Sunday, May 03, 2009

Nazi Money Stands to Reap Profits on Flu Pandemic

"NAZI MONEY BURIED IN NEW CORPORATIONS At the end of the war Hitler ordered Martin Bormann, financial director of the Third Reich, to bury the treasure not only for Germany's economic recovery, but for the rise of the Fourth Reich. So Bormann buried it into 750 corporations as determined by their partners I.G. Farben and the Rockefellers, to establish a monopoly over the world's pharmaceutical and chemical industries because this would be essential for the 'New Ordnung' or 'New Order'. Among the 750 corporations that received the money, one of the principle recipients was Merck and Co. ... Merck has remained a major biological weapons contractor for CIA's top secret project NKNaomi, and Kissinger has remained all these years a major consultant to Merck. Two of the most important financial contributors to world population reduction have been the Merck Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation ... "

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