ago children wanted to be astronauts or scientists - now they simply want fame. 'Since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the age of reason, we have transformed our world,' he said. 'But there is a crisis of confidence, an uncertainty and a lack of optimism in our society which should trouble us. Much of this programming comes for Hollywood and a top-down programming of dumb. This becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy for those who would dumb our children into "endless war" and eugenics population control. But what if all of this programming of dumb was really coming from a powerful death cult in the woods of Northern California and it's all linked to the CIA?

'Diminishing social mobility, the cult of the celebrity society, the decline in serious learning, the increasing disregard for empiricism and social attitudes verging on value-phobia threaten to cast a shadow on the enlightened western liberalism which has taken us so far.'

Dr Fox, who is seen as the keeper of the Thatcherite flame, expressed alarm about the collapse in the numbers studying science at university.

And he attacked Labour's promotion of political correctness, which he argued was undermining free expression and thought.

If you become President, what one thing will you bring to a third grade class for show and tell? How about a condom? After nearly 30 years of AIDS/HIV awareness, a condom for third graders still gets about the same reception as in 1980. Republicans are on a deadly mission to keep it that way. After all, Republican children are "innocent." Their mission is to make "childhood sexuality" a horrible oxymoron invented by liberals. The "penal phase" in girls is considered a myth invented by screw-ball male intellectuals or perverts. On average, 80% to 90% of third graders in America hold their mouths and laugh when presented with a condom. This ignorance is routinely depicted lovingly as "innocence." In the most repressed areas of the nation, they often don't know what one is. These children are not loved. They are made vulnerable to secret social agents who now routinely traffic them away from their fathers, especially Harvard-educated liberal fathers. Just ask my child, if you can find her.

What's more, their parents are more sexually repressed and ignorant about childhood sexuality than ever before by design. This was a deal for "welfare reform" and "population control" struck by both parties largely through sexual romps at the Bohemian Grove and other elitist retreats. Was this a deal with the Devil? By God, if billionaires are to allow their hard-earned American dollars to go to welfare programs, they want to see results. By all means, rape-kit more babies of liberals. But this must have a ring of "decency" about it and cause a war between the sexes, between the parties. War is good. It requires a secret, underground government (largely run by billionaires). Because these progressive "altruistic" programs are not really based on rights, they become progressively tyrannical, progressively power-centered, power-manipulated. They ultimately help Republicans, the power-whores. And they effectively stop liberals from making babies and any babies they already have will be so traumatized by government-imposed family dysfunction, they'll never want babies of their own. This is perfect population control, except for the elite who desperately need it.

Wrapped in the cloak of "altruistic" social programs, these Trojan Horses of the military and the elite cannot be questioned. Mind Control through massive secret CIA "truth" funding makes this fraud invisible. Is welfare really welfare when a child's only future is to become a military grunt and slave for the elite?

But what the elite fail to understand is that they are falsely employing our government to commit felonies against our families. Routine family destruction by any means is always a crime. But the clear target of these dumbing-down agents of government is the destruction of the all-important parental duty. The forceful disempowerment of millions of American children away from the parental duty is an obvious eugenics scheme of "scientific" imperialism. Family court fraud and CPS fraud is an obvious elitist scheme to sterilize millions of Americans, dumb-down their children and it is so foreign to the U.S. Constitution that any rationally open-minded jury will now demand billions of dollars in damages to reverse this fraud. A draconian response to normal humanity is the truest definition of evil. We have a fundamental right to defend our children from evil.

In many cases, what was commonly understood about childhood sexuality in the 1950s must now be taboo and "unspeakable." Sex education employed by our Founding Fathers in wooden bath tubs is out of the question. Secret police must be used to effectively break up families through hyper-abuse hysteria, sexual amplification and the deliberate imposition of sexual ignorance into children so that they will become the sexual idiots who will die of AIDS and traffic in their own children. Setting children up for this elitist sex manipulation serves effective population control by the elite over generations. Those who want government out of their families must be thoroughly criminalized. Since bureaucrats are largely self-important frauds, it often requires a parent to undo what 12 or 15 bureaucrats have managed to do to a child. Who is really responsible for this obvious failure of our Constitution? And who is covering up one of the most heinous crimes in U.S. history aimed directly at your kids? "Population control" applies abroad and "welfare reform" applies domestically. For the elite running your government, they are actually one and the same.

Make no mistake about it, this crime will make Watergate look like a Disney sitcom. Any "universal health care plan" will only make this crime worse unless the Constitution is finally honored by our government. is the only place you will hear the truth about the big lie. The lie that keeps on killing.

