Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gang Stalking Methods Used against Fathers to Traffic in their Children

The government is watching your every move. But is it still your government? 500,000 American Children are in State custody on any given day, and a revenue feeding frenzy of abuse for billions in federal funding dollars is now commonplace. 5,000 Pennsylvania children stolen and abused in one county. These child-trafficking Nazis are pushing more and more parents into nervous breakdowns and creating population control results and recruiting of "programmable" children for the Pentagon. This web of corruption and racketeering runs deep: psychiatrists, drug companies, shelters, judges, attorneys, caseworkers, and the huge lobbying group that secures billions in federal funding, The Child Welfare League of America. They all conspire to stereotype you, and they have a powerful brainwashing operation behind them. All of these conspire to support and sustain an active child trafficking industry in America designed to function underground and outside of federal scrutiny.

Child trafficking acts in the U.S. now employ Mind Control tricks like sex taboos in 90% of the cases. These tricks originated with Nazi Mind Control and military PsyOps.

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