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Bush Documents Would Prove Coup Attempt and Bring Treason Charges, Says Constitutional Expert

The September 11 attacks were coincident with the release of the CD 'Party Music' by the group 'Coup'. It was a classic of PsyOps technique -which triggered the destabilizing flip/flop between knowing and not knowing that a coup had just taken place in the USA.

A top constitutional scholar has said that recently released Justice Department memos prove that nefarious elements within the Bush Administration were planning a massive military takeover of the country and that the documents should be used to bring charges of treason.

In an interview with author Naomi Wolf, legal expert Michael Ratner explains how the move toward total elimination of First, Fourth and Fifth amendment rights, as outlined in the memos, cannot be taken in isolated relation to terrorism related prosecutions and instead represents a smoking gun of a larger intention toward the general population.

“The memos revealed how massive the takeover of our democracy was to be — that this wasn’t just going to be a few individuals here or there who suffered the arrows of a police state.” Ratner says.

“These memos lay the groundwork for a massive military takeover of the United States in cahoots with the president. And if that’s not a coup d’etat then, nothing is.”

The nine DOJ memos, released earlier this month, were mostly written by former assistant attorney general John Yoo. They reveal how the rights of all American citizens have been effectively stripped away under the auspices of the so called “war on terror”.

They argue for a broad range of powers under the office of the president that cannot be restricted by any law or constitutional right or treaty.

They argue that the legal rights of anyone considered a terrorist suspect can be completely rescinded by the president, that the president may order the military to operate in the U.S. without constitutional restrictions, that the prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure takes a back seat to fighting terrorism domestically, and that the president can, in the name of wartime restrictions, limit free speech.

Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, describes the legal arguments made in the memos as “Law by fiat”, underscoring the historical precedent of such attempts to subvert long established legal protections and processes.

“If you are familiar with the history of dictators, coups and fascism (as I know you are), they (the planners) prefer a veneer of legality.” Ratner explains.

“Hitler killed 6 million Jews with a veneer of legality — getting his dictatorial powers through the Reichstag and the courts. These memos gave the Bush administration’s [lawless] practices the veneer of legality.”

“Who has suspended the law this way in the past? It is like a Caesar’s law in Rome; a Mussolini’s law in Italy; a Fuhrer’s law in Germany; a Stalin’s law in the Soviet Union. It is right down the line. It is enforcing the will of the dictator through the military.”

Ratner believes that the memos provide ground for charges of treason against Bush Administration officials such as Dick Cheney and the president himself.

“I do think that a plan to control the military, use it in the United States contrary to law and the Constitution and employ it to levy a war or takeover that eliminates the democratic institutions of the country constitutes treason, even if done under the president of the United States.”

“The authority given by these memos that could be used to raid every congressional office, raid and search every home, detain tens of thousands, would certainly fit a definition of treason.”

Perhaps most importantly, Ratner acknowledges the fact that the details outlined in the memos were, to a great extent, actively implemented.

“Here they crept right up and actually implemented part of the plan, with Padilla, with the warrantless wiretapping. Yet they are saying in the White House and in Congress that it is looking backward to investigate the authors of these memos and those who instructed Yoo and others to write them.”

“But investigation and prosecutions are really looking forward — to say we need the deterrence of prosecution so this does not happen again.” Ratner states.

As we have previously outlined, we have not seen any deviation from the Bush-era war on terror policies by Obama.

There has been no repeal of Patriot Acts I and II by the Obama administration. Nor have we seen a reversal of Bush’s signing statement that would effectively repeal the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, legislation that stemmed directly from the opinions and counsel offered in the previously secret Justice Department memos.

View the YouTube Video: Huxley explains the Eugenics Seduction of Mass Delusion.

