Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eisenhower's Warning: Nazi Mind Control in Pennsylvania, Children Not Safe

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes" --Dwight D. Eisenhower

5,000 Children Stolen and Abused in One Pennsylvania County.

Put simply, unchecked governmental tyranny has now afflicted most of America. Over 25 million so-called "noncustodial" parents as direct victims... 3000 helpless children removed from their loving families every week, 9/10ths of them falsely began, and 1 child dying in foster care every hour... that's every hour... Countless victims of legal plundering upon our elder citizens... The list of flagrant due process and civil rights violations is dwarfed only by the number of American families directly affected by their atrocities. We are everywhere. Oh, and, by the way, even when you count all of the governmental personnel involved in these numerous horrors, we - the victims and their families - outnumber, and can outshout and outpaper, those government people, by at least a factor of 10,000 to 1, if not more...

After nearly 30 years of AIDS/HIV awareness, a condom for third graders still gets about the same reception as in 1980. Republicans are on a deadly mission to keep it that way. After all, Republican children are "innocent." Their mission is to make "childhood sexuality" a horrible oxymoron invented by liberals. The "penal phase" in girls is considered a myth invented by screw-ball male intellectuals or perverts. On average, 80% to 90% of third graders in America hold their mouths and laugh when presented with a condom. This ignorance is routinely depicted lovingly as "innocence." In the most repressed areas of the nation, they often don't know what one is. These children are not loved. They are made vulnerable to secret social agents who now routinely traffic them away from their fathers, especially Harvard-educated liberal fathers. Just ask my child, if you can find her.

What's more, their parents are more sexually repressed and ignorant about childhood sexuality than ever before by design. This was a deal for "welfare reform" and "population control" struck by both parties largely through sexual romps and child sacrifice ceremonies at the Bohemian Grove and other elitist retreats. Was this a deal with the Devil? By God, if billionaires are to allow their hard-earned American dollars to go to welfare programs, they want to see results. By all means, rape-kit more babies of liberals. But this must have a ring of "decency" about it and cause a war between the sexes, between the parties. War is good. It requires a secret, underground government (largely run by billionaires). Because these progressive "altruistic" programs are not really based on rights, they become progressively tyrannical, progressively power-centered, power-manipulated. They ultimately help Republicans, the power-whores. And they effectively stop liberals from making babies and any babies they already have will be so traumatized by government-imposed family dysfunction, they'll never want babies of their own. This is perfect population control, except for the elite who desperately need it.

Wrapped in the cloak of "altruistic" social programs, these Trojan Horses of the military and the elite cannot be questioned. Mind Control through massive secret CIA "truth" funding makes this fraud invisible. Is welfare really welfare when a child's only future is to become a military grunt and slave for the elite?

Did the Bohemian Grove Death Cult deliberately invent AIDS and "altruistic" programs to dumb-down and kill millions of children?

But what the elite fail to understand is that they are falsely employing our government to commit felonies against our families. Routine family destruction by any means is always a crime. The forceful disempowerment of millions of Americans is an obvious eugenics scheme of "scientific" imperialism. Family court fraud and CPS fraud is an obvious elitist scheme to sterilize millions of Americans and it is so foreign to the U.S. Constitution that any rationally open-minded jury will now demand billions of dollars in damages to reverse this fraud. A draconian response to normal humanity is the truest definition of evil. We have a fundamental right to defend our children from evil.

In many cases, what was commonly understood about childhood sexuality in the 1950s must now be taboo and "unspeakable." Sex education employed by our Founding Fathers in wooden bath tubs is out of the question. Secret police must be used to effectively break up families through hyper-abuse hysteria, sexual amplification and the deliberate imposition of sexual ignorance into children so that they will become the sexual idiots who will die of AIDS and traffic in their own children. Sexual repression at childhood only serves Nazi-styled governments, as is well known in Europe by those who use naturalistic parenting methods to protect their children from Nazi Mind Control. The results of this protection are broadly positive in building "elite," well adjusted children and well known in Europe but repressed in the U.S..

Setting children up for this elitist sex manipulation serves effective population control by the elite over generations. Those who want government out of their families must be thoroughly criminalized. Since bureaucrats are largely self-important frauds, it often requires a parent to undo what 12 or 15 bureaucrats have managed to do to a child. Who is really responsible for this obvious failure of our Constitution? And who is covering up one of the most heinous crimes in U.S. history aimed directly at your kids? "Population control" applies abroad and "welfare reform" applies domestically. For the elite running your government, they are actually one and the same.

Make no mistake about it, this crime will make Watergate look like a Disney sitcom. Any "universal health care plan" will only make this crime worse unless the Constitution is finally honored by our government. is the only place you will hear the truth about the big lie. The lie that keeps on killing.

In April of 1987 Dr. C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon General of the United States, said that AIDS is a growing menace to the nation's children and reiterated his call for early sex education as part of the general effort to halt its spread. The failure of many parents to instill an objective understanding of basic sexuality in their children is a critical issue for our national government. But what if keeping children ignorant about sex is a secret and ongoing mission by our national government? What if parents are routinely criminalized for it in secret, underground courts all paid for by federal funds? What if this is a well-documented deal involving millions of families and other nations where "population control" and "welfare reform" are the euphemisms used by polite people in government to talk about illegal child trafficking? Trafficking that requires, above all, learned ignorance about sex imposed harshly by bureaucrats? As adults, we must collectively "learn" that children are not sexual, even though they are absolutely sexual by nature. But we are meant to "unlearn" this obvious truth so that our children can become politically indoctrinated. This means that any sex education that depicts children as sexual is not a health care issue, it's a crime. A necessary sacrifice of truth at the alter of absolute power. This is Republicanism 101. Or, has Hillary adopted this insanity as well?

If we pretend that children are not sexual, we can easily destroy their families, traffic in them and reshape our world. We can even use child sexuality against their non-Republican parents. This can become the source of tremendous political power. The only thing this plan requires are millions of conditioned idiots. This conditioning is very much on-going.

"We are very sorry to keep you ignorant, but your innocence was very special to us. Now we don't like you any more."

The run-away rates of American teenagers in the most conservative communities stands at about 50% (these are only the children brave enough to escape their sexually repressed parents). Very few of these children will finish college unless they are first seduced by the Pentagon. The vast majority of these children will live their entire lives without seeing the relationship between family dysfunction and political power.

In a wide-ranging news conference, Dr. Koop said sex education should start in kindergarten and should include information about AIDS. It's a fundamental fact of life that children are sexual. Can you imagine a conservative saying that today? Does this come before or after the references to evolution as being a myth? In the 1950s, evolution had already been an established science for 100 years. President Eisenhower warned us that a vast military complex would creep secretly into all aspects of our lives through attitude propaganda. He said this on his way out of office when he had absolutely nothing to personally gain from it. Yet, today, Republican Presidential candidates openly deny that evolution is a true science. They say this with a great attitude of conviction, even as their main power source comes from the fossil fuel industry which requires trillions of evolving life forms over millions of years evidenced by billions of tons of documented fossils, slightly more evidence than was presented at the O.J. Simpson trials. They know that myth is more powerful in politics than truth. Myth can inspire. Myth can repress truth. Attitudes are easier to teach than science, evolution or ethics. Easier to fake as well. Therefore in politics myth evolves while truth doesn't. That is why our Founding Fathers tried to give us Real Courts based on reason and fact, not political, false or selfish motivations.

As populations grow, teaching our children wrongful attitudes which destroys the family will become more important politically than teaching them the truths necessary to keep families intact. As Orwell foretold, lies will become the "necessary" norm. So even if you believe your family is safe from population control agendas that now actively teach them lies, your children's' families will not be so fortunate. Unless real courts put an end to this political dumbing-down process, our Constitution is not worth the hemp it's printed on.

