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Bohemian Grove Mind Control: Music, Movies, Video Games, Television...

This website has the ambition to show the reader what is really going on in the art business.

I want to show you that behind the Record Companies and the Art Business Industry is an Elite of super-wealthy people, calling themselves the Illuminati, or "Moriah Conquering Wind", who use the Industry to distract and alter our minds with the purpose to fulfill their crimes against humanity.

The big Record Labels are all controlled by the same Elite of people, and they run their business through the Occult, and are the heads of Secret Societies like the Freemasons and the OTO.

To sign up as a musician for the big Record Companies, you have to be willing to work toward their Agenda, which is to eventually obtain total control over the World Population, or, like in many cases, you are already mind controlled before you start your career. This doesn't mean that all artists that sign up are aware of the Agenda, but they are tied to strict rules and regulations by the Industry. In a free world, the artist would be able to express him/herself the way he/she wants, but if your want to make it in the Industry, you have to adjust to rules, regulations and censorship. Still, the Art Business and Hollywood are only two examples of industries the Illuminati control.

The famous artists, who get the most promotion, are themselves often mind controlled victims, who have split, multiple personalities and are controlled by a Programmer or a Handler (who quite often is the Manager). This is to keep the artist "on track", so that he/she keeps following the course that is set out for him/her. If the artist tries to drift away from the "cause", he/she is getting threatened, "re-programmed", denied to make more records (fired), or even killed. The Art Business has maybe one of the highest death statistics of all professions. Why?

Many artists are themselves involved in the Occult and members of secret societies like the ones mentioned above, and the Church of Satan. They are practicing Occultism and Black Magic (like Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin to name a few), and this web site has the ambition to reveal what is behind the "glamour". Their task is to demoralize our youth, to create a society where no one is able to think for themselves (contrary to what the pop culture is trying to teach us, that rock music is rebellious and good for us). The musicians are often acting degraded and high or low on drugs, so their fans start acting the same, because if the celebrities are doing it, it is cool; the purpose is to create apathy and decay. Quite a few artists also put subliminal backward messages in their music, like Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, and more ... Here is a website that tells you more about Backmasking:

Does this all sound crazy? Unbelievable? Yes, it certainly does - for most people. However, hopefully the readers will change their minds after have read the information on this website, and the powerful testimonies from people who themselves are/were working in the Music Industry. My ambition is NOT to put a stop to music, but to try putting a stop to the evil agenda that rules the Industry, and prevent them from picking young, talented people and have them "Sell their Souls to Rock And Roll (And Mind Control)" in exchange for money and glory. The truth is, that those rich and famous artists cannot enjoy their wealth and glory at all, as they are very trapped and controlled and feel miserable most of the time. This, of course, is nothing new. You can read about miserable artists all the time in the newspaper. Only problem is that no one is asking the question why they are so miserable although they seem to "have it all"...The truth is, you can not be happy if you are constantly traumatized and controlled; it doesn't matter how many millions you have on your bank account.

And who am I? I am Wes Penre, a former rock musician and composer. I am one of those who did not fit into the Agenda of the Elite. I am one of those who at that time didn't understand why my revealing lyrics and melodic songs were not appreciated by the big Record Companies. Now I know better. And no matter what some people might think, I am NOT a bitter, failed musician, who wants to "get even" with the Industry. I live a life I am very happy with, and even if I had the chance again, I would not sign up to be a professional musician. In a better world I would, but I will NOT sacrifice my body and soul to make big bucks for the Illuminati.

Now, enjoy your research into this field! Unfortunately, not many researchers seem willing to confront this topic, so when I write this, I am one of the few who exposes this without having a religious or personal agenda. Whatever you may think of the following, it will definitely open your eyes, and next time you see an interview with one of those artists, listen to a concert, or listen to a CD, you will recognize some of what is written here. Again, my intention is not to have you stop listening to music. I still find much of the rock music being great, and I listen to it daily - but with a new insight ...

Thank you,

Wes Penre

Backward Masking: Finding the hidden messages heard by your subconscious.

Bohemian Grove Death Cult: the Nazi Mind Control Source.

Military movies are popular right now, but it's not critical movies that are made in Hollywood. On the contrary, the American Military Headquarter Pentagon is often allowed to decide big parts of the manuscripts. This is revealed in the media magazine "Brills Content."

The US Military have officers whose job is to discuss film projects with Hollywood. The military is allowed to read the manuscript in advance and often come up with suggestions for changes, especially when it comes to parts that give a negative picture of the military.

An example: In the script to the movie "Asteroid" an American space-shuttle is sent into space with nuclear weapons onboard to burst the asteroid which threatens the world, into pieces. But Pentagon didn't like the idea, as USA had signed a treaty against nuclear weapons in space.

In exchange for that the script was altered so that the asteroid instead was attacked with the help of missile equipped fighter aircraft; the air force placed one F-16 airplane, one air base, pilots and flying time to their disposal. The movie became dramatic and the air force had the opportunity to show up their latest equipment and heroic pilots.

The military think they get so good promotion in the Hollywood films they choose to participate in, that they lend equipment and personnel for free. The only thing the film companies need to pay is extra costs, like air fuel.

The air force receives about 100 film scripts in their hands each year, and in one single year they participate in around 30 projects. A liaison officer in Los Angeles is working actively to sell in the air force in Hollywood. Producers and directors are invited to watch demonstrations of new weapon systems.

Before the big movie "Armageddon" intensive negotiations were held between the air force, who wanted Bruce Willis to mould a retired air force technician, and the director Jerry Bruckheimer, who wanted him to be a former marine. As a compromise a new character was created, who was from the air force.

Sometimes the military offer their participation if they don't like the script. In "Broken Arrow" a nuclear weapon is stolen. The military saw this as intolerable, and Pentagon said no to giving "full assistance" to the film team. Nevertheless the air force gave limited assistance with information about uniforms etc.

The reason the producers agree to give the military such a big influence over the movies is that real military hardware is very valuable for the filmmakers. Nothing is better than a real fighter aircraft or a real hangar. The producers save lots of money if Pentagon lends them important properties for free. The alternative would be to rent expensive helicopters and other vehicles and re-paint them.

Before the big movie "Air Force one" the US air force lent six F-158 planes almost for free.

The alternative would have been to move the production to Israel, where the military lends such air planes for around $25.000/hour.

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