Massive Child Trafficking Crimes exposed at Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

As your popular culture evolves toward more and more demoralization, violence, drugs and sex, your secret federal government is shaping your entire culture for its own purposes using these same control devices as Tavistock "crowd control" devices. These are powerfully programmed as coming only from demonic "individuals." Through sexual repression and mass media, they are fully shaping society for Pavlov's bells. These many "demons" now function as actors on the government's broad stage of illusion as the true demon remains behind the curtain. Wrongful bureaucrats are now fully empowered to ring these bells and take full advantage of the "controlled chaos" which results. This wrongful programming has been very active in secretly shaping your entire culture in a very totalitarian manner in order to build a parental government mythic system. They now use these devices for full government manipulation, including in active eugenics operations and other false wars. They are literally driving the population into deeper and deeper delusion, all the while maintaining absolute power as mythical "parents." This scam has served eugenics so thoroughly, that entire minority groups are fully repressed from having real parents.

All these devices of demoralization destroy families and build the elite cult invisible to the rational mind, and one can only attribute this to "witchcraft," as the actual science that fully explains subconscious programming is fully repressed. By violating our Psychological Industrial Complex, the CIA actively did this. Those Freudians who denazified Europe were literally driven out of America or even killed. This wrongful authority over good science was then used against you through very powerful conformist control devices, most of which function at the subconscious level. To achieve this coup over your mind, the secret federal government first orchestrated a coup over your media as exposed by the Church Commission. This coup "just so happened" to be presided over by three generations of the Bush family, working through the CIA. Such is fully documented and obvious. So obvious, in fact, that you will fully understand how the "singularity" of absolute Mind Control is just around the corner. Your children will willingly walk right into it.

The mythic system of "parental government" is so very seductive that you accept this delusion as "patriotism." But this is still delusion and is in direct conflict with real parents and will create a nation of cyborgs--those who view our Constitution as a top-down power system. These top-down cyborgs will willfully enter into the "singularity" of absolute deception, as government builds the technology to do so and takes over your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is conquered, you are a total slave. Theatre and reality will hold no distinction as we are collectively herded toward the ultimate "singularity" of a totalitarian delusion. By the mesmerist's magic, the population fully gazes at the "stars" and becomes fully unaware that their Constitution's power system is at their feet. Real parents become in direct conflict with the many cults which secretly serve the elite cult of "parental government." Only the intelligent parent will see that such seduction of his children will result in their utter demise.

Many top technology experts and neuro-scientists estimate that the "singularity" of mind and machine may well be only 20 years away. Your secret federal government is fully positioning itself for this eventuality. No government on earth would allow "freedom" in such a realm of universal information. So all seduction into this realm will be mythical. Fully exposing the 9/11 scam may be our last chance to get our Constitution's power system back on solid ground. Literally, the very mind of America is being herded into a profound and ultimate delusion.

Building this mass delusion was the sole purpose of Mind Control for decades. 9/11 was engineered over decades to end the Age of Reason and usher in the Age of Mind Control. Freud proved that universal neurosis was not only possible, but was fully historic. Most of slavery throughout history was conditioned by trauma programming. The drive toward universal neurosis fully explains our culture today and this neurosis requires programming and sexual repression at childhood to build the "parental" media. The many duplicitous devices of mesmerists destroy strong families and real patriots, and that is their true purpose. Yet such devices are fully sexed-up as good things. This massive peer-pressure fraud of subconscious programming has been on-going for decades so it is now fully normalized and fully historic. Like the Catholic Church, this programming requires near-draconian sexual repression at childhood. It requires the coupling of the "sacred" with the "demonic" in a mythic system which fully manipulates childhood sexuality. Freud proved that terror programming will build an unpleasure principle, which is a form of intellectual blindness. A multiplicity of permanent records in the subconscious mind of the child fully serves to dominate associations with terror to the demonic individual, making government terror invisible to the mind. Childhood sexuality being made fully taboo for parents is then secretly encoded for wrongful government manipulation. Parents who live in the fond delusion that children are not sexual are profoundly negligent, as their child's sexuality is being used against them.