The most powerful myths advanced by Republican media is that minority or poor Americans are truly an invisible sub-class that is just not worth looking at. They are not like the rest of us. They are invisible for a reason, sort of why sewers are invisible. This is pure attitude which is horribly wrong, but the attitude is made more hip than the truth. This attitude is designed to hide the fact that these people are the very patriots supplying Republicans with grunts for their many unnecessary wars. This supply process is largely a scam perpetrated by the media through attitude propaganda. This scam now works in our own "courts" because we have allowed our rights to be silenced. This mythology is why Republicans are "superior" in their own minds. War builds the necessary fog that hides the truth about social injustice. War hides their real agenda. All war is a supreme effort to impose ignorance onto "inferiors." But wars require killers largely culled from these same sub-classes. We can therefore easily imagine that non-Republicans have fathers who are really sex predators. Republicans are here to save children from their fathers and in the process turn them into killers and sex mules for the Pentagon. But this process is really not suitable for public sensibilities and certainly not for real public scrutiny, conveniently. The war is on us. Isn't this painfully obvious?

What is really causing this dumbing-down condition in our culture?

Today's "public health" agencies largely function to coach mothers with children out of their marriages unless they are married to soldiers. They do this by a myriad of methods, devices and scams all to serve Population Control agendas for the Pentagon. Since the military is a legal sex cult which strictly enforces sexual repression onto soldiers, we are led to believe that such sex cults are perfectly normal and legal applied to our children and families in civilian life. Legal by whose standards?

The most popular methods of control require the full repression of sex hormones and critical sex information which literally drive children and mothers like cattle. These methods were first developed for the military. By "legalizing" the repression of critical sex information and critical sexual development, the military can successfully manipulate all of us. Through pure federal extortion, the states have secretly perverted our Constitution to such a degree, that they now instill family-destruction attitudes into bureaucrats making the state the true parent. This serves the military very directly. These programs are measured by statistical analysis for which broad Pentagon goals can be achieved while, simultaneously, functioning invisibly on a case by case level. No one can conceive of his or her children as being mere statistical canon fodder. Parental rights are literally an illusion applied only to political conformists. That's why they protect and defend the families of the military with the full weight and power of the government and destroy countless non-military families with the same full measure. It's a military scam.

Since most mothers want to keep their children, they become political conformists who ultimately have fewer children and secretly have sex with two-faced Republicans. Just like in China, population control is very active here, but here, it is illegal and requires tremendous family dysfunction imposed by authority figures. Marriage is a trivial institution by their Republican design. That's why married people became a minority under a fully Republican government. Richard Nixon's dirty deals with China exempt his elitist friends but not the rest of us. He also had to deal with the Pentagon's loss of draft powers. So the Pentagon won and our families lost. Mothers are therefore rarely told the truth about sexual repression and normal childhood sexuality by design. Their children are now routinely placed in darkened rooms and manipulated by modern-day mesmerists and we are not allowed to know the truth about it.

This imposed ignorance breaks up non-elite families, about 25 million of them. Mothers are coached into believing that their children must be "saved" from beastly, drunken and doped-up men who just happen to be free from military domination. Mothers are often placed in extreme duress based purely on intimidation and lies if they do not conform. They are routinely threatened with the theft of their children. This is called slavery. Unless the father belongs to a Republican mythic organization which comes to his defense, his efforts to counter this coaching is largely ineffective. There is simply too much political pressure to destroy families and keep children ignorant. The CIA hoped you would never learn of this plan. Now I've told you.

Koop's comments came at the opening of a three-day workshop here aimed primarily at increasing the awareness of the problems of children who suffer from acquired immune deficiency syndrome, which they can contract before birth from infected mothers.

The Surgeon General has urged widespread educational efforts in response to the deadly epidemic, and in a report to President Reagan in October he said that education about AIDS should start ''at the lowest grade possible'' and be ''reinforced at home'' by discussions between parents and children.

''It's the responsibility of parents and it should begin before children go to school,'' Dr. Koop said at the news conference today. But since parents are often reluctant to discuss sex with their children, he said, it is up to ''schools, churches and synagogues'' to teach about sex and AIDS, in much the same way children are taught that a bandage prevents infection.

''You have to tell them about AIDS and that requires sex education,'' Dr. Koop said. ''If parents don't do it, they've abrogated their responsibility and somebody else has to do it.'' Condoms for High Schools? Dr. Koop's stance for early sex education has put him at odds with some of his fellow conservatives, and several experts asked to comment on his remarks today said that while they supported thorough sex education, kindergarten was too early for most children to understand such instruction. Children must first "learn" that authority controls their sexuality. But what really disturbs children is that authority never tells them why. Why are children held in sexual ignorance about such a normal and necessary human condition? Or does effective sex education interfere with a military-based political indoctrination? Dr. Koop came face to face with an underground Pentagon recruiting operation and had to be silenced.

At least, Dr. Koop tried to interfere. Was he the first and last conservative to slip through the military propaganda machine unscathed?

In response to another question, Dr. Koop said he had not made up his mind whether high schools should distribute condoms, which help to prevent the spread of AIDS, and other types of birth control. Since millions of teenagers are sexually active, he said, some schools should provide such services after consulting with the local school board, faculty and parents. Others should not, he added. ''But if you decide to do something, for heaven's sake do it in good taste,'' he said. Otherwise, he added, praiseworthy attempts to prevent teen-age pregnancy can create a damaging ''backlash.'' This statement turned out to be the cosmic understatement of the century. The backlash against liberals and basic sexual privacy gave us Bush. More Bush than even a 70's porn-star wanted.

Conservatives are nuts about sex issues. It defines them. Nothing about sex is of "good taste" to a die-hard, sexually repressed conservative. That's why AIDS is virtually ignored by them, everything sexual must be criminalized and children are now raised as if nothing sexual ever happens in their lives. Their entire mythic system requires sexual repression and all mythic systems begin in childhood. That's why most of the world throughout history has been in a constant state of war on, through and arranged by sexually repressed conservatives advancing myths about their sexually deviant enemies. That's also why parents are now routinely shuffled into underground courts to under-go secret sex inquisitions by bureaucrats. Republicans don't mind such outrageously unconstitutional treatment. After all, it serves to destroy liberal families. Republicans keep their children ignorant longer. This key fact provides the Nazi at the train station critical information on which direction to point to your family members. Liberals become incensed by such Nazi treatment, so if nothing else, they can be destroyed for simply demanding their rights. These are "tree huggers," after all, who are easily culled-out by this humiliation process and exposed as "liberals."

The workshop began, ''AIDS, Children With HIV Infection and Their Families,'' and was held at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where Dr. Koop was surgeon-in-chief before Mr. Reagan named him Surgeon General in 1981.

In an opening speech, Dr. Koop charged the 200 participants with developing guidelines for a Federal policy for ''reducing the tremendous burden of this devastating condition, especially among our children.'' Mounting Toll Among the Young

Dr. Koop said the problem of AIDS and children had been widely overlooked but was spreading; ''Pediatric AIDS will soon be everybody's problem,'' he said. The number of children under 13 years old diagnosed as having AIDS reached 471 last week, double the number of cases reported a year ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, there are 139 cases among teen-agers.

But Dr. Koop said those figures did not include as many as 2,000 children who have some AIDS symptoms but who do not meet the strict Federal definition of the illness, and he said the number of infected children is expected to continue to increase ''dramatically.'' The Public Health Service estimates that at least 3,000 children will have the disease by 1991 and that ''virtually all will die.''

A disproportionate number of children infected with the disease are members of minority groups: about 50 percent are black and 33 percent are Hispanic. ''We have therefore a segment of society that is very difficult to reach,'' Dr. Koop said. Or have they already been reached? Maybe ignorance has "trickled down" to them? Isn't this "disproportionally" obvious to the world?

Such numbers in 1987 are minuscule by today's cases. But you would never know it by today's media. Why? Globally, 2.3 million children are now living with HIV. In 2005, around 380,000 children died of AIDS and 540,000 children got newly infected. Over 15 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. That's over one thousand times the numbers issued by Dr. Koop twenty years ago. Yet children are as sexually repressed about critical information as ever. In rural areas like Bedford County, Pennsylvania, this repression is enforced by a Neo-Nazi police state. Very Republican and Very Wrong. Social engineering by bureaucrats has supplanted the parent as the key educator, and parents are now routinely criminalized for providing sex education to their children. Your rights as a parent do not exist unless you are a confirmed Republican, then, of course, you are a confirmed conformist.

