Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Cabal: A Novel about the 9/11 Conspiracy and the Brainwashing of American Children

Three unlikely heroes are bound together to solve the mystery about what really happened on 9-11: Jason, a distinguished Washington journalist who gets his groove back; Manuel, a young anarchist who works near a secret facility known as “Area 51”; and an alluring, enigmatic woman with many names.
This fast-paced and scathingly funny political satire about a vast government conspiracy grips us from the first to the last page and makes our hearts beat for its heroes. We are privy to what goes on behind the closed doors of the White House, and we are surprised to find out where Saddam and Osama bin Laden will show up. And we hold our breath for a most unusual couple in Washington who joins the fight for freedom.
Our heroes’ quest puts them into great danger because the dark and evil forces they're fighting don't want their secrets exposed. But amidst the intrigue and clandestine activity of The Cabal, love, sex, and friendship blossom, and the true story about the day that changed America will be exposed.

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Praise for The Cabal

"In today's day and age of relentless government and mainstream media propaganda, The Cabal conveys how it actually works behind the scenes in Washington. Fiction becomes more factual than the authorized "truth."

- Wayne Madsen, Washington columnist,

”The unsolved mystery of 9/11 continues to grip the nation. This book does not only deliver an enthralling and darkly humorous take on how the attack on the World Trade Center could really have happened, it also offers a glimpse into the inner mechanics of a shadow government — while also celebrating the brave people who resist.“

- Gabriel Day,,

„The Cabal throws a spotlight on the devastation that the current Republican government has wrought — and it does this in a dirty, sexy and intoxicating way. The book absorbs the reader from the first to the last page... It actually makes you care for the fate of its characters Jason, Manuel and Chantal ... you can‘t wait to read the ending where the story behind 9-11 is finally revealed. Also a must for lovers of fine spirits.“

- Justin Krebs, Drinking Liberally,

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