Thursday, June 04, 2009

Child Protective Services Fraud: Mass Brainwashing of Children

The Nightmare Called
'Child Protective
Services' (CPS)
Unlicensed Bureaucrats Deny Children Their Parents -
All Based On An Anonymous Complaint
By Terry Wanston

Imagine for a moment that you are outside playing with your children and one of them disturbs one of your neighbors. A shouting match ensued even though you have tried several times to apologize and had your child apologize. Now a couple of days later a CPS worker shows up with a report of "suspected" abuse by an anonymous tip.

They never tell you who made the report. So having nothing to hide, you let them in to see that your children are fine.

You don't think that the bruise on your sons leg from falling off his bike last week will matter. You don't think that because the kids have been out back playing in the dirt will matter or that maybe you haven't started the laundry or washed the days dishes yet, will matter. The worker leaves and says you will hear from them if it is unfounded.

They won't tell you that your adorable children fit the profile of kids that the perfect foster parents are looking for. So after a couple of days, the worker comes back with the police and takes your children. It happens everyday in this country.

You have no rights in their eyes. No warrant is needed.

Now what? In a couple of days they let you see the children if you are lucky. Your daughter's or son's hair may have been cut. They may have been examined by a doctor and or psychiatrist. The worker(a different one) now tells you that your children are saying that you abused them!

Then you go to a hearing where the worker explains to the judge or referee that you did this or that or some other form of abuse. Now you get appointed a lawyer you have never spoken to before. The lawyer says plead "no-contest" so you can get them back quicker. It happens everyday in Genesee County.

Then you get no say in court. Not a peep will they listen to. The worker just stands up there spewing unbelievable lies and you can do nothing. Then a month later you have to sign a "contract with about eight things on it that you HAVE to do in order to get your children back. If you refuse to sign, they make you sign a piece of paper that says you refused to sign (which is the same as refusing services) which they WILL use against you in court.

Now you get a visit once a week with your children for two hours. Every three months you go to a review hearing where you again don't get to speak. They continue to lie about you and say you are non-compliant. After fifteen months if the "contract" is not fulfilled they start termination proceedings.

If they terminate your rights, all future children are taken when one day old and you can't stop them. Termination is then immediate. The whole time that this is going on, your court-appointed attorney sits there. Your 4th and 14th amendment rights have been stomped on and no one cares. Your family is torn apart and no one believes you are innocent of wrong doing. Your own family won't even believe you. Now what?

You contemplate stealing your children back, you plan revenge, you go crazy or commit suicide. It happens all the time in this country.

The foster parents get subsidies for having your children in their home. Then when they adopt, the government pays all their fees, plus the government pays the state between $4,000.00 to 6,000.00 dollars for every child adopted out of foster care. They continue to pay the adoptive parents until each child turns eighteen. How do you feel now?

The media is allowed to sit in on every case of child abuse in this state. They only report the sensational ones where a child is injured or killed. Why is That? With media coverage the fraud and lies would be stopped. The "contracted doctors and psychiatrists" would be exposed and the laws may get changed.

So, I am asking that you cover the story of Emily Lake and her mother, a Michigan mother and nine year old little girl pepper sprayed TWICE by the police in PORTLAND OREGON. The mother is still NOT facing any charges but doesn't have Emily either. Can you sleep at night not doing anything? Please help us! Start covering these cases and help us expose the corruption. Most DHS, CPS,HHS or DCFS workers aren't even licensed. A law they overlook. How can someone with no license decide who is or isn't a good parent?

Thank You for reading this and doing something to help.

Terry Wanston

P.S. Go to the internet, type in "Fight CPS and Win".
The stories you will find there are honest parents trying so desperately to get their children back. Approx. 26,000 children per state every year get taken. Please help.


  1. Jessica2:52 AM

    when i read brainwashing one thing came to my mind is the videos i saw recently and some times make me think are we brain washed Or is it just a Conspiracy

  2. Please contact me. I just went thru the same thing with CPS. I'm a public figure with quite a voice, I will do anything to put Saginaw County CPS and their Justice system in jail. I want to change the laws.

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Skate: email me if you are still looking for CPS stories.