In April of 1987 Dr. C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon General of the United States, said that AIDS is a growing menace to the nation's children and reiterated his call for early sex education as part of the general effort to halt its spread. The failure of many parents to instill an objective understanding of basic sexuality in their children is a critical issue for our national government. But what if keeping children ignorant about sex is a secret and ongoing mission by our national government? What if parents are routinely criminalized for it in secret, underground courts all paid for by federal funds? What if this is a well-documented deal involving millions of families and other nations where "population control" and "welfare reform" are the euphemisms used by polite people in government to talk about illegal child trafficking? Trafficking that requires, above all, learned ignorance about sex imposed harshly by bureaucrats? As adults, we must collectively "learn" that children are not sexual, even though they are absolutely sexual by nature. But we are meant to "unlearn" this obvious truth so that our children can become politically indoctrinated. This means that any sex education that depicts children as sexual is not a health care issue, it's a crime. A necessary sacrifice of truth at the alter of absolute power. This is Republicanism 101. Or, has Hillary adopted this insanity as well?

If we pretend that children are not sexual, we can easily destroy their families, traffic in them and reshape our world. We can even use child sexuality against their non-Republican parents. This can become the source of tremendous political power. The only thing this plan requires are millions of conditioned idiots. This conditioning is very much on-going.

"We are very sorry to keep you ignorant, but your innocence was very special to us. Now we don't like you any more."

The run-away rates of American teenagers in the most conservative communities stands at about 50% (these are only the children brave enough to escape their sexually repressed parents). Very few of these children will finish college unless they are first seduced by the Pentagon. The vast majority of these children will live their entire lives without seeing the relationship between family dysfunction and political power.

In a wide-ranging news conference, Dr. Koop said sex education should start in kindergarten and should include information about AIDS. It's a fundamental fact of life that children are sexual. Can you imagine a conservative saying that today? Does this come before or after the references to evolution as being a myth? In the 1950s, evolution had already been an established science for 100 years. President Eisenhower warned us that a vast military complex would creep secretly into all aspects of our lives through attitude propaganda. He said this on his way out of office when he had absolutely nothing to personally gain from it. Yet, today, Republican Presidential candidates openly deny that evolution is a true science. They say this with a great attitude of conviction, even as their main power source comes from the fossil fuel industry which requires trillions of evolving life forms over millions of years evidenced by billions of tons of documented fossils, slightly more evidence than was presented at the O.J. Simpson trials. They know that myth is more powerful in politics than truth. Myth can inspire. Myth can repress truth. Attitudes are easier to teach than science, evolution or ethics. Easier to fake as well. Therefore in politics myth evolves while truth doesn't. That is why our Founding Fathers tried to give us Real Courts based on reason and fact, not political, false or selfish motivations.

As populations grow, teaching our children wrongful attitudes which destroys the family will become more important politically than teaching them the truths necessary to keep families intact. As Orwell foretold, lies will become the "necessary" norm. So even if you believe your family is safe from population control agendas that now actively teach them lies, your children's' families will not be so fortunate. Unless real courts put an end to this political dumbing-down process, our Constitution is not worth the hemp it's printed on.

The most powerful myths advanced by Republican media is that minority or poor Americans are truly an invisible sub-class that is just not worth looking at. They are not like the rest of us. They are invisible for a reason, sort of why sewers are invisible. This is pure attitude which is horribly wrong, but the attitude is made more hip than the truth. This attitude is designed to hide the fact that these people are the very patriots supplying Republicans with grunts for their many unnecessary wars. This supply process is largely a scam perpetrated by the media through attitude propaganda. This scam now works in our own "courts" because we have allowed our rights to be silenced. This mythology is why Republicans are "superior" in their own minds. War builds the necessary fog that hides the truth about social injustice. War hides their real agenda. All war is a supreme effort to impose ignorance onto "inferiors." But wars require killers largely culled from these same sub-classes. We can therefore easily imagine that non-Republicans have fathers who are really sex predators. Republicans are here to save children from their fathers and in the process turn them into killers for the Pentagon. But this process is really not suitable for public sensibilities and certainly not for real public scrutiny, conveniently. The war is on us. Isn't this painfully obvious?

What is really causing this dumbing-down condition in our culture?

Today's "public health" agencies largely function to coach mothers with children out of their marriages unless they are married to soldiers. They do this by a myriad of methods, devices and scams all to serve Population Control agendas for the Pentagon. Since the military is a legal sex cult which strictly enforces sexual repression onto soldiers, we are led to believe that such sex cults are perfectly normal and legal applied to our children and families in civilian life. Legal by whose standards?

