Wednesday, April 15, 2009

John Whitehead, Rutherford Institute Promote New Change Manifesto

“The Change Manifesto is a truly bipartisan even pre-political, instruction manual about how to hold on to our diminishing freedoms. This book offers well founded hope to any reader--of the left, right or center, religious or non-religious--for a better, freer and more compassionate American future. It's Whitehead vs. the thugs and Whitehead wins! Whitehead provides the antidote to our post-9/11 paranoia. Twenty years from now if America is still a free country (as Orwell would have defined and defended that word) I predict that this book will be remembered as a landmark in defense of that freedom.” —FRANK SCHAEFFER, author of Author of Keeping
Faith and How Free People Move Mountains

“John Whitehead has a long and distinguished record of attempting to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. One may not agree with all his conclusions, but he is right to sound the alarm against the public's apathy and ignorance and the danger such attitudes pose to our freedoms. This book will make you angry, either at the government for supposedly chipping away at our freedoms, or at those who are doing too little to fight terrorism that threatens us as nothing has before. But it will make you think and that is good.”—CAL THOMAS, nationally syndicated columnist and author of Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That Is Destroying America
“In vivid prose and arresting anecdote, John Whitehead teaches that a nation’s destiny is the moral, mental, and emotional universes of its citizens. Laws, court decrees, and political maneuvering are relative trifles.” —BRUCE FEIN, associate deputy attorney general under President Reagan and author of Constitutional Peril
“This book is right on the mark. Scattered throughout this book are jewels that you will want to memorize, maybe sing.”—PETE SEEGER, legendary folksinger and activist
If you’re like most Americans, you’re tired of the negativity and pessimism our country is mired in. You’re tired of our country fighting endless wars, tired of politicians making empty promises, and tired of our federal government gradually stripping away our constitutional rights. You’re fed up with our erratic economy, our porous national borders, and a populace that’s all too happy to watch reality TV and read tabloid magazines rather than learn about basic history or even the Constitution.

As John W. Whitehead reminds readers in his new book, The Change Manifesto: Join the Block by Block Movement to Remake America, it’s up to each and every one of us to stand up and speak truth to power. Change starts with each and every one of us. But you can’t change the system unless you change the way people think.

Whitehead understands this more than anybody. His weekly commentaries have attracted quite a following over the years, especially among grassroots activists, newspaper editors and bloggers. Coming as it does in the midst of a presidential election season, Whitehead’s new book, The Change Manifesto, is already getting quite a bit of buzz from individuals across the political spectrum.

Whitehead’s first national release after a seven-year hiatus, The Change Manifesto provides a detailed roadmap of where we as a nation—and a people—have gone wrong and a blueprint for finding (and fighting) our way back to freedom. In a day and age when the government often poses dire threats to our freedoms, Whitehead urges Americans to stop rallying around political parties and start rallying around the Constitution.

Like Paul Revere, Whitehead is sounding the alarm and it’s up to us to answer the call to arms. Americans need to wake up and take action, and concerned Americans like you are the advance guard.

Help us spread the word before it’s too late.

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