By inverting the parental duty and giving it to the state through powerful conformist propaganda and emotional contagion, the government then sets up children to be programmed on a massive scale. This mythic system is then developed through mind-numbing repetition in mass media, as sexually repressed children fully fall for it. Such a mythic system has been carefully crafted in film and television to present the recurring themes of parental government in a titanic struggle with the "demonic" individual, building powerful subconscious terror programming. But very few people will know where such demonization of the individual will eventually lead. Through this totalitarian mythic system, wrongful government always reserves the right to apply this demonic curse to absolutely anyone. This curse now applies to good parents and good patriots everywhere, not just to "terrorists." We are literally never programmed to see who the real demons really are. This intellectual blindness builds a demonic, invisible government and is the whole point of Nazi Mind Control. Government is then empowered to become the real demon invisible to your rational mind, as your emotional mind is fully loaded to fall for this scam.

In order for this media programming to work effectively, children are held in sexual ignorance for prolonged periods which hinders their mental abilities to distinguish fact from fiction. Freud called this the retardation of children away from the reality principle which protects them from real world dangers. These children then "fall in love" with a variety of mesmerist manipulators who program them for wrongful authority. This imposed sexual ignorance sets children up for emotional programming into powerful mythic systems. Such sexually repressed cyborgs who gaze at the stars will never question the "elite cult" at the very top of their government, because they will live their entire lives in profound delusion that such a cult is "parental." Even "political conflict" will be a myth, as the true power system is never exposed. After all, the many themes of seduction empowering your "parental government" will literally be fully ingrained into your subconscious mind and such programming is everywhere in your popular media, if you would only look. You literally cannot ask if the fire is real or promulgated. In the realm of totalitarian political theatre, it doesn't really matter. Thus, the 9/11 fraud will keep happening to drive us all as cattle.

You may then ask, what if "real" terrorists attack us? Such a possibility is extremely high given the atrocities now committed everywhere in the name of our country, and is, indeed, hoped for by our wrongful programmers. They are expecting the engine of terrorism to run forever through the normalization of "war logic" being applied to virtually all crimes. Our Founding Fathers knew this war logic to be treasonous, as the normalization of many CIA wars is fundamentally unconstitutional. These were unconstitutional wars to begin with. We require real courts to see this obvious treason.

But such a delusion of "parental authority" in government requires the destruction of millions of real parents. Real parents both intellectually and emotionally do not want to raise deluded children. Those parents who know the most about this wrongful programming become "enemies of the state," and their children are stolen and threatened by a near totalitarian ignorance of wrongful authority advanced by this powerful, 21st Century force of unconscious propaganda. Keeping children programmable is now a powerful subconscious force programmed into many, many false parents. Massive parental alienation of the most enlightened parents will become fully normalized. The sacred duty of parents to protect their children through effective sex education will utterly disappear, as these children become top-down cyborgs following the commands of false gods in the stars. They literally have no idea that such delusion will utterly destroy them. We now must demand justice for our children by educating and establishing the exceptional patriots who fully understand this Mind Control coup over our Constitution. Such education can now easily occur in a real court of law.

In April of 1987 Dr. C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon General of the United States, said that AIDS is a growing menace to the nation's children and reiterated his call for early sex education as part of the general effort to halt its spread. The failure of many parents to instill an objective understanding of basic sexuality in their children is a critical issue for our national government. But what if keeping children ignorant about sex is a secret and ongoing mission by our national government? What if parents are routinely criminalized for it in secret, underground courts all paid for by federal funds? What if this is a well-documented deal involving millions of families and other nations where "population control" and "welfare reform" are the euphemisms used by polite people in government to talk about illegal child trafficking? Trafficking that requires, above all, learned ignorance about sex imposed harshly by bureaucrats? As adults, we must collectively "learn" that children are not sexual, even though they are absolutely sexual by nature. But we are meant to "unlearn" this obvious truth so that our children can become politically indoctrinated. This means that any sex education that depicts children as sexual is not a health care issue, it's a crime. A necessary sacrifice of truth at the alter of absolute power. This is Republicanism 101. Or, have the Democrats adopted this insanity as well?