How do they know if you are a confirmed Republican? They give local politicians and police billions of federal dollars to investigate "liberal" parents' sex lives. Thank God Ben Franklin's sex life wasn't investigated by these fools, otherwise we'd be all sitting around candles licking Tory Stamps. Of course, these investigations are inherently biased against liberals and normal childhood development. Republicans are coached through this process, liberals are destroyed by it. Republicans are communicated with, liberals are not. Children get screwed out of necessary sex education and their fathers. This is "welfare reform" by the elite. It will sustain their power for one thousand years. This fact serves a much more ominous plan. See our Sex Cult Investigation, Bedford County.

Dr. Koop's words are very ominous twenty years later. He was probably the last Republican who was allowed to speak outside of the Population Control agenda. Politics has won the debate in favor of Republican ignorance and a Republican police state. Our children have clearly lost. Families have every reason to fear their own government concerning effective sex education: 700,000 families have been destroyed by government agents for political reasons, often involving difficult and politically outrageous attacks on parents over "modesty" issues and critical sex education. The real numbers of liberal families destroyed are probably much higher. Imposed ignorance concerning sexual taboos is one of the highest missions of the Republican Party and will eventually kill one million children in the United States. Over 100,000 fathers have been labeled as "sexual predators" for teaching the birds and the bees to their children. These numbers come from our own Health Department which at one time wanted to make such education manditory. Why are Republicans so insistent on repressing critical sex education between parents and children? Maybe they were raised that way or maybe they have planned it that way. The plan is for world domination by a very small elite of mostly "men of Jesus" who must claim to be sexless. You might call them the High Priests of World Domination.

Bigot advisory: Elevated - Significant Risk of Child Theft in Bedford County

REPORT Child Abuse in its true context: Nazi Mind Control has been brought to the U.S. to be used against our children! A Nazified culture has no future. Those parents who empower their children with comprehensive sex education as directed by the federal government are warned to keep their children out of Bedford County, home of Hitler's eugenics.

Celebrating Slavery and Child Sacrifice at Bedford Springs.

More children live in slavery today than has ever existed in history due to imposed ignorance. Learn the truth.

Nazi Mind Control's first mission is to hide itself through programming of taboos and myths. The destruction of the traditional parental duty is key to setting children up for full sexual manipulation. Media Mind Control then operates much like churches to build beliefs, myths and taboos by deeply programming your belief system. Its primary function in early childhood is to become so seductive so as to be a "right of passage" for all children. Television becomes a powerful drug of high hypnotic effect. Little do most parents know that such indoctrination will fully empower their own government to operate as the Machiavellian manipulator, becoming a false parent. The devices of mass mesmerism like television become more important than real parents. Real parents, as would be recognized by our Founding Fathers, are now hunted and actively destroyed if they attempt to protect their children from this programming, so that their children can be fully programmed by the television. The true mission of this programming is fully exposed on 9/11, as the government can fully manipulate the American public via television mesmerists. Of course, this is only the tip of an enormous, underground iceberg.

This will sound ridiculous until you actually study it. Subconscious programming is a powerful political device, but only if you are held in complete ignorance about how it works. Real parents are sexual as programmed by nature, fully exposed by Freud as profoundly necessary, and so are their children. Such innate duties of parenthood are broadly repressed in Western cultures due to brainwashing and a long history of mesmeristic churches and governments.

At early childhood the child regards this sexuality as positive, as it is nature's intent that these children be educated as "elite" children with sophisticated sexual ethics development. This "reality principle" is full education into the real power system of the subconscious mind, as enjoyed for millions of years in nature. If the subconscious mind is allowed to develop normally, mesmerist devices like television will not easily work to deceive the child. This is core political programming where children begin the process of understanding the human power system based on sophisticated reasoning over emotional response. Freud's discovery that sexual stages of early childhood require such parental orientation into sexuality is extremely important to understand. Remember, the child's primary mind is subconscious and denying your children this critical education is far more damaging to the child than you will consciously realize. This parental empowerment of children existed for millions of years only to be violated by slave-makers. Do you really believe that these slave-makers have gone away?

Governments which brainwash their children, like North Korea and the U.S., routinely retard sexual development in children and program taboos into the parental duty. This fully represses the normal development of the child's mind, opening that child up to full suggestibility via mass media. The most conforming of citizens will react most emotionally to these taboos and will re-enforce them. The most enlightened of citizens will resist such wrongful programming and will protect their children from these taboos. However, over a long period, the force of groupthink conformity will work to totally destroy sophisticated development in much of the mind-controlled population.

This empowerment of children has been known throughout history as the "parental duty," for it historically was necessary to protect children from the slave-maker. Little do Americans realize that the slave-maker still exists in the form of the mass media mind programmer and state bureaucrats. State bureaucrats are now programmed by the same American Nazis who programmed Hitler, the elite eugenics movement. Their mission is population control and political power. Bureaucrats are programmed by "behaviorist science" of the eugenicist elite to view sexual ambiguities between non-elite parent and child as a crime. But for millions of years such ambiguities were not only common, they were necessary. Such "Behaviorism" goes absolutely counter to real psychology because it has been programmed for political reasons. In fact, real psychology requires sexual ambiguities as those parents who are not sexual with their children are in fact negligent in the modern world. The list of horrors associated with sexual repression cannot be listed, yet it is of the political interest of the death-cult elite to promote sexual repression at childhood. If the child is raised in an asexual, sexually repressed environment, the subconscious mind of that child is not developed normally and the elite know it. They regard this abuse of children as a necessary sacrifice at the alter of absolute power.

The powers of modern slave-makers are profound, including the power to make black white and the parental duty a taboo. Such destruction of the parental duty is often viewed by the child as a death, as the alienation process of government is beginning its course with that child. This alienation is the beginning process of authoritarian indoctrination and will routinely manifest itself as a neurosis in that child. Today, parental alienation afflicts 25 million non-custodial parents and its largely sourced to brainwashing activity. This is one neurosis for which your government regards as a good thing, and wants you to know nothing about. It is the sacrifice of the child at the alter of absolute power.

The mesmerists mind-programmers at the top of government do not want you to know this. They will do everything in their power to make you laugh at, dismiss or otherwise reject this basic fact of human psychology. Nor do your mesmerist churches want you to know this. This is the very source of enormous wrongful power of the subconscious brainwasher. They have deliberately built taboos into this basic function of parenthood so that children who might naturally become "elite" are fully repressed as "non-elite." Non-elite children will be fully manipulated by sex programming the rest of their lives and are often suspended in a wrongful neurosis in regard to sexuality. They are easily manipulated by pornography, wrongful voice of authority, sex taboos and other devices of military PsyOps, for example. Nazi-styled governments will easily manipulate these abused children with wrongful authority because these children were deliberately denied real parents. Parents are deliberately repressed from critical information on how such Mind Control actually works, such as the role and power of the subconscious mind in their child.

The subconscious mind represents 99% of your mind and is dominant. Americans are conditioned to believe that the conscious mind is dominant, thus in "control." It is not! The conscious mind is suspended in the delusion of its dominance. This is why subconscious programming is so powerful for churches and governments alike. Whereas most mesmerist religions are pro-family, the mesmerist media of government is not. Why? Those who program your mass media and bureaucrats are the same eugenicist elite who backed Hitler. Again, this will sound ridiculous until you actually study it. These "elite" are programming violence, alienation and the normalization of death into your children for reasons of population control and power and its all sourced at the Bohemian Grove death cult. Repetition of these primitive rituals programs the subconscious mind which builds your entire belief system and creates more eugenics population control results than Hitler could have dreamed. Through trauma and other triggering mechanisms, such belief then rises to the surface fully manipulating the rational mind.

