Thursday, April 16, 2009

Protecting Your Children from Monarch Mind Control

This is the one icon of American power that they don't want you to know about. Due to powerful marionette programming, most Americans are unaware that they are programmed marionettes. Only a very few members in government and the military know the real plot. Likewise, the overwhelming majority of marionettes are good and decent people. Americans are just as programmed for wrongful authority as the Iraqis. Torture is no longer a crime in America, it is now a "de-programming" method. Most of what is passed off as torture is really Monarch Mind Control. For some Americans, this entire blog is a torture for the very same reason. They do not want to acknowledge that all of this Mind Control is real and comes from Nazi Germany.

The best gift a parent can give to his child is appropriate sex education at the correct time in the child's development. Those who brainwash children attempt to retard this critical development which is really retarding critical thinking. Critical thinking in children begins with understanding the body and how it works. This is why brainwashers build an aura of "innocence" around sexual ignorance, as the child is lured into the sex-control culture which is all around them.

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