Monday, June 01, 2009

Real Patriots Report Child Abuse

Child protection is the oldest eugenics scam on record now financed by programs which come down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. This is a carnival scam where the most complex cases in medical history, childhood hysteria, are routinely upcoded to sex cult thugs who are fully programmed to advance such cases as "sex abuse." As the federal government has perfected the programming of hysteria into children, the state governments are there to entrap such bewildered children. Nowhere in the process is the actual psychology of child development ever discussed. This is because such would reveal an elitist scam on par with Hitler's Holocaust, the machinations of which are well known in Europe and deliberately repressed in the U.S..

As incredible as it may sound, the federal government is spending over 6 billion dollars annually to Tavistock subsidiaries in order to brainwash your children and "depattern" their minds away from normal sexual development. As this is basic Nazi Mind Control, this process causes hysteria in many children, such hysteria is routinely upcoded to Nazified bureaucrats at the state level who routinely traffic in these children for an underground elite sex trade leading all the way to the Pentagon and White House. As these abused children come out to testify, no one believes them, since the brainwashing of "parental" government is so thorough. "Depatterned" children are sexually abused children because they are denied real parents and such a massive fraud can be proven in a real court of law.

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