The events of 9/11 triggered deep programming of government authority. You will notice that calls for a rational and thorough investigation into the attacks were fully repressed by an infantile nation, a mind-controlled nation turning helplessly to its programmed parents. You will understand the true intent and power of this brainwashing, as the actual facts on what happened on the ground during the 9/11 events were fully dismissed and repressed by the rational mind. This coup over the Constitution of the United States is a firm testiment to the power of Nazi Mind Control.

Children are programmed by nature and are hardwired to receive critical sex and power information from real parents at the appropriate times. But governments have always wanted this power for themselves. Nazi Mind Control's primary power structure is sex based. This critical information can be fully repressed by governments which brainwash their children. As children are held in sexual ignorance by programmed sex taboos, they are then programmed by powerful subconscious programming devices employing sex and power manipulation which builds government mythic systems. Children are first indoctrinated to view mesmerist media as the parent, as such media is specifically designed to manipulate their very understanding of authority for the rest of their lives. This will sound ridiculous to the rational mind, but it is not so for the subconscious mind, the dominant mind. When 9/11 happened, most Americans turned to the television to be "programmed" by authority figures and this instinct was fully programmed by government to serve government.

This mesmerism has worked for churches for hundreds of years as these same churches have programmed sex taboos and myths into their followers. These sex taboos and myths are deliberately targeting the parental duty of sex education, as this education will protect the child from sex and power programming which comes from the mesmerist arts. The mesmerist arts function in the same areas of the brain where sex programming functions and mesmerists employ sex and power programming, through various rituals, vocal inflections and ceremonies.

During the early 1950s your own Congress became very concerned that the Soviets were programming American children with wrongful power programming through Alpha-level Mind Control. That Congress was correct that such programming was very powerful. They chose to dominate American mass media with their own mythic system through a program at the Bohemian Grove. However, such programming of American children is highly unconstitutional and has deliberately programmed children with top-down military power schemes. These are the polar opposite power systems of our Constitution and over generations such top-down programming becomes extremely powerful at enslaving Americans at the subconscious level. Children will subconsciously believe that they reside in an ancient power system, not the power system of our Constitution, and for the subconscious mind, they will be right.

In a Nazified culture, those who truly understand how the mind works will raise their children very differently from the norm. Such parents will be routinely viewed a witches, criminals or worse. This prejudice indicates a need for deep citizen activism, as your children's future is being utterly destroyed by a massive lie. In the parlance of groupthink conformity, the bigger the lie, the more people believe. It is absolutely critical that one does not ignore the biggest flaw in the human condition: the penchant to fully believe the big lie.

These conspirators against basic parental rights have only one thing to fear: an intelligent American Jury with the real facts about American eugenics. American eugenics "mental hygiene" is power programming which transfers authority from the parent and gives it to the state. This sacrifice of children produces deep and lasting power at the subconscious level. It fully inverts the power system of our Constitution and gives this power to elite mind programmers. This programming also builds powerful groupthink conformity into the population, just like the Catholic Church, for which, the elite at the Skull and Bones have extensively studied for its power structure. But extensive knowledge on Nazi Mind Control now exists in Europe and not in the United States. This is due to intense CIA repression of this knowledge over the past 50 years.

Very few people know the truth why the Behavioral Sciences have radically changed over the past 40 years. Due to top secret federal programs, many of today's social workers, police and other authorities have been falsely trained as marionettes to induce trauma and learned ignorance onto children in order to effectively traffic in them and keep them "programmable" for mesmerist programming. This is an extremely disturbing and widespread fraud which may require the Supreme Court or The Hague to resolve. In their wisdom, our Founding Fathers established a jury system which has been completely circumvented by fraudulent politicians.

Now 3,000 children per week are trafficked away from their parents by programmed bureaucrats in false courts largely by advancing lies, incest taboos and other devices of witchcraft about childhood development, lies that come from Tavistock and HYPe CIA programs designed to make millions of political conformists and military grunts out of our children. Our own federal government advanced antiauthoritarian programs in post-war Germany precisely to make that population less militant. It produced movements like Kinderladen which actively celebrates child sexuality and affirms that such programs increase intelligence, sexual morality and peace. These programs have been enormously successful for children all over the world but are actively repressed by secret U.S. media repression tactics advancing Mind Control. This repression is a war crime.

Do you truly believe that our Pentagon has little or nothing to do with our children's now universal, draconian authoritarian indoctrination into learned ignorance about sex? Even as Freud proved that these imposed sex taboos were highly harmful to the individual, your government has chosen to only increase the scope and severity of these taboos on the individual. This repression only serves an unconstitutional government which pretends to be blind to subconscious programming.

• I worked on Mind Control at Harvard in the 1980s and received very valuable information on countering its horrific effects. These "elite" raise their children much like the Kinderladen movement in post-war Germany as directed by Tavistock and our own CIA/State Department to "denazify" Germany. Such denazification is now absolutely critical in much of America as the non-elite are conditioned to raise their children in ignorance. "Elite" children are encouraged to be naked, sexual and to talk openly about it deliberately and in a non-judgmental and a non-threatening manner so as to develop a sophisticated sex/power ethics development. These children then rise to the top of this dualistic and wrongful power system. These parents are never portrayed as "predators," "pedophiles" or "perverse." They are protected from the sex police and given the basic and necessary privacy for such critical child empowerment.

Millions of these children have grown to live exceptionally well-adjusted lives free from many of the evils of sexual repression and these hypocrites know it. Yet they rarely share this information with the non-elite. These elite children are now found throughout our military and government as raised by the "king's methods" to be "officer material" and other professionals. This also parallels the "liberal" movement in the U.S. in the 1960s with "hippies" and nudist colonies, etc. The fact that this "shocks" "conservatives" is no coincidence. They have been thoroughly programmed to be shocked. And that is the whole point. This shock is the result of trauma-based conditioning for which the government uses against you. This ignorance programming builds trauma, demoralization, learned ignorance and, above all, conformity to wrongful authority systems. The government can then use triggering mechanisms of terror to fully manipulate you. This process builds militancy and sadism into a dumbed-down population. This is why sexually repressed people are so sadistic and stupid, this is a basic Nazi sex scam which falsely empowers governments to do things like 9/11 and get away with it!

• Children are naturally designed to learn about human sexuality in the home at early times through naturalistic parenting. This is so profoundly important today, that it cannot be over-stated.

• By retarding sexual communications and development in children, they are not "held in innocence." Such innocence is determined by the child. If a child is acting out sexually, this indicates the need for sex education. Otherwise, this child will be traumatized by imposed ignorance later in life.

• My children were continually portrayed as being "at risk." This hysteria no doubt affected me as well. But the true risk was clearly their own government, as sexual ignorance was now so all-pervasive that children are now at risk from many directions simultaneously. Therefore, this education is more critically important than ever. When they acted out sexually, it was my parental duty to educate them in a manner that the states now call "lewd," "abusive" or other lies which utterly destroy the parental duty. They do so only to "non-elite" children. These agents of the state are true sexual predators, since they are deliberately trained as sexually sadistic and ignorant cyborgs to destroy families based on imposed Freudian sex taboos and other deception including profound trauma, brainwashing and force. They are never trained that good parents protect their children from these very same devices. This is no accident. The "elite" deliberately are told to encourage early and effective sex education with their own children to protect them, especially if they work at the very top of the power pyramid. These elite know the truth about protecting children and they keep it to themselves.

If you want to know what is in store for your children and how your government is programming their unconscious minds, simply study your child's popular culture. Through Mind Control, popular culture is anything but trivial. Your government secretly controls much of popular culture through thematic standards and has done so since the 1950s as a "national security" operation. These themes will become apparent as building the Sun King mythic system of deception. Your television was specifically designed for hypnotic programming while you are in a highly suggestible state of mind. Much of this programming is designed to build the illusion that your government functions in a constitutional manner. It most certainly does not.

The extreme psychic damage done to children and families in America during the Bush years simply to supply the Pentagon with mind-slaves through active sexual repression programming cannot be over-emphasized. Sexual repression is one of the highest requirements of Mind Control, as the retardation of basic sexual education and fundamental parental bonding serves the government's programming of authority, it sets children up for sexual taboo manipulation and trauma-based programming. None of this Mind Control serves the child.