If we pretend that children are not sexual, we can easily destroy their families, traffic in them and reshape our world. We can even use child sexuality against their non-Republican parents. This can become the source of tremendous political power. The only thing this plan requires are millions of conditioned idiots. This conditioning is very much on-going.

"We are very sorry to keep you ignorant, but your innocence was very special to us. Now we don't like you any more."

The run-away rates of American teenagers in the most "conservative," mind-controlled communities stands at about 50% (these are only the children brave enough to escape their sexually repressed parents). Very few of these children will finish college unless they are first seduced by the Pentagon. The vast majority of these children will live their entire lives without seeing the relationship between family dysfunction and political power.

We now know that Walter Cronkite was a long-standing member of the Bohemian Grove sex and death cult. Yet, throughout the 50's, 60's and into the 70's, he was our collective "parent" who very effectively told us the lies that fully protected wrongful secret government atrocities. These lies included the Gulf of Tonkin "attacks," the Kennedy Assassination and many, many, propaganda stories all resulting in millions of deaths and a full repression of open and free democracy as directed by our Constitution. Because such government atrocities are never allowed in our media, most American now simply cannot believe them possible. This is a major crime against our Constitution.

Such "parental" star power now bypasses our own Congress, allowing wars to be launched by pure theatre alone. In fact, most or all popular media in this period is fully documented as being infiltrated by our secret federal government in order to advance lies and build powerful mythic systems. Such lies are now fully historic as a basic "parental government" scam which is ongoing throughout our mass media today. These many "parents" all serve the same mission as a North Korean dictator: building a personality cult of totalitarian deception, and they require the destruction of the most enlightened parents. They are all controlled assets of a singular, extra-constitutional programmer and they are criminally negligent. It's time to call a spade a spade.

Understand that what was really happening at ground zero on 9/11 would not have fooled our Founding Fathers. They were never programmed by Hollywood! Nor could they have anticipated the power of subconscious programming which has built the "parental government" power pyramid, reversing our Constitution. Such a pyramid emblem is now the logo of our secret government "Sun King" power system. They would have seen the events on that day as a federal fraud most decisively treasonous. It is profoundly irrational not to investigate our own government very acutely and with full authority, as the very negation of this investigation proves conspiracy against the full backdrop of reality and history. History proves these devices of political theatre have occurred over and over again. The destruction of this reality required the destruction of millions of children. If you cannot wake up to this fact, you are among the most retarded and dumbed-down population in earth's history. Presidents sitting with children for a prolonged period in order to build the illusion as a "parental figure," then declare war in the National Cathedral as a "religious figure" would have enraged our Founding Fathers! But the profound power of media theatre has over-charged the reality principle and fully served almost all Americans as "the facts of 911." This is a profound delusion which began in your childhood.

Many top U.S. corporations were employed to advance this vast mythic system of wrongful government. They employed very powerful subconscious mind programming for which good science can fully explain as a powerful seduction away from real parents. They are criminally negligent, as millions of U.S. children and families are destroyed for a mythic system which only serves a very small elite in perpetual power. A legal precedent in this area is now profoundly important for American children. Top professionals will testify that how our own government deprogrammed Nazi Germany is now necessary in America and is more critical than ever. Our children are being secretly indoctrinated into a very evil power system, the very same power system that our Founding Fathers opposed. The Kinder laden program and other early sex education programs in post-war Germany and Austria are now necessary for American children. It is now critical that our children be educated in a timely fashion about real power systems so as to protect them from false or mythical power systems and educated parents now understand this fact. Direct parallels with Nazi Germany are now obvious. Most Alpha-level Mind Control requires sexual repression at childhood so that our children can be wrongfully programmed "to gaze at the stars" and this is a tremendous crime. This effect of sexual repression fully serves the wrongful programmer and is not "innocence." It's time to wake up!