The most popular methods of control require the full repression of sex hormones and critical sex information which literally drive children and mothers like cattle. These methods were first developed for the military. By "legalizing" the repression of critical sex information and critical sexual development, the military can successfully manipulate all of us. Through pure federal extortion, the states have secretly perverted our Constitution to such a degree, that they now instill family-destruction attitudes into bureaucrats making the state the true parent. This serves the military very directly. These programs are measured by statistical analysis for which broad Pentagon goals can be achieved while, simultaneously, functioning invisibly on a case by case level. No one can conceive of his or her children as being mere statistical canon fodder. Parental rights are literally an illusion applied only to political conformists. That's why they protect and defend the families of the military with the full weight and power of the government and destroy countless non-military families with the same full measure. It's a military scam.

Since most mothers want to keep their children, they become political conformists who ultimately have fewer children and secretly have sex with two-faced Republicans. Just like in China, population control is very active here, but here, it is illegal and requires tremendous family dysfunction imposed by authority figures. Marriage is a trivial institution by their Republican design. That's why married people became a minority under a fully Republican government. Richard Nixon's dirty deals with China exempt his elitist friends but not the rest of us. He also had to deal with the Pentagon's loss of draft powers. So the Pentagon won and our families lost. Mothers are therefore rarely told the truth about sexual repression and normal childhood sexuality by design. Their children are now routinely placed in darkened rooms and manipulated by modern-day mesmerists and we are not allowed to know the truth about it.

This imposed ignorance breaks up non-elite families, about 25 million of them. Mothers are coached into believing that their children must be "saved" from beastly, drunken and doped-up men who just happen to be free from military domination. Mothers are often placed in extreme duress based purely on intimidation and lies if they do not conform. They are routinely threatened with the theft of their children. This is called slavery. Unless the father belongs to a Republican mythic organization which comes to his defense, his efforts to counter this coaching is largely ineffective. There is simply too much political pressure to destroy families and keep children ignorant. The CIA hoped you would never learn of this plan. Now I've told you.

Koop's comments came at the opening of a three-day workshop here aimed primarily at increasing the awareness of the problems of children who suffer from acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which they can contract before birth from infected mothers.

The Surgeon General has urged widespread educational efforts in response to the deadly epidemic, and in a report to President Reagan in October he said that education about AIDS should start ''at the lowest grade possible'' and be ''reinforced at home'' by discussions between parents and children.

''It's the responsibility of parents and it should begin before children go to school,'' Dr. Koop said at the news conference today. But since parents are often reluctant to discuss sex with their children, he said, it is up to ''schools, churches and synagogues'' to teach about sex and AIDS, in much the same way children are taught that a bandage prevents infection.

''You have to tell them about AIDS and that requires sex education,'' Dr. Koop said. ''If parents don't do it, they've abrogated their responsibility and somebody else has to do it.'' Condoms for High Schools? Dr. Koop's stance for early sex education has put him at odds with some of his fellow conservatives, and several experts asked to comment on his remarks today said that while they supported thorough sex education, kindergarten was too early for most children to understand such instruction. Children must first "learn" that authority controls their sexuality. But what really disturbs children is that authority never tells them why. Why are children held in sexual ignorance about such a normal and necessary human condition? Or does effective sex education interfere with a military-based political indoctrination? Dr. Koop came face to face with an underground Pentagon recruiting operation and had to be silenced.

At least, Dr. Koop tried to interfere. Was he the first and last conservative to slip through the military propaganda machine unscathed?

In response to another question, Dr. Koop said he had not made up his mind whether high schools should distribute condoms, which help to prevent the spread of AIDS, and other types of birth control. Since millions of teenagers are sexually active, he said, some schools should provide such services after consulting with the local school board, faculty and parents. Others should not, he added. ''But if you decide to do something, for heaven's sake do it in good taste,'' he said. Otherwise, he added, praiseworthy attempts to prevent teen-age pregnancy can create a damaging ''backlash.'' This statement turned out to be the cosmic understatement of the century. The backlash against liberals and basic sexual privacy gave us Bush. More Bush than even a 70's porn-star wanted.

Conservatives are nuts about sex issues. It defines them. Nothing about sex is of "good taste" to a die-hard, sexually repressed conservative. That's why AIDS is virtually ignored by them, everything sexual must be criminalized and children are now raised as if nothing sexual ever happens in their lives. Their entire mythic system requires sexual repression and all mythic systems begin in childhood. That's why most of the world throughout history has been in a constant state of war on, through and arranged by sexually repressed conservatives advancing myths about their sexually deviant enemies. That's also why parents are now routinely shuffled into underground courts to under-go secret sex inquisitions by bureaucrats. Republicans don't mind such outrageously unconstitutional treatment. After all, it serves to destroy liberal families. Republicans keep their children ignorant longer. This key fact provides the Nazi at the train station critical information on which direction to point to your family members. Liberals become incensed by such Nazi treatment, so if nothing else, they can be destroyed for simply demanding their rights. These are "tree huggers," after all, who are easily culled-out by this humiliation process and exposed as "liberals."