You should try to understand that the Freudian understanding of "universal" neurosis in mankind is today no passive evolution. Sexual taboo hype in America is directly linked to our secret federal government and its many covert operations in the psychological industrial complex. It has been actively manipulated by Tavistock and our own CIA for dumbing-down children, building sexual hysteria and for "crowd control" through Mind Control technologies. Freud discovered that contrary to children being set up for morality by old-school "moral" systems, these children are in fact set up for demoralization. Sexual repression is not natural or healthy and can profoundly retard intellectual development in children. Sexual repression is the very foundation of wrongful authority. Anna Freud, Freud's daughter, was provided comprehensive sex education early in life. Children are now being actively trafficked in American for being raised like Anna Freud.

Understand that children develop their egos very early and very differently from adults and bureaucrats are now trained to repress this critical information in targeted groups. They are deliberately trained to present this critical learning process in a highly biased manner highly reminiscent to fascist methods of bigotry used against Jews in the 1930s. Anna developed into a profoundly successful, thoughtful and intelligent psychoanalyst because she was empowered about sexuality as elite children are empowered. In her home, such empowerment was positively portrayed as education, not "abuse." Such education is the innate function of responsible parenting found throughout the world, yet in the U.S., it has been demonized by a perverted science which makes slaves.

Today, Anna Freud's enormous contributions to childhood development have been deliberately repressed from millions of "non-elite" American children because their government requires mind slaves. Massive social activities which wrongfully set up children for demoralization, traumatize them and indoctrinate them as old-school peasants serves only Mind Control and wrongful authority and not these children. By training marionette bureaucrats to inflict transference neurosis onto these children, the government has deliberately set these children up for intellectual and psychological failure and manipulation. The elite protect their own children from this massive fraud.

Demoralization and sexual repression serves a basic eugenics function as well as the Thanatos death-cult programming found in highly militant cultures. Sexually repressed children build powerful defense mechanisms resulting in neurosis disorders such as humility, fearfulness, anxiety and often leads them toward drug and alcohol abuse. Early and effective parental empowerment serves the opposite effect and is often demonized in highly militant, authoritarian cultures.

Active Nazi Hunters today are tracking the "Monarch Worm" that has infected much of our current government. This worm comes directly from Nazi German programs and secret American eugenics movements and you are not meant to even know about it. Many of these facts are only now being declassified. Where children are targeted in highly conservative areas of the U.S. today, they are actively being trafficked for being raised as elite children.

This truth is the biggest threat to the Republican Party. Is it their Achilles’ heel that will bring the whole house of cards down? They will do literally anything to cover it up. Where Republicans enjoy full domination over children, they have complete control over them through actual sex cults. These are sexual repression cults first engineered by and for the military. These cults have secretly and quietly "trickled down" to our children through state programs using top CIA and Pentagon programming methods known as Monarch Programming and MKULTRA. Such programming is designed to prepare children for military and political indoctrination.

But this highly sophisticated Manchurian Candidate programming is now being applied to our children everywhere illegally. By understanding the most basic level of this programming, you will begin to understand an entirely new reality about attitude propaganda and how it works to shape an entire nation. Even though many federal laws require it, juries of real citizens are not permitted to question the massive illegal trafficking of children in America! Thanks to good old-fashioned voodoo methods, married people are now minorities, 3,000 children a week are enslaved in America, Romeo and Juliet are now "sex predators" and good parents are now taboo. Those who have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution are absolutely blind to these obvious abuses because they are really programmed idiots that any good jury would throw in the nuthouse! What is really going on?

The German Nazis developed a program that instilled disgust into their followers over racial mythologies. Mythologies which require learned ignorance. The German populace soon became completely blind to this obvious evil. Children are not born to hate a particular race of people. They must be conditioned to hate. Our government took this same program and applied it to diverting sound and effective sex education away from our children. Sexual learned ignorance helps to build the ideal soldier, the ideal conformist. This is core political programming which comes directly from the slave-making arts.

Since sexual understanding is the key moment in childhood which "shapes" a child's perception of "authority," this is a time of very high interest to our CIA and when our children are now being targeted for political indoctrination. The CIA knows that this time in a child's development is the political equivalent of the sperm meeting the egg. It is the set of chromosomes that determines political orientation and political destiny. Your children can be taught to be thoughtless political conformists simply by suspending them in sustained ignorance and this wonderful knowledge comes directly from Nazi Germany! This is the one bombshell the military and Republicans can't afford to get out. They don't want you to know about it because they have their arms completely wrapped around it. Children are now routinely held in sexual ignorance well into middle school, which retards intellectual development and makes them highly vulnerable. Those parents who educate their children are actively criminalized, unless they are affiliated with the military establishment. Why?

Over the past two years, I have been working with ex-CIA officials who now want to tell you the whole truth, even though you have already been conditioned by them in many ways not to believe the obvious truth. If you were born or raised in the U.S. over the past 50 years, you probably were conditioned to laugh or even feel disgust over the obvious truth about how children learn about the facts of life. You have been conditioned to repress it. You have been conditioned to believe that such education is trivial, unnecessary or even criminal. Children must be "protected" in "innocence." Nothing is further from the truth!

One of the requirements of MKULTRA and Monarch Mind Control is ignorant children. Children and mothers held in sexual ignorance cannot or will not communicate effectively about what the programmer is doing to them. This ignorance is the true source of most sexual hysteria issues. Mengele also determined that hysteria was a powerful conditioning agent that effectively works against women and children in breaking all family bonds:

[MKULTRA hearings testimony by psychologist John Gittinger] In further
testimony he said, "By 1962 and 1963, the general idea we were able to
come up with is that BRAINWASHING was largely a process of ISOLATING
a human being [FAMILIAR, fellow in-community psycho-electronic targets?],
PUTTING HIM UNDER LONG STRESS in relationship to interviewing and
interrogation, and that they could produce any change that way without
having to resort to any kind of esoteric means." The government can literally destroy all family bonds through imposed hysteria and prolonged separation and interviewing. The only known method to prepare children and parents for such institutional abuse is sex education in the home, since this education counter-acts the government's use of imposed sexual hysteria on children and mothers.

Effective sex education in the home tells children that they are intelligent and responsible beings who deserve the truth. A parent is a child's only defense against ignorance and predators. If these government agents want to go on record eliminating that basic parental role, this blog exists to inform them of the consequences. Children empowered by parents with sexual truth are the polar opposite of "abused." They can then go on to do extraordinary things with their lives. Keeping children sexually ignorant serves the opposite effect by telling them that they are only worthy of ignorance, fear and the banality of the "system." Sexual ignorance also wrongly empowers a mob rule and a "child trafficking industry" and not the rule of the Constitution. This child trafficking industry now traffics approximately 3,000 U.S. children away from their parents every week.

When my children became sexually curious, I remembered the lessons learned at Harvard in the 1980s on the HIV/AIDS research initiative. I knew that ignorance was a major threat to children. Political programming to sustain this ignorance was so powerful, that our children were at extreme risk. I also know that the political scum who traffic in children would use sex education against me, because they are fully programmed as bigots against real parents. This education is not something that can be discussed in this fascist police state, because emotional programming over-rides their rational minds. So do I keep these children ignorant and fear the political scum who would utterly destroy them? Not on your life! Unlike the simplistic approach of many "conservatives" to ignore or react negatively to sexual activity, good parents know that this stage in a child's development is anything but simplistic. By keeping children ignorant, they can literally be programmed for manipulation which will last their entire lives. Wrongful authority figures will be able to induce hysteria, bigotry or fear any time they wish. Literally, a draconian response to normal sexuality in children is the worst possible reaction! Sexual education is a life or death necessity for children at this stage of development because millions of children have been wrongly manipulated to become drug addicts, murderers, sex mules or worse! This form of manipulation is fully documented and parents are not paranoid by distrusting their government! Early and effective sex education in the home is absolutely critical to protecting children from disease, abuse and political manipulation. So these criminals are now making effective sex education illegal!

