Wednesday, June 03, 2009

America has the Highest Child Trafficking Rates in the Industrialized World

President Jimmy Carter: "Deprived of proper sex education, American girls are five times as likely to have a baby as French girls, seven times as likely to have an abortion, and seventy times as likely to have gonorrhea as girls in the Netherlands. Also, the incidence of HIV/AIDS among American teenagers is five times that of the same age in Germany."

What President Carter cannot tell you is exactly how and why these horrible afflictions are occurring to American girls--key information on the sexual exploitation of 1 million American children through active social engineering programs is still classified. The Bohemian Grove death cult has been programming Americans through mass media for 50 years. Such deep programming of sex myths and sex taboos are directed at population control and destruction of the parental duty of sex education. But you will know these programs when they come for your children. You will also know these programs by the fear, superstition and ignorance that they promote in your community, dumbing down your children, even rape-kitting your baby. These programs completely violate standing Supreme Court decisions regarding parental rights, but continue to operate in full steam. Why? You think this is some wild conspiracy myth? Think again, it's called American Politics 101 and it's completely reshaping America.

What we would not do to children in Africa is now completely common in America due to social conditioning which is completely political. I have firsthand knowledge of these programs and know how local agencies are defrauding the same federal government that secretly enables them through political programs. But these secret "altruistic" control programs in America destroy basic parent-child bonds and actually build dehumanizing sub-cultures of fear and ignorance. These programs literally destroy sacred parent-child bonds and families by using some of the most primitive methods imaginable, long used by the CIA. They broadly succeed in utter secrecy to repress non-elite minorities and provide recruits for the Pentagon. These programs work exceedingly well and are completely illegal.

They are obvious Child Trafficking Programs designed to promote redneck myths about human sexuality and child rearing. They use shock and awe campaigns against children to pry them away from their parents and then drug them. This practice is so obvious that they document it for family courts, run it in Republican campaign ads and speak openly about it! When it comes to promoting deadly ignorance, they have no shame!

These ignorance programs are very real and come directly from the most secret political movements in America, for which I have firsthand knowledge. Many of the effective sex education programs now being banned by Republican "family values" politicians and private conspirators have been proven successful at Harvard University and through many Unicef field studies. These are among the most thoroughly researched education programs on earth and have been used extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia. They are required reading for all State Department employees with children overseas, yet they are effectively banned for children in the United States. The "non-elite" are even criminalized or subject to unconstitutional sexual inquisitions for using these methods. This double-standard in life-or-death sex education is no coincidence. Active social engineering has long been a silent agenda for the radical right for domestic population control and sustained elitist power. Politics is why these comprehensive sex education and child empowerment programs that actually work are taboo in America and are now being criminalized. The existing power system based on Republican grave robbers and drug dynasties would crumble if the truth were to come out.

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