View the YouTube video: History of Eugenics and the plan for World Domination

The elite cannot possibly accomplish this parental and constitutional coup legally, due to obvious rational arguments, so they will require powerful cultural shaping methods employed through Mind Control over generations to manipulate the irrational subconscious mind. Enter Tavistock. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against their parents and the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. This process will favor war, violence and bureaucrats over parents. Ultimately, the "Sun King" power system will then be put in place where wrongful authority will function as a psychologically blinding authority, allowed to carry out all atrocities fully invisibly. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy".---Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300 By Dr. John Coleman.

Our secret federal government has long been involved in building and controlling the many cults that fully attract and manipulate our children. These cults are all controlled by the corporations under the elite cult's control and all serve the precise same function as North Korea's "personality cult" and the exceptional patriot will begin to understand why. Such cults are fully themed and programmed as top-down power systems to serve the elite cult in perpetual power and reverse the Constitution's power system. This conspiracy is now easy to prove! It is so obvious that you will not see the forest for the trees. Such a grand deception can be reversed in a real court of law!

An American jury of true patriots can now be fully deprogrammed to understand the "parental government" brainwashing and how it has destroyed millions of real children and real parents. This deprogramming process will fully expose 9/11 as a federal treason of the highest order.

Understand that those who truly understand subconscious programming live in a world very different from most, it's called reality and it is a constitutional requirement! But an intelligent American jury can now be so enlightened to all the devices of Mind Control that they also can enter into this precious realm of truth. This jury will soon become furious at their government by examining their own programmed emotions! Please also understand that the 911 Truth Movement comprises millions of Americans, many of the best and brightest patriots in the land. We have been called crazy and our families have been attacked. If we are crazy, we demand proof based on real science and not emotion-based propaganda.

My Family's Bedford, Pennsylvania Case: The Nazification of American Children is no myth.

View the definition of Kleptocracy: the government that steals everything, steals children first.

Psy-Ops experts are telling us there are over 1,000 covert operations now controlling U.S. media.

Stop the Big Media Mind Control Machine

"Those who question the ways and means of government mythic systems are the true patriots." --Robert Lukehart

By promoting, we are promoting the awareness of the Mind Control programming which has made the 9/11 fraud possible and ongoing. Now Hollywood effects are fully accepted as "real." This is because your subconscious mind has been fully programmed to accept this myth. This mythic system then over-rides your rational mind. This is profoundly important for parents to understand. Your subconscious mind represents 99% of your mind and this mind is not rational! As such, your entire belief system has been targeted and manipulated by an extra-constitutional elite for decades. As secret government works toward absolute singularity, the "Sun King" mythic system will utterly destroy the Constitution of the United States. Such Treason must be fully exposed using the correct terminology to explain a very primitive, subconscious power structure now being imposed on the American people. As these criminals of totalitarian deception attempt to fully Nazify my own children, I am demanding justice!

Please help us promote awareness of the psychology and constitutional violations behind the Nazification of American children.

Mind Control: The Perverted "Science" Now Ruling America.

911: The Real Matrix of Totalitarian Mind Control

The Bush Family Link to Nazi Eugenics, Mind Control

The "Black Widow" Programming that now Destroys millions of U.S. families

Tavistock: British Invasion "Depatterns" the American Family

Attend the War Crimes convention against George Bush.

What it will take to save millions of U.S. Children from Eugenics, CPS Fraud

MKULTRA Mind Control now used against Americans

Truth Rising: 50,000 Deaths from 911?

Truth Patriots: 9/11 Truth Internet Community

We now have top experts to explain how and why these massive buildings were "pulled" for full Mind Control effect on 911

