Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do You Think Fascism and Eugenics under the U.S. Constitution Would be Obvious?

Fascism under the U.S. Constitution will be covert until that Constitution is irrelevant. The role of a fascist press will be to suspend the mind of the public away from the Constitution's destruction. Real Courts must address the real threat of a covert intrusion of subconscious propaganda into the American system, just as the study of subconscious political programming was necessary in the Cold War. Subconscious programming is the real threat to American children, as its machinations are so readily dismissed as only "theory." There is nothing theoretical about the tyranny and power of groupthink conformity under Mind Control.

This week marks the beginning of the 7th year of the US war on Iraq, we're 7-1/2 years into bombing Afghanistan, with 17,000+ more troops now headed that way thanks to the changes wrought by a new administration, and now have US drones bombing Pakistanis at an increased rate ...

America is outraged, OUTRAGED, that AIG execs got $159 million (or is it now $200+ million?) of our money. Where is the outrage over the fact that we're still spending $720 million EVERY DAY on this continuing illegal occupation of Iraq!! Condoleeza Rice is again spewing nonsense, "We never tried to tie Saddam Hussein to 9/11." W. is on the speaking circuit (yes, seriously!) talking about his "momentous" years in the Oval Office while hundreds outside the Calgary Chamber of Commerce demand his arrest as a war criminal. Cheney is still declaring victory in Iraq and proclaiming the economy is crashing because "stuff happens". Omitted: no talk about 600 top engineers and scientists who can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. No talk about the energy inside those buildings was a million times higher than a "pancake collapse" would have produced. No talk about a controlled media working only for a small elite and brainwashing millions of children for "endless war" based on lies. No talk about the trillion dollar drug industry which serves world-wide eugenics operations and fueled Wall Street greed and corruption.

Hear how 911Truther and former Bush administration official Catherine Austin Fitts was poisoned after daring to speak the truth.

The fascist attack on 9/11 will not be obvious. In the post-Orwellian age, the truth is neither popular nor easy to understand. When a powerful military controls the media, only the exceptional patriot will actually rise above Mind Control.

5,000 Children Stolen and Abused in One Pennsylvania County.

The following is a collection of general statements purporting to dismiss conspiracy theories heard in various places from mainstream media articles to discussion forums. A separate document with sources and examples will be provided in the future.

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