View the YouTube video: Effective HIV/AIDS Education

But many "conservatives" today have been programmed to accept political manipulation which requires learned ignorance. "Just say no to drugs," is an example of learning to be stupid about a complex human condition. Children will adopt this stupidity for awhile, but they are, after all, complex human beings who will grow up to question this imposed stupidity. After a few years of this imposed stupidity, they will not go to their parents for advice on drugs. Now, "just saying no" is not so simple. Simplistic advice from the "elite" does not really serve children. They actually need a comprehensive approach to drugs, not an idiotic one which rarely works. Sexual knowledge has the same effect of building character, comprehensive and effective knowledge and protecting children, but only if active sexual repression programs are not used to impose ignorance and destruction onto these families.

These "conservatives" have been programmed to be naive and easily manipulated by any tyrant who wants to usurp our Constitution. Normal sex education by responsible parents now must pass political tests by Nanny-state "protection" services. These political tests effectively impose sexual ignorance and sexual repression onto countless non-elite children. This critical sex education also has been proven to advance intellectual development. Our oldest child was withdrawn and would not talk when I met her. Her mother was justifiably concerned that nearly everyone around this small child was trained by the military to kill and had severe emotional problems which may have affected this child. But this secret was so taboo in a military family that we must keep it to ourselves, just like many other "secrets" concerning the neurotic behavior resulting from a radical military-based upbringing. After four years of good parenting, the child became very active, highly social, very talkative and a straight A student. But she was now somewhat empowered to talk about sexuality and was still surrounded by radical right-wingers who were trained to kill or become "daddies" or sex mules by the military. These people are literally trained and brainwashed to enforce sexual repression onto such a child and to do so to all children.

View the YouTube video: Bette Davis on Sexual Repression

View the YouTube video: Sexual Repression in Ireland

But because of basic sex education given appropriately for a number of complex reasons, the Femi-Nazis in Bedford brutally manipulated her through non consensual brainwashing in order to traffic her and her sisters. This brainwashing is the same methods used to make slaves. They tried to "dumb-down" this necessary sex education to an horrific lie of child abuse. Any non-elite child empowered to talk about sex is now considered "abused" by their corrupt system. This is a system which is replete with Orwellian doublespeak and outrageous hypocrisy and cannot stand one day in any real court of law. They knew that ignorant "conservatives" all around her could not really handle common blended families issues, so through pure bigotry, hysteria and fraud they exploited these children through mob hysteria and easily destroyed this family. My wife was so naive about politics, being conditioned by a military family, that it never dawned on her that these Femi-Nazis would traffic her children by threats, coercion and attempts at criminalizing their parents, among other radical methods. The vast majority of children illegally trafficked in America have had their parents "legally" harassed by police or incarcerated for bogus "crimes." "Investigations" for which are paid for largely by federal "protection" programs. Anyone who does not see the politics in this child trafficking is truly a moron.

My children were then kidnapped, rape-kitted and brutally manipulated using low-grade hypnotic methods by local police in crude holding cells, methods only used against brutal rape victims/criminals and not innocent children talking about necessary bathroom hygiene and sex education used by our own State Department. Children of the elite are protected by the requirement of "real evidence" against their parents. This is not so in the general population. In false courts, "evidence" can be easily manufactured through basic witch-craft methods. Because of my whistleblower appeals to our government to expose these horrific crimes, they launched a gang stalking campaign against me and my two-year-old baby was then brutally rape-kitted as pure retaliation against her father. These criminals used basic boot-camp brainwashing methods, sexual amplification techniques and primitive hypnosis to expand these "sexual" events through false drama that would make any drama queen blush with envy.

You will not want to believe how normal care and parental oversight is now being manipulated by actual sex cults in government. Since these idiots have been conditioned to believe they are "altruistically" saving children like Jesus Christ, they see absolutely no reason for parents to educate their children against these Femi-Nazi methods. Those victims of Monarch Programming are in denial of actual mind control, since they are very effectively manipulated on the subconscious level. They have been programmed to believe that any form of questioning of this control is "unpatriotic." But this conflict causes them to become political extremists who just happen to work intimately with children. A very fatal combination of politics and false health care.

Our children were then given to violent, drug abusing military conformists for "protection." Why are they violent and drug dependant? Because they were treated with draconian sexual repression as children! These crimes are generationally conditioned. Sexual taboos and wildly unnecessary trauma are the key conditioning agents in Monarch Programming. These wrongful methods are passed on from generation to generation allowing the Monarch Worm to carry on indefinitely until this Nazi cult rises again in a future generation. In an area known for extremist Neo-Nazis, such false parenting methods protect this worm and advance it. This imposed ignorance can easily be a death sentence to these children.

Now that these Femi-Nazis have made a "precedent" against effective sex education in the home, they must now target the children of the "elite" who use these same methods through federal direction. These methods are advanced by most major organizations fighting HIV/AIDS and wrongful authority around the world. These "elite" families must be warned not to pass through Bedford County with their children. They can easily have their children stolen and rape-kitted for obvious "child abuse," unless, of course, this entire "child service" is really a fraud only used against the "non-elite."

But these bureaucrats advance these Nazi methods under complete cover of official "protection services" largely financed through the federal government. "Services" that go 180 degrees counter to how the "elite" raise and educate their children through federal direction. Thousands of "elite" children have been raised through effective sex education in the home in order to stop this generational ignorance enforced in Bedford County. This fraud is not isolated to Bedford County and continues to destroy lives in the very real American sub-class where the Pentagon gets the bulk of its "grunts." Not only do wrongful politicians initiate these "get tough" ignorance programs for the Pentagon, they then pretend to be blind to this sub-class and are afraid to investigate the actual voodoo methods used on these children. Once the Femi-Nazis in Bedford County were convinced that my children were "trailer trash," they then went into full military action, enjoying full liberty to trash our Constitution. Like drones dispatched by the Grand Mother Bee in Pittsburgh, these Femi-Nazi occultists romped everywhere spreading hysteria, lies and pre-programmed propaganda against me violating several more federal laws, all paid for by federal dollars.

Through pure political theatre and primitive hysteria, basic and necessary parental oversight was now a "crime" of Biblical significance! I was a threat to their secret cult and they were in full military activation. The lynching process was so thorough, that literally no one would talk to me. Of course, for any fully conditioned mob, the truth about sexuality is rarely as interesting as a good old-fashioned lynching based on lies, intrigue and falsely inflamed hysteria. By pushing her deeply into hysteria, my wife initially fell for this fraud, as she was raised in a military environment herself where sexual repression was imposed with an iron fist. The Femi-Nazis knew exactly which "triggering" devices would work against her, because the military had already programmed her family, very literally! She was nonetheless savagely manipulated under extreme duress which violated many more federal laws, unless, of course, the military's "war-logic" were applied to our family like it is applied to military grunts.

Hysteria, effectively "cured" by Freudian psychology applied to effective child development, was simultaneously viewed by the elite as the "perfect" Mind Control device. It does not require drugs and it leaves no visible scares.

I do not blame her for doing whatever it takes to protect these children! But this horrendous manipulation of the innocent naturally infuriated me! But my research into why these outrageous practices are allowed to happen opened a Pandora's box which leads to the very top of our government. These sex cults are child trafficking centers which our country now protects for purposes of "national security." They are being extensively documented as such at major Law Schools and justice will prevail.

Children have a right to sexual facts, because they are sexual by nature. Sexual activity in children is there for a reason: it is activity which tells parents that it is time to teach them the facts of life. Every responsible parent has a duty to supervise, instruct and oversee his or her child regardless of the bigotries and ignorance of those outside of the family. This includes the bigotry of any mob. The central and overwhelming problem for parents today is that the only process known for protecting children against Monarch Programming, sex education in the home, has been made illegal!