My Family's Bedford, Pennsylvania Case: The Nazification of American Children

With so much evidence to suggest corruption, would our Founding Fathers be so intellectually blind not to question this building's collapse? Intellectual blindness is the product of trauma programming and certainly does not serve foreign terrorists. The truth is, the intellectual blindness of 9/11 has been fully programmed into the American collective unconscious as a "Hollywood effect" which is now "real." This was deliberate subconscious programming employed for decades. Such omissions by Mockingbird media which is fully managed by the Bush's for generations, is criminal negligence of the highest order. This wrongful programming is profoundly important to understand, as the government's mythic system is a totalitarian deception. The super fortified command center for elite secret government, Building 7 is invisible to the rational minds of millions of Americans. Why? It was too enigmatic or problematic for "The Official 911 Report." Is this the "sun spot" which will fully expose our "Sun King" government of massive fraud? A jury of real American patriots will not fall for this deception! How did small fires far below the roof manage to collapse the roof building just before the entire building fell precisely as a controlled demolition? Thousands of small details are adding up to the truth about 9/11. But to the fully mind-controlled, even the obvious is fully deniable. Such is the power of Nazi Mind Control now used against the American people. We must find the fortitude, resolve and patriotism to fully expose this truth!

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was less than a third of the size of Building seven, yet it withstood much greater destruction and never collapsed. In fact, no steel-structured building has ever collapsed due to fire before or after 9/11. You may be unable to view the obvious fact that Building Seven was imploded on 9/11 because you suffer from very powerful Mind Control.

Essentially, the construction of WTC 7 utilized traditional steel frame skeleton (uniformly spaced column and beam construction) which was later re-enforced as a bunker with $15 million renovations. It did not have the questionable bar joists and trusses used in the construction of the WTC 1 and 2 Towers. WTC 7 was not a "tube" building like the WTC Towers. It was a rectangular shape and was less than half the height of WTC 1 and 2.

Dr. Sunder stated for NIST that WTC 7 met all New York City codes. Yet, WTC 7 is the first steel high-rise building of traditional construction in the United States -- and the world, to completely collapse as a result of fire and these were small fires. According to the briefing given by Dr. Shyam Sunder on August 21, 2008, the collapse of WTC 7 was due to fire that was ignited by debris from another WTC building which was then fed by office paper and furnishings -- NOT the diesel fuel tank stored in the building by Giuliani and his Administration against the strong advice of the FDNY, NOT a plane, and apparently, as stated by Dr. Sunder, "there were no flaws with the construction of the building".

No flaws? How then did hundreds of key steel joints fail simultaneously, precisely as a controlled demolition requiring weeks of preparation? Not to mention hundreds of eye-witnesses stating that they were instructed to leave the area as the building had been imploded.

We don't know how the rest of the country is feeling about this news, but we are very scared! These findings suggest that ANY EXISTING building is prone to a progressive collapse if a fire should start and the sprinkler system fails for whatever reason -- regardless of how it starts! This is a distinct possibility, especially in earthquake prone areas where the water supplies can easily fail and the availability of firefighters is scarce or stretched very thin. If we had a "free" media, the fact that this country has thousands of buildings like Building 7 poised for sudden and inexplicable collapse would be a major news story!

The ultimate purpose of advocating for the $16 million to have NIST study this event was to determine how to make buildings safer in the future. But no improvements over this design is even suggested. If we are now to believe that any skyscraper is subject to total collapse from small fires, why isn't NIST emphasizing this impact on EXISTING buildings? The actual quality of spray-on fireproofing is a well-known problem throughout the country. NIST's report indicates that a complete burnout, without sprinkler system or fire department intervention, could lead to the complete collapse of ANY high-rise. NIST needs to rewrite its "new" recommendation B (5.12) and provide guidance for EXISTING buildings.

NIST should put the most important conclusion in plain English and announce it to the entire country: SMALL FIRES IN HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS CAN LEAD TO THEIR TOTAL COLLAPSE even as this has never before or since happened in history before 9/11. NIST also needs to be more aggressive with the code writing groups regarding this critical fact, communicating with them through a high-profile meeting that includes the Director of NIST and the leaders of these code groups. As for NIST, can anyone say Orwell on steroids?

