Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mind Control: the Perverted Science used against American Children

The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: Child Trafficking in America, 3,000 children weekly

The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible

The Real Enemy: The Educated Parent, More elusive than Osama bin Laden

Mind Control is a powerful, secret usurpation of our Constitution advanced over generations. Reverse Mind Control (RMC) is a more powerful science which presumes that highly illegal psychological warfare is now nearing its endgame. RMC is far more powerful than Mind Control, because it is fundamentally constitutional! This science addresses the legal, intellectual and spiritual ramifications of Mind Control to determine its true intent.

By understanding RMC, you may experience a profound inversion away from Mind Controlled politics or helpless confusion and toward constitutional clarity. Through constitutional clarity, you will understand that an extra-constitutional elite exists advancing a coup over our Constitution. This entity was empowered by the National Security Act of 1947. This one Act has produced a cascading effect of wrongful top-down authority throughout our legal system building an elite-cult. It will utterly destroy the Constitution. This is called Treason!

Under the Act: "The President shall establish with the National Security Council a board to be known as the "Board for Low Intensity Conflict".

The principal function of the board shall be to coordinate the policies of the United States for low intensity conflict." We now have overwhelming evidence to prove that such conflict has been directed against the American people on a massive scale and that this Act is fatally flawed. It sets up a counter-insurgency Trojan Horse entity with absolute powers over our Constitution.

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