The workshop began, ''AIDS, Children With HIV Infection and Their Families,'' and was held at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where Dr. Koop was surgeon-in-chief before Mr. Reagan named him Surgeon General in 1981.

In an opening speech, Dr. Koop charged the 200 participants with developing guidelines for a Federal policy for ''reducing the tremendous burden of this devastating condition, especially among our children.'' Mounting Toll Among the Young

Dr. Koop said the problem of AIDS and children had been widely overlooked but was spreading; ''Pediatric AIDS will soon be everybody's problem,'' he said. The number of children under 13 years old diagnosed as having AIDS reached 471 last week, double the number of cases reported a year ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, there are 139 cases among teen-agers.

But Dr. Koop said those figures did not include as many as 2,000 children who have some AIDS symptoms but who do not meet the strict Federal definition of the illness, and he said the number of infected children is expected to continue to increase ''dramatically.'' The Public Health Service estimates that at least 3,000 children will have the disease by 1991 and that ''virtually all will die.''

A disproportionate number of children infected with the disease are members of minority groups: about 50 percent are black and 33 percent are Hispanic. ''We have therefore a segment of society that is very difficult to reach,'' Dr. Koop said. Or have they already been reached? Maybe ignorance has "trickled down" to them? Isn't this "disproportionally" obvious to the world?

Such numbers in 1987 are minuscule by today's cases. But you would never know it by today's media. Why? Globally, 2.3 million children are now living with HIV. In 2005, around 380,000 children died of AIDS and 540,000 children got newly infected. Over 15 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. That's over one thousand times the numbers issued by Dr. Koop twenty years ago. Yet children are as sexually repressed about critical information as ever. In rural areas like Bedford County, Pennsylvania, this repression is enforced by a Neo-Nazi police state. Very Republican and Very Wrong. Social engineering by bureaucrats has supplanted the parent as the key educator, and parents are now routinely criminalized for providing sex education to their children. Your rights as a parent do not exist unless you are a confirmed Republican, then, of course, you are a confirmed conformist.

How do they know if you are a confirmed Republican? They give local politicians and police billions of federal dollars to investigate "liberal" parents' sex lives. Thank God Ben Franklin's sex life wasn't investigated by these fools, otherwise we'd be all sitting around candles licking Tory Stamps. Of course, these investigations are inherently biased against liberals and normal childhood development. Republicans are coached through this process, liberals are destroyed by it. Republicans are communicated with, liberals are not. Children get screwed out of necessary sex education and their fathers. This is "welfare reform" by the elite. It will sustain their power for one thousand years. This fact serves a much more ominous plan. See our Sex Cult Investigation, Bedford County.

Put simply, unchecked governmental tyranny has now afflicted most of America. Over 25 million so-called "noncustodial" parents as direct victims... 3000 helpless children removed from their loving families every week, 9/10ths of them falsely began, and 1 child dying in foster care every hour... that's every hour... Countless victims of legal plundering upon our elder citizens... The list of flagrant due process and civil rights violations is dwarfed only by the number of American families directly affected by their atrocities. We are everywhere. Oh, and, by the way, even when you count all of the governmental personnel involved in these numerous horrors, we - the victims and their families - outnumber, and can outshout and outpaper, those government people, by at least a factor of 10,000 to 1, if not more...

Dr. Koop's words are very ominous twenty years later. He was probably the last Republican who was allowed to speak outside of the Population Control agenda. Politics has won the debate in favor of Republican ignorance and a Republican police state. Our children have clearly lost. Families have every reason to fear their own government concerning effective sex education: 700,000 families have been destroyed by government agents for political reasons, often involving difficult and politically outrageous attacks on parents over "modesty" issues and critical sex education. The real numbers of liberal families destroyed are probably much higher. Imposed ignorance concerning sexual taboos is one of the highest missions of the Republican Party and will eventually kill one million children in the United States. Over 100,000 fathers have been labeled as "sexual predators" for teaching the birds and the bees to their children. These numbers come from our own Health Department which at one time wanted to make such education manditory. Why are Republicans so insistent on repressing critical sex education between parents and children? Maybe they were raised that way or maybe they have planned it that way. The plan is for world domination by a very small elite of mostly "men of Jesus" who must claim to be sexless. You might call them the High Priests of World Domination.

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