Cathy O'Brien, a federal whistle-blower and surviver of Monarch Programming, testified before the U.S. Congress that sex education in the home is the only known method that would help protect our children from this massive silent killer. She was made a sex mule by our own government through active programs designed to keep children ignorant, keep us all ignorant! But for completely smug political reasons, Republicans have savagely advanced the opposite position of criminalizing parents and presenting themselves as "child advocate heroes." Because our government has imposed this programming onto literally millions of Americans, political agents are using this as a reason to build hysteria, while they simultaneously destroy millions of lives. It is now absolutely imperative that parents be given the rights already invested in them by the Supreme Court to protect their children from wrongful government programs.

True protection of children can be made to mimic criminal activity by wrongful authorities, but this education is anything but criminal. Wrongful authority has an agenda which advances the polar opposite of good parenting. In an age of complete mind control and Orwellian deceit, good parents must educate their children in complete secrecy as has been necessary for centuries under tyrants. In order to protect your children from active Monarch-programmed predators, active CIA sex-mule programs and the killer programming of the Pentagon, good parents must use effective sex education as developed at Harvard and used around the world! Parents must fundamentally question their own government. Parents are no longer falling for this outrageous fraud against our families in the name of "patriotism."

By denying this parental duty everywhere in our society and inflicting real trauma onto children, Republicans have crossed a line they will truly regret. They are now able to indoctrinate children with lies and even traffic in them as de facto slaves. 3,000 children a week are being trafficked away from their biological parents, largely "liberal" parents are having their children forcibly adopted by Republican parents. These methods are so criminal, political and obvious that any first-year law student can prosecute them effectively. But what any first-year law student will soon find out, these bureaucrats and "citizens" have been so thoroughly conditioned into total conformity and banality, that they literally must be awakened to the real world. What was once used only covertly by our CIA in overseas operations, are now fully documented in college textbooks for police and social workers. Very few people see the direct relationship and the "blending" of politics, "science" and "patriotism."

They cannot see obvious Nazi child trafficking that is literally all around them, so they blame the bogey-man! We must once again hit these Americans over the head about precisely why 500,000 good patriotic Americans died fighting fascism! These patriots would not recognize our country today and would assume we lost WWII.

But these political agents are going far beyond just censoring parents and denying the fundamental parental duty of sex education, they are trafficking our children through underground courts for political power and profit. They are filling up our prisons with "sex predators," most of whom are political victims and by-products of a secret government program gone terribly wrong, now "enemies" of Republicans like trophies of war. But this is a war of ignorance that they deliberately started. Many of these children held in ignorance are now adults and they truly believe that sex education is a crime. Sex education instincts found throughout the world and throughout history by real parents now serves to convince them that good parents who instinctively teach their children the complex facts of life are "predators." For many of them, this sexual repression leads to very destructive acts against children and themselves because such sexual repression is highly unnatural and unhealthy. This imposed ignorance is now causing sexual hysteria everywhere in America for a very good reason! Your children are on a conveyor belt which leads straight to the Pentagon by design. They have been driven there by bogey-man politics which will ultimately destroy them, and this blog proves it.

Monarch Programming requires learned ignorance and sexual trauma. Children can be effectively educated by parents to resist this form of government abuse. Republicans desparately want to keep this information secret!

"You can't handle the truth, because we planned it that way!"

This is The Voice of Authority and you are meant to be very afraid. It's the principal device used to create slaves and traffic in children. When it comes time to stand up to this pure evil and truly defend our Constitution, top law firms in America become little girls. Before you buy what they are selling, you better read this blog. This blog exposes the truth about the Republican establishment that will rock your world.

Take a very deep breath and imagine that the military does not work for us. We work for the military. This entire process will serve to wake you up from a very deep sleep.

If children are wrongly suspended in sexual ignorance, how can they possibly say no to sex? So children are suspended in ignorance for a reason that is not about them. Parents who empower their children with sexual knowledge as the Surgeon General advocated are now actively criminalized. In all of the many Republican dominated communities, children are now being abused because parents are afraid to tell them the truth about sex. Republicans have made parents afraid for a very good reason: this politics of fear, ignorance and deception really works! It works for the Pentagon and a very small elite. The most successful sex cults in history were sexual repression cults. They also were very militant. Republicans know this. This imposed ignorance places children in extreme danger, but it makes them conform. Liberals teach their children about sex. That's why you don't mess with the children of liberals. Conservatives keep their children ignorant so everyone messes with them. Conservatives conform. Liberals don't. This paradox is literally killing children and families in conservative communities. This is the effect of sexual repression, but Republicans are desparate about keeping this fraud quiet. So conservatives are now using political bureaucrats to elevate "modesty" issues with small children to "unspeakable crimes" used against good liberal parents. "Unspeakable" by whom?

I have spent 20 years studying naturalistic parenting and love talking about it. It's the basis of most of modern psychology, that children learn in ways very different from adults who learn to "unlearn" these ways through social conditioning. What comes perfectly naturally to apes, Harvard intellectuals and liberals in nudist colonies might actually make us healthier, wiser and safer. Ben Franklin and many of the liberal Founding Fathers even thought so.

As one of 17 children, Franklin was given early and effective sex education which would now serve to lynch most parents. But the result is pure history. Franklin went on to become one of the most innovative and intelligent icons of genius in history. This is largely due to one simple fact: he was given the facts of life in a timely and accurate manner, which most likely convinced him that he was indeed very intelligent. As all the other children his age were held in ignorance, he learned that he was indeed special, made so through parental empowerment. This is empowerment that all tyrants throughout history try to repress in their "peasants."

Franklin believed strongly that children needed to be educated and protected from the scams of "Mesmerists" who frequently used sexual repression methods in colonial times for profit, power and entertainment. Of course, in Franklin's times large families were often considered necessary for survival and sexual repression, as we know it today, was not a major political "military value."

Hitler's own powers are often attributed to mesmerism over an extremely sexually repressed post-War I Germany. The true undercurrent to Hitler's rise was the belief that population was out of control and needed strong political manipulation through the false "science" of eugenics. This "science" was really nothing more than a bigotted set of attitudes, attitudes which can be taught. Of course, no politicians go around discussing "population control." So much of this political agenda functions underground. Where it is discussed by our State Department, it only applies to "them," other countries. The myth that population needed controlled in Germany led to an "expansionist" war which enflamed all of Europe and led to The Holocaust itself. Like all false wars, WWII required learned ignorance which often begins by keeping children sexually ignorant. In a true democracy, this imposed ignorance is the highest form of tyranny. Tyrants cannot rise up to scam people like Ben Franklin or most of our Age-of-Reason Founding Fathers. All tyranny requires learned ignorance in childhood, a childhood manipulated by myth, superstition or "mesmerific" lies.

Today, modern-day Mesmerists are very real propagandists for the CIA, Pentagon or the Republican Party itself. 911 is the greatest mesmerist trick ever perpetrated on a people and we are reverse-engineering all of this administration's horrors. Hellfire sermons which traumatize children are a classic example of wrongful hypno-science methods used through mesmerist "authority" figures. "Hypnotherapy" is a very active "science" which works exceptionally well with children held in ignorance of such methods. But like most sciences, there are "good hypno" practices and there are "bad hypno" practices. The problem with this science is that "good" and "bad" are easily switched by wrongful programmers. Who really programs the programmer? This is the real question. Through enormous federal spending, these modern-day Mesmerists have helped shape our entire approach to early childhood education and development. They apply one standard for the elite and another for the non-elite. Much of this "understanding" is 180 degrees removed from our history and established science. And all of this manipulation is fully documented!

Today thousands of wrongly trained "marionettes" routinely work with children and have been wrongly conditioned as political agents on a social mission. This mission comes directly from American eugenics operations. They actively repress sound and good information given to children for purely political reasons. They are trained to induce hysteria and see "abuse" virtually everywhere and effectively "retreive" information from children using suggestive hypnotic techniques and sexual amplification.