Understanding Mind Control

The Nazification of American children requires a powerful Mind Control which is invisible to the rational mind. It is nonetheless everywhere in American culture, advanced illegally by our own government. We are all programmed to party and laugh at this truth, even as Nero laughed as Rome burned. It's time to wake up! Children are attacked by very sophisticated subliminal Alpha-level Mind Control devices very early in their development. This wrongful programming is fully documented as coming from the power elite who now advance false wars and steal our nation's wealth. Responsible parents will protect their children from such schemes with effective supervision and effective education. But the ignorance of this programming is now enforced by state bureaucrats in a draconian fashion to keep our children "programmable" for powerful Pentagon Mind Control. As fully programmed marionettes, they will call such preservation "innocence," as they actively Nazify these children for full sex-fear programming and destroy their families by the millions. These are profoundly evil and dumbed-down state cyborgs. We must sue those individuals, corporations and bureaucrats who are destroying the most fundamental parental duty of protecting our children from active fascist programming. Learn the truth!

PsyOp America - From 9/11 to Guantanamo to Berg

Naomi Klien is writing about the methodology of the psychological warfare being conducted by the U.S. against it's own citizens and the rest of the world. She finds evidence of this tactic in way torture is being used to engender fear and so function as a mechanism of social control:

..."This fear has to be finely calibrated. The people being intimidated need to know enough to be afraid but not so much that they demand justice. This helps explain why the Defense Department will release certain kinds of seemingly incriminating information about Guantánamo--pictures of men in cages, for instance--at the same time that it acts to suppress photographs on a par with what escaped from Abu Ghraib. "

This strategic leaking of information, combined with official denials, induces a state of mind that Argentines describe as "knowing/not knowing," a vestige of their "dirty war."

What she does not address is that this state of "knowing/not knowing" is the desired outcome of the many U. S. PsyOps techniques directed against its own civillian population.

A fine example is the deliberately created plethora of glaring anomalies in the video depcting the beheading of Nick Berg. Viewed on face value (not knowing), the video looks like a ruthless and savage act by Iraqi 'terrorists'.

But Berg was shown in video wearing orange jumpsuit identical to the jumpsuits used at Guantanamo. The chair that Berg was seated in during the filming was the exact same kind as seen in a color photo taken at the Abu Ghraib Prison. The walls and baseboard seen were the same color as in Abu Ghraid prison.

These, and other anomalies 'discovered' by researchers, were deliberately planted so as to be found. Thus mainstream 'not knowing', was counterpointed by the internet 'knowing' the murder of Berg was an inside job. Both groups were manipulated by video images which were traumatic to view. It's called trauma programming.

The trauma content is used to enable the implanting of the desired PsyOps outcome deep in the psyche. Among the 'not knowing' the Berg video served to smear Iraqis as 'animals'. Among the 'knowing' it was meant intimidate antiwar resistance.

The PsyOp began with abuse of Al- Queda 'suspects' in Guantanamo Bay. If you saw photos of chained, blindfolded prisoners in Guantanamo, you already got the velvet glove component of the intimidation message.

With the beheading of Nick Berg, the gloves came off. The Guantanamo-clad victim, Nick Berg turned out to be one of YOU. One of you college intellectuals. One of you humanitarians. One of you middle-class liberals. Don't be fooled by the words around the images. It's the images which matter. You see, it's your subliminal consciousness at which all this is aimed. The images depict a brutal authority.

From Guantanamo to Berg has been one massive PsyOp to ensure you get the message that resistance is useless and downright dangerous.

And the same type of tactics have been used to intimidate those who see through the pretence of arab hijackers being responsible for 9/11. The September 11 attacks were coincident with the release of the CD 'Party Music' by the group 'Coup'. It was a classic of PsyOps technique -which triggered the destabilizing flip/flop between knowing and not knowing that a coup had just taken place in the USA.

What is eerie is that nobody is writing about the widespread use of these Psywar tactics in news content aimed at Western civillian populations. Are the media -mainstream and alleged alternative- really that dumb?

Or are they just playing dumb?

Zeitgeist: Addendum---The true source of Terrorism and Slavery

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The Exceptional Patriot: Dr. David Ray Griffin
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