    2. I also have a story that needs Exposure however in my Case 2 People admitted to Fraud before my Children were adopted out. An Attorney, and a Detective. Thank You

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids are in foster care Im still fighting for my 2 kids I had a public defender on my case he did not do nothing the paid attorneys on my case they did not do nothing my kids are still in foster care suffering the case worker she tell way too many lies we have to all come together in all states dcfs / family court has to be stopped we need a lot of people in numbers we need everyone help / support to come out of hiding I would like to have group meetings anyone can contact me my number is 330 268-9342

    1. They did the same thing to me I'm in Nc here's my # 252 508 2329

    2. They did the same thing to me I'm in Nc here's my # 252 508 2329

  4. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Yeah they brainwashed my eldest Since they told her lies about me. She turned 20 She calls her foster mother her only mom and thank me for a gift of life. Saying I was homeless.Doped out, no bed for her and her sister, I never did dope We had a home told her to return to the old apartment same manager there see if what her foster mom and the social workers are LIARS. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER SINCE SHE TURNED 18 DCFS LIES TELLS ME COURTS WILL TELL ME WHERE SHE IS WHEN SHE TURNS 18 THATS A LIE MONEY TALKS...EVERYTHING IN THAT WRITING IS THE TRUTH AND WHAT I WENT THROUGH.....

  5. Anonymous12:31 AM

    All this we read see talk about.ive read some of it what i see is cps dss dr. Pys. Goverment law is our studies so for are but our on going studies thats why we parents keep allowing this to happen.i see coments different ways saying oh ill pray for somebody should do somthing hey you on we an you is that somebody

  6. My name is Jesse Larabee and I am a former foster child CAS is a human trafficking system

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    4. You are just upset that there is a new class action lawsuit against the province and behalf on former Crown wards.

  7. I read your blog. I am a former foster child and was abused in the system in Ontario. Its the same everywhere....just follow the money.

  8. My name is Jesse Larabee and I was abused in foster hell. I believe every word you just posted. Please join my blog"

  9. My blog:

  10. I grew up in foster care furthest memory I have is being beaten to a pulp.
    They go beyond brain washing us.... they break our spirits and make us hate our bio parents so they can sell us to rich people with broken pluming or what ever their malfunction....or like me to pedophiles... on more then one occasion...... As an adult I confronted them.... some lost everything, some apologized... others threatened me with cops to cover their profiteering shame and disgusting deeds.. I ended up exposing them anyways ... some their families won't even talk to them now.

    What kinda person makes a living off trafficking people like me....

    Low life rejects to stupid to get real jobs.

    You support the system.... your not just stupid... your a pedophile protecting lost cause.... beat it.... you just as bad as those who sold us....

    CPS are low life child abusing/trafficking dirt bags... and they will see the inside of prison bars for selling us to pedophiles and nut jobs.... and doing it to others like us.... while telling the public they are "helping" us.

    Yeah many have found out.... more will... the "child protection" systems days are numbered it's just a matter of time....

    They will see the inside of a cage just like they made us as children.... only difference is.. they are gonna get locked up with so many of the very same youth they failed and doomed to a life worse then hell.

    I promise you

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  13. CAS and CPS is a taxpayers funded kidnapping ring

  14. CAS brainwashed me and made me believe that my blood aunt did not love me

  15. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Hear you there. I have a son on a self destruct course because of the drugs, the other has a case of Diabetes from the psycho meds, I don't think she'll last ten years, another daughter that has never met me but she wants to "stay with the ones that raised her," which also include a Down's syndrome monster that molested her daily. Don't know about my youngest son, I've already given him up for lost as well. I wish the oldest had never found me. I wholeheartedly regret it, some three months into this nightmare. And before anyone says it can't be, yes it can. Sometimes ignorance is better than the stress.

  16. Anonymous2:43 AM

    This same thing happend to me. My life is completely ruined and my sister gets paid to keep my kids. I did everything they asked but still lost. My heart goes out to anyone going threw this It about killed me

  17. This happened to our family one old lady making unsubstantiated calls took our children for 3 yrs we fought until we thought it would kill us our oldest daughter has been brain washed by a foster mother and wont even talk to me we got them back but at what cost THIS NEEDS TO STOP no apology all charges thrown out we were innocent social workers demoted and DSS lawyer given a stiff warning

  18. Anonymous10:13 AM

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  19. Last week, Madam Justice H.M. Pierce ruled that the Province of Ontario did have a duty to protect former wards like Gyselinck, as well as to offer them compensation and assistance, such as money for continuing education and training.

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