The way hypnosis works is by focusing the conscious mind in a manner which penetrates and opens the subconscious mind. But these methods are extremely problematic, especially in children with hysteria issues. By probing into an hysterical child's mind, we do not get a clear look at a factual world of hard data, we get a very clear look at the fiction creation process. Literally, this is where creativity comes from. Every reputable psychiatric professional knows this unless the Pentagon has gotten to them. Yet by presenting these revelations from children as factual belies over 100 years of good science about the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind generates "wish fulfillments" like the wish to please an authority figure which, for children of certain ages, can be perceived as absolutely literal. This is a mirroring phenomenon of pure creation where the "investigator" can literally manipulate and create "evidence" like magic. Even the investigator becomes enthralled by his powers and his subconscious motivations play an enormous role. Memory of a paper knife suddenly becomes a steel daggar dripping in blood and this "revelation" can launch his political career.

To the full horror of any parent, this entire process of exploiting the innate creativity and innocence of his child cannot be stopped, challenged or even questioned. These voodoo methods of manipulation are fully protected by a political theatre of the absurd. This fiction-making process is easily duplicated by other professionals using the same methods, but in false courts, this is made "irrelevant." The very "therapy" used by these manipulators can easily mutate toward the very same wrongful authority practices they claim against "wrongful" parents. Soon they become far worse than any parent. They become drunk on their powers of manipulating children just like Mengele did. Their use of this power transforms easily into the same abuse they claim against parents, but they are protected by the lie of "altruistic" authority. But this wrongful authority can easily be used against them and they know it! Unlike parents, they are made "untouchable" by a thoroughly corrupt system born from the Monarch Worm which protects active child trafficking in America. This is an enormous fraud that our Founding Fathers tried to protect us from by drafting the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a jury system in order to make family destruction by bureaucrats fair, rational and rare. Today, under this very same Constitution, criminals assume the right to traffic children in secret, underground courts simply by pressing a rubber stamp to a federal form. This is a massive criminal enterprise for which a very evil politics has made "untouchable." If we employ these same methods on the children of the elite when they become hysterical for any reason, this entire house of cards scam used to traffic millions of non-elite children will come crashing down. All that is necessary is equal protection under the law and one "good" lawyer who can see the obvious corruption of our "good" government. After all of this conditioning, that lawyer may not exist.

The most basic aspect of this fraud, sexual repression, is a total hoax. Because sexual repression represses far more than sex. Sexual repression is all about power and imposed ignorance. Wives who are not allowed to work outside of the home are sexually repressed. The critical knowledge needed for ethical training, therapy, parental oversight and education are also thoroughly repressed. Children can literally miss out on the most basic forms of child development. By not teaching them about sexuality, children are easily manipulated by wrongful authority or they become stigmatized by punishments imposed on them through total confusion and ignorance. Sexual repression through our laws produces the opposite effect of its desired legislative function. It produces disturbed adults and produces more sexual crimes. It leaves children ignorant, confused and highly vulnerable. That is why parents have always known intuitively what is right for a child and politicians continually get it wrong. But sexual repression simultaneously allows children to be effectively manipulated by wrongful "authority" figures for political reasons. That is the true motive behind the political sexual repression war, not "child protection."

Naturalistic parenting has a multitude of positive effects on children which actually infuriates many conservatives. They must exaggerate "the forbidden fruit" aspects of it. Denying, fundamentally, that nature knows best. What can be more Republican than full and utter denial about basic humanity, basic human affection, knowledge and nurturing required by every child? Instead of criminalizing this nurturing, good science tells us to advocate such nurturing. It just so happens that how children bond with parents is an extremely political issue.

Even though naturalistic parenting is actively practiced by our own elite and advanced throughout the world to fight HIV/AIDS, it goes to the heart of the Republican power system and makes them very nervous. By exposing this obvious fraud used against a de facto American sub-class and not against the children of the "elite," Republicans must acknowledge that this sub-class actually exists and is actively exploited by them or have their own children or grand-children manipulated by the same voodoo sex magic methods. The only thing any good lawyer needs to demand from our good Supreme Court is that the children of John Roberts be treated to the same hysteria, fraud and corruption as my children have been treated. This basic demand for equal protection will not require an intellectual powerhouse.

Naturalistic parenting was being advanced in the 1950s by some of the top child development experts in the U.S. until the government put a stop to it. Why? Through very powerful attitude propaganda, you are now led to believe that the way Ben Franklin was raised is immoral, so immoral in fact, that it must be repressed with draconian excess. This is how all conservative and repressed societies "control" their peasants. This is also how "Mesmerists" can rise up to scam them. What most Americans are intentionally made unaware of, is that the basic function of sexual repression is to repress critical information which a child needs to understand his or her own mind and feelings. Much of this intellectual repression evolved over centuries as a method of effectively indoctrinating children into many varieties of mythic systems. These are fundamentally undemocratic indoctrinations used against "peasants" or slaves wrongfully suspended in sexual ignorance, or what many conservatives want to lovingly call "innocence."

One of the American Illuminati symbols found on our dollar bill is the pyramid, unfinished with the "all-seeing eye." This is highly symbolic of the many slaves serving the few elite. But more importantly is the requirement of learned ignorance for making the slaves who thoughtlessly toil their lives away for their absent masters. They had a great sense of humor. They placed this symbol of slavery and absolute tyrany on our own currency and no one even questions it! The Pharoes did not build anything. They were too busy having sex with their sisters. Countless slaves toiled to a miserable death, held in complete ignorance like insects. It is their blood and toil that built the Ageless Monuments of Power. The elite were not invisible and all-powerful "gods," they were totally corrupt propagandists working an evil system of marionettes through what today we would call Monarch Programming. This is why the unfinished pyramid is an Illuminati symbol of outrageous elitism. It is unfinished because the "elite" have not yet full control over the entire world. Not everyone is yet onboard this "New World Order" which requires thoughtless slaves toiling in complete ignorance!

Our Founding Fathers were fortunate not to be peasants and not to fall for the tricks of television Mesmerists or elitists. They put forth a proposition that we have a fundamental right to question authority and raise our children in truth. They then tried to enshrine this freedom into our Constitution. Naturalistic parenting by mothers and fathers will upset many profit industries and power centers but the main power center appears to be Republicans themselves. It drives the living hell out of conspirators who want to destroy your family in the name of "decency." Driving your children to become deranged killers in the process.

Naturalistic parenting tells children that the human body is natural, good and safe. It also teaches them much more. We discovered at Harvard in the 1980s that such methods work very effectively in both HIV/AIDS education and with sexual ethics education. By demystifying human sexuality at the time nature intended, children can also be protected from the subconscious sources of drug and alcohol abuse. But these methods are actively repressed by our own government because our government now requires unethical children! For this reason, our government only sees "predators" and nothing else. Studies with primates prove that those infants withheld from male bonding are more likely to be victimized later in life through imposed ignorance about males. But in humans, this male bonding appears to be much more advanced. That is why all forms of playing are important for child development. If fathers do not provide this bonding, their offspring are more likely to become confused, vulnerable and eventually appear on Oprah.

Males that appear "standoffish" with children can be raised to the mythical status of "authority figures" as the military well knows, but this is not necessarily a good thing for children. Boys are historically treated in a more draconian manner concerning imposed sexual ignorance due to a military and political indoctrination tradition. Sexual repression away from male bonding can cause many social ills. We can see these social ills all around us, unless we are conditioned to "blame inferiors" for all of these social problems. But Hitler already tried that. This is the crux of our entire political reality. The sophistication required to create elite children is deliberately repressed in the non-elite world for the same reason as Hitler repressed them. Children bonding with men is necessary for survival, elite development and proper social values but adverse to authoritarian politics. How adverse? Republicans are willing to turn this entire nation into a prison for the non-elite before they will relinquish their hold on power. Most of this power comes from sexual repression of fundamental sexual facts.

Children do not need to be raised ignorant about sexual facts so that they can be later traumatized by the military and made into good soldiers. This is a far cry from what Republicans and bureaucrats want children to believe. For them, the only thing necessary for survival are socially dependant mothers and more bureaucrats. Fathers need to be in the military and away from children--so we are told. It's time to wake up to the fact that a basic Nazi scam is all around you for which the very same endgame awaits your children. Wake up to the very basic need for parental rights and privacy or prepare your children for the same results as Hitler's Germany.

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